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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 25, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm GMT

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of forces have now entered parts of western mosul in what is expected to bea western mosul in what is expected to be a dangerous battle to remove so—called islamic state from iraq's second largest city. three people have been injured in the german city of heidelberg after a man drove a car intoa of heidelberg after a man drove a car into a pedestrian area. several major news organisations have been excluded from a briefing by president trump's spokesman at the whitehouse. the bbc, cnn and the new york times were among those told they were not invited. time to cross to the bbc sport centre now. he is sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with me, katherine downes, and john watson. the headlines this evening: scotland beat wales for the first time in tean years — it finished 29—13 in the six nations. ireland are playing france. they are leading in the final stages
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of their match in dublin —— ireland are leading. and can anyone stop chelsea, as the premier league leaders go 11 points clear at the top? also coming up in the programme: what next for claudio ranieri as the leicester boss goes to the training ground to say his goodbyes. and a year away from competition, but lizzie yarnold slides to a bronze medal at the skeleton world championships. but let's start with today's six nations action, where scotland beat wales 29—13 at murrayfield — a win that's been a long time coming for the scots. you've got to go back to 2007 for the last time they got a six nations win over wales. and after an opening weekend win over ireland, scotland's good form continues despite that narrow defeat to france in round two. let's get some reaction from murrayfield — our reporter
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patrick gearey is there. patrick, good evening. scotland were trading at half—time and they owe that win to a great comeback in the second half, don't they? indeed they do. it has gone very quiet here after a memorable afternoon for scottish rugby here at murrayfield. it has been a decade since they last beat wales. they went into this match without captain greg laidlaw, who will be injured for the whole of the tournament, and having to make five changes to their side. they knew as did wales that it was make oi’ knew as did wales that it was make or break for their championship today. you can lose yourself in edinburgh. in the city valleys it takes just one wrong turn. so to the six nations, blown off course last time, scotla nd nations, blown off course last time, scotland in paris. brilliant play by the french. wales in cardiff. he scores. one further false move for either and their championship it's a
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dead end. much hanging over this, for 20 minutes, so little ground given until wales set off on the open road, liam williams in the fast lane. too quick to be stopped by any of scotland's backs, so they tried to catch them another way, finn russell kicking scotland closer, but leigh halfpenny can kick to the horizon. consider russell trumped. for now. scotland flew out after the break, tommy seymour for the line and in the city of trainspotting, try spotting, was it? it was, just, scotla nd try spotting, was it? it was, just, scotland ahead. they moved six points clear than wales responded, this time rhys webb asking the question, but before he reached the try line he reached touch, the a nswer try line he reached touch, the answer was no try. under the pump scotla nd answer was no try. under the pump scotland have cracked in the past but now the pressure powered them, fuser to timber so, delirium vern cotter style. the scottish victory over wales in ten years. —— first
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scottish victory. these are worrying times for wales. two defeats in a row for them but all the attention of course will be on scotland. this was a hugely significant win for them you feel, so let's hear, starting with their captain. we started the championship well at home against ireland and were disappointed in france but we believe we can do something in this group. we have come today and re cove red group. we have come today and recovered from a poor first half to build a nice score and be a good home side. we beat ireland who are good, wales who are very good as well, so we will take it in the next game, and we are a group of we work hard, we genuinely believe we can win games. there was definitely a momentum shift at the end of the first half. scotland took the opportunity. we wanted to keep possession in the second half and they took the opportunity to capitalise on the possession they had. if the rhys webb try had been
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allowed would it have been different? we cannot look at that, it was disallowed, there were more times we should have capitalised but it is hindsight to say there were two tries disallowed. ultimately we fell short in the second half. where next? wales in just under a fortnight will play ireland in cardiff on the friday night, and matches between those two are always bruising affairs. scotland go to england for the calcutta cup, which will be intriguing. ask anyone from wales or ireland, nobody is underestimating the scotland team any more. they are the real deal. looks like scotland have turned a corner. thank you for that this evening. that win means scotland are top of the six nations championship, albeit temporarily. that could all change with ireland currently taking on france in dublin. they trailed france in the early stages — two camille lopez penalties putting the visitors in front. but a conor murray try put the home side ahead after 30 minutes. they held a slender 7—6 lead at the break. johnny sexton is back in the side
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after returning from injury. he scored three penalties as well as a drop goal to push ireland further ahead. they currently lead 16—6 with just over ten minutes left to play at the aviva stadium. they can hold on, they would leapfrog scotland to top they would leapfrog scotland to top the table tonight. england are top of the women's six nations table tonight with three wins out of three after beating italy 29—15, although ireland could overhaul them tomorrow with a convincing victory over france. the italians, who haven't won in the tournament so far this year, took a surprise lead in the fourth minute as sofia stefan went over in the corner. but it was a good day for the english pack, who were simply too strong for their opponents. this was the third of three pretty similar tries scored by england hooker vicky fleetwood. she'll be going home with the match ball. england have a four—point lead at the top of the table, as they aim to win their first six nations since 2012. that was amazing, to get eight
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minutes —— 80 minutes after my belt —— under my belt up to coming back from injury. i cannot thank my team enough for enabling me to go over the white line. i haven't done that for a long time so it was really exciting, and actually it was all down to the forwards and sticking together and working on our processes . together and working on our processes. that's what we have been looking at all week. really happy with that, good to have ground out a win, we were resilient to the there were three matches in the aviva premiership today. saracens were comfortable 29—18 winners over sale sharks — it was their first league win in four matches, but they still slip to third in the table, two points behind league leaders wasps. exeter are up to second with a comfortable victory over newcastle, the home side restricting the visitors to very few chances in the second half. and mikey haywood scored two tries as northampton moved back into the top six with victory over
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worcester at franklin's gardens. that's the six nations rugby, now over tojohn with a round—up of the premier league. we deserved a lot to wind the game. it is important to continue in this way. we needed over 29 points to be champions and it is important to know this, for me, for my players, for the fans. i will continue with great focus and great concentration. 0ur confidence is not damaged today. we have got belief that we can keep going anywhere and getting good results. we are going into yet and are very important run of games, we have got burnley at home next week followed by games against hull, bournemouth and also middlesbrough, very important month, march for us. let's look at things at the other end of the table, as paul was talking about, crystal palace, a big
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win for them today, one nil winners over middlesbrough.” win for them today, one nil winners over middlesbrough. i think this when it is as big a win for a sam alla rdyce when it is as big a win for a sam allardyce as it is for crystal palace. so much has been made about the balance he brings in. patrick van aanholt, one of the first signings, scoring. they are delighted. a big win for crystal palace and the manager. they are one point clear of the relegation zone. big big win. draws middlesbrough into the relegation battle as well. a bad run that middlesbrough are on. we will hear from both managers starting with sam allardyce and he feels that his team's work of the field is starting to pay off. it is axe! hoefull 7 ’ a great victory and hopefully we can move on from there. i think the break had a big influence on the players because we could get a lot
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of work into the players, in all aspects of their game and of course, i think that today they made a lot of really good decisions and they coped with the pressure very well. we have to keep going together. we will finish together. we do not have the money that other teams have. we need to keep working together. kids are written in seventh in the table and adds to the woes. let's hear from both managers table and adds to the woes. let's hearfrom both managers starting with david moyes. he certainly feels well up against everton today and he recognises the quality of his opponents. i think you have got to remember the quality of everton, where they are and what they are trying to achieve. we have different things about what we are trying to achieve. there is a golf. what we are trying to do is get the best we
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can andi are trying to do is get the best we can and i have got to say the players are giving everything they have got. it is certainly not for the lack of effort, or anything like that. if anything, we are getting let down, we do not have the quality. another clean sheet, really pleased by the first 45 minutes. not really happy about the second 45, i think we dropped the tempo. we played more backwards and forwards. and one lucky moment, the shot, off defoe and we did it by ourselves, because once again we dropped in the second half. everton doing really well at the moment under ronald koeman. west brom, they are in eighth place, they beat bournemouth today, tony pulis working wonders there. you talk about relegation battles, west brom would perhaps have seen themselves back in the day trying to avoid that and they are up the table at the moment. going very well and came from behind because
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josh king give bournemouth the early lead but west brom were not behind for bournemouth. 14th in the table, their fourth defeat. just five points above the drop zone. let's hear from tony pulis. the next target is the next game and making sure the players are prepared properly and do the best they can. it has been a great season so far and we don't want to let it go flat and we don't want to let it go flat and the important thing is keeping them bubbly, keeping them going, there is a good spirit there and we are very pleased that we have got those points. most teams when they are not winning games, there are mistakes from the team and it is not one person, it is different players may have to take collective responsibility. to make sure that we
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put those right and come back and if we do come out of this, which i am sure we will, we will be a much better team for it. eddie howe there. let's talk about hull and burnley. hull will feel this is an opportunity missed because they could have moved out of the bottom three and had chances to win this. burnley, really bad away from home this season. this is the second points away from home all season. the penalty gave hull the lead, they we re the penalty gave hull the lead, they were out of the bottom three at one point this afternoon but the equaliser put hull back into the bottom three. burnley, an important point for them, only the second point for them, only the second point away from home but the manager has to pick up his players. talk about getting a reaction with new managers coming in, he has certainly done that. he did really well, they pushed chelsea all the way and got a great result at home. i think hull will be ok, it isjust picking up the psychological damage of being outside the top three. let's hear
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from the burnley manager, still looking for his first away win of the season and that is a matter that is not lost on him. if you're not winning on the road, everyone please dispose as they have to be you. it was a bit nervous for them. we looked nervous, we lacked a cutting edge moments that we have delivered, we did not produce many of them in the final third. i was assured of my side and i thought they looked assured, we will take on the next challenger succumbs. we need to continue to do our work, to keep focused, of course we need the players to help the team, a lot of players to help the team, a lot of players are out and they are important for us. today, one point more, three points is better, but we are fighting. they are certainly fighting at the moment. in the late kick off watford are hosting west ham united. the hornets came out on top last time these two met in september, and are threatening to sting
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the hammers again. they took the lead in just the third minute after cheikhou kouyate brought down mauro zarate. troy deeney claimed his eighth goal of the season as a result. in the early stages of the second half and it remains i—0 in the early stages of the second half and it remains 1—0 to watford. that penalty the only thing separating them at the moment. here is the top of the table. totte n ha m here is the top of the table. tottenham play stoke tomorrow, nick, which could see them leapfrog man city and close the gap somewhat. yes, but only to ten points. not enough! you have to call chelsea champions elect at the moment. i! points clear at this stage of the season, you could argue their unstoppable at home as well, 12 points from 13 at stamford bridge
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but spurs can just keep winning. both manchester club is not in action this weekend, man united play in the efl cup tomorrow. we talk about west brom, incredible to think they have reached 40 points and our eighth. let's look at the bottom of the table. as we know, hull missed the table. as we know, hull missed the opportunity to get out of the bottom three, marco silva will be disappointed about that, meaning they are 19th, sunderland rooted to they are 19th, sunderland rooted to the bot on 19th and after the turbulent week leicester have been true that win for crystal palace today season dropping to the bottom three and it is a huge match against liverpool for them on monday. perhaps not the opposition want after dropping to the bottom three and losing your manager. a big few days coming up. that is a big win for middlesbrough at crystal palace, swa nsea for middlesbrough at crystal palace, swansea not in the clear, bournemouth on a poor run as well. you talk about new managers, whoever
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leicester city appoint will be hoping they get the upturn that other clubs have seen as well, the likes of swansea of course having appointed a new manager had stormed up appointed a new manager had stormed up the table. they needed because imagine crystal palace will fine form. hull and marco silva have picked up points and you imagine they will do so. leicester need to act quickly and find the right man. still a sad day. no claudio ranieri in the premier league. we will miss him. gary lineker tweeted that now mathematically leicester city have no chance of retaining their title, it is not going to happen. thanks, we will be back with you in the next half—hour or so. let's bring you up—to—date with matters north of the border. celtic have maintained their 24—point lead at the top of the scottish premiership with a 2—0 win over hamilton. moussa dembele scored both goals to give the hoops their 21st league win in a row. aberdeen moved nine points clear in the race for second place with a 1—0 win over ross county — adam rooney with the goal. dundee won 5—1 away at motherwell. partick thistle beat a ten—man hearts side 2—0 at firhill.
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and kilmarnock got their first away win since october — 2—0 at stjohnstone. 0nto the championship, and leeds beat promotion rivals sheffield wednesday 1—0 in the yorkshire derby at lunchtime. both teams are in the play—offs, and chasing promotion to the premier league. it was chris wood who produced the only goal of the game — he continued his remarkable form with his 23rd of the season. wednesday had a chance to equalise, but rob green kept out jordan rhodes' second—half penalty. leeds hung on to take all three points, and the result moves them up to fourth in the table for now. brighton are looking to go top of the championship with a win against reading this evening — they're just one point behind leaders newcastle. and it's so far so good at the amex stadium. sam baldock‘s fourth goal in four games has given them the lead in the first half. a breakaway goal from jamie murphy made it two, so looking good for brighton, just under half an hour to 90, brighton, just under half an hour to go, brighton looking to go top of
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the championship this evening. and here are the rest of the day's championship results for you — wins for leeds, villa, brentford and preston — the rest were draws. leicester city play liverpool on monday, but after today's premier league results, last year's champions have fallen into the relegation zone. sacked manager claudio ranieri has been at leicester's training ground this morning to say his goodbyes to the players and staff. it's been a busy day at the training ground. the club's thai owners flew in after he'd left. adam wild reports. the thoughts of many leicester fans didn't exactly need spelling out, yet outside the training ground today, here they were. the players arriving for a final goodbye to claudio ranieri, the man who guided them to one of the - astonishing battle
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also now crucially into battle for achieve also now crucially into battle for together, i achieve also now crucially into battle for together, and achieve also now crucially into battle for together, and i :hieve also now crucially into battle for together, and i havej the impossible together, and i have nothing but the utmost respect for him and for everything he achieved at this club. he came in and said his piece to the players, thanked us for our efforts, and for last season, and said goodbye, you know, and it's a shame it's come to this. i wouldn't say there were tears but you can imagine it hurts him and it hurts the players that we haven't performed well enough to make this carry on. the meeting lasted around 40 minutes, barely time it seems to reminisce on all his team achieved. i have to say thank you for the fans, they are fantastic. how do you feel? i feel good? you feel good? yes, of course, because of what we achieved in leicester, and i hope it will happen again but it would be very different. was it emotional it with the players in there? no, it was normal. do you feel stabbed in
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the back? normal or not, this was the back? normal or not, this was the end of a story which was anything but. the thai owners, who made the decision to sack ranieri, arrived shortly after by helicopter. the decision has left many asking questions of the game, or should it be the business? they will take it from a pragmatic business sense, and despite everyone's discontent with the decision, and the passion that has been shown, the passion ranieri showed, they looked at it in a cold—hearted showed, they looked at it in a cold— hearted way and showed, they looked at it in a cold—hearted way and made the decision and leicesterjust have to move on. moving on for the moment means preparing for monday's game against liverpool. leicester are still in the champions league, of course, but also now in a perilous scrap to stay in the premier. replacing the man who achieved the impossible may just be replacing the man who achieved the impossible mayjust be an impossible task. adam wild, bbc news. history has been made in rugby league's challenge cup.
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the toronto wolfpack have become the first canadian side to make it through to the fourth round. the full—time pros of the wolfpack, recruited from three continents, were playing their first competitive match against the west yorkshire amateur club siddal. and the sport's first transatlantic professional team did a professional job against spirited opposition, adam sidlow, who was playing for bradford bulls last season, going into the record books with the final try as toronto won 14—6. elsewhere, there were wins for whitehaven, haydock and keighly cougars. workington town are leading 16—6 away to newcastle thunder — that kicked offjust over half an hour ago. you feel for whoever was washing the kit! a proper yorkshire mud bath. lizzie yarnold has won bronze at the skeleton world championships in germany. before the weekend, 0lympic champion yarnold had been having an indifferent season since returning after a year out. she began the day's two heats in fourth place, and improved to take bronze. germany's jaqueline loelling won gold, with silver going to her compatriot tina hermann. this is what the whole two years has
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been about, coming back, and this major stepping stone of top three. i am feeling really strange at the moment, on the verge of crying, but it means more than i can ever explain. the gb men's four didn't fare quite as well, though — they crashed out in their second run. they ended up going head first into the wall and finishing on their side. they were all ok, but won't feature in the remaining heats after their sled failed to make it to the finish line by 20 feet. dramatic pictures, those! lucky escape. tonight in hull, we could see some boxing history — britain's first world champion twins. gavin mcdonnell is aiming to become the wbc world superbantamweight champion, and join his twin brother, jamie, who already holds a world title. alex gulrajani went to meet them. the mcdonald's have never been too
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farapart, and in boxing the mcdonald's have never been too far apart, and in boxing terms, they could become even closer. jamie, the younger by nine minutes, holds a word delete my world title for ba ntamweight word delete my world title for bantamweight and word delete my world title for ba ntamweight and gavin word delete my world title for bantamweight and gavin isjust 12 rounds away from his own world title. i never really wanted to be a boxer, i had seen my brother doing well and picking up titles —— i only really wa nted well and picking up titles —— i only really wanted to be a boxer. i got a bug for it. he jacked really wanted to be a boxer. i got a bug for it. hejacked it in really wanted to be a boxer. i got a bug for it. he jacked it in at 18 andi bug for it. he jacked it in at 18 and i kept going. isaid, i can do that. he lived in the pub with his mates and he said, i can do it, and no one believe tim. gavin proved the doubters wrong as he won the british, commonwealth and european title, but jamie has british, commonwealth and european title, butjamie has always been one step ahead. eight years running now i have been number two and he has a lwa ys i have been number two and he has always been a champion from day one. all my life i have been trying to outdo him and take as much pride in
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what he has done as i do myself but this title would put me up there with him. and should earn him a place on the coveted mcdonnell hall of fame on their —— in their parents home in doncaster. they know what each other is thinking. if you showed them a photograph they will always point... to the wrong one. they never pointed to themselves because they would look at their brother all the time. and it is a bond that will never be broken, especially in a boxing ring. would you and your brother the ring professionally? i don't think we could ever. it is too much risk. there will always be that for the rest of our lives, who is the better fighter? we fix it. i won! laughter. but tonight the laughing stops. gavin has his eyes on claiming the mcdonnell number one ranking. there is pressure there, isn't there! imagine not winning when your
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brother has it! laughter that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. good evening. scotland and northern ireland saw some sunshine through this afternoon but for england and wales, a lot of clout this evening and rain to go without. the rain moves west to east, but by the end of the night mostly gone. a fair bit of the night mostly gone. a fair bit of cloud with breaks in the north—east and maybe frost in north—eastern scotland but not so elsewhere, will miles with the southerly breeze but far north ayr bringing wet and windy weather spreading quickly across scotland the morning, getting into the western side of england and wales where the wind has been picking up, gusts of 50 or 60 miles an hourfor a time in west wales. the rain never gets to east anglia and the
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south—east, temperatures here in double figures, but turning colder from the north. the colder air spreads across much of the uk towards the start of the new week. it will be blustery with showers around, some heavy, hailstones and thunder and maybe even wintry weather over higher ground. this is bbc news. the headlines at seven. labour's deputy leader tom watson rules out another another leadership contest, but says the party must do better. this is not the time for a leadership election, that was settled last year, but we have to do better, we cannot sustain this level of distance from our electorate. three people have been injured in the german city of heidelberg after a man drives a car into a pedestrian area. media organisations react angrily after several, including the bbc, are barred from a press briefing at the white house. also in the next hour...
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three men appear in court on slavery charges after the discovery of a cannabis factory in wiltshire. police found plants with a street value of around a million pounds after the raid at a disused nuclear bunker on wednesday.
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