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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 11, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm GMT

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president trump says he is considering a brand—new executive travel order after his initial attempt was overturned by the federal courts. his current orders stop citizens from seven mainly muslim countries travelling to the united states. the eu's most senior official has said he doubts weather the remaining 27 members can maintaina united the remaining 27 members can maintain a united front as they negotiate britain's exit from the block. campaigners led by the labour peer lord dubs have delivered a petition signed by 50,000 people to downing street. her theresa may to allow more unaccompanied child refugees into britain. conservationists say another 240 pilot whales have become branded in a remote bay on the south island. 0ne a remote bay on the south island. one of the biggest beatings for 100 yea rs. one of the biggest beatings for 100 years. and the hunt for missing wedding dress is over, the dress,
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which disappeared from a dry clea ners which disappeared from a dry cleaners after it had gone bust, has gone that back been found. the dress has been won by her grandmother in 1870. so much happening in the sport. high time to cross to the bbc sport centre for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with karthi gnanasegaram and hugh ferris. the headlines this evening: wales against england is heading for a cracking conclusion in the six nations. two goals in two minutes for liverpool could derail totttenham's title hopes. and great britain beat croatia to force their way in to the fed cup group two play offs. it is a very busy day.
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we will get to the premier league in a moment but we really do have to start with a cracking game in the six nations between wales and england. england are the defending grand slam champions and are on a record unbeaten run. but as the game enters its final stages, it's tight at the principality stadium, as tim hague reports. wales at home to england, the kind of game to light up and fire up the cold est of game to light up and fire up the coldest winter days, and while this is the one every welsh women, man and child wants to win, england are ona and child wants to win, england are on a mission. 15 wins in a row, and they did not hang around. the welsh defence still holding out until now! ben youngs with that one, but wales
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we re ben youngs with that one, but wales were not going anywhere, they only trailed by five, and leigh halfpenny reduced that to two, and apart from some desperate defence the hosts could have gone into the lead there. another opening would arrive, and liam williams would take it. wales ta ke liam williams would take it. wales take the lead! and the welsh would remain happy despite an 0wen farrell penalty here. they would get one of their own as well, and just when a frustrated england looks likely to score a crucial try, there was a lwa ys score a crucial try, there was always another welshman to stop them. as they enter the final minutes in cardiff, this one looks likely to go to the very end. let's have a look at what happened in the last couple of minutes of that game, elliott daly with a try for england, and owen farrell then with the conversion. that made it 21-16 to with the conversion. that made it
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21—16 to england, and that is how it finished. goodness me, what a moment it was right at the end, and let listen to the man of the match at principality stadium. very physical, we got what we expected coming down here. great to play in the stadium. very pleased to get the result. 16th win on the bounce for england, what 7% 16th win on the bounce for england, what % 1; difference in such tight contest? we struggled to get out of our own half in the first half. we addressed that in the second half. lots to improve on as well. well done, you are the man of the match. where that medal with pride. thank you very much. so, england are the winners. and it was very, very tight. 16 wins in a i’ow. ireland put their opening day defeat to scotland behind them, by thrashing italy 63—10 in rome.
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it's the first time in a over century that the competition has seen a team score two hat—tricks ina game. hannah lupton was watching the action. to reach the stadio 0lympico turf, you must cost —— cross the olympic turf. ireland have some distance to make up after losing to scotland, if they are to finish top in the six nations. ireland were quick out of the blocks, and after early pressure, they got the first scorer on the board. ireland' desperation led to italy being awarded a penalty try, and a player being sent for a ten minute sit down to pay for his crimes. amanda hutton at not a problem, instead a piece of six nations history. they are the first side to pick up eight for mac trade bonus point. brian 0'driscoll was the last
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irishman to score a hat—trick 15 yea rs irishman to score a hat—trick 15 years ago. the visitors were charging and encountered little resistance. this was one of nine tries for the men in green, second—half replacement craig gilroy also got a hat—trick. if you're going to travel, do it in style. right from the start, we were really happy with the first phases of play, to get ourselves out of our own 22 and into their half. we then cut it up, which was restricting. —— frustrating. a number of different players contributed in different ways to allow us to get to go forward , ways to allow us to get to go forward, and there were not too many pressure valves that were released for italy. it was great to keep that pressure on. england made it two wins from two in the women's six nations. they scored 11 tries as they thrashed wales 63—0 at cardiff arms park. wing lydia thompson went over for england's fourth try of the match securing the bonus
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point after just 22 minutes. they went into the break with a 38—0 lead. england continued to dominate in the second half — thompson grabbing her hat—trick here. wales were unable to find a reply. 63—0 the final score. terrific game, nowhere near as easy as the score might make it look. i know the girls will be hurting, and they put a fantastic effort up. what do you put that win down to, all those tries? just our execution, we talk a lot about how we want to play the game, we saw couple of areas we wanted to get the ball into today, and we did it well. but more than anything, frame of mind. away from the six nations action let's have a quick look a the results from rugby union's premiership. leicester tigers are back up to fitfth place after a bonus—point win over gloucester, while defending champions saracnes were surprised by worcester who beat them 24—18.
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saracens could have gone top of the premiership. we have had a cracking few games in the six nations. let's find out if the six nations. let's find out if the premier league action could live up the premier league action could live up to the same expectations. mick hatton is here to chat over what we have seen so far. and we'll start at anfield, where liverpool are leading 2—0 thanks to two goals from sadio mane in two first half minutes. the first after a lovely through ball by georginio wijnaldum. then a mistake let in the senegal forward for his second. liverpool, you would not have thought it, they are looking for just their first thought it, they are looking for just theirfirst win thought it, they are looking for just their first win in the premier league in 2017. it is unheard of. five winless premier league games. it looks at
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the moment as if they are going to get theirfirst the moment as if they are going to get their first three points off 2017. they have had another shot which drifted wide of the post. totte n ha m which drifted wide of the post. tottenham looking to close the gap on chelsea down to six points. if you are their manager watching this, you are their manager watching this, you could be building up a 12 point lead. about 35 minutes or so to go in that game, we will let you know are any more goals. now, two defeats in a row had led to renewed calls from fans that perhaps arsene wenger‘s time at arsenal was up. so he'll be pleased for a bit of respite and three points. they beat hull 2—0 at the emirates in the day's early kick off. but the victory did not come without controversy, as patrick gearey reports. at arsenal, they are united in gratitude but divided by faith. arsene wenger is the dominant figure in their modern history, but what about the future is two consider of striker
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r i!“ mm.- m wener this week. who met arsene wenger this week. he actually mentioned last night that he is coming to the end. i have never heard him say that. arsene wenger‘s attacking philosophy is still clear in arsenal's play. look at the number of players swarming. alexis sanchez was the key player, but to score this, he needed a hand. in their relegation fight, every chance matters for hull city. they felt kieran gibbs denied them a goal—scoring opportunity, the card was yellow and not red. fired by frustration, the tigers threatened until they conceded a penalty. sanchez finally settled this question, how arsenal fans sanchez finally settled this question, how arsenalfans needed a good day. my good day. myjob is to make these people happy, and when i don't do it i feel of course guilty, that is why it was important for us to win. how the final three months of arsenal‘ season and out may confirm
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whether these are supporting words or not. he has had a troubled few weeks, but arsenal have been waiting for this for a while. yes, arsene wenger looking to avoid three straight defeats. a slight bit of controversy over alexis sanchez‘s headlines, and then what ian wright said yesterday. this will be a massive boost for him, the defeat of sta mford massive boost for him, the defeat of stamford bridge seven days ago, it is all about for arsenal ensuring a champions league place. a huge improvement today. manchester united trying to get to a champions league place, they had a victory against watford today. yes, and also the assist. watford‘s goalkeeper kept them at bay. but the
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win moves manchester united to fifth in the premier league, 13 games in a row. they have not been in the top five since september. a big win for them. dependent on what happens at anfield. jose mourinho is insisting that it was by no means routine. people sometimes forget that these teams, like watford, stoke, many of the medium teams in the table, they have very good players. i looked at this team, these players were in italy when i was in italy. they were playing in apperley, in milan, in lazio, these are top players with topics billions. the players are good, these players are much better than in the past, so they can discuss results with the top teams. the three point very important. at the bottom of the table,
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sunderland, they have won 4— nil last week, this week they have lost 4-0. this was gabbiadini really putting the sword and to sunderland. —— into sunderland. david moyes looked ready for lauren at the end, and he has had a pretty forlorn word to say. you are right in the game at 1—0, it is not as if you‘re out of the game, we had done 0k, without creating too many clear—cut opportunities, but to lose a goal right at half—time was a killer blow for us. every game is three point, we have to try to win the three points, so every game we do not think anything up —— pick anything up, it is a missed
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opportunity. we are not seeing the bounds of sam alla rdyce. really we are not seeing the bounds of sam allardyce. really perform from crystal palace since he arrived at selhurst park. stoke city beating them 1—0. and sam alla rdyce stoke city beating them 1—0. and sam allardyce seen some improvement, the problem is he‘s not seeing them in the results. another 1—0 defeat, not the point that i think we deserved today. but in terms of performance and effort from the players, they are getting better. we have to keep battling on and keep leaving. it was not the best we have played this season are in recent weeks, if it was the case to win ugly, today was the day. sometimes we have slipped up, and we have not been able to do that as often as we should have done, but we showed good
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qualities in that regard. i am really pleased. we always bounce back, we had a disappointing last weekend, but i felt we have bounced back quickly so that is really pleasing. at london stadium, it was a dramatic finish. yes, the west ham manager very angry. they look set to win back—to—back games. but gareth mcauley, jonny evans with a header, bounced off the head of gareth mcauley and into the back of the west ham net. finished 2—2. there might be a bit of an argument that tonight. slaven village genuinely thought his tea m slaven village genuinely thought his team had managed to get what they deserved. in the second half it was all us, fantastic performance. it is not easy to turn the game around, especially against such a solid and organised team. we could and should have scored more. it is really
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frustrating, but i am more than pleased how the guys played. they played fantastic. when you're playing against teams like this you always need to goals, a cushion. fair play to west ham, they played very well, especially in they played very well, especially in the second half, especially in the second half they changed the system which caught us out. it was cut and mouse. entertaining game for the supporters who have come here today. not quite so entertaining at the riverside, the weather terrible as well. middlesbrough, tough at the back, cannot score goals, it finishes 0—0 against everton. romilly look at who scored four last week. none on the scoresheet today. the points were better for middlesbrough. almost an obligatory goalless draw. mick, thank you very much. it has
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been a thrilling day, mainly because we do not really know anything, just to remind you that it is still 2—0 liverpool against spurs. we will keep our eyes on that one. it has been a very busy day all round and sport. let‘s pop back to the six nations. england beat wales in the final five minutes, 21—16 the score at the end of that much. england had been 16—14 down, but try from elliot daley just england had been 16—14 down, but try from elliot daleyjust in the final five minutes and a conversion meant that england won the match. let‘s hear from the captain dylan hartley. we showed good examples of what we can do today, and i prefer that we would have won earlier than that, but it sure good character from the team. great composure, and parts of our game we will have to look at and get rid of, it was self enforced pressure, wales put asunder unbelievable pressure in our own
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half. some stuff we will have to learn from, but we will take that one. that is the england reaction, we will try to get the wales reaction before the end of the programme. an impressive performance from england underan impressive performance from england under an awful lot of pressure from wales. back to the football, and into the championship. in the championship‘s late kick—off, newcastle are leading wolves 1—0 at molineux. before the game, there was a minute‘s applause for former england women‘s cricket captain and wolves vice—president, rachael heyhoe flint who died last month after a short illness. herfuneral took place earlier this week. the match is into the second half, newcastle took the lead before half—time with aleksandar mitrovic poking in the opener. newcastle will leapfrog brighton and return to the top of table with a win. it‘s currently 1—0. 30 minutes left to play. loads of goals in the championshpi today. brighton‘s 4—1win over burton puts them top for the time being. derby came from 3—0 down at home at half time,
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to draw 3—3 with bristol city. fulham scored a 94th minute winner in their 3—2 victory over wigan. norwich led 3—0 after 18 minutes against nottingham forest, and eventually won 5—1. preston beat brentford 4—2. and huddersfield move to third in the 2—1 away win at qpr. celtic are having a season to remember — runaway leaders in the league, and today they scored six against inverness callie thistle make it through to the quarter finals of the scottish cup. mikael lustig put celtic ahead before moussa dembele scored three — it‘s now hat—tricks in back—to—back games for the young french striker. kieran tierney added a fifth then captain scott brown rounded off the rout in injury time. also through to the quarterfinals by st mirren, aberdeen and partick thistle. ed united and clyde drew, as did dunfermline and hamilton. in
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the scottish premiership, dundee and kilmarnock drew 1—1. some more reaction from cardiff, let‘s hear from the losing wales captain, alun wyn jones. disappointed with the result, but people wanted to see us change and try to change, we have done that. the performance was there for 76 minutes, unfortunately, those four minutes, unfortunately, those four minutes eluded us this week. now to tennis. great britain have qualified for the fed cup world group ii play—offs after beating coatia 2—1. the tie was decided by the final doubles match. johanna konta and heather watson overcame ana konjuh and darija jurak in three sets. watson had given britain the lead but konta lost the second singles match which forced the decinding doubles match. britain are hoping for a first home fed cup tie for 24 years, but it still depends on other ties this weekend. the draw is on tuesday. croatia are strong country, and
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everybody laid great tennis all the way through from start to finish. i‘m just so happy with the way we won the match, played so well, and just to be representing gb again with the girls! it was tough coming back after i lost that singles, but having all these girls are supporting, making all the noise courtside, and we cannot forget all those other ties, the fact that we were able to do it, it isa the fact that we were able to do it, it is a massive achievement for us. it‘s the first round of fixtures in rugby league‘s new super league season, last season‘s runners up warrington are facing catalans the game was tied at 6—all at half—time but sice the break the catalans have taken the lead. this score from greg bird and a penalty has put them 14—12 ahead.
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wigan warriors got the defence of their title off to a winning start, they beat salford red devils 26—16. it‘s the second round of rugby league‘s challenge cup. amongst the clubs whose name will be in the pot for the next round are siddal who came from 10—nil down at half time to win 34—10 against pilkington recs. this try from joe martin sealing the win. also through from the seven fixtures today are myton warriors, haydock, rochdale mayfield and egremont rangers. england‘s danny willett is well placed to win golf‘s maybank last years masters champion will head into the final round with a three shot lead over his nearest rival after shooting a second successive 67. willet made six birdies, including one on each this week marked one year to go of the final two holes. this week marked one year to go until the winter olympics, which could be team gb‘s best—ever. they achieved a record—equalling four medals, in sochi three years ago, but that figure could yet increase, as inevstigations into russian doping continue.
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the gb bobsleigh team, may be upgraded to bronze, but have remained quiet on the issue, until now. they‘ve spoken exclusively to our 0lympic reporter nick hope. the british four—man team delivered an impressive fifth place at sochi 2014, but could they have been celebrating greater success? russia finished first and fourth, but the host nation‘s results have since been discredited, with the damning mclaren report alleging over 1,000 russian athletes benefitted from a state sponsored doping programme. for me it‘s the biggest sporting scandal of my lifetime. i think it is huge. do you feel like you are the bronze medallists? i suppose i kind of do. we were that close and we know that we competed clean. if i had a bronze medal in my house, it would be nice, but the moment has gone. it's nearly four years ago now, looking at the next one. it would be nice, but it won't be the occasion it would have been. if it is changed, who would that mean to you?
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i think the fact that it would be the truth would be more important to me than receiving the medal itself. the international olympic committee are currently investigating the findings of the mclaren report, so no—one at this stage knows exactly what will happen to the results from sochi 2014. what we do know is that the city won‘t be hosting this year‘s skeleton and bobsleigh world championships. sochi was stripped of that right. the event will instead happen in germany from next week. that is something the gb athletes are in favour of. until things are properly investigated, i don‘t think it was safe to sochi from a sporting perspective. as professional athletes we are required to provide whereabouts for where we are and provide samples at a moment‘s notice, and i th,'ink it is safer being done in a country that we can trust at the moment. i don‘t think that country right now is russia. though stripped of the hosting rights, russia will compete in germany next week, with the tasker and fearon hoping to challenge for a medal on the day, rather than several years later. nick hope, bbc news. native river further enhanced his
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claims for the cheltenham gold cup, by beating two rivals in the denman chase at newbury this afternoon. winner of the hennessy and welsh national in his last two races, native river was a comfortable victor in what was an unusually small field ofjust three in berkshire. the gold cup, which is the most prestigious of all national hunt events, takes place on march the 17th. let‘s finish with the six nations, because it has been a great game in cardiff, england beating wales 21-16, that cardiff, england beating wales 21—16, that final try coming in the final few minutes. the six nations has delivered today. if you like a blow out like ireland against italy, or a really tense one, england‘s delivered against —— with their coach, eddiejones. in the second half we got our defence intensity back, we did not have much bolder holding, apart from
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the first 20 minutes. if you want to be the best team in the world, you have got to win those games where you are not absolutely at your best. against an opposition that is playing well, and we did that today. a tight finish at the principality stadium. i wonder if it will be a tight finish at anfield? liverpool to, tottenham mill. built to be the tightest game in the premier league, has turned out not to be that way. we will be back with sportsday at 7:30pm. —— 2—0 to liverpool against totte n ha m. good evening, for many of us, it has been a cold and raw day, still some snow in some faces as we head into the night. across some eastern counties of england, further snow over the peak district in the pennines. rain and sleet in other areas, wherever you are,
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temperatures close to freezing. 0ne or two icy stretches around as well as we head into sunday morning. the best of the sunshine probably reserved for the far north—west of scotland. for the rest of us, a lot of cloud, rain, sleet and snow, the focus for disruptive snow will be up over the higher part of the peak district are pennines. a bit drier across the south—east, the best of the sunshine across the far north—west. it will not be worn anywhere, temperatures struggling up to two, three degrees. the signs of spring, it will be a bit of a struggle through the early part of victory, but by the middle of the week it will feel a lot nicer. particularly in the sunshine. this is bbc news. i‘m shaun ley. the headlines at 7pm: president trump says he‘s considering a new travel ban on people from 7 mainly muslim countries — after his first attempt was blocked by the courts. we‘ll win that battle, but we also have a lot of other options including just filing a brand new order on monday.
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a call to make the uk more welcoming for commonwealth citizens — post brexit — starting with a change to border controls. in the commons brexit vote — don‘t do it again. lord dubs, a child refugee himself in 1939, delivers a 50 thousand signature petition to downing street, urging also in the next hour: a further 240 pilot whales become stranded on a new zealand beach conservationists say it‘s the country‘s worst beaching for 100 years — in recent days, more than 300 whales have died. and wales have edged ahead of england in their six
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