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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  December 25, 2016 8:00am-8:31am GMT

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hello. this is breakfast with naga munchetty. a russian military plane carrying more than 90 people has crashed into the black sea. the aircraft went missing around 20 minutes after taking off from sochi on its way to syria. members of a military choir were among those onboard. good morning. happy christmas. it's sunday 25th december.
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also ahead. recognising our unsung heroes. the queen will pay tribute to "ordinary people doing extraordinary things", when she delivers her annual christmas message. the archbishop of westminster has spoken of the "anxiety and uncertainty" felt by many in the world as he gave his christmas sermon during midnight mass. as a child in care, the poet lemn sissay used to dread christmas. we'll hear how he's now trying to make it a magical day for those who have been through the system. for a lot of care leavers, the memory is a bad one of the christmas before. we're creating memories. matt goss is among the guests on the strictly christmas special tonight. i've been to take a sneak peek behind the scenes. and nick has the weather. good morning, a merry mild christmas. it doesn't feel much like christmas. it doesn't feel much like christmas but it will turn colder
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later today from the north. windy tomorrow in northern scotland. the full christmas forecast on the way. good morning. first, our main story. a russian military plane has crashed into the black sea just minutes after taking off from sochi. the russian defence ministry said there were at least 92 people on board. reports suggest that the plane was travelling to syria and that debris has been found in the black sea. an investigation has been launched. we will tell you more about those on the plane, details coming through. some reporters and military personnel were on board as well as crew, and a military choir on its way to performing at a concert for members of the russian armed forces in syria. we will get an update from oui’ in syria. we will get an update from our moscow correspondent in a minutes. the queen has chosen "inspiration"
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as the theme of her christmas broadcast this year, and will speak of drawing strength from meeting ordinary people, who have done extraordinary things. she will spend today at her sandringham estate in norfolk with other members of the royal family. the duke and duchess of cambridge will spend christmas day with the middleton family at their home in berkshire. here's our royal correspondent nicholas witchell. the queen recorded this year's broadcast a few days ago at buckingham palace. its theme this year is inspiration and, in the broadcast, she will reflect on the achievements of olympic and paralympic athletes from britain and the commonwealth, many of whom she met at the palace reception in october, and whose achievements, she will say, are now inspiring others. and in this year, when the queen has marked her 90th birthday, she will refer to the inspirational work of the many charities with which she has been associated during her reign. she will talk also of the work of the many unsung heroes she meets around the country — carers, community leaders and good neighbours. "ordinary people", as she puts it, doing "extraordinary" things.
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the departure of the queen and the duke of edinburgh to sandringham had to be delayed for 2h hours earlier in the week because both were said to be suffering from heavy colds. buckingham palace has said nothing further about their health, but there's no reason to think they won't be joining other members of the family this morning for the christmas service at the estate. there will be sadness at the news that zara tyndall has lost the baby she was expecting with her husband, mike, in the spring. it would have been their second child. absent from sandrigham this year will be the duke and duchess of cambridge and their two children, george and charlotte. in a break with tradition, they're having a family christmas in berkshire, at the home of the duchess‘s parents, the middletons. let's speak now to our reporter emilia papadopoulos who is at sandringham for us this morning. what can we expect from the day ahead? already, people are gathering for a
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glimpse of the royal family. merry christmas. a beautiful, windy christmas morning at sandringham. about 50 people have been here since 6am. i spoke to one lady from florida who has come to see the queen. they will be queueing for a while. in an hour, the queen will come to saint mary magdalene church to receive communion privately and later the family will join to receive communion privately and later the family willjoin her for the traditional christmas day service. everyone is wondering whether she will be in good health. as we heard, she and the duke of edinburgh had to delay their trip up here, suffering from heavy colds. there has been disappointment with the duke and duchess of cambridge and their children not here. prince harry and members of the family will be here, they arrived yesterday. today they will have a full english brea kfast today they will have a full english breakfast before heading to church
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for the service. they will head back to the house for christmas lunch, settled down to watch the queen's speech. like many families, this is an opportunity to spend time together and reflect after a busy year. we are expecting the queen and duke of edinburgh to lead the royal family to church on the royal sandringham estate. britain's senior anglican and catholic archbishops are addressing uncertainty in their christmas sermons. later this morning, archbishop of canterburyjustin welby will talk about fear and division in the world as 2016 draws to a close. last night, the archbishop of westminster spoke of similar issues. here's our religious affairs correspondent martin bashir. a traditional start to christmas and a solemn midnight mass at westminster cathedral. cardinal vincent nichols began his sermon by quoting the poet wb yeats, referring to a turbulent year, with many fearing that things may fall apart, that the centre cannot hold.
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the last six months in particular has seen a widespread anxiety and uncertainty at many levels, at life in this country and in those major partnerships and neighbours that we have. so, with europe, with america, with the middle east, financially, economically. it's an unsettling time. the archbishop of canterbury, justin welby, who, like last year, will deliver his christmas message later this morning, will also address the division and uncertainty that's marked global politics. cardinal nichols said the answer to our insecurity was neither materialism nor the pursuit of selfish interest, but rather a renewed focus on the life of christ. cardinal nichols concluded his midnight sermon by emphasising
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the fact of christ's birth, which he said was marked in time, recorded in the gospels and celebrated today. the american president—elect donald trump says he intends to close his charitable foundation, to avoid any conflict of interest with his presidency. the trump foundation is currently being investigated by new york's attorney general to establish whether it supported a republican political campaign in florida in 2013. at the bottom line here is that donald trump does not give any of his own money to the foundation. he has not given any of his own money between 2009 and 2014, so at the heart of this is a foundation that goes to other people to ask for money. then there is another set of controversies, and this is what the attorney general in new york is looking at, is whether or not there is self dealing.
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you're not supposed to use a non—profit foundation in the united states to make political contributions, or to help your business. that's at the heart of it. thousands of people are being urged to leave their homes in the philippines as a super—typhoon roars towards the country's east coast. typhoon nok—ten is expected to hit today, bringing winds of nearly 160 miles an hour. dozens of ports have been closed, as officials warn of potentially deadly two—metre waves. staff in a hospital in the american city albuquerque have been making the most of the special deliveries this christmas. newborn babies have been keeping warm inside stockings. it's become something of a tradition, and volunteers say that some parents still have their stockings even though their children have grown up. although it seems not everyone this year was equally impressed by their festive outfits. we'll get the weather with nick
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in a few minutes‘ time. christmas is a time for family, but if you don't have one it can be difficult. the poet lemn sissay knows exactly how that feels. he was fostered as a baby but when he turned 12 his foster family gave him up. he spent the next five years in and out of children's homes. that's why each year he organises special christmas dinners for young people who've left care. breakfast‘s jayne mccubbin went to meet him as he prepared for one of those dinners in hackney. not everyone has someone at christmas. this isn't my... you're better with words. i'm better with words. lemn sissay understands this. author, poet, broadcaster, orphan. there was nobody there. you were on your own? yeah, i was on my own. if i visited a friend's house, i often felt i was the boy with no
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family who was going to visit families, you know? jingle bells, jingle all the way. here in hackney he is getting ready for one of his care leaver‘s christmas dinners, a project that has grown from one city to five cities in four years. all of the gifts here have been donated by strangers and the parties will all be run by volunteers. do we really not know the words tojingle bells? the only reason we do the christmas dinner is so that those young care leavers go away with a memory that they can look onto next year. that's all christmas is, it's the making of a memory for you to look onto next year. so we all come around the christmas dinner table and we all remember, "we did this last year and it was incredible". for a lot of care leavers, the memory was a bad one from the year before. we are creating memories.
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this is his passion, and for the team that passion is infectious. this is amanda, who is sorting everybody out. am i right? we have 20 volunteers, 60 young people, four hairstylists, artists, musicians, social workers coming down to do a really amazing christmas day for young people. it's gonna be amazing. this is sabrina, who is the hair woman and stylist and she is pretty incredible! as a care leaver myself, i know how important it is to give self—esteem and to feel like people care. this incredible man is ryan. ryan is going to be the chef for the evening. when i was 14, i went into temporary foster care for a weekend and it sort of turned into
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nearly five years. christmas is about family and not everyone is lucky enough to have it. the best part of the day was sitting down and having a meal with all the people. messages from previous dinners show just how much they mean to ca re leavers. everyone looks happy. i won't ever forget this day! everything was spot on. amazed by it, amazed by everything. i hope they have one next year as well! and that is totally the plan. all: merry christmas! we can return now to our top story. a russian military plane that has crashed just after take—off. let's speak to our moscow correspondent steve rosenberg to get the latest. steve, tell us what we know. 0na day
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on a day that is, to wake up to this news, so on a day that is, to wake up to this news, so many are in on a day that is, to wake up to this news, so many are in shock. absolutely, russia is certainly shocked. this jet belonged to the russian defence ministry. we know it took off from sochi airport in southern russia earlier today. it was bound for syria, the russian army base. a few minutes after take off it disappeared from radar screens. off it disappeared from radar screens. later the russian defence mystery confirmed the plane had crashed into the black sea. a search and salvage operation was launched. a short while ago, we had fragments have been located from the plane with one body recovered. there is no talk of survivors. this is pretty much a salvage operation. who was on board, we believe there were 92 passengers and crew, including
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members of the world famous song and dance ensemble, the alexandra military band due to give a concert on new year to russian servicemen in syria. more details are coming through. you mentioned some debris has been discovered. the recovery operation as many feared this is now must have got underway as soon as that news came through. absolutely. the defence ministry said the operation was launched very quickly and taking part in this operation a number of russian ships and helicopters. as i say, little hope of finding anyone alive. now, the focus will be on finding as much of the debris of the plane and the black box flight recorder is so that russian investigators can piece together what happened in the air that brought this jet crashing down into the sea.
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those details coming through over the next hours and days. and you're watching breakfast from bbc news. the main stories this morning. a russian military plane has crashed into the black sea with more than 90 people on board. the queen will highlight "ordinary people doing extraordinary things" when she delivers her annual christmas message today. here's nick with a look at this morning's weather. it is unseasonably mild today? it felt almost balmy as i walked into the office. you are right, anybody stepping outside this christmas day morning will notice that because right across the uk just about temperatures are in double figures. this is a view of sunrise in norfolk. happy christmas to all our
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weather watchers. take a look at these temperatures. 14 take a look at these temperatures. 1a celsius in the highlands of scotland. it really is an incredible start to christmas day. it is near toa start to christmas day. it is near to a record, we are watching that closely. the number to beat for the warmest christmas day on record is 15.6, we reached that twice before, once in devon, and edinburgh. we will end up very close to it but we may not break that record. it is mild but also quite windy, taking the edge of things. plenty of cloud, outbreaks of rain across western parts. you can see this area of rainfall moving through this afternoon. behind that, temperatures will start to come down. northern
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scotla nd will start to come down. northern scotland will feel much colder compared with right now. that wet weather through scotland, northern ireland and northern england. some rain to be had, damp and drizzly through south—west england and wales. some brightness in north—east wales, 15 celsius, but blustery across—the—board. gales or severe gales in northern scotland. wintry showers as it turns colder. just before midnight, on higher ground, you may see some just before midnight, on higher ground, you may see some snow. ground, you may see some snow. colder by the end of the night as that bad of wet weather sweeps southwards. northern scotland tomorrow, you are closest to storm, the centre of which is well to the north of the uk. stormy conditions. an amber warning from the met office. tomorrow could see gusts in excess
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of 80 miles an hour so some disruption. wintry showers at low levels on boxing day in scotland. elsewhere, a quieter picture. it will feel colder tomorrow. if you're thinking of a boxing day walk away from those storms, it is looking pretty nice. if you have any of that food to walk off. we will take a look at your menu later on, it is impressive. however you're celebrating today, we want to know what's going to make it a really special christmas for you. we've been asking some people in manchester what's going to make it different for them. i have just retired and it is my first christmas having my home and enjoy everything! it is cold but in israel is hot.
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i would like to spend it at home with my family and friends in australia. it is her first christmas, so it is herfirst christmas, so it it is her first christmas, so it is quite important to us really, fantastic. my granddaughter was born on the 2nd of august. me and my son helped to deliver her. her first christmas, my first grandchild ever, it is really special. i have gone overboard. so what? it is allowed, isn't it? so, tell us why this christmas is going to be a really special one for you? carol says her daughter is in labour at this very moment. carol, tell us how it is going for your granddaughter. and the first christmas sandra says
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for the rest of her life after treatment, we wish her well. denise says christmas will be special because she is joining a group of others at a church in learning to cook christmas dinner for 70 elderly people who would otherwise be on their own. william williams says he lives in china and is watching us from china, good morning. a special day because his wife has promised him an english dinner today as an english christmas treat. it isn't turkey but pizza! he even has a can of lager! merry christmas to you all. christmas is traditionally a time for family and relaxation but sometimes it can be stressful. so if you're worried about it all getting a bit too much, we've got a team of experts here to guide you through the day. this here with me is agony aunt suzie hayman. vet cameron muir. and gp dr aisha awan. good morning to you all. what is the
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biggest nickel that will bug us today? probably setting the bar too high and going for perfection. thinking back to your childhood and remembering wonderful christmases and asa remembering wonderful christmases and as a parent you have to deliver that. but you edit out the arguments and you don't see the strain your pa rents a re and you don't see the strain your parents are under to provide it. now you are a parent all you see is pressure. that and agree of perfect meal, perfect time. there is no such thing as perfection. go for good enough and forgive yourself. they will love it much more a you are relaxed and enjoying yourself. you don't remember the meal, you remember the atmosphere. tents, horrible, strained... you talk about expectations you put on yourself. the psychology of christmas, the build up, the pressure people put on
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themselves. 0ften build up, the pressure people put on themselves. often they hide this and don't ask for help. any tips on how to ta ke don't ask for help. any tips on how to take a moment or speak up? for some people this is a time of great happiness. for others, it can be nonetheless, remembering those who have passed away. people with mental health problems, ta ke people with mental health problems, take time for yourselves. it is located turn around and say, i am not feeling great, i need time out. sit in your room, talk to people how you are feeling. if it is overwhelming, call the samaritans, they are open over christmas. they are a number is available. if things are a number is available. if things are worse and your thoughts are really negative, call the nhs and they can direct you to the correct service. i know you are agp parts are in touch other colleagues, is it a busier time of year in terms of
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people asking for help? it is. only use accident and emergency if it isjust that, not for minor ailments. people panicked because gp surgeries are closed for an extra two days. use the nhs choices website. speak to family and friends if you have a concern. often we forget we have the community to ask questions. taking time out, but the reason we have a vet on the server is we can't remember other members of our family, our pets. you have lots of people descending on your home or you have left to go to somebody else, what should you be thinking about? you should be concerned about the personal and of your pets, they need
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to have their own space, to escape from the crowd and strangers and the noise. conversely, if you are leaving them, make sure you let them out to go to the toilet, leave the radio on, make a fuss when you come home. they are emotionally dependent on us. and get out. if you have a dog, go for a walk. they expect their routine. they need their walk. take the family out, let them enjoy themselves. they will love it if they have more people to go out for their walk. that word routine is important. incredibly important for humans as well. you feel safe if you have a routine. children need it. we often think, let routines go by the board. actually, you start feeling quite
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tetchy and a bit scared when routines though. keep the bedtime routine. try and keep to normal eating times. people feel secure if thatis eating times. people feel secure if that is happening. can we talk about food and drink, it is the time to be merry. talking to my husband last night, i can't say don't enjoy yourself. everything is fine in moderation. the vast majority who turn up at accident and emergency have injuries which are alcohol related. don't drink and drive. keep children out of the kitchen. enjoy yourselves. sensibility must still rain. a quick word on food and titbits? the reality is we do give titbits, give them the meat, not the gravy or
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the fatty leftovers, or mince pies or christmas cake which will harm your pets. keep it to yourself, why not! we will hear from you later on your final thoughts. you have been sending in some lovely photos. jack and george wheeler, 2a yea rs photos. jack and george wheeler, 2a years ago, a pair of duties, in 1992. still a pair of cuties, recreating that special moment. and here, you can see in the space ofa and here, you can see in the space of a year, lucas went from bump to baby. and these families are having fun with this recreation, that was then. hey! that is a good one. if you have
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pictures like this, keep sending your photos in to us. we will try to show a few more later. i will be back with the headlines shortly. hello, this is breakfast on christmas morning with naga munchetty. it's 8:30. now, a summary of this morning's main news: a russian military plane has crashed into the black sea just minutes after taking off from sochi. the russian defence ministry says there were at least 92 people on board. the aircraft was flying to syria and disappeared from radar around 20 minutes after take—off. some debris has now been found in the sea and an investigation has been launched. "inspiration" is to be the theme of the queen's christmas broadcast this year. she will speak of drawing strength from meeting ordinary people doing extraordinary things. the queen is at her home in sandringham in norfolk with other members of the royal family, though not with the duke
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and duchess of cambridge. they are spending the day with the middleton family. the archbishop of canterbury will talk about feeding division has 2016 draws to a close. last night cardinal nichols spoke of similar issues. the american president—elect donald trump says he intends to close his charitable foundation to avoid any conflict of interest with his presidency. the trump foundation is currently being investigated by new york's attorney general, to establish whether it supported a republican political campaign in florida in 2013. the us journalist lynn sweet says it's a complicated situation.
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