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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  December 20, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm GMT

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hello and welcome to outside source live from the bbc newsroom live. just over a 24—hour since the brutal attack on a christmas market in berlin, police have released the suspect they have been questioning, indicating the attacker is still at large. candlelit vigils are being held in germany for the 12 people who died. russian investigators have arrived in turkey after the murder of the russian ambassador on monday. turkish police have arrested several members of the attacker‘s family. if you want to get in touch with us about any story, you can. the person responsible for the
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berlin truck attack is likely to still be at large. a man who had been detained by german police on monday night has been released due to lack of evidence. 12 people died and 48 others were wounded when the lawrie was driven into the market. let's bring you this, and unnamed police chief has said that they have the wrong man:. damian mcguinness will explain how this happened. what seems to have happened is that the eyewitness who had given chase very bravely to the man suspected of carrying out this dreadful atrocity, he lost sight of him a couple of times. then police detained him. it might well be that in fact there was some confusion over the identity of the man who had given chase. the suspect had always denied that he
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had any involvement with this atrocity, with this crime, and he also, according to police, there seemed to be no evidence adjusting that he could have been in that laurie, particularly given that there was quite horrific, a murder seems to have been carried out in the cabin, by the original driver. some speculation that it would have been difficult for someone to have carried out that murder, to have killed the original driver, to have beenin killed the original driver, to have been in that cabin, and then to have escaped and had no forensic dna evidence which would link him to the laurie. —— lawrie. police say there is not a strong enough case to officially arrest him. police can only officially hold him until midnight tonight. they released him earlier than they needed to, with no proof. having said that, they said they would keep an eye on the
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suspect. there is no guarantee that he is not involved in some way either. in the last hour, we have had this as well, coming from islamic state news agency, if you like, that the berlin truck attacker is soldier targeting citizens of the crusader coalition. so—called islamic state have in the past claimed responsibly for many similar attacks but without providing any evidence. let's recap on what we do know. this is the vehicle used in the attack. it is registered in poland. a polish man was found dead in the passenger seat. he had been shot. he is confirmed as the truck's ‘s will driver. the truck was full of steel beams, due to be unloaded. translation: i found him yesterday at noon and told him that after an loading in berlin, he should go directly to load the good and go on tourfor directly to load the good and go on
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tour for the last time before christmas. he was asking whether he would be able to return before thursday evening, because he had to buy his wife a christmas gift. that never happened. the next thing we know is that at age: 15 local time, the truck ploughed into the christmas market. it had travelled to in 50 to 80 metres through the market on this route. witnesses say they thought it was travelling at 60 kph before coming to a halt. here is some of what some witnesses saw. we heard this massive noise, to the extent, it was so loud, and it sounded like a massive explosion, like gunshots. our instant reaction, the same as everyone else around us, was to get up and look, and try to help. a lot of people were very shocked. some people were staring at the
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scene in front of us. a few people we re scene in front of us. a few people were putting people into recovery positions. mothers and their children were trying to be taken away from the scene. it was absolutely horrific. i don't think we can really put it into detail with enough words how devastating the scene was. it was a situation where we did not realise at the specific time that it was a truck that went through. it hit about five christmas stalls. the stall that we saw, there were people mining on the floor. we weren't sure if it was red wine or if it was blood, but we did see, i remember people picking up the stalls, trying to lift it up, and we realised that u nfortu nate to lift it up, and we realised that unfortunate the people underneath we re unfortunate the people underneath were already passed. german police say that six of those
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who died were german nationals. we are told the suspect had fled on foot, and was arrested near victory column. but now he has been released and the police are back to square one. meanwhile, the city of berlin is in mourning. angela merkel has paid tribute this morning. she has given a statement. this is a little of what she had to say. translation: millions of people including me asking this morning, how can we live with the fact that ata how can we live with the fact that at a christmas market, a place where we celebrate life, a murderer can bring death to so many. even i don't have any easy answers to that. i only know that we cannot and we will not give up christmas markets, enjoying time with our family and friends, outside in our squares. we do not want to live with the fear of evil paralysing us, even when that is hard. we will find the strength to live as we in germany want to live, free together and open.
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robert hall has been among the crowds in berlin, paying tribute to the victims of the attack. in the week leading up to christmas, this part of berlin would normally be a riot of colour and laughter. tonight, the streets around the kaiser wilhelm around the kaiser wilhelm church are silent. the mood is very different. people throughout the day and into this evening have been coming together to offer a tribute to show solidarity with those who have lost their lives, with families who are still grieving, and families who are still desperately worried about the victims that are seriously injured and in hospital. earlier this evening, there was a candlelit vigil in the church and around the church. there is a determination here that berlin's life will not be disrupted by acts of terror by attacks of this kind. away from here, the police investigation continues. but the mood in berlin tonight is one of remembrance. robert hall in berlin. let's update
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you on another big story from monday. the assassination of the russian ambassador to turkey. we reported it yesterday. you will have pictures of the attacker and shouting in the moments after the shooting. let's show you pictures that have emerged, showing the moments before the attack. you can see the gunman standing at the back of the room, pacing a little bit, and finally he reaches for his gun and shoots dead the ambassador andrey karlov on the right of the picture. we stopped just before that moment, of course. the ambassador‘s be has been flown home, russian investigators have concluded their investigation, and backing turkey, six members of the gunman's family have been arrested. the gunman was protesting against russia's involvement in syria, especially in aleppo. that involvement has been discussed today by the foreign minister ‘s of
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russia, iran and turkey. sergey lavrov has said the three countries are ready to achieve a deal between the syrian government and opposition, and widened the aleppo ceasefire. the latest on the investigation. what we know now is that russian investigators are in turkey. they are working with turkish counterparts. the plane that brought them to turkey took away to russia the body back to rush of the ambassador. it will probably be given to the biggest and top funeral possible in the country. it has never happened before, the leader of the russian orthodox church will lead the memorial service for the ambassador. there are so many questions, the main question is, was it a lone wolf attack or a sinister reason behind it? there is a secret cell, a military cell or something more than that?
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that is the main thing to find out for the investigators. given the way russian relations have been with turkey for the last year or so, one might have expected them to be soured by what happened yesterday. but we have seen anything but. in 2015, when the russian jet was shot down over turkey, just when the syrian operation started, the main angry response response from russia, from putin personally, is why the president didn't call him in moscow to tell him what had happened. this time, nothing like that was seen. they both immediately went to talk to each other, to make sure that the relationship between the two countries is as strong as ever.
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we will see it later with the meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs, when lavrov, the russian minister and his counterparts from turkey and iran, standing with journalists shoulder to shoulder, saying it is the best framework to find a solution for the syrian war. it it interesting that there is no syrian rebels entered, during the talk. we will wait to see how the talk between the three ministers will reflect on the situation on the ground. remember that russia and turkey are on opposite sides. again, it was said this was the best framework for a solution. the united states were welcomed tojoin them. remember, turkey after all is a nato member, a close ally to the united states. in aleppo, the evacuations from the east of the city are continuing, but there is a warning from the syrian army, saying two civilians and rebel fighters, get out as soon as possible before they go in. we are not sure about the numbers in aleppo, but the red cross is saying
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that 25,000 people have been evacuated from the city since last thursday. however, the united nations says:. no details on how the evacuation is going. we haven't heard much today about how it has been progressing. yesterday, a large amount, but today there has not been information. two villages, part of the deal which are in areas controlled by the rebels, with more people coming out of there, but the other thing that makes, gave the process and make it last longer, the russian foreign minister said that it will be over in the next couple of days. it may go on for longer. another part of the deal, two other towns, controlled by the rebels, but
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surrounded by the government, the rebels want that to be part of the deal as well. there has been no movement on that. we have heard from rebels in eastern aleppo and they say they won't go until that begins to happen. in terms of the politics going on, we know russia, iran and turkey are meeting, but noticeably absent as a power broker at all, the united states simply not there. yes, the united states has been left on the sidelines, partly maybe because the transition is going on. resident obama hung his colours on the idea that president assad was non—negotiable, he has to go. that seems to be changing. the statement that came out from the russians, turks and iranians was that the priority was not regime change. once upona time, priority was not regime change. once upon a time, that was the tune that turkey was singing. they have changed a bit as their relations with russia have warmed again, saying that the priority for sergey lavrov is fighting the terrorists
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there. as far as the russians are concerned, that is anyone that is against russia. is the aim to get the ceasefire spreading further? that is what they were saying today, what sergey lavrov was saying, what the foreign minister is worth saying. that is obviously a wish. whether it can be fulfilled in any way is difficult to say, because the rebels still have strong holdouts where many of the people have been going from eastern aleppo in the south of the country. there is still a battlefield there. and we have the isis problem in the north—east. talk of ceasefire, talk of negotiations, all of that at the moment is a vacuum, because the opposition and the rebels are to be included. the un has said they are planning a new attempt to get a general talk under way again in geneva, as we have seen a couple of times already a couple of months into the new year. the
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russian agenda seems to be on a separate track to that, but presumably, they are meant to intermingle. the russians now are calling the shots to some extent, but can't govern what the rebels do 01’ but can't govern what the rebels do or say. the rebels, we don't know if they will feel we have reached the end of the road, we are not going to win any more. it is time for us to sit down. at the moment, there is no sign of that. a quick update on a story that was overshadowed last night by what was going on in berlin, a man that shot and wounded three people at an islamic centre in zurich in switzerland on monday night has been found dead. the 24—year—old walked into the centre near zurich central station and opened fire before running away. his body and a gun we re running away. his body and a gun were found later under a bridge a short distance away. all three victims are in a stable condition. the man's dna matched that found at another crime scene, and that was a stabbing at a playground to the
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north—east of zurich on sunday. police say they don't know why the man carried out the attacks. this is what the zurich police chief has said. translation: ‘s said. translation: '5 what said. translation: 's what can say is that there is no indication of any kind of terrorist connection. either to the islamic state group or any islamic radicalisation of the suspect. this is what we know so far. still to come on outside source, we are on the streets of beijing testing the air quality. authorities are taking drastic measures to try to tackle the pollution crisis. here in the uk, a court has ruled that doctors should stop providing life—support treatment to a policeman left in a minimally conscious state after a road accident. paul briggs suffered a brain injury in a motorcycle crash last year while serving with merseyside police. the judge ruled that this life—sustaining treatment should be withdrawn and it could be legally
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withheld, and he said at the end of this judgment that it means the court is doing on behalf of mr briggs what he would have wanted and done for himself in what he thought was his own best interests. but this may not be the end of the case, because there could still potentially be an appeal. a statement was read out on behalf of lindsey briggs by her solicitor matthew culverhouse at the end of today's judgment. we are therefore dismayed to learn that this decision may be appealed. we feel overwhelming despair and sorrow. this is outside source live from the bbc newsroom live. our top story, police in germany have released a pakistani asylum seeker detained
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after the truck attack. there is insufficient evidence to continue holding him. other stories being reported around the bbc: police have fired tear gas to disperse protesters in the democratic republic of congo. the main rival says the main reason to step down. bbc china says that china have returned an american underwater drone that it seized in the south china sea last week. the chinese defence ministry said the handover was completed smoothly after what it called friendly concentrations. —— consultations. on outside source, we often talk about the sharing economy, businesses that connect users based on needs and budgets. now there is a new challenger in the space taking on the model of self storage. for most of us, our homes are the
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biggest drain on our finances, for most of us, our homes are the biggest drain on ourfinances, no wonder so called schering connolly sites have attracted millions of users. they have allowed users to claw back money by renting out their bedrooms. but what about unused storage space like attics, could that be turned into cash? that the idea behind a start up. later i will meet the co—founder, but first i want to try it out. as it turns out, i'm doing a loft conversion, which gives me a perfect opportunity. i need to find temporary storage for the stuff stored in my attic, cats not included. the website connects me with someone local that has attics based that i need to borrow. with the stuff loaded in the car, it is time to meet the stranger who i have been paired with. that strange is rowena, who lives a short drive away from my house. after a quick chat, she kindly lends mea hand. after a quick chat, she kindly lends me a hand. i like her already.
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she's got loads of space. i must admit toa she's got loads of space. i must admit to a bit of attic envy. thanks for looking after my stuff. that's ok. why did you sign up?|j believe in the sharing economy. i have a decent sized attic and plenty of space. it's great that resources people have got that aren't being used full—time are being used more widely. is it weird to look after a stranger's in your own home? iam not stranger's in your own home? i am not particularly worried about it. but if somebody turned up on my doorstep and i didn't like the look of them, i wouldn't go ahead with it. you still have the ability to pull out at the last minute. it. you still have the ability to pull out at the last minutelj it. you still have the ability to pull out at the last minute. i have passed the test? you have passed the test! i wouldn't let you in. i am confident i can trust rowena with my stuff, including my precious golf clubs. next stop, i want to check out the more traditional way to store your stuff. i am at access self storage
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centres mike in south london. does this website but what you do with spaces that this? not at all. someone is always here 0r in reception. you have access to stuff 20 47. -- 24-7. if 0r in reception. you have access to stuff 20 47. —— 24—7. if you share with a stranger, you might find there is a guarantee that they will be home. the security side is quite important to us. the fact that you might have personal memorabilia, thatis might have personal memorabilia, that is always a risk with a stranger. here, again, the room is not shared with anybody else. you keep your own padlock. we don't keep copies of the key or anything like that, only you have access to your goods. my goods. my final destination is google campus in central london. i have
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arranged to meet the co—founder, david mantle. my first question is something that has been weighing on my mind. rowena said to me, if she hadn't liked me on meeting me, she could have pulled out. was she right? absolutely. we will not put people down the path of storing stuff if they are not comfortable. we have not experienced this. he also pointed out that as well as the usual feedback, they go through basic background checks, and are interviewed on signing up. what if there was a fire or accident like that, what would happen to my stuff? 99.99% of the transactions on other sites are fine. we expect the same. in that small chance, we have storage agreements where we cover your stuff up to £100 per box. since we spoke, they have introduced an opt in insurance policy. how about the all—importa nt an opt in insurance policy. how about the all—important question of price? ifi price? if i stored my stuff at the
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warehouse, it would have cost me about £75. doing it be sharing economy weigh costs me £56, so a good bit cheaper. then again, maybe i was lucky to have been matched with a good host like rowena. two months later, we may up again and she has taken good ca re of may up again and she has taken good care of my stuff. luckily, she hadn't gone on holiday. though, she told me that the income she owned for my belongings might pay for her next one. europe english and has accused facebook of providing misleading information when it sought approval for its buyout of the messaging service whatsapp.. facebook say they have nothing to hide and it acted in good faith. let's try to explain this further. what is happening? in 2014, facebook had acquired whatsapp. one of the big conditions for this was that the eu wanted to
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make sure that what sat —— outside source and facebook could not merge and share information. now we see that facebook and outside source are sharing their information about some of their customers. facebook, however, says that it is not true what the eu is saying, and they did not mislead the eu. in 2014, they said they did not know they have the technology to be able to share that kind of information. furthermore, from facebook‘s spectre, they say, look, what the eu back in 2014 was worried about was cross—platform usage. imagine using whatsapp and that connects directly to facebook, and you can chat using either system simultaneously, really. well, that is still not possible. that is the real risk. that was the risk that the eu was asking about back then.
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briefly, the european commission has been active in its pursuit of tech companies recently, hasn't it? it has. facebook is facing some other issues with regards to other bits of its operations. also, we are talking about apple earlier this week and how it is contesting the big tax bill levelled at them by the eu. google is also facing difficulties with the eu commission. this is part of a wider scene that we are seeing with regards to these big internet companies. thank you very much. samir hussein in new york. coming up on outside source after the weather, the latest on what is going on in berlin. police have released the man they have been questioning since yesterday due to insufficient evidence. stay with us. good evening. a detailed look at the
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weather in the uk before the top of the hour and the weather for the week ahead, but right now we will look around the world. in australia, some menacing looking clouds in the north—west. this area of cloud has turned into a tropical cyclone. it will stay offshore for several days but we will keep an eye on it. this area of rain had potential to turn into a tropical cyclone, but is moving inland, but the rain is still heavily. bright colours indicate the potential for flooding heavily. bright colours indicate the potentialforflooding rains, but it is falling to the west of darwin in a sparsely populated area. wet weather in darwin over the next few days. under and lightning to go with the heavy downpours. similar picture in perth, temperatures of 32 or 33 degrees by the end of the week. there is potential for another tropical cyclone near the solomon islands. this area of cloud is producing some thunderstorms and
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whether it turns into a tropical cyclone or not, it will be all over the solomon islands through the middle of the week, wet and windy here. easy for the philippines, showers coming into the eastern side on that breeze. in china, an area of rain. that is good, because thick smog has been in western china recently. a cold story through the middle east. riyadh, baghdad, all seeing temperatures well below where they should be. parts of syria struggling to get out of single figures. overnight lows dipping below freezing, so cold nights to come. potentialfor below freezing, so cold nights to come. potential for another paul buckle cyclone, cloud developing through the mozambique channel. —— another tropical cyclone. it is heading south, and we will keep a close eye on it. across the sahara, that might blow dust across dakar
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will stop bridges of 25—26d. along the north coast, 17 or 18 degrees, but disturbed weather in parts of tunisia and algeria as well. much of the western mediterranean full of cloud. a swirling area of low pressure, producing heavy rain recently in parts of spain, flooding there. and flooding in majorca in there. and flooding in majorca in the last day or so. we are not done with it yet. the area of low pressure will continue to bring heavy rain to the biliary islands, corsica, too. some of the rain heading heading south to algeria. elsewhere in europe, disturbed weather in the eastern side of the mediterranean, cyprus and southern turkey as well. in the eastern side, maybe sunshine in rome with 15 degrees here. hello, i'm karin giannone — this is outside source. let's look through some of the main stories here in the bbc newsroom. vigils are held in berlin 24 hours on from the deadly attack
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on a christmas market. police have released a pakistani asylum seeker because of a lack of evidence, which means the attacker is likely to still be at large. china tells millions of people to stay indoors because of toxic smog. extreme air pollution alerts have been issued for 24 cities in the north—east. we meet the brave paralympian who has signed papers allowing her to choose when she will die. scientists say they've made a "remarkable" breakthrough in treating the early stages of prostate cancer. the drug, activated by a laser, successfully destroys tumours
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