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tv   Witness Our Time Machine  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2022 9:00am-10:00am AST

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support here in touch with the spotlights on north and central america, canada build on that 1st place, finishing qualified all will the us, mexico or costa rica, rise to the occasion. the local countdown on al jazeera from the war in ukraine to the global energy crisis. and the impact of climate change, the need for international cooperation has never been more vital. as leaders from a 193 member states gathered that the united nations general assembly. will we see any breakthroughs on al jazeera? ah hello, emily insight into a hall with your top stories on al jazeera, russian controlled regions, and eastern, and southern ukraine. se there to hold referendums on joining russia this week.
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keith is calling the move a sham while the u. s. says it won't recognize the vote. the referendums will be held on friday and for regents. no hands on yet because the parisha and casts on the areas cover about 15 percent of ukraine. that's here for president pearson, who was speaking about the war in ukraine. little earlier heal to all citizens of different generations snarled ages, rushed not at his ethnic origins here by suitor nights. us with this great historical russia. soldiers will officers of volunteers who are now fighting. we will my son in law to impose little m. i will get, he'll have to my brothers and sisters are brothers and sisters in the dumbass. so you as well. but you and other nuances,
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gleedy's room and creed areas from the nazi regime i deemed near the ocean. ocean need was to take urgent use of us measures for then security and territorial integrity. if the russia will, in our success, ride our compatriots or aggressively. but it thought that a, you aggressive see me ceiling missing aggressive and i need for your support of all those who are using that power, like you to a get the last louise, liam neeson was to block any independent for what you sovereign was what they actually do against that, which comes clearly threatens are threatened by other countries from their integrity. the aim line of the where she is to weaken usually bring down and destroy our country. am i gonna end up? don't think clearly with us this year. i'm gonna speak about the fact in 1991, they were able to bring about the collapse of the soviet union. now they want to bring about the collapse of russia, north smithfield over as do these. where did you deadly enemy is likely plumber.
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you, whenever we double know, they have had these plans for a long time. but if you get in the soup, i didn't know if was booked with their lot. who attacking infrastructure is joel is lay in my room. that a new stuff would have brought about with their weapons filling up around 4, actually decades. but he has a funeral grain threatening of the lease, which is, and guarantees problems that russia and above all ukraine with that. and he, russian plans, he talked newly noiselessly, soon when you left the threatening war with our country featured film some guns in 2014 the seal using the armed forces or even is of you nancy. they were organized and genocide, a blockades, as alice is much less or an he used to recognize the power the government of with the dog. he would and asked her for with this regime as him. but she refused any
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peace or statement in dumbass my yet in america, then there's a threat of nuclear weapons which i absolutely not. okay. it was regular. it did the worst group that my cellphone is to blend the dumbass leesville. and that would be inevitable. his beard was little over the other, gonna risky crew which would then have led to an attack in russian crimea. but as they shown at this decision, yeah, he was absolutely essential your glove means in and the main it aimed is that buffering all the territories of done boss from guns collateral notice little can just like to just keep the guns at you popular republic as well. would it been that only clean 2 of ukrainian of ukraine? yes, he's for 8 years of the but here from the regime vogue of the minute as been dragging this out for so many years. i don't wanna suggest therefore, when skip our parts are military unit, mercedes with blank illness, garment,
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least acting in as an educator to correct way, step by step. they are freeing the country. going to be pursued because we were freeing villages. it is in towns though it was your wish, it that was made as suddenly, well, you know, special meant sheep down. the duration is one in which professionals are participating. and yet, together with all volunteer formations of different ethnic origin, the origin of the different parts of russia shoot for the defense of russia and dom passes by your friendly government and mystery of them event. you pull them up, you can chase up, pulling up to find that as well as the status of the status of the guns regions. we give you in the russian
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army is supporting shooting in a medical and social way. i'd like to draw attention provision formation. you could in the technology and when done by loan of that position, you're the main top 3 boss with the ministry of defense and general headquarters you've met you. freedom from not is the part of which one is as a per roger asian. but you as a result, only when you show you what was the color of the way it has been killing and fighting line, which is thousands of kilometers. i want to say publicly metro at the beginning of the special operation and negotiation. the problem reacted to our proposals with opposition and these proposals bubble insert,
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providing security to russia. you know, that it's clear that the west, we're not interested in a peaceful solution. we're making compromises yet. they just want to break down all negotiations. if it isn't here, we regime you're not coming. we carried out more as tackles again, not with their mercenaries, armando himself, and with went up to him. advisors at the same was the more time in the citric acid pathway. repressions were carried out throughout ukraine against above, owned laurel citizens. you are falling the armed crew of 2014. when you take us up, the politicians are afraid and exterminated. intimidated, threatened to, i don't want to skew for in barbarian ways life, so would youth we know most charity of peoples is of did he thought of his no, not his on the territory. we see we had yet because of the what ego,
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your not as do not want to be under the yoke of this nazi regime will gantski than he is and said the la guns and vs done yet, league writers shown us is the thing that they knew or not, it had captured their areas like a bugger of it not says give, got right. it is, will be way not his, her killing with you people sort of shooting at us, but i will out is my world and her being regret, killed with a new ski all guns and there in dun yeske and the gang regions in support. roger, don't chill away, reduce deposit, all of willis ease value on which related will use you when i was dealing with that indians and about half a 1000000 people, many of whom had to become rescued if jesus, shirley junior, but either go to the post the young man, theories, today i get them upstairs, constant as constant artillery. there is constant firing. you are by needs of dain,
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attacking gallery hospitals and scores into carrying out terrorist attack. liam, one, we cannot put up with some you got, we might only will cannot have there any moral here, right? letting a bullet not to support these people him yet legal we cannot, is not responding at the leg for and stop them from define like determining their lives isn't on bus. and therefore it will pop it done in boston. and the military, it will see the per roger issue york administration, i've carried and decided to carry out referendum and actually mom gracy of appeal to ask you to rush over the request to support the raging we is duly, we are doing everything to ensure lip, the security and independence, which similarly self determination. we do it shayna as well. and that decision about there's 2 of the future. you will gaskin that on of done yes. and that little girl was, we've been here is one the we support was in with was dear friends,
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similar to what was on the still day. are you, i'm 2 forces small was of asked navy nichols or act terry the on the front lines of 1000 kilometers. okay. you'll notice resisting not only neo nazi formations, really, but even all the military, the machinery of heidi mom, it is essential to carry the offering all the measures if it is fully adequate. michelle, and with which we are facing. and that is, this is a sure router, the protection of you are people that you and it is operate in st. louis and integrity because of where to provide whenever the security of the people and the freed tarrot liberated territories, right? but as of the court get a proposal here and of the ministry of eugenio, the headquarters heresy of the russian. usually my believers, federation of 8th day, full mobilization, even that which is usually what i want to say toys. but he's the one 0, where you live with corps and other military on the arm, real estate services you prius gives you what you and above all had your full what
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would either one of whom this you those who carried out to me by in the arm to leave is a military service in the armed forces friesland in the way unless book cord 40th, military service. yes. people. id the bombing, wilma, but got a few of them out with additional training or classes or she's the lemme decree on this. but partial mobilization partial mobilization, i repeat that, i'm with him at his own piece. my mean boon, he wouldn't have brain fan me, it will be that, you know, they will be brain informed today by the federal assembly. when there is a tool in the middle mobilized unit will day on the 21st of september in glow. and if you will, including the main reason that you provide you with your way or sensual, means for the military coming, sorry. where you move from mobile. i a share with you personally guarantee guarantee is to carry out the ministry service acquaintance contract. this
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is my partial mobilization unit. we will have an additional measures with the leaders, the managers of the companies that i show when you go about increasing production of the problem of military equipment. you will in turn in all material questions, resources, financial questions must be solved by the government quickly was very dear friends for you. again, you get a, he's get money aggressive anti russian policy a. m a flu shot growth has led since we constantly hit threats against people in the political, irresponsible policy. politicians in the west are you, are you going to speak about weapons a trespass,
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pensive weapons each. such harris was going right into western weapons and it's something including going borders to the coast region. in the summer, the plains ship mother, satellites, book, nato, is threatening a hold of russia, washington, london. but russell is with your company putting pressure on our territory. but i see it doesn't that, would he? city, if you have grown up when a boy back you, lucian will see you russia. music makes the following is like your, your cultural and all step once is for this to this country of this nuclear black males up, up not as good as west, but also the wretched, the nuclear power station with the, when you're under the, of the words that have been expressed by certain represent what it was,
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a former leader of ukraine. but i see about my little about the threat that russia could apparently use weapons of mass destruction when you kill weapon those who allow them to sell to say such things. i want to remind them that country also has different means, like destruction when you view different components, more contemporary, the nice with the deal with threats to the territory and the country to this band of russia. certainly use that for everything or means that we have available grossly urashima citizens of russia can be convinced the territorial national is tacker, t a r, independence, freedom will be provide you in short. i emphasize this one more time with all means that we have at our disposal from the hero mosquito and anyone who tries to blackmail us with new cancer vehicle in
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a nuclear weapons. you know that this can come back to them that you are historical, that all the tradition of people that you know was, is to have peaceful leadership, national ideas, our researcher motherland. here at this deal, we will do this and we will view rush open. i am convinced in your support, competence for your support. okay, if you were to start joining us, we're just hearing the firm president putin of russia, giving a pre recorded televised address that to the public announcing a partial military mobiles elect mobilization of the russian army. we were expecting an address from him yesterday, alive address, or where there was speculation. he was going to order a full mobilization of forces, as well as unveil his plans to annex parts of ukraine, which a currently held by his troops. but instead that speech never came,
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but they're now indeed we have heard from president putin there in a recorded message. let's go to our correspondence. gabriel, alexander, who is live in cave and see what he makes the speech. so announcing a number of times that this is a partial military mobilization of his army. what exactly does that mean to rethink well, it's a certainly a very defiant speech by vladimir putin. and there are 3 things that really came out of this. that struck me number one is you mentioned he did confirm a partial mobilization of russian military forces. he stressed that it was partial, not a full mobilization. what exactly will this look like? he didn't say, we'll have to find out in the coming hours is more details come out from the kremlin on what this means. in general, a full mobilization would mean in general that any military aged man 18 to
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60 years old roughly, could not leave russia and would need to join the military. it's unclear if this partial mobilization means that or not, so we'll have to get more facts on exactly what this means. but seriously, clearly, it is an indication that vladimir potent wants to ramp up the amount of military forces that he can call on to fight this war in ukraine's. so no matter how you look at it, it is definitely an escalation, if you will, and a realization that perhaps moscow needs more troops in ukraine to achieve military goals. now beyond that, he did also confirm a very big headline out of his speech is that he did confirm that he is moving forward with the referendum votes to take place on ukrainian territory that is
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occupied by russia. right now. he mentioned done by the regents of who hands and doing yes, he said that they will have accepted russian imposed officials in those 2 regions. their request to hold referendum both he said that they will move forward with that . and he also mentioned the region of jeopardy asia as well. sure, still enough. he did not. as so as far as i could hear, mention had song the region in the far south. what's interesting about this is what let me put in is saying is they're going to move forward with the referendum. that's the 1st step before annexation in those 3 regions. 2 of the 3 zapper asia and don't, yes, russia only controls about 50 percent of those territories. so this will be very unprecedented. and very interesting to see how they plan to hold this referendum in territory that they don't even control all of impact and separation. they don't
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even control the regional capital of that area, either p r. and that the other thing that struck me was towards the end of his speech, clearly mentioning nuclear, saying that russia will use all of its available means to defend what he calls russian sovereignty in russian territory. and even mentioned that the insinuating that all options are definitely on the table. definitely that something is mentioned in the pastor hinted at the past, but you heard it straight from vladimir pollutants mouth right there. that, that he is prepared to use any means necessary to defend what he considers to be russian sovereign territory. and gabriel, let me pick you up on the the plans on the referendum that we are now getting more details about a lot of criticism from the west on that yesterday. and how exactly does he plan on
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doing this when the countries in the middle of the war while the referendum we've heard from local officials vladimir put and did not confirm these details in his speech just now, but from local officials. here again, these are russian imposed officials in these territories. they're claiming that this is going to be a referendum that goes on for 5 days. and it will start this friday on september 23rd. how exactly they plan to pull this off is really anybody's guess. it seems to be sort of hastily put, being put together it appears that one official in japanese has said that this will be a vote that will take place on the internet and by mail. but the internet is not, doesn't work in some of the regions that they're talking about and also by mail, mail service doesn't work. and some of these regents either, again,
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they're saying at least from local officials, that only people that live in russian controlled territory. russian military controlled territory will be able to vote highly complicated how they're actually going to pull this off again. all 3 regents that let me put and just said that he supports this, this referendum happening. and all 3 regions have fighting happening in them and front line fighting, showing back and forth. and in fact, in the nest, it's actually the ukrainians that have been pushing the offensive into the dentist region, re taking some territory there. and it's the same ends up patricia as well. so how exactly this they plan to pull this off is really anybody's guess. but i can tell you the view from the international community and the view from here. and keith is that this is simply a joke. they sort of roll their eyes at this and say, and say this is in their words, a sham. in fact, president bold,
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amir zelinski said an address last night. he just almost brushed it off, is saying that this is just a show and it won't change anything. we also heard from washington officials there, including the secretary of state in the united states, calling this simply a sham and that it will not be recognized any referendum on ukrainian territory by russia will simply not be recognized. we heard that from france as well. so the western community is sort of routing around that there is simply not going to recognize this and almost shrugging their shoulders. but with that said, this certainly will complicate the situation in ukraine, both for the craniums and the west in general on how ukraine will respond to this. because certainly this will take the war potentially in a new trajectory. okay. could to speak you gabriel,
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others under that for us in keith. ah. well, the ukraine more dominated speeches all day, one of the un general assembly. russia was accused of a return to imperialism by a number of western countries attempting to get us to james bay's reports now from new york. excellent seas, ladies and gentlemen, our world is in big trouble. the un secretary general antonio tara setting a grim tone for this meeting. among the many conflicts in the world, continue to rage one the war and ukraine will dominate proceedings this week. and as the meeting was taking place, news was confirmed that in the ukrainian provinces of lou hands and don't ask votes within days, will take place on whether to become part of russia. this was the reaction of the
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us ambassador to the un. they will not be recognized by any one in the international community. they were not recognized in 2014 and it will not be recognized at this time around. it is illegal annexation of another countries territory. nato secretary general told me he believes russia may be acting now because of the loss is it suffered during the recent ukrainian offensive such different law have and no legitimacy. nicole. so they are, has shame a friend us on the they were not to change the nature over the war. this remain so war of aggression against the ukraine on her. it represents an escalation. ah, because if suddenly this faith or is which are part of ukraine are declared as part to russia that will further escalate the conflict? the general assembly heard from 2 leaders who maintained
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a dialogue with president putin throughout the war. the president of turkey, a recipe type odor, one, help negotiate a deal to expose the grain from ukraine. he says there now needs to be a dignified end to the war. tennessee president emanuel macro of france in an impassioned speech was much tougher on russia. although not over foul, you, as i am speaking to you now, there are russian troops in ukraine and hundreds as far as i know, there are no ukrainian troops in russia. that's a fact. and we all have to recognize that the longer this war goes on for the more it threatens peace in europe and the entire world. and it leads to a wider, permanent conflict whose, where the suffer entity and security of every one will only depend on power loss. what we have been witnessing since february 24th is a returned to imperialism and colonialism. good. ukraine is expected to be one of the focuses of president by in speech the general assembly on wednesday. there's also a speech delivered by video by president zalinski and on thursday, a meeting of the un security council at for
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a minister level again on ukraine. james bays al jazeera of the united nations. let's get some of the news now with the funeral of queen elizabeth over the united kingdom's cost of living crisis has ris, return to top of the political agenda. the prime minister list trust is under pressure with a deep thing. economic crisis as energy prices thought g to the ukraine war embark reports from london. morning queen elizabeth on an industrial scale requires a huge amount of kit. and now a massive amount of dismantling most flags, a bucketful must, although morning will continue to be observed for another 7 days within the royal household. and for the rest of the country, well, reality bites with a new government facing a mounting in tray of major problems. but before any big announcements, prime minister less trust is attending another massive media moment. here the un general assembly in new york, where ukraine of the global energy crisis dominates. she's also flying in for
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a 1st official meeting with president biden. although moments after landing she conceded, hopes of a post breaks it. you k, u s tre deal could be many, many years away that we're not going to achieve the results overnight. it is going to take time. but with a foster going economy, we can't afford to spend on the public services that we'll rely on, like the national health service. at the same time, is enabling people to keep more money in their pocket. while that promise sinks in back home, pressing questions over how the country will afford the 150000000000 dollar energy bailout, the government pledge to help households avoid soaring bills. a detailed trust miss when she announced the biggest piece time financial intervention ever. just hours before queen elizabeth died with the soaring energy prices. he's trying to present herself, of course, as a tax, cutting a fiscally responsible, conservative,
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but she's about to go out and, and, and borrow it. ya. 130000000000 pounds perhaps on the bond market. very, very difficult to, to do it in those circumstances, particularly as that will have to be paid for through taxation in some way. on friday, the new chancellor of the exchequer quasi contact will answer some of these questions when he delivers a mini budget, expect billions for the national health service tax cuts and breaks or businesses, and a plan to lift all limit some bunker's bonuses, raising eyebrows at a time of crippling costs as the world starts to peel away from the pageantry of the past 10 days. british people are now living in a new reality, a brand new king, a brand new prime minister, all in the space of a few days of each other, changes not seen in the united kingdom since 1830. and while many people of course welcome a return of british politics, everybody knows how difficult the challenges ahead really are and peas on to even
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bucket work yet. but already british railway workers say they are planning to strike on october. the 1st overpay and conditions. other workers from other industries may follow in a summer dominated for months by the resignation of boys johnson and the election of less trust as prime minister opposition m. p say crucial times, been wasted weeks of frantic policy making await. neve park al jazeera london, that than per says, and pakistan's sin province after the government diversion flood waters to rural areas. in an effort to save ivan once religious block to highway and say, they will protest until authorities help them. and denise released water from a lake earlier this month to try to save a ne, by talent city, but that diverted to flood waters towards vintages where around $250000.00 people currently live. that fire that dalazana our only demand is that the government take
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measures to clear water from our houses. we don't need relief, we'll find work and take care of ourselves. we are in big trouble and we just want to go back to our village. no one is ready to help us. separate ruskie services have helped hundreds of migrants drifting at sea in a small wooden boat, 200 kilometers west of cyprus, that boats st. house, a distress call on monday afternoon, off to engine trouble. bed left lebanon 3 days ago, and we're trying to reach italy and were transferred to a cargo ship, which opted to continue its journey to stumble rather than dock in cyprus, tennessee, as anti terrorism. police have detained seni opposition, politician and former prime minister ali. lot of yard opposition. party leader, russia gucci was also held. they both deny allegations of sending fighters to syria . ah, this is al jazeera, these,
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your top stories russian president vladimir putin has announced a partial military mobilization in a pre recorded speech focused on the war in ukraine. it comes ahead of the referendums that will take place in full russian control regions of ukraine to become part of russia. president putin accuses the west, the feeling the conflict and using nuclear threats against russia and healing. while western leaders at the un general assembly in new york reacted angrily to russia's planned referendums in ukraine. japanese chancellor of shawls said, moscow has imperial ambitions. nations created to get an independent forensic investigation has found that the killing of sharina block lay by his riley soldiers in may was deliberate. it's ruled out the possibility that serene was killed in cross fire between israeli forces and palestinian gunmen and janine in the occupied west bank
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. louis acting for sharina family, have filed a complaint at the international criminal court in the hague. they want the court to investigate her killing at least one man has been killed in the occupied westbank during fighting between palestinian fighters and palestinian authority forces and began off to the arrest to palestinians on tuesday morning, including a senior figure in the military wing off hamas they've been detained by palestinian officials. hurricane fiona is continuing to gain strength and threaten lives as it rips through the caribbean. residents have been ordered to take shelter on the tucks and kcal silence. the a hurricane left a trail of destruction across the caribbean, killing one person in the dominican republic, and 4 people in puerto rico where power was knocked out across the entire u. s. territory. and they have been processed in pakistan's sin province.
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this is off to the government diverted, flood waters to rural areas in an effort to save up. and once village is blocked to highway and say they will protest until authorities help them. okay, up to date, those are you headlines. these continues here now to 0 to people in path italy though the right wing party for tally the tanya is a head in the po, could a decisive victory overcome the gridlock. this is stifled recent government and was the wider ramifications for the e. u. n. nato stay with al jazeera, for the latest updates and in depth analysis. me the democratic republic of congo is the world's greatest producer of cobalt metal, a huge demand for batteries, helping to combat climate change. but there's also mounting evidence that total
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mining is poisoning the environment with di, health, consequences for those living in shadow. we've been to investigate, ah ah, in the hearts of cont, tango, province,
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democratic republic of congo. these miners are digging for a mineral, essential for clean energy the mineral, we need to make the batteries for electric cars. ah, cables is playing a key role in the battle to reduce carbon emissions and slow climate change. most of the world's reserves are in d. l. c. an artisan of mine as light wednesday, extract about one 3rd of the countries out, but in this way. wonderful, working underground is dangerous, yet global demand for cobbled is insatiable. for many here,
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it's there. so source of income but most of the dfcs cobalt is mind on an industrial scale from vast open pets like this owned either by the state or by large multinational corporations. and there's a problem because many of these mines are adjacent to towns and villages. now research is showing that the methods used in such places to produce this mineral could be poisoning the environment with di, health, consequences for the population ah, at university hospital in ca, tank is capital leave and bashi, mariah and her husband galore have brought the 2 children to see
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a doctor here in dow handle fell g o d m by both the mother to me on my cell a big one on my front toilet. when you hit while choir to his actual figure, i shall sim and i'm ready. when i for my food, for some of the day, will blow to my door, but i've been in a defeat there since i got is on the sebastian embry moulins. i is a pediatric max cielo facial surgeon. he's become a specialist in repairing birth. defects douglas begins years that i'm thinking girl of for many countries i'm awful nations many from it is now are coming to see us are the beginning. it was very hard for them because they didn't know where they
9:38 am
can go with their child or their children. if they are good, going to with a muffled missions, you ship it to my name is alan and me. michelle and i need name some of the damage . adequate. how much alarm address any worse she she gave me the only y scam. amboy regional bank accent. ben, 3 years old, and jessica 14 months were both born with clef palate. this is a birth defect found throughout the world, and can be linked to mother's exposure to environmental factors. early on in pregnancy, we were asking some questions for parents to people when they are living to see if we could fall a link between one environmental, fucked off. which can be linked to those multiple missions that we are seeing in bishops with amber informing end of course that daily timing was in my kitchen
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because i will not sell my car. yeah. when we found that there were means between my inductive it is off or if i felt like for example, and for that we found out father or mother walking in the money companies. sometimes 3 or 4 times at least to have to blend with auto fossil cliffs. new bought somebody fully equal will lie of ecology, a guy who burnett. hey, i will michigan. i don't think we've gone mom with all of them. they've got a similar formation. i think we can make also, jody revolved problems left pallets
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and not the only birth defects that are being found in newborn babies at university clinic, lubin bashi, neonatal nurse, nadine and gala is about to start the night shift. she seeing many babies born with such serious malformations, that they need emergency surgery. but some of the babies have such serious birth defects. they cannot be saved. and ive, where are you for gaming you or her boy? yeah, my phone, my seo, eli vasquez, my for my say, i mean get in a quicker burger now. ingen, the donkey, given a shindig. keesa. yeah. what about? okay. leah bye bilingual. now my fun to labial, by lighting. donkey. my for my shower, up up on the lama. wiggle my mom for my sab. y channa. yamini. clinicians a seeing spine the before the organs outside the baby's body. a neural tube. defects where the brain has failed to develop that. by mean you big when i
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talk on in my for she ask why chan? banging on i dug up one whizzy being on book i'm why she calling when your goal or goal. why she mining always equal was on me. big one are, we are my mindful marcial, dork amazon. come on. i forgot to my biologist for gun drug. we were and he goes on kindly by not the gay we met at god system in it's awesome. if they've got a birth with going to look on my for mission, the heck me, we have to call on us. and we'd go there. we fall, festival doubts. many families were living near some mining companies of many cases of multiple missions that from were we began audi. sewage not far
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from the hospital is the university's department of toxicology lab. professor sell esteem panza, heads up a small team of research scientists. they've been studying the effects of this mining pollution for over a decade in collaboration with the university of love and in belgium. the ssl is on page them. i did look him up. there is a fit the sequential level. hello. it said the confront montages get reprogrammed proper. apple charlie mckinney smith actually felt my lady, he saw dr. andre bye. my keys on it, but it looks pretty sure i assume it took 6 ironically, cobalt is essential for human house and it's found in between b 12. yeah. its needed to make red blood cells and for healthy neurological development. but in anything other than minute doses,
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cobalt and other heavy metals found during the extraction process, a highly toxic and damaging to the human body. that police off at a loss. somebody should cut anger level. you saw it in a bad position the crack. so that wasn't the only metaphor for pick. so it, did you decide you're going to see if you have a bond on that one? it don't surface level place on a dock or if you may, will see missouri to do it again because i didn't have a physical about them. i did. i put them in the cell it the lunch on the bus on t v dot destiny villa. fiscal law lord have a but his up issue with the fed up will you show me year she of had last year. we
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need the money for my saw quarter the that the team know this is a complex problem and i continually investigating the multiple causes. they're currently working on a new analysis that is about to be published law. he said the gospel graph here in san q soil respond via the levine, mercy dot. if you listen to the police show, the suit law. tony kime bay is a doctor and toxicologist, and is leading this new research. currently, we are working on new one design, which is called the incidence of going into more formation the title and needs these. i know we map the friend mining in global bashing to see if heard the are floss f thorn where we are both be door where we men are going to deliver. you
9:45 am
want what the scientists are finding from the data. is that in lubin bashi, the proportion of babies born with birth defects is higher in the 5 health zones. the red areas that contain mines and smelters, than in how phones with no mining activities. the green areas ah, the team must collect samples of vegetation, soil, and water to test for toxic metals. and they're on their way to residential areas close to mines, processing plants, and smelters when tables his mind here, 2 processes are used. pyro metallurgy, using heat which produces smoke and hydro metallurgy, using liquids causing waste products which is stored in large tanks. it's these processes that the scientists believe may be at the heart of the problem.
9:46 am
we know that if we are mining activity like i draw mythology, it's mean that the use are said to produce or to get mentors and is what the remaining was can be used in the system that we called drainage. they explored the population when they sprayed these acid. this got to see substance independent of the population. when we update the rain the open, the day, and these substance toxic substance are spraying development. and this population were living in the vicinity of this might complain of these exposure lease if young is already good year to keep again the model, the accept. so the, the net, chris russell, did there say della chief sancho, them out loud?
9:47 am
shut them with the sun de la bruce. nancy said that their fair got my bag, then they could've done it again. night jingling a man made lake located between the 2 largest mining towns of this region. it's the unesco to car buys fit wowza koya is a professor of public health and wanted to find out if some of the areas of his lake been affected by minute. pollution from the rivers that feed into this basin
9:48 am
are, these are all bulk with a lot in luck. with that it was all so rocked on dos. i ship it little fish, immune year. buick. them all dark ladies. yay. that they think girl book of biddy, beer full full, you eat in a region where most people live on just less than $2.00 a day, fish. the best, the most affordable source of protein is relied on as a staple. professor koya collected fish from 4 different areas to be tested. we're not there yet. it was all the sums on the list to share it up in the session. some unfair examining me of also of what the lo,
9:49 am
real multimedia and issue of some stuff and figure a possible saudi mark. want them, you know, some sort of a surgeon sebastian them to a mrs. i is going to operate on ben and jessica to day to repair the cleft pallets defaulted. matt filled in with for this month for mission and not fitting with. sometimes what fitting food are coming out from knows it miss. they are not growing. we're out though one and a half or 2 years old. why they began speaking? they're not speak very well because they're bennett, especially the soft palate is opened and their muscle are separate. that's why
9:50 am
there are some sounds which cannot be very well. well, now there are multiple missions were similar, but the boy were older of eclipse, of the heart and the soft but by the girl as the left only of the soft palate. and for this, we did 2 different procedures, many shown. and then when epa barbara i feel bad enough if i mean i dont find need to are there and albany and when i meet the team collecting vegetables that the local population eat, they will be tested for the presence of a range of heavy metals, including cobalt manganese and zinc, all of which are toxic, in anything but very low doses to the human body.
9:51 am
this is the area where moor i used to live. the family were living or the bingo the pregnancy in the jig mine tal. it's in a little embassy balloon. bugger mine, it's near one company which is called stirred and we're, we have got small and this is smoke which coming from mainly companies can also have some ducks it components aside. and it can be need to order for some commission also or husband were working in a mining company while she was pregnant. it means many fuck. busy both environmental factors which were linked and which was making very high belief of italian or multiple mission
9:52 am
but for mariah and her husband gala. they were completely unaware of any of these risks they to me in the new for. but you should really, mom will visitors and gala learn more than i'm on my chair. please give me one or 4 mom. mom, mom i was going i was profess acoya published the results of his research into fish from lake jungle lately. and the rivers that feed into the basin in the scientific journal in 2016, a big matter because of the puzzle is of all to very it isn't that she's on go said in the life generally that that isn't really a he lip,
9:53 am
us all so content, me, i knew it, i knew it among, i mean it got more lip. i saw smoke on time, you mean start to divest, finish the among men? look about, look, we've last long summer and i saw contact me and you're young. you're young. a mid the yes you it see that you saw la saca babbler. the approval of the month of the month from now you're going to need your purple sheet it but it struck song to sunday the v dondo got out. so would you be on this, you mean the bad, different use in mythology role?
9:54 am
ah, professor panza and sebastian and emissions? i also wanted to investigate fish was off on them a well it, it was like that's a dorky to listen to 3 mean. yeah, it was of course the lip was also to special my what i mean it back and then they took sticky or do you like lily is that be done to be large of us on the plus saw you saw substantial caught them in the about the middle me mariah 8 the fish when she was pregnant with both ben and jessica. you found out people were hitting the official. we mean other to the 1st month of pregnancy they didn't sign up for vincent
9:55 am
time asked to head to deal with congenital mindfulness. a ben and jessica are ready to go home. ah, what was so they need therapy to assist in their full recovery. but at present there's no speech and language therapist in the been bashi. ah, that has been mining in this region for more than a century. yes, in the past decade, health problems including birth defects, a being found to be linked to areas affected by mining pollution. fabian miami is working to hold the mining companies to account and to improve
9:56 am
their practices. it's clear about what they're for the be done back in the practice mining companies are not meeting equal requirement on this out of the government. i can say official oral technical services do not have sufficient means in terms of materials on how to can conduct a fin inspections. why don't to find out soil easy part you did. you will need to have good laboratories, so doctrine. so he said he gave it challenged toward the us government. we asked the d. r. c, ministry of mines and the chamber of mines, the industries trade body to comment on some of the issues raised by this film. what more should they be doing to address the problems caused by cobalt mining? neither chose to respond. nor did any of the mining companies. we approached for a comment
9:57 am
since the 1st study, professor panza and his team have found an increase in incidence of babies born with cleft lip, some pallets, which may well be linked to the increase of mining activities in this region. oral . nevertheless, they believed there are solutions in this way, certainly present to say no false emma de la la pickup. so did want to b. matilda up with excellent algorithm of us can like is used autism. it in movies is show this hickey plug in. the 2nd thing, yeah, it's addition. so did you say it does is one that does show the i love it on my mazda settlement, geo, affective escalon. is she she also made that up yet. i mean,
9:58 am
a 100 sheep cobalt may be part of the global solution to climate change. but is it right that con goes next generation should be paying the price in damage to that house many uh, hoping that the more the world understands that plight, the more pressure will be put on the industry here to clean up its act with ah, let's go with here weather update for the middle east and africa and immediately not much change over the past 24 hours. we've still got plenty of sun, some high temperatures cooler though, for the levant. that's because we've got this breeze off the mediterranean,
9:59 am
which is kicked down your temperatures just a bit. now times the breeze will be coming off the goal. so for us here in doha, you're going to feel the humidity over the next few days, but it can switch out very quickly. off to pakistan is seabreeze in karachi. that's also picking up the humidity there, a few showers around the foothills of the himalayas. otherwise, a fairly calm conditions, but where it's not calm is turkey has ne black sea coast, some stormy weather in the forecast here, thundering downpours, that includes 4 tribes on with a hive. 21 degrees after the tropics of africa, central africa. and i think it's really this western side of the democratic republic of congo. we're going to see our heaviest bursts of rain, not a bad day. and zanzibar coming in at 30 degrees, and we've got still disruptive, rain, disruptive snow for this eastern side of south africa around was to to, for example, over the higher ground. that's where we're seeing the snow, but this act of whether pushing into southern mozambique. so what day for my put so in 10 this steps years have come up in vinto. we've got you in for 26 degrees on
10:00 am
wednesday. see you later. ah, ah ah ah ah, president let me put in an answer is times to call our law russians to hell.


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