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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm AST

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defendants the right to a fair hearing and remove safeguards against abuse. people in power investigates on line justice ana jazeera, the 1960s, the significant decade across the middle east and north africa. it was the decade when new dynamic movements were launched. in the last of a 3 part series al jazeera well looks at the changes in society as a home. teachers were looked after and learning methods were closed, the evaluated from education to the changing wills of women, the expansion of the middle class, and improve transportation. the sixty's in the arab world society on out jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah,
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hello, i'm carrie johnston. this is denise our live from dough are coming up in the next 60 minutes. the taps could soon be running dry in parts of southern china, where a heat wave is forcing factories to close un secretary general praises. last month's grain deal as it is. it's a ukrainian port, but warns there still a long road ahead. russia says the urines proposal to demilitarize the prince's apparition. nuclear power plant is unacceptable and the future remains uncertain. for african women with taliban restrictions and batted economy, taking their toll and in support the stair down ahead of the boxing show down in saudi arabia, ukraine's alexander music is waiting had of his heavy weight. well, title fights with as neat. joshua ah,
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we begin this news out with the global crisis sparked by severe weather. many countries in the northern hemisphere are now in the grip of intense summer heat waves. some of the world's biggest and mightiest rivers are simply drying up parts of europe, from france to italy and germany. rivers are slow into a trickle, and that's killing harvests halting marine traffic and disrupting factories and industries. not millions of livelihoods are at stake, and the world's 2nd largest economy, china ages, longest river, is shrinking after a heat wave that lasted more than 2 months. the longest since records began. patrick falk reports from cha ching, one of the worst affected regions. ah, it's fame for being one of china's furnace cities with the longest somers and hottest temperatures. but in the last couple of months, the heat in the southwestern city of cha ching has been oppressive even by its own standards. mercury levels have frequently talked 40 degrees celsius and had an all
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time record high of 45 degrees earlier this week. or paula? yeah, it's what is hell, i'm melting. many tourists come to cha, ching, to marvel at its sites. jarling river might be what's most. i catching now, it's a major tributary that meets the yen see further south, and it's dried up so much. people can walk half way across it. again, i'm definitely worried, it could effect residence and face that need to use the water focuses of worn the dry spell could last well into september. authorities have begun discharging water from the 3 gorges dam to replenish the yanks in its offshoots. but normal floes could still be months away. here in the city, people are cooling off wherever possible. this library converted out of an old air raid shelter has become a popular hang at. a breeze circulates through the funnel shaped space, making it an ideal hideaway whose when it's especially hot,
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more people come. but elsewhere, it's hard to escape the effects of this heat wave and the draft that come with it. a short drive south of the city is long gin, village with insufficient irrigation crops here a dying. while this here shows pretty clearly why crops are struggling. the water for this field behind us has receded about 20 meters away from the crops and what's been left behind is just this bone dry layer of mud report say more than 350000 people in rural chunking are suffering because of a shorter journey to supplies many of them like one man, we spoke to our elderly and can't do much to fix the problem. because there was a more irrigation systems, you have to buy pipes and machine. you said you have to spend the money and it's not worth it because the stuff is already dried and died. like, what's the point of water in if it's already dead? and with many scientists are saying hot a days as
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a result of global warming are here to stay days here for the people of long ging could be numbered pantry, falk al jazeera chunking, china for more now on the extreme temperatures across china with our weather presenter jeff harrington. well, this has been unrelenting heath. it's now last fit for more than 2 months. so here's what's going on. we've got this plume of heat rate across the yangtze river valley, whether you're in western central or eastern areas, everyone is feeling it. what we know is that the heat started earlier this year, it's been more intense, and it's last, the longer a lot of comparisons are be made to 2013. that's when a heat wave stretch for $62.00 days. but we've already blown past that and we're coming up to 70 days, and there's still more indication that it will carry through here some proof of just how hot it's been in chunk ching, a 45 degrees. so we've got temperature is a good 10 degrees above where they should be. and is there any release coming?
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here's the forecast on saturday. keep in mind darker the red, the higher the temperature. here's the yangtze river valley and we've still got temperatures in the 40s. okay, let me take the colors off and show you the precipitation rate. now a week line of storms coming in to shanghai. so here's what the next 3 days looks like a maybe a bit of relief. but look at this, not only high temperature's also high humidity as while feeling 45 degrees on saturday. you'll kick back down to 35, but that is still above the august temperature average before once again, those temperatures start to climb on monday. so in the short term, no relief come in. and in europe, one of the most important rivers, the farming industry and commerce is threatening to run dry. the rhine flows through 6 european countries. it's germany's the most important shipping route for transporting coal, iron and other natural resources. prominent cain reports from cologne on how germany is coal supply is now under threat. it could almost be
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a picture postcard of the rhine goods barges chug up and down the river, while children explore the pebbles on the bank. and yet a closer look shows something else for in most summers, much of this area would be submerged. but months of high temperatures and little or no rainfall have changed things, or we see right now with a low or water levels in rivers is the new normal or it's even worse of the new normal will be even more extreme. we have seen a global temperature increase of 1.2 degrees on global ever trunel seen from overhead. the situation is clear, this satellite image of nearby dusseldorf shows the river. now this one how it was in the same place, 12 months ago. if the science of what's happening is clear, the practical application of it is causing problems for many different companies.
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the shipping ones in particular because they look at the ryan as it is now and have real concerns about how deep it is and how easily they can navigate it. and crucially, how much each of their vessels can carry. for one or 3rd, one ships bringing salt here from high up on usually carry almost 2200 tons. now they're arriving with $600.00 tons. and that shows the less water, the less cargo on the ships. and in this year of war in ukraine, there is another drawback with russian coal now embargoed across the e. u. many companies have paid to ship a non russian alternative via the rhine instead. but as the demand has risen, so the water levels to allow it to be delivered have dwindled. right now, most shipping companies are concentrating on the near future with autumn just weeks away. they expect its cooler, wetter weather to replenish the fine. but some scientists say that too could bring
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danger if it starts to rain as on touchstone. dr. saws, the water can not infiltrate into the soil. and sir, we diety a get surface run off, and the water runs out of the system of catchment and produces serve such fresh rats as we know from california, for example, the rhine has run dryer in summer before, but not often. it will have to rain a lot to return the river to its more normal state dominant cane al jazeera cologne . extreme joy weather is also causing problems in mexico, a severe drought as hit the northern city of monterey. it's $5000000.00 residents are running out of water and relying on the water tankers of the areas, reservoirs, lakes, and dams have dropped to critical levels. authorities say the situation is desperate and has been no end in sight too. heavy seas no rains which have been lashing parts
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of sedans since may fighting, has killed thousands of people and destroyed thousands of homes. un says more than a 130000 people have been affected them. i eat reports from one of the worst hit regions. the had the he thought he had what, hello, we be. hell yet. we are reporting from will tell, are we village of our managed local province? it is one of the most ravaged villages by the torrential rain and flash floods its homes more than $300.00 families. as you can see, the entire village is inundated by water from all directions. as we walk through, we saw many of the houses, partly or totally damaged, due to rising water levels. residents of the village have lost all my school depositions from property to food stocks, one and the only thing left as their castle. the village is totally deserted, as most of the local residents had fled for their lives. some have tried to salvage what they can from their homes. residents who have evacuated to nearby villages are
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now facing di conditions. they need shelter, food and medicine. nearby farming lands were also flooded, and that's ruined the harvest. these floods are unprecedented, especially in this part of sudan, as floods have devoured all of what local residents here have. they sending an s o s message to the international community and all human relief agencies asking them to quickly bring help to this catastrophic situation. or heavy floods in new zealand have forced hundreds of people to leave their homes. the city of nelson has taken the biggest hit officials, issued more evacuation orders on friday after $75.00 centimeters of rain fell in just 3 days. cutting of historian has the latest it could take years to repair the damage caused by these france. days of heavy rain have better parts of new zealand, south island, some areas of the city of nelson are unrecognizable. on the ground,
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the destruction is extensive. roads are blocked, and officials have closed schools. entire communities have been forced out of their homes with some declared unsafe or simply uninhabitable. it basically just caught ups and, and we saw dog deaths roaring stretchable property. so just yeah, led to property. it's about $815.00. i said to montera, i came this morning to a says, a situation. it's pretty about city officials warn, there is no time why and for when people will be allowed to go back home. we will be taking a prudent approach and i'll make no excuse for it or withdraw there. we are, protect the, the property, and lives of people as opposed to allowing people back. and i cannot unfortunately guarantee that people will be in the houses again today. nearby towns have also registered to record levels of rain while we experienced with
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a team increase and water flow in a river. and a plain 100 years. more rainfall is expected, along with warnings of more damage. castillo, this will again go to 0. let's get some more perspective on the climate crisis and most specifically that heat wave in china. well, eric solheimer was executive director of the un environment program is also president of the green belt and rhode institute based invasion. he joins us from also very welcome to the program. so how serious could this become? do you think for the thousands of communities who die on rivers and every cation for their livelihoods? this is really serious. i mean, the, it's the 1st he lives in central china. in the case some people in providence is very strong on so on. this is both very heavily populated. there does incentive china now suffering directly from the heat. them in school did degrees centigrade.
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so on the days that it has major impact on agriculture and it has that dominic impact on the economy because of these problems as i have the, the hydro power and the global level in their diverse, i've come down substantially so, but it's less hydro power. so people are forced to turn off on this thing. and global companies like toyota or the apple suppliers have also been forced to stop their production for some basically have to come back, but it's as direct impact on people's lives and the long term impact on them. so this bad when indeed, how bad could that hit be on the chinese economy? that chinese are gone may is very strong because the hard technical maybe push or come back. so i'm not long term effect of the way back to the 2nd person selves
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are very clear that china need to face much bigger here 1st in the future. that would be longer and that would be warmer. so china needs to prepare for more, more extreme. but that's because it needs to take his part in using the chair ok last year by the way, that most intense in modern times in the her mom programs where there walter beach can tell me in just one day in the ocean show, was unprecedented to both and norma's and what is trying to, trying to do then to, to solve these issues now and for the future. the good news is, of course, that china now the lead in basically every single environment from technology. let's face it, 80 percent, all solar problems in the very last. every 1000000 signer 8 percent or 100 percent . it will show deal probably it was made in china and 7 percent. busy so all
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electric batteries from a, the inside not 50 percent, all the cars are going on on the so, and even if you buy an electric car from europe or, or north america, that sounds that the but there's some sign eyes that high. so china has moved from being very polluted place 10 years ago. the old and member, the next 5 in beijing to not being a nation which is cleaning up, which is taking environment. i'm just taking the lead on all green technology and the, and the rest need to get up early in the morning if you want to be there on the some green technology. it's okay, we'll leave it there. eric's ohio, thanks very much need for joining us. thank you. of 20 more head on this new south, including at near mars, struggling economy is leaving people short of food and electricity. outrage in australia after indonesia reduces the prison sentence of one of the men behind the
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2002 valley from attack. plus, i'm partly, middle in new delhi with woodward, layers are facing an uncertain future after fees are banned, india for violating its rules. ah, the un secretary general antonia garage is in ukraine's southern port city of odessa to review the shipments of drain is part of a deal breaker by turkey and un last month. it allows the resumption of ukraine's grain exports from its 3 ports or several ships, including a un charted aid vessel bound for ethiopia, have left since then. this apparition power plant has been a major talking point for weeks now. heaves, state nuclear power company thinks russia is planning to disconnect the plant from ukraine's grid un secretary journal called on russia to refrain from diverting
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power. what is true is that if you demilitarize, as we propose the plant, the problem will be solved. and obviously, the electricity from the operator is ukrainian electricity, and it's necessary, especially during the winter for ukrainian people. and these principle must be fully respected, of as opposed to a nuclear power plant has been under russian control since march, the facilities operated by ukrainian staff. but guarded by russian forces. moscow has rejected international calls to demilitarize. the part or kristen sweeney joins us from un headquarters in new york. and kristen has been much talk or trying to come up with some kind of plan to allow nuclear inspectors to that site. but could that prove difficult?
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well, it's very challenging. and the secretary general was asked about this. i, he knows that there is growing concern internationally outside of the region about the instability of this nuclear power plant and both sides accusing each other of shelling and putting the plant at risk. the secretary general has been seeking to calm tensions, but as he himself pointed out, when asked only the parties to the conflict, can finalize an agreement in order to calm things further. he's called for demilitarization. and for an i e, a inspection team to go into the area to really assess the situation independently. given these accusations that have been flying back from one side to the other, he pointed out that ultimately the i. e. a will decide when is the best time to go in. but the united nations is standing by ready to provide security if they come in
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from the ukrainian side. and he, while not getting involved in the back and forth of the accusations has really approached this, i think, from an international law and global perspective, that this is a ukrainian plant. the electricity there, which russia has been rumored to be wanting to redirect towards crimea, is ukrainian, and that the dangers that are being posed by the conflict. there are, as a result of russia's invasion of ukraine, which is contrary to ukraine sovereignty. and contrary to the un charter, but in terms of actually finding an agreement there he, the all he can do is attempt to lead the parties together. and kristen, the un secretary general, so keen to trying to reassure the world about grain and fertilizer supplies.
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absolutely, the united nations is the overseer of this black sea drain initiative along with turkey, providing inspections and safe passage for ships coming in and out of ukrainian ports. it's worth noting that the conflict has really upset food markets around the world. it's resulted in higher food prices, more food insecurity around the globe, and that's where the united nations is coming from. and the secretary general as he went there to view a progress at the ports and he was very positive about the cooperation that he seeing and the fact that after 5 months of no food getting out of ukraine, now shipments are once again happening. but he warned that more needs to happen to actually lower prices and, and really to get more fertilizer out of russia as well. that's really that concern
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. now that more fertilizer needs to come to market, or in his words, i may not have enough food for 2023 if there's not more fertilizer coming out in 2022 and all of this again, business being impacted by the tensions in the region and conflict in the region, the un attempting to calm the markets and get more business going in and out so that the impact of this war will be less, and particularly considering it's hurting poor countries and poor people. the most persons me, me at the u. n. in new york, thank you. and while fighting continues along, ukraine's eastern and southern front lines, there are reports of at least 4 explosions. now, russian air base north of semester, people in crimea, there been a number of explosions and fires that military bases and weapons. in the russian annexed region. in the past few weeks, russia has blamed at least one of those on southern ers. he won inside russia,
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2 villages were evacuated near the ukrainian border after a fire at and i, munitions. it happened in the belgrade region in the south. maximillian hess is a fellow at the foreign policy research institute. he says ukraine has been deliberately unclear about who's been targeting russian installations in crimea. ukrainian reasons for not taking claims or responsibility for all these incidents, but they've become increasingly cheeky. i guess you can say about with their comments, particularly about the strikes in crimea. crimea, of course, is the sovereign territory of ukraine legally and by russia 8 years ago. but the morale of this is very important for the branding inside the finally after years. and despite a bad use them in the south that they are now able to carry out the tax and symbolically very important. part of the russian is having detailed the extent of the damages, but these incidents have frequently targeted russian emissions and tried to disrupt
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the russians by lives. the real aim there is for the ukrainians to be able to weaken the russian position could potentially have taken out a number of russian plans. and last tuesday strike at the saki air. busy base and in crimea with the intent of making it easier for them to launch a counter offensive north of the new river. re taking the occupied portions and nikolai of region and of the southern region, but whether of ukrainians can do that. even after these attacks still remains to be seen. there might rack the forces. so to push those bandages on the ground, the afghan taliban supreme leader has condemned to wednesday's attack on a cobble mosque at killed 32 people he booked to their arkansas, that reportedly spoke at a gathering of more than 2500 officials in the southern city of kandahar meeting was held to mark the 1st anniversary of the taliban rule. his rare public appearance follows a string of bomb attacks across the country
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a year after the taliban takeover of a couple. any afghan women are struggling for their rights. outside of the education and health sectors, there aren't many jobs available. women are able to move around freely in cities. but in rural areas, strict rules and cultural practices are keeping many at home. so i've enjoyed reports from cub. threshed his business is nearly come to a halt. earning a living from making traditional clothes and handy cross is no longer an option. since many small businesses have gone bankrupt, in addition to sanctions and frozen assets, the thought about reversal of women's participation and society has further hindered the flow of age to understand freshness, struggling to keep up morale for her 7 children whose education has suffered for years. first, because of the pandemic, and then the taliban takeover una answer their care. it's been one year that they have been promising and haven't done anything. we haven't seen any results. girls
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can't go to schools and women can go to their jobs. women in cities complain of harsh restrictions from face feels to women's attire and suspension of many public jobs. the balaban government says it is implementing islamic law. the ministry of. 5 vice and virtue has replaced them in a city of veterans affairs. there are some them in who's been appointed by the founder, been who don't think it's just tokenism. gov can on amazon on amazon saying that women can't go around the city or do their jobs freely, isn't to accurate. i still have female staff working at this hospital, female doctor, the doing their jobs as in the previous government. besides, doctors, other female personnel are also working in some government departments. 3 quarters of bonds live outside the cities and most of rural iowa. nathan is traditionally conservative, not spread with all the bonds. biggest support base comes from need of her as a teacher and despite her brothers being unemployed in this government, she supports the taliban. all she says the majority of women in avalon assign be
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what she calls the he job in their own way. and that's enough. gone tradition, but the parlor bond rule, and nama wouldn't most women from of understand, look at you and hair you and think that you've been brainwashed. and this is not what most women of afghanistan want. each it that yet that they delicia. then on the panel i, you know, we aren't brain washed. i teach the koran islamist given rights to women like inheritance, education to become a professor and anything they want to be. if we go without the he job, it's against the crohn. and if we are muslims, should follow that cron. balaban officials have been accused of using excessive force. men, women protest. they in turn want remedy organized, protest after seeking permission. and they also site safety and security is concerned with. but to achieve that, most women of afghanistan will have to trust that balaban. and that's unlikely.
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while most schools were teenage, girls remain closed and promises to uphold women's rights are not put into action from a job without the 0 gobble. so the head here on al jazeera, if you own an apple product to find out why there is an emergency software update from the tech joined. an in sport to south africa wrapped top, an easy victory in the 1st test against england. and these hand is actually with with heat alerts are beginning to drop off across the u. s. state of oregon. hi everyone, let me show the details on friday. so portland, $28.00 degrees, but still hanging onto those heat alerts across canada as alberta and sketch. when providence is temperatures, there are above 30. now we have $10000000.00 people under flash flood alerts says
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we look towards the desert southwest. we're talking, arizona, new mexico. i think the problem spot will be tucson, arizona on friday, and then a line of storms bubbling up. we'll call it houston right into charleston, could see some flash flooding anywhere in the zone and off to the great lakes, east coast of the us. right now. the temperature is coming up and also see that humidity creep up as well. so batch of what, whether that was crossing over the yucatan peninsula. now finding a home in the bay of can petri, that means what weather for southern mexico, for the top end of south america, vigorous line of storms hugging up across the peruvian andes, pushing into ecuador and columbia. i think we'll see some land sides here. and a very shilly start said the day for the bottom end of south america, some frost around look at a song, see on 3 degrees, but here's what you're going to bounce back to on friday. 16 also look in good and santiago with the high of 24 degrees. that's it for me. i'll catch up with you next hour. the
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been newly on the on kindly with costs, rivers drawing up and crops parched, could drown worse than europe's cost of living crisis. walter, delaying the global recovery and youth employment plus canada. totty bar fix up got his dad's economic crisis a year after they took power. counting the cost on al jazeera, we don't simply focus on the politics of the conflict. if the human suffering that
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we report time, we brave bullets and bomb and we always include the views from our sites, ah ah, ah, you're watching all to 0 reminder about top stories now. ages longest river is shrinking in the face on a record breaking heat wave that lasted more than 2 months. searing temperatures around the abs basin in china with her in crops in the feels un chief answering a good cherish as called for the russian held nuclear power plant in southern ukraine to be demilitarized says the facility shop alicia, belongs to ukraine. moscow says a proposal is unacceptable. many western countries are trying to move
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away from russian energy. but summit developing nations are doing the opposite of thursday. me and mars minutes region to set it plans to import russian gas and oil . the harding is more it's hot and humid, but even rains from the monsoon are not enough to keep these people at home. in the heart of me and mars commercial hub being gone, doesn't line up for a chance to receive basic goods donated and subsidized by a local monastery. though, hottie yoga. yap. i with every one is in trouble as people don't have enough food. some people are families of patients from hospital. some are poor people, some are jobless sod. they all are cuing here to get food about me and mars economy tanked after a military coup last year. it has been further rattled by the government's attempts to seize foreign exchange and eradicate rules for businesses and imports. a mom
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about the i came yellow. if we cook at home, there's no electricity. ross is expensive to boy, and cooking costs are too high for someone who's retired women. so i'm here to cover my expenses, but i also donate some fruit back to the monastery. even the war and ukraine has had an impact here pushing up the price of gas, oil and grain dilemma don't i know people can spend much of their income on food because of hot commodity prices. if only one person is working, the family won't have much money left for food. this week, the military government said it agreed to purchase fuel from russia to help stabilize costs, but gave no details on when or how this would begin. until then, many will have to rely on charity to make ends meet. leah harding al jazeera, a chinese born a canadian, a billionaire has been fined $950000.00 and jailed for 13 years for embezzlement
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and bribery. offences shall jan while was one of china's richest people. when chinese authorities allegedly took him from a hotel in hong kong in 2017. he was convicted by court on the mainland last month . canadian diplomats have been banned from the court proceedings. ccr your goth, i'm yeah, oh shoot. sales washin who are has been prosecuted by judicial organs in accordance with the law for suspected criminal offenses. according to the people's republic of china, nationality law. china does not recognize dual citizenship for chinese nationals, shall, has chinese citizenship. china holds trials for criminal activity by its citizens in accordance with the law. if he does not enjoy the right to consider protection from other countries. and yet another so forth. so followers of iraqi shiite lead them of ty that are sadder gathered for friday prayers inside baghdad. green zone whose our lives are refusing to take part in dialogue aimed at ending
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a long running political stalemate. or 10 months after general election, iraq still has no government because of disagreements on forming a coalition. markwood otherwise has more from back death. as you can see right behind the so the supporters continue their sit in. you can see the tents that have been set up 3 weeks ago there demonstration in front of the parliament, ab taken control of the parliament premises, all the courtyard here in front of the parliament. it occupied by so the supporters for 3 weeks now. they say they're not planning to leave the area until the parliament be dissolved and elections be held. in fact, they have gone further demanding that no government reformed before elections be conducted. but that is on the other hand, as you know, that that's one top demand of the rival political block,
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the prearranged parliamentary block known as the frame with the coordination framework that demanded forming an transitional government head over head of eli elections. now they have just finished the, the friday face as you know that every friday. so the supporters gather in some cases that are joined by some other supporters from other cities. and providence is especially from the central and southern iraq. and during friday, prayers preachers usually speak politics. once again, reiterating saw those demands, once again, mobilizing their supporters and deb, again holding on to their demands, the parliament be dissolved, italy elections being held. the or state department says it's concerned about israel's cracked down on palestinian rights groups in the occupied. westbank is for any forces shut down. several organizations after rating their offices on thursday
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. israel's government says he's trying to combat what it calls terrorism. we have conveyed the message that there must be a very high bar to take action against civil society. organizations are really partners in turn have conveyed back to us that they have met that high bar. then that is why and that is why that is why we are going to carefully review the information that they have pledged to provide. we will form a conclusion on the basis of that information. the palestinian authority says the targeted groups all humanitarian institutions. if i shall name reports from west jerusalem, another hunter is really soldiers rammed through the doors of darkened offices, rifled through documents and confiscated property in ramallah. 7 non governmental organizations were rated, including those serving palestinian women and children, and providing legal assistance on their way out. the soldiers seal doors and
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declared the offices closed. employee said these are humanitarian organizations helping palestinians living under israeli occupation. are we going to take a while to legality or from mother to paying for? a lot of unity is coming from denito foldable long looking a little. and also it comes from a lot of people, you know, on this comes from the victims, you philistine victims. this is, you know, i want to legitimacy, the israeli defense minister designated the non governmental institutions as terrorist organizations. israel says they are tied to the popular front for the liberation of palestine, which it also deems a terrorist organization. the government accuses these groups of operating under false pretenses of providing humanitarian assistance when in fact, they're helping recruit fighters raising money and engaging in fraud. the
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palestinian prime minister says some of the organizations targeted have been in existence before the arab israeli war of $1967.00 will continue to fund. we will continue to help these as solutions, as long as the outward pinged within de, but as being the most and the odd. we have license them with the reports, annual basis, the u. n. condemned the rates, and called on israel to immediately reverse its decision. it's unclear what long term of back the rates will have on the ability of these organizations to operate. employee say the only thing illegal here is the israeli rays. they're cleaning up and they, they'll continue their mission to serve the palestinian people. natasha can aim l 0 west jerusalem. australia is a prime minister says he's upset about indonesia decision to cut the sentence of the bomb maker in the 2002 bali attack. my protects up 20. a sentence has been
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reduced by a total of 2 years. he could be released on parole ahead of the 20th anniversary of the bombings in october, $202.00 people were killed in the attack. many of them were australian. they school have a devastating impact on the family, so they are going through a trauma in memory, all their loss love once we lost $88.00 australians in that terrorist attack and it was a barbaric attack. young people lost their lives so many people lost their lives, so it's not to see id i. there are thousands of people who've been impacted by this . and certainly the australian government will break, conveying a diplomatically very clearly our view of this, which is a spur. the reduction in sentence there have been reductions before in the past. all the original sentence, all of this person,
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authorities in mexico say the disappearance of 43 students in 2014 was a state crime. they also say the past administration bears responsibility and preston and ricky panetta ordered an inquiry. it's now been described as a cover up human rights. official also made a red management saying all the students are likely dead. a disappearance from the city of walla, sparked international outreach sector. the literally the collusion and participation of authorities from different government levels with local policeman for mccollugh co, cooler. we to go and typical cocoa has been fully confirmed. and of course, with the guerrero unidos crime organization carrying out the disappearance of the youngsters, brazil's president i eval scenario, has grabbed a heckler outside his home just days after launching his re election campaign. gotcha. oh, when. oh, he tried to snatch the phone of the man who was filming himself,
6:42 pm
while calling the president a coward critics have often cited boston. i was temper is a problem, owes suggest his training for my present letter silva, head of october's election. now, el salvador government has extended sweeping emergency measures, used to crack down powerful street gangs. restrictions will be in place for another month, at least. right scripts have criticize the measures, but it seems the public has embraced them as john holman reports. la la la la, la el salvador has been living under a state of emergency for almost 5 months to tackle the country's rampant gang violets. this week it was extended further. 50000 people have so far been the pain. that's just under 2 percent of the country's labor force. president naive. bu kelly, cause the more terrorists, oh, under the emergency measures, those detainees haven't got the right to a lawyer ought to be informed why they've been arrested. human rights groups say
6:43 pm
that many approaches in mass hearings in which evidence isn't usually presented freeness as her husband's among them. my husband was working and i didn't find out . he was detained until 10 p. m. kayla or the congress, dominated by the ruling party, overwhelmingly, voted for the measures to continue with those women, the president of l salvador and his government will do everything that is required to guarantee that these 50000 game members have been captured. that us will not put a foot inside like amenities and why not. the state of exception is widely popular among an electro exhausted and traumatized by decades of predatory gang. i live in association of bust companies has said that extortion among its members who's dropped by 95 percent, helena, the president, the architects of the crackdown regularly twitched the country seeing days of 0 murders as a result of it could at what price. amnesty international says that dozens of
6:44 pm
people have died in custody. and on the past, crackdowns, the gangs have simply re emerged again at the end. but i can, but there is a sort of on this as you, on the 30th the government puts away those concerns and lambasted critics. it says it, so we will win this. john holman, al jazeera drones are taking center stage at a military hardware exhibition in south korea's capital. he countries arms industry has emerged as the 8th largest exporter in the world, helped in part by the war and ukraine. robert brought reports from sell it some of the latest to military drone technology that is transforming the way war is fault from stealthy surveillance, high above the battlefield, to sudden precision attacks down on to it. they're used by both sides in the war in ukraine has increased interest globally for on we have seen drones been widely used
6:45 pm
in ukraine, which shows their assess city is increasing that. so i think the market is getting bigger and bigger. roonan high tech weapon making is supported by south korea's advanced manufacturing. just as it precision and heavy engineering have helped it become a leading arm supplier now benefiting from the war in ukraine. for south korea, the war provides both opportunity, but also risk. it has stopped short of supplying weapons directly to ukraine for fear of angering. russia, which exert influence over north korea. but the war has also increased demand from east european nations who want to buy ever more nato standard equipment. south korea has used its alliance with the u. s. and friendly ties with nato to position it self as a supplier of choice. signing its biggest ever single arms deal with poland for tanks,
6:46 pm
self propelled guns and fighter jets to replace equipment that poland sent to ukraine to see an average on january obama through the nato summit, we exported the k to tank the canine howitzer and f. a 50 jets to poland, achieving our biggest ever arms. so last year, south korea's military exports set a record of more than $7000000000.00. a figure that is already eclipsed by sales this year. thanks in part to fighting thousands of kilometers away in eastern europe. robert bride al jazeera sol. apple has sent out an emergency software update for us devices. after it encountered a major security flow, the tech giant says it could allow hackers to seize full control. that's phones, tablets, and computers is urging anyone who could be the target of spying, such as activists or journalists to install the security patches as soon as possible. robert pritchard is a cyber security advisor and director of the father capacity unit. he says apple is
6:47 pm
as it need to take, the matter seriously is in fact to source to run abilities and they are so called 0 days, which in cybersecurity job on means that they were being used by somebody for meshes, purpose, apple, apple fan dice, back to after the fact apple, apple of that it seriously, they have an extra b competent security team. so if they say serious, i'm sure they're right. there's actually quite a vigorous classification progress process. you know, these kind of exploits people in high risk groups should update promptly, but i would encourage you to do that anyway. it's just practice because it's cross platform sites or is your, your i phone your i pad your mac. if you are to malicious website or somebody sent you a link to a malicious website, this appears to be at least from my reading of it attack it could potentially take care of your device effective. we could have potentially install their own software on your advice. and from there they can do largely, whatever they want,
6:48 pm
such as get your contact information potentially can be re bales, all that kind of thing. get all the kind of sensitive information that would be useful to an attacker. it's quite likely and again, i'm speculating, but it's quite likely that these floors have been used relatively sparingly and that probably nation states now it could be nation states out will thing as they do to companies like v n s o groups who have a reputation to talk to mobile devices and now there are other companies in that space as well. but as a black market gray market, perhaps for this kind of from debility that it was from scott to think we're probably such quite a lot of money. so i would imagine it would be limited to very well resource groups, at least as part of that monday, finland's prime minister son amarion, says that she's taken a drugs test or to video emerge, showed her partnering with friends. the footage prompted calls from her political allies and opponents to take a voluntary test that she 6 wrote. marian says she's never used illegal drugs and could have performed her duties on the night of the party if necessary. the test
6:49 pm
results are expected within a week. in july let me basil up the law. i have nothing to hide. i have not used drugs and therefore i have no problem taking tests. i do find it pretty strange that this is something that's being demanded of me to find it. still ahead on al jazeera ukraine's heavyweight boxing champion gets ready to defend his well titles and his hair. with that story. ah ah, with
6:50 pm
with full oh. a. and the joins us now with all the. thank you so much. kerry will ukraine's
6:51 pm
heavyweight boxing champion alexander is excessive motivation. so when is coming from the people of his country on saturday, he'll defend his will. title belts against britons. and joshua on friday, there was the stair down ahead of that boxing showdown and saudi arabia music weighed in full lightly heavier than he was when he beat joshua in london last year . response in jetta been shown for free on television. throughout the few crime. people wanted him to fight people for the want him to when people want the cranium select to be arise and people want the ukrainian ends and to be heard throughout the whole planet. and the whole world has to know that ukraine is the country of free, transparent, strong rachel, and develop people. not too many men in the world can deliver this message to 2 millions, 200 millions people and seek is able to do that. and he does that through
6:52 pm
the sports of boxing. now in these football is, are dealing with the fall out from fif is moved to bound. the country club and national teams have been bought from competing internationally with india. also losing the right to stage global events happening. that's how reports from new delhi, the band. she has been training for 3 years. his goal to play for india, but feel bad may change that actually the main dream is that white glove. but because of the white glove is all organized fast, so we can play because of the band. but i hope goldman will do some digging up the band. but but till then we can play national football. like i said in all that leaf fever, i had suspended. the federation that manages would boil in india. trouble began when its former president stayed on. after his tenure ended, the supreme court replaced him and appointed a committee to manage the football body. fever has called it undoing fluids from
6:53 pm
3rd parties, which constitutes a serious violation of its statutes. faith, i says, to which of us the ban. if the committee is disbanded and control is handed back to the federation, the supreme court is hearing the matter and has asked the government to get involved. new daily's biggest priority is retaining hosting rights. the under 17 women's world cup is scheduled to take place in october. indian players have also been banned from international matches. when go, colin carola arrived in his biggest on for the ation women's club championship. they were told they couldn't play. it is very humiliating for law in data from wallingford and medieval off india. i'm back. this is not the way we should go ahead. the band has prompted concerns about the future of the game in india. obviously if you're not recognizing the why would you, would you want to pay this for the phone since? right. so that is a huge get to, well, we have metro north of us,
6:54 pm
but it's giving ups for not picking up sports because there are other challenges in right and other than india to. so it is meant that i mean, for the past 3 years that mean it's been a problem. youth competence will not be here because the vaccine issues, et cetera. so anyway, this was the meeting, the government says it's talking to see if i to find a solution players in france a watching closely hoping india will be back in action soon. pardon him, then i'll just 0 new daddy. well, there are $93.00 days to go now until the world cup kicks off in cats. are the tournament is taking place in the european winter for the 1st time. the english premier league has never had a break like this before, and the prospect of it has made some manages rather unhappy, poor race reports from london. this is an english season like no other. it started early, it will finish late with an unprecedented 6 week break in the middle for the world
6:55 pm
cup in kata. i'm not getting the state so i know that we got top competition that was around the world of this regard. the last thing on one of these for i'm amendment to be broken. it's nice to be honest, i think by that move already being relegation about unlike other european leagues, england never has a winter break for managers. the hope to their work is causing heated emotions. i was not angry at all if i came in, but when we, when we start talking about it, i really get angry. everybody knows it's not like this well happens, the wrong moment for the wrong reasons, club entrusts aside. what is the impact on the players? normally what a well kept kicks off plays have had a little time to recover from a growing season with their clubs. this time, at least in theory, they'll be arriving in cats are in peak condition. the condition may not be quite as good when returning to their clubs. it will be a huge impact emotionally and physically on the guys who go to world cup so they
6:56 pm
will come back, trained, physically drained, but also mentally. like with big success, speak emotions, positive emotions, or huge disappointment for the world cup itself. the momentum could mean better performances and better matches. it's a quick turnaround from lat premiership game on a sunday to when we plagues. we won't need to, to talk them up with regards to training sessions and, and look at what minutes they played last last. the biggest different for us. i break for cattle. 2022 may be bad for club obsessed english friends. good for the players. but for the clubs, but as another heat wave hits london, no one can be totally certain that future well cups will always take place in the european summer, even if they're held in europe. paul reese out is era london or world cup countdown show this month focuses on europe will cut when a having martinez joins is in the studio to talk spain, france, germany, england, and christian allies, portugal you can watch it online. all right, here on out here. next on saturday, $1130.00 gmc narrow madrid coach colon schloss,
6:57 pm
he says, brazilian midfield, casimir, i wants to leave the club the 30 year old look set to join manchester, united in a $70000000.00 deal casem aero. as 13 league, a titles and 5 champions leagues since joining ryan in 2013 on doyle busy. if it's as well to try a new challenge, we need to understand it and we need to accept it with as much love and respect as possible but or so we're not angry. and we're not sad. of course, at a personal level, when you spend so much time with such a nice, serious and professional person, you're not happy or not but not. but the respect for his decision prevailed. laughter, an impressive start. rainier, us open champion, emerald. a corner has been knocked out of the cincinnati open. the british pie was enjoying one of the best weeks of her season basing serena williams and her mother, former world number one, victoria, as a rancor machinery, by losing and straight set set to american. jessica filica,
6:58 pm
who advances to the quarter finals and south africa have secured a big win over england in the 1st test of their 3 match series, south africa winning findings and 12 runs at loads on teen bowl. down for just a 149 in their 2nd innings with defeats coming. well inside 3 days, the 6 foot. i mean paul, let us finish things up by. all right, that is facebook looking for now kerry and the thank you very much indeed sir. that's it for this nissan. i'll be back in a few moments though with more of the day's developments stay with us. ah aah! along with
6:59 pm
a reporters retreat in a brutal civil war. if a commodore hadn't been there, the israel invasion would not have been so well reported. the commodore had become journalistic center. you could be in a safe enclave and then you went out into civil war. i started off leaving this while the grand suite at the commodore hotel. the next room i was in was underground, the tiny prison. so as a hostage, a route to commodore war hotels on al jazeera, which site is winning chaos or control? what does the new forever proxy war mean for america and nato? as long as americans keep consuming prices are going to keep going up. why didn't joe biden, the inflation coming? how did we get so much raw? the quizzical look us politics, the bottom line examining the impact of today's headline is that both hardliners. what then? setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions, i would likely is that,
7:00 pm
that ukraine is actually going to get the rebuilding support that it, me international filmmakers and war class journalists bring programs to inspire projector or ethnic government. i all think i can return to my life. any more. thoughts is eroding some of it's almost 5 freedom on al jazeera. what is life like in maximum security prison? in this to pot, special report, one or one ace goes behind bars. it's sing a pause chung, the prison on out you syrup. oh ah, saps could soon be running drawing parts of.


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