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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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people who are in places that they're just going to have to miss. there's no recognition about what we're ready facing. the street on al jazeera, new voice, safe keeping up the airway. lot of chinese listeners with, kimberly here, but i really think in your own country shifting paleface case, the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how did happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative. australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a wall. it's very much game ports out in the media as well as on the battlefield. they're listening page. dissect the media on al jazeera ah more attacks on the russian occupied crimea, at least 4 explosions here to military ad bass. miss of us to port high level talks in ukraine with a please, to stop the war from creating
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a nuclear catastrophe. and lead mostella as you piece any potential damage these up what he's yeah, he's sorry ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera alive from dough also coming up the u. s. precious israel for more information on its raids against palestinian charity groups and the occupied westbank. plus. i'm don't it kane, on the rhine river, finding out why months of little rainfall is having a catastrophic effect. both on the river and the people who use. ah, at least 4 explosions of hits a military airport in russian occupied crimea. a blast was seen an ad based north of the port city of sebastopol. this it is, governor says there was no damage in that russian forces down to ukrainian drone a tax on rush military facilities in crimea. i've increased in the last week when
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all the white house is preparing about $800000000.00 of additional military aid for ukraine. the u. s. has already committed more than $8000000000.00 for ukraine's defense. that includes more than $5000.00 javelin anti tank missiles, and around 16 long range rocket launch systems. russia's defense ministry claims ukraine is planning what it calls a provocation at a zappa reject nuclear plant. on friday, the russians control the facility and the area around it, but it's still run by ukrainian engineers did love. the key regime is preparing a resonant publication at supple ritchie, a nuclear power plant during the un secretary general antonio terrace is visits to ukraine, and the result of the russian federation will be blamed for creating a tenant, logical disaster, and the power plant on medical. well, behind the lines, ukraine's president is held talks with his turkish counterpart and the you and 2nd general in live the was impact on global food prices and risks to europe's biggest nuclear power plant. were high on the agenda. so he's about ripples just so you put
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it on a high level meeting in levine to talk about the war and it's him back to round. the wild precedent followed me to say lensky meeting with turkish president less have ty at the one and the un secretary general antonio terrace. discussing the importance of continuing to exploit a queen in grain to the world through a humanitarian corridor. also the situation on the ground that the nuclear power plant is separate, yet still a major concern occupied by russian forces since march and with fighting now increasing fears of a major nuclear incident. nearly 30 equipment but samelle should be withdrawn from the lands. further, the climate, the forces or equipment to the sides must be avoided. the area needs to be that ice and we must sell it. as he sees every potential damage tease upward easier is suicide. the presence of breath in an adult, one here in levine,
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he seen by many as a new opportunity for progress, a key player in getting the site to strike the landmark, the long rain exports air de one use his 1st visit to levine to repeat the need for continually diplomacy chosen social india in the i personally believe that the war will come to an end at the negotiating table was it all comes down to finding the fastest and easiest way to the negotiating table. ah, interested in miss sir president polanski, welcome turkey support, but we stated his position and talks at this point that villainy myra. she's jupiter, i see was i sure there is no trust towards the russian federation. i believe that in this diplomatic window there is russian weaponry. that's why i'm surprised to hear that they'd be ready for some kind of these people that kill rape every day. should cruise missiles on to our peaceful cities and infrastructure cannot want please. that's why, 1st of all, they must withdraw their troops from our territory and only done as fighting
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continues to rate in ukraine, southern and eastern regions. civilians continue to die in what keith says. i targeted russian attacks on residential areas. it's been almost 6 months since the war began, and thousands of people continue to be evacuated, injured, and killed. and that white, crucial to find a way to a cease fire to prevent further loss of life. that is how i, the theda levy ukraine or john herbs is a former us ambassador to ukraine. he told us about the importance of u. s. military 8. let's keep in mind that every day moscow's committee war crimes they have kidnapped these 400000 or 600000 ukranian children and had zalinski were to see more territory to russia. there was a more ukrainian civilians, women, and children who be subject to russian war crimes and kidnapping into russia. that's the real problem. there is a global food crisis because moscow was blockading the shipment of ukrainian grain
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. 2 countries that need that running. it's not the war, it's russian blockade of ukraine to, to not just harm ukraine, but quit to create collateral damage. but the work go on for some time. because keep in mind, the russian objectives to dictate the politics of ukraine is to quote, unquote, quote me video, the former prison of russian to t, ukrainian eyes ukraine. that's why some people call this genocide. so the ukrainians, not just fighting for their freedom, but they're fighting for the existence as ukrainians. they are fighting for their lives for their culture. ah, but because of that, they're fighting fiercely. and with the weapons we provide mosque, i was unable to conquer ukraine. so the war will stop and putin realize he cannot achieve objectives by aggression. the u. s. state department says israel has agreed to provide more details about why it shut down 7, palestinian and jose in the occupied westbank is when the forces right at the
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organizations earlier on thursday as part of what the government says, our efforts to combat terrorism, the palestinian authority says the groups targeted humanitarian institutions. natasha name reports from western islam. another hold on to her is really soldiers ran through the doors of darkened offices, rifled through documents and confiscated property in ramallah. 7 non governmental organizations were rated, including those serving palestinian women and children, and providing legal assistance on their way out. the soldiers seal doors and declared the office is closed. employee said these are humanitarian organizations helping palestinians living under israeli occupation. are we going to take a while to legality or from or do playing for a lot of unity is coming from denito foldable long looking a little under. so it comes from our people, you know, on this comes from the victims. you put a few new victims. this is, you know, what
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a legitimacy, the israeli defense minister, designated the non governmental institutions as terrorist organizations. israel says they are tied to the popular front for the liberation of palestine, which it also deems a terrorist organization. the government accuses these groups of operating under false pretenses of providing humanitarian assistance when in fact, they're helping recruit fighters raising money and engaging in fraud. the palestinian prime minister says some of the organizations targeted have been in existence before the arab israeli war of 1967. don, i was we'll continue to fund. we will continue to help these as situations as long as they are, what within de, but a single those and the odd. we have license them. the submit to reports annual basis. the u. n. condemned the rates and called on israel to immediately reversed
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it's decision. it's unclear what long term effect the rates will have on the ability of organizations to operate. employee say the only thing illegal here is the, is really raise their cleaning up and they, they'll continue their mission to serve the palestinian people. natasha name l. g 0 . west jerusalem. it's been a 100 days since his writing forces shot and killed al jazeera journalist showing a barclay and jeanine vigil was held at al serra arabic headquarters in doha. the network's been calling for those who killed her to be brought to justice. and another vigil was held in jeanine in the occupied west bank where sharon was killed in may. community members and her colleagues gathered to remember the journalist known as the voice of palestine. and the you and continued to demand accountability for canning and our position on ned, the, the, ah, the killing of us should, in a block lay is,
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is unchanged. we still want this matter to be thoroughly investigated and for ad those responsible for the killing to be held accountable. we have been cleared that we support the investigations that have been underway and we want to make sure that they come to a result that is acceptable to all until all parties in iraq talk. same with ending a months long. political deadlock are at risk despite most leaders agreeing on wednesday to work on a road map out of the crisis. allies of influential she, i'd lead up more thought asada are refusing to take part of the dialogue led by the caretaker prime minister mustafah ha to me 10 months after a general election. iraq still has no government because of disagreements of a forming a coalition laughlin up to wind as more from the rocky capital. iraq's parliament is still in limbo, supporters of say at lee that i'm up to the solder continue. they're sitting in front of the parliament and they say they're not planning to leave the area until
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their demands are met. their demands include, the parliament be dissolved an early elections be held as a way out of the current political deadlock. so there has recently rejected at a national dialogue initiative by the caretaker prime minister. most of us called me in a meeting that was attended by president of the state, but i'm solid and the 2 former prime ministers nori and malik. and either la betty, along with other political leaders, as well as the representative of the united nations in iraq. janine clos hot. so the speakers has just stated that that meeting was fruitless, and it's only meant to serve the stake holders political interests. meanwhile, the coordination framework, the pro raynan political, a block urging their supporters to continue their counter sit in an outside defenses of the green zone. they say that they will continue their sit in to protest against what they consider the occupation of the parliament by so the
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supporters and against their aggression against the state sovereignty saw that once the parliament be dissolved nearly elections be held. on the other hand, the pre arrangement coordination of framework once before elections being held, a transitional government, the formed but saw the rejects. that option, saying that if a transitional government be formed, it will be including only those accused of corruption and mismanagement. for he is, the situation remains very tense with both rival factions holding onto their situations. so with that deep division, there is no sign of abating, at least for the time being. the afghan taliban supreme leader has condemned wednesday's attack on a cobble mosque which killed $32.00 people, ada tula, arkansas reportedly spoke at a gathering of more than 2 and
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a half 1000 taliban officials in the southern city of kandahar meeting was held to mark the 1st anniversary of the taliban rule is rare. public appearance follows a string of bomb attacks across the country. also to come here now to 0, including el salvador was extended emergency measures by another month. but the crackdown on powerful street guns is dividing public opinion on the latest and drone technology on displaying. so we'll see what's behind south korea's blooming arms industry monasteries. ah, with away we go with your weather update for the middle east and africa. hi there. thank you so much for joining in. so it's a pretty typical picture. hot sunny and dr for the middle east. still getting burst the brain for western areas of yemen and temperatures lifting once again in bok, dead and q weights,
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i think q 8 over the weekend. you will hit 50 degrees before those temperatures come down. now in boxes, stand in some parts of sin province. we saw a month's worth of brain in an hour, a sim province now entering its 5th wet is monsoon season ever and we've got more rain in the forecast on friday, dark or the color, the more intense the rain is falling, as it shifts into baluchistan after turkey, here's the forecast for you on friday, me see some showers sneak into it, stumble on friday with a hive. 30 degrees still for a took his ne bike c coast and temperature has come down a bit and your oven. we know there's been flooding in the jarrett's destroyed thousands of homes also in shad. we've seen some pretty intense rounds of rain, but our usual trouble spots here across central africa to the south. we go and that weather maker that was in the western cape has shifted into the eastern cape kazoo luna tall and that's flicking cooler air into my pu toe with a hive 23 degrees on friday. and may see those winds whip up to 50 kilometers per hour. that sure update. thanks for joining in bye for now.
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ah. what is the ocean with this witness? different change. witnesses, happiness with witness. sunlight, witness de la. witness lost witness. charity witness. you witness. clarity, witness, family, witness, friends, witness the beginning. witness the end. witness. life. witness on algebra. lou. ah,
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welcome back to promote about top stories here this hour. at least 4 explosions of hit and military airport in the russian occupied crimea. a tax on russian and military facilities and the sla have increased over the last week. ukraine's president has held talks with his count about and the un general in the was impact on global food prices and risks to europe's biggest nuclear power plant. were high on the agenda on the afghan taliban supreme rita has condemned wednesday's attack on a cobble mosque which killed 32 people up to the arkansas to report that he spoke to gathering up more than 2 and a half 1000 on officials in the southern city. of kandahar meeting was held to mont, the 1st anniversary, the taliban. now the security challenges facing afghanistan are often eclipse bites economic problems. thousands of people are taking jobs in brick, making factories where the pay is low when conditions are unsafe. some have been ga reports on cobble the traditional process of brick making in the plan has done has
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been in place for hundreds of years. clay is turned to mud, which has been hardened and then molded into bricks. yes, i should be in school, but he's in the factory with his brothers and cousins because his family fell, needs him to work the you and says 88 percent of families in the country have at least one child between the ages of 11 and 17. working in difficult conditions. yes, as he had little choice had his family quality of life, his verse and rapidly. but he's not as good, but in the past year our lives have changed on now. we can't buy clothes for our families. we cannot even a proper food and they thought to be $30.00 a month. there are 1600 brick making faculties in the base tubs. area of god will alone but they can res economy. crisis means there aren't many buyers for the product. it's called becomes expensive. the owners here do not raise the price of
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the bricks, but rather cut down the wages the workforce. most of it coming from eastern one is done only works during the summer and struggles to find jobs through the rest of the year. the workers get about $3.00 to make a 1000 bricks. all the fewer kilns are operating now that he missed him car. i worked for 3 months on a dairy farm and non ha, but a disease outbreak. end of the work. now i've moved here to make bricks. the, the other one which calls itself the islamic camera. it says it understand the problem, but the options, try liver or starvation pass more. maybe. if the atlantic emerett of want a son would have the power and capacity, we would never let any child work with the problem is that 1st we are in about economic situation. and secondly, the families of these children are poor and helpless. development said it's trying to revive the economy and it's a feeling for international help. yet now for the last one was called you will be
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one person from one family can feed around 20 people if they are employed. if countries want to use the human resource of a lot of sun provide employment opportunities, but until such options can be found. many i've got children and adults like these will have to go on baking bricks to survive. some of the 0 couple mexican officials say the disappearance of 43 students back in 2014 was a state crime that the past administration bears responsibility and also called the original inquiry ordered by then president. and that he get benito, a cover up a human rights official also made a rare acknowledgement. the students are likely all dead. their disappearance on the southwestern city of gala spot international outrage. saturday. lynn. the collusion and participation of authorities from different government levels with local policeman from equality co cooler we to go and typical cocoa has been
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fully confirmed and of course with the guerrero unidos crime organization carrying out the disappearance of the youngsters. el salvador government is extended, sweeping emergency measures, used to crack down on powerful street gangs for another month. it were 1st announced in march and have been criticized by human rights groups. but the salvador in population has widely embraced them on home and report and follow clearly. el salvador has been living under a state of emergency for almost 5 months to tackle the country's rampant gang violets. this week it was extended further. $50000.00 people have so far been the pain that's just on the 2 per cent. the countries labor force president night bu kelly, cause the more terrorists, oh, under the emergency measures, those detainees haven't got the right to a lawyer ought to be informed why they've been arrested. human rights groups say that many a process in mass hearings in which evidence isn't usually presented freeness as
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a husbands among them. my husband was working and i didn't find out. he was detained until 10 pm kira. the congress dominated by the ruling party, overwhelmingly, voted for the measures to continue with with the president of al salvador. and his government will do everything that is required to guarantee that these 50000 game members have been captured. that us will not put a foot inside like amenities, and why not. the state of exception is widely popular among them. electra exhausted and traumatized by decades of predatory gangs, an association of bust companies has said that extortion among its members who's dropped by 95 percent and the president, the architect of the crackdown regularly tweets the countries seeing days of 0 murders as a result of it could at what price, amnesty international says dozens of people have died in custody. and under past
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crackdowns, the gangs of simply re emerged again at the end. but i come, but there is a sort of on this as you, on the 30th the government puts away those concerns and lambasted critics. it says it's, it was more when this john holman al jazeera brazilian president, j bowles and arrow grabbed a heckler outside his home. on thursday, just days after kicking off his presidential reelection campaign, i also narrow, lunged and trying to snatch the phone of the man shouting at him was quick. temper has often been the focus of attacked by critics. his county trailing former president la da silva in all pulls ahead of october's election. media companies in the us are going to court to get more information about the f. b, i search of donald trump's home journalist want to see a partially redacted version of the affidavit used to search the format president's property f. b. i. agents found 11 sense of classified documents during the search.
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the justice department says if the affidavits made public, it'll compromise it's investigation. officials in china a warning that a severe drought in the south could last well into september. local governments are scrambling to irrigate crops, the head of the alter the harvest, but rationing of electricity's, making water pumping difficult. and some industries that rely on hydropower of shut down temperatures in the region of sword. about 40 degrees celsius. at least 41 people have been killed in forest fires in algeria as emergency cruise battle, a string of fires across the country. odyssey with gillian wolf as this report. people here say it's like a tornado of fire that swept away everything within seconds. those who survived are trying to figure out what happened as they assess the damage that i had to sort out the i don't understand how it happened. it was like a whirlwind. i help the children, ronald. i couldn't do anything because what was happening outside is it,
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but you can see my house, the garages destroyed. i couldn't say anything. it's god's will. thank god, the children are safe. forest fires have become an annual occurrence in algeria, where climate change is turning large areas into a tinderbox. most of the death this time have occurred in the l. tarp region near the eastern border with tenicia. temperatures of reached 48 degrees celsius. hundreds of people have had to flee their homes with may more having suffered from burns or respiratory issues as a result of the smoke. some are blaming arson. who wish you the best? it is what you gain when you set a fire and people die. what does the arson is gain from setting these fires? i hope his heart burns across the country. dozens of fires are still burning with authorities concerns. strong winds in a blistering heat wave could spark new flings that they are ill equipped to fight
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chillin wolf al jazeera. now the rhine river flows through 6 european countries. it's a key waterway for transporting coal iron and other natural resources. but weeks of high temperatures, a little under rainfall had made it impossible for benny ships. how many came reports from colo? it could almost be a picture postcard of the rhine goods, barges chug up and down the river while children explore the pebbles on the bank. and yet a closer look shows something else for in most summers, much of this area would be submerged. but months of high temperatures and little or no rainfall have changed things. or we see right now with a low a water levels in rivers is the new normal or it's even worse of the new normal will be even more extreme. we have seen a global temperature increase of 1.2 degrees on global average right now seen from overhead. the situation is clear,
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this satellite image of nearby dusseldorf shows the river. now, this one, how it was in the same place, 12 months ago, if the science of what's happening is clear, the practical application of it is causing problems for many different companies, the shipping ones, in particular, because they look at the rhine as it is now and have real concerns about how deep it is and how easily they can navigate it. and crucially, how much each of their vessels can carry. for one or 3rd, one ships bringing salt here from high up on, usually carry almost 2200 tons. now they're arriving with $600.00 tons and that shows the less water, the less cargo on the ships. and in this year of war in ukraine, there is another drawback with russian coal now embargoed across the e. u. many companies have paid to ship a non russian alternative via the rhine instead. but as the demand has risen,
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so the water levels to allow it to be delivered have dwindled. right now, most shipping companies are concentrating on the near future with autumn just weeks away. they expect its cooler, wetter weather to replenish the fine. but some scientists say that too could bring danger if it starts to rain as on touchstone, dr. saws, the water can not infiltrate into the soil. and so we diety, get surface, run off into the water. it runs out of the system of catchment and produces such fresh threats as we know from, from california. for example, the rhine has run dryer in summer before, but not often. it will have to rain a lot to return the river to its more normal state. dominant cane al jazeera cologne. there been protests in india after 11 men convicted of raping a muslim woman were released from prison. the victim who was 3 months pregnant at
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the time, was attacked during hindu muslim riots and garage, or at in 2002. a 3 year old daughter was murdered during the ensuing wireless men of the jail for life that were released from prison on remission. earlier this week, a military hardware exhibition in south korea's capital has been showing up the latest in drone technology. the country's arms industry has emerged as the 8th largest export in the world helped in part by the war in ukraine. robert bry reports from sol. it's some of the latest military drone technology that's transforming the way war risk falls from stealthy surveillance high above the battlefield, to sudden precision attacks down on to it. they use by both sides in the war in ukraine has increased interests globally thrown on. we have seen drones been, why do you using ukraine, which shows data say city is increasing. so i think the market is getting bigger
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and bigger at high tech weapon making. it's supported by south korea as advanced manufacturing. just as it's precision and heavy engineering have helped it become a leading supplier now benefiting from the war in ukraine. south korea, the war provides both opportunity, but also risk is stopped short of supplying weapons directly to ukraine for fear of angering. russia which exert influence over north korea, but the war has also increased demand from east european nations who want to buy ever more nato standard equipment. south korea has used its alliance with the u. s . and friendly ties with nato to position itself as the supplier of choice. signing its biggest ever single arms deal with poland for tanks, self propelled guns and fight jets to replace equipment that poland sent to you.
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crane pretty and i've told you i was on the nato summit, we exported the k to tank the canine house here and f, a 50 jack to poland, achieving our biggest ever arm sale last year. south korea is military exports, set a record of more than $7000000000.00. a figured that is already eclipsed by sales this year. thanks in part to fighting thousands of kilometers away in eastern europe. rob mcbride, elgin's era, sol, now scientists in australia and the u. s. are hoping to bring the tasmanian tiger back from extinction, also known as the fire scene. the last animal died in captivity in 1936. researches want to take stem cells my living species with similar dna and then use gene editing to create an animal for a similar to a tasmanian tiger. ah .


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