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tv   People Power Iraq - Human Trafficking  Al Jazeera  July 7, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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associates ranks of asia as human rights watch an author of the report. she says the taliban government fails to hold its forces accountable. we 1st began to hear about these kinds of search operations and detention last fall. but what this report provides evidence of is the, the numbers of bodies that have turned up, and the accounts from residents who been looking for their relatives who were detained some point apple, the telephone peg over and it was subsequently disappeared. and we have your relatives who been searching among the bodies in these canals to find that, that relative who's been picked up at the tell about months ago. they do not want the i s k p to gain any further ground in afghanistan. but unfortunately, they're adopting counterterrorism tactics, which are very likely to lead to more revenge and more recruitment by i s k p because whole communities have been targeted in these raids and that's likely just to feel resentment and grievances in those communities. what's more important here
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is it's very similar to what we saw with the revenge killings of the african national security forces, which we documented after the telephone take over as well. it's more that the telephone authorities do not hold their own men accountable, but basically told them that we had hotel missing. if you find someone who belongs to or supports i s k p, the some state group, we just kill them. and with that message goes out and there's no accountability them, this is the result. ah, is there something here and how the headlines, british media is reporting that u. k. prime minister born johnson has agreed to resign to an avalanche of resignation from within his own cabinet and party since tuesday. he'll stay on his prime minister until a leadership race later this summer for brennan reports now from down extremes.
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what, how far is johnson? excuse me, one of his excuses for not necessarily wanting to go was because that would be then cause for the labor party. i'm a liberal democrat. the opposition party instantly to a tooth. the new conservative leader not having a mandate. the last general election was in 2019 under the current terms of the the rules that there are the doesn't have to be another one until 20, 25 february 2075. and that for the we've seen it before with other leadership elections where lead a transition from one to the other group and i'm talking to the other. i haven't had to be a general election. they can continue because the elections already done and dusted all the $400.00 prisoners are still on the run in nigeria after an attack on a correctional facility. was claimed by i saw leading figures from the iceland broke off around on groups, i believe, to be among those still on the lives. foreign ministers from the world's leading
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economies are gathered in indonesia for talks under the shadow of a boy ukraine. the summit for the 1st encounter with russia as foreign minister, such a level since roches invasion. the presidents of the democratic republic of congo underwent we have agreed to de escalate tension surrounding them. 23 armed group during talk. so i go to the, to lead as agreed to the immediate of unconditional withdrawal of rebels from inside the democratic republic of congo. others, the headlights money you see here i was 0 after people are power coming up. thanks . ah ah
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ah. safer than he had been humming and then he international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero, ah, the trafficking of young women for prostitution is a problem across the world. but in iraq, it's reached such proportions that a special police unit in baghdad is now dedicated to bringing the perpetrators to justice filmmakers. simona fulton, has been behind the scenes to meet some of the victims of this exploitative trade.
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and those trying to ended, ah ah, luck that it's night fall in the hands of the rocks, capital, decades of intermittent conflict have given way to a semblance of normality. but another far less obvious crisis is brewing. wherewith women's rights activists do not allocate the friend was taking us on a late night drive through the murky underwear of human trafficking. i was at the bottom of that or g m. i be the chair and he'll call my fuck about it to city. yeah
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. but you can with v a co as are out to me or call me out in the south, oklahoma mon. mm hm. so yeah, it's emily d jar b o u e n extramarital sex is strictly forbidden in iraq's patriarchal society where honor and reputation are paramount and closely tied to a woman's chastity. but activists say that beneath this veneer of conservative social norms, young girls from poor backgrounds are routinely sold and to prostitution that i had rush we in. so he is that like, had a deep amendment earlier. miguel m p b, i need my lifestyle, meaning them are not holders invest. the urine inventory would be difficult because the change is flagged by corrupt officials and powerful armed groups. with someone who i
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prostitution existed to a limited extent during saddam hussein's rule. but since the 2003 american led invasion toppled his dictatorship sex trafficking his sword, fueled by conflict, poverty and the weak government. we passed for dozens of police checkpoints, but despite this heavy security presence, some of the tell tale signs of prostitution can be seen. if it allow a mennonite to pick up the kid for that block of them to the left, have an avalanche. you are in him a button. sophia sophie
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ah, the norms that govern iraq society today stand in star contradiction to the sex trade. i know better than a lot or better. this law me but at abbey, belinda, heidi and them as you. why shall you for while i v for a while and what they will mind were thought i'm one word deliver day of the plan with buddy women who are forced into sex were, can face retribution for dis, honoring their communities. some are even killed. iraq's justice system is infused with the same patriarchal norms and often convicts trafficking survivors for prostitution. there's far less accountability for those who benefit from the trade in or just along with to investigate who went undercover in hotels and night clubs where traffic women were forced into sex work trapped in a vicious cycle of stigma,
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abuse and exploitation. but there are some who are trying to turn the tide on this growing phenomenon and fight the deeply entrenched political, economic, and social interests that enable the trafficking of women and girls. in this modest, inconspicuous police nation in western baghdad, we find one man leading the fight against the sex trade. because the general with ours, the baby diamond markins redeemer, the heat out of the clock on the high in the higher you measure the moment if it costs a lot in the your home will have july, i'll be home b o y a r t. i'm a last mark are also to my healed facebook. the interior ministry registered $115.00 sex trafficking cases in all of iraq last year. but rights group say
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official figures are just the tip of the iceberg general with some of the unit only has a few dozen staff to cover a sprawling area home to millions of people who and conan on on with huge. you need to. yeah. yeah. does that leave god and all the dotted hoss con coverage? and although there's a darwin my via my bill over here, all of a than what we want to find out how young girls alert into prostitution in a society where extramarital sex is not just terrible, but subject to honor killings apply to out of time to be below 2 to head kill, he kind of behavior. it's telling you it's marcia and it's to my, oh, for her in high was he didn't get my ah, to not has work with trafficking survivors for more than
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a decade. now she takes us to an underground shelter runs by her organization. yeah, i mean, i thought i had to take advantage and they had each one didn't know any. and at the gym that was $200.00. we've changed the names of all survivors interviewed for this story. that was in her early teens when she ran away from home, fling an abusive father, who repeatedly raped her a big on the sphere. shallow i had been trying on really why was a little new to new one, washington. but hyatt. charlotte story is too common among victims of trafficking. domestic violence is widespread here. according to the united nations, 46 percent of iraqi women have experienced sexual physical or emotional abuse at home. if you wish to let her, darlene me,
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and my sister was to do it. it's got our daughter up plenty. shara, it's a year to her. is her mom 70 to get to the bishop. the had ran away and salt solace as the mom called them shrine and baghdad. a holy pilgrimage site for shia muslims . there a stranger approached her offering a place to stay. 2020 years. with deviate were haiti, girls, some poor backgrounds, often live a sheltered life, deprived of education, and with little exposure to the outside world. ironically, the very seclusion that is supposed to protect their reputation can make them vulnerable to sweet talking traffic. her fire, confess a minute before la from juice he been a while. bartlett appeared mariah de jake mal and it just couldn't have moved it animal hydrogen with con midge would be nist. marsha. hello to show my son
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or had done the knowledge, renown really? while he was she so we need to have dinner. go ahead to i hello sherry for or doesn't go i didn't go out until i bet little cattle. ha ha ha ha ha. escaped and approached authorities, but instead of getting help, she was convicted of prostitution. she bore a son in prison and was hardened after 4 years. up in my, in delia my at my he that he that is or he her mid that her whole year law to go to that is back to got distal, alice, sheila, whether al highly, either the lads sat in the shot out of julia bomb iraq passed an anti trafficking law in 2012, which is supposed to protect the victims from prosecution. but 10 years on many in
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the judicial system continued to apply in the old saddam era law that criminalizes prostitution venue that done more in the let, the job are sharianda. wow. don't get shot by them or some sorta did you know how nice of the outcome? there's a commonly held view in iraqi society. the to women who end up in prostitution choose the path at their own. free will. am of all the, those you got the elephant about them, your trouble that all controls as marana. alamos at the ha, yet that doesn't how that min, she'll president possible either that about my demeanor, but there's a whole, a shorter, so no odd. but victims face retaliation from their traffickers if they attempt to run away. and even if they succeed, there is no guarantee authorities will help them home. we don't shadow year. and so . so now mary joiner shall wine want bushel my shuttle here right, or some saddle here in her he maya initial almon. hi my, jamie, i'm a salad. ha,
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ha, ha ha, ha, ha! move, sunshine award. it to millie. how come alice at they at was cynthia eat him at her . what is what the pla, documents we managed to obtain from the had asked trial show that her madame was briefly under arrest, but later acquitted, for lack of evidence. a call, a subtle young man, kenneth, on a con condo. yes, natasha because of the ira or other limit to dad and ben as haven't food. mark, debbie and gwinnett settlement other settlement, missouri egg, ticket 8. did you need to define natalie to genie ante, dot or now thigh. and know if daddy and haven't mobile. asked him to better understand the power structures that undermine justice. for survivors, we travel to stutter city. one of the capitals poorest neighborhoods here,
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it's not the government but malicious and tribes who hold sway. justice is often meet it out, not through courts, but in tribal meetings. like these either of the guys to that ha, i'm mcguire m o n, and i'd bit michael. where'd i low as or which o at better my this more let the thought of give it. we ask shave shia alba. ha. then how tribal law would deal with a runaway girl who was forced into prostitution a double out the on the out of last year. but though added, it will show my tails mouthwash that tells me what it was. roger, it doesn't who my dad had these deeply entrenched norms of honor and shame are exploited by traffickers to trap women inside the sex trade on them and the plot had no. might you any make a could, didn't you? yeah, i'm a to be luggage is yell modest at that. accountants. yeah. how did you thought as
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though dea hickey go home when mom again couldn't he hadn't gotten and he had i had good amal hearing, and miss shara will magically. and mila i tell her, i didn't want the practice of honor killings is also called cleansing the shame. i'm at iowa, but tell her for about a month for a was the and they elizabeth who will the seller of the seller and the seller o submitted to adopt them in luma. buck out with the budget that they live. the bash here. tell mo bumped up there. ah, remarkably iraqis statues still allow such crimes to be treated leniently. janet and her team are trying to change that. oh, what came on e o. c, o me, it is like my a, my, her, the neo, my how she had brown, you'll dishonor for healthy. will he my,
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the higher the, he like, well you have to worry about that. and of the vendors, the garbage and even the boy ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. i didn't, i didn't, i was you. i was gonna, oh, actually no. i'm pretending to be buyers. general we psalms team are closing in on a trafficker who is offering to sell a 17 year old girl who had moliere, sadly l no, been the ha, a telephone variable otwell, but at the army at the candle coolio maneuver for trafficking survivors to be spared. prosecution, the officers must approve of that money was paid to sell them. cornel my beloved
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does pack a journeyman, james hagel thought i listed on what the slim a domino. i don't have coffee me. after weeks of negotiations, a deal has been made to provide and i'm a 1000000 license and i do love how lumniss l m. a level other gentleman particularly disturbing about this case, is that the arrest the traffic or who will call who prostituted his own daughter, shall had one of the 2 girls rescued during this thing operation. the 2 survivors are brought to this government run safehouse. the only official shelter and iraq shot now, 17 years old, grew up in an orphanage when she was 13 her father, who suddenly turned up to reclaim her. i wonder how many i want any,
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any one from the orphanage who took her to her to be in northern iraq. what to do? i know, you know what i'll have to do. i mean, if she can wash it, funny about me who knew what a lot of talented to the other survivor knew. now 22 years old was forced into a child marriage at age 15. the on him up one after 2 years muran away, like another woman we heard from earlier. she saw dressed huge at the mom called them shrine in baghdad. and once again, a stranger offered help, get me a book that i had to watch or how did she look on? i did or to have him to wish we're going to, i'm going on and i was in the look the head of the badge got. i know she meant return on a showing,
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showing was don't much on bar nor was forced into sex work and fold shots, father, who after she felt pregnant and gave birth to a son who shall use the child to course her new square one. and you hobbling lulewicz, which is so we, we are recording some money and i don't want as an outlaw my social is one. sure boy. so we who will now be put on trial. but he's just a small cog in a complex web of powerful interest. his victim say enjoyed backing from government officials in both that and our bill show what about why not believe it is one of the hedge who we are just showing. i knew, wow, full other showed the door and we saw it as we are, the student does what i mean clearly. so we and on it mati. habitable is going to do an odd, well, actually go in the mood fun remains in the hands of her charms associates in that
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bill where the boy risks being exploited for begging money. they have a felony for what we settled north along the same route. north chart and countless other girls were traffic too at a beale, the capital of iraq semi autonomous kurdish region. it has its own government and has been spared much of the violence that has rocked the rest of the country over the past 2 decades. but this, the ability has also spawned domestic sex tourism fueled by a steady supply of girls from southern iraq. a survivor pointed us to one place in particular to investigate further. we go under cover messiah hotel is home to several night clubs where we've been told. girls are forced to work as dancers and prostitutes. this girl says she's still
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a virgin but can offer private dancing sessions in exchange for money. another woman says she's available for sex work, but tells us that the prize has to be negotiated with the madame. the regents recently established anti trafficking department declined repeated requests for interviews, saw that the messiah hotel back in by the bad general with psalms. and the trafficking unit has managed to rescue moves, sand from the hands of traffickers in that appeal visible almost as a homeless moment. ill as a threat that you my will throw that you will the officers pick not up from the government safehouse. it's been 8th months since we last saw her son. to mention a show outage. of said, i fan mentioned it was some cluster fuck me out of,
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you know the 1st to martinson and be with amazon. oh oh. on it. that is long thought. i love the lack of cooperation between kurdish and federal authorities. complicated the rescue mission. so no neglect of any kind of she's all, melissa. well, i am the sob. hostile her mother, i'm not wilma double is enough at home as i am, i do them. so i'm here is that the lack of angela said it was she ah, with a did you not get up that big enough you might have thought of boxing below. i
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pulled it up 6 months afternoon and she had to wear rescued and who sham was arrested by general with psalms unit. the case finally goes to trial, were granted rare supervised access to film the proceedings. will the judge treat the girls as make them said that all they be charged with prostitution? as to the idea for this policy to see us in front of the public, the girls must once again undergo detailed questioning about their abuse. debach here. well, good mother. i bet you are wrong, margaret, in either half an update. then i'm a hard question and i want you to, i'm getting ready to switch. my mother over for the pick up is matching. that's what i was going to die or did it go up? is that not something i live in the community? i don't have his own love of god. then the judge reads out results from
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a virginity test, a controversial medical examination. the un says lack scientific validity and is humiliating for the victims of what you saw them. got a bill, oddly allison size. michelle carter, what was happening with the demon listener who shan denies the charges and instead accuses shot, had a note of willingly engaging in prosecution to my brother is what i did. i will losey the mark which modest with some so if i, the her lassie had in my mom had recommended it. don't want to. some said i will tell them all and i'm building on it. but the judge is more convinced by the evidence gathered by general, we sams unit them up and we're done with german mature. that's not bad, but i think remember, i thought i'll up do a lot. i mean after a, to our hearing, who sean is convicted under iraq's anti trafficking law, are the let, the lower the can. i thought matt, that back america because jerry monday dot ga dot malcolm at the judy mac. the more
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you buy the term, that's what i did or hold the law, how much i was sitting and why. but while i'm on the data from surgery, matthew, on the not the verdict is an immense relief for the 2 survivors. but having that trauma put on public display has taken its toll material and in a car own coverage on a common slug beginning. you don't go home, steph? oh, no, but i was a chest with a no such glory. i'm allowed to part of settlement. they go without it being miss brandon. miss markham, i've done what i've got for i had to finish it should it should include in philly, my high ethics, and shall i to somehow data or go to an hour for a diagnostic no more. what does that? well, i think there's still an issue i had done a little bit. i show
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a look up at the launch. hi, kevin goose. you looked at the study and how do you know i had them? mason, georgia jdw. but then gioviatto, one also called, well i, i knew, i think in the muggle, she had a package, a little music full in order to leave the governments safe house, nor needs the judges approval. and must be handed to a mailed guardian, if not a relative than a husband. john art, i don't understand a lot of it. we are so light or food a good many traffic women with illegitimate children faced the same predicament. marriage is often their only way back into society. meanwhile, janet and a group of activists and survivors are on their way to demonstrate at the federal court. they're demanding the abolition of legal articles that exonerate honor killings. in civil alkaline is and diana align you into a minute,
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but what i'd much i wanted was to madman alkaline in 40 bucks. will have co, i mean, healy polarity, which done that then i'm gonna depend of me. you know, desire was boston, hollis ship on last i b o m and the flint problem. wait on, you want my sean and bone for so just let home what us and i don't want john of some of the la shy lunar dot russell r. nova hope you went and on civil was lucky hubble. thought we of the iraqi government and the authorities in the bill to respond to the issues raised in this film, but received their reply i saw airway issue and line of the journey
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with with full of official and line of the journey with.


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