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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 7, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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1000 bodies in story. yes, it's very hard. this new series reveals how europeans countries refused to request and even exhibited human remains in their museums, restitution africa stolen on episode to return on out jazeera, the latest news as it breaks. this decision basically said that the robi way decision was simply wrong. it is highly unusual for supreme court to overrule precedent with detailed coverage. the pub rates will not only significantly reduce the shadow price, but it is expected to annie shadid acreage damage boom from around the world. this one here depicts the late who it was offered a no up who was revolutionary poems in his play of the many ah,
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presented more resignation is add to the pressure on britain's prime minister before us. johnson refuses to step down. ah, hello, i'm adrian finnegan. this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up. we'll be live from indonesia, where foreign ministers from the g. 20 nations are beating in the shadow of the war in ukraine. i so claims responsibility for the attack on a prison in the nigerian capital abuto. and human rights watch accuses the taliban of committing atrocities in eastern afghanistan, including summary executions. ah, we started the u. k. whether to find british prime minister boris johnson remains in office, his leadership hanging by a thread that he's refusing the sent down. the pressure comes after he admitted
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making a mistake in promoting an m. p. had been accused of sexual assault since tuesday. more than 40 members of his government have resigned. on wednesday johnston sacked a senior minister, michael gove. he'd reportedly told johnson that it was time for him to go. more ministers have since joined in the chorus, calling for johnson to leave, but have kept their jobs so far. he also faced a fiery question time in parliament on wednesday. a delegation of cabinet ministers met with the prime minister downing street urging him to resign. the group reportedly included some of his long term allies. let's cross life now to london out as there is some port brennan is in downing st. paul. any sign of the prime minister? no sound of the promise to hear at downing street, no curtains twitching, but if he is reading his morning newspapers and listening to the radio, i'm watching television this morning over his eggs benedict breakfast. then he
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won't be looking particularly secure. yes, war resignation this morning. we've got one cabinet minister who's gone 3 junior ministers have also resigned in the last hour and a half. the cabinet minister who's gone. it's brenda lewis is the northern island secretary crucial jobs. given the paula state of the relationship between britain and the european union over the northern island protocol, that is the trading arrangements between northern ireland and the mainland of the u . k. and the junior minute says he's gone all half way through the treasury minister, damien hines, and security minister, and george freeman, the science minister and by some tally is george freeman becomes the 50 member of the government to quit. so that we're still actually tallying up the, the figures on that and some of the language they're using, escaping in their resignation. letters from the same decent and responsible government relies on honesty, i no longer believe those values are being upheld and damien hines. the security minister saying his letter more important than any government, or any leader or the standard. we have holes in public life. and yet,
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none of this appears to me. the confidence, the self belief that forest johnson has all through weapons. they from ministers. questions you mentioned there was a taxing session of the liaison committee where he appeared and was interrogated for 2 hours throughout that he insisted he was not going to resign on the events of wednesday night where a profession of cabinet ministers came here to downing street individually some of them expressed enough support, a small number of them expressing will support the loyalist. that is most of them saying frankly, it is now time to go. and yet boris johnson is digging in. it really presents a challenge not just to the members of his government, but also to the whole constitution. not that we have a written choosing here in the u. k. but for the whole process of government. exactly. what do you do when you have a prime minister, who has lost authority in his party, lost the support of most of his cabinets and yet refuses to step down. so how much
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longer can he cling on? how serious a crisis is this? it's serious. i mean, it's been compared not lightly. i hasten to say to the situation with donald trump after after the election in the united states to the capital riot. with donald from can simply say that the results that his defeat didn't happen, that he claim victory way. where there was no victory to claim, and then it's sort of while up troops and claim that it's, it's a personal mandate. and this is the thing that boris johnson is, is trying to do. he's saying that because he was the leader of the conservative party in 2019, when the party won the general election with a majority in the parliament event, 80 seats that it's a personal mandate for him. and that is what he's using to claim he has the right to continue on as prime minister,
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but constitutional experts online the up to set up a simply the, an eroni as interpretation of the way things are done here in the u. k. we don't have a presidential system, but as johnson appears to be trying to model himself on a kind of presidential system, but that simply is not the way it's done. and so it did. the options are limited. there is moved by back benches to have a new change in the rules of when they can launch another no confidence vote. a could come as early as next week. it could come even earlier if the existing committee that's responsible for those no confidence folks decides to have it. but at the moment in the immediate future that, that, that the casting around for ways to try to dig out a prime minister who's digging in al jazeera, paul brennan reporting lives from danny street in central london for the moment. paul, many thanks. foreign ministers for the world's leading economy is a gathering it indonesia for talks under the shadow of the war and ukraine. for
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some of them. the g. 20 meeting will be their 1st encounter with moscow's foreign minister since rushes invasion. now to 0, rob mcbride reports now from the island of bali holding the presidency of the g. 20 indonesia, as president joker. we, dodo has positioned himself at the center of global events. after meeting with the leaders of the g 7. last week, he undertook shuttle diplomacy between the competence in the ukraine war, seeing for himself, the destruction in the town of a pin outside the capital cave. and that it's very sad, a lot of houses and infrastructure are broken. we hope no other ukraine cities would be ravaged because the war then to moscow for talks with russian president vladimir putin as a leading force in the so called non aligned movement of nations. indonesia believes it could act as a bridge between the 2 sides of participation in, hey tanya, some in meeting will be
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a very valuable opportunity for the russian government to address a position to the rest of the world. and which is not only advantages to put in government, russia, but it may be quite conducive to all warring party in the ukraine crisis russians. foreign minister said a lover of is due to hold bilateral meetings with some of his counterparts, but significantly not with us. secretary of state and city of lincoln. the last time the 2 met was in a tense encounter in january when the raw gave his assurance. russia had no plans to invade ukraine. a month before the day just that the g 20 came into being in part to deal with the fallout from economic crises that the g 7 couldn't handle on its own, especially in recent times, this gathering takes place as the world is now facing the perfect storm of global challenges, the ukraine war threatens a worldwide food crisis and
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n denisia like many countries, is heavily reliant on grain from the region. the war is also helping push up energy costs that are driving inflation. added to that ongoing tensions in the indo pacific with china increasingly confronting its neighbors, a nato at its last meeting, promising to push back. in this idyllic island setting the world is looking for solutions to some nightmarish scenarios with any signs of progress. be welcome right now. and rob joins us now live from the island of bali, rob, what's happening there right now. it is a fairly low key star to this g 20. this on the 1st day we are seeing a lot of the bilateral meetings that are happening. these are the meetings on the sidelines, one on one, be meetings between your foreign minister, sometimes what will groupings of like minded countries. it's tomorrow friday that
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we see the bigger set pieces, the larger meetings, but there is fairly tight security. there is not much media access to these meetings are often held behind closed doors, but some of the more important ones involved, the world's 2nd biggest economy, china and that foreign minister, one getting now he gets meeting this afternoon with various counterparts. the most important of these will be said guy left off the russian foreign minister who is here. this is one of the 1st international gatherings that the russians have been allowed to attend. so it's very important for the russians. you'll remember of course, that way back at the start of this year, she g ping of china met with vladimir putin. they had a summit meeting way. they talked about that partnership knowing the limits that just set alarm bells ringing in the west. you could then anticipate that was going to be some kind of invasion. so this is a very important relationship for the russians, given that the ostracism they faced throughout the world for the base of the
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ukraine, that they don't get at least open support from the chinese so that they are not alienated by china. by the a similar token that the americans determined to try to put pressure on china not to give support to russia. anthony blink in the us, secretary of state, he is on his way here still to bali. but we know that from refueling stops on the way here and his official aircraft, he's been talking to journalists who are accompanying him, saying that the russians should not be allowed to get legitimacy from this g 20. and that's according to other american officials. this will certainly not be business as usual, but in reality, real given all of that, does anyone expect any real progress on the issues we're there to discuss given the scale of problems and potential divisions within the g 20 it is difficult to say yes. as you, as you right to point out, the g 20 is
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a very different base to the g 7, g 7 tends to be the larger economies. but those, all those economies which tend to be more weston leading democratic, basically the friends of the united states, the g 20 is far more diverse. they are the largest, the largest economies in the world. but they have different interests. you have to know the line movement led by india in indonesia. china is in that, of course, it has its own agenda, indonesia, which is hosting this summit. they would like to see a, for example, some progress to be made on kobe to, and a post coven restoration after the whole world is coming out of this pandemic. but it does seem as though it is all being overshadowed by ukraine. so we are not likely to see, given all the different fracture lines which exist within this a diverse group. at the indonesians try to put too much pressure on that for fear of those tensions bubbling to the surface. so we're not likely we are not going to see, for example, the family photo of 20 ministers standing together. that will not likely to be an
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actual joint proto, a joint communique at the end. but at least what we are hoping we again divisions, at least we'll be hoping to avoid, will be any kind of staged walk out by people in protest that russia's presence here. but there might be in the bilateral meetings and the most important of those will take place on saturday between blink and then when you have china that's been through those bilateral meetings. that could be some progress behind closed doors. i'll just say what the pride reporting that live from the island of bali, rob, many thanks. indeed. the heads of the u. k and u. s. security services made an unprecedented joint appearance to warn about china's espionage threats to the west. they're calling on companies to be much more vigilant about china, f. b, i, director, christopher res, accusing china of interfering and politics, including in recent elections. m, i 5, director general ken mccallum said that he's wanting 7 times more investigations
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related to chinese communist party activities compared to the 2018. sadly, that to you, we consistently see that it's the chinese government that poses the biggest long term threat to our economic and national security. and by our, i mean both of our nations, along with our allies in europe and elsewhere. the chinese government is set on stealing your technology, whatever it is that makes your industry tech and using it to undercut your business and dominate your market. and they're set on using every tool at their disposal to do it. i, sol has claimed responsibility for an attack on a prison in nigeria as capital a boucher on wednesday. hundreds of inmates were freed, at at least 4 prisoners at a security guard was killed, were killed. rather, the attack happened just hours after a government convoy was ambushed. if you move him to do
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with the records, we believe that it will be less and less likely. ready there with the growth, with the tension and eventually with the presidents of the democratic republic of congo, andrew wanda, have a great to deescalate tension over the armed group, the m, 23, the congolese government hughes, israel lambda of backing the rebels who been attacking civilians in d, r, c's north keeping province. during talks and angola, the 2 leaders agreed to be immediate, an unconditional withdrawal of the rebels from inside the d. r. c. nicholas hock is monitoring developments from senegal. there wasn't the usually customary joint communicate made when 2 heads of states meet and gather like this. but for the african union appointed mediator, the president of angola who was hosting president columbia of rhonda and the
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president of the d. r. c. security. this was a success, why? well, because both heads of states agreed at least in word, to de escalate tensions between the 2 countries of recognizing that there was tensions, especially specifically in the border area. now, can chart accuses kigali of supporting the m 23, a rebel group that's active in its eastern border in the north key area. and that has been increasing attacks taking over villages in the north kiva area. rhonda accuses can shop a firing inside its territory and fermenting divisions there. so there is a recognition that tensions are running high. it. not only that there's a roadmap, put in place, both leaders will meet again on the 12th of july, to discuss ways to relieve these tensions. and to address these arm groups, there is 120 arm groups in the border area in the area. and that's rich and
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minerals, minerals that use to power the camera i'm using to talk to you right now. that's used in mobile phones. it's, it's these minerals that are fueling the violence in the arm groups in this region . it seems that the 2 leaders want to discuss this further and find a way out and a roadmap to end the violence in these regions. we'll get a weather update next, but still to come. new details emerging about the us government who killed 7 people during a 4th july parade. and the other attacks that he was planning a year after the assassination of president t t. still trying to pick up the pieces, we'll have more on the chaos the job and i'm always left behind the oh.
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hello there. the heats managed to cling on across central and eastern areas of europe this week, but we are going to see a lot of that warmth knocked out by wet weather and instead it's going to be the west that starts to see those temperatures climb again with woman conditions, so on thursday you can see that trailing weather system brings re stormy and wet weather stretching all way down from scandinavia through to italy. we are going to see those thunderstorms roll down towards the south. by the time we get into friday and push into the balkans, we are expecting temperatures to dip down for the light the place by sub if we haven't looked at the 3 day for battle. great. thunderstorms on friday, it will be cooler saturday. they will be some recovery and we're going to see some recovery in temperature. the cool central air is mainly in the west for the likes of the iberian peninsula, we've got heat wave light conditions coming back in. temperatures will be on the out for places like lisbon building through the weekend. and it's a similar story for the north west britain, an island. sunny spell is coming through a lot of improvement to the weather here for cities like a london. if we have
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a look at the 3 day, well, we'll be touching up to 25 degrees by saturday, and there will be sunshine taking us through into next week. that should weather update. i'll be back with more later. ah frank assessments. it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon, it's actually structural lebanon needs, and you also contract in order for it to solve this problem. informed opinions, international communities on the go with my students can use a government knowledge to be seen in depth analysis of the days global headlines. this is going to be very hard for people to explain to the public that instead of pushing back, you know, it's actually got to the members inside story on al jazeera lou .
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ah, hello again. this is al jazeera. let's remind you of the main news this our britain's prime minister boys johnson is fighting to stay in office as he faces a growing rebellion within his ruling party over a series of scandals. for them. 40 members with his government have resigned. foreign ministers from the world's leading economies are gathering in indonesia for talks under the shadow of the war in ukraine. for some, it's their 1st encounter with russia's foreign minister. so gay love role since roches invasion, more than 400 prisoners, still the one in nigeria after an attack on a prison that was claimed by iso leading figures from i saw an boca hot, i'm armed groups a believe to be among the escapees. us prosecutors say the man charged with killing
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7 people at a 4th of july parade outside. chicago has confessed, police say the 21 year old robert cream. oh, lisa went to another independence say of anton considered opening fire. that if convicted, he faced his life in prison houses. here is putty, calhane reports from washington. the suspect and the highland park, shooting at the 4th of july parade is facing charges of murdering 7 people. he repaired in court today was denied bail, but prosecutors and police gave many more details. they say that crypto actually confessed to the crime, they say he then gotten the car drove not far away to madison. wisconsin in that area found a 4th of july parade had another some out of magic weapon in his car at least 60 bullets that he thought about opening fire on that crowd. but they say he changed his mind because he hadn't done enough planning. now he is going to be facing many more charges. dozens of people were injured on this police say that at least 80 bullet casings were found on that rooftop where he opened fire. they are still
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going to pursue many more charges, and they're bigger questions now about how he was able to legally purchase the gun . in 2019 police were called to his house because he apparently had said he was going to kill every one. he didn't have any firearms in the house, but they did take away 16 knives, a dagger at a sword. just a few months later he was able to legally purchase a firearm because his father co signed the form that he would need to be able to do that because he was under age. so there are many more questions about how he was allowed to purchase at least 4 weapons and that much ammunition to cause that much damage the man of the southern ukrainian port city of nikolai of has urged civilians to leave saying that no area is safe from brushing attacks shelling had at least 2 areas on tuesday, ukraine, the state emergency services were released. this video showing large plumes of
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smoke rising above what appears to be a residential area who rushes paula does approve 2 bills, imposing strict controls on the economy during what the kremlin coals, its special military operation and ukraine. on the legislation, businesses must supply goods to the armed forces. employees with some firms will be obliged to work overtime. one sided to law firms will have to back the conflict in ukraine. the united nations is warning against closing a vital aid corridor between turkey and northwestern. syria saying that it would be catastrophic. the mandate to use the babel how are crossing expires on sunday. it can only be extended by a un security council vote, which is expected shortly. more than 4608 trucks have passed through bubble hoa so far this year. most of them carrying food human rights watch is accusing taliban forces of committing atrocities in eastern afghanistan and operations targeting an ice will splinter group. a report says the abuses will committed in the 2 eastern
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provinces of kuna and manga. the organization accuses the taliban of carrying out abductions and summary executions of alleged members of the islamic state of court of some province. the report says that residence accused of sheltering or supporting members of had their homes rated out of suffered beatings and detention since the taliban. take her. the last here resident say they found the bodies of more than 100 men dumped in canals and other locations. patricia grossman as the associate director for asia human rights watch an author of the report. she says that the taliban government fails to hold its forces accountable. we 1st began to hear about these kinds of search operations and detention last fall. but what this report provides evidence of is the, the number of bodies that have turned up, and the accounts from residents who been looking for their relatives who were
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detained. some point apple, the told on peg over and it was subsequently disappeared. and we have your relatives who been searching among the bodies in these canals to find their relatives who've been picked up by the tell about months ago. they do not want the i s k p to gain any further ground in afghanistan. but unfortunately, they're adopting counterterrorism. tactics which are very likely to lead to more revenge and more recruitment by s k p because whole communities have been targeted in these raids and that's likely just to feel resentment and grievances in those communities. what's more important here is it's very similar to what we saw with the revenge killings of the africa national security forces, which we documented after the tone and take over as well. it's more that the telephone authorities do not hold their own men accountable, but basically told them we had hotels saying if you find someone who belongs to or supports i s k p, the some state group, we just kill them. and with that message goes out and there's no accountability
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them. this is the result. pakistan is struggling to pay for coal from its usual supplies. and it's cruel. 5 pulse power stations are running out of fuel faced with power cups and protests. the country is importing war call from our chemist on. i'll just come out. hyder reports focused on is facing a major energy crisis. and power outage in some areas are now going up to 14 hours a day. and that, of course, has balked, angry protest and the open center, low fog based on that. and because of the fact that the price of oil on the international market has shocked up considerably. and that way in the country does not have money to be able to import expensive oil to produce electricity. 60 percent of august on the electricity production comes from fuel import. it is a major fuel import in country and therefore the country now looking at a one is done as a source for cheap gold,
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up to 70 percent of the coal you'd. and while we're generation from coal is coming from overseas. and because of the escalation of prices on the international market, because of the water in ukraine, which is forcing more and more countries to go back to gall. despite their concerns over the environment, the bug a sunny prime minister has already said that bugger thought is going to import. it's cold from of honest on that of course will provide an opportunity for the afghan government to get some money. but it will also be a problem because the of on dollar bond are now saying they want to important that 30 percent increase gag on that gold, which buggered on intent to buy from them. it especially geared to lazy. we have made some solid decisions that from july will be important call from afghanistan, and that will save us $2000000000.00 and we'll be paying in pakistani ruby school that will cost us half of the price we were importing from overseas of one truck or
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that already bringing that goal across the board up. right now the bug is sunny, the planning to import. $3000.00 tons of gold from of one is done over land on a daily basis. but the requirement will go up to $20000.00 tons per day. if bug astonished to get it for potential from it gold run power generation unit. it's a year since haiti's, president juvenile moyse was shot inside his home. and the investigation into his assassination is still ongoing. the case as cost a dark shadow over an unstable country and broiled in political and economic crises . an escalating gang violence al jazeera stories, beau report. ah, naomi genuine, has been living in this shelter for weeks. she was forced to leave her home when battles between rival gangs took over her neighbourhood. imported prince ha, i'm a disabled person and i'm the father and mother of children. the situation i'm
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living in isn't good at all. even to go to the doctor's office. i have to go and ask in the street because of the insecurity, know me, among thousands of people who have been displaced by the raging violence across much of haiti. this is part of the ongoing chaos that has gripped the country ever since president of in illinois was killed last year. this by dozens of arrests, including a group of colombian mercenaries, hades investigation has told the acting prime minister ariel envy, fired his justice minister, and prosecutor. last year, when they called for him to be investigated in connection with voice is murder. and he has denied any involvement in the killing, trying assassination, and assess the presence of a difficult thing in any, in any country it's, it's, it's major. this is, this is really bad, but it may be the situation that we have. this is a to really all of our institutions have but been functional, even under the job, the justice system, everything police, everything is just
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a functional. a parallel investigation in the us has 3 suspects in custody, including a former u. s. government informant who pleaded not guilty on wednesday and faces life in prison if convicted. the u. s. department of justice wants to seal evidence of past crimes by some of the suspect. many who are also informants. even though aerial in re took over the office of prime minister and enjoys the support of western powers, haitian civil society groups. question his authority and are watching for a transition that will lead to elections that have been repeatedly delayed for 5 years. haitians are facing and economic crises that was only made worse by the pandemic, and the war in ukraine. half of the country struggling with food insecurity. and rising inflation is making life harder for everyone. like thousands of others in search of a better life someplace else. and one that i was forced back to haiti after b.


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