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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera Queen Maxima of the Netherlands  Al Jazeera  June 20, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm AST

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in to reconcile inclusion and santa swimming is the 2nd olympic discipline after rugby to introduce such a band, why most of the sports used to start their own levels as a basis for allowing trans women to compete 5 and not too much. i did not see this coming, but i have believed for a long time that we can talk about what the barriers to entry look like, what transition requirements look like, but out right bands for any trans woman who experience part of puberty. i didn't see it coming through that capture the other sports now have to decide if with its proposed open category hot, swimmingly has set a precedent that they wish to follow. jag, andy richardson, al jazeera marin, ah, no, george 0 me sell robin doha, reminder of our top story. $70000.00 people on the streets of brussels,
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are demanding government out to cope with the rising cost of living. it's the latest and biggest day of action planned by labor unions. they're asking for more investment in the public sector. so boston has more from the belgian capital. i'm in the middle of this, so i. 6 gathering here in a very high living in a supermarket who, groceries, because essentially found the broadest grocery that the more coverage all has gone on more than 10, even 20 percent. inflation is 18 percent. and on the other hand, their wages go up more than 0.4 percent because of the gym law. so the cost of living was also a major issue in the french election. the vote left president, man macro, with no clear majority, you know,
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easy path to passing the forms that he's promised. both the left on the far right make big gains and one conservative group has ruled on forming a coalition with microns party. gustavo petro has been elected columbia's 1st left wing president, ending decades of conservative rule. the former rebel fight a secure, just over 50 percent of the vote. don't have to cope with a weak economy. wide spread poverty and 11 percent unemployment. belgium has handed over the last known remnant of the democratic republic of congo assassinated independence leader. the family of patrice lombard received his gold tooth during a ceremony at the royal palace in brussels. sir lanka has closed schools and shut down on a central government services for 2 weeks to preserve fuel supplies. it comes on the same day that the government sits down for bailout talks with the i m f to cope with the spiraling economic crises. more news in half an hour with emily anguish in the news are, but next on al jazeera, it's talk to sarah on counting the cost,
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china has announced misers to put its economy back on track. counted, succeeds the u. k. bonds to override the northern ireland protocol is a trade war with the in you about to start. and the tourism industry had a strong start to the year. will that continue counting the cost on al jazeera with she's one of the most popular members of the dutch royal family. and while her famous had santiago had grabbed the international media attention, her majesty, queen moxie mom of the netherlands, has walked the extra mile to shine a light on a course close or heart. a banker and finance see it by training queen maximized travel, the world as the united nations secretary general special advocate for inclusive finance for development. a mission beyond her go to to tional duty as the concert
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ugly. dutch king william alexander. i'm prep class in santa gov. capital the card for her 1st trip center cove at 19th and emmy when maxima in her you and capacity fittest west africa, a region she prioritizes to increase financial and digital inclusion along with financial help. her for day 2 began in ivory coast with a full schedule filled with contrast. in the neighbourhood of a bobo, one of abbey chance boris queen maxima met and listened to some of the people she hoped to help. and in an attempt to promote and improve connectivity between casual farmers and the industry sector. she visited a local factory, green maxima of the netherlands explained by she embark on such a mission. since there was a jog, i want to choose the economic life of people. when i was 14, i decided i want to study konami's to actually help people out. i was actually living also in developing countries where the macroeconomic situation was not very
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air. good. and argentine a margin, tina. so therefore it is sort of all this is going to be my thing. and now it's about about a good culture development or to women development. but all basically an economic inclusion, economic apartment. she also had the opportunity to exchange ideas with leaders from different financial institutions in the region and beyond. here in santa gal gwin maximum, my prom and communities as well as president monkeys, sal and members of his government. but the ones, the media are gone and the red carpets are rolled up. how will the queen ensure that these fritz are fruitful, advocacy for financial inclusion for development refilled, would needed most. we will find out in the next half an hour, a maximum of the madeline al jazeera. ah, your majesty queen maxima of the netherlands. thank you for talking to al serra
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i've so witnessed you for the last 45 days in action as an advocate to promote financial inclusion and to eradicate poverty. but i also know you as a popular, glamorous queen of the netherlands, who is queen maxima. what role suit you best, the poverty fighter or the glamorous queen? it's altogether. so i think, you know, i do everything that i try to do with a lot of with, with my also, you know, and he says i was 14 years old. i actually went to study economics, microeconomics because i realized in my country above that things were didn't work for really normal people. and since then i've had this passion, which maybe you call it glamour. maybe i corner of maybe where i'm born from this latin american way of being, but also in a very dutch diligent way. so i think i've actually learned from
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a lot of pieces to actually make this work and, and i don't do this alone. i do it with a lot of partners or the whole band, the gates foundation, that better than cache a lions c guy. you know, i have c and many other partners. i do help me to achieve their time for me helping people at a party that nothing that gives me a bigger kick and nothing that can give me more energy. and you slip easily back from one world of glamour and wealth to the other world, which is really poor. yeah, but i don't see my normal days is glamour. wealth is also a lot of hard work and my life might be seemed like a life green. but i have a very normal day, my kids go to the bicycle to school and they all have no budget now to attain myself to and, and we will work very hard to, i don't see myself, you know? and i think in any case, i have to use my position to improve the lives of others. and i think that's what
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i've been trying to do. we will get back to that later. but i want to go back to what you said. your child with growing up in argentina, you said you were 14, right. when you decided to become an economists and it was a very, very difficult time from tina, very bad crisis that crisis the banks were going bankrupt. lots of poverty. can you remember the 1st images in your life of poverty? what was your 1st experience? i think my biggest shock, when is when i saw really what inflation did to people with less means and they had no way to protect themselves against that inflation. you know, wells, people could actually have access better, better means of protection. they could actually buy dollars back then, or, or put in a very good sort of, you know, saving a car that actually would also controversy, inflation and to see people holding on to the specials. and they had no means of actually fighting this inflation and losing, by the end of the month,
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half of their income in a heck of prices that really shocked me and said, my god, we have to do things differently. is there an image that still is in your you're now just seeing people i'm seeing after very big sort of inflation shop. you could actually see more people beggars on the street more people in the street really not being able to find a home and. and i see that every time in every country go after sort of a very big crisis. you see the impoverishment, we don't have to have the numbers to see do sit in the street. so you decided people need bank accounts. they need financial inclusion. that's like you and the like again, you know, financial interest as a means to an end is not in itself because people do not become better because they haven't a bank account. but when they do have a bank account, when they have a means to actually save when they have, when they start saving, they could actually become sort of more credit worthy. and then they actually do get a credit to actually invest in their business. and then one of the biggest issues and so we know that people once a fight very hard to get her poverty,
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then member the family, get sick or they have an accident or the rain doesn't come and they fall back into poverty. so insurance is extremely important, these cases and then less don't mis regard the importance of payments because how many women actually sort of get a payment on they have to take a bus to actually go and make the deposit in the bank or actually get the payment from the state and sometimes the bus fare his actually have or the payment they get from the state on there 2 days in the bus and leaving their businesses in the families behind. so being able to actually get that cash transfer the state gives to you in your home or your mobile phone is just priceless. it's also secure. it also gives them security. you said before you use this function as, as, as said, the queen of the netherlands, to help with this job. right. where exactly does it help? well, the fact in the beginning it did help because of course are having this position.
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it does brings people together. but afterwards, you have to learn the material, we say and, and really good internet in all the details because, you know, if the devil is in the details of these issues, if we talk about sort of, you know, how do we do that? more women have more access to mobile banking for example. well, 1st of all, you have to access to a phone. and then i need to know the cost structure for women. is it really costly? is it mccarthy hill synagogue, that it is and be now, or it is in kenya to actually literally own a phone, but pay the, you know, the bundle. and then i have to sort of be able to discuss with the minister to say, you know, listen, your price is very high because of this and is not. and this is what you be doing. so, you know, depending on so many infrastructural issues that i need to know to the detail or why these issues on the way they are to help them better. but the doors of ministers and presidents open more easily because your queen. yeah, yeah. but at the same time, i've been doing this for around 15 years. so i have
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a track record, i hope not only myself, but also with all the partners in you know, that this issue has been working. of course in the very beginning when i have to knock the door and they just sit down and listen to me, you know, why should i be listening to a queen talking to me about financial inclusion. but now i know i'm known. and together with my partner said, we've actually brought success more than one point. 4000000 people had had more access to financial services in the last 9 years. so there is a success story to be told. and i think that also mobilizes. people still like 40 percent has not right, not, but we're going to have at the end of this month, all the new figures and i'm very confident. we've also made a big jump the loss of years. but are you disappointed that it's not going as fast as you would like to, because it's still nearly half the population living from cache. oh wow. you know, they come from such a low b and certain countries, you know, are now nearly completely financial included. and i couldn't speak to the country
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once. right. so i, we started with 25 countries. mostly $25.00 countries are by now like 80 percent included. so i need to go to the next level of country. so i guess it's also a question of, you know, try and being able to give the attention to all the countries that actually needed to prioritize. we've seen you going into a lot of meetings with high ranking officials in the ivory coast and here in tennessee. you also met the president monkey saw, how are you ensuring that when the, the photo opportunities they want to have also with you, when the red carpets are rolled up and you go home that they actually implemented they would. but you have been asking for, well, a good example now is just with the ministry of finance minister finance actually has known this national strategy, financial inclusion. and i said to them this and my number very nice to actually have a whole report with a strategy, but but much more important. it is to implement it and coordinate among different ministries and also private sector players. and with
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a central bank that is regional. so what we do is actually we have my partner that actually i was on the ground, they're going to be, we actually said, we've been to help you with these these mission that with very timely bound, deadlines. and also they asked me every 6 months to have a conference call with them. so we do that, you know, we as room or whatever. and so we control it and we also give by then i also have an analysis. what has been done or not done, so i can keep insisting it does work very well. i've done it with several countries that works very well to actually keep the rhythm and the pace of transformation. f, of course, watch the whole journey. the trip that you made last week. and what i also noticed that the media reports about your trip for a lot of percentages, maybe 80 percent, about what you're wearing about the designer, the clothes you're wearing, doesn't frustrate, you know,
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there's press freedom. so i guess i cannot say much about it. i wouldn't course of course i would like it to be much more content and it is what i'm wearing in. that is a case, but i also see very good media, you know, covering what i'm doing and what i'm wearing. so i prefer to focus on that the african countries also are a bit disappointed with, for example, western countries and west and 8. how, how sure are you that they actually really want to listen to a western queen? well, i don't, i cannot say about the disappointment. i think that you know, that's something that is beyond my capacity to actually make an analysis of it. i think. and then it goes, goes back to the whole question. you said before, then not only talking to a queen, they're speaking to a special advocate from the secretary of the united nations and that views.
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they're also representing me so this 193 members page that actually united the united nations. i'm also representing them. so and also because i've done this for a long so many years somewhere there's this credibility that, that you know, that gives them the reason to take me seriously and to really go into technical issues. you're also really strongly coming out for women and power me and i read somewhere in your university years. you look kind of a bit of a rebel. you stood up in a theology class against a priest who said that women troops or men. and then you ask, why am i actually studying them and you are actually removed from class. what does that say about you? i think it's pretty clear. don't you think? and on many levels, i think it is of utmost importance to actually support women develop themselves.
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and it is good for the women themselves and to be independent. but it's also good for society as a whole. we know that we invest in a woman, we invest no, her families and the kids are going to go to school. i mean, we weren't quoting, this lady said to me apart, we know what she started having, whose whole programming was, she has savings and sort of a limit of insurance to actually sort of put in, in their, in their little companies. i'm to them said, you know, my children are going to university, she didn't even finish school herself. so you know, this is the effect on investing in women. and i have to say also, i think women extremely capable of doing so many good things. and i, we have to just give them the opportunity. and in this case, that's why we're now trying with the african union to have this very big program of digital and financial inclusion for women. because women are less likely to own
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a phone, a less likely to use a huge gap. it is closing very little by little and i don't do not want to generalize because for example, synagogue. this gap is shrinking, and quoting why it was widening. but we need to work a lot more in including the women in the system. if they don't have a phone, they will not be included in the economic system. at least not fully. and these type of issues we need to fight for because it's like investing is that a smart investment? that would actually have such a big return? because when we do that, i mean, they will be able to do so much more. and also part of the 50 percent of the other cultures are women. if we need another cultural revolution in africa, we need the women. but where did i come from in that university? where did i come from? from you? what role model that you half i. 8 i think my father was amazing supporting me and he had 7 daughter,
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so i think he he had to invest in daughters. otherwise he knew what it would actually come. that's a joke, but he was so good at giving us a lot of support and you know, letting us know that women can be as good as men. and he was very supportive and he would never know whatever we had in our minds. he always said to us, speak up and, and tell us what you think. so. yeah, he thought he really was very much about equal opportunities. well, your father was a minister of agriculture right in the continued government fidela we came back then. so is that an example for you that. ready the cultural, the farming interests you have, do you mean is that's a reason why i'm also interested in farming it's, it's, it's a double thing. i think on the one hand, yes, i do have an emotional attachment to farming because i grew up talking about farmers yield. so farming and different products. how to, you know,
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the importance of exporting the importance of subsistence farming, the importance of also the value chains that need to be supported. so that, that's what i heard all my life right. so of course i do have an understanding or at least an emotional bond with it, but also to be honest with you, if we have to fight poverty, most of the poor people certainly here in africa live in the rural areas. and this is the subsistence farmers that actually are really trying to make ends meet in a very tough way. and we need to really invest a lot more in farming. i mean, it will talk about sort of increasing livelihoods. we have a deficit of billions of dollars annually to invest in production, in all its ways from the very start to at least the their transformation of agriculture. so we need to really focus how to engage with a farmers a lot better. and we have 550000000 small who follow around the world
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that are not getting the credit nor the services they need to really make that change. and we thoroughly miss it. you are in university hoping, of course that women would be empowered in your lifetime in a satisfying way. if you look at the situation right now, for example, in the knowledge, we still haven't had a female prime minister. and also looking at the situation here in africa with the agenda gap and women still being more in poverty than, than man. if you look at the compare the situation, what went wrong? well, i don't, i don't think one should actually say what went wrong. i think even in synagogue, i was just being told that, you know, about 20 years ago, women could not even inherit or own anything. not even allowed to have a bank account. and they now connection harrington and own bank account. and there are many women ministers here in synagogue within think of many years ago. so there,
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there have been advances. absolutely. so it can be enough because i'm impatient. of course, it's never quick enough. we always will board. but that we can also deny that there has been advances, but we of course we need to have a lot more. absolutely. well, many girls. our generation grew up reading fairy tale books about if you marry a prince, you live happily ever after you are a living example. and of course you're a modern queen with modern challenges. as you have told us, what would you tell girls who are watching this interview about this fairy tale? does it exist? i don't think this fairy tale exists. i think it's more hard work and anything else that i've actually done, and i tell you was a bunker, new york working 16 hours a day. so. and it's a lot of responsibility. and also i think if you have this position, there's a responsibility for us to make a change. someone and i take it very seriously. and this is one part of what i do
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also in the netherlands. i've actually done issues of music education also access for me to credit which didn't exist before and try to improve the situation of us in the netherlands. i've also just launched a foundation, mental health for youth, and i guess i do not stop. that's a little bit what i am, but at the same time, i think that one is in this position to make a change for the people that you know surround us. well, the monarchy in the netherlands has also been criticized on, on the pressure recently in your role as the un special advocate. do you want to reshape the role of, of a queen for example, to show that i do not have that potential. i don't have that potential, i think that every person does it the way they come and according to their own abilities and according to their own tenants. i hope that i've actually try to develop some talent for myself, that i can actually make a difference in certain aspects. but i do not think that one size will fit and
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agree with what is the ideal queen according to an ideal screen. and every country has a different system and, and as time changes, my daughter will actually do it in a different way than i have done it. so i don't think i'm, i think the only example one connection you gave is to really go for what you love and what you really makes you happy. and that gives you energy. because by doing that, you will actually make a difference. you, in the beginning, you asked about the 2 different roles that you have and they're from different kinds of worlds. i'm just wondering what experience do you have as a special advocate that really has touched you the most, maybe on this trip or maybe in previous trips? no one has touched me. the most is to see the effect that this work has actually had on people. and in their lives i've actually done repeat visit
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to countries and couple of times actually visit the same person. i've done that in bangladesh and also in a couple of other places. and to see that this woman that had just one employee, i was barely making ends meet. and i go there for 5 years later. and that is just like 12 employees. and she's like, you know, the person in the whole village that is actually a help in the village elder. and she's a woman. and that's, that's really encourages me to do all the work that is needed. and i know that there's so many more examples like that and you sometimes take them home with you that you take think about the stories and yeah, absolutely. well i am i do and i always have pictures and i have my elbows with all the or the class i've actually met. and so that is really very nice and i know what i follow all the projects that i've actually visited. i try to follow them and some practice didn't actually materialize or the were not that successful, but the great majority have been and i think that is really work has to be the
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energy and to do this work. yeah, you're trained economist, you were working at at a bank before you met your husband. have you ever imagined if you would have not met the crown prince and have become a queen, how your career would have been? yeah, i don't think it would be it because the reason why i got into this is because i actually before i met my husband, i started helping some friends with micro finance and that was back in 1998. i forget the dates. and so it was because of that i was, i actually asked by the way, because a couple of people in america, fine as well that i asked me to start developing my ideas on the un. so and i was very enticed by it. so i would have imagined that i would like to continue with that. how difficult was it to, to, to combine it because as we, we said it's a full, modern, full time job. you have in the netherlands, you do a lot of promoting music in school as you sat, mental health issues,
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and then this whole big job. well, as i said, i don't do it alone. i have a fantastic team in new york that actually helps me out. also somebody helps me in the netherlands and also very many partners that when i leave this country, they will be following it up for me when i'm doing other things. so i'm that the same time, you know, when you are actually doing something you like, you find the time and you find the energy because it is what it will give you even more energy and inspire you to every time be able to person. and every time to try to focus a little more. so i think that would be the message that i could give to any person around. and you going to run the world, do what you're good at and do what you really, what really gives you a lot of energy because that in turn would develop itself and in successes. and i know to reward that answers my 1st question. are you a passionate poverty fighter or a glamorous queen you sound very passionate about this. i also re max him out of
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the netherlands. thank you for talking to al jazeera. i think if we're paying attention to my work and financial inclusion, it is so important. it can really change things, thinking, ah, during the colonization of africa, thousands of artifacts were removed by the major european powers of the french occupation gradually removed a lot of works. a new 3 part series tells the story of the struggle by african countries to we claim that priceless heritage because it didn't happen overnight. we were robbed over time restitution. africa stolen out. coming soon on al jazeera frank assessments. it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon, it's actually structural lebanon needs,
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and you also contract in order for it to solve this problem. informed opinions, international communities on the goal, is my security. and that creates a government has knowledge to be seen in depth analysis of the data global headlines. this is going to be very hard for people to explain to the public that instead of pushing back, no, it's actually got 2 members. inside story on al jazeera, there's less than 6 months to go until the well come and the clock is ticking. a themes and fans let's to make them our own kathy. 20. 22. well, have a new show every month. taking in the news and excitement from across the globe, picking off in south america as maxi thinks to match merit donna and brazil looked at and a 20 you wait for a trophy join us for the well have count down on al jazeera salaam, ali come it's great to see. welcome to the cottage economic forum powered by bloomberg
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. some people say that they said deed localization going on, but i'd prefer to think off to read globalization or accomplish speakers from heads of state to business and policy leaders. we'll discuss evolving technology, education, culture, sustainability, and the impact on the economy. ah, ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello, i'm emily, angling. this is the news, our line from doe hon. coming up in the next 60 minutes on strike, thousands protest against the rising cost of living in brussels, while the u. k is facing its biggest train walk house in decades. from gorilla fighter to colombian. president,
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gustavo petro pledges to fight inequality after making history is the country's 1st left is laid up and we look at how he's challenger rodolfo.


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