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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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ones who said lights on what was going on in a way that's most means to me to do this, there's nothing static about the lebanon is always in a dynamic transformation. we have the agency to create the vibe of the generation chain on al jazeera. the stage are set for one of the most significant electrons in columbia. recent history, a mostly conservative rule. well, columbia elect, through left it toward a 1st time in its history. while the story of the great, i'll just 0, ah, this is al jazeera. ah,
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hello there, i'm dealing with donald. this is the i'm jesse were news our live from london coming up deliberately targeted with armor piercing bullets. the palestinian authority lays out its evidence against these railing military in the killing of shooting ap lackley anger, prayers and tears in texas. the community mourns the victims of the latest u. s. school massacre. the babies the good to all get them loved it up bothered. i bet you china's 8 nation pacific tor sparks concerns. it wants to extend its influence across the region and angle over the state of maternity care in senegal and 11 newborn babies die in a hospital fire and in sport. daniel medford have cruises into the 3rd round of the french open, while foreseen as definite, sits the past needed for hours to be so qualifier to advance in paris.
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ah. a warm welcome to the program. the palestinian attorney general says israeli forces deliberately targeted veteran al jesse were reporter, sheridan abil, actually with armor piercing bullets with the intent to kill her. and those who tried to help her. our crew are khattab says they've concluded that a sniper shot sharing in the head now occupied west bank. on may. the 11th need to abraham reports now from ramallah. the is really army, deliberately target the veteran. i just eat a journalist, treating a ball. claire with this is the mean finding of the palestinian public prosecutors investigation into the killing in a press conference and the presidential headquarters in the occupied west bank. the prosecutor explained how she was targeted while trying to escape a barrage of bullets about validating shuttling coffee. and it's been
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proven conclusively that the targeting of shewn and the group are joined by the israeli occupation forces was direct and deliberate that has improved by the type of the rifle. aruba mini 14 and the type of bullet known as i'm up here in bullet stuck them. the investigation confirmed there was no firing from the palestinian side at the time, shooting was killed. the bullet is a key evidence of the case. palestinian official have refused to hand it over to the israeli authorities. the palestinian authority won't even release the picture of the bullet saying israel will try to use it to manipulate track. that mistrust is why the palestinian authority has refused a joint investigation with israel saying it can't trust israel to investigate itself. is really narrative changed several time since judy was shot. these really are mistress that it can't. that's her mind if she was killed by palestinians or by israeli forces. the i'll just either media network has formed the legal team to
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refer shootings file to the international criminal court itc. earlier this week, the palestinian foreign ministry submitted the fall of shooting killing to the high tribunal, hoping the ice, his prosecutor would investigate the case. we will continue to resort to all international forms. we will not abandon a single right of the palestinian people. we will present all the document to the international court, including this significant report and we have already referred several documents onto the international criminal court. the palestinian investigation report is the latest addition to witnesses accounts and several investigations confirming that shooting was deliberately targeted. it's saying here as more proof as more evidence that if and when the i see decide to investigate the case that they will have more witnesses, they will have more finding. but the palestinians here are hoping that with international pressure, with the media attention to this case,
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that the eyes to see will indeed investigate should ins, killing as a war crime. many here say that she is not the 1st victim of these really occupation and fear she won't be the laugh. they won't accountability, but fear it's a far fetched expectation. later, but him al jazeera be occupied westbank while the palestinian ambassador to the united nations has given an emotional address security cancel. we had mom, sewer is calling for justice on behalf of all punish palestinians who fallen victim to the israeli occupation. she reads, killing is the story. the same story. she was telling. the difference is that this time the world knew the victim. we are not being killed because of what we do, but because of who we are, we are not being killed by mistake. but as, but
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a grand design a me to make sure we all understand. no one is safe so that we all live with fear in our hearts uncertain. no. impunity for a journalist at president the health worker. a you and stuff, a farmer, a child that may be a pregnant mother, an elderly professor, a dual citizen, and minister, an officer, a judge. if you are a palestinian, you are illegitimate, thought us ambassador to the un is demanding full accountability fisheries killing. we strongly condemn her killing, and we call for an immediate oral, transparent, and impartial investigation and apparently include conclusion of an investigation.
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we expect full accountability for those found responsible. sharina killing is a tragic loss and an affront to press freedom everywhere. compounding this last was the violence at sharon's funeral procession on may 13th and we have directly shared our concern with israel regarding the troubling footage of israeli police intruding into the procession. kristin salumi is live now from the un headquarters in new york. i. kristen put these statements into some sort of context for us. what was the point of this meeting? this was the security council's monthly meeting on the situation in the middle east, a chance for the security council to get an update on pertinent developments in the region. what they refer to as the palestinian question and nearly every speaker
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brought up the killing of serene ottawa clay and the need for an investigation to be pursued there. those speakers, however, put her death into the context of palestinian issues on a daily basis and what average palestinians are dealing with the middle east, envoy for the united nations tor van. aslan, i talked about a familiar pattern of violence that includes armed clashes, settlement expansions, demolitions daily violence. he called and pointed out that 10 palestinians have died since the last meeting of the security council on the situation and the middle east among them. a woman and 3 children and israelis have died as well, for israelis were killed in that period. and that was also condemned by most of the speakers there as well. but what sharon's death and the palestinian ambassadors comments about it highlight is that there is a lack of recourse for palestinians when i'm a journalist,
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a child or humanitarian worker can be killed without recourse at kristen. the security council, as, as you've been saying, is already condemned showings killing, but doing expect them to take further action at this stage. right, the security council had a rare moment of unity on the situation in the middle east and made a statement calling for a immediate thorough, transparent, and impartial investigation. again, many people repeated that call today the you members of the security council when even farther and called for an independent investigation though they didn't talk about what that would entail or what, who would possibly do that. we know that the palestinians have been calling for the international criminal court to take up the issue and to look into it. and al jazeera network has also called for the isis see, to do so the e,
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when even farther, and talked about settlement expansion and deplored b recent decision to construct 4000 new housing units in the occupied west bank. and as we heard from the u. s. ambassador, she also demanded accountability and as well as an investigation into sharina. steph, kristin salumi, they are joining us live from the you and kristen think he will lewis. marino campbell served as the 1st chief prosecutor of the international criminal court from 2003 to 2012, and he joins his life also from new york for more on that i. c. c, were pharaoh. mr. marino campbell, thank you very much for being with us. can you explain for us, how does this process work? how is a case brought to the i c. c? well, the frivolous wants some validity to vicki gave the crime in spanish thought. so that, but athenian oath, florida,
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these are the main with ultimately mitigate. however, if they found they've they date that perpetrator, lisa, israeli told you that, but then also because law leo could bring it to eat, rescued him because echoing with boston can not prosecute it. therefore the only chance they have is that they did send castell, international criminal court in the hey, so the person who is now that g prosecutor guardian can p that person who's l 32. these do mitigate or not to me in the crime. the news on the international court and it isn't open in the palestine. so is read, it was incidents are investigated in there by the same situation that either responsibility of the current cheaper than cutting and how is that just to then
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decide whether a particular incident has mary or not, in what ways that decision made well depend not depend he got his own credential and that that's it. look it user and he's a good lawyer, need evidence. so my point is we had to cook, i'd like to kill the bunny finance on the radio to solve this issue. we need a real good investigation and therefore in order to facilitate the work of the prosecutor shipping court would help him to get evidence for palestine is very difficult to interview is really focus. but i just see that, see, and then you can look and you can do that in formally as a journalist or you're going to do it with, with an s, as a lawyer would do. it was a nephew day to do when it's one payment or you can help bring the bringing the
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witness to the i to see. i see can interview the person in the, in, in the court in the hague easily. so they're different in mall as to why i believe the fact that jesse that is involved in this and he sent to boosted investigation is very important. cnn also today make a few they to go make a big splash on different type of evidence. okay, that's very good. you can help the prosecutor to have a good the fact that is a way to move this case for what. what does the timeline in a situation like this look like? like if all the evidence is being compiled as you point out from all sorts of different sources, how, how long might it take until some sort of progress? and i use that word loosely might be seen. we are no, no is there is no time limit. so the procedure go, discretion is absolute here and also if he's investigating the crime,
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he will not tell us. so he had to keep this investigation confidentially so that what we don't know, but, you know, to get momentum and to keep it going ahead because he's a lot of frustration now on this case and adding to live generation by this case. it beat them infiltration because she was a journalist. she, she had the american pathways. she's, she's a barry this particular victim. so i believe they went to move forward with k to expedite the process is to help in mitigation. i just, cedar will provide testimonies. i just like would call the general in judge of the military forces, asking questions about the could frankly in defy the sodium deisel food such as showing that the cars that were there. so you can in the fight who are in the cars and try to interview them. you're going to review the people who were with the
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journalist here. so you can do a lot of c helping to, to expedite the mitigation, providing evidence with our help in the pacific to of, in the mitigation. this was marine ocampo, their 1st to prosecutor, the international criminal court. thanks so much for joining us. and you, coming up on the snooze are from london among cons, ultimatum to the pakistani government call new elections of face a string of major protests, exposing divisions of race and class, the former domestic worker who could become columbia's next vice president. and in support. the best player in women's tennis right now makes it 30 winds in a row to reach the 3rd, right. the french ah, long foresman officials in the us are under renewed pressure over their response to
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tuesday school shooting in texas, the deadliest in a decade. 19 children and 2 teachers were killed at an elementary school in vall, day oh, a vigil was held on wednesday night to remember the victims authority say that gunman, salvador ramos entered the school without any confrontation, contradicting earlier reports that an officer engaged with him outside the building, he was shot dead more than an hour later. and despite a community in morning, the national rifle association has ignored calls to counsel its event in texas on friday. the shooting has once again brought gun control back into the national spotlight. even as members of you've all this small community still struggle to make sense of the tragedy with do it got burnt up. that baby all
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just love blah blah, that i bet you i honestly think that it could have been a lot more to have been prevented to compare that a few barriers or surely that going further horizon. john hinge and joins us live now from the of all day in texas. and john, what do we learn from the most recent press conference that was held? this is a picture of a town in morning. this is the newspaper to day. it's all black, but for the date of the massacre, it was supposed to be the last day of school, but instead 21 crosses are standing on the school yard. one for each of the people killed 19 children, 2 teachers. and we now have learned that the husband of one of those teachers, irma garcia, has also died of a heart attack. i spoke to
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a brave young man is 8 years old, named fernando rodriguez. we had the permission of his mother to speak to him. he said he was in the school at the time as the shooting was going on and those bullets were audible to him. he said he was scared, and now he says he misses his friends. there are a lot of new questions now being asked as to why it took an hour for border patrol agents to storm into that school. they had to find a key to get into the door of the classroom where the gunman was held, holding people hostage and shooting them. over the course of an hour. we are told by one child who survived in that room that hit the words of the gunman as he entered work. it's time to die. now what we've learned from police in a news conference today was they backtracked earlier comments saying that a guard at the school had tried to stop the gum. and in fact, they say that gum went right into their school and we have video here. this is
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a little hard to hear, but there are parents who are asking police why they're not going in urging them to go in saying there are children inside who cannot defend themselves. asked about that at a news conference today. a police spokesman said, we want to get you the answers, but give us time. so a lot of criticism about the timing of this shooting until i'm high, would you sum up how the community are dealing with these latest developments as they come? i'm, i'm sorry if you're asking me a follow up. i am not able to hear that. i will tell you john hendrick, there will speak not to david casino from the give his law center to prevent gun violence and he joins us live from new york. i'm hi there, david. at do you sense that there's any sort of tipping point here in the aftermath of this shooting and can we expect any action to be take him? hi julian, thank you for having me tonight. i certainly hope so. i mean,
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the car that we've seen in texas is not new. we just saw in buffalo years ago, and communities around the united states have been experiencing it day after day, year after year. and i hope that at some point, finally our politicians finally decide that they've had enough time to take some important action. and i hope that it's this moment and i find every day that it will be david, we've heard a few times now. and yesterday we heard from the texan governor, he said, you know, let's not make politics out of this massacre. but then again, families involved, they want this to be political enough, presumably to make change happen. i suppose looking at it from the perspective over here in great britain where these things don't happen, we ask ourselves, how can this not be political, isn't politics at the heart of this? well, i think the fact the question about whether you call it politics or not is beside the point and the attempt to call it a political matter is a way to sidestep responsibility for the fact that the matter is, texas has some but worse laws in this country and this country is not strong enough laws as it is, and until our officials recognize that and take responsibility for it,
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there will be no action of need action. we've also heard, as we often do in the situation, david, that it's, it's not guns, but mental health in this case that needs tackling. so i guess my question would be, who are we going to see the republican sentences pledging bizarre says for, for mental health. i think that should be every resources a portfolio of mental illnesses that, that there, there could be. but i think what you'll notice is that in the same speech where the governor yesterday called for more mental health intervention, he also said that there was no indication that the individual needed mental health treatment until he walked into a school and thought all those children so that's obviously not the answer to distraction what, what is the answer because we've seen this happen time after time after time. and the world looks on, i think with a sense of absolute bewilderment. and we heard by to say yesterday that the 2nd amendment is an absolute, it's always had its limits. so why is it that what seems like common sense restrictions to the rest of the world seems so on palatable? it would seem just so many in the us. i mean what you said about this keeps
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happening time after time. and that's true. and the thing that underlies every time that it happens, the fact that it was at the gun that was too easy for the person to obtain. it is far too easy to get a gun in this country. there are too many in the hands of people who shouldn't have them. so we need things like universal background checks. we need restrictions on people ages 80920 years old. they can't go out by a semi automatic weapon as the shooter did here, as the shooter did in buffalo, we need is kind of intervention desperately. and there's no reason why we can't have them except that our policies don't have the will for it. and it is not partly because we hear that politicians don't have the will, but is that because people will vote for them if they change direction? i don't know how to explain the cowardice of those politicians, but my theory is that it's not a matter of anything back there in the pocket of the n r i. the energy has been such a toxic force on our politics for so long. and there are an organization that like the gun industry they represent refused to take responsibility even when it's so
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obviously at their feet. davis, you know, they are joining me from the different law center to prevent gun violence, and thanks very much, david for joining us. thank you, julie. now less than 2 months after he was ousted in a vote of no confidence pakistan's, former prime minister that's among con stage and biggest process. yet in the capital, islam abad. is one the government to hold fresh elections in less than a week or face more mass demonstrations. small hider has more not from some about hundreds of containers and police barricades have failed to stop dest brokerage, march powder, and supporters of former prime minister m. ron han bringing life to a what you're still in buckets on capital. if my by one group broke through. 3 barriers why largest glowed by tried to reach the protest retinue, hoping to catch a glimpse of delita people march for 30 yards and lying, stretching for several kilometer to reach the capital. and what would usually be to
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drive 100? i'm on the left early morning on rent, day to day the city despite the barricade going on. thank you. a lot of the punjab police made things difficult for us and use tear gas and 2 dogs to stop by. but i still manage to get although it was made to be a beautiful protege. it soon turned violent the police you for your district, the protested and major city, and prevent them from joining the protest in the capital. hon supported including women and children 1st and then the guy came and rubber for late. it's bite, a court ruling allying the projects go ahead. hundreds of people who are all registered across buckets, dawn, including, and night rates throughout the nearly died m, ron con, said he had decided to temporarily call of the appropriate an issue to make him
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i'm giving it the government 6 days to announce and you will action date and now it's election dates in the month of june ends is over simply. if you do not, then i will come back to islamabad with all of my mean. the former prime minister, i'm ron han had already left the renew of the rotate body and warned a government 6 days to announce fresh election, the government. and it will complete it all. but it faded and up, dodge in, dealing with a mounting economic crisis and reduce your force against baseboard per cache criticism of it is growing. come all have roger g. it's lama bod. well, aisha city is a senior fellow with the department of war studies at kings collision london. she joins us live via skype. sure, welcome to the program. and how would you describe what we're currently seeing and pakistanis iran con demands those fresh elections?
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wow. the way his people have gathered in the queue also created is really depressing. but i think that his deadline is also recognition. that there was brush on him probably from the military who want him to go back and not create you know more, more in the sun. god bucks on is really under a lot of pressure with mommy pressure. it needs money from the math and it really needs to show our method this entire government. is that long enough for math to provide some resources for barcas on? for military, it's essential and will pockets on these resources are essential. asia, how much support across the whole country does? does it run con, have why don't you know when the last elections, 2018, about 31 percent of the voters voted for him. so you know, that is just to give you a sense. i would also imagine that given his rhetoric,
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given his goal for, you know, conspiracy theory and american good thursday, again, spark is on. he's become more popular. i mean for what one has the you the fence sitters what neither in one body or the other. they have to, it was called and that's why call the election, but he's not even looking at, you know, in want, in order to return to power is not even looking at what it means for buckets on. i mean, this is really a very critical situation for the country. he also wants to kind of, you know, build support for himself, show this st. paul to impress the generals in the army so that they could also, you know, go towards it. but right now it's 5050. what, what could tip the balance i aisha, i mean, i'm thinking about this is
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a kind of in the book situation could, could we see more violence, for example? i don't think not. i mean, he can, i mean, he gives a call, probably they'll be more people were agitated, boxed on is very polarized at the moment. so that could be violent, but i don't think that he would be allowed, greater violence. i mean, whatever boxed on his scene is kind of position right now. most confusions are thinking about how to kind of get through the day. there is no, no source really where i mean, china is hughie saw the rubia. all these countries were traditionally gave bucks on money, have austin to go to the i, m f, and i m f one focus on do in bows, new taxes to remove subsidies, and also reduce its deficit spending. that puts tremendous pressure and most
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institutions for inflation is over 15.3 percent bucks on is really hurting. so more violence is going to hurt focus on more. it's not good. and i think what the ron khan is trying to do is make the govern durham government more kind of unpopular, which it will get eventually when things become more expensive. but this is certainly not the way i use as the kid there, senior fellow with the department of war study can college asia. thank you. thank you. there's lots more still to come this hour. ukraine admits russia has the upper hand in hand with 90 percent of the region under its control. unimed sport, boston take the upper handled miami in the n b a playoff. ah,
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let's go with your weather report for friday. europe and africa have one, so a familiar scene here, we're turning up the heat again as we look towards spain. so seville at $35.00 degrees suns out, but it's not going to last for much longer. and because those winds will shift around. so from the northeast and we draw some cooler air from the southwest. so that kicks back your temperature to 28 degrees. it's also had heat around the bulk ins. many spots in the 30 is but truth be told, we could pair up some thunderstorms here, as we look to our crecia bosnia right through into serbia. now that heat is also pressing into turkey is stumble, $28.00 degrees on tale at $36.00 sets about 10 above where you should be for this for the year after the northwest slice of europe right now. pretty typical weather pattern here we got some showers zipping across scotland heavier about the brain though can be found in poland. now what is not usual is some intense rain starting
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to find its way further north into mauritania. we may see some flooding there. we got our usual storms around the gulf of guinea and as we end in south africa right now, some showers around close to luna tall. i stay in cape town on friday with the high of 21 degrees. but here we are. and saturday, we start to see the showers pulling, so it's going to be an unsettled weekend there. enjoy all you can. ah, any v o p and ours to grat turned communist rebel only to be disappeared. a families tragedy entwined with a violent chapter in the country's history. when you see the blood, you see is that going to be my blood on that was to a lifelong search for answers and closure. finding salon witness on al jazeera.
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ah, ah ah, wherever you go in the world, warmer line goes to make it for you exception. katara always going places to go. ah ah, ah, reminder of our top story, sierra l g 0. the palestinian attorney general says israeli forces deliberately targeted veteran al jazeera reports or sharon abbey acclaimed with armor piercing
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bullets with the intend to kill her. and those which i had to help her. i come, i'll have to, it says they've concluded a sniper shot shooting in the head and the occupied westbank may. the 11th non force meant officials in the us are under pressure over their response to tuesday school shooting in texas, which left 19 children and 2 t is dead. officials say gunman, salvador ramos was inside the school for up to an hour before he was killed. china's foreign minister is on a tour of 8 pacific ocean islands, escalating bears the beijing is trying to bring the region under its influence, a leak document suggest china is hoping to strike deals with 10 countries that cover everything from security to fisheries. at least one pacifically there sees it as an attempt to seize control and i was trailer, scrambling to canon touching this move by sending its top diplomat to fiji. sarah clark reports now from christmas touch down in holly yara,
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china's foreign minister, one. he led a 20 strong delegation to the solomon islands to sign a security pact from china is willing to work with the solomon islands to implement and make good use of the consensus reached by the leaders of the 2 countries to elevate the relationship between china and the solomon islands to a higher level. the deal with the solomon islands is china's 1st known bilateral security agreement in the region. china plans to base police law enforcement groups and military personnel in hon yara, to ensure public order falling riots in the capital. china said to offer economic and security partnerships with up to 10 other, orlando, sions ongoing militarization of disputed features in the south trying to see predatory economic activities including illegal unregulated fishing. i and then the investments that are extractive rather than beneficial. i to the countries
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that are subject to them. australia has traditionally played a key role in the pacific affairs. china is expanding, military presence, undermines it's relationships. australia is newly appointed foreign is to flew to fiji on thursday or for an action on climate change, and bolstering humanitarian aid and development. i don't approach the discussion about china and china's activities looking at the pacific as if it is a abstract from australia. i'll look at this and think, what is it we need to do to work together? china has rejected fish, is that it's nearly signed security. pat clears the way for naval base in honey ara and a military presence, 2000 kilometers from australia's coastline. but analysts say china's leaders,
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i came to challenge the pacific traditional partners of the past. i don't think there's any doubt. this is a clear signal that china res. so as i say, striking claim to a place in the region. but also what it is looking to disrupt or what, what have been many traditional oh, sets of relationships in the regions also on the itinerary for china's foreign minister. is fiji better watty caraballo, samoa, and papa new guinea. sarah clark, our da 0 brisbin, australia. ukraine has admitted that russia has the upper hand and the eastern region of your hands. that's where moscow's forces are focusing their latest offensive. they've shell more than 40 tans in advance and neighboring denette skit just in the past 24 hours. the regional governess, as 90 percent of the hands is now under russian control. sort of the aggressor
12:37 am
conduct intensified fire along the whole line of contact and they don't yet, corp region. the enemy uses technical rocket systems ation and artillery. the situation is difficult and there are signs of escalation. the enemy has used all resources to capture our territory and surround our forces. the fighting reached maximum intensity. the enemy attacks oppositions at different points simultaneously were in for a very difficult and long stage of the struggle as well as the bank has more now from the screech in eastern ukraine on the kind of today it's quiet. we haven't heard much other than i'm going fire, but the other night we were and just before coffee, we left the car and we had the town was struck. now let me show you what happened. this is a library. ukraine and there's a light b, one strike one read through the roof. the other bomb dropped here. right? because right on the floor between the library and some residential buildings.
12:38 am
another crew to next to it. it took out the residential building, opposite and behind us. now we spoke to some people that were here, cleaning up their belongings just to the, to the right of us because people who are staying here, i'm, yes, one man like with everyone. ok. i federal where a life, but i have no way to live anymore. we met another mother and a child that lives in the building behind us. and she said that we've left and we only come back to feed our cast because i doesn't want to leave. most people have left because of the situation here in elsewhere. we were near so slowly and this morning just got side and reese and we saw and heard the russian strike hitting a position on the hill. we heard the whistling of the 3rd of the smoke rising up. now, you're going to start the saying that russia is intensifying. it's ation. it's is it strikes to help his grand for in that offensive. and also it's long range, a strategic bomb as to take out the ukranian air defenses. 3 days of national
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mourning have been declared in senegal, after a fire killed 11 newborn babies and a new ne, to watch. it's the latest in a series of deadly hospital incidents and sandals. president has sacked his health minister as criticism as well. an electrical fault has been blamed for the place in the western city of t. thou one. nicholas hawk reports from there with mothers grieving for their new born baby who died in the new needle ward of the public hospital. i'm heartbroken. i am a parent and morning and i cannot understand why god took my newborn child away this way. dozens of premature babies were left unattended under u. v. lights when a suspected short circuit started, the fire, the smell of smoke woke, retired police officer l hodge months, who am whoop, who lives near by their mom. what about a little i recognize the smell of human flesh. the state is responsible for this
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because the state is responsible for the safety, especially public buildings. so the responsibility lies with the state. filiette. the government announced 3 days of national morning and an investigation to fix responsibility. security forces and police have been deployed around this hospital that has been cordoned off and also the contain the crowd. the government says, this was an unfortunate incident, but people here see gross negligence. they say some of them that we've spoken to, that they try to break inside the ward. but the fire extinguishers were not working . there was no sprinklers and there was no alarm bells last year, several you borns were killed in similar circumstances in another maternity ward fire. last week, you born declared dead was found alive in a morgue. and another national crime protest were provoked when a pregnant mother died after nurses and doctors were accused of failing to assist
12:41 am
her. we want to remind the government of their responsibility to ensure that all citizens, especially women and children, are given the care they deserve. and we invite citizens to denounce the injustice. a negligence that exists in our hospitals with government. critics say funds meant to go to hospitals are going into the pockets of officials with not enough nurses in too many seemingly preventable death. then english people are trying to make sense of this latest tragedy. what appears to be a broken health system. nicholas hawk al jazeera t rowen. well, as nicholas mentioned, thursdays far is the latest tragedy highlighting the dangers it given birth in senegal, the west african nation has about 3 point one midwives, and nurses per 10000 people. that makes it one of the lowest rank countries in the world for qualified maternal care and outcomes for both mother and baby are poor. now, while most bert's now take place in public medical facility,
12:42 am
many of those under equipped rural health post 30 percent of the polls don't have a local midwife and most are unable to provide basic emergency obstetric care, such as antibiotics. now one will travel is also often required for women with complicated births, including the need for ses errands or blood transfusions. but a shortage of ambulance is poor rules. a long distance is only add to the problem. at least 200 people have been killed during fighting near a gold mine in northern chad. unverified video and social media shows dead bodies and men wielding machine guns from the backs of trucks. the violence broke out at a remote informal mining site near libya where the army has been fighting rebel groups now for over a decade. chance communications minister says arabs crossed the libyan border and fought members of the tamar community some bomb ways trying to win international support to sell its stock pile of ivory in an attempt to help its
12:43 am
struggling economy. it's invited delegates to a 3 day conference in the juan gay national park scene as a beacon of success in elephant conservation. country has a $130.00 tons of elephant toss either sees from porches or deceased animals and it's worth an estimated $100000000.00. on the black market, said bob, we says it could quit an international convention regulating the ivory trade. if it's not allowed to sell the tusks, john scanlan is the chief executive officer of the elephant protection initiative and he says that selling the soap pile of ivory will encourage further poaching. yeah, because the challenge that symbolically is facing is a real one, and it's not just faces in bob way. and that is how do you manage large elephant populations and how do you manage them when they're coming into conflict with your local communities and very sadly injuring and killing members of the community. that is a real problem. and how do you finance that? at the moment, somebody's looking to ceiling. a ivory stockpiles is
12:44 am
a way of financing that. the problem is that the theory behind filling ivory is fine. an elephant dies of metric causes. you can make the i, for you sell it in the and that the prices go back to local communities. the sad reality is that it just hasn't worked that way. once you have a market in, i've read you have a high value placed on ivory. it does seem like poaching the illegal killing of elephants for their ivory. i back in 2010 to 2012. we saw 100000 elephants killed illegally for their ivory. so the issue is, if it's the best way forward to try and generate revenue, i would say no. we ought to maintain the ban on ivory for good reason. what we need to do is have a much broader conversation outside of the outside of the trade or no trade debate, and look at how do we generate resources, forcing bob way to manage a telecom populations for the 1st time in many decades, a left swing candidate is favorite to become columbia's next president sundays when
12:45 am
a must tackle in the economy hit by the pandemic, social unrest, organized crime, and an influx of venezuela migrants, gustavo pet choice. the front runner with about 36 percent support in the pools is a former guerrilla and a former mayor of ball guitar. his victory would radically changed the political landscape in the country and in the region. federico gets eras as soon as the continuing continuing candidate of the current president ivan dukes administration . he's a conservative former mayor of medea, in a latest pulls, have him at 25 percent. but support also appears to be searching for rideau for hernandez. the businessman is campaigning as the 3rd way with a strong focus on anti corruption. and then finally, sergio for haro is pulling forth, he's a mathematician and foreigner, governor of unto korea. he missed the 2018 run off by just 2 points, while the country could get its 1st black vice president from c. a marquez is
12:46 am
a former domestic worker who was born into poverty and has used the election campaign to open discussions about race and class in a way that's rarely been seen before. alexander ram piazza reports now from cali leading vice presidential candidate francy. marchis doesn't look like, nor has the resin. we have a traditional columbian politician. yet she has become a political phenomenon, giving the voice to the countries marginalized communities. i didn't ask to be in politics, but politics messed with us. and now we mess with it and were messing with politics because they always told us, it wasn't for us. that politics was for others. mark as rice has been meteoric as a black woman and environmentalists, her message and candid language propelled her to the 3rd place in the country's march presidential primary, compelling. the leading presidential candidates gustavo k through to choose her as her running mate. okay columbia and i said thank you, i'm b account except
12:47 am
a woman that the elite c as that housemaid. we were limited to one role and she's changed that showing us and our daughters, that we can be what we want. even president obama has a single mother. she worked as a housemaid, but managed to get a law degree and was awarded the goldman pricing 2018. the world's most important price for environmental activists. i thought i ought to adam. she has survived the attempts in her life after confronting illegal gold mining mafias in the conflict rhythm region around or hometown around 1st verse vis since then out, the ations of columbia social disparity. this part that almost unprecedented national conversation about race and class, exposing deep and long standing rooms in the backlash, jasmine's way on social media in the streets. she has been the target of racist
12:48 am
attacks, a well known colombian singer called her king kong. she has even had to cancel campaign events, that fun dance during a rallying bo gotta. she was targeted with the laser and forced to leave the stage . this is delightful, yet her success has convinced other presidential candidates to select afro colombians as running mates, luis, he'd better to moody you running for sentry said here for had of the says it's about time to start dealing with columbus history of racism and bigotry people. there's an entire legacy of structural racism that is denied from the start of existence, dignity and humanity. people ask me why i always wear a suit and tie. i don't like ties, but when i don't use them, i am racially profiled harassed, including by the police to a segment of colombians who are claiming for change and for more diverse representation. marcus is their champion, even if only as a vice president. the question is whether the rest of the country is ready for her
12:49 am
. allison that i'm petty and jesse kal, you still had the sneeze. our will have a sports update including celebrations in the italian capital. as rome show of their 1st european trophy in more than 60 years. ah, cats, away, official outline of the june. ah ah
12:50 am
ah . oh. fishing and on the journey ah ah ah, jim is here now with all the de sports news jemma. thank you, judy, a well, number 47, all sits. a pass is played. 2 matches so far at the french open and already spent nearly 8 hours on courts. after rallying from 2 sets down in his opening match sits
12:51 am
passed, came through another tough test, took his place in round 3 last years runner up in paris was up against jack, qualify it, then allah says master, saved the reset for the 2nd set. more in a thrilling of full set tiebreaker on his way to victory after 4 hours. well, number 2, daniel led would have had an easier time of it as he moved into the 3rd round for just the 2nd time in his career. the russian was too strong to serve in lazlow gerra and hasn't dropped to set so far. medford up april, he admits he doesn't enjoy playing on clay, but he did reach the quarter finals in paris last egotism. facts keeping up very impressive. run a form that made it winds in a right. that's the longest winning streak in women's tennis since 2013 for 25 for jason county and just 2 games. recommend victory over american allison risk
12:52 am
officers much about how she's been using how well number one faces to her advantage winning. all these mentors gave me a lot of confidence, but i knew also that it can really impress me down if i like. don't you know i just do it well, so i feel like i'm using my, my new position to put more pressure on my opponents. the fairytale story so far, right. and girl belong to french women lilia. john john, about number 227 had never played a full level match before this week. he received a wildcard form and now in the 3rd round, the single form was number one carrying the fiscal straight set that was in the only upset is 2018 champions mona, how it was knocked out in the 2nd round by chinese teenager, the young man came back from the break down full of fun when over 25 asset 2022. you kicks off in less than 6 months
12:53 am
as fans for pass. the 1st wild cup in the middle east. that awesome logistical concerns. natasha can a report. so new measures, the organizers promise will make a seamless and memorable experience. oh, you know, we're better together. is part of the chorus of the world cup cut our 2022 theme song. you might say it's also the mantra of katara, as it works, to overcome logistical challenges to coasting the 1st world cup in the middle east . it's turned to neighboring countries to help with one of the most pressing, insuring there's enough accommodation for all. busy fans of vision for the stolen and has always been that it is one for the entire region. after all, this is the 1st one up in the middle east and the at
12:54 am
a world. and together we have the opportunity to share the best of our culture and traditions with friends across the globe. with less than 6 months before players take to the pitch. many hotels are still under construction in cutter. finding a place to sleep remains a concern for the 1000000 fans expected to attend cut our 2022. the organizing supreme committee has allocated $130000.00 rooms in hotels, cruise ships, and desert camps. that does not include rooms available for rent in villas, and apartments by private landlords. though no one has been able to provide an estimate of how much additional accommodation that could provide. cut our airways has announced a partnership with airlines in neighboring gulf states to provide seemed a shuttle service to attend matches fly due by so dea kuwait airways and
12:55 am
oman air will fly in 12800 fans to doha. a day. war flights are expected. i know people are using this against my country. we are not unique that accommodations will be up in shall supply. because the volume in every fifo, even if it is in a big country like south africa, like russia, like anybody else, that has always been a shortage of accommodation. so we are not unique. organizers say, what is unique is the arab heritage and hospitality that will offer fans a once in a lifetime experience. natasha name el jazeera, doha. canada has cancelled an upcoming friendly game against iran. the match had been due to take place in vancouver next month as part of both countries preparations of the wild come. the proposed fixture had drawn a fair criticism within canada, 2 years ago, around admitted to unintentionally shooting down
12:56 am
a ukrainian passenger jets $55.00 canadian citizens, and 30 permanent residents were among those killed. the former had a form in one body. allison has been arrested in brazil for being in possession of a gun while boarding, a private plane, police found the unlighted firearm and echoes from luggage during an x ray screening at the airport. the 91 year old confirmed the gun with his and said he was unaware was in his luggage after paying bail. ellison was free to travel to switzerland. the brit sold f 12. it's currently in 2017. the boston celtics have moved within one game of reaching the n, b a finals. there was a moment of silence that of game 5 in miami. you remember the victims of the school shooting in texas for the south x produced a dominant side course outgoing the heat. i. 16 point. galen brown at top, scored with $25.00 of them. can wrap up the series on the court, decided this is a great opportunity. leave everything on the floor on you don't want any feelings
12:57 am
or regret. we got an opportunity to do something which is group that special. so let's not take that for granted. and her team right might have been out celebrating that europa conference league when with a parade. oh yeah. hundreds of 1000 support to the street to be italian capital clim, european tracy in northern 60. it wasn't just the silverware on display this fan showing of attached to a former captain francesco a dutch final, the final with j renae becoming a coach to win all the european club tracy at the fort from me. it's now back to julian london. gemma, thank you. now scientists in chalet have found the world's oldest living tree. the cypress tree is nicknamed the great grandfather and it could be more than 5400 years old. if confirmed it would beat the current record holder for the world's
12:58 am
oldest living tree. by more than 600 years, chili's environment minister has cold the news, a marvelous scientific discovery. but there are fears that the tree will be hon. bye climate change and visitors who often stand on it and trying to take parts away of its arc. you can find out much more on stories. we're falling on our website head straight to al jazeera dot com for me. that's all from the moment. we'll be back in just a sec. ah ah and a for over
12:59 am
a century american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives. instead, countless young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from me in a 3 part series, full plunge investigates, a massive scandal that wrote the united states scoutmaster part to on. i just either when the news branch here shelling now in coming shells, lighting very close to building g, when people need to be heard. and the story told it's kind of inspiring moment for me, for all of them that i seen there guy from their community, with exclusive interviews and in depth reports what the river would is still remain . al jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries
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