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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 24, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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ah, with mm pool. ah,
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this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm robinson. this is the news are live from doha, coming out of the next 60 minutes, ukraine's president says moscow is waging a total war in the east. these are the west to cut old trade tides with russia, 3 months into the conflict life and the capital slowly returning to a new normal many ukrainians are hopeful. russia will be defeated, our army, and we'll, we'll do everything. and we will, we determined to maintain stability in asia pacific. the u. s. japan, australia, and india unveiled plans to help counter china's growing influence. and a rare glimpse into china so called to re educate incomes from muslim wiggers. alex
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document alleges the extent of abuses. i'm devin, ashwin sports as daniel medford have makes it into around see what the french 8th and the russian dropped just 6 games in his opening match in paris. 14 seated dennis shallow has been knocked out. some people gave us just 3 days, but we endured 3 brave heroic months. that's the message from president vladimir zalinski as ukraine, marx, 12 weeks since rushes invasion, some areas and are returning to normal. but the findings escalating in the east ashes slowly gaining some ground there and it appears to be digging in for the long term biases of people to be killed. millions more have been forced to leave their homes. since the conflict started, several cities have been leveled. resident zalinski is told the world economic forum a diverse ukraine needs $5000000000.00 a month to rebuild. he is urging leaders to cut trade with russia entirely.
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meanwhile, the european union has pledged billions more to ukraine's fight. you please direct a bunch of support now to keep the economy running. it's about pensions. it's about salaries, it's about the basic services let have to be provided. and therefore, we have proposed a 10000000000 euros mac for financial assistance. it is the largest package of micro financial assistance ever conceived by the european union for so to country. other countries, starting with our friends in the united states, are doing their utmost to it is an economic relief operation with no precedent in recent history affairs counter offensive helps the ukrainian capital survive the invasion over the past 3 months. as
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a bus stop has more from keith the war in ukraine has not gone as expected. keith was meant to fall to russian invaders in a matter of days. 3 months after missiles shells and paratroopers began landing in and around the capital, ukraine is putting the spoils of war on display. morales and anger at russia are now so high. ukrainian said the only acceptable victory will be taking everything back occupied territories in the east even crimea. duck. yeah, if you do, some was live. yes, i believe the return of our territories is possible, and i think we should not top, i believe there should not be any negotiations about returning to the theme borders we have before the start of this war on, you know, we should get our citizen call me back, this is our so we're in country and we should defended green, there should not be any negotiations with the enemy. these numbers i am happy with
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. of course i believe full stop. i hope that it will be this way. the truth is on our side, we are defending our land. we really want and hope for this to happen. yes, you probably need to weapons and then our, our army will, will do everything and we will wind. i'm not to, i'm sure. we will get to victory and yes, to really and there was less optimism when all at war came to ukraine on february 24th. russian president vladimir putin so called special military operation was the biggest assault on a european state since world war 2 the, you an estimate at least 14000000 people have been displaced so far, at least 6000000 to neighboring countries. when missile had ukrainian army base at yahoo as near the border with nato member, poland, it was the furthest russian attack in the west of the country. the siege of mario
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pole so violent it wiped the city off the map. leaving little doubt as to how far russia was willing to go to achieve its aims. unable to penetrate ukrainian defences around the capital, rushes withdraw from boucher revealed civilian killings that ukraine described as war crimes, a dramatic victory for ukrainians. the sinking of rushes lead worship in the black sea. russia blamed on board ammunition explosion. ukrainians claimed it was a missile strike. the invasion did change the map but not perhaps has put and had hoped finland and sweden applying to join nato stands to more than double the alliances border with russia. just weeks ago, independent square was under locked down and covered in snow. now people line up to buy stamps commemorating a moment in the early days of the war when ukraine, in no uncertain terms, told russia to leave its territory. i hope was that it was some weekend
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when in this war and we can survive. so for me, it's a sign that we have a chance for a good future, and you have a message for russia and russian leaders on the board. i'm sorry, i can say things look very different in the ukrainian capital today. diplomatic missions are reopen and people are returning and ukrainian seemed far more optimistic. all the cautiously than they did at the beginning of this war. that the war is not over. russian forces are escalating offensive in ukraine to east re mobilizing forces to battlefields in the south. all indications are conflict with russia is the new normal. and as long as russia controls the skies over their countries, nowhere in ukraine is completely safe. there's is a future that remains uncertain,
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then disrupt jazeera keys or is not focused on making advances in eastern ukraine, especially in dumbass region. that's what moscow back separatists have been fighting ukrainian forces for 8 years. those are bodies in the russian capital with more on that offensive is clear now is that there is a push to concentrate their operation in the eastern part of ukraine as well as the southern region. and not only is russia now looking to secure a victory in the dumbass region, we heard from the russian defense minister earlier this week, who said that they were in the last few days of securing the areas of le ganske and also at the mary a situation in mary, opal has now i've finished with those as of sol, people being evacuated on friday, there is a sense now it's important. what we will see happen in these areas. what we do know
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in her son that is in the southern region of ukraine, that is now under full russian control and has been for quite some time. we're starting to see how things would look like under russian occupation in various regions in ukraine. according to the deputy and the head of the russian back administration. thus, when place in her san region, there is a request now to have a russian military base be permanently stationed in that area in southern ukraine because allegedly they want to be able to have their own and security under a rushes control. there was talk of possibly holding a referendum in her san to join of russia, but that is something the kremlin has said is not likely to happen in the near future. and of course, it was one of the main objections by the ukranian president vladimir zalinski, who said if there's any kind of referendums held on ukrainian territory, whether or not they're under russian control,
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this would be as something that would end the negotiation process between the 2 sides, and there are 2 side of the general john store to burn says the russian president's decision to invade. ukraine has strengthened the military lives he wanted less next door on his borders and launched a war. now he's getting more needle on these borders and more members, fillum and sweden's decision to apply for nate, the membership is historic. it demonstrates that european security will not be dictated by violence and intimidation, the jail to write an opposition leader. lexi nevada is called president vladimir putin, a madman for what he described as a stupid war in ukraine. lavonne has been speaking during an appeal against his sentence and corruption charges. the kremlin critic says roches leaders will burn
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in hell for creating a blood bath in ukraine. the moscow court is denied of on these appeal in probably more ahead on this news on or including for the 1st time in a decade, turkeys, foreign minister visits the occupied westbank before heading to israel, plus they are in desperate need for fresh water, food and financial assistance floods here, drugs they are across bangladesh, india and pakistan. climate change is making life difficult for millions and later in sports, police in the us of investigating racial abuse directed at a colorado player during the any child playoffs. ah, japan's accused china and russia of provocation, after their military planes flew over the sea of japan. beijing says the drills were part of an annual exercise. both japan and south korea scrambled fighter jets
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when the ball plains got near the air space. the 13 hour joint patrol came as japan was hosting the leaders of the so called quad, which includes australia, the u. s. and india rubber brides got more on the meeting from tokyo. a show of unity from the u. s. and 3 allies whose spheres of influence span the ando pacific . a region under pressure on many fronts. from an increasingly assertive china, i, he o g e day. the 4 of us committed that unilateral change of status quo by force will never be allowed in any region, especially the indo pacific, and that the free and open into pacific as ever more relevant today. in coming to asia pacific president joe biden has pursued a focus, begun by his predecessors, despite the unfolding crisis in europe. at the same time were navigating the dark our in our shared history. the russian, brutal and unprovoked war against ukraine has triggered a humanitarian catastrophe. this is very important for joe biden to demonstrate to
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the world that the commitment to the region is unwavering. this commandment has been going on for several years, going back to the obama administration. but there has been, there have been doubts over the last few months, given the ukraine invasion, but the failure of india to condemn russia and its continuing close relationship with moscow shows some of the strains within this diverse group. right. china's growing economic muscle also makes it harder for neighbors to stand up to it. asian allies like japan supporting the quad is complicated by the fact that china is its biggest trading partner and it seems going too far in antagonizing beijing can have real consequences in terms of business as australia has found to its cost. australia has felt the impact of punitive trade restrictions for its open criticism of beijing and recent times. but australia's newly elected prime minister antony albany, is promised to continue robust support for this group,
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which is still relatively new. i think they're feeling their way the court is i think quite experimental. and to this point, i don't think that the 4 partners have really worked out. i'm how they're going to collaborate. after his shock remarked that yes, the us would intervene militarily against china if it attacked taiwan. biden had to answer repeatedly that no, this wasn't a change in the u. s. his long standing position on china or taiwan policies, murphy, he leaves tokyo, hoping this gathering will be remembered more for diplomatic harmony than the controversy stirred by seemingly undiplomatic language. rub, mcbride al jazeera, tokyo puzzles of photographs have been released, reportedly taken in so called legal re education camps and china. the kings eng police files, as they're known, were linked to researchers where the groups victim of communism. they reveal more
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details about the most attention of the wiggers, as well as a shoot to kill policy for anyone trying to escape rights groups have accused beijing of crimes against humanity for its treatment of the main. the muslim wiggers china says foreign powers, i try to sabotage of visit by un human rights commissioner michelle. bosh, lame, katrina hughes in beijing with more on the league documents. china's foreign ministry have dismissed them saying that these are ante, china forces trying to, to, near china and have called them lies. this is a message that beijing has sent said numerous times before, and it certainly does challenge beijing's narrative that these internment camps of voluntary vocational centers designed to improve the lives of the week people. but what we have seen in these leaked fowls is a very disturbing look at life inside a ship jung internment camps. somewhere between 20172018. they include thousands of
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photographs of a week as kept inside this particular camp. about 2800 mug shots, essentially in some sewing or the these people visibly distress. one woman's crying in her profile shop. they have men, women of all ages. the youngest is a 15 year old girl, the oldest woman in her seventy's. and there are also some photos of a week as with shaved heads, appearing to take part in some sort of re education activity supervised by gods in uniform. also, part of these leaked documents were speeches given by leaders in shin, young, talking about the absolute threat of, of religious extremism than the need to stamp out the religious beliefs of the these weaker people. and most alarmingly, there was an order in an internal speech that gods shoot to kill anybody who attempted to escape this camp. so definitely very distressing and definitely challenges. any idea that these are voluntary centers, turkeys. pharmacist,
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his anchor is committed to supporting palestine. his efforts to be recognized internationally. novela chava solo is the 1st high profile turkish official to visit the occupied westbank for more than 10 years to a solos trip also includes israel. you'll be in tel aviv on wednesday. the he at mending strained relations near the abraham's in ramallah and reports that some palestinian factions are against turkey's relations with israel. it comes at a time when turkey is advancing its relations with israel following years of tension. and many eleanor's years say that it's important that the turkish foreign minister has started his visit here in the occupied left bank. and on the lower, he's currently meeting the palestinian foreign minister. and he will be later in the day meeting with the palestinian president of bass in drama. according to analysts, we've been speaking to, they say that there are 2 layers of this, amongst palestinian officials. they believe that there is some dissatisfaction if
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we can call it, amongst certain officials. that 30 is getting into a better relation with israel. but there are also those in the palestinian authority who believe that maybe they can use the advancement and the better relations that we are expecting from it, between israel and turkey to advance their benefits. let's not forget that there is also another element in the story, which is the palestinian factions that used to have a close relationship with turkey. specifically her math. we'll have to wait to see how is the relationship that is going to be advancing between israel and turkey. is going to be affecting those political factions. why does it a media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist and the occupied westbank chevy in that block that was shot in the head by his reading forces while she was on assignment in janine earlier this month, on the day of
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a funeral, israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing pall bearers to nearly drop her casket. that didn't stop sizes of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and her burial members of the international community. have condemned her killing and their calling for an investigation. a barclay was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering these really occupations. she was known as the voice of palestine. waterborne disease outbreaks or threatening tens of thousands of people in ne, bangladesh. after days of rain and flooding, hundreds are being treated for diarrhea in hospitals in one area of select to have a chandry is falling developments in the disaster area. it's been dry days for last 3 or 4 days out. there has been no rain, lot of sunshine, and the water table has gone downward right beside me. you can see the sure my river, the water actually comes from india. this river is connected to india and not this
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water. whenever it gets flooded there, this is the one of the re, but that will get overflowed. fuss now that there still a lot of current, some of the banks are still submerged, but where i'm standing there is more than need, deep water that has gone down 30 centimeter according to the water development boat . however, some of the other major rivers in bangladesh, like the main ones, the german and the products are swelling and there's not central part of bangladesh and southern part of bangladesh. already started flooding in the banks. lot of farming lands a loss. so all depends on how the monsoon says and flows. heavy, torrential, rain, water rushes from india will always affect bangladesh because we have at least dozens of rivers connected together. eventually it flows into the bay of bengal and also due to climate change. the pattern of monsoon and even the water flow seems to have shifted to people cannot predict. typically these area has a lower valley known as in bangladesh where the ne, in water flows and people can predict window flats situation is gonna get worse.
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but right now, so far it's stable. the main concern is people are still submerge in many places. maryland, in some other places, we travel 70 kilometer from this city, miles up to miles have seen hardly any relief operation except for ship few shelters. people are saying they're in desperate need of fresh water medicine and food because all the fresh water tube oil and all are submerged and they have to boil this and water and just to sustain themselves. so that is a major concern. but if the monsoon rain starts clearly there will be still in danger in next few months or weeks even sooner. a big and struggled to cope after days of widespread flooding in this region of bangladesh. she says it's hard to feed her 2 children by herself. her husband is a migrant worker and militia underwood. i thought if any data, well there is water all around my home. it has become very difficult to live under
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these conditions with my children can't cook wash, take a bath, and my children can't go to school. i can't even feed them properly, but i said that divani nearly 2000000 people have been affected and not distant cillit region and water officials described as one of the worst floods in 2 decades . most of the villages we have been talking to in the flood affected areas have complained that they have not received any kind of relief from government or aid agencies. they are in desperate need for fresh water, food and financial assistance. the government has set up more than $200.00 shelters for flood victims, and i started disappearing relief in some of the worst affected areas in philip. but some of the shelters provided by the government are inadequate and overcrowded . those who have been displaced by the floods a much to complain about the russians and the living conditions. we're dying of hunger, a hymns all got washed away. for the politicians had hardly done anything for us
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that too busy feeding themselves. and over here, we just getting some meagre rations that barely feed us the floods have washed over thousands of actors of farmlands and hatcheries. many people like alarm at on not worried about their future the other day. what about our cell motto? bomb? most of the harms round here, including ours, are all inundated with flood water. we have not received any kind of relief or help so far. no one even came over to see a situation with a few days of sunshine. have brought some hope to many of the farmers here who are trying to drive their petty's by the roadside. if and i didn't go to that vehicle, it adequately, but it's been almost 2 weeks since our home was flooded. now the water is receding a little bit. so now we're trying to salvage some paddies. the flood situation may have improved in some areas, but some of the major rivers like jemina and pod, the have started to swell in on dating low areas in the south and not central
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bangladesh causing worries for local farmers. turnville chaudhry al jazeera, should i'm gonna bangladesh in india heavy pre monsoon rain caused flash floods and landslides in the northeast, while other parts struggle with a heat wave. at least 25 people have died. and more than 650000 have been displaced in the past 10 days. a major river bursts its banks flooding around 2000 villages in awesome state. poverty metal is there, water levels are receding. the agencies have made more headway in terms of rescuing people. people are getting aid, but the real tragedy is, is that all this has taken on people who've had to live through this boat in terms of loss of life as well as loss of livelihood. we spoke to a family that experiencing both the living in an open ground with whatever little they could get their hands on before the water as the water came into the home. and just the other day, the only earning member of their family drowned and the family told us that they
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don't know how they're going to survive this because they can't go home the water still, they're still very high and they don't know how they going to make a living these rains these floods were caused by fremont soon showers in the state of a psalm, the showers with 3 times higher than what is normal in the neighboring state. it was about 6 times higher, and the anxieties over what could happen when the actual monsoon season, which every year brings heavy rainfall and some flooding. now we are at the bremo patrol river. this river behind me is one of the longest rivers in the world. it supports the rich biodiversity and economy, or the northeast region in india. and every year it does tend to flood a bit sometimes that has led to major catastrophe and the anxiety over a possible repeat of that is,
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is what we're seeing. and what we're picking up from people over here. title suds and indonesia have forced more than 2000 people from their homes. 2 meter high waves breached the seawall flooding the city of semi island. java province. flood levels are the highest that seen for decades under warnings of him. more to come when mothers, a severe shortage of water and pots of pakistan, which is enduring a heat wave environmental warner could cause a famine. victoria gateway reports in pakistan, thin province farmers say they're facing a threat to their future. i got of i get i will buy your the biggest problem here is water. our birds and animals are suffering because there is absolutely no water . i appeal to the government to supply us with water. summer in parts of south asia arrived early this year. march was the hottest in the century in the region, while april broke several records in sin farmers growing lemons, chillies, falsehood, mangoes, say that crops have been damaged because of
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a shortage of water in my mega law on the out that we get water from the irrigation department every other month. funny, but last month some farmers didn't get enough and their crops dried up on the names of experts, plain global warming for a rising number of floods in the north of pakistan and drought in the south. they say changing weather patterns, putting millions of people at risk of famine june will be bun, yob, social or die a south the punjab at all of sin been hit by extreme water shortage. the situation is so bad, the people don't even have water to drink and why nigga perennial river system has no water. rivers have little water because of lack of rain. pakistan has been spending up to $14000000000.00 a year to adapt to the changing environment. farmers in sin say it's not happening quickly enough. victoria gay to be al jazeera still had an al jazeera, the precious back on wallace johnson. after new pictures, a publish of locked on parties and dunning street. oh,
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anger and disappointment in mexico after a us court box title $42.00, the trump bureau ban of asylum seekers. i'm in sport, the boston celtics pumps in the miami heat in the n b a playoffs. ah, if you've been counting, i think is the nights. sounds storms the season that came to rock and blue down the golf over night. the pictures in cuba yesterday before dusk were orange knots is the color of the sun that comes out of iraq test disperse a little as it comes further south as it come to the south. but the wind is still going to be quite strong and it's a hot one as well. the temperature come down to man, but it reco breaking only hot on monday before that sand came in. now peach from wednesday, still
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a breezy room breezes dropped. the sand is rather more dispersed as you can see. it is hard to know for this. 40 or 41 still in iraq and moving back through syria. it'll be cooler while a lot could run on the coast of the mediterranean, even in northern egypt. but hot 3, ron, and through afghanistan with some relief of these shells, tend to come through every now again, the picture on friday sees them movie, was you spot the difference while maybe more gathering dust here in southern egypt and southern israel. a bit of hope for those who want raining kenya, a few more shall sharing from the eastern side of lake victoria. not many, but more than we saw last week or so. and for south africa, particularly causal in the town. and popo, a dry picture. after recent heavy rain ah ah, the answer was an arabic. my name is helen. i was abducted by the cia in 2004,
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a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia. the chamber with handcuffs lead me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruined the life of an innocent theo mastery case. coming soon on, al jazeera, 2 young women in morocco, staying with local families. morocco really woke me up and it's definitely changed my life in a good way. american students learning to live in north africa and getting better at haggling and shopping in morocco. algae is there a world photos that jeremy's of cultural emotion, leading to some surprising consequences? an american in my home on al jazeera lou
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ah, the, what year old is it a reminder of the top stories? this are 3 months after the russian invasion, ukraine's president says, moscow's waging are taught all war in the east is urging the west to cut all ties with russia. the japanese war planes have scrambled to confronted joints. chinese and russian military patrol over the sea of japan, japan as government called it, a provocation as it hosted talks with leaders of australia, the u. s. and india. thousands of photographs have been released that appeared to show we got we education camps in china. they revealed more details about the massed attention of the mainly muslim group. china's dismissed the photos as lies. pakistan's government's band planned protest march by ousted premier sir emma emma
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on con. he is demanding new elections as a political and economic crisis deepens. while hider has more from islamabad, i'm on gen avenue, which connects to parliament and islam abroad. reg going where the diplomatic enclave foreign ministry parliament, the supreme court, and the white an installation base. go and of course have been and they go up august on the military. and 8 of the civilian government. successive governments have gone up on the all me go take, did wife installation whenever they find protected. i think what if i'm a bought even enron car dad during hit 10 year old. but what did, what do you, this time is the fact that there had been a major crack down by the government offered a prime minister. has a constant dated meeting on cabinet. edward there cited dad cameron's mom will
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not be allowed into his law by 22000 security forces. personnel have been deployed from the adjoining provinces as read. the pattern military forces have been called in and we have been doors and up to 15000 drowns. oh dear, god has also been brought into the city. where that rotate if that is able to and it's law. now as you can see, the security for that already on red lug focused on the former prime minister was ousted, am ronnie vaughn address there? don't press on friends in the provincial capital of the time of booking for robin saying that his march will continue on islam of bought as good and that the government should not use for the poor guy at the same time he did. what did the establishment just stay out of the fray saying that they should remain neutral if they say they are neutral?
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indeed, men show, luckily, with god's will, i will start marching towards i'm about to morally from either one. and this will be an historic rally for you and if someone wants to stop it to stop us, no one has the courage to stop the ocean of people took the alarm. interprovincial travel is already badly disrupted. the roads have been a long road of drugs and commuters. you are stuck on dogs, barriers. the situation is escalating fox. what did or the impact on an already proper economy job i should have had been unable to come to grips with escalation prizes of a central commodity. and that means that any pro long confrontation of political instability and focused on will also affect the logistical supply chain. and that report to another strain on driving, right, the central food item. your pictures of mine showing you k prime minister bars
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johnson drinking at a leaving party during the height of corona virus locked ens, damages being published by u. k. media, and they've renewed accusations that johnson knowingly broke his own rules. he was find by police for attending another gathering. the opposition has called for him to resign for the so called party gate scandal. john hall has more from london. it was only last week when it was reported to be palpable relief in downing street when they heard that the metropolitan police inquiry was over into these rules. breeches during lockdown. the prime minister had only received one fine out of $126.00 handed out altogether that had been expectations he might receive more than one finding that that might have tipped the scales among tory and looking to unseat him. these photographs that show bodies, johnson holding a wine glass up in an apparent toast to a departing senior staff member of the people in the picture as well. a table
6:36 pm
littered with alcohol bottles. it is not the image that number 10 downing street would have wanted to see pasted across the nation's media. defenders have said look at the police, have seen this evidence. they deemed non criminal. but there are now questions, of course, about the nature of that police inquiry. why didn't he receive a fine for attending this event when others who did apparently did receive fine. they've been coals more calls that his resignation for the opposition, of course, and uproar on social media uncovered survivors. so public opinion is not good on this. the rather wait, the question is, does this constitute evidence that he misled m. p. 's in parliament when he spoke about this very event saying no party had taken place. there is a pending investigation in parliament into that question. and if it is proven well, then there is a rather sort of general consensus that that would be, could be a resigning effect. the made of cotton shakes time in bahama deltano has been meeting u. k prime, lawrence johnson in london. it'd be in country civilian. so,
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so got her to help secure alternatives to rush and gas. russia provides maybe 40 percent of europe's natural gas supply and cut out as one of the largest established reserves in the world when he bought his outside downing street in london for us at the need. clearly this is coming at a crucial time because there is so much pressure on global energy supplies that's why it's a critical time for many european countries or well when talk of several countries for the emir of cor sieve is did spain. germany dropped in at the world economic form and devils for arriving here in london. and of course, over the course of the, the last week or so, he's spoken at length about the importance of energy supplies, agreeing a new deal with germany to make up the shortfalls of natural gas. there germany, one of the most dependent countries upon russian energy supplies, of course, until the start of the war in ukraine. britain less dependent on those east
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european supplies, but nevertheless, isn't insulated from soaring energy costs. and of course, ordinary consumers a paying the price of all of that as well. but britain definitely wants to deepen its economic ties with cattle, the country as invested $50000000000.00 here in the british capital alone. it as large stakes in a prominent landmarks like the shaw, the london stock exchange. on top of that, a year, a mere of comma, a oak of guitar, extended an invitation for the british prime minister to attend the world cup at the end of the year. but from the politics of downing street, the amir at now heading to windsor to meet with another monica queen elizabeth, who in a couple of weeks time, marked 70 years on the british throne. she, of course, has seen many leaders come and go over the years. they thank you very much and he re me, barker talking to us from outside dunning street, london, an international aid organizations criticize the european union for the delay and
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delivering much needed aid to palestine. the norwegian refugee councils as the block as putting palestinian lives at risk. the european union's tied about $230000000.00 worth of aid to the removal of some material from textbooks in palestine. let's bring in some a honeyed she's had of advocacy, media, and communications for them, at least at the norwegian refugee council. she's joining us from amman. good to have you. were this mom on the al jazeera and what is the issue that the you has with what is in the textbooks in palestine? well, the no region refugee council is very concerned about the iep delayed. delane vital 8 palestine for over a year. now, due to unreasonable demands and conditions being enclosed by the e u commission. and the delay has been due to the commission insisting not changes made to palestinian textbooks. but this of course has no basis as the textbooks have been found to be in line with you and standards and decisions. a delay
6:40 pm
a to palestine has been rejected by a number of european foreign ministers as well. and so where are appealing to the commission to over time this decision and immediately disperse this critical life saving assistance? or what are the problems that the palestinians are facing if this money doesn't come to fruition? well, the impact of this a delay has been absolutely devastating, particularly on health care in occupying east jerusalem. it's meant that terminally ill patients cannot get like saving assistance. at least 500 cancer patients have been unable to access life saving treatments and beyond the odds. it's also resulted in desperate families in gaza, missing out on social assistance and cash support, which they need to survive. and this is all due to political decisions being made in brussels. that's really punishing people and putting lives at risk. i finest on
6:41 pm
the correctly the you there's about $3000000000.00 to the palestinian authority. i think annually. certainly it's given 3bb to that to the authority. why can some of that money be used for this health care treatment if it is so vital? well, the e u is the largest donna to the palestinian authority and they have been allocated funding that this particular funding is crucial for particular sectors. and it's been held up for really unreasonable grounds and reasons. it's not just us calling for this. lot of funding is crucial aid assistance to be dispersed. it's also european foreign ministers in e u. member states that have actually written to the commission to release this funding immediately. so the decision now lies in the hands of the commission president. she has the power to dispose these forms immediately and where appealing
6:42 pm
to her to do so as soon as possible. so that desperate palestinians need can access this like saving and crucial assistance. you mentioned that there were a member states who were in the process of pushing back on this, but it seems that there's 2 that is resistance, at least from part of the you, against issuing this cache. what is a way around this that might not involve the textbooks being rewritten? well, i think that the, you know, it really lies in the hands of the e. u. a commission president to overton this, this decision and listen to the voices that have been raised a particularly amongst a european foreign ministers around this issue. independent and other inquiries have looked into the textbooks and have found that they are largely in line with un standards. so again,
6:43 pm
this is no basis and it's only delayed like saving assistance from reaching palestinians and made some hiding. we appreciate your being with us at all to cinema. thank you very much. indeed, for your time the companies in the united out of ambulance has been picked to manage airports in afghanistan. the taliban says the m a r t company will operate air boats in the capital kabul, as well as how that kind of hot and massage relief made unclear of the agreement includes airport security, turkey and cutout have been handling airport operations and security since the taliban takeover last august and our la donna pardon murdered that we have talked to turkey about the contracts and talks are still ongoing. we are also talking to the government of guitar and the talks are still happening. there wasn't any contract signed with them. we haven't had any discussion on the organizing and the control of the airports in disagreement. not always that he was who the rebels in yemen, say 3 people were killed when a soda coalition surveillance door crashed after being shot down. 3 others were injured in the capital, so not
6:44 pm
a nationwide ceasefire. the yemen is set to expire next month. the u. n. z is special representative to somalia has warned of a worsening security and humanitarian situation. james swung toward the un security council. drought is pushing millions to the brink of famine. somalia security situation remains highly volatile, emboldened by domestic political tensions. oh sure. bob in recent months, maintained it's modus operandi and focused attacks and we'll get issue. southwest state and hershey belly. the country faces a heightened risk of localized famine. in 6 communities. police in uganda have arrested an opposition politician for the 2nd time in a week for protesting against high food or fuel prices. the president is refusing to introduce subsidies or reduce taxes on fuel. mark aware reports, i know the sort of real guy number. you can do an opposition politician keith
6:45 pm
bessie j is used to being arrested with more than 20 years. he's demonstrated against the government of president, uri mas 70, and challenged him in for elections. his protest on monday was against the rising cost of living at the fuel pumps. prices have gone up 70 percent in the last year. food prices are climbing to motorbike taxi writers or among millions. his livelihoods are affected. an aig id or dig, i'm of it. what used to be $5.00 while ago is now $14.00. they should reduce the price of fuel president for 70 has ruled uganda ever since he led a rebellion and took power by force in 1986. he's rejected some of the ideas to bring down prices, moving taxes or subsidizing men. oh, the impulse is to sago and a blunder. how then we fund our budget for the roads that atrista
6:46 pm
schools medicine security to see better. jay who also protested last week says it's corruption rather than public spending, that draining government coffers at rest, those were of taken our money, the thieves, they are not re pamela property so that it's some of the people in christ's. if we're able to rule sat on the things, then we can immediately take steps that we can release the his attempted demonstration also promptly ended in his arrest for more than 10 years. you can, the government has tried to stop street protests before crowds can even gather. meanwhile, the cost of living keeps rising as it is in many countries. but about 40 percent, if you can then live on less than $2.00 a day and can't afford to pay more. malcolm web al jazeera north korea's rece
6:47 pm
pictures of soybean products still being produced. as it insists city has a coven 19 outbreak under control. state media is has the factories working under emergency policies with employees wearing mosques, north korea's reporting fewer than 200000 new patients with fever symptoms for the 3rd consecutive date. it officially declared an outbreak nearly 2 weeks ago. still, i had an al jazeera, one of the world's best tennis players is really considering played at wimbledon more. and that's we gemini sport in just a moment. with
6:48 pm
mm pool. ah ah,
6:49 pm
ah, bows carrying hungarians trying to get to mexico's cup size, killing at least 3 of them. the vessel was tipped over by a large wave of the state of that a cruise. 3 bodies were washed ashore for a missing and 4 migrants have been found alive. the barred ministration says it will appeal a recent court decision that allows us border authorities to continue to carry out deportations. human rights advocates warned the trump era policy is harming tens of thousands of asylum seekers. my overflow reports from the mexican border city to juana. the look of disappointment on the faces of migrants near mexico's border with the united states. many of them like ronnie freight, a haitian migrant who has been stuck in mexico for more than a year, were hoping monday would mark an end to title $42.00, append demik era policy that has prevented thousands of migrants from seeking asylum in the us. thought of the us just looking at the in on the 5th. yeah. i
6:50 pm
watch every day to see how things might improve for us. the truth is i was hoping title 42 would any, because i'm afraid of returning to haiti or of being deported. little bulletin across the border in the united states. conservative politicians have defended the decision by a us district court to block the bided administration from ending title 42, calling it a vital element for managing the crisis on the border level or local um, we're doing everything we possibly can to prevent people from coming across the border and instead of texas. oh, in tijuana, migrants rights advocates have held demonstrations in recent days. pleading for u. s. officials to end title 42, calling it a xena phobic policy that is suspended the processing of asylum applications. before title 42 was put in place 2 years ago, migrants could come right up to this gate. this is the border between mexico and the united. it's and they could request a silent, but under the guise of the coven,
6:51 pm
19 health emergency border authorities are able to turn away asylum seekers. human rights observers say this violates both u. s. and international law. though it's unknown how long title 42 will remain in place. it doesn't mean all asylum cases will remain suspended. after 10 months of waiting on the border, just beth, a migrant fling, cartel violence in southern mexico has been granted humanitarian parole and will soon be crossing into the us legally non gaap and faith in. i heard title 42 was going to continue and wondered when will it be removed? all i said was god, you know what i've been through, i trust in you, and i know some day i'll make it across. and that day has finally arrived, given the m, it went away for the white house, along with the u. s. department of justice have announced plans to appeal the
6:52 pm
court's decision to extend the title 42. ah, until then, tens of thousands of migrants along the length of the us mexico border will have to wait indefinitely to have their asylum cases heard. maneuver upolu al jazeera tiquana, mexico. southern sport here is jemma. thank he, rob waste out with the french. i've been in well, number 2 at daniel medford have is the 1st or admits he doesn't like playing on clay bell. he shaved me, finds that in his opening match the russian any dropped a 6 games against argentina in blackness to reach the 2nd round method at when his 1st claim for much of the year after missing most of european as spring season because of a honey operation. method of his competing in paris, but he and all other russian players have been banned from wimbledon because of the invasion of ukraine because ali day that's likely to see him regain wild number one spot from neva, jock of edge. as the championship has been strips of ranking points, i'll be really happy to play with my le wimbledon. i laughed playing on grass. why?
6:53 pm
we'll play on rush after rollin garris. but if i cannot, i mean just going to prepare for next tournaments and you know, just follow what's happening there and there are no points. i become number one. well, great for me. there are points and i can become number one because of it. of course i'm going to be got it, but it is what it is. i can change some decisions joker, which is also 3 to the 2nd route it. right. and girl, she says the winwood in situation is a lose lose for everybody. they had several options that was not the only one on the table. so, and they haven't disgusted with anybody from a t p or an individual players or for that matter, russian or bell russian players to just communicate and understand whether there is a common ground that where both sides could be making a compromise and something could work out and so i think it was, it was
6:54 pm
a wrong decision. i don't support it at all. now me a soccer went a step further by admitting she's thinking of missing wimbledon because my point is thrown off. we start to tennis channel, alice john was i'm and he was surprised by us because comments? it does for a variety of reasons. for 1st of all, i didn't buy because players play because of the competition and for financial reasons, i'm not sure the ranking points are all data central in the grand scheme of things by o. b o soccer. in particular, as the local brand bachelor, who makes tens of millions of dollars, you would think that playing in a procedure event, perhaps the most procedures on the calendar would be almost a prerequisite for her regardless of whether there were points or not. so yeah, i think that was, it was a bit of a shocker. one other bit of action to bring you from paris. the 14th seed dennis shop of olive was knocked out by danish teenager on the roots. the canadian made 53
6:55 pm
on 4 separate than last and straight set ruin, winning her grant from things that were kale sixteens outside of a london court. when premier league player caught zoom arrives to face charges of cruelty, the west defender tried to hide his face from photographers on television cameras, while being flanked by security guards elated pleaded guilty to kicking and flapping his pet cat. earlier this year was filmed by his brother, the animal, apologized in court action in the m b, a. playoffs and other below out school in the eastern conference finals between boston and miami game for was pretty much in the 1st quarter when the celtics opened up a 22 point leave. early in the context, he struggled to find the range within $1516.00 se for led by jason. jason is 31. 85 is on wednesday in miami. human nature play the part in. when you went again, you can relax
6:56 pm
a little bit. but you know, obviously we lose again. you know, we feel like the next game is doing die. and then we come out and play how we did and things like that. i think we have to have them. i say one of the getting that, you know, it is a muslim game tonight was essentially something like that. the n h l l confirmed to police in st. louis are investigating threats made towards colorado's. and as i'm cadre who's been the subject of racial abuse on social media, the canadian of lebanese descent, received death threats at the weekend, following a collision with the st. louis. go tend to in game 3 adversaries in the playoffs. but on monday night it country responded by scoring for egos, helping colorado when it's 63 cadre was booed every time he touched the park that did nothing to stop him from scoring his 1st career. patrick in the playoffs, the avalanche leave, the series 3 wife comes in after work at tampa bay,
6:57 pm
lightning of the 1st team to reach the conference finals. the 2 time defending champions defeated of florida pump as to nothing and game for winning the series without dropping a game today, heading to the east and finals, then for the sick time. in the past 8 years. and in italy, ac milan found retreated to a parade is that seemed raised through the city center after claiming assyria title for the 1st time in 11 years. and i'm finished just 2 points ahead of that crosstown rivals into that is always a sport for now. i'll have more for you later. german. thanks very much indeed. and that's it for the suzanne. i'm going to be back in a moment with more of the day's news about bothersome. good bye. me the walk was no, no no, no, no. i don't need to be here with me when you look at me,
6:58 pm
when you get to me, i just need you to whom and ya today. and we're going to give you what we said as well. they didn't put me in. i'm a lot of money out of them at the book is to see me when i don't want me shooting off the edge of the to ah,
6:59 pm
with, from the ruins of mosul, music as re emerged. these are some of 40 musicians who make up the weather orchestra in iraq. second largest city, despite being banned, been mostly was occupied by isolate. the melody survived, derfin christian curd or obscene needs, and she has these young men and women represent the diversity of iraq to be able to hear music amid the ruins of mussels. also the feel strange, but it brings home the resilience of residents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help, they remain committed to bringing the city back to life for
7:00 pm
23 years. moss and has collected objects he finds along the coast. ah enough to fill his museum enough to break a dennis wild redcoat, armed with a story for every object, he's become an environmental activist, uninspired artists, under voice for the plight of countless micro might uni. such are on al, jazeera loo ambitions, artistry adventure, short documentary by african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria finley allen, minium village throttle plains. this is when we get to met. i had dealt with and the cane africa direct on al jazeera and.


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