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tv   AJ Selects Drugs  Al Jazeera  May 21, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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on al jazeera. oh oh, where are you growing the world? warmer line goes to make it for you. exceptional. got all right, we're going places to go. ah ah. hello, i'm marlene sladen, doha here. top stories on al jazeera, a funeral been held for a 17 year old palestinian boy shot and killed 5 ready forces in the occupied west bank. it's happening jeanine where al jazeera journalist sharing
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a blockage was killed last week. australia sent to left labor policies projected to have won the general election, but may not secure a parliamentary majority. prime minister scott morrison had hoped to defy consistent opinion polls showing that he would lose you as president joe bought and says he is willing to meet north korea's kim john on the security talks. if he's serious, auden is in meetings with the south korean president unit, so kill talk so focused on north korea's nuclear weapon program and it's korean at forest outbreak. russia says it's destroyed a large batch of weapons and military equipment delivered from ukraine's western allies and says it carried out a missile strike near a railway station in the little mir west of the capital. keep room and you are 50 for the armed forces of the russian federation continued the special military operation in ukraine. high precision, long range,
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sea bass missiles near the moline railway station, and shut me region, have destroyed a large batch of weapons and military equipment delivered from the us and european countries for a grouping of ukrainian troops. and don bass. russian air base missiles near odessa at the desk, port plans have destroyed fuel storage is intended for ukrainian nationalists armored vehicles. equations president has again spoken of waste and the war which he says will only bring more carnage along drugs own law demands. lensky says he's still open to talks, but fails. russia is an interested. but i'm a humbling daughter, squad. the victory will be difficult. it will be bloody, but it's and will be in diplomacy. i'm very convinced of this. there are things that we can't bring to an end sitting at the negotiation table. that's how it is, because we would like to get everything back and russia doesn't want to give back anything. a storm that swept theory western germany has generated 3 tornadoes,
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killing one person, and injuring another, 4010 of those hertz on serious condition rail and road transport has been disrupted throughout the region. as headlines coming up next, this age selects ah, my baggy was my drug. if i have my drug, i do everything. if i don't have my drug, i cannot blame. i think i've been using drugs since that before you go, you get miss,
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we're selling drugs or the down. good. are the biggest better with i don't. 1516. i say using may jonah after they came on the alcohol and because one of my friends using brown introduce me to bell, i mean, smack, i consider myself very lucky. i was in a good job and educated us like, you know, on the report in this area buying smack. now i will do again. this is where
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all educated people go for their magazines all day, but people go and it's really c handle with the money and get your drugs ready to go with. if you go to that game is and you know, you know, they give you over the counter. how can you say the game? it doesn't know that you're using it when you're buying it morning, afternoon, evening and you're buying it for years and years together. every day it's a struggle. every odd struggle, especially when you were in front of. okay, mr. newton, this morning. you can give me the drug is a very big struggle. you go to fight with yourself 11 day 11 or one when we, when, when you mentally with stepped out, you're like, well me,
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i'm gonna go like relative medicine that not to the i'm here with. if i were alone out of that, do you have a heart problem? i know i went up there to roger, but there drank it once again. it's so obsessive. compulsive in geneva station in staying in lou. ah it is it
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a blind and i have a bland about not spoken either to the best god though i know i've been on the village. god think i missed that image to learn how that goes i think. yeah. there i yeah, i just got it. that's good. i got here. move. not, not even, not a good this i knew what i thought i did you end up what's out or dad or my dad. my mom idea of anger. leave a voice in the middle, but that's a 1000000 in debt financing. it will be a 100 of the other people to go down to 30 to get the high being is on. my thing is,
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i'm nick. i'm even a bang. i mean maybe it's been a little bit in albany, florida already a live in a me medicine. i mean,
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other problems medicine me was oh yeah. oh, yeah. there was like a 2nd guy who there's i know there are a 100 maybe that about that. i'm looking at a hospital maybe a year before you move it or did you see a bad? but i see that will be home with a all her life and he got it. need almost her id. hi dante,
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you started. okay, liz angleton. anthony here more about dental hygiene in facility me, but the last name a a a ah, [000:00:00;00]
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a ah. the lowest class of people you will find always on the road. so everyone sees them the highest last people go to video. so most of the people don't normally stamps and editor lost his trust. so they didn't have faith in him. they don't trust him. so yeah, i guess i'm with people of my own going their doctors, i will call for integrity executives even right. because all of us stayed together and all of us help each other than make each other a look does happen to me. it's not we happening deal ah, it's in, it's supposed to help people, but you know,
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the medicine is not helping people. it's killing them. and it's a stored technique, or the congo in fact encourages people to get to drug easily and use it easy. so a lot more is needed from the government site, not to stop the drug, but do the regulated just earn some money. you want to limit anyone's life and the can settling ah, think almost so you can represent it's in my money when i go on
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a daniel with care, you know boys, amending. busy ah, a good a fine, i me lose wilkerson voice once you know, i should have gotten him in the earlier appointment than yeah, he goes, unions, us eobs, the procedure is with us. you know we, when idea videos are using for the room is no. hello. no 3, so for moving up, what is just to do and out of your many visual molina, the police. yes. and the guy that was a bio you barrel done so. so those can review as
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well. yes, i can do osi does. it does, you know, part of this one or one of the, this, how many days in the museum. you do a, all those us on one the are so busy, no pay on. ah, i mean, nobody will, i will let you know. but you know what? you're offering a internet and if oh the something you would, oh god, no, but i've got a deliverance. he goes, it is a one little love me to say on this all ira notice soon of what i say notice. so, i mean, i don't wanna, you know, sort of, we, i mean it's, you know, we are in the initial idea. i always pushing
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to say either this or be like i said it some for my us meaning when do you want to move to canada? yeah. which, which i knew so, but in the circus in, when i was, i believe it was delicious, but it's the main side of the month. and it can be doing work, you know, get us into that. but if i go by, whenever i go something, what in daniels is so that i should wait though you see we are the needle. ain't there. can we're bustle brooks, you're good. you are. but it's a boy in his own dan years is we again mister soggy. shall go get a
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time with him on the way a so my area, but oh no. yeah. a been out of the brazil a sort of point. she almost blind gary saw that, but i'm, i go to the legacy most. when i'm out i said, what am i going to be in 3? i'm on this is i will most they do it as what am i go to the products on that vehicle? la daniel, i see us am percent on a girl. i'm a feature home, you know, he's a little minor name, so he's a c. c. ok,
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i'm ya. it's a when i am for sams, a marquee iraqi 3. she'd run a triple, i mean, a mm . mm. hm, anyone in needle this window, jonas noticed i knew better than when we book the door. but anyway, i thought, you know something else. oh my most of what i what, what exactly, what get him, buddy. so i can pull the keys to see when time is jonas. that is
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a not one but a but i thought was a jake knew it symbols into it. a good one. yeah. one going with him on i oregon. when i actually, when i'm shopping with my own export areas, many, many years in waterways. so when i was young, the dollar router is
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a him based on the list in on say, you know, some of this my 1st time to uruguay. and i've come to the source of the revolution one boss. i bet recently in the of the cannabis movement and he's done so much open a path that's really reverberating around the world. you know. busy a loony goes, i mean, a guy it would assume he had to sign with us. yes. i mean, there's no way. oh goodness others me sorry. samus. i thought, you know, because you more a soon it on one penny. i get the name of this reading on this. yeah. and i will send a sima the same with all the saudi on something and then i also want to but we also don't releases. but again, i'm really wondering what the usa sch, gentleman,
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i'm done. yeah. going on, i mean, almost audio busha with in i can say, ah, many pads
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with fund 82 stephanie to see some cases of heroine news, but you didn't the 19 ninety's and didn't any 2000? yes. the number of people who wayne checked the heron increase the of the my company. so in 2004, we need another research to find out the day ha v magnet church among these people who wait checked and trucks of at all, for the top percent, there were a chevy. positive. this was it in michael, very high as compared to the general population. 5 went to 8. and the worst part of it is that women who are injecting drugs, the etcher, valenzuela, 62 percent. that them when you say we need to do something for february 20 live in best,
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where we opened up these clinic one image, old piano, new image. okay. okay. i'm wondering when rena has isha. what do i know and yeah, close with them. is that only militia? when yeah, me. good morning. i was in the center console. show you over and over to you. i'm a fellow only a miracle life. but the challenge is, is the little main death, the number of people who are using drugs, destine, very huge. and the biggest challenge that we, not, that is that people that,
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that have to inject to head in so that they can access with him as pain buses. then the number of drop off to get also increased. so last they disappear, we still can no, let's stop recruiting new glance back to looking for those who disappeared and see what is happening. what selling just do they have? where did they leave method and then go back to using of harry did. ms. i do. alba, mama was that the area with divine a little few are one of those. yeah. a dave or new ones? yeah. well my know, yeah. what you owe with that being by doing what if i did a fight again, as i said when i, when i'm, when i mean when you reside,
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i didn't know the doctor again. my younger and i already knew that day and i would not do women anyway. it's gonna blame me when you're in that, in, in, in the one that and then well go in. i mean you do you deal with you when i yeah. i mean when you are, is this being done to with no school in a meeting with what we're done
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with that. yeah. will data austin, i use i can is as good took on them with me now. quarter a know sure. sure. you other side of this. yeah. listen. i don't way they do with these. i better let the van up that, that now monday. yeah. do i need is monday. yeah. now when i, when a man i'm gonna get in to going to my she, danny, only need easy study with
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a beautiful not a bad one on b, b i to do it. i want it now that won't get a fuel on what i mean. yeah. i would only say yeah, none to when it would aligned or if anyone william ha allen is in. got in trouble. when would you like it? yeah. and i said, yeah, but you go when you're funny,
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the angles you like doing yank on number one number and i want to say i'm when a scale loony there. i'm here doing the uh word. yeah. and yeah, and i look when i get out of it is it doesn't go when you're bengal window. no. stand on the scale choice on either side of still school with a a man on the day i knew nearly my game. double glad and awareness that owen o'neill, glen jane union. now. jack at the gun. yeah. the a gun. my younger missouri. is that whiskey?
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yeah. she's whiskey, media, fun media, does they? they are glut ah short films and inspiration. a series of short puzzles, stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al jazeera select
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ah, the journey has begun. the 3 full world camp is on its way to catherine book. your travel package to day. hello, we got bags of lovely sunshine across much of south america. the sky is largely clear. lots of blue sky around here. further north, the big samples able continue up to was all northern brazil pushing our pin 2 were french kind of ghana cinemas. well, some parts of the venezuela seeing some live the showers along with a good part of columbia. some of the pictures that go on through sunday there is that dry weather for the most part, some wet weather down toward southern parts of chile and some snow course over the high ground further north into the caravan. it's lottie fine at dry some gorgeous tropical sunshine for the ac, not is a little more cloud over towards the greater antilles,
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but it should be lousy. try having said that, the wet weather, driven on that easily wind will continue across sir cost rickanicker aqua el salvador sang some very heavy right? honduras sang some sharp shout ride up towards the yucatan peninsula. much of mexico is dry, sunny, and hot and a similar picture there as we go on through sunday. and we had plenty of heat into the southeast of the us recently. warm suddenly winds meeting up with all the rare out of canada across the plains. violent storm. we had a tornado in michigan. that wet weather continues to me further east. i saw official ally of the journey. ah, this is al jazeera ah.


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