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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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is tournaments unfolds over the coming days. it will play a key role. but organize is getting ready to host the middle east's biggest ever exposing event. next year. i'm for the castle national teams. they get used to playing in fronts of expected home crowds lobby, hoping to convince both the france and themselves they really are ready to take on the world. ah, and this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily angry. this is the news i am alive from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, finland and sweden formally apply to join nato, spurred by security concerns over russia's invasion of reclining. the u. s. eases some sanctions on venezuela. washington says it's to encourage talks between president maduro and the opposition. how is security packed between china and the
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solomon islands has turned into an election issue in australia and wild fires, droughts and less food for millions, whether experts issue another blake warning on the long lasting effects of climate change. i'm devin ash, with the sport and a landmark agreement for footballers in the usa for the 1st time at men's and women's national team. players will be paid the same ending years of legal cases. hello, welcome to the program. in a historic move, finland and sweden have submitted their formal applications to join nature. both countries have long stayed neutral, but russia's invasion of ukraine has rapidly shifted public opinion in favor of joining the alliance. currently 5 nato members shall land borders with russia. let's take a look. they include a stony is an lap is entire easton, frontiers. no way just touches rush, shiny,
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arctic circle swell. lithuania and poland sank. the baltic enclave of kellen in grant finland's membership of nash, i would add 1300 kilometers to the alliances land border with russia, more than doubling its length at diplomatic edison, james bass reports from brussels. nato secretary general yen stilton burg, welcoming the ambassadors of the 2 countries that want to become the newest members to join an alliance, which currently has 30 members. the ambassadors had with them their formal letters of application. this moment marking a radical change and opinion in the 2 nordic nations with long cherished that nor the line status of a change that's taken place in the period of less than 3 months. since russia invaded ukraine, every nation has the right to choose his own path. you are both made your choice of the follow democratic processes. and i warmly welcom do chris boy
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finance with me to join nato. you are our closest partners and your membership in they do would increase our shared security of the current nato members. $29.00 out of 30 strongly support sweden. infancy membership. they both have sophisticated armies, substantial fleets of aircraft, and both of served alongside nato forces in the balkans and afghanistan. the leader of one nato member though has objections. turkeys. president irwin accuses both countries of harboring terrorists in particular kurdish nationalist groups. the u. s. is confident the turkey can be persuaded, and that's why the u. s. secretary of state will be meeting his turkish counterpart soon at the u and in new york. if turkey does change its position, the 2 countries could be sitting around the nato table as invitee nations at
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a summit. at the end of june, formal ratification though, we'll take several months more in a significant move the u. s. aircraft carrier, the u. s. s. harry truman and it strike group will be moved in recent hours to the baltic sea, finland, and sweden and not yet members, covered by nato security guarantees. but its presence is a clear sign to russia if it was considering any response to the latest developments. james bays al jazeera at nato headquarters in brussels. finance penguins de says she hopes the lions will ratify the applications as soon as possible. i think at this nature, we have to keep our eyes on the mall and that is of very smith and fast ratification of our membership in every native and a country. so that is what we are focusing now. and i think our most important at a job in nato is to defend our own country, our own region,
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also making sure that the whole nordic nordic region is secure. wild turkeys president has again expressed his reservations about winland and sweden speeds financial membership. reggie type on a que sweden of hovering what he called kurdish terrorists, not on getting them as if his image of nato's enlargement would be meaningful for us. as long as our sensitivities are respected. giving all kinds of support to the p k. k into the y p g terrorist organization, and asking us for support for nato membership amounts to say the least inconsistency and not all be the grand lake oldish and we'll do. big nato is the security entity. therefore, we cannot the yes to depriving this security organisation of security ration says almost 700 ukrainian fighters at the as of style steel plant have surrendered in the past 24 hours. it's unclear what will happen to them next. an early group was
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taken to a formal penal colony in russian controlled territory, while the wounded were taken to hospital for treatments. ukraine once a prisoner swamp, a rush's parliament is considering banning the exchange of as of members for russian prisoners of war. crimes president says some fight is still inside that plant. i said bake has more from john april. he said that the evacuation is been overseen by the ukrainian military and intelligence, and he said, the most influential international mediator so that we understand that there's still some fighters there, but the ones that have been evacuated earth, most of them have been taken all of them in fact, having taken to russian control the russian held territory, but russia says that there will be treated by international standards. but also the russians are saying that they would like to investigate some of these nations for crimes against a, against a civilian population. now that's obviously propaganda coming from russia. they've held on to this line that they have invaded ukraine to de nazi fight. but what's
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interesting about specifically about mario paul and the as of battalion is that this kind of fees, the russian narrative as of battalion it is a far right. a battalion, it was incorporated into ukraine's military infrastructure. and many of its members have been linked to far right groups. now that serves the russian propaganda machine. however, ukraine says that this battalion was incorporated into its military infrastructure and has now changed. but the as of battalion is seen as to death, are seen as the defenders of mary uphold the strategic port city. and this is very important for russia. this is their biggest victory to date in terms of this war and many other parts of the country's, their face set back. so, president vladimir putin want to make the most act of the situation and marable as could be viewed from moscow. now where did dosage barry, joe? so what was said in russian parliament, the drama about this mario post steel plant operation.
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well, according to the speaker of duma i, he said that these are not see criminals and that they should not be exchanged with any russian soldiers. that are in ukrainian custody, and that there should be a trial set for them to at really show the international community what they have done allegedly, to our russian soldiers. we've also been hearing from a very prominent figure within the ad duma. and that is li noise, slootsky who is also a part of the a russian negotiating team with the ukrainians in those ongoing talks that have since a stop. he's had some very and severe views about how the as of sol, battalion member should be treated while they're in russian custody. he said they should use the death penalty and that they should really be put forth and a tribunal. i core international court where they have to answer for their a legit war crimes that they've committed. according to this lawmaker, there's
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a sense that despite the fact that the mariel bull is now in russian control, and that the last remaining pocket of resistance, which was this as of style plants is being evacuated and almost complete. there's still no m complete victory for the russians. the narrative that is coming out of the russian media and lawmakers makes it clear that now the main focus is that they hang on to these lighters. and that they are not in favor of any kind of prison exchange in the coming weeks and months ahead. and i'm also more generally how a diplomatic talks going between moscow and keith. well, those talks began on february 28th just forty's, after russia launched, it's so called special military operation into ukraine. and many here believed that the dual track negotiations that were ongoing despite what was happening on the ground in that ukraine was really the main purpose of this operation to get the key
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of government to negotiate certain things that the russians were looking for. now, since at saturday we heard from the russian president vladimir putin, who says that that talks have been suspended. he didn't provide any further detail about why they've been suspended. but we've been hearing from dmitri pess called the spokesperson of the kremlin, who said that the talks have indeed stopped. and this is the 1st time that we're aware of since they began in february that they have completely suspended, negotiated with each other, which really begs the question, what will happen next? will they resume that discussions at any point in the near future? and what is the main goal now at this stage if they're not talking to each other? so for now, the talks are suspended whether or not their resume remains to be seen, but it's certainly not a positive indication of things to come. no, not positive at all. thank you very much for that update dosage of our love for us in moscow. thank you. a russian soldier has pleaded guilty to killing an unarmed
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ukrainian civilian. he made the play on wednesday as a cave caught began hearing ukraine's 1st war crimes trial of the conflict. the 21 year old sergeant, nevada, and miss she, she moraine is charged with teaching a 62 year old civilian through an open car window. he's facing life in prison and russia is continuing. it's offensive in southern new crime. the honda abdel hamid is in the mc alive that was bombed earlier on wednesday. this is actually a strike that happened at around 520 this morning. now this is what you see behind me is a cluster of one story, residential houses that this is really the epi center of that strike. and everything you can see around me is completely destroyed. they are injured, but no one died in the strike, which is actually difficult to believe. if you just look at the,
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the magnitude of the destruction here, you can see everything is completely charged and burned. and if you, if i was good, can show your inside. there is really absolutely nothing left. we spoke to the owner of this house. she is not injured, but certainly this is really a lifetime of memories gone in ashes. now the issue here nikolai, is that this happens on a daily basis. there are as strikes that miss any kind of target, there is an air defense system in place. but more and more this city is being targeted. we spoke to military officials in and up over the past 2 days and they say that they're being shelled either from the south. the have southern region which is now occupied by the roches all firm, or what they believed to be miss out said from the black sea. and also people are now more worried certainly with the changes on the ground in where you put the is.
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i believe that now that russia is more or less in control of mar, you pull, it has this land, poor a door from russia all the way to the crimea. it allows people, it allows the russia to reinforce as president in the have southern region and may be pushed stewards here. because if you recall, in the 1st stages of this war, the russians had actually arrived very close to the a town of 400000 people is on. the black sea is, is known for its shipyards at the soviet time. and they wanted to push and russia stated and wanted to take all this land, all the way to the blackboard. see the seaport of odessa, and maybe also link all the way to more dover. so there is a certain worry that at some point there could be a push, even though we've been yesterday to the outskirts to the towns and villages around nikolai of do ukrainians have managed to push the russians back. now the issue is,
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is the other wash is going to have a counter offensive now that the situation in my, you post seems to be more or less under their control. the european union is pushing forward with plans to abandon the use of brushing energy. it's proposing a $315000000000.00 package that includes more efficient use of fuels and a faster rollout of renewable power. european commission president as lavonne de lion says, the initiative is to help a you countries when themselves, off russian, oil and gas you're relies on russia for about 40 percent. if it's gas supplies, there's plenty more head on this news hour, including i'm the 3 and newman in havana standing in one of the countless lines or cuban say they are spending too much of their lives. coming up. i'll tell you why. 2 countries to governments, rather one country rival administration, fight for control in one of africa's oil rich nations
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and spanish police arrest football fans on the eve of what could be a once in a lifetime. final ah, israeli forces have rated several neighborhoods in the jane refugee camp in the occupied west bank more than 40 military patrol, stoned, a number of palestinian homes. 17 palestinians were detained. the veteran al jazeera jealous sharina o'clock was killed in that same area jeanine at last week. french president manuel mccall is pushing for a rapid investigation into her death. she was shot dead in the head by israeli forces while on assignments. she rain was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of these rally occupation. she was known as the voice of
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palestine. and one of those palestinians who was carrying sharina coffin has been arrested by israeli forces. amro abu cadet was attacked by israeli police and occupied east jerusalem last week. his account of what happened was widely shared on social media. his lawyer says, all the questions during his interrogation were related to the funeral will be held until at least sunday. democratic congresswoman were shaded to lay has condemned sharon's killing. she told al jazeera, the us must be firmer with israel and push it to uphold human rights. overwhelmingly you hear people saying that we must use leverage of the money and the funding from the united states to promote human rights to push back against apartheid government to push back against the racism, the killings and the work on that of the united states. again, need to continue to speak up because our silence for the president bite into
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a number of his officials are using words that i feel like, are you careful or not strong enough to make sure that there's really government knows we're extremely serious about again, upholding human rights we found hypocritical, we say, well, whole human rights and other countries and post war crimes. but when it comes to the apartheid government of israel, we are pilot and israel's prime minister has been challenged in parliament to reveal the truth about the officer who shot and killed showing that black left a member of the can s. it confronted him totally banish on monday. i thought charlotte. yeah. hi. how are you? good. i knew serene on both the personal and family level. i'm challenging the prime minister bennett, and i'm telling him in front of everyone that he knows the identity of the officer who shot sharina. i'm sure you know from which
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a jeep the officer shot her from. you know, the rifle and telescopic lens, he used to kill serene. i know you are lying. you are a lawyer in money, because if i lied, the entire world would know. it's not me who's called the swindler by everyone. and once again, i challenge you that, you know, from which the chief, the officer shot her from much and you know, the rifle and the telescopic lens used to kill sri data could get to the world. news in the us is easing some sanctions on venezuela to encourage talks between president nicholas missouri and the opposition. the us recognizes opposition later won gladto as venezuela, legitimate president and imposed sanctions to try and out. maturer, washington says any major lifting of sanctions will depend on progress made at the negotiating table. for more on this, i'm bringing out what has corresponding kimberly. how could,
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who joins us live now. hello that, kimberly what's behind this move and what sanctions are being lifted? well, what i can tell you about why this is happening now. you have to remember that this is coming just one day after the by the administration. also relax some restrictions on cuba is that basically these are back to back move. they're done in coordination and the timing is no accident. now in terms of the easing of the sanctions that are coming on oil rich, venezuela. what this is, is really a reef focusing of some of the biden administration's policy on the western hemisphere. and until now, there had been largely a focus on asia and the asia pacific region, but there is a new focus on this western hemisphere. and the reason is, is that there is a largely a setting of the table for an event that is set to take place next month in los
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angeles. and that, of course, is the summit of the americas. now, some of these moves are controversial, even with members of the president's own democratic party on capital hill. for example, bob melendez, a member of the form relations committee. not having particularly with some of the changes to cuba policy. also, the president getting some criticism about his decision to ease some of the policies with regard to venezuela. given the fact that this does seem to be an appearance of working with governments with controversial policies, particularly when it comes to human rights in favor of easing some of the domestic challenges here, namely the very high oil prices, something that this administration denies. it says this is squarely on focusing on improving the lives of people within the region. and that is the motivation for these back to back decisions. and kimberly, you mentioned cuba, their president biden is also easing some trump error restrictions on cuba. what
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impact will that have on cuban people? this is significant because for so long the cuban people have been isolated. even a, some of their family members are living so close proximity. many of them have, there's a large di asked for a living in the us state of florida, very close by often sending money. these valuable remittances are known, have been kept as of late, and this has been kept at about a $1000.00 mark that is now being lifted. and this is going to provide a valuable injection of money into the economy. another policy that's being lifted is the valuable visa program that had allowed for cubans to come to the united states that had been kept at $20000.00. or now this will be something that will be open to opt in terms of the family reunification program. this will also allow for direct travel, something that americans have not been able to do prior. if they wanted to even try
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and get around it, they would often have to go to canada and then fly directly from toronto or vancouver, montreal, one of those major cities. so this is something that is significant because it's going to provide much needed tourism dollars inject that into the economy. and again, give provide the much needed economic boost that so many say that this island nation is needed for so long in day. thank you very much. for bringing up to speed, what has corresponding kimberly, how could live for us there? thank you. as kimberly mentioned key bait is facing its worse to economic crisis in 30 years. the last time life was this hard was when it subsidies from the former soviet union ended. tens of thousands of cubans are flame, the island in search of a better life. a latin american editor, lucy newman, has moved from ivana. i'm standing in one of the countless lines were cubans are telling us that they are spending the greater part of their lives these days. this
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is just one line. there's learned just about every corner to my basic goods from a bottle of oil to cigarettes with their ration cards. and that doesn't mean that they're necessarily inexpensive. it just means that they might have a chance to buy them. this in cuba has become the new normal 55 year old low, the lena she lit that is returning home empty handed, after spending hours in the queue to buy. but her life is a struggle. she says, especially since her daughter migrated to spain, leaving her to care for her grandchildren. not her monthly minimum wage was $20.00 at the black market rate. our. she shows us her refrigerator full mostly of water, while on the new r lucelle, i have 4 children to feed up. i have no choice but to go on the street to solve this and that a lot. she explains the chicken by 10 packs of cigarettes for $200.00 pesos on her ration card and sell each one for a $150.00 on the flourishing informal market. a long lines for everything from food
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to fuel revealed in economy in distress. law people's tempers are short from chewing most of the day. in this case, for 2 bottles of oil, scarce items are sold with a ration card, but most things are no longer subsidized. what are you with around bill? and it think when i got it i'm, i've been here since 5 a. m. and i've got numbers 1170. it's now 10 am. and there at least 800 people in line hoping to buy chicken cubes. cash starved economy is collapsing under the weight of harsh economic sanctions imposed by washington and append demik. that's paralyzed tourism cubis. economic engine, in all this, aggravated by 3 digit inflation sparked by a long overdue monetary reform. but often i saw last united duncan, the boy, a faded, we were obliged to devalue
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a dollar currency by 2300 percent. one of the biggest evaluations ever seen in the regional havana state, one tourist hotels are empty. even his new ones are being built. the few russian tourists who came this year left as soon as war broke out in ukraine for fear of being unable to get back home. thousands of ordinary cubans who invested in bread and breakfasts before the pandemic, are now desperate. here's another sign where they rent rooms in central heaven. i'm going to check to see how they're doing because there's a sign here that says, god bless my business and those who visit. but we'll see just how many visitors they've had. hey i, when i started this with our se ringo big library won't bank on the lateral. it'll say i'm gay, letting me know that little money lulu middle shoals as her guest registered or she hasn't had any since last year. cuz i,
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we go very wrong with that income. i could buy things for my grandchild without it were hard pressed on a so a, so the strategic planning chief says q was trying to diversify economy to increase biotechnology, industry exports and food production, ambiance, amber, neal, implement vendome, area, part of what we have been taking measures to strengthen and give more autonomy to a state socialist enterprises, which in our view with the fundamental actors of our economy in coming up from them and then men to her. it's clear that maintaining centralized control is still the priority. despite police for greater freedom for the fledgling private sector, those who hoped that the way out of this crisis would be to follow the example of vietnam or china would just have to keep waiting in line. the upcoming summit of the americas, which will be held in los angeles, will be the 1st opportunity for the cuban and u. s. president to sit down face to face and discuss possible easing of us
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sanctions against this country. but that will require political concessions on the part of cuba. the u. s. has said that cuba and venezuela are unlikely to be invited to the summit of the americas. it's hosting next month. that's prompted a boy caught threat from the mexican president separately, quarter mile, as president has announced he won't be at the summit being held in los angeles. alejandro g m. a tase, angry at us criticism of his way appointment of the attorney general consuelo for us is own a u. s. list of so called corrupt actors. g m a t k says, what am allan sovereignty must be respected. ok, it's time now for the whether he's rob yesterday morning hoff is built, who's below a 100 meters. it's slightly improved throughout the day. this is the remnant though of the dust storm that came down from iraq, where things were much worse for this is worse than usual, have to say in cat on the winds, been up in pakistan, particularly in the north. and a similar effects been felt in islamabad. visibility comes down the dust and the
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and the winds remain quite strong. but in this case they brought thunderstorms and rain and the result things were temporary improve because you know that to pakistan has been suffering from extremely high temperatures. at some point a severe heat weight and reco breaking heart, but it is lum about around the north and the random stuff kind of stone showers have been keeping things temporarily. cooter that'll carry on. now recently, tim should have come down a bit. we're up to $39.00 or $47.00, which is 4 or 5 degrees above the average. you're not really an extreme heat weight is not going to stay that way. temperatures are going up, particularly in lowland pakistan to want the 50 mach. i think there washer gives you 49 easily and still with a breeze. now northern point of india attempts have been high. they come down recently. they are creeping up slowly but not quite to severe heat wave conditions . we might even see thunder storms again, knock things cooler in delhi. and as rob mentioned, northern india is really under
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a hate wave. at least 7 people have drowned in floods. in the northeast, half a 1000000 have been forced from their homes and hundreds of villages was swamped in the past. 3 days. farmers in some states say they have lost a majority of their crops as one of the river's overflowed still ahead on al jazeera, not enough to go around. how can we know kitchens emperor was struggling to feed the pool? plus the world's longest serving prime minister is getting ready to step aside. we look at his controversial choice of successor and in sport. find out what made his eyes hockey play. take out his anger on a television camera here. ah frank assessments, what are the political risks, robotic russian or the gas for western leaders or sanctions on russian energy exports? possibly for such informed opinions,
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france is not abandoning to fight against yet, is still reserve media debt going to be attaching from nisha and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera women use brand shilling. now, in coming shows, lighting very close to the building, when people need to be heard. and the story told it's kind of inspiring moment for me, for all of them to see their guy from their community, with exclusive interviews and in depth reports. but the river is still remain. al jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news. lou
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ah ah. hello, watching out his ear. i'm emily anglin. he's a reminder of our top stories, the solemn finland and sweden have handed in their formal applications to join nato . they've long been neutral, but russia's invasion of ukraine rapidly shifted public opinion in favor of nature . membership. russia meanwhile says almost $700.00 ukrainian fighters at the as of styles steel plant have surrendered. in the past 24 hours. it's unclear what will happen to them. now ukraine is suggesting a prisoner swap, but russia one some to be labeled terrorists. and the u. s. is easing some sanctions on venezuela. to encourage talks between president nicholas madura and the opposition. the u. s. recognizes opposition later won water as venezuela's,
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legitimate president and imposed sanctions to try to answer mature. one of libby's arrival. prime minister says he'll move, he's a government to the city of cert. from wednesday fatty basheba attempted to enter the capital tripoli on tuesday. but he was blocked by supporters of a rival administration that led by abdul hamid to baber libya's had to governments since march when the parliament based in the aisd appointed basheba as prime minister. he says the elections that were postponed were approved by the international community. and will follow, and we'll focus on following the political process. good humor, howdy, little esa. that government has worked to, to lay and undermine the election. they refused to go to the election approved by the international community and the u. n. we did not resort to force or insults. we followed a political process sort of, we will never use corruption. we will never corrupt the political life. while the tripoli based government of prime minister debate had described tuesday's
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developments as a desperate attempt to spread tara and chaos in the libyan capital. and in tobacco and hen village. and the resolution is no future except through elections. the cool attempts of field who went to the we can confirm it over again. malik china has the latest from good amens in southwest lubin. this isn't something new in libya, olivia, or fort for the decade for more than a decade. libby has been engulfed in political divisions and violence, seen 2 governments at numerous times, one in the west, and one in the east. and really, people are frustrated. they want to see elections are when the elections were scheduled in december. more than 2800000 libyans registered to vote. so there's a huge appetite for libyans to elect who they want to see them in power. and, and both are frustrated at both after having the baby and fed taper server are really they don't really care who, who, who is in control as long as they can stop the violence,
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stop the conflict and bring stability to the country are like you were hearing the damage the dam is a is a historical city. it's also the old town is a world heritage site, a school world heritage site. and just behind me, this is, ain foot us or this bring in a waitlist. in the middle of the desert is over 4000 years old. and before the violence and the political division started, thousands of tourists used to come and see this and see the city. and the economy was, you know, was, was booming because of it, it, it depends on tourists and, and since these divisions, and since this violence they, their, their economy is struggling. so the regular people across the country that are suffering due to these political divisions and violence and they want to see it and, and they want to see elections as soon as possible to show lanka. now where the government is telling people not to cue at fuel stations because they've run dry,
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the government is struggling to pay for new supplies and other essential goods. and the newly appointed prime minister is wanting the most difficult months a year to come. and al fernandez reports from colombo, angry, frustrated and helpless. she long kerns have had to queue up for most to centrals in recent weeks. today they were told there's no more petra left. you'll be at the diary love, i'll report. i came at 8 o'clock this morning, but when i got close they said the patrol was gone. i don't even have enough to go home to live with our but relatively what i got to that, i figured out, maybe it's the poorest people that are the worst affected we can't cope. a massive tax cut. the 2019 easter bombings targeting hotels and chargers and the pandemic have sharply affected government revenue. this, together with unsustainable debt mismanagement and corruption made it difficult for sri lanka to face the economic problems in recent months. foreign reserves have fallen to near 0 and the government can't pay for basic essentials. this included
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fuel from a tanker anchored off colombo port for the past 45 days. the government owes $735000000.00 on earlier fuel supplies. retro some ha or don't chew up for petrol because we are working with very limited stocks, which are being allocated to essential services, like ambulances, it will be saturday or sunday before supplies are available. oh, to love is facing its worst economic crisis since independence in 1948 shortages have brought ordinary shoe lankin to the streets, demanding the president go, tubby roger boxes resignation. he says he won't resign and has appointed a new prime minister runner vicar missing her, voted out of parliament at the last election. he has a lot to prove demarco pi bear, or what her mother you and i will have to deal with the most difficult times in our lives over the next few months. every one will have to face this with commitment.
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after months of stalling, she lanka has open talks with the international monetary fund seeking a bailout. but that will take at least 3 or 4 months to yield any relief. credit lines, emergency loans and aid have held the government limp along in recent weeks. but observers said, the sooner there is political stability, the sooner the economy can begin. it's long road to recovery. minute fernandez. alger 0 colombo, esther allianz, go to the post this weekend with the liberal party seeking a 4th term in office. as sarah clark reports from sydney, security in the pacific is a major campaign issue. thank you very much. very soon as the security pact between china, solomon islands came as a surprise to australia prime minister, where very concerned the solomon islands were very concerned for the broader security in the south west pacific agreement. we'll see,
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basing increased time with the pacific islanders and helped a safe guard. national security is driving government morning. the pac threatens regional stability and allows china to expand militarily in the pacific. the islands, prime minister, declared peace on the right side of history. forging close ties with blazing. we've been treated as kindergarten students walking around with cold, 45 hands, and therefore we need to be supervised. we installed the on going full out over the pack has dominated the election campaign with recriminations on both sides. the coalition government has vowed to increased funding for aid and economic development to reassure our nations of australian support. the opposition says it will establish a stronger diplomatic network to resist china's expansion. the region is changing very quickly around us. and what we're saying is perhaps that australian policy is
4:39 pm
a bit slow to catch up to it. it's not to say that the concerns haven't been there, but there's a certain, there's an incrementalism to china, a strategic push astrology and the united states via the pac could see china establish a naval base less than 2000 kilometers from the strolling coast. senior colonel, china people's liberation. army said that's alarmist, i think it is a you. okay. and the response will be edible nation to cry. they alleged to savage phase as cross read law is wanting tags to say that legation from china, including the foreign minister, is expected to visit honey, are as early as next week. if the 2 goes ahead will coincide with high level quote, talks between the strategy of japan, india, and united states in tokyo. i must say that's a deliberate attempt by shing to try and overshadow their dialogue. it's also
4:40 pm
another sign. china was intent on cementing stronger security and economic ties across the inductor. civic sarah clark al jazeera city, australia, whether experts have issued another warning on how the world is hating up with harmful long lasting effects. a un report says, ocean temperatures, an acid, if occasion, are at record hives threatening moraine life on land, increasing levels of carbon dioxide are causing extreme weather events. the past 7 years with the hottest ever, that's cause drought in afghanistan, canada iran pack has done turkey to minister on and to be us. it tend to dry conditions have triggered major wildfires, costing hundreds of billions of dollars. extreme weather events are causing food and water shortages in many countries as well. the global energy system is broken and bringing us ever closer to climate catastrophe. fossil fuels had a dead ends,
4:41 pm
environmentally and economically. the water, new crane, and he needed the effects on energy prices is yet another wake up call. the only sustainable future is the renewable one. we must have fossil fuel pollution and so that is the renewable energy transition before we since it's our only own time is running off the terry tell us is secretary general of the world, a major, a logical organization the you an agency that relates to the state of the climate report, he says it would be cheaper to prevent climate change them deal with a woman planet. we have again, broken, less comfortable records in maine, greenhouse gas concentrations, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide. we have seen a major both in sea level rise. it used to be too many meters per year in the past . and recently we have seen 4.5 meters per year. last year,
4:42 pm
some melting with the higher speed and, and we have stored more and more heat to the oceans. and we have broken all time record in ocean heat or so last the last year and it's awesome sound. so serving a sink of carbon dioxide. that means that we are chasing the chemical composition of the water and it's becoming more i saved and be so the also broke is actually the record. the science has been very clear for the case and we have started seeing growing them out of impacts of night, climate change and negative impacts of climate change. and it's clear that it's much cheaper to mitigate $0.05 than to live with the consequences. and these consequences are becoming more and more expensive, and they also more dramatic for human beings, we have seen and lots of casualties. and then, and this is expected to grow. if we, if we failed to reply with some activists, a warning that
4:43 pm
a big increase in the price of cooking gas in nigeria is accelerating deforestation . as i'm of interest reports from kana gas prices have tripled within the past year . 14 many, she is 5 to cook meals instead. it's been to what have years is my whole dose, mine switched from fi, wouldn't you call to cooking gas to prepare his meals? he says he tossed easier and healthier, but with high prizes eating deep into his earnings. he's wondering if that's a wise move. charlotte was in that one. okay, up under should i? i used to pay the equivalent of $1.50 for gas and the small cylinder, the price to put now. the rising cost of gas or cooking has pushed many nigeria to resort to using wood and chuckle. he had the look of charcoal market in daughter. new consignments arrived by the truck. lot. business is brisk. i now well, what i will at years if we sell 2 to 400 bags of charcoal daily. on
4:44 pm
a very good day, we sell more than 500 bags and cover to make those 500 bags. dozens of trees must have been cut down. cooking gas usage in africa. biggest oil and gas producer rules by 60 percent in 2020, exceeding 1000000 metric tons. cells grew farther last year, but then slowed down due to reduction in supply of the country now has to import gas at high prices. in 14 days, a lot of faxes anita vehicle from d t. something like that. so make they follow to be really high wind blank country . does this wind is we are having the jumping cooking gas prices for nigerians already struggling with rising inflation is also reversing. gains made in protecting trees in a country wide 10 millionaire cut down every year. or we shall say their hope increasing people's use of cooking gas will save millions of fries and the
4:45 pm
environment by the high jump in prices of liquefied petroleum gas will make that harder to achieve nigeria, st. it oil company blames the rising cost and global price increases. but over the country still important, most of its gas users are bracing for more price hikes. army edris al jazeera cuddle. nigeria, the world's longest serving prime minister, appears to be making preparations to hand over power. hanson has led cambodia for 37 years. as tiny chang reports choosing his son as his successor is provoking accusations of nepotism. cambodian prime minister, whom sen meets his malaysian counterpart in the capital plum pen having taken the position in 1985, he's ruled uninterrupted, the 37 years making of the longest serving prime minister in the world. although uninterrupted, that rule has been repeatedly contested,
4:46 pm
disputed coalition rule, compromised elections and intimidation. have left big questions about his legitimacy. but one thing henson has always relied on is the royal cambodia armed forces. this are, as you rely so much, all did a force even at all. well, it should ensure internal security. this regime is a way to feel is you are not it shouldn't be a surprise then that one sent successor is the commander of the armed forces. and also his son, hon manette, here, meeting japan's prime minister, a 5 star general, and recently endorsed by his father to be the next p. m. politically, there are very few challenges for him to overcome. since his father band, the main opposition party in 2017 fuel turner, tips have emerged. it doesn't mean that are the younger generation. i mean
4:47 pm
a young generation like me and the atmosphere boy done want of the shoe opposition . i mean high position in the government. but it's because that opportunity and a power is holding, ah, within the hon. family is really powerful and they can decide what a, what a, why this is the house, the hon. sunbelt the enormous headquarters of the cambodian people's party, which is effectively the only major political party left in this country. that the real challenge for her manette could well be to convince the people in here that he is his own man. not just his father's son. hood minute succession could yet be derailed. rapid economic expansion in the cities has benefited his select elite, but the majority of the people in the country and less than $500.00 a year. and with 60 percent of the population under the age of 30 pressure is building for a change of the god. tony chang al jazeera, plumping still ahead on al jazeera in sport. find out how an accident on the podium
4:48 pm
and did the rice. so the 1st black african to win a stage in that brand sewer ah . with
4:49 pm
with mm whole lou. ah ah. tom now passport he is gemma with news of a landmark deal. jim? yes, that's right. i believe for the 1st time at u. s. footballers for the men's and women's national teams will be paid equally after striking on historic agreements with the country, soccer federation that ends years of legal cases as what is guaranteeing plays the same payoff, international matches,
4:50 pm
while cut prize money will also be shed an unprecedented move in the global game, the women's team, all the current, while champions the day all comes 3 months off for a group of female players settlement settled a agenda discrimination lawsuit against you as soccer. and 6 months before the men side is due to play at cats at 2022. this deal is going to have ramifications throughout the entire world. you know, it's game changing moment here in the us. but it has the potential to change how international soccer and international sport do business with the equalization of prize money for our men's and women's world cup, i think is just going to be a historic moment. and hopefully it will create change throughout the world. liverpool manager and cloth admits it's unlikely his side will overtake manchester city, but they won't give up hope of becoming champions. the primarily total race will go down to the final day of the season. often liverpool came back to the south, hampton c one. nathan redmond's shop the selected in the james. no,
4:51 pm
not to give us our company the need. but liverpool level before half time to keep me know going to go much for the relief of the away fans. and joe, match it headed in liverpool, went out to meet them. one point behind the latest spanish police have arrested 5 people off the funds for the streets of seville ahead of the police final later. 1 on track frank, that the forces 3 flags that police and the ranges, towns about 250000 visiting funds are expected. infidel might say, some cooling a once in a lifetime, final satisfy if any 10000 tickets been allocated to seem. the capacity of the stadium holding the final is just under $43000.00. base seems of one of major european tracy before but more than 40 years ago. frankfort. last time at the waste
4:52 pm
up in 1980. when they beat german rivals. birth emotion. glad back. while ranges lifted the european cup with copper back in 1972, when it will secure a place in next season's champions li, huge opportunity for us to, to get the 2nd major price in history in europe for this club. so we are very determined to, to bring the trophy beckwith us, we respect the opponent your phone and did amazing run in europe as well. so it's got to be exciting final, but a final is always nice when you, when you, when it and if you lose it, you, you know, like it. so, we are here to it. it. a russian gymnast who bore a pro war symbol alongside of ukrainian competitor has been given a one year ban. 20 wrote, even juliet could taped the letters that seen on russian tanks in ukraine and to his vest from metal ceremony at a wildcard event in dough high in march, as well as the suspension kodiak also has to have back the bronze, the one in the parallel balls in the m. b a, the miami heat have taken
4:53 pm
a one. nothing lead over the boston celtics in the eastern conference finals. he had an incredible side fortress that came back from 8 point down a half son to take a 17 point lead. jimmy butler was behind it with 27. if it's for one point coming off of the break. he went in when i seen it for one and 7 games. playoff suit in the n. h o western blue tight game between the st. louis blues and the colorado avalanche, with just over a minute left to play in the serious underscore side at c. c. lou center braden shan was sent to the penalty box. the hi sticking a josh manson and you can see how he felt about that. and that is and out on the cameras, matching it with his stick. went on to school and a response or how many have lunch a 33 when and a one nothing in the background series. it was much more one side of the game. one of the battle of florida. tampa bay, lightning on tuesday. yeah. at was law gave the time defenders one lead in
4:54 pm
3rd period and they went on to win for one. so i good says walking is still a challenge of falling a serious car crash last year. but despite that, he believes he can win the p. j championship. this week, golf 2nd major of the is being held at southern hills and oklahoma was hi, good. took home the tray feat 15 years ago was still working his way back to fitness after badly injuring his legs in that car accident. i made him come back at the master's at augusta last month. a tough school to walk around. we figured you the 1st mountain decline was everest. i mean that the steepest golf course you're going to play. and that was the 1st one. he climbed and climbed and so it's going to get flutter and better. but still it, it, i still have tough days and things aren't going to be as, as easy as people might think. but i feel like i'm doing better and there are certain limitations to what i'm going to be able to do. but i'm going to get
4:55 pm
stronger. i don't know how, how much that is or how much range of motion i'll ever get back. but sure. the hell better than was told to go well nimble, and scotty shaft, i will try to make it back to back majors after his victory at the masses. but does he feel any difference? now we have that green jacket, know tag is here, so nobody really remembers that i'm here, so all good. no, i don't. like i said, don't feel any different. i don't get any extra shots this week. you know, it's nice to have the ranking, but at the end of the day when i show up at a tournament, i don't have any advantages over the field. the 1st black african to when a stage one of cycling says 3 grand tools has been forced to pull out of the race because of a mishap. 22 year old had been am i from ever try an edge for the world's best friends is to take stage tennis. if you're ready to tell you what he ended up in hospital off the popping a champagne cork into his i i was bit sad about the
4:56 pm
that happened really the champagne. today's luckily i didn't start the race because in my eyes, i need some rest to give more power the, the i. so we are just looking for what, what the next and in major league baseball, the houston astros pulled off something special at fenway park. the boston red sox went into the 2nd dinning at home with the one. nothing lead over the asterisk, but left trailing line one after a reckless, tying. 5 high runs in a single ettinger, from the visitors. they didn't get sick fight to claim the record outright. but that achievement puts them alongside is 17, and he will say managed defeats, stretching way back to 1939. and the after is went on to win the game 13 fully. and if that wasn't impressive enough, a one lucky fan caught 2 of those high runs. the man who was sitting in the legendary green wants to stand court one which ricocheted off the wall. and then
4:57 pm
another which went straight into the palm of his just wanting touches on the fly. that is all your support for now. we'll have more for you later emily. thank you very much jim. all right, that's it for me and language for this news hour. but don't go anywhere, i'll have more of the day's news in just a moment to stay with us and then move again, and i'm with them sort of one wilson with
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. mm hm. doing the debates. it is no job bad. no. if anyone here talks about women's rights or so, does this a be ashamed of themselves? no topic is of the table. we were taught to see abortion had a one way ticket street to help all the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources and the power to fix it, where a global audience becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. the part of today's program . this stream on al jazeera, used from al jazeera on the go with me tonight, i'll just there is, oh me mobile app is that the, this is where we dissects, analyze the fun thing. and i guess going from out is there is mobile app available
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in your favorite app sto, just set for it and tap the made a new app from al jazeera means that you can get it drop in all 4 of them all time low. you want to chat, branch hate to distrust. this is a baffle about what the truth actually is. i'll just 0 investigative unit pulls back the curtain and reveals how fear suspicion and conspiracy theories have become . the 2 of the powerful were in a dangerous territory. and that dangerous territory, by this date, what happens now that we literally diverge, that may well be how democracy does the truth illusion on a just cedar with
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her finland and swayed informally applied to join nato, spurred by security concerns over roches invasion of ukraine. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin is out of your life and ohio. so coming up how a security packed between china and the solomon islands as tended to an election issue in australia, wild fires, droughts and less food for millions, whether ex.


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