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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 15, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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the 1st of the 2 part epic tale of the remarkable feminine. the father, the son, and the g. ha, ha, one on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm molly inside the news, i lie from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. ah byron sound, 74 seconds, one for every year in the creation of israel as palestinians commemorate knocker or the catastrophe. memorial services have been held across the occupied west bank and
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gaza. to honor al jazeera journalist, sharina black play, who was killed by israeli forces, with eyes on the rushes, sweden drops it, long cherished, neutral status and joints, finland, and applying for nato membership and poles have closed in lebanon's 1st parliamentary elections since it's devastating economic crisis and they root port explosion, we must all work together. address the hey, remains to stay on the sol, merck. u. s. president joe bought and calls for investigation after government killed 10 people, most of them black in one of the deadliest racially motivated mass shooting and explore the race to win. the english premier league title isn't overt just yet leaders. manchester city drop points to give some hope, so rivals livable with
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hello and welcome to the program. 74 seconds of sirens to mark 74 years since an entire people's land began to be stolen. ah, it began in 9048, where hundreds of thousands of palestinians were driven out of their homes by dine . it's on groups to make way for the creation of the state of israel to this day. israel has bod, palestinian refugees, and their descendants, from returning to their homes and flagrant violation of international law. correspondence. that means they done and takes a look back at the history of the knock and how it's affected, entire generations. this is what designed this movement termed a land without the people. but in reality, during the 19th century, the land had an overwhelming majority native palestinian population. the majority
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will muslim with christians making up around the 11 percent and the small palestinian jewish minority of around 3 percent. but by 917 britain, it occupied palestine. the country's foreign secretary wanted to win favor with a powerful zionist movement off a bell for committed to supporting the establishment of a national homeland for jews in palestine. as occupation authority settled, increasing numbers of jewish immigrants from europe. palestinians began rebelling, jews from europe felt their religious beliefs and the historical existence of jewish communities in the land entitled them to palestine. palestinians felt their country was being given away by foreigners to foreigners. in 1947, britain announced its would hand over palestine to the un to sort out. in the same year, the un proposed establishing 2 states against the wishes of the majority, our population. the majority of the country would go to the jewish immigrant population, which owned only 6 percent of the land and constituted only
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a 3rd of the population. and the native palestinians, they'd get less than half of their own country. the jews accepted the un plan, but palestinians rejected it. war broke out during which design, ethnically cleansed and estimated $750000.00 palestinian arabs. in may, 948 design is declared the establishment of the state of israel. the palestinians were outgunned as zionist overran palestinian towns and villages in some places like they're seen, zionist forces massacre. the civilian population. residents of other palestinian towns simply fled in fear. hundreds of thousands of palestinians were displaced as jews, celebrated palestinians marked the great catastrophe, or necka zine as quickly absorbed, conquered palestinian towns into their new state of israel. as many palestinians
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languished in refugee camps a park with fields and flowers, all seemed so tranquil now. but appearances can be deceiving because this was was the palestinian village of a bullet swept by the turmoil of an extra 10 israeli national park to day. the out of houses of gone we wandered around, but it's hard to find the remnant of the palestinian village to touch or hold on to . and yet foreshadow leave it all still there. in his memory. now, living in holland dear refugee camp, he was forced to flee a boat or 2948 when he was 80 years old. but he still holds on to what left the keys to his house, the powerful recollections that sometimes capture his gaze. your hood about albert, the jews attacked the town. there were 4 people with mental disabilities who didn't understand that they should stay indoors. so they were killed by the zine. his
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shilling. i did not see the zionists, but i heard the show them. why haven't you gone back to and bought a steady yes the elders decided we should stay out of the town for a week or a month or a couple of months until the zionists leave. but they never left our town. and eventually, our hope of returning die, who was the only holds? there were a few people who tried to sneak back into a bulge at night, but the zines called them and killed them. how could anyone think of returning after that? he longed to set foot again in his village. he still remembers its water wells and trees fondly. but israel generally does not allow palestinians into what is now israel, even for a visit if they don't have it really citizenship, israeli id cards or special permit could only give them a glimpse of what it looks like today. the grandfather displaced heartbroken and
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still hoping to return his paul 1000 displacement is, is it's just in to that or sammy, they dance al jazeera and alan dea refugee can well occupied, the serious limb, the effects of the mass expulsion of palestinians in 1948 are still being felt to this day in the neighborhood of shake jamal families and still fighting for the right to remain in their own homes. wrong con reports in 1948 when the mass expulsion of palestinians from their homes, by what would become known as the state of israel took place. some 28 of those families came here to the shake gerard neighborhood of east jerusalem in 1956. they settled here hoping that this would be the last time they would lose their homes. since then, they faced a constant struggle to stay in shape, dra forced evictions by the state of israel and jewish. a settler violence against them have made life unbearable. um some air tends to her garden telling us with the
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support of palestinians all around the world. she summons the strength of his stay here despite or she faces. ah, that i learned about that and he had as our family and beat us, they dont care. my grandson, 14 years old, was standing in front of the main gate of the house. they came and took him. his father defended him a lot of problems like that we have in this neighborhood. the settlers attack the house is trying to prove their rights in this way. it's a type of terrorism and trying to scare people in 1956 east. jerusalem was under jordanian rule in shake. draw. jordan provided the land and the united nations provided money to build the homes back in 1950 israel and jordan signed a treaty, dividing jerusalem in 1967. israel violated that treaty and occupied east jerusalem . israel then claimed under its control, all previous agreements were no and void and the international law, israel has no legal authority over the population. it occupies the fact it
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routinely laws in 1972 jewish organizations claim they own the houses. the palestinian families lived in after a hard fought legal battle courts awarded ownership to israeli illegal settlement organizations. since then, more decades long legal battles have forced the evictions of palestinian families. international outcry led to protests across palestine and the world which turned violent in early summer of 2021. israel then bombed garza in may of that year as hamis which runs the strip showed solidarity with the remaining residence of shaquira, the head of a palestinian think tank says the issue of shake. dra is much deeper. is the question of control. the question of claim sovereignty and they have been crushing the better thing and pleasant single time since 1967. you go for records all the time now, but it isn't that they come with this idea of out law legislation ownership. what
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is what, what does not work? all these claims are not. yours affordability can perspective. it is only for ownership and control. some $300.00 palestinians are under threat of forced evictions. in march, 2021, these ready courts ruled that 4 families could stay in their homes are pending a land arrangement effectively, that's a stay of execution. it means that all previous legal decisions, another void and those families can argue their case. but for the rest of the families under threat of forced eviction, their situation remains precarious. but even then, the final arbiter of that ruling is this really office within the ministry of justice for the full families their past experience? would these railey courts suggest future decisions might not be in their favor, but for them and other palestinians who still face forced evictions. they say, support at home and abroad, gives them the strength they need to remain and fight for the right to live in
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their own homes. him wrong hon. i'll jazeera shake gera occupied east jerusalem. well, as we have been reporting this, he is not by has taken on even more resonance falling, the killing of algeria jealous. shriek abruptly. i israeli forces. she was shot dead on wednesday as she covered and israeli raid. and janine in the occupied westbank, the palestinian authority says israel should not be part of any investigation into a shooting. earlier neither. abraham spoke to palestinian prime minister mohammed titania. he says the attorney general is investigating showings matter and all evidence will be shad with the international criminal court on the ground. there is a systematic destruction of those states. as you rightly said, israel has always intended to destroy a possibility of 2 states. israel has fragmented by the scene and territory gazette under siege. jerusalem is worn city. a. hebron is fragmented between each one edge
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to the rest of the west bank is divided between area area be area. see, this is all designed to really destroy a future possibility of a state of palestine, not to states, but in but of the good are to destroy any possibility over. but as soon as that, what do you make of the current u. s. administration and how can you push for a political process today for the 1st time since 1948 by the stimulus in historical palestine are more in numbers by 2 100000 people, ballast dinners, out of 6900000 people is riley jews are 6700000 people. so this is a very important development when it comes to demography. geography is that they said is will never std land from underneath our foot and our feet. this american administration has been calling for 2 states, which is, which is a good one because statement. the question is, how do we preserve those 5th?
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it is not enough to talk about 2 states. israel is system ethically destroying to us this and we are feeling the whole world that this systematic destruction need to be stopped. one of the things you mentioned is telling the world what's happening. our colleague, beloved cheering barkley has been killed by israeli forces fired white while she was trying to tell the world the story. what is happening in palestine. we know that there are efforts to push for the 5 to be at the i see at the international criminal court. how are you going to ensure that justice is going to be served that towards the general of palestine is investigating the killing and destination of sharing? and i think in a week time, he will conclude his findings. we will make sure that every single evidence, all witnesses, a professional file conducted and berber, by very professional people, it will be on the table of the icy. and it will be sure it would last relevant
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barcas there israel, is there no for sure that they themselves were the ones who could shoot in a barclay, the international community should hold this route responsible on this well should not get away with murder. thank you very much, dr. hamid. stay a prime minister of palestine for joining us here at al jazeera. we'll get in levy as the calmest at israel's hereto newspaper. he joins us now from television. thank you for speaking to us on the program. you've written a scathing article, inherits about the officers who are at serena, barclays, funeral and beats on the morning who are carrying her coffin. what was going through your mind when you saw those pictures of her a deep sense. so shame of horror, or really disgust. i mean, this was really one of the lowest 4 and that i remember and i'm covering days if you face now. well let's so do 5 years. one of the read it always moments in which
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instead of collecting that, but it's at least more than sheree in, in a respectful way. we will weakness seeing it. brutal demonstration of these are the police. really, how worse can you get, how real or can it get? and there's only one good thing to say about it. at least at this time, the world who see how easy it is treating probably stands. how is forces don't see them as human being. they are no human beings not in their lives. and also does that you say in the article know, israeli should have slept well that night. all the, many israelis who share your opinion, i wish there will be more, i guess for the time now. a public phone books could be enough to
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gather or these is who really care about equality about democracy, about fulfilling the rights of the funny stadium. another line that struck me in, in your article, you say in a country that has a police force like this, every citizen should be concerned, even very frightened. what did you mean by that? i mean by that it's not only about the probably stands, i mean the students are in the scar, the warranties and bleeding from the violence of the forces. but they really should understand that police men who have no board this beating morning people in a funeral in a nation of those people lost those policemen. and if they lost
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seeds today, it is again funny. in 2 more it will be elsewhere. once you lose one, you lose any kind of civilized you may area and a behavior. then you know, it's very easy to get to the same, please. and also as israelis pers may be the lower classes. but finally, we might all find those being scared by a beautiful b, y were the police that in the courtyard outside the hospital, west range body was kept. who would have given that order to attack the mona's in that way? that's the best question, obviously, because above all they shouldn't have been there because it's above board. you may have your doubts who killed sheree and even i don't have my doubts. but at least
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let them, you know, the police couldn't handle this, couldn't 1st of all you started with your penis team trying to take away that for the students laying on the morning people. i mean what flag the whole lease. expect them to raise these rightly flag this. i mean flags. what exactly is there leg? and then he came to this p which was for sure from very high that would be. busy regrets if i talk today to the chief of police office and they said all kinds of things, all the. busy records, but they told me through my friends you could have prevented you shouldn't be there . no, you don't know. we had that one considerations before. it was the. busy security, i told them nothing can justify these kind of behavior and doesn't really can
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justify these kind of bob bargain behavior if you know it's open, shorter lease, which became also popular hero, a popular i told off people that lives side by side is us. israel says it's going to conduct an invest investigation into her death. they've started it, they have the support of the united states and much of the western community. do you think the israelis can conduct a fair investigation into serene sta? i'm sure you don't ask it seriously. because we have all the record of all the investigation. so is really the army is really the army can investigate the sales. and if important to me, so it could be very funny to see these re lease ask for investigation. i'm in 3 weeks. me bullshit. marine was q, there was another,
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i'm doing the most 19 year old girl high school. you the key in the very same julie . and they promised us on her investigation there. do think that this is miss negation will ever take place. i mean, can you really seamlessly believe that these readings will investigate that says that he's reading forces when investigated. as i say this wouldn't be so said it wouldn't be the joke of the year. gideon levy many thanks for your time. cullum, s at israel's hereto newspaper. if you now sweden will soon make a historic shift in its nice will military status announcing its intent to apply for nathan membership. the wording social democratic party is back to plan to join the alliance, the prime minister magdalena addison's. that's how come she will be vulnerable if she's, if they are left out. if they take the day does social democratic party has concluded
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that sweden should join nato, our 200 year long standing policy of military non alignment has 3rd sweden. well, but the issue at hand is whether military and non alignment will keep serving as well. and thus, just unprovoked invasion of ukraine is said not only illegal and indefensible. it also undermines the european security order that sweden bins. it security on state, her car stamp, whole race is lifeless, and stuck home outside parliament, all the swedish prime minister there outlining what's being described as a historic shift. what else that you have to say here? indeed it is. it is historical. finland's also, we were mentioning earlier in the day historic shift there. this is historic pursuing as well. it's a real about turn in sweden's whole i the ology magdalena anderson saying that she
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wants to keep in step with finland in this process saying that they don't want to be left a pay and the baltic on their own of finland goes into nights. i and they don't, and she saying there is no desire to provoke russia or to be russia's enemy beyond that condemnation of russia's war with ukraine. but that the invasion itself is a turning point and they can no longer rely on the, the old way of doing things. and she did add that sweden will have the condition that there'll be no nuclear weapons on swedish soil. are no permanent nato basses, but perhaps an indication of just how hard it's been for sweden to let go of this alliance free status that they've had for 2 centuries. is that even 2 weeks after the russian invasion of ukraine, magdalena anderson said that the security situation in europe would be worse. and
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if sweden made an application to night i, she's obviously changed her mind on that backed up by the security analysis that sweden released on friday, but many within her own party who helped to create an uphold this. this status quo will be morning that sweden with its peaceful ideologies, albeit with a large defence sector, is now likely very likely to become a member of a military alliance that is based on a nuclear deterrent. why is that so likely? well, there is a majority in parliament in the reeks dog. that is, by me, that is going to ratify this decision of the social democrats in the current days. and we are likely to see this week, sweden and finland tots in that joint application to be members of nato. thank you for that, poll raised there for sin, stockholm. and as we've been mentioning finland to has announced that it will apply
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for nato membership. after being neutral for many decades, stephane has more vigilant and sweet, and will be warmly welcomed into the nato military alliance. that was the message from all natal foreign ministers at a meeting in berlin, except for one. turkey has made objection saying to nordic nations are hosting, but it calls fairest organization's pointing among others at the p. k. k. the quidditch workers party. to be frank, i'm a bit confused because i had a telephone discussion with the president aradonda that is approximately months ago and term actually he took up himself before i had the possibility to do that, that you're applying for nato membership and we will assess it favourable i thanked him and he was very pleased to receiving my thanks. for turkey, there was nothing confusing about it's the man they need to stop supporting
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terrorist organizations. the defense industry restriction over prohibitions on export permit and posed to an allies such as turkey should definitely be lifted. i'm not saying this is a bargaining chip. i'm saying it's a requirement of alliance. russia, the president, sliding me, put in, has called the possible northern expansion of nato, a threat, finland joining with dove of the border between nato and russia. but nato's minister sat put in himself to blame of the invading ukraine. the confident the issue with turkey will be resolved soon. i heard almost across the board, very strong support for finland, nato joining the alliance if that's what they choose to do. and i'm very confident that we will reach consensus on that. all 30 nato states have to approve the admission of new members a process that normally takes month. ministers in berlin said they want to speed
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this up to prevent the so called great period in which finland and sweden would not be protected by nato's article 5 weeks. as an attack on one is an attack on all. it was expected as soon as finan and swede and applied for nato membership. the process would be smooth and swift, but focus position may now have flowed this down. no one can say for sure when there's 2 more flex will be added to this collection steadfast and al jazeera in berlin. i poles and lebanon's parliamentary election have closed. it is the 1st general elections since in economic meltdown in 2019. the vote is seen by many as a real chance of a change. mister said a reports which at pounds day in lebanon. but there is still hall formation. that in the last 3 years has suffered from an unprecedented economy meltdown at davis.
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steven exposure and the major quantico called last millions or registered to ward in parliamentary elections. the hope will bring about the future with manella kill . i urge all the bernice people to go out and vote. it doesn't matter who they support at sending the vote will give us the chance to make their reforms for it, but their country as a can, she'll my, i'd number the lebanese society is deeply polarized bees arsic that in loyalties some political parties here are regarded as more powerful than the state itself and attentions could pose a threat to waters. the interior ministry has deployed some 45000 troops to ensure the security and transparency of his elections. a total of $718.00 candidates are running for the $128.00 seats in parliament, equally divided between muslims and christians. however, neither the muslims nor the christians are united in lebanon. traditionally,
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2 competing camps have been dominate in politics for nearly 2 decades. the much 8 coalition that includes brought iranian and prosperity and parties allied christian for the patio to moment and she was them, his will law and m al moment on the other side has been much 14 coalition which consists anti iranian and anti syrian protease such as christian lebanese forces. sunday was the future moment. andrews muslim, progressive socialist party. but things have now changed. former prime minister south. how did he, who leads the future movement that previously held the biggest from the block in parliament? his boy caught in the elections effectively and in the march 14 coalition and leaving destinies without a loo there. how did he support his how called on the soonest to boycott the elections. and that has raised concerns about a law turner that could potentially help their appointments, the march 8 coalitions. many people hold the political establishment responsible
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for the problems they face. this has led to arise in shore court, and they astonishment independence who are now trying to pay a different way in lebanese politics. i actually have all of a reason not to word for that. there's an additional 40 baker, our people, they stole our money, the i could up deeper the damage our system. they incorporated the client, the limited time to listen system and lebanon. i'm voting for new candidates for new faces, because we caught me because we, we want to in you lebanon, lebanon will hold its presidential election in october. so the outcome of this war will not only determine who will have a majority in the parliament, but also will have an impact on the appointment of the next president and prime minister rescue saddler. l g 0. battle as gates correspond, as they know how to, who's lie for us and by rule, dana of say, polls now closed. talk us through the day. what mood been like? while vote counting has begun. many lebanese are anxiously awaiting the results.
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we're expecting unofficial results to start trickling in in the coming hours, but in the words of the interior minister and he's telling the lebanese be patient because no counting is complicated. the selection has been described really as a turning point for lebanon. lebanon is in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis. the economy has all but collapse. the state has all the collapse, the government, unable to provide any services to the people. but at the end of the day, it's the same politicians, the same parties that have been governing this country for decades, who are seeking re election and they have the advantage. they are powerful. and really the system works for their benefit. so called at change horses feel that many candidates hoping that they can win seats to bring new faces into parliament. but at the end of the day, there only be able to gain a few seats between $1.00 to $10.00 seats and $128.00 member parliament. the real
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fight now is between 2 opposing camps. the pro has ballade, the pro iranian hezbollah camp, as well as the, their traditional opponents, the pro, saudi pro western camp. currently the outgoing parliament, the majority is in the hands of the has bella alliance. their opponents are hoping to shift the balance back in their favor. they used to be in control years ago. so there's a deep divide. the society is deeply divided. the armies in the street to keep supporters of the different rival, a parties apart. we've seen skirmishes all day, voters being harassed candidates being, being harassed. so the situation is quite tense. the lebanese anxiously waiting for the results, hoping that this is a new beginning and that those country can begin the road to recovery. but the bottom line is this. the same people have been running because unwilling to reform unwilling to fight corruption, they are likely to take control of lebanon in the next 4 years. thank you for that
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. i know, hold on that for us in they roots, send me a tele is the founding director of the policy initiative, beverage based think tank. he joins us from that. thank you for joining the program . president michelle. i wound in a speech on saturday that the following the revolution, the ballot box is the most honest one. is that true when it comes to lebanon? of course, not absolutely not to the beginning or, and or the form because we all know how the political parties have on them on the elect or the process for many years. and so the whole process and making sure that they got to be elected. and this goes across to all the political parties, both and as you have been sort of recording all that so absolutely not the election is a way for the political establishment to begin a thing or the whole process is right. and fact in their favor, they are
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a lot of independent candidates this time. what sort of impact do you expect them to make? indeed, we do have many candidates funding as independence. unfortunately, no way too many, in fact running on opposite of which makes the opposition is fragmented and reduces or like the chances of actually winning more than they should house. so we are waiting the results. we still don't have any confirmation. yeah. i think tonight's going to be a long one until we see what the outcome is going to be. let me just maybe point out something here to show me because and your report you mention a division authorization between the march 8 and march 14 or to put it in and here . and i can fact if you look at the political, they have concluded, i guess the people rides throughout the, you know, back age. so i think when we start talking about the election and the politics and
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we just frame it as it's pro and anti it on, is actually misleading because they have worked together. both parties are both lost under one economic reforms to obstruct the investigation of the point explosion. so they're very much to hook together against the system. we hear a lot about the situation, the economic situation in lebanon, the 4 out of 5 people living in poverty currency as tanks, as a water crisis, a fuel crisis. what is your perspective? can you describe to us what it's like to live in lebanon today? it's horrible and fact, as you have mentioned, more than 80 percent have fun and to poverty. people are unable to play the electricity bonds are unable to actually provide for their families. there's an increase and malnutrition across the country, and that goes across all sector in groups. and this is all the outcome and the
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result of a corrupt, a ruling elite which is composed of she also can christians and from oral sex have concluded against the people. so this is really, really sad to see how a country like lebanon, and now it's actually scrambling to actually make ends meets for its own citizens. this is a criminal in fact, because the same parties have actually thought that the form refusal under to think to be forms stopped or diffuse to actually help citizens. in fact, they've decided to socialize all the cost and all the positive scheme in the financial sector to protect the banks at the expense of the people. and now people are suffering and they're unable to change or to place a because the election is strict. as i've mentioned before, so we're ready to start and in fact would have hostage by these groups, sent me appreciate your time, send me a tele founding. direct of the policy in a stay that they were based thing tank must turn our attention to another election
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. now somalia is in the process of selecting a new president in by members of parliament. election process has been delayed for more than a year marked by violence and also allegations of corruption and peace of voting, amend time, security to threats from armed groups. let's go to knock web, who's in mogadishu? as we've been hearing malcolm, this election has been a long time coming. how has the day gone today? let me just tell you where we all were in a prefabricated crawford hanger, which is even more issues green zone which is kind of hugs, the international pool and cities indian ocean coastline. and this is on the few parts of the country, somali as government under foreign forces, the packet actually fully control. but saying not just a couple of hours ago,
9:37 pm
we were standing outside noticed series. the loud explosion was you understand, we're more landing within the green zone. being fired from the parts of the city beyond the dream, it's not something that happens most weeks here in mogadishu, noble even blinked and actually meeting continues. and a series of 3 rounds of voting in the 1st round was around $300.00 m. p. 's voting for about 35 candidates only for the leading for go through to the 2nd round. we've just heard the results of that that come out and only 2 of them will get through to the 3rd and final round. and when is that 2nd round? with the incumbent president, my how me adopted law he from as an a former president hassan's shake. there are 2 key factors that will affect the outcome above many others. one of them is money. everyone that we've spoken to involved in this process,
9:38 pm
almost everyone says the buying is very common, large amounts of cash changing hands up until last night. we heard from several people that the money doesn't guarantee any kind of loyalty and many of the m. p here we've been told of approach several presidential candidates collected the money, but will in the end only votes for one. but the other thing that's critical of the state is how the different fraction align who backs, who in this and final round and the nature of the shifting alliance isn't deal, couldn't. i mean, you can certainly get some surprises right at the 11th hour. so maybe it's not a fair question to ask you if there's any sign yet, if a winner will be going into that 2nd round shortly. so then, wait for the 3rd time for those around $300.00 m p. 's to go up place that papers
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in those ballot boxes. choosing between those 2 candidates incumbent farmers and ha, and shake the former president at this very moment. many people have stepped outside, this is when the to lose is the last round. well, the deals will be being for the lines is made depending on which the loses back to which the weight is. we'll see who hips bought. a new tie in that is fine. around but this one around still going to take a couple of hours. firstly, for those $300.00 m. p 's to go one by one. take that balance, placed them in the boxes, and then to count it within the next few hours. you should know who the next president is going to be. thank you, said that malcolm web in the she still ahead on al jazeera installed the wells best female tennis players. the key was have 5th consecutive title of the season. ah,
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how i'm pleased to say we got some quiet to weather at long last coming in across the middle east over the next couple of days. the winds just teasing offer touch, will allow the temperatures to edge up here in doha. temperature is around 40 degrees celsius, there are a few showers into eastern parts of turkey. around the caucasus may be the far north of iraq, but elsewhere it is generally looking dry, settled over the next couple of days, more of the same them as we go through choose to. but by tuesday you might just see that shamar just picking up a touch, the more lifted dust and sand to watch out for ram at eastern side of the arabian peninsula. that it does the sad easing of 2 across the far northeast of africa. turning a little cooler in corridor and 9 to the 29th celsius, dry, across much of north africa, heavy showers there anywhere from mar, liberia,
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sierra leone, through garner all the way across into southern parts of nigeria. right across the central bells of africa. cameron, pushing across towards the rift valley signs of a little bit more rain to start into its way at long lasting to the eastern side of kenya. we will see some of those showers just popping up or touch as they make the way a little further north was into somalia. again, at long last, for the se, jerry drive, we have got some showers for botswana, f, as in bob white and a ne, a south africa. ah, for over a century american parents of entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives instead, countess young lie were ruined by creditors within the organization. i knew there was so much evil, but i could not figure out where it was coming from me in a 3 part series, full plunged investigate some massive scandal that wrote the united states
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scoutmaster part one on i was just 0 when the news brings you shelly now, been coming shells like very close to building she, when people need to be heard. and the story told, it's kind of inspiring moment for me, for all of them, the scene, their guy from their community, with exclusive interviews and in depth reports. but the river would still remain. al jazeera, has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news . lou. ah,
9:43 pm
welcome back to watching al jazeera mind. if our top stories, our sweden has joined neighboring finland by announcing its intense apply for nature membership. freedoms, prime minister says high country will be vulnerable if left out. if they say in light of rushes, invasion of pray. alice indians, across the world, a mocking what they call knock bowel, the catastrophe commemoration. v. 74th anniversary of expulsion of hundreds of thousands of palestinians from milan. and the state of israel was created. well, this is not the has taken on even more resonance falling. the killing of the out is there a journalist who in abu asked les by israeli forces? he was shot dead on wednesday and on it's also the one year anniversary of israeli forces bombing, a building and gaza housing. the offices of the associated press and al jazeera una outside reports. this year in garza, elsie's you remarks the one year anniversary of the eas railey bombing of
9:44 pm
a building housing it's offices. on the same date that attack came as part of an 11 day battling garza between israel forces in palestine groups. it was the bloodiest conflict since 2014 and i am i could not come see him. come, come see him without the bit. we with the apartments and 50 offices, were forcibly displaced in a single night, or hobbs with high after we heard of the donnas funding for the reconstruction. but manns paused and nothing has been implemented yet. according to local officials, he's really force his targeted high rise towers, apartment buildings, and bob thousands of other sites. more than 260 people were killed and at least 2000 others were injured. basic services were severely disrupted. according to the ministry of housing in garza, only $200.00 residential units have been rebuilt. israel also destroyed 15 media
9:45 pm
offices in gusto, including al jazeera. at the time, israel said her mass operated. we're using the building, but presented no solid evidence to back this claim. longer and i was looking into, i love, the oper got up. we are certain that the person who gave the order to strike and destroy al jolla tower is the same person who gave the order of breaking travaras arm and shake, draw. and is the same person who gave the order of the assassination of sharina bu auckland. and he is the one who must be revealed and presented to the international trial to day. as if you recall the memories of the bombing of our rec garza office, we are once again under attack. after the killing of our colleague, she read a box lee who was covering an ease really raid in jeanine. after year of where it came from, par use locations and temporary offices arches. urine now has a new garza bearer,
9:46 pm
but got stuff like the rest of these really occupy territory has always been one of the most difficult areas for journalists to cover. but it has never detritus from our mission to report the news. him to see it l g is eva. got the ah, you as president joe biden has cold for a thorough investigation and to saturdays racially motivated shooting and buffalo, new york, 18 year old peyton kendrid and kill 10 people wounded 3 others in a predominately black neighborhood of the city, remains in police custody. a manifesto believed had been posted by the shooter, promoted white supremacist views. we must all work together addressed to hey, there remains a stain on the sol merck. hearts are heavy once again, but a resolve must never ever waver. well,
9:47 pm
a preliminary report by the center for the study of hey town extremism shows a significant rise and hate crimes in the u. s. in 2021. not as a 14 major cities found hate crime reports to police such to 46 percent from the previous year. through those pandemic locked downs may have suppressed those 2020 figures. anti asian hate crimes increased by more than 300 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year. and jewish communities reported the most hate crimes of any ethnic group in new york, almost doubling in a year. the report found over all black americans remain the most targeted group in most cities. as b to bryan levin, he's director of the center of the study of hate and extremism at california state university will served as a police officer in new york city. he joins us from san bernardino in california. thank you for your time. first, let's be clear about the shooting. this was
9:48 pm
a hate crime. wasn't at the shoot a specifically travel 3 hours to this particular neighborhood because if it's demographic demographics, he went there to take black lives. absolutely not only is it a crime or both state and federal law under state law, eligible for life in prison without parole, thoroughly eligible for the death penalty. it's also acts of domestic terrorism because that definition goes to a criminal and via ash, which are huge to intimidate a population or some sort of both a crime. and it's the worst of racially motivated, domestic terrorism since 2019 to el paso massacre, which left $23.00 shows that ron investigators are now reviewing a manifesto that was posted on line in connection with the shooting. where the author, he was thought to be the shooter, he talks about the dwindling size of the white population on claims of ethnic and
9:49 pm
cultural replacement of whites. now although he acted alone in, in this shooting, he isn't alone. is he in feeling this way? no, in fact they're in, let's see where the facts lead. apparently, you know, he may have executed this by himself, but he's part of an ego system. we've seen a chain of murderous oftentimes islam a forward let's not forget the racist and islam of phobic repletion. dr. started in france, you know, we had camp of the saints and then we had the wrong replace mom about a decade ago that was by the own in can move. this has been mainstream show interesting. it may lead downstream to attacks against to mos in 2018 new zealand. and then it leads to el paso and now it's lead here. and if for those of us to look at the relevant parts of the manifesto, it actually mimics the tactics, the ideology and the verbiage that's been used by past racist
9:50 pm
odd to a terrorist who usually take the hatred of the region and put into that more broader framework that's interesting. race relations, some thing that have western david time, i mean, we know we know they're getting west, but it is, it, is it since trump became president? i mean, what does your research tell you? research telling us the last decade. a crunch bottom out about 2014, but it isn't going around the election president trump, we saw not only an increase in andrew jobs and helped us beautifully with this job and increase the job tailed, an increase of an online back to the don't tail with regard to a crime the rep the election. so we not only saw hate speech go up. we saw november 2016 be the 1st month of the work, not the decade unfortunately. so political months, mid term election of 2018 2nd worst. so we see this played out and these increases
9:51 pm
what we saw in 2020, which became, which were directed against african americans were part of the constellation of aggression were militarization and elimination, elimination as to whether it was used not only gets black, but other perceived enemies blacks, and particularly though we're label for being violent, protested then we're election stealers. now they're labeled as head of files and education under miners in this hard core fringe. what is terrible is there is now an anchor in the mainstream, both online and politics and broadcast television, which page of immigrants, muslims, people of color as legitimate targets of illumination as aggression because they represent the threat against diminishing a white europeans. one quick point inflection point 22 white black stock going down to proportionately brand lo, they were number one and,
9:52 pm
and pop back up again. and that increased was elongated over a much longer duration, which appears to lee today fire season all year long. right. when you get to get your perspective, brian levin direct at the center for the study of hate and extremism. a california california state university. so heads on al jazeera and sports, the penalty miss that has kept the race. the english title is going handy is here. ah, talk to al jazeera, we are, what is the time table in your mind? when do you think that you are, can be off of russian gas? we listen or, and i've seen and played football with these refugees. i look at them and they're happy. they're smiling. we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the story stock matter on al jazeera. weavers are trying out greasing land is shrinking
9:53 pm
in some roots long used by wildlife for migration. have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with the koran of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors awake. revenue from torrison isn't enough. here at the outset national park, an annual ceremony has been launched the hall parisha than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. ah ah.
9:54 pm
okay, let's get some is and thank you so much. sure. marlene well laid as manchester city have suffered a setback in that bid to retain the premier league title pipe or the other side held to a to, to drop on west hammer result that will give some hope to rivals livable. so how my reports, and they're not bad either get a plan to view politic. manchester city made the worst possible, started this much against west ham. they were behind did the 24th minute with general bowen, getting the opener with the city. we're aiming with 3 valuable points, boost their hopes of retaining the premier league title. instead, they were 2 down before half time bo and again, with the gold and the league leaders, was stun pep. guardiola needed a reaction from his side and he got one just after the break. express
9:55 pm
cities big money, some assigning jack relish come in good at the right moment. they then got to real slice of luck. west times. vladimir cool fall headed into his own net, to make it to, to from their city, increased the pressure and there, if it seemed to have paid off as they won a penalty inside the last 10 minutes. but there was to be another twist. react, morris react, morris was denied by lucas vaviante, the much finished to, to but to win on the final day of the season will ensure they will win the title ahead of liverpool. no, was not debate about goldy friends. no debates about anything is just when our game to the champion, it will win. liverpool will be champion liverpool place south hampton,
9:56 pm
on tuesday. if year the plus side can win that game. they will train city by a single point heading into the season final round of game will be 2 halo malik, again, jazeera autumn back into the champions league place is after beating burnley, a controversial 1st half. i don't see given to 1st off the humble blast, the bones, hurricane converted, the spot kicked till exposed to points above all snow of london. rival do have a game in hand and lead secured a crucial point in their efforts to avoid relegation. pascal strokes gotten injury tommy collins and scrub 11 joe against brian and it means leave me on this one. it's above the bottom 3. they have one game left in this. these angles always again upon munich, been celebrating that 10 consecutive german league title that a somewhat undermined by use that star struck her of 11 bowsky wants to leave the club. the polish player has one year left on his current contract,
9:57 pm
but said he won't be signing any deal. he scored 344 times in 374 games for via number joker, which is one. his 1st title of the year he beats the pharmacist surpassing the italian open final joke, which has been limited in the number of tournaments he's been able to play in 2022 due to his refusal to get vaccinated against kobe 90. it's the 6th time he's won this tournament. jock rich looking good ahead of the 2nd grand slam of the year. that's the french open, which starts in the next sunday. and the year just keeps getting better for women's world. number one, eager for on sec. she secured her 5th consecutive title of a season, took her winning run sets when c 8 matches, poll beating on the super and bare room final. she wanted in straight sets $6.00 to $62.00. now the big favorite to win her 2nd french open. so okay, that is how you sports is looking for now. thanks sandy and that's it for me,
9:58 pm
molly inside for this needs. are jelly mcdonald be here in a moment with more the days stay with us here. ah ah, along with an hebron boys breathe and fly pigeons. but in this occupied palestinian city boys are also close to watched by israeli forces at times shot up and often arrested. a delicately told tale filmed over 5 years of a coming of age in a place where even a child's imagination is heavily restricted. her disguise,
9:59 pm
above had brought a witness documentary on her jazeera examining the impact of today's headlines yesterday. our electricity was talking to this paul alive, setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion. if somebody comes to gonna from europe, then never called an immigrant, the always known as next path, international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire. we live one people on this one planet and we got to work the solutions together. on al jazeera. i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents. and this is mean fighting both isis and a, the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable feminine. the father,
10:00 pm
the son and the g. hi. part one on al jazeera. what happens in new york has implications all around the world. it's international perspective with the human touch zooming way in, and then pulling back out. yes, ah. siren sun nicole. the occupied westbank is thomas tinian market 74 years since the creation of israel, which they call the napa or catastrophe. memorials have also been held to slain al jazeera journalist to read abu, actually, as the network opens, its new garza office exactly a year after israel from the old one. ah, there i'm dealing with.


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