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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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to the south, at this we do have storms rumbling through northern argentina into paraguay, some, some showers for us also yawn, but south of that sons out and by jablonka with the high of 19 degrees enjoy. that's it for me. i saw official ally of the journey. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the news our live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, shall anchors prime minister, resigns ours. after his support his attack to demonstrate his angry over the countries economic crisis, rushes, president leeds victory day commemorations for the defeat of nazi germany while his forces wage war on ukraine once a soviet pot. now,
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the presidential vote is closing in the philippines. the top contenders saw the son of a controversial else did later, and the current vice president and how rising sea water and the expanding desert is causing concern in senegal as late as hold a climate conference on draft and land restoration. and we've got plenty coming up in sport, including football, tennis, and n b a playoffs plus highlights from the 1st alpha formula. one grand prix in miami, as well champion max for stuff. and once again, shade his class. ah, sherland as prime minister has resigned and a nationwide curfew imposed, that follows wakes of protests against the government's failure to solve the unprecedented economic crisis. though the circumstances remain unclear, a member of parliament has been killed apparently after being caught up in fighting
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when rival political groups dozens were injured at the home of prime minister may hinder roger pasco, as police fight t guests to stop fighting between his supporters and anti government protested, let's bring him an l fernandez, who is live for us in columbia. hello, that man l. after mounting pressure, the government on the government for wakes, the prime minister has quit, but it's actually not much of a surprise. that's right, i mean there was a case of when and it wasn't if that my him, the roger pock so would resign though he had been insisting in recent days that he should be the head of a replacement interim government that he hadn't created the crisis. so that he should actually stay and even this morning's violence was very much a sort of kicked off when supporters of his thousands of them, in fact, were routinely boston to his official residence or tempered trees. they had
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gathered in which the former prime minister now addressed or talking about what he had done for the country he had safeguarded the country, had ended the wars and his supporters very much playing into that. but it's the violence that the unleashed when they left the residents that really started this day of violence. but as you can see, a probably behind me, i'm here at the protest site outside the presidential secretary in colombo. there's a curfew in the entire of the island, and does it seem like people actually care? it's actually given them the motivation to come together and fight back. emily, me now, i guess that was my next question. will this resignation be enough to qual, protest his anger? and looking by the same behind you, it's not it as a theme. so i, i think the roger boxes just went
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a step too far and whoever that thought they were trying to please them did the same. on my drive here we, i counted nor less than 11 buses. these were buses that had brought in those hundreds and thousands of protests as into that meeting with my him, the roger boxer. there are essentially people on the streets. a lot of young people up people returning from office really well dressed, guys holding batton's, basically the level of anger and frustration after this attempt to cause violence. this is essentially them hitting back. so those 11 buses, some of them gutted by fire. we saw one bus actually being tipped over, glasses being all crushed and broken in the buses and no signs of the people that were in it. there is another location, a sort of a lake where some of those who had come in, those buses were rounded up, forced to get into the water, also assaulted. so people actually having reached the sort of top of that tolerance
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and not willing to take any more where they'd be in the form of intimidation. we also found that a state of emergency was declared just 2 days ago, but it doesn't seem to be having any effect on the people. they've said enough is enough. they're going to take a stand onto the roger boxes and the government resign every day in shall anchor. thanks for bringing it up to speed. as always, michelle fernandez, live for us in the capitol. let's get some further analysis. now with bev by vonnie fonseca, she's a senior research or an attorney at law with the center for policy alternatives. and she's also in it. colombo, thanks for being on the program for vonnie festival protest is one of the president to go. will that likely happen now? that the prime minister has resigned. thank you for having me. i mean to be, it has been quite an interesting day, colombo and the prime minister's resignation addresses some of the demands of the
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bed. the protesters have been very clear from the wine, and these have been peaceful protests. we chance call for the resignation of president, go down there, right? so today's resignation is lowered due, but he's unlikely to address the cause the demands of the producers. so even despite the curve you in a state of emergency many on the roads now because they feel they are cause their demands need to be heard unfortunately, i think we've just lost our guest there by vonnie fonseca. we'll try and grab her back a little later in the bulletin, if we can. ah, moving on now and as his forces wage war in ukraine president vladimir putin has
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been leading victory de commemorations in moscow. thousands of soldiers had been marching through red square on the day. russia celebrates the surrender of nazi germany to soviet troops in 1945. victoria gate and b begins are coverage. ah, it happens every year, but it's taken on added significance because of the war in ukraine. a parade to commemorate the soviet victory against nazi germany. 77 years ago, an estimated 27000000 soldiers and civilians from the soviet union died in the 2nd world war. russian president vladimir putin compared the previous point against fascism to the invasion of ukraine. ignoring the waste rather it is the latter career madame by. you're fighting for our people and on best for the safety of our motherland. russia may. the 9th 1945 will forever be perpetuated as a triumph of our one single soviet people of its cohesion and spiritual might. and
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perilous exploits both at the frontline and at the home front. i chill, new military hardware was on display as the parade made its way from red square through the streets of moscow. it's designed to send a message, but at a time when russian forces are struggling to gain the upper hand in ukraine, it's also a show full for national consumption. this civil appear to be mark more difficult and bladder as an ah, we expect. we expect that this will be all bottled or, or done boss will cantino ah, mobile grid until sir our middle bob now summer, and zan. so that is all causes bottle and gum boss on your what it's called the season, so i will be made with few outright victories in ukraine. some
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russians had feared putin would use this occasion to announce national mobilization and formerly declare war against ukraine. that didn't happen. instead, putin said russia must ensure there is never another world war. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski had a defined message for moscow. thoughts each territorial dorothea, which on february 24, russia launched an offensive step. the same mistake has been made by every occupy who's come to our land. we have survived various whirl, and they all had one ending of our land was planted with bullets and showed up. but no enemy was able to take roots here. this is a day that unites most russians in remembrance and national pride, but ukrainian western leaders say roches invasion of ukraine is repeating the horrors of the past victoria gate and be al jazeera that's bring in for brace. partier, who's the chief executive officer of rasmussen, global and
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a former director of policy planning at nato. he joins us live from santana, anus spain. thanks for being on the program for brace, as we heard in victoria and i made a story, it was a little common train the laid up to put in speech that it could be used to officially declare war. but while it was a defined speech, he made no major announcements or how do you interpret that? exactly, you know, right. i think there was a lot of expectation that the tween either be a declaration of victory or food scan war and mobile zation and neither of the 2 options were used by putting however, what's interesting here in a way, double down on, on continuing the operation that's the so called special operation and what's even more specific and that he's not the single time the name ukraine. he just talks about them back. and i think what he's trying to do is to kind of creepy way of presenting that done by somehow i mean country or soon to be independent country or
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piece of territory that will be joy according to he's recovery, the great russia. and i think this is what he might be laying the ground to basically have a kind of holding up theory theory to then call a kind of political independence of the pipe. very stories. and then propose some kind of an exit or piece to because it didn't that and he brings, he also used rhetoric around ukraine's defend, is being, quote, not sees while evoking rushes victories world war 2 passed. has he successfully fused those 2 narrative? well, i think i'll say russia, it does not to anyone that obviously it has nothing. there is no comparison between 1945 and put in a war figuration against ukraine. however, russia, it seems that you need to a certain extent,
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that narrative of fighting for liberating part of the russian speaking world from the analogy also connect, the question is getting some traction. sadly, even though i think we should up, i'm very, to make also a portion of the russian population receiving news from outside russia. i knowing that which is not the application operation. this is just to change was aggressions again, to cree country. talk the significance of the military mind that spain on display the quite extraordinary st during that victory parade. just how strong is the kremlin militarily more than 2 months on since the beginning of the war was put to it, it is much less strong than what many people assume the russian forces, where before it started the war aggression, we see capabilities that are old and tired and not really capable of matching
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natal capability, we also see russian troops being basically not enough and not roberts enough to really engaging in proper combat so. so i think it does show the lot of the gaps and weaknesses of the russian military. however, we should not make the other mistake of underestimates a bloody me put is will to prevail and to use everything we need to box and need to really get his way. ok, thank you very much for brace partier, the chief officer at rasmussen. global ok, let's have to keep now where 100 abdel how mean is standing by for us? hold it. what's been the reaction in ukraine to the russian president's speech? when we did hear from president of the muse lensky, we got used to hearing from him on a daily basis. but this was a clear reaction to the parade unfolding in moscow when he did
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sort of reminded moscow and the world that this was not only victory day for russia that ukraine also fought along. and that ukraine also paid a very high price with more than 8 people, 8000000 people dying back in the 2nd world war. but then he went on saying that ukraine will have a 2nd victory. and when the whole that parade in this treat here behind me, when that happens and only will you crate, we'll have to victory. so certainly a very defiant tone from do ukrainian president. now at the same time, do you credit the president must have. muff has seen what we have saw on c, no social media which are basically pictures in places that are occupied by the russians at the moment, like they have sewn in the south lug bit of dance, which is not very far from. are you paul, where they,
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where parades with russian flags, with red flags. there were many concerts and towns and villages. now it's very difficult to gorge how much popular support those events had. if i compared to the past back to in 2014 or so in, in the, at the time when the separatists were taking over part of the dumbass. well, a lot of the people who are parading on the streets at the time had moved from crimea. now we, we heard from people coming out of her son a more or less the same thing that people who lived in crimea where bus to that region. i had of today a to exactly show this is show of solidarity. the reality is completely different. you have 12000000 displays. people on the move, people running away from wherever the russians are. a war that russia is not able to have the upper hand on ukrainian forces have fought, i think,
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better than anyone expected and continue to do that. even though it is at a very high cost for both sides. ukraine saying also that russia has lost so far, 25000 soldiers, russia denying that high number. but certainly from what we see and all the reports we get from the ground. it is not an easy war for russia and city, not the way it wanted. it to be all right, thank you for bringing us up to spade hut abdul. hamid lie for us in keep let's head to the east of ukraine now where aside bag is live for us in back moment. i said, what's the latest on the fighting where you well, today it's been relatively quiet, although there was a tone, mac oliver mac liquor, which isn't far from here. that was getting hit earlier on. we saw the smoke rising from there, but generally it's been quite ball. so there's not many people around now we were
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in crummy tossed is like a ghost town. not many people around. most of the shots are closed and that's because so many people have left because this in the east of the country is the front line for a, for ukraine in the ukrainian or troops here. now the authorities here say that the russians are hit around 15 locations here in the east using air strikes, missiles, heavy artillery and tank fire. but the russians off pushing and the intention is to take parts of the east and the south essentially land locking ukraine. so that fighting is continuing, and many people here have left this area. there are some of the supermarkets that are open, a lot of their shelves are empty. the accused sector, perpetual stations is a limit on how much fuel people can actually buy. but like i said, it's very, very quiet and very few people out on the streets. that's because most people fear that the russian push is still going on. the russians are still trying to take
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territory and they feel that in the next few days, they'll be a further push from those troops are not far from here. in fact, around 18 kilometers. all right, well we appreciate that update. thank you very much. i sad bag live for us in the east of ukraine. it's head to the west now where charles stratford is standing by in levine and charles, the un chiefs expected to visit moldova. what are we expecting to eventually from that trip? which is to put this visit from the un secretary general inch mold over into context old over of huge importance potentially in this war, this visit i good terrorist comes after. in the last couple of weeks we have seen all reports of bombings and shootings in the breakaway self declared republic of trans, mr. now, trans, mr. broke away from moldova in the chaos. in the immediate aftermath of the break
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up the soviet union in the early ninety's, it is a pro russian self declared republic relies very much on russia for its gas supplies, and the bolstering of its economy. it has around what is understood to be around $1500.00 russian troops inside trends nature. and of course, there are huge fears that we could have a spill over to the west of ukraine in that area. as, as this conflict continues, it comes, this music from guitar is only a couple of weeks also of the statements made by a russian general, one russian general quoted on the russian agency into facts saying that russia wanted control of all of sudden ukraine potentially pushing all way to trans mr. and he described the russian speaking population of that break away self declared republic as having suffered oppression. this is a similar kind of language that president vladimir putin used to describe. what he
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said was her, that the suffering of people in the silk declared republics of don last in the eleanor little gangs because of public and the next people's republic. so this visit a by the, the un secretary general to moldova, is a sign of growing phase that as this war continues, other neighboring states could well be involved, moldova, we know, has around about a $100000.00 ukranian refugees that are, that are there inside the country it is a country that has aspirations for joining the european union. it is suffered hugely economically. and now it has, you know, a restive, potentially arrested situation on its borders in this self declared area of transmission which borders ukraine. so one can imagine that gutierrez, his visit,
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is all to do with shoring up support. obviously in the wake of him having visited moscow a couple of weeks ago. and kevin, let's not forget, it was during his visit of care that we saw. those 2 missile strikes on what the russian defense ministry said was herb or an institution or a building that was involved in ukrainian weapons manufacture, but actually resulted in the death of a journalist and something that the united nations came out. and it was, he expressed a huge shock or after that and the tag as yet the united nations. so analysts will tell you, have been very weak in their response. certainly the security council being very weak in their response to this war. let's not forget that russia has a veto on that security council. so it's proving very difficult for the united nations security council to come out with any real meaningful solution church out to any,
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should've any peaceful resolution to this was can be very interesting to see. walker terrors has to say in moldova later, okay, we'll make sure he keep his up to date as to when that happens, and what he has to say shall stratford law for us in levine. the french president says he is in favor of a new political community that would include non e u members such as the crime and manual mac on says its application to join. the european union could take years if not decades, but he reassured ukrainians of the east full support in the meantime. good. well, what is it? if 1st said, this is young, really let the, i'll, what's our objective in the face of russia's unilateral decision to invade ukraine and attack its people. it's the end this war soon as possible and do everything. so the crank and prevail and russia can never capture it, has it to preserve peace on the rest of the european continent and avoid all escalation and had for the sake of justice, will work to ensure the unspeakable crimes committed by russia and ukraine won't go
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unpunished. are desirous natasha butler has been covering developments from paris. hello them as hasha. what else to the president have to say at this event in strasburg? well, this was a speech of the french peasant made as part of the celebrations for a euro per day in a stress for france has the rotating presidency of the european union at the moment . so that is why mono michael was invited to make this speech. he touched on a number of issues. he talked at the beginning about ukraine, about the war there. he said that the european union is certainly not at war with russia, but a very much supported ukraine, ukraine's vice to sovereignty and would continue to do so. he also continued to set out his vision for the european union. he said it was absolutely fundamental that the, you become more sovereign in terms of things like defense and energy. all those issues
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underlining the importers. those issues even more is the word ukraine. he said, we seen, for example, that you try very hard to try and a cost to reduce its reliance on russian energy exports over the past few months. we also talked about how the european union should be reformed and overhauled in a wider fashion is something that amino macro was spoken about a lot during his presidency. he believes that unless the use reformed people will simply lose interest. they will no longer a relate to it. he said, that is why it is so essential. but changes made. he said he was open to reopening the e u treaties and making some real fundamental changes, particularly in the voting rights and b u. because at the moment, key decisions are made on a unanimous vote as all 27, a members agreeing in the block. but that of course often leads to many key decisions being stalled. we saw that recently hungry, threatening to use. it's a veto over an e u proposal to ban a russian oil exploit. so that is something 30 minute michael says that he is open
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to doing. we also had the same from the you commissioner, issue of on the line. we spoke just before him, a busy few days for the french president. thank you very much. natasha butler live for us in paris in a change of pace where the warnings have been issued as a tropical cyclone, knees india's ace to cost his jet for the day towns in your world. whether uptime, it's a one to punch for india 1st, the heat. now we've got a cyclone, have one. so here's the details hon. this cycle and in the be been gall as it nears that east coast. we've got heavy rain watches in play for the indian states. of entrepreneur dash into a dish. oh, going to see the winds pick up and the waves as well. now i did mention the heat. another big story. this is pre monsoon. he's been in this thick of it since the middle to the end of march, and here we go again. ne ports got a high of 45 degrees even as far north as um, rates are coming in at 42 will pick up this story and boxed on high. he here is wal, really forties blanket the country and i think some spots may hit 50 degrees by the
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weekend, including new op shot. and the record is $51.00, so you're closing in on that off to southeast asia. but let's talk still about this tropical cyclone because it's going to leave a legacy of rain for the malay peninsula and western areas of indo china. but some dry spells to be found in southern sumatra. fog of rain falling in between the gang seeing the pearl river valley. this is going to be intense stuff as it rolls through. grey lynn with the high 25 degrees and off to japan, we go. a cloudy day for tokyo as those showers push out toward the pacific. in time we've got a run of some showers for beijing on tuesday with the high 20 degrees. don't forget the umbrella. susan. thank you very much, jeff. alright, still ahead on al jazeera dang. covered up how many south koreans are remaining cautious about coded this bottle relaxed ation of the rule. the attraction of maryland why this painting is poised to begin one of the most expensive pieces of
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20th century. and in sport, there's no escaping l. correct? the spanish teenager caps off and incredible run madrid open. ah frank assessments, what are the political risks of banning russian oil and gas for western leaders? will sanctions on western energy for social informed opinions. he's not abandoning to fight against jetty, still resumed media. they're going to be acting from leisure and from char critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, investigative journalism. my role in this by pride, the information about global experts and discussion the pandemic didn't create all
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of these problems. it showed us our true colors, voices from different corners. we don't need to sensationalize how we fail these stories. what journalists do best is look at the heart of the story. programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today. oh no, just dera. lou . ah, hello, are you watching out here? i'm m language. he's reminder of our top stories this alum shank, his prime minister, has resigned and a nationwide curfew imposed that follows fighting outside may hinder roger pascal home and wait to protest against the government's family it to. so the unprecedented economic crisis,
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russian president vladimir putin has told his soldiers in ukraine, they're fighting for the security of their country. thousands have a matching in moscow's red square on the dane. russia celebrates nazi. germany surrendered to soviet troops in 1945. and the french president says he's in favor of a new european political community that would include non e u members satchels ukraine, emanuel macro allocation to join me. you could take years if no holes have closed in the philippines where voters have been choosing the next president. the results expected within 48 hours among the 10 candidates costing the balance was front runner, ford and then marcos junior, son of the president deposed in 1986 people power revolution jamila alan, doug. and he's at a polling station in manila, whole sab officially closed, but people here say the voting process is far from over. and that not all filipinos
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have fully decided. that's because hundreds have been lining up for hours now. and yet they're still not able to vote. machines have broken down and they have yet to be replaced. and even though full watchers have given them an option that they could just leave their balloted, full watchers, and those can't be electronically submitted. they don't want to do that. they want to make sure that their votes will be counted and that their voices be heard. well, this is supposed to be where the voting machines are, but since there's still no assurance when that will arrive, some people have already agreed to write their votes manually. it's a really difficult period. the philippines presidential election is the biggest, major election since the fin demik broke out in one of the oldest democracies in asia. now, the very high turn out of voters is actually proof of just how desperate filipinos are for change. or it remains to be seen whether the glitches that they will
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actually impact the result of an election that he seems to be the most consequential. in recent philippine history, his information is being used online and their fears is likely to influence that final result in the philippines independent fact checkers. say, it's overwhelmingly coming from supporters of front runner further than michael's junior. you'd shoot, for example, has removed hundreds of thousands of misleading videos that include height, speech and harassment of some of the candidates, macos juniors, tick tock, friends have focused on re writing his family's legacy. his father ruled the philippines and ordered the killing of thousands of political opponents. and the main opposition rival vice president. lenny were bred up is being accused on social media of being a communist. the member of the liberal party says she's the victim of a smear campaign. to southern analysis on this, let's free intend with gen sia, who's a freelance journalist covering se asia. he joins us live from admin to now in southern
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philippines, thanks for being on the program. ted, up, 1st of all, let's look at this broadly to begin with and how social media is impacting this election campaign. thanks for having me, emily. well, facebook is the number one social media platform, the philippines, and the 64 percent of the 100. 10000000 population of filipinos are universally, are user. so facebook. so most of these rebranding for example, of markers junior is being done on facebook as well as youtube and other platforms like trick talk and instagram as well. but i think really concentrated on, on facebook, and i see the there, it's been done to won't officially painting burden of marcus as a
4:33 pm
a uniter that's his main message. but at the same time, there is a dark web. i was there was bombarding negative comments and vicious comments against his opponents, including the incumbent, vice president benny loretto. so ease this type of messaging, getting through to voters and do you think it would impact the final result? i believe so. and in fact, if the surveys are proven right, that you could leave the country starting in june. and, you know, there's, there was a survey that was done in february, i believe that shows that 71 percent of the young filipinos between $18.00 to $24.00. busy are overwhelming, overwhelmingly support him, and the next 60,
4:34 pm
another 63 percent of the population between 24 years old to 40 years or 44 years old, also support marco's overwhelmingly. so i believe that it will impact to the official results of the elections in the coming hours in fact, or perhaps tomorrow he mentioned that the younger vote is and how it's impacting them. so do you think that the older generations have been impacted as well? those above say 50 are they somehow avoiding these kind of rhetoric on line? in fact, above board, that survey, the same survey shows that i'm up for dinner. marcus, it's junior, enjoys over 50 percent of popularity or, or approval. and in fact, the older generation has expressed some of the style jug during the markers
4:35 pm
years so called all them years under marcus's. but when, in fact, this was the time when 3000 activists were killed were, or 70000, were arrested and thousands more or disappeared. and tortured tenant, so it's really a systemic go, sorry though, on place. so there is really a systemic effort to re brand the market name. and in fact, i believe that this started as soon as they left power in 1986. but it looks like this year we'll get a year that we will be able to succeed in really returning back to power. and hey, this isn't necessarily unique to the philippines. it's also something that we saw in the u. s. election as well. what can we do to kind of prevent this kind of this information from spreading the problem the philippines is that we have really weak
4:36 pm
institutions. so for example, we are not able to put some rules that oh well, i mean we're not, we don't have existing rules that would restrict all of these spread of fake news. but i think at the end of the day, it's really more the responsibility of the platforms like facebook to police themselves. because the danger is that if we left the government in the philippines to do it, there is a danger that to be and to the could be more dangerous than i mean. yeah. that actually could be more dangerous than what's happening. yes, it was simply watched space is quite frightening, isn't it? the power of social media and thank you for your now. says ted regency,
4:37 pm
i mean to now i freelance journalists covering se asia thanks for having me to australia now where some have voted early in federal elections officially scheduled for may 21st. so they show opposition candidate from the center left labor parties, lading and popularity ahead of the prime ministers. current coalition government, it's got morrison's approval writing has fallen in recent months. opposition later, anthony albanese has been campaigning on the rising cost of living and climate change. protest is have stopped demolition in a muslim majority neighbourhood of india's capital. building regulators in new delhi say they're targeting illegal structures and not any particular religious groups. critics say it's the latest attempt to harass and marginalize muslims. several muslim owned properties in the shaheen and bug would demolished following
4:38 pm
days of violence last month. for palestinians have been arrested in the latest rides by israeli blaze in the occupied west bank. it's thought the operation in romana is linked to the investigation into a stabbing attack in israel on thursday. romano's, the hometown of true palestinian men accused of killing 3 is rallies in the central city of lad. world ladies and delegates, a meeting in the ivory coast, capital a be john to find ways to protect biodiversity. the main goal is to stop fertile land becoming visit the un estimates. $12000000.00 hectares is lost every year. nicholas hark reports from an affected village in synagogues, puddle region on the edge of the hell in northern senegal is no doubt. they no longer a waist this but a village, thinking in the sand, gone, or the green pastures and vegetable gardens. it hasn't rained for almost 10 months
4:39 pm
. the villagers used to grow food. now they're going hungry. they're emaciated cattle. look for what's left on the sound. hope for shamble bark comes in the shape of a cloud high above. but will it rain? so i don't think so even when it rains it doesn't stick to the ground. it's gotten so hard. even birch dropped from the sky. it feels like the desert is moving forward, swallowing our village. and so the men are leaving on the move is onion. farmer buck are gay. he sold his land for a $1000.00 using the money to pay a trafficker to take him to spain by boat. he worked as a stonemason in malaga, constructing homes for british taurus before being caught and deported by spanish. authorities made on the situation is bad. it's bad for all of us. we can't go back to farming on the coast,
4:40 pm
people's homes being destroyed by the rising ocean. i am ready to try to go to europe again. and there are many more like me. might have someone give you my due fall, spend 4 years in the spanish prison for trafficking africans to spain. i can throw in the blue people and not seen war but droughts. it's when there is no water, no rain for 89 months. there are more punches for europe and so traffic is but for that term of the year when people are desperate to do to crossing what these are. for now, these men have turned to fishing instead of we. but the catch is meagre. access to the waters are restricted because next year british petroleum will begin extracting liquid natural gas on their fish. and this is behind me as a senegalese navy ship here not to protect the fishing vessels and fishermen from the rough sea, but rather to protect that b platform that you see in the distance. it is here, one of the biggest discovery of liquid natural gas in the last 2 decades. the
4:41 pm
problem is beneath that platform is a cold water, coral reef rich in bio diversity. and that's about to be destroyed. the discovery will bring some new jobs and revenue for senegal, but most here face an uncertain future. caught between a rising ocean and an expanding desert. and nicholas han jones's live now from decay with more neat. why is this conference taking place in abidjan and what will be discussed over the next 11 days? well, the aim of this conference is to find ways for the $196.00 countries participating in this time a to agree on ways to tackle dessert application. and you would think that that would be an easy task, but it's far from obvious already. you have 9 heads of states, most of them from african countries. a that are raising ringing the alarm bell of
4:42 pm
the situation in africa because the continent is experiencing the fall out of climate change and on it's bio diversity the most whilst they are not the countries that are polluting the most. so india, that's a how, as we explained in our story, there is the moving desert. what's happening is that there is less and less places to grow food. and so people are going hungry just to give you an example in ivory coast where the conference is taking place and that country has lost 80 percent of its arable and most of it has gone for the production of coco i re coast is the biggest producer of cocoa, that goes to phoebe insatiable appetite for chocolate. in the west tear incentive gulf there. they're going to explore liquid natural gas in
4:43 pm
a cold water reef. that's the size of the great wall of china that is about to be destroyed. so biodiversity is being destroyed, left hand in center. absent in this conference are the countries that are polluting, we haven't seen the united states being president or european countries being president. we're going to hear from you with my call and the head of the e. u. that will address the conference on video conference, but there are real problems ahead, not just for africa, but for the world, according to researchers, up to a 1000000 species, animals, and plants face extinction. this is the most and human history. and thus, the urgency of this conference, so at the end of it, they're hoping to put together what they call the average and initiative and non legally binding effort, so that people agree on ways to stop this desert if occasion. emily is certainly
4:44 pm
some frightening and sobering. statistics, thank you very much for that report. nicholas hank live for us in the car as head to south korea now, where the wearing of masks remains populate, despite the government relaxing. corona virus rules a week ago, rob mcbride has more from the capital. so when mosque mandates have been lifted in other parts of the world that have been scenes of need you relation of finally dispensing with the things after 2 years of breathing, your own breath. but south korea went it out last monday, but not outdoors were no longer mandatory, but only recommended. this was the result. apart from a few exceptions, most must remaining firmly in place. it's now a week later time enough you would have thought for the message to be getting through. you don't have to wear it. no, none of it. i still have to wear
4:45 pm
a mask and doors. it's so and convenient to take it off and put it back on again. i have not been infected yet, and i believe the virus can still spread to others, even outdoor cells, so much what's going on. i also want to take off the mask, because if i just think about my convenience and get infected, i could spread the virus to others. apart from some pandemic fatigue like anywhere else, south koreans have gained a reputation in the past couple of years for public spirited cooperation that probably accounts for the continued mosque wearing. but this is also a society obsessed by looks. and it's thought that women have welcome the chance not to have to wear so much makeup, old men to shave so often. and then of course, we've called metric surgery being so popular here. it's thought some people may have used as a mosque wearing as a way of having any number of procedures without anyone ever finding out
4:46 pm
annual halls. $960.00 portrait of marilyn monroe is up for auction and it could become the most expensive 20th century work. as kristen salumi report, a modern day mona lisa, that's how the chairman of christie's is describing a portrait of marilyn monroe, anti war halls, shot sage blue marilyn is up for auction one in a series. the 1st to be auctioned off in nearly 25 years. were all created the iconic silkscreen image of monroe after the actress died of a sleeping pill overdose in 1962 some 60 years later, the public is still fascinated by her life and death was genius is because he encapsulated the tragedy and the disaster of marilyn to suicide, after having the most amazing life being the most beautiful woman, the peace comes from the private collection of thomas and doris amman. in is the
4:47 pm
centerpiece of the auction house is marquis sales week. i was marilyn as expected to shatter records for contemporary art. when it goes up for auction on monday, bringing in the realm of $200000000.00 or more instantly putting its fire in an elite class of collectors, there is no reach and that is completely disinterested with also tells you something. the impending sale is attracting international interest. why is this piece expected to fetch more than any other contemporary art piece in history? in this case, you guess a beautiful painting by one of the greatest artists afford history. and who gets the most famous main thing off this artists to show the beauty and the disaster at the same time? no other painting has ever shown to so well. and perhaps no other painting has been so well poised to capitalize on post pandemic pent up demand to see and
4:48 pm
purchase art. kristin salumi al jazeera new york. what is coming out with gemini next? and she'll have all the highlights from the premier league as manchester city retakes top spot. ah ah, with
4:49 pm
mm mm whole ah ah ah, i'm now the sport he's gemma. thank you emily of formula one. well, champion max is stephan has made it back to back winds with victory at the inaugural miami grand prix. the red bull driver started concert on the grid, but he paused for armies of color science into san juan and moved up into 2nd place
4:50 pm
behind pulses and championship. leda shaw the class. the stop in chase down the client, david said the frog driver at the start of lap 9 to take the lead. the dutchman opened up the 8 2nd gap over his title rival and was seemingly cruising to victory . that was until a safety car was introduced after a crash between london norris and piet gossley the claire got back to within half a 2nd of the late at the stop and held him off to take the checkered flag science completed the podium on to his halton and finished in sick miami dolphins. legendary quarterback dan marino presented the stop and with the winners. trophy was an incredible granbury, very musical as well. but i think we got that exciting until the end. it is going to be a long time and ship. it seems that they had the upper hand home to weekends. now in raised space, especially as we need to take back the advantage of soon as possible. now his name you'll be hearing from many years to come, carlos alcaraz,
4:51 pm
the spanish teenager is the top player in men's tennis so far this season. his late, his victory coming at the madrid open. after eliminating a rough found a dallas novak jock of it, in the previous 2 rounds, the 19 year old faced one of the 3 alexanders vera in the final. but the german had no answers and caress drops only for games becoming the youngest winner in madrid. that's now fall tournament victories this year, including 2 masters titles. broadly, i would say this is my best rigor in the 2 of the best player in the history of bidding this verb in the final read player as well. number 3 to ward. i mean, i would, i would say that is my best, my best, which we're now joined by john, what i'm on the tennis channel. so john, just how good is carlos alcaraz? good, good, hard to exaggerate good tennis really hasn't seen
4:52 pm
a been on like him in a generation. and some of this are the results that you will lead to the, the, to the dollar joke of a 2 barrels back to back to back. some of it is just watching and play and there's nothing he doesn't do well. he uses the whole poor and he that whether he is the week of that he plays with this fearlessness. and this is very quickly done from, hey, just fighting prospects to keep an eye on to. this is our next great star in tennis . and the french opens up next week. i'm taking it. you like his chances that running girl? yeah, i did the why do the one after it is that to success has come in best. the recent batches of the 5 that that's an additional lot additional variable, but the way he is playing the fact that his durability shows no sign of going down the longer than that does go. he's been a lot of time on the court in madrid. this past week and the very last that he played the whole turn of it and get the number 3 play in the world may have been his death. so there is
4:53 pm
a lot to like here the best are 5 versus that's the 3 is sort of the one they kill, he has declined, but he will probably be seated about 4 or $56.00. but he'll be one of the favorites, no doubt. and do you think he has the ability to dominate the sport in the, in the future? i do know my treatments terms 35 years old in a few weeks and he is the youngest of the big 3. so inevitably, time will do one thing, there will be this, the back you and it looks like alco road is the air. apparently he just has a level of tennis, but also a level of self belief that no other player does right now. and he benefited from timing there a lot of very, very good players who never quite got out of a shadow of roderick. better rock, madonna novak joke a bit. but with all 3 of them seem to be $35.00 and over. i think that the 19 year old is a very bright future ahead of and the losing find this barbara. he was not happy with the late night finishes and mr. dice and, and he called the a t p 's scheduling, an absolute disgrace. is this something that needs to look into?
4:54 pm
i don't know what they can do. i mean, this is an event with bells, batches with women's batches, there's tv to accommodate. and one of the beauties of tennis is that there is no clock, right? this is not like basketball or football where, where we know how long a congress is going to take. sometimes it can be 90 minutes. sometimes it can be 4 hours. but the detriment of that is that it really impacts and schedule a good. i feel for barrels. i mean, he says that there were times where he went to sleep at 4 in the morning and then the next time 5 in the morning. not conducive to play your best tennis. but it also, it's kind of the nature of a sport when you don't know how long each concept in a lab. and it was an historic point for women's tennis in madrid. she is in, on became the 1st african female to win a top 2 events. how close the sheets winning a grand lapse? i think very close. i mean, just time last year she was barely in the top 50 and she is really establish herself and you say she is. she's playing for
4:55 pm
a continent. she's the 1st bottle champion to play at the level and women. she's a lot of fun to watch. she's very good. remember the number one player in the world at 40. she retired a few weeks ago. serena williams, 40 years old, so. so the same way, alvarado sort of benefits from the fact that the field is opening. i think your bird does as well. you get your contact to what the french open in 2020 and it's been a terrific player or she'll be the favorite. but i could see on super being the number 2 favorite after after a while, not long to wait until the french and john with that. thank you very much for your insights. meantime, if once again advantage, manchester city in the premier title race for their manager, pat gaudy ada claims everyone in the u. k. one level to become champions. 51 back above liverpool in the table after a 5 know when a new castle, a rick report to us the half time he'll fight and gordon docutime all male. but there was still time if one more right him starting with his 2nd of the match,
4:56 pm
the complete the route. while the other side and 3 points clear at the top with regents left our destinies. no answered. that means you have to, we know a game that we know a games will be we'll do, we'll, then i won't, i won't arrive here in the last game against estimator here. you know, with a chance to get to attend to title in the playoffs. philadelphia, back on level terms with miami in the eastern conference semifinals and the common ingredients. joe l m beat, the super star from cameron miss the 1st 2 games of the series because of a facial fracture. and the 76 has struggled. but with m beat returning philadelphia are a very different side in game for. he grabbed $24.00 points, while another superstar finally found his range. james, hot and top scoring for the 76 as with 31. but the really chinese managers are mason joseph's. first, i mean obviously i think it's a game changer, but just do being aggressive and therefore i think that they're good. they're
4:57 pm
started before quarter. they're really good job of pushing the lead up and go, we're supposed to do in the western conference at dallas were led by their main man at lucca. don't change the civilian scores, 26 points, helping the maverick speak. topsy phoenix in game for that series is also locks it to to game 5 is on tuesday. are in the 1st half board, 3 little group in the 1st round of the n h l. playoffs. all the winners on sunday managed to level their series after 4 games to los angeles kings defeated the edmonton oilers over in tampa bay. the offending champions were too strong at high hammering the toronto maple loose 2nd 3 in st. louis the blues defeated with minnesota wild 5 to reino rally, giving his mom the perfect gift on mother's day. and it was the same score line in boston as the ruins outclassed the carolina hurricane. and that is what you'll sport for now. we'll have more for you a little bit later and thank you very much, jenna. all right,
4:58 pm
that's it for this news hour, but i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's view. so to stay with us. ah, talk to al jazeera, we ask, what is the time table in your mind? when do you think that you are, can be off of russian gas? we listen or, and i have seen and played football with these refugees. i look at them and they're happy. they smile in we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store restock matter on al jazeera and with
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a unique full that protest by a palestinian out is to using a symbol of national identity to create post agent passport stamps. but as for some bird not read any life player to be able to come fly anyway, sending a message of resistance about the arab israeli conflict. our thought we come to palestine, palestine sun bed, a stamp of defiance on al jazeera. ah, from the ruins of mosul, music as re emerged. these are some of 40 musicians who make up the whether the orchestra in iraq, 2nd largest city, despite being banned, been mostly, was occupied by isolate. the melody survived, derfin christian curd, arab sunni, than she has. these young men and women represent the diversity of iraq to be able
5:00 pm
to hear music amid the ruins of muscles. old city feel strange, but it brings home the resilience of residents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help, they remain committed to bringing the city back to life. ah sure, lincoln's prime minister resigns ours after his support is attacked and demonstrate as angry about an economic crisis. ah, hello, i'm emily. ag. when this is al jazeera live from dough house coming up, rushes president leads victory de commemorations for the deface of nazi germany. while he's forces wage war on ukraine, once the soviet pot, not the presidential vote has closed in the philippines early signs point to
5:01 pm
a big late for the sun. all the controversial asked did later plus abundant.


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