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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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this my cuba on al jazeera ah, holding the powerful to account. as we examined the u. s. his role in the world on al jazeera. ah, all. this is al jazeera. oh, hello, i'm kim fidel. this is ben use live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, the group of civilians is evacuated from in and around the besieged steel, plaza, ukrainian city of mario poll. hundreds more are still stuck in the facility. show support for ukraine, u. s. how speak and nancy pelosi becomes the highest ranking american official to visit q. america stands. you stand with ukraine
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until victory is 1000 century link, a protest against the government's handling of the worst economic crisis in decades . this country, it's never been, it is what people do. adap or daily boost government based resident go home may de rallies are held well. white cubans operate for 1st time and 2 years in sport ran madrid, a celebrating after winning the spanish league title. and it was billed as the biggest bouts in women's boxing history on it delivered beyond expectations. katy taylor, defending her lightweight well titles against amanda serrano. we begin in ukraine where a group of people have finally left a steal plant. the besieged city of mario pole of to previous attempts failed.
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russian forces are surrounding the as of salt steel works, trapping. hundreds of civilians and ukrainian fight is inside. the evacuation fall as a visit to give by the us house speaker and several members of congress to voice their support. and we have to correspondence and following the story, this our, our don hamid is ins, appreciated as where some of the evacuated from our poll are expected to go. now we have how did your casters learning by therefore us in washington d. c. will be speaking to her in just few minutes about house beget nancy pelosi visits. first. this report from a lexia brian flanked by you in officials and russian troops, buses carrying evacuation from your mother. your polls as of style steel plant arrived in a village outside the city. more than 70 buses were made available, but not many people were brought out. after weeks under siege, there was smiles of relief. i'd sooner unusual the report we handed over 20 civilians who are able to be reclaimed from the rubble. they are women and children
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. and we hope that these people will go in the agreed directions, namely to supervisor and territory under ukrainian control. wrong trapped beneath the steel works, a said to be up to a 1000 civilians and 2000 ukrainian fighters. the industrial complex is the last bastion of ukrainian territory in the port city, surrounded by russian forces. satellite images show, how much of it now lies in ruins. in the capital cave, relatives of ukrainian fighters hold up and the plant of rallied demanding the un and the west negotiate their freedom is no, i don't know if my son is alive, but i will keep coming here and standing here until mar, you paul, is liberated i got it on saturday. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski hosted us how speak and nancy pelosi in cave, in a major show of support. she's the highest ranking american leader to visit ukraine
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since the start of the war. committed either one by. oh, when that will be remains far from certain in her song where they've been repeated protests against the russian occupation. it's new, russian backed administration says it will now start using the rouble instead of the radian currency. rush has been intensifying of separation in the east and south with relentless rocket artillery and mortar attacks. these people are escaping the conflict zone and a new front line near the town of lee mon. they should have been enjoying a gentle retirement. instead of contemplating a very different future, luigi the liberators. the russians have. com and have freed us from was our lives. and now i am an elderly person and i have to run away from home. this war has
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uprooted, more than 12000000 people in the past 2 months below ground. and mattie, you, po, hundreds more, a waiting for their chance to escape. alixia brian al jazeera so as they're talking about the other style steel pont and the efforts to get the civilians sheltering their out. let's take a look at just where it is and why it's become the final bastisse of ukrainian resistance. now, it is actually a sprawling complex one of the largest metal mills in all of europe, situated there on the sea, of as of and hemmed in from the columbia river. on the other side, the factory covers more than 11 square kilometers and was built in the soviet era. so it has many bonkers the theories of underground bunkers, which can house up to 4000 people. and we go back to the man to take a look at the evacuation roots. you have the as of sol, steel, pa, bear, and there is busy men that is under the control of russian back set for this,
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where some people have gone and it's hope others will be taken to the ukrainian held city. there, of example, easier back to wood, the west lo, anyone arriving is yet to be confirmed for more on that let's go to hold on. don't me to join us live from. is parisha harder? yes. i think you can hear us. so has anyone arrived there yet? no, no one has arrived here yet and it will take a while before we see those civilians that are being extracted from the s t to works from what we understand and the u. n. n. both the u. n. n d international red cross a giving very little details because they say that part of the success of this mission is really to keep it as much as possible under rapp. what we do know is that their convoy has arrived there since yesterday that about 20 civilians had made it out from a as of style steel factory. but they're still there in the vicinity somewhere. and
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they are not going to make their way up to the upper regia, at least in the coming hours. soon it will be dark. here's a preacher. there's also a curfew in a couple of hours. so they will probably may be the soonest we could see them would be tomorrow. but as i said, the u. n is giving very little detail and he wants to keep it that way. we do know, however, as per the agreement, every, every civilian who's in the, as of still a factory should be coming to do ukrainian side. there's other, another evacuation that's happening. those of people civilians are also caught in very difficult conditions inside mar, you pull around a steel factory and a bit closer to the board. they have another meeting point today at 4 o'clock a local time. that would be 13 g m t. so now actually to meet and to try yet
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again, another evacuation we've been reporting and all these evacuations that had been pre announced and then cancelled because of conditions of the ground because of shelling because of fighting. so this one we don't know if is going to happen or not, but it is independent than the one that is under the auspices of the a u. n. and the international red cross. honda, how complicated is all of this? i guess logistically to organize it is a very complicated operation because it's also something that is happening in a war zone during battle. you have to make sure that there's a safe passage. you have to also coordinate with to make the enemies, the ministry of defense of ukraine and the ministry of defense of russia. all the names have to be vetted not only the names of those who are coming out,
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but also the names of those who are actually going to pick them up. all of this has to be there's a lot of groundwork that has been done before these buses were able to move from here to my you, but in the, in the 1st and then you will have both sides want to make sure different points. for example, the russians are probably going to look at every single civilian they will want to have the everyone aidid and double check to make sure that there is no fighter. there is no soldiers, rather who are actually sneaking along them the ukrainian side. they will also want to every single person coming out of there to also make sure that there is no fin infiltration from the russian side among the civilians. so certainly there's many, many, many layers for that to happen in a complicated situation in the middle of a war zone. so it is going to take some time. it's not going to be so easy
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on me there for us in the 3 year. thank you. of more on the us health speaking, nancy pelosi visit to q. let's go 100. your cost are who's in washington? d. c. haughty. what else can you tell us about this visit? well, this was a deeply significant moment. can we saw that? nancy pelosi, the house speaker, who is 2nd in line to the presidency in the us and the highest ranking us official to visit ukraine since the war start. she was there in person shaking hands with president zelinski. the timing of this is it to happening just a week after the us sent to cabinet secretary also to meet with the ukrainian president and the visit happening in spite of the dangers. of course, the russian showing that fell on chief during the un secretary general's visit. and the, the reason that this visit was so meaningful is that it marks a significant shift from the earlier us assessments back when we were hearing that it was almost inevitable that ukraine could not win this battle. well,
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now we're hearing the opposite message and see nancy pelosi is presence there on the ground in key. if only makes that point the more strongly. and she said standing next to the lensky that the us would be there for ukraine until victory was one. those were her words, it's words that were also echoed by the 3 democratic congress, people who also accompanied hello c. on this visit. she also thanked the lensky for defending democracy. she said for his nation and for the world, which again emphasizes the u. the u. s. commitment to seeing a victory for ukraine as its military assessments show that momentum may be on ukraine's side here. i'm also latest heidi in terms of american efforts to get more age to ukraine. yeah, we have a $33000000000.00 request from more a to ukraine that came from president biden. it's pending now before congress
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person who has perhaps most control over whether that passive is nancy pelosi herself. and she has said that she will do everything to try to get that aid package approved. president zalinski, thank the us delegation today saying the u. s. was the leader in the world and providing the sort of assistance to ukraine. and as we know that ukraine's military has also been in contact with us, military officials about a transition to more nato, a modernized weapon, ary weaponry being delivered now into ukraine. how does your master there for us in washington, dc? thank you. in eastern ukraine. russia is intensifying attacks as it moves to take more territory in the region and the new front as moscow's offensive to miss all struck the town of dog appear on saturday. one shell has a residential block. the repeal is about 50 kilometers from the front line. i'll just, there's cha, stratford is them. we're in the town of adult refill. yeah. now i'll ask,
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it just depends around to show you this residential blog. this says this residential block on a, on a miss all land basically next to it. yesterday morning. i'm around 20 families living in there. the majority of them had been evacuated in the, in the weeks previous weeks, miraculously only 7 people injured, apparently receiving only suffering minor injury. this was one of to miss all strikes that hit this town yesterday. and what's interesting is, is that it is at least 50 kilometers away to where the active front line is. and it strikes like this, that a consistent with what the ukranian military is saying is evidence that they have all the beginnings of a serious push by russian forces to take as much territory as they can in the coming days. potentially, as i say, up to that date, that silent important date of may. the 9th,
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in the eyes of latter may putin because we're getting increasing hits attacks on towns that all is to say a long way back from the frontline. meanwhile, over night there were lives on going shelling, heavy shelling in some of the areas that we've been repulsing from in recent days. areas like papa's now, which is east of here lucy chance, which is also east of here. that push like emptied, pushed to try and surround the big urban centers of slim dance. cremmit tools still goes on the u. k is accusing a russian online troll factory of targeting senior politicians and journalists on social media says an organization called cyber front. these recruiting people to spread false information on the war and ukraine, paying them $600.00 a month. a russian use organization called from tanker says it's also identified an old factory and st. petersburg, as the headquarters for the troll farm workers are reportedly required to post
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$200.00 comments daily on social media using fake accounts, some from the calls itself a people's movement and says his role is to counter the western narrative of what's happening in ukraine. tim squirrel is the head of communications ad editorial at the institute for strategic dialogue. he says, this isn't surprising behavior from the kremlin. russia has been engaging in this kind of informational preparation for over 10 years. now. the only thing that's really changed in this current conflict is that they are increasingly open about it, that they're using this concept, implausible deniability of denial. so paper saying that it's almost a trolling acton itself to say no, we're not doing it, but giving a wink and not to say that actually they are. and this is part of the broader kremlin strategy of trying to undermine the integrity of the information environment to effectively make it very difficult for people to know with anything is true. and that men will fact that will to support all to fight against any kind
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of criminal in operations administration that the cyber from that channel, which has about $95000.00 subscribers right now will placed pictures of or links to opposition social media post and then direct that bottle is to go and common underneath that. we've basically narrative, undermining the ukranian, all sort of western position. we have a reason to believe it is linked to the kremlin, but of course what they tend to do is keep it relatively hands off. approach will keep them on length so that there is, as i say, this kind of implausible deniability. we are fairly sure that someone pulling the strings, but it's difficult to say exactly who it might be and precisely what kind of relationship they have with their employees. are people further down the chain of our hair on news all, including why the family of the man, her life, in spite of hollywood film, is doing the one to government for $400000000.00 will have more in the weather or the damage caused by the tornado that ripped through the us bank of kansas and
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they for, for film was written back on top of football. also winning the title i a 16 protest march. and for erica has ended in the capital with more demands for the resignation of the president. and his brother, who was prime minister opposition parties organized what they called a unity force. they marched 115 kilometers from candy to colombo, to lancaster are facing their worst economic crisis. 70 years. the fuel shortages, power cuts and soaring food prices. now fernandez is in colombo, she says, frustrations there are at an all time high given that more sections all reluctance society are calling for the resignation of both the president got robert rodge proxy and the prime minister. his brother, my and the roger pops up. there has to be mounting pressure. we've had both are
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both parties you to talk about the need and kind of saying they will change things . but at the end of the day, they haven't really offered much in terms of alternatives. what you see behind me is the latest the protest marja thinks their mot by the main opposition s j b party . ah, it's called the unit in march to basically push the government ago. people are requesting and asking for a systems change. now whether they look to the s j before that change in general as to whether they accept the plans with forward by the su b. how the government actually comes forward in dealing with the immediate crisis will have to be seen in the coming weeks and is going to are now by roger eva with jess hannah in colombo. he is a former for lankin, m p, and state minister. thank you very much for your time. how do you think she lanka has gotten to this point? it's run out of foreign currency. can't afford to import even the necessities like
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fuel. what went wrong? well, the problem has been going on for a very long time with the same debts over the last 10 years successive governments . but this government was particularly idiotic in, but as the president ended, he thought that because his bus for if he wants to win a general election, this has been a lot of a ship of them with several of them getting to have done nothing because they want to win elections and because sri lanka and other people have electric election, presidential obama and all of the village of old moves. well, when keep thinking back, that is a sub infection of these and out in this, if he be off the removal of things like a and a living, that's nothing to substitute. and of course, this document is really bad and having no professional mixed teams that are on, in many us, they appointed a gang long robert,
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the rough and he bumper to ministers between that hadn't single idea and then just went from bad to i suppose they would i go with that, but despite that they tend to do the spend, like nothing was going to run up. and they assumed that they could get a loan. but at some time the guys would come and money with this one not. and the forced to run more for them to a license. and then when this crisis began to then just dug back, nielsen and it's the parent but the morning don't even the slightest concern from the country. you know, the opposition has now stop. often good luck to them, but if the people come to them started for testing area and in a sense they're sick and tired of all public. because what has happened now makes
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it very clear that just one after another doing the same, is it a matter of it? is it is, or is it a matter of just needing new leadership or all the structural changes needed to try and find a way out of this crisis? well, let me start bought a big row about whether the president just to walk through life has never had so early. is that going to probably been just the we had pitch and prime minister down below where to get any decent bodies in the system. a lot of 5 given to be and not in the executive. the last government will need to change the system, the president appointing will. or if you make, when created by the person to join so that you know when they are
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working together. and even if they on different sides, if you drop them, they put something simple. i would say the last so we really have no checks. that's committed system in the station site. and when i was in product grade to give them the same, any recommendation must all be rejected in writing the reasons given by the you know, all right out just by mike one that you want to be sure. i want to pick up some you said you want to, i want to pick up something you said about there being checks and balances in place . the roger pox, a family obviously commands a lot of power being the president and his brother being the prime minister. do
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you expect them to stick together? i know there was discussions around the prime minister stepping down to being forced to step down. how do you see this playing out? what i think they will have more than they the da, so say 40 the because legacy of the country will not stand for going on them altogether and they have nothing to offer under the private assistance. you should am sick and tired. he did a great job, he doesn't bite from 10 of 2010 to 15, given all sides, and the largest government to be dragged into the mosque. successor government was as bad, and they were coming on rejection. and surely the brand which the soonest you must go. and if he's able to go under the president, can really resign the media. because if he resides to branch and no one wants,
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go to work with his brother. so the prime minister must go foot and them must be a fine minister who has nothing to do with politics at all. and outside of ross in good machine without an addition to that structure. when we have one in fog, it seems there's still some way to go to get to that point. i will have to leave it there for time. thank you very much for your time, reggie eva, we just sent her there from columbus. hon. i see just going this coming soon. all right, thank you very much for your time. appreciate it. valleys and marches are being held around the world to mock international labor day. these alive pictures out of the french capital. many are unhappy about the reelection of president manuel con administrations are also taking place in ma, say, in athens many using the occasion to call for better working conditions. trade
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union members in greece, protesting against high inflation and soaring energy call. hundreds of thousands of cubans, of on the strength of the capital ivana, i marched in red and white waving banners and pictures of human revolution related may day is a national holiday and celebration and socialist country. the government wanda is being sued for $400000000.00 by the family of the man whose life inspired the hollywood film hotel. rwanda, the u. s. also says paul recessive. again, it was lowered from exile and texas. back to wander. there was tortured, kept in solitary confinement. incentives last year, 25 years to terrorism is credited with saving hundreds of people during the $994.00 genocide. ok, gibson is pover says a begin his lead legal counsel. she says there are strong legal grounds for families case. it's been over $600.00 days now. since poll russo again, was illegally, came back and rendered back wonder to face trial in, in
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a proceedings that sort of been universally condemned as being on there. and this lawsuit is one in a series of legal complaints that have been brought against the government that all have at their center is sort of the same idea that governments aren't allowed to do this. governments aren't allowed to deal with political opponents or activists through kidnapping all a legally rendering or torturing people who, who say things that aren't favorable to the regime. and the royal and government knew that it didn't have a legal basis to have whole extradited back from wanda. so they made a decision in august of 2022 to kidnap him. and this lawsuit is a way of saying that they weren't allowed to do this. this lawsuit has a really strong legal basis essentially because the one and government itself
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hasn't admitted to the conduct on this network. last february, there one, an attorney general johnson, the ca admitted that the one the government did this, that it, that it paid for the plane that was used in the kidnapping. and in the united states, sovereign countries like wonder and immune from sue's when they engage in acts like torture and kidnapping. guinea is said to return to civilian role in 3 years ahead of its willing military government announced a transition period of 39 months. the move as they put to parliament, the army over to the elect president of the con, there last year after he pushed through a new constitution, allowing him to run for a 3rd term. so not for a check of the weather. hes jeff. while days of rain lead to flooding in quite a loop, this was deadly fighting residents reporting the water got his high as about 2 meters. so this log of rain is now over his spaniel le,
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could see some flooding here and it will make its way toward jamaica in the days to come of also had wild weather in the us. so this was near wichita, looks like her and the indications is this was an f 3 twister. car is literally just picked up, chucked into this building. it was y m ca, just causing a lot of damage. sure, so this vigorous system on sunday, it's over the great lakes churney further toward the east, so this will make its way toward the mid atlantic and the south east. so let's go zone by zone now as we see that rain fill in across the great lakes, new york, we'll get into the wet weather on monday. if we go further toward the south, now this is all part of the same system. it looks like we could see some storms bubble up here, especially around louisiana. meantime, the dry conditions. parched conditions continue for parts of nevada into arizona. little bit of relief coming along that border with new mexico and texas and temperatures for the pacific northwest. well look at that portland, at 18 degrees,
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vancouver mixes sunning cloud for you on sunday, with a high of 16. as jeff mentioned to tornado swept through the us state of kansas parodies that hit in the suburbs of which tal on friday night. several people were injured and hundreds of homes and buildings with damaged. more than 15000 people were left without power. the governor has declared to state merge and see. 3 meteorology students were killed in a car accident after that been chasing the stolen. still ahead on al jazeera vine balancing act in the netherlands of circus performers from ukraine. valerie said, russia keep it together under the big top. it is ready forces arrest. hundreds of palestinians. mine is every year we meet a 14 year old accused of doing something. he says he doesn't and lighter and sport highlights for major league based on one very embarrassing lo lines. ah,
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the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek god. he beneath the waves for millennia, until a palestinian fisherman on earth, the priceless relic. the story continues, that as the world's attention was drawn to grocer, mysteriously the deity disappeared once again. the apollo of casa on a jessia from the front blind al jazeera, his correspondence continue to report every angle of the war gray. we've been given access to this special unit, making sure there's no threats behind those front lights. there is almost complete destruction fighting back a russian assault, holding background forces. the scale of destruction is just now being and we will be out as we arrived. nikolai of there is panic. a russian war played is suspected of being close by. stay with al jazeera for the latest developments.
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lou ah, geology there are a reminder tough stories, the phone, a small group of alien to finally left a steel font and the procedure city of variable a previous attempts failed. russian forces have been surrounding the cell still works trumping hundreds of visions and ukrainian fighters inside russia is intensifying attacks east of ukraine as it moves to take more territory to miss l struck the town of appeal on saturday. one shell residential block, injuring 7 people. speaker of the us house of representatives,
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the thanks ukraine president, what she described as his fight freedom during a visit to que nancy pelosi told him as lansky is baffled. if everyone reassured him, continued support recent attacks in the breakaway region of trans mystery, i have increased concerns for me. although over the worry is that russia is creating a reason for invading the region. the foth reports from all the others capital case, you know it's a world away from the war and neighboring ukraine. after everything these refugees have been through this, moldova feels safe. no, it was so tense in odessa now it's even worse. our towns being heavily bombed and the number of casualties is going up. but just trying to get used to living here. now, my 7 year old daughter is traumatized. at least we can sleep now and not be afraid for their fears. the war is widening. and that russia has its sight set on this
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former soviet republic this week a string of mysterious attacks and explosions destroyed infrastructure in trans nice dra, a pro russian separatists region of moldova. he claimed independence in the early 990 following a brief war with mo driven troops. but it isn't recognized internationally. it has its own government currency and leadership, and makes no secret of wanting to join russia. west have been tells and seen along with ukrainian and mo, dover and officials believe russia space the attacks to justify mobilizing around 1500 or so. russian troops permanently based in trends. these jer, hello with several 1000 transmit eastern conscripts. it follows recent comments. so may russian commander saying that the kremlin latest strategy was to try and link russian troops in the east and south ukraine with russian forces in tramps. nice. yeah. the comments of course alarm in moldova, it only has 6 and a half 1000 under equipped soldiers making it vulnerable to a swift,
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russian invasion. unlike ukraine, mobile dover isn't a member of the e. u or nato countries. the former defense chief brigadier general of italy by renewed, believes it's time to abandon neutrality enshrined in its constitution. you have to be on the right or on the left, especially when you are here in this part of the words. i am one of the promoter, or joining national nato or not being neutral now and ahead and allies which are really strong military, economically, politically. and i think for us it's the best, but i'm in the minority here in the country. my also concerns the kremlin could attempt to so division between the countries russian among dove and speaking communities. and there's another leave. russia could pull energy supplies because when you move over that we are absolutely dependent on rushing gas, 100 percent,
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and 70 percent of our electricity is generated using that guess. most of it's produced in trans nice drea. we are totally dependent on russia. if supplies would stop, suddenly air economy would collapse and the consequences would be extremely serious . political for now ukrainian forces have repelled a russian landing in the port city of a desa, blocking access route to mall. dover from the black sea. should the tide of war change therapy is the conflict who rapidly spread beyond ukraine. ne, paul can al jazeera kiss or no circus performers have joined some of the millions of ukrainians who fled the war. some have ended up at an international circus in the netherlands, long thought, acts for bellows and russia across on instead, boston has been how to see the show is going on in the checked. 15 year old ilya malott go for studying acrobatics at the circus school in kiff until the war broke out. he's now living as a refugee in germany, trying to continue his studies. he sent the videos of his exercises to his coach,
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was still a key if any of that was there for the thing that i really enjoyed going to the circus school and to rehearse the response from the audience made me happy. but everything has changed since the start of the war on like bringing ukrainian pollution and other international art is to gather, does that circus direct the hope that a long tradition can be continued despite the war. the messages. let us help at one time, the whole world's going to be a 2nd world because we are to prove that it's possible to work live together with so much different nationalities together. yeah. all gamma who tova from bella ruth performing under so called russian bar with 2 ukranian colleagues is one example that he's been dealing with artists who remain
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professional, who still have a good relationship rations, biller russians. it doesn't matter him i guess. so that is a place to be able to, i lost a lot of friends. i worked in russia for a long time. we don't communicate with each other. ah, this has long been an odd form that has brought ukrainian or russian performers together because of the war that's not only possible in countries as far away as the madeline. but for some sharing a sage together, it's difficult with home that's been going on. and us pass yes, a 40 and managed to flee the ukrainian city of which was heavily attacked by russian forces she sat for now she can perform together with a rush and colleagues, but i can't do this now. i would feel i would betray my people because they are
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fighting for my country. people are dying at a moment that would not be possible for me. a few days before to show several russian artis cancelled despite their trauma, anastasio and the other performers hope that one day circus can again bring russian and ukrainian performers to gather steadfast and al jazeera, though, addressed in the netherlands, is ready forces have arrested 2 men suspected of killing a security guard in the occupied westbank on the video shows the capture and a palestinian town near nablus. the shooting thereby on friday was at the illegal real settlement. the israeli military says palestinian gunmen opened fire on settlement guards before escaping. are hundreds of palestinians. children are arrested by israeli forces every year. human rights organizations say they're subjected to abuse and a lack of legal representation. 14 year old. so i fall out there was detained by israeli soldiers for 12 days before he was released. the,
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the abraham follows his families journey from protesting his detention to his release. ah, a melody of love for the homeland is how these young palestinians see their protesting against the arrest of their friend. offended as it is rarely, soldiers detained. the 14 year old admit apron, he was charged with throwing stones at the army near bethlehem and the occupied west bank. but his father denies the charges that big soldier was on me. i am a skeletal. he is a spirit and the family only. so a thal, a couple of times from a distance in the court, he was not able to make my contact in case he will acquire and you know him, i will come in to talk why it's a weakness. point though crying is a strength point. and so this is the feeling we have been suffering, lack of sleep as he is like no sleep when we, if we start thinking with one of our fellows eating soon after the protest at al was released on bail. he is breaking the ramadan fast with his family and says the
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soldiers beat him up a gun, the arc of our dead will hopefully i was shaking out of fear the interrogators asked if i was cold. i said no. they asked if i was scared by sid. i was a strong person a while ago. what changed that they wanted me to confess to doing something. i didn't do. a 1000 release follows pleaded lawyer say it's often the only way to get young palestinians out of jail as fast as possible without a plea deal who had proceedings could be lengthy, as is often hard to prove innocence in military courts. this is why 99 percent of cases ending convictions. there are 2 legal systems unoccupied with bank palestinians are tried in military court while it's a really secular stand in civil court. in 2009, israel established juvenile military courts just like this one behind this. but the lawyers say it's done very little to protect the rights of children. these really
4:41 pm
army has to the disease. all the rights of under each dependence are protected throughout the arrest investigation, prosecution and sentencing. but the human rights organization disagree. children as young as 12 can be convicted in his records and the credit for consumer fair and because of elaine, the rest takes place at night without the presence of parents or legal counsel. the interrogation has done in a volatile environment that doesn't allow children to be safe. if you have the confession, the child is taken to a military court to extend the arrest without a lawyer. f l says his eager to get back to his violent classes and palestinian folk dancing. he wants to escape reality, even if it's for a short while. but he knows he'll never escape that experience with him eligible eda occupied westbank knew corona virus restrictions have begun. beijing that include a bad on eating and restaurants and more mass testing is being done in china's capital. during the busy labor day holiday period, people need proof of
4:42 pm
a negative result to visit public places and shops. the national health commission says there were more than 8000 new cases on saturday. china's strict approach to coven 19 as led to manufacturing levels dropping to their lowest levels and more than 2 years. economist warn that the economic slowdown could lead to higher prices globally. rhetoric gain be reports. the once bustling commercial center of shanghai is quiet and empty. with most of the cities 25000000 people forced to stay at home . as part of the government, strict 0 cove 19 policy in the capital bay, jing authorities have completed 3 rounds of math testing ahead of the labor day holiday. many se that tide of the restrictions which they fear could see become even tougher. vanya was young, i gather you of the tall. 2 years ago, everyone had a very vigilant attitude, tools epidemic prevention. but now maybe because it's been too long, people want to go out and have fun or drawn her. you know, you guys don't do that,
4:43 pm
you look at a city that used to be crowded and now was empty. and you can't help but wonder how these people managed to survive. i'm suppressing a lot of emotions. the impact of the 0 cov policy is being felt economically to china's manufacturing has dropped to its lowest level in more than 2 years. retail sales are down and unemployment is at its highest since may 20. 20 analysts say results for this quarter will be worse on the dynamic 0 strategy is not sustainable . and we can see many examples in shanghai i and for a lot of the. busy companies, e, in digital industry, in manufacturing, there are a lot of prussia to lay off more workers. but right now, china doesn't seem to have a new solution to this problem. experts wound the economic impact will extend beyond china with consumers around the world told to expect more inflation and higher prices. victoria gate and be al jazeera. a trial has begun in argentina,
4:44 pm
which has taken nearly a century to come to court. stories of all reports from chaco province in northern argentina. judges are determining accountability for the massacre of indigenous people. she is the last witness of a massacre that killed hundreds of indigenous peoples in argentine now. almost 100 years ago. process the law is a member of the warm indigenous community. when she was around 7 years old, when her father was murdered during a protest. now she's over 100 years old and says she still remembers the day her community was attacked. the cost i was and woke up when i was given water. i got home and looked up and saw a plane flying overhead. there were children on the ground. this is the pain i have carried forever. i was not able to speak ross who lives in the northern province of
4:45 pm
jackal, and he's part of a truth trial that seeks to investigate the crimes committed against her community and the people here continue to remember the massacre that happened in this place when hundreds of members of indigenous communities were killed by security forces and ranchers. they were protesting and demanding an improvement of the semi slavery conditions they lived in. they were killed their bodies, dismembered, buried all around this area until recently, unpopular just have been digging in this place, trying to find proof of what's been argentina, the systematic persecution of indigenous people know what will be to know the, the now for the 1st time i trial seeks to establish the facts of the novelty massacre, even though the perpetrators are long dead. this is an opportunity to begin a long sought reparation process for the killings, but also decades of discrimination against indigenous in the country. plato said, you got me says the trail is important for that abuse against
4:46 pm
a minority group. never happens again. but all of this is based on the legal parameters of the time. argentine i had already signed international agreements that allow us to sit in a panel trial that crimes against humanity were committed and do not prescribe. came out of the lady, and one of them has been investigated the massacre for years. she says the killings in napa, the were not isolated. indigenous groups were for many years a source of cheap labor in the country. and daughter vanessa's violence against them was justified as necessary by the ruling class. while it's being also sy, any 80 kidney groups have been discriminated against persecuted and the massacre shows that for very long time in the state tried to force indigenous groups to blend with the rest of the population fair were part of a structure that had them as cheap labor interference, only about a 1000000 of argentina's $45000000.00 inhabitants are descendants of the original
4:47 pm
$39.00 indigenous groups. most of them are among the poorest in the country. many see their trial as a unique opportunity to begin a long awaited process of acknowledgement and reparation. that will be a good a several. i'll just sita chuckle argentina. a water diffusion orland cameron has had to conflict vance to slice nearly 100000 people. the un high commissioner for refugees, fee to po grandy has traveled to the area and is calling for reconciliation. but as nicholas hawk reports won't be easy, it's climate change adds more stress to an already french all region. in this area land in the far northern region of cameroon, our fishermen and their families in search of peace, no longer catching fish, but planting trees. they sell at the market, at least in this barren land. they are sheltered from the violence they left behind, living in makeshift tents provided by the un. monica looked at what are quoting me,
4:48 pm
we have to survive with the little help. the government is giving us, but we don't have any money. we can't work. we're surviving one day at a time. this is what is left of their homes, which started as an argument between a fisherman and heard about a cow drinking out of a fishing pond. turned into a larger fight for access to water. the violence spread from village to village displeasing, nearly a 100000 people. some fled to neighboring chad and are unable to return home. they live in un counts like these. of course we need to make sure that people are not hungry, not thirsty, and they are not ills. but in the end, it's reconciliation. that is the most important here. armed herders in christianity on the border with chad, search for water points to feed their cattle. fighting with fishermen and farmers unwilling to share their wells. the government of cameroon has called for dialogue . but those who been displaced say the state has done little to stop the violence
4:49 pm
or help them to survive. the displaced fishermen are hacking down trees. they sell the wood or use it for cooking. the few patches of free trees are being cut down. just as the rainy season is about to start. host communities accused the displaced of destroying the environment. if the government take their responsibility, then we could return home of only settlement. this is a conflict made worse by changing climate, in what has become a fragile and in a hospitable environment. so essential to life and yet so precious water has become a resource worth fighting for tearing apart communities in northern cameroon, nicholas hawk al jazeera, a partial solar eclipse, is taking place across parts of the southern hemisphere. people who are among those who saw the rare black moon, which happens when the moon blocks the sun's lines during summer. this scientists
4:50 pm
say this is the 1st a forklift. since we can expect to see the fear, us journalists, government officials and celebrities attended the annual white house correspondents association, dinner on saturday. event hasn't been held for the last 2 years because of the pandemic. i know her. i know her questions about whether we should gather here tonight because you told me, well, we're here to show the country that we're getting through this pandemic. but everyone had to prove there are fully vaccinated and boosted children at home, watching those. and you're wondering how to do that. just contact your favorite watch news reporter. they're all here vaccinated ambushed. oh, sport is coming up off the break, including the historic balance between 2 female boxes. jemma will have all the details of this world title fight
4:51 pm
ah. on counting the cost, the world's richest man is buying twitter. so what will eli moss game warnings of a huge build up of death in the world forest countries? we should put the bill and the poll is running low on foreign currency. it was, this is an economic crisis to me. counting the cost on al jazeera o journalism is under siege in the digital age. surveillance threatens to study full press, a online violence and dangers. the safety of journalists, the spread of disinformation corrupts public trust in the media. truth becomes a casualty. journalism on the digital siege will press freedom day. 3rd of may. 2022.
4:52 pm
lou. ah ah. jemma. thank you, kim. it was billed as the biggest fight in women's boxing history on. it certainly lived up to the hype. as katy taylor edged amanda serrano on a split points decision in 8th for rela, it was the 1st time to females that headline, the iconic madison square garden in new york. and it was sent out with more than 19000 fans packing out the arena. and what a show the fight is put on for them. tell you that went into the bout unbeaten and had 20 professional fights. that record looks endangered in the 5th is serrano dish
4:53 pm
doubts in punishing shots which left haylock singing on? how about the irishmen dug deep and had the better of the later rounds against the 7 white while champion with 2 of the 3 judges, giving it to taylor remains undisputed lightweight champion. she's now keen for a rematch in dublin in front of $90000.00 fans or soccer. of course, this was a big so i was boston is we want to take electric, seen everything now that we were talking about this weekend. yeah, it does even walk without a walk around to rec, today just look of the pack to see him on believe also this is jose, our special special all of the best and i my career for sure. i wasn't sure if i need to go to reach my and then to go about a moment, but i was absolutely the best of all in my career. it was just an amazing, really, if you had 2 women, men are renting a,
4:54 pm
sold our m s g. who would have thought that you had 2 great, happier, worn out there and giving them all given it there or? and the crowd was truly amazing. more than a 100000 round madrid fans lined the streets of the spanish capital to celebrate their sides record extending 35th league, a title rail, got their hands on the trophy for the 3rd time in 6 years with a foreigner when over espanol in front of the home supporters at the burner bay and the man who masterminded it carlo until lottie became the 1st coach to win the ty, selling all 5 of europe's major leagues. the party then continued outside the stadium. ah. the fans enjoying the chance to celebrates with their team, having been unable to en route lost on the title in 2020,
4:55 pm
when the country was in the thick of the cave in 19 pandemic. it was a record breaking day for hours. captain marcella the brazilian defender picking up his 24th piece of silver. no player has one more trophies with the club. and marcella who's expected to leave well at the end of the season, could be adding to that tally with his team cinema. the chance of winning the champions league as well. ray are one, the only one celebrating these. the scenes in turkey wet troublesome spool fans invaded the pit shar for their site ended a $38.00 t await the lead title, a sample clubs, color tasser. i found a batch and the ship tasha dominated to turkish. but will for decades, the traps on school and now champions for the 1st time since 1984. and the supporters made the most of it. but still very much or to play for in the english premier league title raised with manchester city, remaining the team to catch they were for no one else at struggling. it leads unite, goals are from rotary and mason i k. but city in control, it's elena rights. and another vital when it was rounded off and later on the
4:56 pm
inform a gabriel daisy's vote, the 3rd added stoppage time of finance. denio fire doing all of this helping you cities go difference should that become a factor at the end of the season? i think there's a lose more comfortable loops. lemme comfort that really was. yeah. did right. but i couldn't expect differently. 10 miles, 11 mountains, florida premier lee come fighting and and they're respond renewal in many things to stick to where they are in the bud. moment. after 6 rounds of the moto g, p c's and 5 different writers of one race, it is the latest to fight in victory as a cat, caesar francesco vanya italian started from whole position at the spanish grand prix, and led from start to finish, claiming his 1st podium of the year, 6 time while champion mark mark has managed incredible se with his elbow to stay on his bike, but that mistake cost him was 3rd place. straw marker started in major league
4:57 pm
baseball, a history making night for los angeles dodgers, picture, kate and car. sure he became the all time strike out, lead up for the franchise i against detroit. herschel passed the record with number 2697. he received a standing ovation from fans at dorothy stadium. the $33.00 old is false among active lions and strike out the amount the season has only just started and we've already got a contender for defensive life. being more ramirez jones made jobs move the pittsburgh pirates outfit or produced a special play when the school was locked. at 33, they went on to win the game by one run and from the spectacular to an epic fail this cleveland and not only wasted the chance to keep a foul ball, but also splashed his drink on his female companion. oh really
4:58 pm
that is all ill sports now pizza will have more like so. gemma stay with us back in a moment. ah ah, why did one of toilets most decorated hobbs? leave the country in fear of his long hot investigate for one. 0, $1.00 east reveals to close to validation a police corruption went out to 0. on may, 9th, the philippines will vote to elect a new president to replace the 3 good there. and more than 35 years in the country, emerged from his father's dictatorship, could front runner board in as part of junior take the top 5. as the vin thought, join us for a special coverage for now 0. talk to l, just 0. we are. what is the time table in your mind? when do you think you are, can be off of russian gas? we listen when i've seen and played football with refugee,
4:59 pm
i look at them and they're happy, they smile and we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store restock matter on our g. c. m. each and every one of us has got a responsibility to change our personal space for the better a . we could do this experiment and if biodiversity could increase just a little bit and that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet will, is incredibly rare species. they are asking for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here, getting these people to pick up the collect the give a extremely important service that they provide to the city. why do we we need to take america to trying to bring people together trying to deal
5:00 pm
with people who left behind for an operation is on the way to evacuate civilians from a besieged steel plant in the ukrainian city of mario. ah, other, i'm kim fidel. this is al jazeera live from dough ha, also coming up a show of support for ukraine. u. s. how speak and nancy pelosi becomes the highest ranking american official to visit key america stands with you. right. we stand.


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