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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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ah al jazeera well joined the regulars on board turkey's shin kaya bus analogy, zara. ah, this is al jazeera ah. are there and can vanelle, this is the news our lie from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia says at 46 civilians have been moved from the besieged steel plant in ukrainian city of murray. hold a show of support the ukraine u. s. house began. nancy pelosi becomes the highest ranking american official visit q thousands protest infra lanka, against the government's handling of the worst economic crisis in decades will be
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live in columbia. and the family of the man whose life, in spite of hollywood film is suing the rwandan government for $400000000.00. i'm gemini, with sports rail, madrid, a set of writing after winning this fantasy tie salon that was billed is the biggest bout in women's boxing history. and it delivered beyond expectations. katie taylor, defending her life quite well. titles against amanda, ceramic, ukrainian women and children are among a group of civilians allowed to leave. the besieged still works in mario poll. it's been bombarded for weeks by russian forces trying to seize the city, ukrainian se 20 civilians left the ruins of the steel plant. the russians say 46, the u. n is continuing to appeal for the release of hundreds of others, alexia bryan. with this report trapped beneath the as of style steel works and
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matter you poll a said to be a 1000 civilians, and 2000 ukrainian fighters in video released by the local as of battalion wounded soldiers speak of how they running out of food and water. whoa, whoa, whoa, unfortunately all resources are running low. we are too long. the blockade in circled by the industrial complex is the last bastion of ukrainian territory in the port sissy, surrounded by russian forces. satellite images show how much of it now lies in ruins. the u. n's been trying to broker the civilian safe passage on saturday, some were able to leave i to manage for the report we 100 over 20 civilians who are able to be reclaimed from the rubble. they are women and children. and we hope that these people will go in the agreed directions, namely to supervisor and territory under ukrainian control. in the capital cave, relatives of ukrainian fighters hold up and the plant of rallied demanding the un
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and the west negotiate their freedom. muse, now, i don't know if my son is alive, but i will keep coming here and standing here until mar. you paul is liberated putney on saturday. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski hosting us. how speaker nancy pelosi in cave, in a major show of support. she is the highest ranking american leader to visit ukraine since the start of the war mitten. neither one fight. oh. when that will be, remains far from certain in her song where they've been repeated protests against the russian occupation. it's new. russian backed administration says it will now start using the rouble. instead, the ukranian currency russia's been intensifying its operation in the east and south with relentless rocket artillery and mortar attacks. these people are escaping the conflict zone and
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a new front line near the town of lee mon. they should have been enjoying a gentle retirement instead of contemplating a very different future. the liberators, the russians have common, have freed us from was our lives. and now i am an elderly person and i have to run away from home. this war has uprooted more than 12000000 people in the past 2 months. below ground and mighty you po, hundreds more, a waiting for their chance to escape. alixia brian al jazeera i last spring and child stratford, he joins us now live from the penny in easton, ukraine childs alternate to hearing in terms of efforts to evacuate those civilians from the us of steel pump. but what we do know that's according to the russians they saying that they evacuated 46 people yesterday in 2 groups. or we know that sir,
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the deputy commander or a deputy commander with the eyes of battalion, that september the ukrainian forces inside the as of steel. bon also said that they am handed over 20 individuals, 20 civilians including women and children. but what there is a lot of questions being asked are over, are exactly where these people are. now, the battalion said that they hoped that these evacuees were going to be sent nor to zap parisha. the large city there of the se in ukrainian government control is probably about a 100150 or so kilometers to the north of mariel as yet we haven't seen proof of life or proof of arrival in zap parisha. so there are increasingly thoughts as to whether potentially these people may have been evacuated to the russian side is
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also not clear as to where these 46 civilians, according to the russians, actually came from whether they came from houses close by. but actually within the perimeter potentially of that steel plant, or whether they were actually from that shelter, that bunker deep underneath the plant itself oversee the agile battalion. the ukrainian forces in that plant still saying that they will not surrender no word from a no agreement from the russians as to whether they will allow or what the as of say is around $500.00 potentially 600 wounded soldiers to be allowed out. but we've also seen pictures, video of un vehicles and red cross vehicles going in scenario for which we understand is part of negotiating efforts to try and secure the release of as many of those civilians and as quickly as possible from underneath that still works that
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of course is utterly devastated, but is the last bastion, if you like, all of ukrainian government control. charles dance, maria poll then. what's the situation in the rest of the country? well, the building that you can see behind me was, is a civilian building that was hit. we understand certainly according to reports, safety by a cruise missile that landed in front of it, one of 2 impact sites. another one across the road, the crater across the road is absolutely huge. i put it around 820 feet deep, least 3040 feet wide. now, miraculously, nobody was killed in this attack. fairly around 7 civilians only suffered lie the injuries. but what is so important is that this position is around 70 kilometers back from active fighting on the front line. and the ukrainian army is saying, attacks like this are an indication of russia not only a messing troops for
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a big push in from the eastern areas that they control. but also an escalation in the shelling. potentially 2 targets on areas well back from the front line and always try and suffer them. soften them. we know having visited various areas in the last couple of days that said there has been seemingly an increasing shelling the area that we were in yesterday south of the child of israel, a lot of shelling in that area. we understand that that is continued overnight and also to the east of him. a similar kind of scenario entails there. the big prize for the russians is this, the child's big urban centers of sloppy ants and credit source that russian forces are trying to push down from him both from the east, the west, and straight down in order to try and surround. so those battle fronts very much active overnight and into the morning. we're also hearing of reports of ongoing fighting east of here,
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the town of papas. now that has been heavily contested in the last weeks or the last couple of weeks or so. we know that's according to the great and military that russian forces control about half that child the ukrainian military, the other half. it's a similar story in the town of murray anchor, which is close to the russian controls city of done yet, sc wiring reports about potentially evacuation efforts, certainly from the town of proposed now the ukrainian government, so ukrainian military, sorry, saying that they were to volunteer evacuating evacuation drivers that had taken buses in to propose the yesterday, they hadn't been seen since. the crate in government accusing the russians that actually firing on these evacuation f as in vacuum. ition drivers, sorry, these evacuation efforts is important to recognize a no way coordinated with russian forces. they are purely very brave men using times their own private vehicles to try and get the remaining civilians that want
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to leave out of these contested areas. so yeah, and all indications suggest that what the crating government is saying about this potential push preparations for push by russian forces could well be very much on the way. i thank you for that. up there. charlie stratford. a russian missile strike has destroyed a runway at the airport. in the southern city of odessa was trans ministry as it targeted the runway and hanging with foreign weapons and military field. taking control of the port city would allow russia to link pear tree and seized in the south with trans, mr. a pro russia break way region of neighboring mult over a recent attacks and the break wave region of trans mystery. i have increased concerns for most of the warriors that russia is creating a reason for invading the region. the bank reports from mother's kitchen now is a world away from the war and neighboring ukraine. to everything these refugees have
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been through moldova, feels safe. no, it was so tense in odessa now, it's even worse. our towns being heavily bombed and the number of casualties is going up. but just trying to get used to living here. now, my 7 year old daughter is traumatized. at least we can sleep now and not be afraid for their fears, the war is widening and that russia has its sight set on this former soviet republic. this week, a string of mysterious attacks and explosions destroyed infrastructure in trans nice dra, a pro russian separatists region of moldova. he claimed independence in the early 990 following a brief war with mo driven troops. but it isn't recognized internationally. it has its own government currency and leadership and makes no secret of wanting to join russia. western intelligence seems along with ukrainian moldova officials believe
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russia space the attacks to justify mobilizing around $1500.00 or so. russian troops permanently based in tramps these ger hello with several 1000 translates drink conscripts. it follows recent comments. so my russian commander saying that the kremlin latest strategy was to try and link russian troops in the east and south ukraine with russian forces in tramps. nice. yeah, the comments of course alarm in moldova, it only has 6 and a half 1000 under equipped soldiers making it vulnerable to us with russian invasion, unlike ukraine. moldova isn't a member of the e. u or nato. the country's former defense chief brigadier general vitale by renewed, believes it's time to abandon neutrality enshrined in its constitution. you have to be on the right or on the left, especially when you are here in this part of the warmth. i am one of the from water or joining mantle nato or not being neutral now, and ahead and allies,
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which are really strong military, economically and politically. and i think for us it's the best, but i'm in the minority here in the country. there are also concerns the kremlin could attempt to so division between the countries. russian mode, dove and speaking communities. and there's another leave or russia could pull energy supplies. because when you move over the we are absolutely dependent on rushing gas, 100 percent, and 70 percent of air electricity is generated using that gas. most of it's produced in trans nice drea. we are totally dependent on russia. if supplies would stop, suddenly air economy would collapse and the consequences would be extremely serious . political for now ukrainian forces have repelled a russian landing in the port city of a desa, blocking access route to mall. dover from the black sea. should the tide of war change therapy is the conflict who rapidly spread beyond ukraine. ne parker al
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jazeera kiss and l. u. k is accusing a russian online troll factory of talking senior politicians and journalists on social media. there's an organization called a cyber from v is recruiting people to spread false information on the war and ukraine. just paying them $600.00 a month. a russian use organization called from tonka, says it also identified an old i'm factory in saint petersburg. as the headquarters for the troll farm work is reportedly required to post $200.00 comments a day on social media using fake counts for the front. the calls itself a people's movement and says its role is to counter the western narrative of what's happening in ukraine. joining us now from london is tim squirrel. he is the head of communications and editorial at the institute for strategic dialogue. thank you very much for your time. are you surprised at all by these accounts that apparent to old om factory being turned into a troll farm?
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well, no, it's not surprising because russia has been engaging in this kind of inflammation operation for over 10 years now. the only thing that's really changed in this current conflict is that they are increasingly open about it, that they using this concept implausible deniability of denial. so paper saying that it's almost a trolling act in itself to say no, we're not doing it. but getting a when can enough to say that actually they all, and this is part of the broad kremlin strategy of trying to undermine the integrity of the information environment to effectively make it very difficult for people to know with anything is true. and that men will fax that will to support all to fight against any kind of criminal and operations. and there were reports that this troll found the suspected of being linked to at least the founder of the internet research agency, which was accused of meddling in the 2016 us election. so is it sort of a few people who are controlling this?
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i guess information war narrative attempts. so the precise details of who is controlling the i r a is controlling cyber friends, that of pretty marky and it's quite difficult. not exactly here, isn't it? we have reason to believe it is linked to the kremlin, but of course what they tend to do is keep the relatively hands off approach will keep them on length. so there is, as i say, this kind of inflows deniability. we are fairly sure the someone pulling the strings, but it's difficult to say exactly who it might be and precisely what kind of relationship they have with their employees or people further down the chain. sure . and it's not just telegram where this is happening right. influences on other social media platforms like even take talk are also being used. what can you tell us about that? yeah, absolutely. so we know that telegram is primarily used as a coordinating ground where the administrator is the cyber friends that channel
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which has about $95000.00 subscribers right now will post pictures or links to opposition social media post or post, which so support the ukrainian side in the wall and then direct that was to go and comment underneath that ways. and basically, narratives, undermining the training, all sort of western position. and that happens all across the internet. it's just that telegram is the coordinating ground for in terms of tick tock. obviously, earlier in this complex, we saw influences in russia all reading from the same scripts at one point in time, which was clearly provided by use of prob, kremlin forces. so, but it really varies depending on the format of the platform or on as to what kind of trolling activity or what kind of influence operations that kind of gauge. i'm. all right, thank you very much for your time that tim squirrel had of communications and editorial at the institute for strategic dialogue in my head on the news out,
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including it's ready for his arrest. hundreds and how to me and mine is every year you meet a 14 year old accused of doing something. he says he didn't find balancing act in the netherlands, how certain performance from ukraine and russia say, you know, if it's under the big and later and for real madrid to back on top of spanish football. also winning somebody ah, a 6 day protest march in sri lanka has ended in the capital colombo with more demands for the resignation of the president and his brother, whose prime minister opposition parties organized what they called a unity for march 115 kilometers on the central city of candy, lincoln facing the worst economic 70 you,
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if you chose to power cars and soaring food prices. and often industry is now live from colombo mon elsa. how much pressure is the president? and i guess his brother on the right now where given that more sections of sherlock and society are calling for the resignation of both the president of roger pox and the prime minister is brother. mind the roger box up that has to be mounting treasure. we've had both parties, you to talk about the need and kind of saying they will change things, but that the end of the day, they haven't really offered much in terms of alternatives. what you see behind me is the latest protest, march a 6 day march by the main opposition. s j b party. it's called the unit in march to basically push the government to vote. and i have with me a part of montana and from the debbie at on vicar marana her, i'm,
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can you tell us you've been marching for 6 days from kennedy, 100115 kilometers. i mean, what i have all these people are asking full, started with a few 1000 people. it's turned out to be more than $100000.00 people are marching today. they are asking for the basics of life, the asking for gas to their kitchens. petra lent the sofa where he goes now asking for electricity uninterrupted, the asking for basic foods. and they asking for bad sick promissory because that many since they don't have in this country, it's never been in this book the shuttle before this. and therefore they are telling bit government bits, residents go home, that is the message that these people actually bringing on. she lanka, easy not really bad state right now. we could normally, they don't have foreign reserves. and that's one of the reasons for this crisis. i mean, how do you change things? it's not going to happen overnight. does this job be, have any solution?
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finance minister of the country as just being to washington talking with the i am it has come back empty hand without any solution because the international community on the market don't don't have any in this government. i think the people that to walk conducting that's out of this government, this j b, b, have a plan. the people look at the crowd set to have gathered yet they have gathered. you had spoke about class, you'd have to pick you up list, you know, expect what religion you that spec, they love any cultural differences. they have good and they have confidence in best j, b, forming a government. and doubtful thing that i show community has talked it ends during our track record and given the people behind it so we will negotiate with the i am it be being restructured? i would it be be get bridging finance the really get people up the street and off of that be really close up the farm structural economic reforms. so that this countries in a day but economic was done and you, you did mention
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a lot of things in terms of solutions and then sort of bras, tech. but people have expressed a sort of a of the fed up with old plan to teach. and that's why it is one of the snow guns it says $74.00. yes. it's been the same on the same. or how would you respond to that criticism? i won't completely agree with that. we have had structural problems. you added budget, that was, it was essential, but every government has been able to manage those debited. this government has buried in terms of its economic policy and its management. that's what needs to be changed and we have to hope that it can be done. first thing monday came in that just cut back says drastically just didn't have any understanding of how to manage a macroeconomy. so we need to manage the macroeconomy. people are asking what a systems change that's well, that's been cut up shown in the system. we are already taking steps to make sure that corruption is eliminated in the system and that it's make decisions of people are met not just in the short term,
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but also in the long term. and that as you heard, was around the criminal, the from the s j b. and as he says, people are requesting and asking for systems change. now whether they look to the s j before that change in general as to whether they accept the plans with forward by the s u b. how the government actually comes forward in dealing with the immediate crisis will have to be seen in the coming weeks and is him at manila fernandez there in colombo. thank you guinea is to return to civilian rule in 3 years. the head of its ruling, military government, announced a transition period of 39 months. the movies being put to parliament, the army over through the elect, the president of the con, there last year after he pushed to a new constitution, allowing him to run for 3rd term becomes them to, for one day is being sued for $400000000.00 by the family of the man whose life inspired a hollywood film. the law suit in the u. s. says paul says the beginner was lured
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from his home in texas and returned to cook gully. there he was tortured and kept in solitary confinement for being sentenced. last year to 25 years in prison, for terrorism is credited with saving hundreds of people during the 1994 genocide story of which became the film hotel were wonder. are we joined now by kate gibson in london? kate is the lead legal counsel for paul versus the begin at thank you very much for joining us here on the news are just stump, if you would talking us through the basis of the claim that's being made against their a want and government. thank you very much. kim. it's been over $600.00 days now. since whole ruses that again was illegally, came out and rendered back wonder to face trial in, in a proceedings that sort of been universally condemned, is being on there. and this losses is one in a series of legal clients that have been brought against the government that all
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have at their center is sort of the same idea that governments aren't allowed to do this. governments aren't allowed to deal with political opponents or activists through kidnapping all a legally rendering or torturing people who, who say things that aren't favorable to the rain and the raw and government knew that it didn't have a legal basis to have whole extradited that wonder. so they made a decision in august of 2022 to kidnap him. and this lawsuit is a way of saying that they weren't allowed to do this. so is that the, the basis of the time because he was trick try it. he thought he was going to burgundy, but obviously he wasn't. so is that the basis of the claim, or is it about the trial that he faced when he arrived there? this lawsuit, it is all encompassing, and it deals with all the violations of all rights through from his kidnapping,
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from san antonio, texas through to what he face when he was in rwanda, which was physical torture and abuse, as well as a sham trial. and this lawsuit has a really strong legal basis, essentially because there were one in government itself has admitted to this conduct, you know, on this network. last february, there one, an attorney general johnson, the ca admitted that the one government did this, that it paid for the plane that was used in the kidnapping. and in the united states, sovereign countries like rwanda and immune from sue's, when they engage in acts like torture and kidnapping. but importantly, there's really no dispute as to what went on here last month. the united nations working group, one arbitrary detention, came out with an opinion that said, that pulls,
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kidnapping was illegal. he's being arbitrarily detained. he should be immediately released and the united nation special rattle to torture, to look into the conditions of his detention and what happened to him in rhonda, in relation to the trial itself, independent impartial trial monitors from the american bar association from the community foundation for justice morrison, the trial web hall was charged with terrorism in kigali and initially report saying that the trial was manifestly unfair and the conviction shouldn't stand. so, you know, it is lawsuit is, is legitimately who complains that encompasses all the violations of his rights. and we hope that it will stand for the principle that regimes that engage in trans national repression shouldn't be allowed to do so. but more particularly for paul, don't realize consequences of what happened to him because he's ill. he 6070 is old
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. he suffers from a heart condition, he's been actively deprived of the medication that he needs to monitor that condition. and he suffered a series of strokes over the last few ways. so humanitarian groups and here is governments around the world pulling these release. and we hope that losses will provide another basis on which they can continue to do that. as his lead legal counsel have you spoken to him? have you seen him? it is a really difficult situation. him because he's only allowed to have 5 minutes on the fine or on friday afternoon at 230. so contact with him is extremely limited. even for the family. we have 2 wonderful lawyers in kigali. # 0 who are still able to access call and speak to him about the various legal measures that were taking on his behalf. but the restriction, sorry, right? by annually allowed to give many documents,
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he's not allowed to read any documents or sign any documents. so we face a lot of obstacles that we have been put in place deliberately to make it hard for us to pull legal levels outside of rwanda. but this case is really important and, and stands so much that we will continue to do so despite the obstacles in place. all right, thank you very much for a k gibson there for us in london. thank you very much. kim. still head on al jazeera. ah, rally that taking place around the world to mock international labor day. china's manufacturing dips to lowest level in 2 years. we will tell you why. then lightens bought highlights from majorly, baseball and one very embarrassing low light. ah,
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so that's moving east into burkina faso. so bama ko, $39.00, and really rate across the sale. now south of the equator, it's actually really quiet. we've got plenty of sun in the forecast for the skeleton coast. look a bit not too far away. then took at 25 in a pitcher perfect day in cape town, also coming in with the high of 25 degrees on sunday. that's it for me. we'll see you soon. ah, ah, ah, why did one of toilet was decorated? hobbs flee the country in europe is la fraud investigation? one 0, one east view exploits to validate. a police corruption on al jazeera may on al jazeera frontline reporting in depth analysis. we bring you the latest on the green war and unfolding humanitarian crisis documentary that inspire whitney
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springs world issues into focus through compelling human stories. the philippines votes in one of asia, biggest election over 35 years since the country emerged from his father's dictatorship. could frontrunner ferdinand mouth was junior to take the tops to both al jazeera investigative program, full blind for tons, with a special theories on abuse in the boy scouts of america, lebanon goes to the polls, but will political change helped the country find its way out of its crippling economic crisis may on al jazeera ah ah ah, are monitored on top stories, this all the speaker,
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all the us house of representatives has thank crane's president for what she described as his flight for freedom during a visit to key. if nancy pelosi told a lot of his landscape, his bachelor's for everyone, reassured him off continued support. at least 20 ukrainian women and children are among civilians have been allowed to leave the besiege still work the murray of hope. 8 being bombarded for weeks by russian forces trying to see the city un convoy is in memory of paul to negotiate the evacuation of more civilians from the hundreds more thought to remain trapped along with ukrainian soldiers refusing to surrender across the city, food, water, and medicine. funding low. let's go live out to hold on the mead who joins us live from morisha. that's where it's believed. many of the vacuum waves from murray, a pole will be headed toward a have they arrived. no, they haven't arrived yet. and actually here in the parking lot, there are some employees of that as
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a sales deal company who are waiting to hear back from what we understand from the un that might not happen today. they're not giving us too much information to you and really wanting to make sure that things go as smooth as possible on the ground because it is and really a logistical challenge nino, normally the road from are you pulled as upper regional will take which in 2 to 3 hours that was before the war, then after the war du civilians who managed to make their way out of money, you put on their own, say about up to 18 russian checkpoints before reaching the ukrainian checkpoint. and at each stage there is a lot of a search identity recognition filtration ukrainian also wanting to make sure that no one comes through the through those checkpoints know what they called saboteurs . and the russians wanting to make sure that no soldiers goes through those
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checkpoints. so certainly a huge challenge for both the u. n. and the international red cross that said a bit of civilians have tickled out there 20, who have left the mo, you bull on the steel plant rattle yesterday. they haven't arrived here yet, or that's as much as we know. and then there's another $46.00 that were taken to the separate is controlled areas. and actually you can see interviews of them on a russian media. and then what they're saying is that the, obviously, all the interviews concentrated on the as of regimen does the far right regimen that is incorporated into the ukranian army. but at the moment it is really the focus of the russians. and all these people they interviewed on their i talking about hundreds of civilians, sill strapped in hundreds of a large number rather of people who are wounded and people who have disabilities.
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and they're also talking about the as of regimen saying that the as of told them that they could leave the plant, but didn't threaten them, not to that's in the words of those interview years because of the heavy shelling outside. now, certainly the pictures coming of civilians to both sides is going to be something bo size will be playing with her doll hamid their life ross, the parisha. thank you. yes, helm, sar, and un special envoy. angelina jolie has visited the western ukrainian city of leave. she met people displaced by the war and those have been helping them. still they was told that some are being given psychiatric help with children as young to among those being treated as well as adults. we spoke to youth f spokesman james elder, who is in denise pro, explain the toll russia's invasion is taking on children hundreds now of children
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who've been killed hundreds. i think it's really important that sometimes we forget what that ultimately means is. well thought that people like parents and grandparents who are going to be consumed by that grief for years and years to come . hundreds of children, they all had stories. i had dreams, the drains of vain killed. and as i say in these cases, the children have been killed this morning. not far from here in april this morning there was another civilian an apartment block on a saturday morning was shelled 3 young children all under the age of 10. now in hospital seeking urgent medical care in a hospital that's desperately lacking doctors again because doctors flaying this was our variable is of course absolutely critical. wherever there is a child in that situation is absolutely critical. and the she had duration that they been there and that said, but of course there are children in awe genitive. there are children in high kids. there are children in venice, all of whom are hiding to night in a cold,
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dark basement somewhere under under fire. maybe they've seen a family member attacked or killed recently, so unfortunately, not many places feel safe for children right now in your crime, particularly in the south and the so the unicef, our focus here is very much on every corner, whether it's a train station, whether it's a while, whether it's a refuge center or shelter a hospital, we are seeking to reach every one of those places um, from what i've seen were starting to do that, but not in places. i'm of the most severe bombardment like a hockey or a married couple circus performers have joined some of the millions of ukrainians have fed the war. some have ended up at an international sac is in the netherlands, so long fine acts from ballard, san russia. i course on step boston as being to see how the hell is going on in those direct. 15 year old ilya milan golf was studying acrobatics at the circus school in kiff until the war broke out. he's now living as a refugee in germany,
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trying to continue his studies. he sent the videos of his exercises to his coach, was still in key if many of the report was there for the fact that i really enjoyed going to the circus school and to rehearse the response from the audience made me happy that everything has changed since the start of the war on my bringing ukrainian lucian and other international artist to gather this dutch circ is direct to hope that a long tradition can be continued despite the war. the messages. let us help at one time, the whole world's going to be a 2nd world because we are to prove that it's possible to work live together with so much different nationalities together. i all gamma who tova from bella ruth performing under so called russian bar with 2 ukranian colleagues. it's one example that he's been dealing with artists who
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remain professional, who still have a good relationship, rushes biller actions. it doesn't matter, not sure. so that it seems to be everything. i lost a lot of friends. i worked in russia for a long time. we don't communicate with each other. ah, this has long been an odd form that has brought ukrainian or russian performers together because of the war that's not only possible in countries as far away as the madeline. but for some sharing a stage together, it's difficult but own that's been going on. and us pass yes, a 40 and managed to flee the ukrainian city of which was heavily attacked by russian forces. she says, well now she can't perform together with a rush and colleagues. but i can't do this now. i would feel i would betray my
1:41 pm
people because they are fighting for my country. people are dying at a moment that will not be possible for me. a few days before to show several russian artis canceled. despite their trauma, anastasio and the other performers hope that one day circus can again bring russian and ukrainian performers together. step, fasten al jazeera door, dressed in the netherlands. israeli forces have arrested 2 men, suspected of killing a security guard in the occupied. westbank ami video shows the capture and a palestinian town near nobliss. the shooting there by on friday was at the illegal arial settlement. israeli military says palestinian gunman opened fire on settlement guards before escaping a hundreds of palestinian children are arrested by as ready forces every year. human rights organizations say that subject to abuse and lack of legal representation. 14 year old, i thought i was detained by his rate of soldiers for 12 days before he was released
1:42 pm
. it abraham followed his family's journey and protesting his detention to his release. ah, a melody of love for the homeland is how these young palestinians say they are protesting against the arrest of their friend. offended israeli soldiers detained the 14 year old and mid apron. he was charged with throwing stones at the army near bethlehem and occupied westbank. but his father denied the charge is a big soldier on the ion. and so he is in the family only so us alex couple of times from a distance in the court. he was not able to make contact and guess he will call and you know, and i'll come in to to call. so weakness point the crying is a string point. and so this is the feeling we have been suffering, lack of sleep as he is sleep. when we start thinking, we don't know if i tell is eating. soon after the protest i fell, was released on bail. he's breaking the ramadan fast with his family and says the
1:43 pm
soldiers beat him off. i don't know who i was shaking out of fear the interrogate. his asked if i was cold. i didn't know they asked if i was scared by sid. i was a strong person a while ago, what change and they wanted me to confess to doing something. i didn't do a fellow release follows a pleaded lawyer say it's often the only way to get young palestinians out of jail as fast as possible without a plea. deal court proceedings could be lengthy, as is often hard to prove innocence in medical records. this is why 99 percent of cases and the conviction. there are 2 legal systems that occupied westbank. palestinians are tried in military court while it's a really circular stand in civil court. in 2009, israel established juvenile military records. just like this one behind this. a lawyer say it's done very little to protect the rights of children. these really
1:44 pm
army has to the disease. all the rights of under each dependence are protected throughout the arrest investigation prosecution after that thing. but the human rights organization disagree. children as young as 12 can be convicted in his records, accredited completely failing because of elaine. the rest takes place at night without the presence of parents or legal counsel. the interrogation has done an evolve hall environment that doesn't allow children to be safe. after the confession, the child is taken to a military court to extend the arrest without a lawyer. f l says his eager to get back to his violin classes and palestinian folk dancing. he wants to escape reality, even if it's for a short while. but he knows he'll never escape that experience with him eligible eda occupied westbank may de rallies and marches, being held around the world. trade union members in greece are protesting against time selection and soaring energy costs. also on international workers day
1:45 pm
thousands of protesting against the newly re elected president emmanuel comp and new crone of ours restrictions had begun in beijing, but include a ban on eating and restaurants and more mass testing is being done in china capital during the busy labor day holiday period, people will need proof of a negative result to visit public places and shops. a national health commission says there were more than 8000 new cases on saturday. and trying to strict approach to cope with 19 has at the manufacturing levels dropping to their lowest levels in more than 2 years. economists warned that the economic slowdown could lead to higher prices globally patrol getting be revolts. the once bustling commercial center of shanghai is quiet and empty. with most of the cities 25000000 people forced to stay at home. as part of the government, strict 0 cove 19 policy in the capital, beijing authorities have completed 3 rounds of math testing ahead of the labor day holiday. many say that tide of the restrictions which they fear could see become
1:46 pm
even tougher. viani and was younger you of the tall. 2 years ago everyone had a very vigilant attitude towards epidemic prevention. but now maybe because it's been too long, people want to go out and have fun drawn her. you know, you got to tell you that you look at a city that used to be crowded and now was empty. and you can't help but wonder how these people managed to survive. i'm suppressing a lot of emotions. the impact of the 0 cove it policy is being felt economically to china's manufacturing has dropped to its lowest level in more than 2 years. retail sales a down and unemployment is at its highest since may 2020 analysts say results for this quarter will be worse on the dynamic 0 strategy is not sustainable. and we can see many examples in shanghai i and for a lot of the. busy companies, e, in digital industry, in manufacturing, they're under a lot of pressure to lay off more workers. but right now,
1:47 pm
china doesn't seem to have a new solution to this problem. experts wound the economic impact will extend beyond china with consumers around the world, told to expect more inflation and higher prices. victoria gate and be al jazeera. a trial has begun in argentina, which has taken nearly a century to come to court. as teresa bar reports from chaco province in northern argentina, judges on determining accountability for the massacre of indigenous people. she is the last witness of a massacre that killed hundreds of indigenous peoples in argentina. almost 100 years ago. process the law is a member of the warm indigenous community. when she was around 7 years old when her father was murdered during a protest. now she is over 100 years old and says, she still remembers the day her community was attacked. the cost i sent her up when
1:48 pm
i was given water. i got home and looked up and saw a plane flying overhead. there were children on the ground. this is the pain i have carried forever. i was not able to speak. ross had lives in the northern province of jackal and his part of a truth trial that seeks to investigate the crimes committed against her community . the people here continued to remember the massacre that happened in this place when hundreds of members of indigenous communities were killed by security forces and ranchers. they were protesting and demanding an improvement of the semi slavery conditions they lived in. they were killed their bodies, dismembered, buried all around this area until recently, until apologies, have been digging in this place, trying to find proof of what's been argentina, the systematic persecution of indigenous people know what will be to know the. now for the 1st time i trial seeks to establish the facts of the nap. i'll be massacre
1:49 pm
even though the perpetrators are long dead. this is an opportunity to begin a long sought reparation process for the killings, but also decades of discrimination against indigenous group in the country. they've got to me and says the trial is important. so that abuse against a minority group were never happens again. but all of this is based on the legal parameters of the time. argentine i had already signed international agreements that allow us to sit in a panel trial that crimes against humanity were committed and do not prescribe. came out of the light in as one of them has been investigated the massacre for years. she says the killings in napa, the were not isolated. indigenous groups were for many years, a source of cheap labor in the country and daughter vanessa's violence against them was justified as necessary by the ruling class. policy. also, sy, any 80 ethnic groups have been discriminated against. persecuted and the massacre
1:50 pm
shows that for very long time, the state tried to force indigenous groups to blend with the rest of the population in fairway. part of a structure that had done as cheap labor interference, only about a 1000000 of argentina's $45000000.00 inhabitants are descendants of the original $39.00 indigenous groups. most of them are among the poorest in the country. many see the trial as a unique opportunity to begin a long awaited process of acknowledgment and reparation. that would be getting several eldest sita cheko. i didn't. tina carnival season has ended in rio de janeiro where the dance spectacular and the sandbag drum. 6 of visio champion sandra schools performed and they're typically extravagant, colorful alpha or just wins won prizes. the costumes presentation and music is brazilian potty time. went long into the night. forty's coming out of the break.
1:51 pm
during the historic balance between 2 female warriors, jemma will have all the details of this world title mind aah! from the al jazeera london broker sent it to people in thoughtful conversation. lard cannot be easily erased by by the superpower with no haste, and no limitations. what matter the note was to be radical. how can the thing that's radical forsake part one at highway and denise cool is not about wanting to sell. you know about the message in the studio. b, unscripted on al jazeera frank assessments. what are the political risks of batting russian oil? a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports. policy was informed opinions. france is not abandoning to fight against jedi, still resumed india,
1:52 pm
they're going to be acting from nisha and from shod critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou? ah, ah, i'm at the board has deborah. thank you, kim. it was billed as the biggest fights in women's boxing history on. it certainly lived up to the hype is casey taylor edged amanda serrano on a split points decision in a thriller. it was the 1st time 2 females had headlined the iconic madison square garden milk. and it was a sell out with more than $19000.00 fans packing out the arena and watershed the fight as it put on for them. taylor went in to the bouts unbeaten in her 20
1:53 pm
professional fights. that record is in danger, and you 5th is to renee, fished out some punishing shelter which left haylock clinging on. however, the irish woman dug deep and had the better of the later rounds against the 7 weight. well, champion with 2 of the 3 judges giving it to taylor, he remains undisputed lightweight champion. he's now keen for a rematch in dublin in front of 90000 pounds. i saw ground going into a slice. it was a big so i was boston, his rebuttal, electric seen everything that was that you were talking about this weekend. yeah, it does even walk without during the day, walking out direct today. just look up the path to say, i own believe also this is joe is out with special special all the best and i have my career for sure. like i wasn't sure if i need to go to reach my and then to go about a moment. but i was absolutely the best of all in my career. it was just an amazing,
1:54 pm
really. and you have to women men are renting a saw the m s g who would have thought that you have to great javier's warren. i've been given them all given it. they're all and the crowd was truly amazing. more than a 100000 round madrid fans lined the streets of the spanish capital to celebrate their sides record extending 35th league, a title re i'll go the hands on the trophy for the 3rd time in 6 years with a foreigner when over espanol in front of their home supporters of the been obey and the man who masterminded it call on to aussie became 1st coach to win the title in 5. if europe's major leagues, the party then continued outside the stadium. ha
1:55 pm
vans. enjoying the chance to celebrate with that team having been unable to you and route loss on the title in 2020, when the country was in the thick of the cave in 19 pandemic. it was a record breaking day for rails. captain marcella the brazilian defend up picking up his 24th piece of silverware. no player has one more trophies with the club. and marcella, who's expected to leave reality end of the season to be adding to that tally with his team still in with the chance of winning the champions league as well. but right, i will have to get past manchester city to make it to the final city remained. it seems a catch in the premier league title race. they were foreigner winners at struggling . it leads united goals from roger and nathan. i k put sissy in control. it's ellen wrote and another vice a, when it was rounded off late on the info, gabrielle jesse scroll to the 1st and in stoppage time of financing out, fired in a force. all of this helping cities go difference should that become a factor at the end of the season?
1:56 pm
seemed the result was more comfortable neutral. i'm a call from the really was yeah. did right. but i couldn't expect differently. 10, mount 11 mounds, florida. premier lee can fighting and, and they are responding to well, in many things as to whether in the bun moment. liverpool manage just the one goal is they beat new castle nearby cato. salsa when a, in the 19th unit, or 2 points behind at city in a tight race, both tunes have for it, matches less to play. movie, i'm excited. i love this with bug, he'll be be, go the next one or try to be as good as our possible. but it, it pretty much, it's very good situation for us, the number of years you still have to play a really it's a lava with all the gmc, via a lot in major league baseball, a history making night for los angeles dodgers pitcher, clayton casual, he became the all time at strike out lead up, i became during the 4th in against detroit casual,
1:57 pm
passed the record with number 2697. he received a standing ovation from fanny's at dodger stadium. the 33 year old is false among active players in strike out. the am i'll be season has i need to start it and already we've got to contend up that offensive play via more rod moran. oh. do me more with the pittsburgh pirates outfielder produced a special play when the school was locked at real. they went on to win the game by one run and from the spectacular to an epic fail, this cleveland fan not only wasted the chance to keep a foul ball, but all safe splashed his drink on his female companion. no harm done, though, apart from some embarrassment on his clumsiness. now, being broadcast around the world as loyal sports,
1:58 pm
i'll have more for you later. okay. thanks so much for that, jama as news off all about vo be here in just few minutes. stay with us. but ah ah wake temperatures reach minus 35 degrees celsius and mounted roads become barely possible. one small, many bus serves as a lifeline for a community facing environmental and cultural change. ah, out is there a well joined the regulars on board techies,
1:59 pm
she and kaya bus analogies era short films of hope and inspiration for a series of short puzzles. stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. ah, al jazeera selects, the heart wrenching good buys, loved ones, not knowing when they were united ticket, women and children heading west to relative safety, often leaving men behind among them. foreigners also trying to give out train rise of a free, but it's on the 1st come, 1st serve basis here at the bus station there only a few rides available and that's only to the surrounding villages. so people like
2:00 pm
for me and rose, now need to find another way to get out of the city. but for now they, like many others, would have to return home, hoping tomorrow is a better day. ah, russia says 46 civilians have been evacuated from a besieged steel plant in the ukrainian city of mario. ah ha, you're watching al jazeera alive from jo. how with me for the back table also ahead a show of support for ukraine. u. s. house speaker nancy pelosi becomes the highest ranking american official to visit key america stands with stan with ukraine on.


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