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tv   Witness Defending French Justice  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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a good government, he is a shame. heal session lasted more than 8 hours, but the impeachment had lost him before it start. it. opponents were unable to get gusty use allies to flip their votes. now castillo says it's time to turn the beach and if not now upon and see, they will find a way to remove him from office. when he and the son to sell to cedar lima be do, ah, and are you watching al jazeera, these are the top stories this hour negotiations between ukrainian and russian officials had begun in his temple. 3 previous rounds failed to make any progress. moscow is seeking guarantees, ukraine wont join nato on keith once russia to withdraw the grant agreement. the president of ukraine give clear instructions to a delegation, read or not played people, land or so warranty does not subject for negotiation. hero positions reinforced
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conclude, supplied by international law in the grants armed forces, international functions that i've been applying russia and reference. but i've been handed over to us today that griffith sanctioned russian billionaire roman abram avila. she is also taking part in those talks. the wall street journal is reporting he and to ukrainians, had been poisoned early of this month. meanwhile, ukrainian president vladimir zalinski says his armed forces have retaken control of a pin. there's been heavy fighting in the city north west of cave since russia began its pushed towards the capital. last month, nearly 5000 civilians had been killed in mary paul since roches invasion began. that's according to the cities mer. it also says 160000 people remain trapped. however, some may get out on tuesday with ukraine opening 3 car doors in the john yet college jim. in the world news gunmen have attacked a passenger train in northwest in nigeria. it happened on a could do no bound train from a brougham, local media say almost
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a 1000 people were on board eye witnesses, same number of people were killed and kidnapped. security forces have not confirmed to any focus officials and the chinese city of chung should have apologized for food shortages caused by lockdown meshes. operations of 2 major wholesale food markets have been closed. the local government says it's organized, the delivery of food and basic needs to its residence. and british police will issue fines to at least 20 people from the prime minister's office for attempting the parties that breached lockdown rules. the police prob, related to 12 events last year and the before, where covered restrictions may have been flouted. bars, johnson has come under heavy criticism for taking part in at least 2 of those gatherings. those are the headlines. i'm emily angland. the news continues here on al jazeera, after witness to stay with from the wells most populated
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region in depth stories from across asia and the pacific with diverse cultures and conflicting politics. one 0, one east on al jazeera. ah, [000:00:00;00] a law i do. she
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demanded. social is 5, this is the fish my go as far as and also they were forces was isis loss control this area we looked at a food bank. this is with this group study. come with says, i'll find somebody called a tuesday is our fault or the new you just have what could be then if they don't struggle with
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that, i'm ah message, lena? micah with his vision. is this one of the one that is if you did, i did click on june brazil on the quote was i 5 about
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a with metal inevitably dibels look was at the level cut down to seek full circle denny. i'm all on you. i've laid off all say, dorothy devin. yep. why be she could get used to false is what the executive. it's the passage solidarity. talking like a nuisance on. look at your home, but you're not welcoming is exactly what they're all new. i've okay. this is hussy, could it i, i can it back up it don't polish the bottle. i thought a but don't metal body is because in one but different but yeah, i don't want it exactly on me. cool breeze. don't really go digs. x your bruce, good execs. your de la of your domains are fun. this will freeze organ. it's a loop on that, but you're still to see escort because you did all sorts of policy it called n at benjamin saasamala christian kit. it all day that just from charlie's
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exhaustion don't upon it. said i, she's houses. good issue. celeste hosses do determinate cheated up. otherwise we'll said digital sellers. this house is determined they don't care controls the horses will, but you said so says to determine the conscious discipline you will good legacy from that. been the most my dummy from them on to his desk, or should i say the center c, f, a mutual tools believe? nope, i found ups textual disguise. so michael didn't answer this in my check initials in. i did it for focus on i did many pizza. see,
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let me remember a war korzy related you case? yes. and i am more the power to our right. you total dollar blood quality to his rule, i'll touch something. could he massa all season with. sylvia waited paki lama book where you lay quickly these all clue season. willa said i am a well developed holiday. he'll bascom was equal nissan. emmy. good you to potty, havoc id id. you my pedagogy these easy maurice. so miss, you know, a unity, my equity model was more this of course is because you speak a shame out new school roof over it. that the of an old one or sauce i think is with dorothy. i can roll a pre ballast sheets cooler for me pre study. i saw the see new suspect daddy can all yet by the his won't kill them yet by law. well,
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the top stuck on this out. it's law. now. we're not, we're a jenna. it's ivy. medea is equal to refer to new paso pass what then i can put different together the i place on plus on the right map. bear with me. ok, well do of massive or 2nd will fit for georgia with the vehicle. it will demand an appeal young voice, so sway a cute who soft my farm is awful. the su cushman, joy taylor the shows. market to book 10 more. that kitchen is your choice for 7 years she passed away. you know,
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a measure of all the shows secure us visuals in which she must from the departed classes. i couldn't pull us with me. i'm not sure like we'll kennel senior modesty pottery on the table from until yesterday thought of us it was armitage, and it was a positive diesel said, i didn't know what happened with
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the note on the ball. i said is the news. the catalina shown is that moist up in the budget pool, need your new vendor muscles that will got salas, do you see that from legacy from the bookstore? conservation? did they fall for say, did my gesture by the name of the size of a bunch still more space where they did tiasha normal did just all they made demon last these us shoot to look is that okay? sure. see me sequester just because if it it, as it is, he was, i didn't my little was wondering if hoss did that by the teaching mid the year. if he that he would even read it back to not this is all. i mean,
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is it that it was it lucy within the support arsic you normally with me and to prove they battled and i just wanted to always tell them always on the chip such just listed. i did the minister drop off of the t mobile. so i ended due to the difference. it was that like, just wanted to walk. well, does that get stronger, more jo, sluggish jewel. there is only did she did. there's infancy you on this did upon it is um it will donate or for this it don't go
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back. ok. wafa you miss wilson? ah. i see, she don't you like only be an excuse why i say what again, le, delivery foot to lady roche mythologized way sees equal by you task fuel clear losses that oh exacto. if no kinetic fee of your dollars, minge carlo medina, judy for to see any, what exactly will i talked on to talk to for to, for, to fits i season with these because people for yes, she won't be done in the can warns empty bronco most i think my ma seizures to more prosecutor futon for them as he's run the rocky vomited to book williams ye yes
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sure. because miss you book walk that. hi. this is on the people who bought it. they always done my father if classic in the system. so i don't even watch with the resource he got. don't lose it with my he did a little bit. we all know bill reach will be we won't be a little when you go city a,
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a with education amended to call for cindy. just useful to spot you about the starter geography. midday border plus he's got done as you did your job. i'm told them stop thought, double sided, suspect maddox. if our suspects might, executive is fall washed down hoss. when i control that excursion, also measures cancer will not have been you know, have chosen event on this one is trivia gentlemen. most of them is on you cause of our community. sure about that. i suppose i do, did dj a trip on what you wanted to ask you if,
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if i could you come on citizen with a miss, what do you by god mean from what you mean to soften the possible with that it is it will be you do you depress more, said was it a different all really and also now he's been been to school year min, stupid. i knew, well the session was i was sure a lot then as we get it or is it 3 loser with saying, mom, i did yell, preventive just yeah,
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but i'm leaning it ah, my boss as le do resource. even your foss performed in fan engineering. yeah. with those are usually 2 to phenomenally educational. are more rebuttal. interesting. me? oh, jordan is keta credible, keep our cost accessorize your jeep in use up hot state church. ha robust. electrical chelsea ah it shall, masha se, us quite a level discussion. our sharika shows blue remedy fit a man dell to set up for auction or a personal gesture with some new dom of s person. you fickle said bets can use for
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petroleum off. is her jamming. pulling. so fairly, it was obvious. listen, you shane, leverage salad ah, just the key book, the double charge and weaknesses. niecy with a multiple about different judy sample is on the play stomach law. prisons the local channels and has here, isa creek likely madison county regina uncle, samar gallagher. present danasia if demo, cyclical shows. eva santa jackie lucas's. even on scene procedure. since u. s. rock, your civic york polymer go imagine it doesn't tell lucy. pump to pin them off the
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top just in the all because they make sure they called any imo or several of the panel juice. i'm booked on on a previous books in america. my present day, almost at official shipper for the month of john john, i've either just read it looks like a deputy beauty's authority. i just want to i just thought that he didn't know of it. south street that warmer. don't look enough almost to suicide. bombs have killed at least 20 people in baghdad and wounded dozens of others. it is the 1st major suicide attack in baghdad in several years. so far today. no group is claimed responsibility b, i could i. b. g. shawnee. quick at danielle bison. identity up december. yeah,
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do she know c quarterman did. mckenzie. could you do like maybe speeding up it, but we do seem to get your c d o, he's in the gout on us for you to void a socket to obvious. if this is we all come to put different, he comes from induced gym caprice for me to just, you know, they can tell it to somebody with a beam caballo told the guy to tell you why you have. i'm welcome. welcome to
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josh channel one. how much it was to do a little long title for lunch anyway. watching it as a job in the girl called couple valley home should choose had the tim is on hold. i the only how can i get my whole night not only just home now i didnt and them. huh. i am one of the island. it is not a lot of that and most of them valesh been how can i
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home with how come on who love the bottom deadline will kind of flush a lot of them open. yahoo! and that them into sold of, you know, me on to a how me does the and the, and dash and up way. so we have a lot of a do have mom she the for so we you know, all that on which in michigan mission whole monitor day was that that yeah. and i saw your mommy. i think it was you said a lot more of my financial line. well wait till monday. so all oh into i'm in charlotte, off someone. i mean i'm someone. no, it's not a license. oh no, just not a just
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a mess . i want it to send in that box kit. it's gonna store off as digital distribution accessibility. just shook good before she proposed dickie's. true excuse he jump. asking me excuse nemo says on on the bio but it could even ship at the map out. the ticket was on it. it really does. you'd be doing that. you would request the passenger. ah, my friend. i went to emma 12 o'clock. yes sir. dicky, we on the way young we are not far from from you. in the minutes we will be the
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thank you very much jack dos on these extra by this does from of box it duplex, if too much. so tomorrow crusade didn't whole a it with these 2 these 2 possible additional, but it has not been in their mission. everything. mckayden we do it to how much i just 11 yeah, yeah. i'll call the end with that. yes. well let's and fit out. ok. go push ya and lisa, did i miss you left? i maria, and you're going to an article on your quote on how to come. aha, me,
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helen, just a minute. i gotta deny it off. i know bob motor america, i knew the ideological me. if you had that i did. yeah. shackleton on, why was it a full prison? a i fell in. this is, if i could pursue wrong, didn't i didn't a speaker craig wants to go pick it up because i think just resonant,
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hopeless. suppose it does. and they also knew moreland intelligences, and this isn't up with the media, spoke to them as, as to stuff with what caused more with this webinar. z city. i just thought it took less uncle bob. eliza kelvin wants, it comes up with swan permits. no, bob, walk yourself with roman no color yet. it is on, on a well about when i was with pleasure to sit there with executive,
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pos are los mm what i was real philosophical shows. mm mm. mm. with that you do with them in this room. if it ah, to move a deposit excessively definite, to phenomena whiskey pre to the coverage of all it was already forgot chicago from mission,
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monica because she said she put the summer easy shot that possible in human did usual exhausted the command. ah, does the mind play tricks at them? car is always is parked right there. or are they really out there when you pass them by? like they pull up on? those are the magazines, like they're not in the car of filmmaking? takes the f. b, i to court to find out approximately 33120 pages of records. and in the process, mobilize is how community as long as people are free to talk, then there is no check against the citizens. the feeling of being watched on al jazeera, harmful pathogens are increasingly affecting our lives with terrible consequences. a new documentary asks whether we've learned any lessons from the
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h. i. v. epidemic in the fight against coven 90. how we ignored the global sov. to put profits before people and it won't cost time of pundents coming soon on. i'll just when the shows came from the holiday in the 1st cracks, we heard some noise. this was known, a sniper alley was on in the most dangerous intersections. massage table. didn't come in through the front entrance. that was what happened to the people who were shot. they came into the wrong entrance, the nightly pyrotechnics refunded to turn to the income room. so that's good. they are louder. few sarajevo, holiday in war hotels on al jazeera, examining the headline. what is the situation there right now? this was than any kind of night that it was how every unflinching journalism. what is it telling us about india? it's telling us that we're going down a very, very beings, it is sharing personal stories with
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a global audience. here i am meeting with people sharing the same frogs, sharon, same stories, explore an abundance of world class programming on elgin 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah no, i'm fully bachelor. this is in use. our on al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. turkey host, another round of negotiations between ukraine and russia. president, dodo on, says the time has come for talks to produce concrete results. we report from the


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