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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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well worn down, a very may beans, restored, sharing personal stories with a global audience. here i am meeting with people sharing the same struggles, sharing the same stories, explore, and abundance of world class programming on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when you're watching the news, our and our coverage of the war, a new crime, nav gall to say he's did not with wire in your groom. it's a law is just cynical, he knows that the u. s. president taggard's, his russian counterpart during his visit to poland, even calling him a butcher while meeting ukrainian refugees. missiles hit the outskirts of the
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western ukrainian city of la v. it's sending people running for cover addressing amazing in doha ukraine's president. a lot of me zalinski draws comparisons between the war in his country, and he's of conflict in syria. also ahead yemen, who thies announced their suspending the sal strikes and to saudi arabia for 3 days . after hitting an oil facility in jetta. and its full qualifying is going ahead right now at the saudi arabian group, pre after receiving safety assurances, the drivers have agreed to race in jetta. we stand with you. that was the u. s. president jo biden's message to the people of ukraine during his speech in neighboring poland. he said, europe must prepare for a long fight against the russian aggression. the address,
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wrapped up days of meetings in europe during which he tried to reassure ladies as war rages on the continent. he's also met some of the more than 2000000 ukranian refugees who have escaped to poland. today, russia has strangled democracy, has sought to do so elsewhere, not only it is homeland under false claims of ethics, solidarity is invalidated. neighboring nations prudent has the gall to say he did not fire in ukraine. it's a lie is just cynical, he knows that it's also i've seen white house correspondent kimberly how could he's in warsaw and was monitoring that speech certainly was rousing. kimberly what stood out to you the most well, after reflecting on this and talking to a number of al jazeera colleagues,
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i think the headline coming out of the speech may be at the very, very end in its final moments where it appears that the u. s. president may be making a major departure in foreign policy with respect to the united states, whether this is delivered or whether the u. s. president was speaking off the cuff, as he often does, in the final moments of these, wrapping up, he says, for god's sake, this man cannot remain referring to vladimir putin as the president of russia. this essentially would be calling for regime change in russia. now this is significant because there have been questions to the secretary of state as well as to the white house press secretary in recent weeks that some of the sanctions of the united states is put in place appear to be geared towards trying to bring about regime change which is a forcible removal of the leader of a government. this is something that the antony blinking, the secretary of state,
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has denied infected an interview with the usa network. he said, in fact, that it's up to the russian people to decide who should lead their government. but the fact is that there seems to be a lot of attention reaction here in warsaw to that one particular line is the speech. and whether or not this is a new chapter in jo biden's foreign policy, no very quickly. some of the other fine points that were made in this speech is the fact that the u. s. president spoke directly to the russian people, recognizing that they are caught in the middle of this battle. potentially as the u . s. president sees this as a battle for democracy, this russian invasion of ukraine, and that if the world does not collectively respond, this could in fact have implications around the world. so he sees this is a consequential moment. and the moment where the, the world collab simply needs to help you frame and also help those that are fleeing the violets as a result of latin recruits invasion. and earlier today,
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kimberly was speaking to refugees job by to describe putin as a butcher. he's certainly not mincing words when it comes to rushes later and who he's blaming for the war. and this would really build upon this, this call for regime change by the us president. the fact that the us president has also characterized a lot of recruiting in recent weeks as a war criminal today, calling him a butcher for the alleged targeting of civilians, violation of international law. as part of this conflict, the us president knows that those words are loaded. they have meaning and implications in the criminal courts. and aid is clear that the u. s. president, building upon his allocation of money to document war crimes that he wants to see. vladimir putin prosecuted, so this is a very strong speech when you look at just those fine points in the language that
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the president has used. not just in the closing moments of this pivotal speech, but also as he once again pointed the finger at vladimir putin to say with, he's totally responsible for the, the loss of life and the carnage that we're seeing right now in ukraine. thank you very much for that update in a very loud warsaw. kimberly how can live for us there? let's get some more analysis now by bringing in political analyst bill schneider, who listening to joe biden speech he's in washington day. say thanks for waiting for his bill. what did you make of the language and delivery of bite and speech festival? well, it was an attempt to rally the democratic forces of the world. it was his effort to be winston churchill or ronald reagan in the cold war. i thought the most important sentence she ordered was that the battle for democracy did not conclude with the end of the cold war. this is the beginning of a new cold war. it's a cold war,
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not with communism or fascism. it's a cold war and we hope it remains a war between democracy and authoritarianism. vladimir putin is not just fighting ukraine. he's fighting the west. he sees western forces doing battle in ukraine. there's no intervention by other countries, but they are all supporting you, craig. this is a worldwide confrontation, this could be the beginning of the new cold war, and this was a rally call from president biden to rally the west and to rally the world in this new cold war and bill as a corresponding kimberly how kit pointed at it seemed that bottom was calling for a regime change by saying, for god's sake, this man cannot remain de save. this is a potential new chapter in biden's foreign policy. well, it was certainly a strong statement, but he said the war is not warn you. crate is not worthy of the russian people. it
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was an appeal to the russian people themselves. but remember, rush is not a democracy. total rejects democracy, he's hoping that the russian people will figure out some way to embrace democracy, which they never really have. it's not part of their political tradition. so it was an interesting effort on his part to, to call for regime change in russia. i think that's what he was talking about. it's not clear how that will happen here in dade. he also said a little earlier in the day than a putin was a boucher, the kremlin says that those your mike so the narrow, the possibility for mending relations. and then we've just had this rousing speech from the president. so that certainly no longer an option. well, i, he did, he called put in a bush, a butcher. it was a personal insult. what he's trying to do was isolate vladimir, put, to make him appear a pariah in the world. and in russia, he does not biden's, hes reflect the real values and views of the russian people i, his is
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a call for warfare. it's very much in part of his own etiology is only the ology is basically a belief in authoritarianism. some have called today. you regime and he ology for the restoration of the old soviet union, across europe and asia. that's a, it's a personal etiology. and is that clear, that affinity ology that most russian people really support? well, there was a lot of strong statements from the president in that stage. did you say anything that was particularly new from what he had to say? it seemed to me like it was very much, much of the same. a lot of it was said the same, but it wasn't in a book. he made a cry for reducing the world's dependence on fossil fuels from russia, which meant allowed him to integrate the environmental issues along with foreign policy issues. and in fact, the united states has acted, remember the rule in the world since world war 2. since the truman doctrine was
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announced to contain communism $947.00. the rule in the world has been whenever there's a threat to world order where to humanitarian values. if the united states doesn't do anything, nothing happens. what would have happened if the united states had not opposed saddam hussein's effort to take over comb or q weight in 1990? nothing to wait. would be a part of the rec, today. what would have happened if united states should not supported the muslims in kosovo during the war in the balkans? what would have happened was that there, the muslim population of the balkans would have been annihilated with ethnic cleansing. if the united states doesn't do something, nothing happens. this was jo biden's effort to remind the world that the united states has a unique and special role in these issues. and that we need to steal ourselves for a long fight ahead. we appreciate your analysis as always, bill schneider political analyst, speaking to us from washington
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d. c. thank you. time. sure. let's head to ukraine's capital. now way in mind, con is standing by for us in mind. has there been any official reaction to bide in speech? not official reaction, but certainly there has been reaction and it's been muted. andrea mac, who is the head of the president's office, actually just tweeted, he said that speech took place a 170 miles away from levine, an 80 kilometers away from nato's border. and that's all he said, ah, we've had a of all titian tweet a very strong statement in a. so son, she says, i'll be blunt. i did not hear a single word from our poetess. that would make me as a ukrainian feel, reassured that the west will help us more than it's doing right now, which is not enough. i'm happy here is showed poland,
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but the bombs are exploded in care of and cut kevin, not in warsaw, and that's likely to be certainly the reaction of bi ukrainians. ah, to that speech the speech actually didn't give ukraine anything new. it was much more of an up some of the us position when it comes to ukraine, but what ukrainians were looking for was not just more talk about sanctions. not just more talk about helping refugees, not just more talk about humanitarian aid being delivered. they want more weapons they want, are the ability to be able to close the sky and no fly zone themselves. if nato isn't going to or isn't willing to actually do that, they were expecting, they were hoping that there may well be stronger practical supports. now the us has given a, an aide package for weapons and for humanitarian aid as well in the billions of and billions and in a $1000000000.00. sorry. but when it comes to the military aid,
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the ukrainians are very worried that they're not getting as much as they need. but this is a speech, though will not satisfy most ukrainians. and if enough substance worth anything to go by, ah, it's going to be a bit of a disappointment for people who, but it is very early still does speech is only about an hour ago. so maybe they'll be more diplomatic words coming from people within the government itself, rather than people who are perhaps a bit free to criticize because they're in utah position are not part of the governing bodies. ok, keep us posted if you hear from them in run, come live for us in the capitol cave. let's have to the west now where russia has struck the ukrainian city of levine with missiles among the targets was a fuel or dep home. local official say at least 5 people have been injured up to now. levine has laundry escape. serious fighting. the city is just 70 kilometers from poland and he's a major hub ukrainians. flane across the border. rob mcbride is live for us in at
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levine. hello. they rob their b more sirens blaring after this nissan attack. what more can you tell us? that's right. i mean, this city which is largely been spared the kind of devastating attacks we've seen in other parts of ukraine this saturday afternoon and evening. certainly being on the receiving end of russian missiles and being very much a targeted just over several hours ago. a way, a fuel depot here was hit by what the mayor's office say were to missiles and he has been burning furiously for several hours. we're now into the hours of darkness here, but all through the afternoon and into twilight, at the very large pool the smoke was really dominating wanda horizon here. and there were 25 people injured in that attack to miss us or were, were fired and dead. that's we understand. the ablaze has been continuous,
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difficult to tell. now if they, if they have those flames under control, but so that has been burning all afternoon while we were talking about this an hour ago. we were on air when we heard 2 more thumps this time from the other horizon. and sure enough they were 2 more missiles. in fact, our colleagues here on the rooftop right in the center of levine, looking in that direction. so these are flashes on the horizon moments later, the rolling thump, sir, of explosions from what the mayor's office again, has confirmed, were 2 more missiles strikes. now that the, the city of living says that this was a, a serious, her serious destruction of infrastructure. but with that, but confirming that no residential buildings were impacted at when their our colleagues were out in the square. it's a very old historic city, the center of la vega. they were out in the, the center when these 1st missiles struck early this afternoon, has to be said here that a lot of people in the center of levine where there aren't any obvious military targets. a lot of people tend to ignore the air raid sirens, because they,
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it doesn't, it's very unlikely that anything will be targeted here in the center. and when these explosions did happen, everybody stopped and there was a hush. people started to anxiously look at their phones. people started to head towards a shelter. so this is a really a wake up call. i think a reminder that i, that libby was very much, it us in a country at war. we have just had the all clear has sounded just as we came on there. so the people have been emerging from their shelters. we are waiting to see whether that is it for this saturday. all right, rob will make sure you stay safe for rob mcbride live for us in live. thank you. ukraine's military says, the russian forces have entered the city of sla roach and north of cave. they use t gas to disperse people, protesting against the presence of russian troops. earlier, ukrainian officials said the mayor of salvage had been objected, but he since been released as a russian forces have also seized the city's hospital. ukrainian resistance and
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logistical problems are said to be slowing russian troops, as i looked toward the southern port of odessa, that strategic city along the black sea is bracing for a russian assault. as stephanie deca were courts. and as has been preparing for a russian assault for weeks, now we are in the city center. it is heavily fortified. you need special permission to get her in. the military is very specific and sensitive, but what we can and cannot film that is also an element of psychological warfare happening here. we're told you can hear the shelling from the russian fleet constantly. also ukrainian air defense systems are in place and we did speak to one soldier who told us that the situation has been changing somewhat of the last couple of days, supersonic hello sir mor, this tuition is he think up with you, but we already, we don't have another choice, we will go to the enemy bar. no one can pick this up because, or this is you great or we're still graham. and what this war has done as united
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ukrainians across the country. and here in odessa and many restaurants, you see this happening basically preparing food for the soldiers, for the volunteers, for the front lines, for the refugees. it is very much a shock still when you speak to people thing that they never believed that this would have happened, but now was the time to come together and to do everything to fight the rush. and certainly here in odessa, they've been preparing for, for a russian assault on the city, the country's biggest c port. but everyone here will tell you that they will not be able to take it. russia says it's focusing more on its core goal now that ukraine's armed forces have been weakened, a nation wide. that is to support separate his forces, who have been fighting against ukraine in the eastern regions of done yet. scan lou hands since 2014. so m, so some years ago should be made objectives of the 1st stage of the operation have generally been accomplished with the combat potential of the armed forces of ukraine have been considerably reduced, which makes it possible. i emphasize that once again to focus our coy if it's on
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achieving the main goal, the liberation of don bess hash m a. how barra has more now from moscow since day one of them is for oppression in ukraine. russia has been saying that it is acting to provide protection for the population of dull bus region, and it seems that its military operation now is focusing more on those areas to pay the way for the forces loyal to them. to further expand air territorial gains in la guns underneath areas. now, as the conflict continues, relations be a bit with the us and russia continue to be strained. the recent remarks made by the u. s. president joe biden very critical of president ladyman voting, created a black backlash here. her russian, her spokesperson of the kremlin, dmitri pasco, of said that those remarks won't be conducive to narrow differences between the 2
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countries. and it won't help to mend the fences. russia has over the last few days and summoned the u. s. ambassador to moscow and expressed the same concern about similar remarks made by her president joe biden, from a russian perspective. those remarks, along with the herd was military support provided for the ukrainians sanctions imposed on the financial institutions works of art in russia. r y d interpreted here as an attempt to silence her and further isolate or russia. this explains why most of the officials are talking to the media us saying that this is something which will only ultimately help consolidate our identity and bring the russians united. and they say that there is a western narrative which is misleading, according to russia, which does not a characterize the conflict the way it is supposed to be. he cranes,
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president has drawn comparisons between the war in his country and the years long syrian conflict. russia is a key ally of serious government speaking via video link to the day forum. letting me use the landscape said the besieged port, city of mary, a po, have been destroyed in much the same way as syria is a leper. you also pushed forum host cutter to increase its natural gas production to can, to what he called the threat of russia using energy as a weapon. this is also a question of abandoning the usage of russian oil and gas. responsible states like the state of cuts are, are reliable and solid exports of energy resources. and they can make their contribution to the stabilisation in europe. they can do much to restore justice. the future of europe rests with your efforts. it depends on your efforts. i ask you to increase the output of energy to ensure that everyone in russia understands that no country can use energy as a weapon. mom and valve out this report from the forum. this is an industry house.
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it shows in his words, very carefully knowing the ordeal of what he's going to say today. what he said is addressing the on a boat, he's addressing the people in the middle east and he chose his words, as i said, very well. i talked about the month of ramadan, the fact that the listings of ukraine are, instead of plastic in peace and tranquility, they are forced to take up arms and defend our nation. that shouldn't, shouldn't be the case. this should be a month of peace. so that's a bit, those are very good words to be addressed to the people facility and with cynthia in the middle east. the also can fail ukraine, that with russia with syria saying what's happening in ukraine right now. looks like pretty much like what, what russia did in syria, the destruction of mario paul, to compare it to the function of aleppo in syria. he said, we are invaded by our neighbors,
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and this is not just against ukraine. this is an assault on democracy. an assault on human rights and assault on human values. and he asked people in the middle east as well as people of the world to cooperate with you claim to be up to shows one is more solidarity with you can including not a feel for how to increase it action of natural gas politically. he and each, as i said he, he knew what he was talking about. and that has been a part of speech use 2 different countries parliament to different countries addressing each student with the word that could be had favorably indoctrination. shortly before president zalinski spoke, cause has a me shake tam and been hammered. al fanny opened the form. he said, ukraine's war proves his stock. my meant for the world to reflect on conflict and refugees everywhere. the hello aluminum alma la area will let you eat. we stand in solidarity with the millions of innocent people and refugee is,
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has been victimized by this unjust war. and geopolitical calculation is either her that while stressing the solidarity. i would like in this context to remind us of the millions of palestinians who've been suffering from the israeli occupation and international neglect for more than 7 decades. similarly, a lot of other people, such as the syrian people and the afghans for whom the international community has failed to render justice. so, ah, we'll have more from the crane a little later for now. let's take a look at some other world news. yeomans who the rebels say they're suspending. the silent drone strikes on sandy arabia for 3 days. the group says it's part of a piece initiative on their part. is comes a day after rebels. he it in a ramco oil facility in jetta, which is hosting the formula. one grand prix. i also targeted areas close to king.
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abdullah is, is international airport. the saudi coalition carried out airstrikes in who data in retaliation. and you chappelle reports on the attacks and counter attacks over the past 24 hours. fires burned through the night following an attack on saudi ramco. oil refineries and storage facilities is the 2nd attack and as many days on a major complex on the outskirts of cheddar. by daybreak on saturday, with plumes of smoke still billowing above the city, the saudi le coalition had launched retaliatory strikes across the border into yemen. the coalition says the iran backed rebels struck jetta in another facility and designed to try and impact the nerve center of the world economy. one shot on gov, aged aramco facilities, and jetta as well as vidal facilities in the saudi enemy's capital rod were targeted with a barrage of winged missiles. russ turner and rubbish. oil refineries were targeted by a huge number of drills. the facility is kilometers from jet as re circuit where drivers
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were practicing for saudi arabia's 2nd formula. one grand prix. yes, not a bit of a further. for truth, if i got out a car organizer say the race will go ahead on sunday. saudi officials maintain the attacks have no impact on daily life in jetta who fees have rejected a gulf cooperation council proposal for talks in riyadh, but say that could happen in a neutral country, materially speaking. it doesn't cause enough damage to qualify as is that the g go ahead when, whenever they hit the targets that either installed any of your d, u e. it's a head against tourism and these countries that you can run car races and international games as if nothing is happening while we are on their siege. and while we are being struck on a daily basis from there. oh,
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so it certainly alarms people who are visiting this area because they never know when these rockets are going to hit across the border. who's the media outlets, say 8 people were killed in one strike and humans, capital santa. the war is now in its 8th year. the u. n says it has killed more children under the age of 5 than combatants on the battlefield. the u. s. beliefs, 377000 yemenis have died as a result of direct causes. like air strikes and indirect causes like hunger and preventable disease. what agencies described as true hell on earth. oh, and on saturday, tens of thousands of people poured into the streets and soda, another who controlled areas to mark what they called national resilience day and protest against the conflict. inter chappelle how to 0. coming up next here on al
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jazeera, huge numbers turn out in london to show support for you. crime, including the man we spoke just to be con, and will tell you what he had to say. oh, certain, living dangerously mexican bully, say they're being targeted. more than ever by drug cartels and in spoke with andy message on target a could this had been his last woke up qualifier in argentina. ah . hello, their conditions have been cooler across northern areas of africa and a similar story for much of the middle east. and levant, we did see some snow in the occupied golden heights as the unsettled weather shifted its way further east that now moved on to northern areas of iraq, turkey seeing some of that snow as well. and western areas of iran seeing the snow
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by the time we get into the new week. now it has been a cool down across the gulf states, thanks to windy conditions, from a shamal, we're going to see the temperature dip down further as we go in some monday. we've also got windy conditions dominating across the red sea. now as we move across to northern africa, we've had when windy conditions, former rocker that's ease. now much of the wet weather can be found across the canary islands. and we are going to see quite a dip in temperature across coastal areas of libya. if we have a look at the 3 day for tripoli, we, we lose about 10 degrees by the time we get into monday, but there will still be some sunshine. now further south, this is largely hot and dry picture it's wet or the further south we go, those seasonal showers rolling across the congos, edging into zambia and we are going to see some of the heavier falls was in barbara and southern areas of mozambique. but cape town will stay dry ahead of a cool down. ah,
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the mainstream coverage of big stories can sometimes deliver more heat than lights in a war tar scenario. there's always a true, simplified narrative. nuance is always called for, even in the case of aggressive war, the listening page, delve into the news, narrative and dissect them. there is not our great deal of subtlety. we're talking about. the ball break in. it is then folding as a result, how unique it's not unique covering the way the news is covered on al jazeera. from the al jazeera london broadcast center to people in thoughtful conversation, it's very intuitive to us to corporate at local scales, unprompted uninterrupted. western individualistic is about learning score free with people outside our group, and see them not as members of groups as such. but as individuals part 2 will door and declare re honie cooperating outside of our immediate family is a major part of our human success story studio be unscripted on al jazeera
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lou ah ah, hello. you're watching al jazeera, i'm and my young. when he's to remind you about top stories this hour, you as president joe biden has declared a russian lady vladimir putin cannot remain in power. he said it towards the end of his speech in poland. after days of meetings in europe about the war, a new crime, the white house has just clarify that biden isn't calling for a regime change in russia. while moscow has struck the western ukrainian city of living with missiles, i feel that i was among the targets up until now leave has largely escaped periods
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finding. ly 670 kilometers from the polish border. and him and to the rebels say they're suspending nissan and dr. strikes on saudi arabia for 3 days just a day after attacking the ramco oil facility in jetta. the group out of a patient piece initiative on their returning to the warn ukraine. now in the u. n. is sounding the alarm about what it says is the growing number of abductions and forced disappearances. matilda wagner is the head of the human rights monitoring mission. she says they have documented at least 22 cases of ukrainian officials being taken away in regions under the control of russia and its separatist allies. 13 of those have since been released. there's also evidence is at least 15 journalists and anti war activists being detained. and they're unsure
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with now, and mario poll officials have accused russian forces of forcibly taking several 1000 locals to remote cities in russia. although these couldn't be independently verified. they have the center for civil liberties in ukraine. alexandra met, have choke treated. i spoke with several people who were transferred to russia. they had no choice either stay and die or go. many have no documents and don't know how to return to ukraine as fighting and team using mary poll. any such evacuation is illegal. i spoke to her about these alleged mess objections. some people were transferred to you by then yesterday, and then they have conversation with a representative so or for a security of bodies. and they were question years. so it was to those he told it was so cold look like some integration process, and then they were transferred to russia and some people in the hotel. some people
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in camps know we received a dozen saw for request of help from people from your by territory is from her own bit dance needed to buy a home and others. and because little for regular, local resistance, russian. so the buyer started to, to the practice or political prosecution, they threatened people, they use physical violence, they disperse, peaceful demonstrations. they, they arrested people. fortunately, if a some, like we are released and dynamic and after some period they released the people. but i'm afraid that if you will not stop this practice, they can go further and i do commend you to the crimes for h e. o. ready? and i so how, what stock tick spray used by russians in order to establish control by you by
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don't buy into 0 fortune. and i'm very afraid that the story can be repeated in you . ok by ukrainian territories. rushes invasion of ukraine has spot solidarity rallies around the world in london, tens of thousands of years in march to send a message of the board in unity to the people of ukraine. they also called for a no fly zone to be imposed landon's master. they can also took part in the demonstration. he told al jazeera, the world needs to, you know, for president savanski a few days ago, sent out a message to people across the world to take to the streets, to show our support and al solidarity with the people all over ukraine. but also to condemn putins barbaric aggression. and it's really important if you cry, no, we in london stand sold to soda with the people to be praying. well,
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i'm incredibly proud of our london as have come forward in ukraine's an hour of need. in the darkest, we've opened our arms to those refugees coming to london. not enough. we're putting pressure are covered for more to be allowed to come look at his role. so donation money to specialist charities, providing assistance, or food, medical equipment and other things that people of ukraine need and here in london were sending the message loud and clear that refugees are welcome. here we've announced the additional package of measures a to day to support those who come from ukraine, not just the russian to free travel, but also to make sure there's a support they need. once they arrive, whether it's lower than english, or whether it's linking up with an employer, whether it's help with their schooling, was that helped with the housing. we're also speaking to those in the private sector really came to help employers and others. we have 32 barrels in london. our
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councils really came to set up and help, but also many love that as have opened up their homes to ukrainian refugees is really important. people in ukraine, no. london stands open to support them. john kerry, the us special presidential envoy for climate is man guest attending the tow have forum and speaking about the warning crane brewton is waging and not just any legal unprovoked war. uh, but, but in evolve her renders her war that it is the worst thing i've seen. and i fought no war. but as the worst thing i've seen since i've seen clips of what happened in world war 2, and it really rises to a level of bc, alady and personal craven us, that all of us should be pushing back against in every way that we possibly know how a correspondent mohammed valley is at the forum and spoke with the national defense
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university professor about ukraine's resistance. it seems that the ukrainian is saturday is wet in here, after more than a month of success for resistance. how could you explain that to us? was a good question, so napoleon said in warfare, the moralists to the physical is 3 is to one. and what is really the revelation here is that we always knew that the ukrainian strategy would be to resist across a broad axis. and in the rear of the russian forces, what we didn't realize was just how bad, quite frankly, the russian forces were. and so that's a lot of ukrainians to not just the rail, the russian initiative, but we begin to seize the initiative on their own right. i mean, let, let's talk about the, the fact as of saw, you know, the company, you talked about 2 factors. you canadians, customer sonjee, russian mistakes. but also there are other factors, the western support, how sizeable is if and is it still pouring into ukraine in terms of weapons?
9:39 pm
i think it is. i think that to, you know, we've just seen the u. s. congress, a vote. additional weapons for the ukrainians. those will be shipped rather quickly . i don't think that they are decisive yet. i don't think that anything given the findings are game changes. i think the ukrainians are still for the most part, fighting this war with weapons they had at the start of the war. and it's important to bear in mind that you know, the russians still have a overwhelming preponderance of forces on the battlefield and to court stolen quantity has a quality all its own. so the ukrainians are by no means out of the woods yet. but it is impressive that they've managed to derail the russian plan. you said the weapons are still fighting with the weapons up they had before the war. are you saying that the weapon, the western weapons, they talked about, those thousands of rockets have not yet to each to ukraine somehow, but many have not. so, you know, i don't want to, i don't want your viewers to take the false impression that there's a magic weapon from the west. this doing this. this is the ukrainians were fighting,
9:40 pm
and they're fighting very, very well with limited weapons. they will be more effect as they go on, but the challenge is the ukrainians are taking losses. the hope is that the western weaponry will restore the ballads to make up for the losses and manpower that ukrainian suffer. the latest lines we have say that the oceans are taking a pause. how do you explain that? yeah, i think they've out run their logistical capability, and they've basically gone as far as they can without being destroyed. and so realizing, for example, that they can't supply the forces around key f to actually move in and take here. they've decided instead to just put into a static position and fire artillery rockets, missiles into kia, hoping to sap the morale, to destroy the ukrainian forces. there and perhaps resume on instead of 4 axes, just attacking in one axis, which will probably be that lou hence can donate this as an analyst. we want to ask
9:41 pm
you about the future prospects yet. are we seeing the beginning of like a final final plan for the russians taking the east and, you know, dividing ukraine? well that's, that's what some people say. it looks as though the russians will focus their efforts in the east. if you can't achieve the victory you want to achieve, then you define the victory. that's acceptable. and i think that a victory that will leave everything east of the upper river, the russian area of ukraine in russian hands, that probably is acceptable now for proven. probably wasn't acceptable for him a month ago. so that is a possibility, but nobody knows for sure. we had a layered from john kerry who also spoke about climate change. he says he's optimistic about changing the targets needed to control global warming in glasgow. we proved through all the things that we did getting 65 percent of global gdp committed to real plans that could achieve point 1.5 degree limit which
9:42 pm
party barrel and the i was just in paris with him. and they have reaffirmed that if everybody does what they promised to do in paris, we could actually hold the earth temperature to 1.8 degrees by 2050. but despite that optimism, climate change is causing unusual weather, which is affecting i shelves in antarctica record low sea ice, there has led to the collapse of the congo i shelf, which is 1200 square kilometers. it was revealed in a satellite image taken on march 17 stefan singing is the senior climate science and global energy policy advisor at the climate action network international. he says, ice shake collapses, could raise at sea level rises perhaps to meet it by the end of this century. beyond those he once happen, increasingly unpredictably was extreme, was
9:43 pm
a once in particular, reco temperatures. we have in the alarm ticker, which is the coldest continence on the planet temperatures, which are usually well under 0 degree, the temperatures that were higher 20 degrees higher celsius than they were usually since 2 weeks. that's and that's, that's not recorded before armed, where i've seen this in the world. we have seen this in the arctic as well. the other region was some launch glacial i sheets. and what we're seeing is that the increased melting of the existing ice only grown off the continent plus the i selves which are not necessarily glacial ice. if that's a difference or collapsing increasingly becoming fragile. i might you roach and increase further and trigger further melting. so the dynamics on the glacial um dynamics um that is what the scientists call potentially irreversible changes.
9:44 pm
so if that carries on, then we will see not only increased sea level royce, which us, which is already increasingly an exponential way in the last 2 struby case. not linearly assigned to set projected earlier and be might see sea level royce or sea level rising globally. why up to 2 meters by the year, 2100, which is a death penalty for many low lying island states and coastal cities. mexican play sod, tragically, no strangers to being targeted by drug cartels and criminal gangs. but lightly the tal has been particularly high. i can, the state of zack had tickets, where the number of place killed there has tripled in 3 years. john homan reports in the state, it was i could take his the police dress like this, not against the san or cove it but because if they're identified,
9:45 pm
they risk being killed. more have died here than anywhere else in mexico so far this year. and the majority a killed when they're off duty, that's because as elsewhere in the country, they have the hand in their guns when they finish their ships. high level officials worried that they will use the weapons illegally themselves if left armed. but it's then that the easy pray for criminals. the funeral for a national ben willows, his family moons, the gum, and timed his murder till he just clocked off and walked out the police station and gallon. mom in the lay, the moment you want to carry a gun in your daily life, you can't. and that gives the go ahead to any criminal. they can come and do anything to you because you can't defend yourself. and you don't stop being a police officer because you're unarmed, you're a police officer, $365.00 days of the year. my ellie's boyfriend, a police officer like her, was killed to in an ambush. this is a shirt he was wearing luckily,
9:46 pm
but she was deeply traumatized. so was her family now? she's in an office row. i wanted the feel of it that come on me. i had a situation with my son. he said to me, i'm frightened when you go to work, because i don't know if you're coming back and not parts your soul in to because it's true. we don't know if we're coming back of his has told us that a war between the sinaloa and the police go new generation. cartels is causing havoc in the state. they're forced to either choose sides or to fight both, and they don't have the equipment to do that even when they are on duty. melissa, that bullet proof vests are out of date. they were out of date by february 2020 or helmets and deaths have about 5060 percent of that original assistance with our vehicles were struggling with an infinity of mechanical problems. that's common in the countries, many police forces, but deadly. when you're in the middle of a cartel will still the biggest problem, said this officer who wanted us to hide his identity is
9:47 pm
a lack of support from the top of him. and then basically, the bosses don't speak to us. we don't even really know with the directories the a plan strategy objectives. right now we don't have them with when we interviewed the head of one of the states municipal forces, what he sang a very different to independent them in the either we have a lot of coordination in these moments apart from the attacks on us, you can check the statistics murders have gone down. a lot of what we have to do is lift up the values. we have this human values from the moment that we go out on the street for when a small child is still trusted. says hello, an old lady says you know what, god bless you. beautiful sentiments from the top. well, dozens of b cups from around the state like an esther bond, willows, a being murdered. john homan, al jazeera mexico. somali is election process already delayed for more than a year, has once again be mobbed by violence in the 50 people were killed this week in
9:48 pm
twins, suicide bomb attack. some politicians, malcolm web reports from morgan tissue. the selection process in somalia for new leaders has been drawn out and bloody one of the latest people to die was opposition. m. p amena mohammed up the rights activists and prominent government critic, she was among about 50 people who were killed in a twin suicide bombing earlier this week in the city of bella when opposition politicians gathered when her body was flown to the capital market issue. i mean i'm how many amino mohammed abdi was a well known and prominent n p. also, molly, people know that she was one who always fought for justice and human rights. the right to vote is something most tamales don't actually get election. negotiations take place in closed door meetings after which plan representatives vote for am peace, and then m p 's elect the next president. that's now due to happen next month on
9:49 pm
the growing pressure from the us and u. k. who backs molly? as fragile government? everybody who's familiar with the process says large amounts of cash change hands as candidates, try to buy the support of those who might vote for them. the whole process was meant to take place more than a year ago, but it's been repeatedly delayed, causing tensions, and prompting violence, including fighting on the street last year. here in the militia and opposition. army factions fought with forces loyal to the government after the elections were delayed, and president mohammed up the law, he mohammed, widely known as for magic, signed the law extending his mandate by to yes. people protested. president lamazzo came into office promising to introduce a system where everyone would get to vote, but it hasn't happened. he says he's been trying to hold elections. his opponent
9:50 pm
say he's been stalling them to try and stay in power. salvia use if is running against him. she says the electoral systems deeply flawed and pitts ethnic groups against each other. people who are, again, it's the one person. we're both those who are not sure if they will come back, but they was their elders to select the benign every other citizen. the armed group al your bob, which controls waves of the countryside and frequently attacks targets in towns and cities, has said it will use violence to stop the elections. it's claimed responsibility for several bombings. it's election meeting venues, including the one where a minima. how many up the was killed? somali, the left wondering how many more people will die before they have a new government. malcolm web, al jazeera, mogadishu, somalia, still head. we have all your sports news with andy, including a victory that sand this player. the top with the world ranking
9:51 pm
ah, every day in the pool at least 3 mothers die while giving birth in remote areas. $1.00 0 $1.00 east meets the bright medics and pilots, saving the lives of mothers and then you born on out to 0. april on al jazeera frontline reporting and in depth analysis. we bring you the latest on the ukraine war and the unfolding humanitarian crisis. immersive personal shorts, documentaries, africa, direct showcase african stories from african filmmakers. the campaign for the philippines president the and final strength, but with the country facing it worth protested in years, which candidate will emerge at a front runner telling him of pandemic sauce. what the world can learn from the global h. i. v epidemic in the fight against pulled at 19 emanuel micron is expected to be
9:52 pm
re elected as president. that what will the 2nd term mean for france and the you april on al jazeera. oh, i thank you so much. emily will saturdays qualifying session at the f one. saudi riving chrome pre is going ahead. it follows a 4 hour meeting with the drivers about the safety of the events part to the practice on friday, of course, delayed after a mis solid cycle nearby oil in jetta. and it's still sending out smoke in that area. the drivers and teams have been given safety assurances by a for bosses and race organizes in a statement. the drives association said it had been
9:53 pm
a difficult day to raise natural human concerns and it was a stressful bay for the drivers. well qualifying, still ongoing. that jetta circuits, there's been a lengthy delay due to a crash involving half drove a mic schumacher 7 time will champion louis hamilton the going out in the 1st session. he will start down in 16th place of phil duncan is the f one correspond to the press association. he's at the growing pre in jet. it says, not all the drivers were keen to carry on, right? the feeding, the f one and the, and the teams and, you know, the saudi authorities just wanted to get on with this, right? as if nothing had happened to drive its you know, to grievance about and that you alluded to. they said for our christ to summit to be yesterday to discuss what we're going to do. there was some voices louder than the others. i believe lou thompson and i know they were what came to say, look, we shouldn't be racing a, give them what's going on. as you said, an attack down the road you could see the flames from from the 2nd. so i think by
9:54 pm
the end of that meeting, they're all in agreement that the race shouldn't go ahead. the race is still carrying on jobs. association put out a statement this morning, you know, signal received back incense that we got to remember. this is one of the false is tracks and former one, the fastest speed, sorry, the false is straight circuit on the calendar. you know, say right around that seeing snow from this missile attack. so it's going to be playing on the mind and that was the point that they were, that we came to stretch as always, questions about whether we should be racing and saudi arabia giving human rights records of his country. now with the miss, all that just down the road as you know, right? even further questions about being here, whether it's a good image for the school. ah, in the scott world cup, qualifying place, egypt have the upper hand and then i was sent a goal, an early own goal,
9:55 pm
securing egypt, a one know when in the 1st like much of your recent i forgot couple of nations on that was one by son a girl return like coming up in decor on choose day by the level or west african rivals gone and no jerry, they played out a goal, a strange, messy getting close to for the home side and absorbing code sets that would be hard for me. and i'll, jerry will know when is away in, cameroon, in the morning was the only goal of that gang, the victory for our carrier coming just a few weeks after an embarrassing groups projects or defending their couple of nations title in the same country in south america, origin saner finishing off the qualifying campaign install that already secured their place up capital 2022, and the time to 3. know when at home to venezuela angle, the maria, the will pick as it goes on a little later when you kept the mental messy it could have been his last home
9:56 pm
qualify for origin seen of the 34 year old get to confirm its still continue playing international football, the only she is woke up now the world most lucrative cricket tournament is bank the 15th edition of the indian premier lee piano the match between rain champions. the can i see for kings in the car, the night riders the night, right. as winning this one by $674.00 matches in total coming up with the final taking place at the end of may. the women's cricket will cup hosty zealand has finished the agreement choose for the $71.00 run victory and pakistan museum. hitting 266 and the readings pakistan restricts 294 for non in reply. despite the when the new zealand still look unlikely to reach the semi phones he guess we on sec has secured her place as the new women's tennis world. number one falling last week. surprise retirements, announcement by ash ball. see the polish player still only 20 years old to win her
9:57 pm
2nd row match of the money open to secure when the new rankings early next week, she dropped just a couple of games in straight sets when i was 6 or you got my go or no it is going to be actually staying in both place and yet continue when i was doing and actually, you know, even though everything around is pretty special right now and people are really pumped up. i want to stay cool and us, you know, pay this tournament. well, so there's going to be time for a patient right now. we go folks and work. and the man set said in miami, andre rube left his bates and in his 2nd round, much bonnet, carrier australian winning in straight sets stuff into 3 games last week he was fined $25000.00 after a while about sympathy to refill model in being okay. plenty more for me throughout the night. last i will king for now and bad temper is putting it mildly. andy,
9:58 pm
thank you very much for that. all right, that's over this. these our i'm emily anglin, but don't go anywhere. barbara. sarah will have more news in london. ah, mainstream coverage of big stories can sometimes deliver more heat than light in any water scenario, there's always a push to simplify. narrative nuance is always called for, even in the case of an aggressive war. the listening pe, delve into the news, narrative, and dissect them. there's not a great deal of subtlety. we're talking about the barbarism that is unfolding as though we somehow unique. it's not unique covering the way the news is covered. on al jazeera water scarcity has become a major global issue, the demand is going straight up and the supply is going straight down, turning in essential natural resource into a commodity traded for profit. just because it's life, i mean,
9:59 pm
it cannot be priced. what about the guy that can't afford it? that guy told me it's water. al jazeera examines the social, financial, and environmental impact of water privatization notes of water on al jazeera nazareth, the home of jesus christ has long drawn pilgrim, some visitors from around the world. hundreds of years, it's old city rang to the sounds of shopkeepers and crops. people. this entry though sounds of dwindled, a handful of businesses struggling on. but here are the splashes of color show signs of a fight. reasons hobbies donny decided to renovate an old warehouse and to work and live in the old city with a mission. if me and another person opened their work and then having it was talk organically. it was opened by a young palestinian israeli designers and entrepreneurs have been moving in, inspired by earlier, just to let them once they were 450 businesses operating in the old city. now
10:00 pm
they're just 50. the old said, he's always been the heart of nazareth. now a growing group of presidents wants to get it beating again when they come back because the city still have very much for the me. a few will detto in flames as russian miss south target live a city in western ukraine, which had so far been spared much of the fighting. ah, hello barbara, are you watching l just in real life from london also coming up on rebuilding and i'm far will never race to people's love for liberty in warsaw. the u. s. press.


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