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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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o prejudice am friday, and hungry on al jazeera ah, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hi there, i'm give it out. this is the news all alive from bill coming up in the next 60 minutes. the future over year of restless way of your efforts. it depends on your ukraine's president of a lot of visiting ski calls for more output from energy producing nations to counter russian oil and gas exports. anyway, could tie them up if you go without a thought that are emphasized from positional to fate of cut off on the
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pronounciation of violence. intimidating civilians and assaulting state sovereignty . ca, 1000 mere tells the doha form. his country stands in solidarity with the people affected by what he calls the unjust war and ukraine. continuing to flee, residence in the besieged city of mario paul seek safety and other parts of the country to avoid rush in attacks. and the saudi led coalition retaliates against yemen. who the rebels, are there strike on an oil facility? and jetta near the venue of sundays for me, the one race and support the race continues for a place at the caps are 2022 world cup, a slice of lock. it gives each of the advantage in their qualifying play off with. seneca is one of the 1st with ukraine's president vladimir zelinski has urged the world's leading natural gas
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producer caught off to increase its output to counter what he called the threat of russia using energy as a weapon. he was speaking of the doha, formed by video link from ukraine, the 1st so to address to a golf station since the war began. this is also a question of abandoning the usage of russian oil and gas. responsible states like the state of cutter are reliable and solid export as of energy resources, and they can make their contribution to the stabilisation in europe. they can do much to restore justice. the future of europe rests with your efforts. it depends on your efforts. i ask you to increase the output of energy to ensure that everyone in russia understands that no country can use energy as a weapon. let's bring up a home involved who got the, how form mohammed, what else did the president of ukraine have to say? yeah, the president of ukraine has addressed this meeting today and it was not unexpected,
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even though for the overall program of the before and 8th and was not in the program originally by we know the warranty ukraine. happy some fees and instead of the original fee, which is possible making it to ukraine has dominated the fee to the dominated the discussion. and that if he knew what he was talking about, he knew that he was talking to the company as you know what he was talking also mostly emissions the hold him on for from a bar parcel saying that this should be a time of peace. and then with the names of ukraine, instead of spending last month, this slide in quietude and peace of mind, they are obliged to carry weapons so that they can defend the nation. he also talks about the need for the international community, particularly the company here and the world to do that. the tuition from the, from the perspective of, you know, humanitarian sites that they should, the companies should increase production of natural gas so that they can bridge the gap so that the energy from russia could be, you know, it could be cut, you know,
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it's a national embargo, western embargo on the, on the russian energy could be implemented. she at peel to the, to the heart of the people in the middle east by comparing what happened in ukraine to what happened in syria, in both cases, russia is responsible. he, he compelled, but the fraction of the cost, the ukraine with the decimal, russian destruction of the article and the city import, the ukraine. and the people of the region are in the same situation. both in both cases, they are subject to an aggression from russia. he mentioned the fact that russia threatened to use nuclear weapons against not only against your claim, but also that's a threats against the. busy way of he said, so basically, he's speech to date, forms within the platform that we have seen. and his speech is not he gave across
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the whole body of countries knowing the vox words, that particular words and the physical expression that he should address in each. all right, can you stand by for us? because as you said, just before president he spoke, we heard from katara, amir shake to me, been homo to connie as the open to the events. let's take a listen anyway. could either, if it, all of a sudden i emphasized defend position of the faith of cut off on the pronunciation and violence, intimidating civilians and assaulting state sovereignty. an act that may constitute a violation of human values and international laws. we found in from a dorothy, with millions of innocent people and refugees who been victimized by this unjust war and your political calculations about somehow, as we said, the emir spoke before the president of ukraine. so i'm wondering since then have we had any response from say, cost, talk to these requests from ukraine to increase the output to reduce europe's reliance on russia's energy supply?
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where we don't have the specific words by way of response from the companies. we know the discussion is taking place and we know already what the companies might say in this respect. because the, what's some countries have approach got out of place, asking them to increase the production of natural gas. and there is false. here was that there is no problem with that. they want to do it, but you know, the amount of natural gas, the cup, could produce just a moment, has already been sold to other countries in se, asia, in many other countries that it will take time for us to bridge the gap and supplies other countries with enough natural gas, could, i mean dos the, could really stand for russia or supply what have the supply in terms of natural gas and other energy material or equipment. but they already, they are ready to do that. but they said, i'd say fine, let me just point out of the in his speech,
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emphasize other issues that are very important for this reason for the world. when he mentioned that in the life of the palestinians, the wife of the policy. that if you think about what's happening in the ukraine and what, what's happening and so should not divert the international facial from another issue. another war, another issue that has to be taken for 70 years, a flight of the final scene to watch it pay attention to this and the watch, you know, if he's this type of issues auditing on issues, but continue to, to become, to be a full problem in the region and internationally speaking as well healed formation . the need to fight the case against nama, hold. yes, but it is not just something that you find in 2nd what some countries, but it is an international phenomena and it is one of the issues that should be involved if it's a national b is to be secure mom. and therefore,
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i said that the form, thank you. your grains capital key of has woken to more air raid sirens this morning on friday. russia said the 1st phase of its military offensive is mostly complete. was co says the focus now is to fully control the eastern don boss region that contains the territory is held by rushing back separatists. don't ask and the hans fill them me. so that should be may objectives of the 1st stage of the operation have generally been accomplished with the combat potential of the armed forces of ukraine have been considerably reduced, which makes it possible. i emphasize it once again to focus on core. if it's on achieving the main goal, the liberation of done bests. let's go to him about a now her is are for us in moscow, i saw him took us through this latest announcement that the focus for russia is shifting. kim, the russian military says that he has stepped up its operation targeting
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depots in i'm edition deposed in ukraine and they had managed to hit a 117 targets. and that the aim of its operation was basically to neutralize and those military facilities. so as to prevent the ukrainian army from rebuilding those damaged or capabilities, the army says they shut down 3 fighter jets. and also, many jones, they managed to destroy many, a rocket launchers, anti aircraft, missiles, systems, and many ammunition to pose across the country. and this since yesterday we've seen this new pattern, which is basically trying to tell the international community of other reliance on the long range missiles is for more precision and targeting more of the military infrastructure of the ukranian army. and they're also saying that the dumbass is going to be one of the key points for the russian military, it in the upcoming. this particular when it comes to further expanding the gains,
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the made in the ganske and attorney asked and paving the way for their own support as that of further consolidate and expand the gains they have met, be making on the ground. now when it comes to against this here they have made major headway with 94 percent of the territory under their control when it comes to the on. yes, they're saying that half of that territory is now under their control by the hoping to be able to further build that momentum towards getting more control. but hush him if you can stand by for us. because earlier russians, defense minister said acquiring high precision long range weapons and ensuring the countries nuclear arsenals prepared our priority for this year's budget. the priority is high precision, long range wittons, and the preparedness of nuclear weapons. this year we need to preserve the speed of supply of l weapons. and as i'm rushing, defense minister isn't the only one making reference then to the countries nuclear
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capability preparedness. indeed, kim, now the a russian defense minister are shy. go is now saying basically that with the budget increase, there will be a focus on 2 key components of the military industry of the long messiah the long range cruise misses and this. and you can see the indication that they've been talking over the last few days. constantly on those a long range messiah particularly caliber which has been used to undermine the emitter capabilities of the koreans and the nuclear preparedness. and also upgrading the technological infrastructure of the russian military. and we'll be talking about the nuclear option, the nuclear preparedness. there are 2 aspects here came now since last month, when a president vladimir put him, put the nuclear forces on high alert. there was a, as a sort of an angry action from the international community,
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from the americans and from nature in particular. the russian officials ever since have been coming out and making clear as with the talking about that option, they're saying 2 things here. first of all as admit him had very of said earlier today who was the deputy chief of the a security council. he said that we would a rather go our preparedness is going to was a political solution to the crisis. and this is our path. we always are in favor of that particular option. however, when it comes to nuclear option, we have to make it clear to the world that russia has the right to act and use that option a following our doctrine, which is when its sovereignty is infringed upon when there is a target. when, when his country is targeted or when it is an attack with the aim to equip both the nuclear capabilities of the russian military. and they say that this is something that the international community has to understand. so when you see all those
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statements across the board from most of boston officials, they say this is not something which has been dictate, triggered by an impulse. i'm in the operation in ukraine. they say that we have been having decades long grievances to the americans and to the nature about the expansion of nato. and we've been telling them, come together. let's sit down together, at least to go sheet a way out to this because bad expansion is widely seen here as a major threat of the a sovereignty of russia in val didn't happen. this explains why we had to opt for the option of the what the describe as a special operation in ukraine. and they say, the honest now is on the americans and on nato to give us strong guarantees that they are willing to understand our own concerns. i had asked him about, are there for us in moscow? thank you. ukraine's deputy prime minister says 10 humanitarian corridors have been agreed on saturday, assented on evacuation civilians from frontline areas. she says people trying to
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leave the southern port of mary paul will have to leave and private cause as washing forces, not allowing buses through their checkpoints as crossover, not them on carn, who is joining us live from key if are in my, my model. he know about these humanitarian corridors and i, i guess the question is to people feel confident enough to use them? well, really depends on where you are in. marry a paul. it's incredibly dangerous to leave the city as fighting still continues there. and 2 of the russians are actually allowing, as you say, bus drivers to take people out in big number. so people are relying on private cars on that packing those private cars with what little delay, if gate they can take, how and with people as well. some 9000 people have been able to leave and lost a couple of days. but maria poll is still a very, very dangerous area to even travel through to get to the edge of the city,
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to then get into that humanitarian florida and get out of the city. but you've also got to get aid into the city as well. and that's proving incredibly difficult, particularly as there is still some confusion as when the truck drivers will be allowed to drive in aid themselves. now that's the situation in marable, in cave, all bluffs the key that region. there have been a number of towns where humanitarian corridor has been set up, but we were speaking to one person who was in that town who was trying to in one of the towns that i was trying to get out. and as he was trying to leave, there was a shelling taking place. now, this has been a constant on complaint of the ukrainian authorities who are negotiating with the russians. oh, these writer encouraged those they say, every time we negotiate and humanitarian corridor, the russians break the agreement and the walls, the wall still continues. there's no sci fi and it's incredibly difficult for people to leave. and in fact, the person that we were speaking to, one has towns is still stuck in that town. although technically, there is
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a humanitarian corridor that would, as should allow him to leave a moron. meanwhile, there's been more military activity around the chernobyl nuclear plant. what do we know on that front end? i mean that must be somewhat worrying. ah, in terms of the operation of the, of the cloud, what will you call and say for certain will that means for the noble nuclear plant . as far as we know, it is still operational and the russians are, have used as a base to mount an attack on a place, a small town called leverage. now what we're hearing is that they, the russian force of actually kidnapped the mare of that town. they've entered the city, they've broken up a mass demonstration that was taking place in the middle of that town by the ukrainians, were living there like almost a huge flag of that flag. then came down the tanks or in the streets was in bitches of those tanks. in the streets, people are very worried. well, they say that, ah,
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they, they don't know what's gonna happen next. ah, the ukrainian forces are on the edge on the other side of that town is likely that that will become yet another front line in the fight. but as for the general nuclear plant, this, according to the last report, so we heard, it was still operating. i am on con, there for us in craning capital key if on an air of ukraine, 2nd biggest city county, if says a 3rd of its population is left, said bank reports now from car heath where russia has again been accused of using cluster munitions. this is the moment to rush and strike to line of people caring for humanitarian aid. 6 people died one day on. there's 4 more deaths and 3 injured in a similar strike. outside this clinic the crater, the strike left small, shrapnel and bold barons shattered the windows leaving bullet like holes. taking
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a picture, it's alleged to russia is using cluster munitions, supervisor wallace, a few 100 meters away. we find evidence they are right outside of school. this rocket still in the ground for the shooting. you move for mission you much all subs thrill i was inside. i was in school below. the shilling has started. i could see through the window. it was already and you said it was going on for about 10 minutes. when i came out to see that cluster exploded down there on the pavement, was on the lot of shrapnel hit, the building wall smashed the windows of the school. i don't know where it came from from. i was inside school, that's where the bomb exploded, and we did the work on your school or not. there's no military in this area. it's residential. one of the impacts was here right in the middle of the children's playground, and you can see that damage that's been done across this children's tier conceits
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in the woods on the stairs. but also look what it's done to the metal on this slide is cut straight through. no children were hurt. but this could have been fatal. we found these small pieces of metal scattered and lodged into the play space. lethal shrapnel that has no place in the residential area. let alone in a children's playground. i said bake. i'll just eat or how to keep painting more head on the news all, including who the rebels strike deep inside saudi arabia will have analysis of the latest attacks and in sport with far messes on target. it was this is last world cup qualifier in argentina. ah, yemen who the rebels have launched a series of attacks on targets in saudi arabia. no injuries have been reported. but
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oil storage facilities were damaged by a barrage of drawn sad, at least one ballistic missile. the attacks comedy days after the us sent patriot missile interceptors to saudi arabia, following urgent requests from the kingdom. my kind of reports smoke rises over the agenda. skyline, the parent target, the massive oil complex on the outskirts of the city. saudi authorities confirmed what they called a hostile operation. over a period of several hours, they were also reported strikes and a number of other saudi cities. booty, rebels based in yemen, claiming responsibility is there that one shot. i'm coffee, gender, aramco facilities, and jetta, as well as vital facilities in the saudi enemies. capital reared were targeted with a barrage of winged missiles. russ tentura and rubbish. oil refineries were targeted by a huge number of drones us sent what it said was
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a significant number of patriot missile interceptors to saudi arabia earlier this month. nearly a year after an urgent request from the kingdom, which said that supply was running dangerously low. the bite and administration denied holding up the delivery of its sharp tension and the relationship between the 2 countries. the saudis are particularly angered by the administration's decision to remove hootie rebels from its list of designated tara groups. bureau estate department was quick to describe the attacks as unacceptable as did the national security advisor jake sullivan, who issued a statement condemning the who teased for what he called their terrorist acts and pledging to fully support saudi arabia and its coalition partners. in the defense of their territory, saudi authorities insist its life as usual, despite the flurry of attacks and the formula one grand prix due to take place in
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jetta on sunday. we'll go ahead. the organizer saying very look forward to welcoming fans to a weekend of premium racing and entertainment. mike hannah al jazeera washington smarty, as an action process already delayed for more than a year, once again, been marked by violence. nearly 50 people were killed this week and twin suicide bomb attacks on politicians in the city of betters when web reports from that issue . the selection process in somalia for new leaders has been drawn out and bloody one of the latest people to die with opposition. an amino mohammed, empty a rights activists and permanent government critic. she was among about 50 people who were killed in a twin suicide bombing earlier this week in the city of bella, twin opposition, politicians gathered when her body was flown to the capital market issue. i mean
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i'm how many i mean i'm a how much abdi was a well known and prominent n p also, molly, people know that she was one who always fought for justice and human rights. the right to vote is something most tamales don't actually get election. negotiations take place in closed door meetings after which plan representatives vote for and peace and then peace elect. the next president. that's now due to happen next month on the growing pressure from the us and u. k. who backs molly? as fragile government? everybody who's familiar with the process says large amounts of cash change hands as candidate to try to buy the support of those who might vote for them. no process was meant to take place more than a year ago, but it's been repeatedly delayed, causing tensions, and prompting violence, including fighting on the street law. here in the militia and opposition army
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factions fought with forces loyal to the government after the elections were delayed. and president mohammed up the law. he mohammed, widely known as former jay signed a law extending his mandate by to yes people protested. 2 president obama came into office promising to introduce a system where everyone would get to vote. but it hasn't happened. he says he's been trying to hold elections. his opponent say he's been stalling them to try and stay in power. salvia use if is running against him. she says the electoral systems deeply flawed and pitts ethnic groups against each other. people who are, again, it's the one person. we're both those who are not sure if they will come back, but they want their elders to select the benign every other cities in their life. the armed group al your bob, which controls sways of the country side and frequently attacks targets in towns and cities, has said it will use violence to stop the elections. it's claimed responsibility
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for several bombings. it's election meeting venues, including the one where amena mohammed was killed somali, the left wondering how many more people will die before they have a new government. malcolm web, al, jazeera, mogadishu, somalia to the us now and so high property taxes that mean some homeowners, a losing their homes. activists say there is now an epidemic of foreclosures by banks, especially in poor black communities. john henry, downtown detroit, now 8 years out of bankruptcy, is revamped with a gleaming new light rail. multi $1000000.00 skyscrapers and raising property values. barbara butler lives just a few miles away, but she hasn't seen that transformation that have moved downtown in over 20 years. i don't go down there. she can't afford to over 40 years here, she has paid off, or mortgage been struggles to pay the rising homeowner taxes assessed by the city.
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independent assessments put the value of her home at $25000.00, but the city says its worth $35000.00. that leaves her with a 1200 dollar year tax bill that takes a huge bite out of her modest income. you know, it doesn't leave out anything or can you go stop and get started? i want because i don't have no money. i got to keep my money for mobiles. welcome to the other, detroit, the poor neighborhoods that surround the glistening metropolis here advocates say the city is paying for its downtown renewal on the backs of its poorest. mostly black resident, detroit tax space has been shrinking since the hey day of the auto industry in the 1950s. it's gone from 2000000 to under 700000 so many that for years the city has been tearing down abandoned homes on lots like this one. so the tax burden is falling on fewer and fewer people. a study by the university of california irvine
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found it since 2009, one in for detroit properties have been foreclosed for non payment of taxes. we haven't seen this number bernadette a to a headache is one of the authors of that study. she now runs the property tax appeals project to help over jack's homeowners. she says half to 85 percent of detroit homes are overvalued by city. the people who get stuck with these illegally inflated property taxes are those who are worse positioned to fight them to file an appeal. it's not just happening in detroit. a 2019 study found blacks and hispanics pay on average $10.00 to $13.00, present more in property tax nationally for homes of the same value. this is a national racial justice issue that our nation has not yet come to terms with. she tried to appeal barbara butler's tax assessment, but the city dismissed the appeal on a technicality saying butler's husband is listed as the taxpayer of record, even though she has been making the payment since his deaf, where i'm not,
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i'm not gonna, i'm not gonna lose my house cuz it's very far, i'll find a way to get money. yep, definitely. if she can't, she'll join thousands of other homeowners in struggling neighborhoods who have help pay for the cities prospering downtown with their homes. john henderson, al jazeera, detroit still ahead on al jazeera. ah delete the pop star. taken up on any crank at a century for the host, clickable i come, but will new zealand make the semi ah hello there, there's lots of warm and fine weather to be enjoyed across europe at the moment with clear skies. in that central 3rd, but we're still seeing stormy conditions,
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plague spain, and some of that's the horrid dust as once again, been blown over from the north of africa by those windy conditions. now we're still going to see the wet weather here, particularly for eastern areas of spain. we could see some flooding as that rain falls heavily here, edging down into coastal areas of algeria as well. now to the east of this, we've got some wind warnings out for the italian islands of sardinia and sicily, but to the east and north while there's plenty of warmth round, lots of clear skies. and if we have a look at the temperature in milan, will it's going to pick up by the time we get in some monday, though the rain isn't very far away, we are going to see a change this week. and some of that warmth temperatures will be coming down for places like london and paris. but for now, they're up there. in the high teens, we've got a wintery mix that's blown across scandinavia. we've got wind warnings out for some of the baltic states and is more heavy snow on the way from northern areas of norway. but have a look at the temperature in oslo. it's right up in the mid teens,
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and it's going to be higher than the temperature in london by the time we get to sunday with plenty of sunshine. that sure weather ah. the stage is set and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think was wor, inevitable. i just want the started to please don't it. they're not doing the right thing. let's leave simplicity to the headlines. join me as i take on the lars dismantled misconceptions and debate. the contradictions do we have a real democracy here in the united states, there's no political party that's a radical insurgency, mark lamond hill, and it's time to get up front right here on out 0. what is gay city has become a major global issue? the demand is going straight up and the supply is going to straight down, turning an essential natural resource into a commodity traded for profit, just precocious life. i mean,
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it cannot be priced. what about the guy that can't afford it? that guy told me it's water. mm. al jazeera examines the social, financial and environmental impact of the war to privatization notes. if water on al jazeera, lou ah, a reminder that top stories this are ukraine's president is urged. the world's leading natural gas produce f call talk to increase its output. speaking to the doha form via video, and he said that would stop bratia using energy as a weapon. grains military says rush and forces of entered the city of w,
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north of cuba, close to noble tear gas as the uses. first, residents protesting the presidents of russian troops. grand need official say been there all 7 which has been abducted with saudi coalition has launched a new operation against yemen, who the rebels of a hitting the ram coat. well, facility areas close to the king. all these international airport would be rebels, say people were killed and putting women and children coalition attacks on fall. now let's go back to the warn ukraine. and as we were telling you earlier, russia has said the 1st phase of its military offensive is mostly complete film. me so that you may object is the 1st stage of the operation have generally been accomplished with the combat potential. the armed forces of ukraine have been considerably reduced, which makes it possible. i emphasize at once again to focus our core. if it's on achieving the main goal, the liberation of don. this barbell fell going, holler is
1:33 pm
a defense and military analyst, and he joins us now. by skype from moscow, thanks for your time. why has russia announced that phase? one of his campaign is complete and it's going to conduct a constraint now on, on, on the don't bother me. why tell the world your military strategy well, because the news, the seasons are changing, the winter campaign is basically over and that's a fact. i mean, you can't bypass if it's on the calendar march and rushes traditionally. really a winter a month, but it's almost over there will be snow to day in moscow, but basically winter's over the winter season begins, there's going to be flooding, there's going to be more dirt, but then comes the oil dry up. come may, and there's going to be the summer campaign, which will most likely be decisive. so right now there's going to be sort of a pause and the russian motor explaining to the populace that everything's okay.
1:34 pm
everything's out of control. this is a pause, but the everything continues and all the objectives will be achieved, the bench. i'll ask you about what the summer campaign may entail. and i'm on that that 1st i want to ask you. some analysts as suggested that this is about saving face, that in fact, russia has admitted i met its objectives that russia thought that this a day, much faster than it has been. once you will take on that, of course everyone would hope that it would be much quicker in moscow and it is not so. and as right now again, you can in the inter season, you can have it's very hard to prove for perform a large scale. maneuverable operation, so they'll be doing sieges and try as slowly trying to push. ready ukrainians out of a fit these and reinforced positions in the don boss where they still occupy the
1:35 pm
a brayden's, a position very close to that network. and there are safety lay. cromwell doors can slow downs to that. russia loyal forces are going to push. and of course, there's multiple, which has been besieged and attack that, but still is not fully under russian control. and yes, the russian military leaders didn't the fear in the public for almost 2 weeks. there was this on the 18th of march, a big gala concert than meeting in moscow with boots in present, but not a single general. so that was raising questions are things so bad? so they brought out a commander, a general rule scored who's in a damp commander, chief of the main operational directory of the general staff. to explain that things are not bad, things are according to plan. okay. you mentioned that this, you think this is going to be a pause before the summer campaign. what do you think the summer campaign will
1:36 pm
entail? well, it's kind of be kind of a pause. i mean, not much movement, but rushes course is going to use long range missiles that it targets over ukraine . we're, we're russians can do that. the gradients cannot. and then there's going to be the sieges and in the, in the dong boss. but then comes the summer when both sides will be ready for the big action. and i believe the ukrainians are planning counter offensive. they are continuing to mobilize. they mobilize the old, the back. oh, read the hardened veterans of the campaign in the da boss. now they are mobilizing people without military training or background, giving them basic training, sending them into the forces, and they have to observe that they absorb all those additional people armed them with the new weapons. they're getting from the west in
1:37 pm
a months time or so they will be ready to begin. right now their counter attacking . but then there will be ready most likely to perform a serious counter offensive, at least on one front. okay. how far do you think russian forces will go in the don boss? right now russian back separate is control. only part of the regions have done it in the hands. if you look at the matt, how far do you think in those regions? russia is going to want to go for example, russia, it's very important to finish off rouble in some way. do bad to free the assets that are being concentrate and they're move them north most likely to the why they can crime a tours which are important. voices, and there's a say some 4 different positions, very close to the neck and got off. also, some forces could be moved to the left and right now the grading as are counter attacking they are in those regions and that you're wishing russians
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a bit out. and that's what that means, forces have to be liberated, they have to be moved. you can move on roads in the seas and talk to move out of roads. so that's going, there's going to be more see just more of the taking of these of cities consolidate in positions and preparing. ready for the summer campaign. all right, hey, very good to get your take on things. thank you for your time. pablo funk and how are there a defense and military analyst from moscow? thank you. and a speech in poland. later on saturday, the us president is expected to send a clear message to his russian calling to bob's person that the world's major economies are united, and he'll be held accountable for the invasion of ukraine. joe bought an earlier paid american soldiers a visit at a military base just an hour from a border with ukraine. whitehouse correspond,
1:39 pm
kimberly help get reports from also the southeastern city of just so poland is as close as the u. s. president joe biden has come. so far to russia's war and ukraine often has an end of russia. it's his 1st chance to speak with u. s. troops now stationed there. granite, people have a lot of backbone about a gut. i'm sure you're observing. the city is less than 100 kilometers from ukraine's border, and it's where roughly $10000.00 us troops are positioned ready to take on russia. should it expand its invasion into the nato country? it's a conflict bite and told soldiers he believes could have long term ramifications. are democracy is going to prevail on and the values we share, or autocracy for prevail naturally was, has take more than 3000000 people have been displaced from ukraine since russia's
1:40 pm
invasion, because of ukraine's more than 500 kilometers, shared land border with poland. more than 2000000 people have fled to the neighboring country, watching book martina. but i see dear america, we'd like to ask america and their leaders to please support ukraine. so ukraine is not attacked by the russians which on a ship $1000000.00 at the americans should stop rockets flying in our air space. this is the most important thing, because all of those rockets are terrible, like a nightmare spotted has vowed to help manage the migrant crisis. emerging a long pole is border with ukraine, but he won't commit to implementing a no fly zone. and friday, as biden met with poland president, he once again accused russian president vladimir putin, of war crimes for targeting civilians in ukraine. quite frankly, because war but biding isn't just promising humanitarian assistance before departing, brussels and friday, the united states and european union announced
1:41 pm
a new agreement to provide the you with extra gas equivalent to about 10 percent of what it currently gets from russia. by the end of the year, biden hopes to choke out rushes energy revenue, and in turn military funding. but on saturday, precedent by and sit down with president. do that in the royal castle behind me. for a more lengthy discussion on the conflict biden's final opportunity to reassure a nervous ally, a person of the us and nato commitment to defend poland. should russia make poland, its next target? kimberly, how could al jazeera war saw people from all walks of lie for on the front line and ukraine. the village to barley is the front. none of the pop band until like every adult 18.
1:42 pm
60. he's been asked to stay and defend this country, devoting it is now a soldier serving on the front line. you never know what happened next time. you know, just now we're talking with you, but next 2nd is a missile. can hear this building and i will, does he never know what happens? it is war. so, but i want to say that we see it here from the inside of the bottle. feel that the russian have no power to take their capital crane so they can do just only one think they are preparing for chemical attack and we also preparing for their chemical attack. so the last 2 days we were we were searching for chemical, defend cease and for medical treatment. so all that they
1:43 pm
can do in the sedation, just to escalate this war by using a chemical leap on chemical attacks. so, but we already and you know, it's unbelievable that we are talking about this. no, just imagine may 1 months ago, i was on the stage. we got that it's stadium in our country. but now we're talking about this. it's, it's terrible. hundreds of people have paid tribute to corsica nationalist who died of being attacked in a french prison. even calon as death sparked widespread condemnation, revived nationalist sentiments. nicholas hark reports from the village of curtis. a tiny village on the edge of the mediterranean carries the weight of an island in mourning draped with the corsican flag or the remains of even co luna, the village shepherd who defied the french state. he was killed in
1:44 pm
a french prison by a fellow inmate. good, and i was serving a life sentence for the murder 24 years ago of the top french government official on the island. hundreds gather relatives, friends. nationalists as well as members of the corsican mafia goes to you, believe the french state is responsible for his death. no such managers, we feel a sense of injustice. and this is mobilized people on the island. we feel a sense of solidarity for this man who died fighting for us outside the packed church. the silence of prayer is broken by the course again. chorus chanting jo via salvia the genie and anthem, to the nationalist combs. calling for victory against the enemies of corsica. here the enemy is france, the view french authority as a colonial power, exerting its will on this small island,
1:45 pm
far removed from the french mainland where the continent as they call it. oh, he's on every street corner. even cooler now has become since his death, a symbol of corsican nationalism and resistance. this is something that both the nationalists and the french states did not anticipate this outpour of emotions. now, for the 1st time, the french interior minister is talking about discussion of possible autonomy of the island. perhaps an attempt to appease emotions here because beneath the morning anger is brewing with fearing protests president emanuel michael has called for calm. but this is the people that does not like to be told how to act or feel for them. colonna is a martyr to the corsican,
1:46 pm
cause they now seek to defend nicholas hawk. al jazeera gorgeous corsica in the state of things, thousands of people living in the vicinity of a volcano that erupt. it has been urged to evacuate. tall volcano was a few kilometers south of the capital. manila people, a nearby villages are being encouraged to leave off the alert level, was raped, huge plumes of steam recreation when the lava came into contact with the water. on sunday hollywood to celebrate his biggest di is the 94th annual academy awards, but more flourishing entertainment markets around the world. when the american film industry is had to rethink their business model, hydro castro explains, i do the academy awards exist for hollywood to show itself off to the world. or do they exist for the world's best films to be shown off in hollywood? that's at the heart of the oscars identity crisis. a departure from the award show,
1:47 pm
straightforward purpose. when the curtain 1st went up in 1929. in many ways you could see the oscars as p r, a public relations for hollywood. it's hollywood kind of showcase to the world. here are our greatest products from the past 12 months and you're our greatest stars. international directors were historically sidelined and what little oscars recognition was reserved for your appeal films. but that's changed in recent years . the korean film parasite became the 1st non english feature to win best picture in 2020. this year the japanese film drive my car has been nominated for best picture, best international film, best director and best adapted screenplay. i'm unsurprising. i a few you like us. we mr. dorothy luna? yak in the classroom is the 1st film from blue tom to be nominated for an oscar
1:48 pm
streaming has enabled films from all corners of the world to break through the distribution barriers of the past. a transformation aided by can demick feeder closures, and film industry experts say the academy of motion, picture arts and sciences, which puts on the oscars is responding to the changes their audience's beyond delay . beyond america, their membership needs to be international. their viewership is international. and so the films that are nominated should also be international and giving international films there do is another arm of the oscars. urgent attempt to make the awards show more relevant to its diverse audience. last year, more than half of newly invited members to the academy were from outside the u. s. i dunno, emmy tanya, bush and other non english film nominated in multiple categories is the danish animated documentary fleet. it tells the true story of an afghan refugee in europe . oh, no one. we're doing it with just her as well, my friends,
1:49 pm
and then we would have been in 2015 and then now i'm in denison all this year. you know it's, it's been normal side the road on time. more momentum hate probably in the audience is ukraine and it's war and refugee crisis will weigh heavy during sunday's award show. it'll be a chance for hollywood to show its support for ukrainians. another sign of the oscars looking outward toward the world id, joe castro, al jazeera los angeles. still a hair on al jazeera in fort with flora. why this victory was enough to go to the walls? ah, the 20th century 1st genocide thought to have set the blueprint for the holocaust
1:50 pm
is too often overlooked. the sand will come in very everything. but for some reason the sand refused to bury these people. they want this story to be taught over a century on the injustice still echoed down the generation and the path to reparation is nothin easy. one, namibia, the price of genocide, people and power analogies. era is the warn ukraine groins on al jazeera correspondence. bring you every angle. there is a few military prices erupt in on multiple fronts. if not only managed to escape the cold, but also the passionate of life on the russian occupation. troy street totally destroy keep central station has become evacuations, with russian forces coming closer. tensions are going up by the hour. stay with al jazeera for the latest developments. lou
1:51 pm
ah, ah! thought his farro. kim. thanks so much saturday's qualifying session at the f. one . saudi arabia grand prix. we'll go ahead after a late night meeting with the drivers about the safety of the event. second practice on friday was delayed after a missile attack on a nearby oil depot in jetta. a 4 hour meeting took place after the session, where the drivers in teams were given saved to reassurances by f, one bosses and race organizers. in a statement, the drivers associations said it had been difficult to race natural human concerns . i'm. it had been a difficult day for formula one and a stressful day for the drivers. the explosion happened at an aramco facility around 11 kilometers from the race venue. around po is
1:52 pm
a major sponsor of f one. or joining me now live i escape is philip duncan. he's the f one correspondent from press association. who's out the grand prix. and jetta phillips, what was the mood like at the circuit between the teams and the race officials during practice yesterday? yeah. hi farrah. as you can imagine, really this feeling that this race weekend is, is taking place on a bit of black clouds. you know, both metaphors and literally, really for yesterday's attack. i mean, to move in the, in a product because i was curious, one, yes, they really, i mean the feeding the f one and the, and the teams and, you know, the saudi authorities just wanted to get on with this race as if nothing had happened. that the dr. it's you know, to grievance about and if you needed to, they said for our christ summit to be yesterday to discuss what we're going to do. there's some voices now to the others. i believe that lou thompson and i know they were for came to say that we shouldn't be racing a, give them what's going on,
1:53 pm
as you said, a fact which be down the road and you could see the flames from, from the circuit. so i think by the end of that meeting, they were all in agreement that, that the right shouldn't go ahead the right fit, still carrying on you said, qualifying that day and the race on sunday. and that's because the saudi authorities have given assurances that the event will be safe and the show must go on effectively. so we will see on see how the rest of the the weekend plays out. but it was a strange and curious atmosphere in the public yesterday. all the drivers were told that not racing had consequences. how did that go down to the baton? i think we'll find out a little bit more about that today. as you said, the pre jobs association without a statement this morning. you know, obviously the back consensus, because remember this is one of the fastest tracks and one the fastest speed, sorry, the false is straight circuit on the calendar. you know,
1:54 pm
say right around that, seeing the snow from this missile attack it, so it's going to be playing on their mind. and that was the point that they were they, we came to stress. the drivers didn't speak yesterday, which is highly unusual. i'm off to practice they'll, they'll always involved immediate sessions. so they usually comments on what happened, but that was all scrapped yesterday. so we didn't really hear especially from the drivers, but we'll find out from them today off to qualify when they speak. and then those that be asked about the race and whether it should go ahead and we'll find out how they really feel about the situation. and i wouldn't be surprised that you know, the leading voice and such as homeless and such as long as i have something quite shown to some to say about it. you know, as always, questions about whether we should be racing and saudi arabia giving human rights records of this country. now, with the mythos that just down the road, you know, right, the better questions about one being here, whether it's a good image for the school. ok. philip duncan, great to get your thoughts. thank you so much for your time.
1:55 pm
ah. in the african world cup, qualifying playoffs, egypt have the upper hand in their tie with senegal and early own goal secured egypt to one know when in the 1st life is match up is a repeat of the recent africa cup of nations. thought all that was won by santa goal return like is coming up in dec are on tuesday, the west african rivals gonna and nigeria, plato, the goal is drawn my c abdullah shockers going closest for the home side. street was algeria one know, winners away in cameroon. slammed for money with the only goal of the game. the victory for algeria comes just a few weeks after an embarrassing group stage exit while defending their africa. combinations title the same country i don't go for most of the sauce go gave to nicea a one. no advantage over molly after their 1st leg,
1:56 pm
molly had never reach the world cup finals before a democratic republic of congo who last reached the finals in 1974. took an early lead in their home match against morocco. the visitors missed a penalty before equalizing and the 2nd half to secure a one i'll draw. the return leg will be played in casablanca. from her to cooper's . in south america, argentina are finishing their qualifying campaign and style. they had already secured their place. i cast our 2022 as they claim to 3 know when at home to venezuela, angle de maria, with the pick up the goals. and the final goal came late on from captain leno massey and what could have been his last home qualifier for argentina. 34 year old has yet to confirm if hell continue playing. international football beyond the world cup at the cricket world cup house new zealand to have finished their group matches with victory over parks. bond by 71 runs in christ church. susie bates scored her 121 day century is new zealand hosted
1:57 pm
a target of 266 focus on restricted to 194 for 9 and apply thanks to we 5 wicked hall for hannah road. eagle reach, we attack has secured her place as the new number one women's player in the world tennis falling last week. surprised retirement announcement by ash bardy polish player who is only 20 years old. had to win her 2nd round, match to miami, opens the scary top spot. and then the rankings are released. she dropped just to games is straight for victory over toria, bitch. my goal right now is going to be there tuesday in both place and the continue, what i was doing, i'm actually, you know, even though everything around is pretty special right now. and people are really pumped up. i want to stay cool and just, you know, play this tournament well, so, um there's gonna be time for separation. right now we go to folks from work. okay, and that is all your support for now. back to you camp. thank you for that. as the
1:58 pm
news aren't on go away though molly's, i will be back with you in just a moment. we'll find more of the day's news by fidel ah, harmful pathogens are increasingly affecting our lives with terrible consequences. a new documentary asks why that we've learned any lessons from the h. i. v. epidemic in the fight against coven 19. 0, how we ignore the global sov. to put prophets before people. and it won't cost time of pundents coming soon or not just frank assessments. what are the political risks of panic rush nor the gas for western leaders or sanctions on russian energy exports, us harassing me for such informed opinions. france is not abandoning to fight
1:59 pm
against yet is still reserved media. they're going to be arching from nisha and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera across europe. immigration is high on the agenda. and in hungary, it's presented as a pressing issue. we didn't have immigrants at all 0 migration, but this is the one political topic. anybody and everybody is discussing. the far right is preparing for battle. and their opponents are anyone who is different prejudice am friday and hungry on al jazeera when the news breaks or the old started the early hours around 5 am very large explosions. people waking up to walk, they never expected mental health. when people need to be heard and the story told,
2:00 pm
find line or it's playing the role of bringing our differences together with exclusive interviews and in depth reports. this is norma. this is tyler. al jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied nice . oh, by the u. s. secretaries of state and defense. sit down in warsaw with a ukrainian counts pallets holding the fast joint meeting over the wall in a crate or ah, i money inside this now, is there a lie from dough or so coming up? i shall armoire like hulu, which means speech equations president will automate zalinski addresses the doha form of the key note speech by.


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