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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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playing the wrong brain, our differences together with exclusive interviews and in depth reports. this is norma. this is tyler. al jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news. ah, russian tanks on the streets of mario paul in a feast 5 for ukraine's at southern port city. ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is al jazeera live from. so how's that coming up? fading those left behind volunteers risk their lives to make sure keeps vulnerable, can survive. plus i side big, and i'm you can give ukraine 2nd largest city has been pounded by russian forces
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for the last 3 weeks. and a protest in space, russia denies cosmonaut, were making a statement by wearing the colors of ukraine. the un says more than 3000000 ukrainians have fled their home seems russia launched, launched its invasion just over 3 weeks ago. finding a safe passage out of the country is not easy, but evacuation wrote to grade to between ukraine and russia, giving some the chance to escape. this is the territory in red that russia and its separatist allies currently control. and now the convoy of evacuation has managed to escape the fighting in mario poll, capturing the port city would establish a land bridge for russia between annexed crimea and the separatist held dumbass region. ukraine's president is says,
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russia's sage of mary paul will go down in. he street for war crimes. will army zalinski made the comments in a video address early on sunday morning? look at me moody. when to do this, to a peaceful city, what the occupiers did to it is a terror that will be remembered for centuries to come in and the more ukrainians tell the world about it. the more support we find, the more russia uses terror against ukraine. the worst, the consequences will be all of them. and kathy lopez, haughty on, has a more on that battle for mary upon a city under siege. as russian forces intensify their attacks. what's left of neighborhoods and muddy a bull or shattered homes and buildings? 0 medicaid for answer. across the port city, scattered bodies lay out on the street. scenes of the worst war can do. cars now line the streets as people try to flee. checkpoints, mixture only civilians,
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lean thin, but i know, and i, you and i, what could i in that be? i got out of the city central district with bonds and destruction. we lost her house. so now we're leaving with our children. we're still in shock and fearful russian forces charged into the port city. a place where weeks of shilling had camped about 400000 people hostage local authority. se moscow's attacks have cut electricity, supplies, heating, and water. russia denies its targeting civilians. yeah, he freed us from education, but airstrikes have hid civilian infrastructure like the city school. and recently a theater where people were taking refuge from bombings amid those ravaged neighborhoods. survivors say life will never be the same. a makeshift kitchen is all that's left of this woman's home and some no longer have the energy or will to
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leave. she just used shift was muscle wizard, wiley, the city now after what we've been through, we've had difficult days with bombing hunger and cold weather. as you can see, our neighbourhood is destroyed, mutual on there as all to lives are left behind. some have found shelter and local schools with another humanitarian crisis unfolding. katia locus of the young al jazeera, russia says it's been destroying ukrainian military targets with high precision weapons. it says it's used hypersonic missiles in western ukraine for the 1st time during this conflict to destroy a weapons storage facility. but that's not been independently verified. the front line at city of hockey has also been puzzled since the start of the wall. there is a desperate search for survivors in the ruins of buildings. as i sat bag reports from the ne, well this is one of the worst hits areas of hurricane. the 2nd largest city in
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ukraine had a population of 1500000. that's been drastically reduced because many people have left. and this to the left of me here was a shopping mall. just take a look at that. now. this city has been pounded by the russians with air strikes, shelling and artillery, and were standing right now was the center of the city. and you can just see that is complete and utter destruction and devastation. now, the feeling that the russians thought that they could take the city without too much resistance, but they were forced out under the feeling by some head that now the russians are punishing this since you have to be careful had because the temperature of the rug below 0, the still ice on the floor. this craters along had these cars here have all been destroyed and damaged a bit further up the you can see the burn tank cause that were damaged, the shelling and the artillery. and even while you've been here,
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we've heard loud thumps. i'm not sure if you can hear that. now that's heavy artillery filing that fire and that's going gone all day and all night. and if you look a lot wrong along the horizon, you can see smoke rising from the heavy fighting that's taking place. and other russians pardoning the city re heavily for the last 2 weeks. but the ukranian forces are still holding out and hoping that they can keep the russians act. and it's like the across the east of the country with the russians are fighting on multiple fronts. but i just want you to take in some more of the devastation and destruction that has taken place here in the center of her keith. you can see cause buried in the rubble. when the buildings have collapsed on it, even the trees hair destroyed and burned tight. it's really something. oh we're in the center of caregiver. the 2nd largest city with the ukranian forces are still
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managing to keep the russians out. across the ukranian capital, a volunteer force has emerged to help those who remain behind and network support. some of caves, most vulnerable emron can join the group as they may their daily rounds. it might not look like it, but these people are providing a vital service. ah, without any external funding, anya and her friends deliver groceries and basic goods to some of the most vulnerable and keep some the goods are donated, but most a paid for by the volunteers themselves. the long to who i always going to do them and tear and work i dont have grandparents so this house me compensate her that it really comes from my heart. maria rarely leaves the house. she's too frail to make the journey. and the elevator in her building is best described as temperamental. she stayed in the city because she says she has no family to go to.
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without the volunteers, that should be completely alone and hungry and thirsty all gentlemen, i was in hospital, his heart problems and my daughter died recently. i have a nice who could help mad public transport this child so she can't get here. oh, he's right now i don't need anything because they brought me things, but this won't last long. all the volunteers work under the umbrella of an organization called love life which existed before the war to help the homeless and vulnerable. now is one of the only organisations of his kind in ukraine still operating and demand for it services for outstrips its capacity to cope. the organization has changed the way operates. it identifies the most vulnerable people and post them on a private social media channel volunteers. and make the deliveries navigating the cities, many checkpoints, and anti tank barricades. and it's not just home delivery. yes. kitchens and roadside keels of also become
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a frontline of salt in the war effort. most of the restaurants across the city are shut, but the kitchens are open and the sheriffs are working. now they might not be making their usual cuisines. what they're doing is they're making home style cuisines that then volunteers pick up and bring to distribution points like these. and it is a lifeline for many. this might be the one hot meal that they get a day american out 0 give me mile in russia. locals are starting to see the impact of the war on their economy as sanctions begin to buys from inflation to supply chain logistics, every corner of the economy will likely be affected. then it's smith has more from moscow. every copay, counts as russians begin to feel the effect of sanctions on their economy. $1.00 bought $75.00 roubles before the war. now it buys a 100. that means high prices for imported goods, such as the fruit and veggies in this market. what guns yet?
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they is learned the sweets used to cause 70 roubles, and now they cost 100 and she can also, we don't leave a luxury light, but the prices went had notably hotels. and actually the price of sugar went up significantly more than $10.00 doorbells. and i ran out of salt and sugar and i couldn't find down for now to day they appeared. no, my pension would be an asi, it is not so little, but i spent almost half of it on medicines. so very little remains of everything is more expensive, sorry, fish used to be a 120 we. those now is $480.00. last time we brought back, we almost 200, very expensive. it's hard for us. we want to eat. russian president vladimir putin has acknowledged that sanctions mean the economy will need what he calls deep structural changes. they won't be easy. he said before the war and ukraine inflation here. it was already over 9 percent the highest. it's been in 7 years that could now double and interest rates are 20 percent. all of this putting
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a real squeeze on russian incomes ah, or the russian association of patriotic entrepreneurs. some believe there are opportunities to be hard. as western firms pull out, though, 1st, there are practical challenges to work around from virginia. the whole supply chain has been damaged. yet many producers are not sending raw materials of finished products to russia, even if they are, containers aren't leaving because of concerns about sanctions. so a big question for processing industries is, what is their logistic chain? durable dollar exchange rate is also big stress. many russians credit their president with stabilizing the economy after the collapse of the soviet union. it grew, every year vladimir putin was in office until the global financial crisis. a group of international banks now expects economic output to fall by up to a 3rd. this year. bernard smith al jazeera,
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moscow. 3 russian cosmonaut have arrived at the international space station. its the 1st space crew to launch since rushes invasion of ukraine and is worried challenge reports. it's right and questions about how political tensions will affect international space exploration. everything is not in our weekend. they may now be floating full 100 kilometers above the surface. however, terrestrial conflict is accompanied, the international space station, us visitors 11 1st through the hatch is denise mat hugs and smiles greeted sag a cossack of denise my fave, and i got him. yes, they came through the box. look at the colors from the russian cosmonaut suits. yellow and blue is the same as the ukrainian flag. it didn't take long for some back on earth to conclude. this was a coded message of condemnation for their country's invasion of ukraine. sometimes yellow is just yellow, scuffed rushes space agency on telegram with russian mission control. got on combs,
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just to make sure you look through the previous through to know what you're doing. well, that's them asking like why the crew is wearing yellow suits while everyone else on the i ss whereas grey, he is legs reply question, because each group picks the suit the overalls under their own choice so that we don't look the same. now it was our turn to pick the color. that's probably the truth is we accumulated a lot of yellow materials, so we needed to use it up. that's why we had to wear yellow flight seats perhaps. but russian space and defense analysts probably fell going how it says if they were making a political comments, they need a cover story for a russian crossman not to go against the grid this. well, i mean, he'll be just simply not sent the space again for them that the tragedy and the rush and cosmic agency and meet you are going to be absolutely supportive of the
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campaign and ukraine. so even if they wanted to show kind of some kind of resentment, they found the very good we go cover to say that this is jeff, businesses use yo about either way. russia's invasion of ukraine is putting huge strain on space cooperation. us sanctions, a targeting rushes space program, the european space agency is pulling out of a russian european mission to mars. launches have be cancelled, and contracts broken. then the years of collaboration between russia, the u. s. and it's western allies are being pulled apart in weeks. rory challenz, how to 0 hurrying, then still ahead on al jazeera, how internal refugees are being helped in western ukraine. and bridging the political and cultural divide and exhibition. a new york off is an inside in some modern iran.
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ah hello, we still got some rather when she weather in 2 were parts of the middle east and all the parts in particular. lot of class still showing up here more snow just around the turkey pushing out to the black sea isn't over towards the caspian road across the caucuses for the south is cold enough to around the live at 10 or 11 celsius. if you're lucky. 30 degrees there in baghdad, no sound of any cold here. starting to warm up just once again down across southern parts of the raven peninsula, but noticed one or 2 showers there at the central and southern parts of saudi arabia over the next day or so. they should clear through as we go one into monday as should the wintry stuff that we do have a little further north, but noticed jordan to catch a shower, maybe a roxy one or 2 showers as we go on into the early part of next week. showers
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lingering to across northern parts of africa and very brisk winds coming through here rather nasty weather on the cold side as well. if the dust and sand and we have got the showers, of course, into a west africa and are pushing across liberia, sierra leone, garner ivory coast, southern parts of nigeria. joining up with the showers that we have across the tropics. so showers extending their way down to was northern areas of madagascar that where to where the started to make his way into tanzania. ah, with some of the world languages preserve needs. yeah. provides much of the uranium that fuels year. it's nuclear power. but at what cost, people and power follows the uranium trail from the dad to the source of the mediterranean and investigates the devastating effects on the planets and all those
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who inhabit the industries power. the cost of uranium part 2 on al jazeera blue. the managers there, i'm emily ang, when he's reminder of the stories we're following, this, our russian tanks have been seen and firing on a narrow street and ukraine, southern for the city of mario poll. despite the heavy bombardment another convoy of civilians as managed to leave the besieged rushes cousin, causing a bank in speculation. the blue and yellow colors of the uniforms indicate support the crime that moscow denied that the human meaning. and russia says it's seen
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destroying ukrainian military targets with high precision weapons. it says if you type in on a new south in west, in ukraine, the 1st time during this conflict to destroy a weapon storage facility. but that's not been independently verified. so what exactly is a hypersonic missile and why wouldn't moscow excite using it? now, 9 in russia as kings or dag missiles that several times faster than the speed of sound. because of that they are much harder to detect and nearly impossible to intercept. they can also change caused me to flight and miss as part of an array of advanced weaponry. russia unveiled back in 2018. tulsa jabari has more from moscow . i think it's significant where it was used. it was used in the western region of ukraine in ivana rankoff ski, which shares a 50 kilometer long border with romania,
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that is a nato member country. you have to remember a vladimir putin had said in the past that as his country has the most advanced med miss, i'll am hypersonic missiles and that russia is really a pri, prides itself on having the advanced weaponry in its arsenal. and the use of this is significant because it really is another reminder to nato countries in, at the region that her russia is at willing to use whatever it has in its arsenal to achieve its mission in ukraine. vladimir putin on friday at, during that rally that they held in moscow said that we know what we have to do. we know how to do it and we know what we have to sacrifice in order to achieve our plans. this is yet another very significant and dangerous reminder that this country is willing to use whatever it has militarily to achieve its goals. they're
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in ukraine. vladimir putin has insisted. the invasion of ukraine is an operation to deem militarized, n d not to find that country a group of holocaust scholars said his claim. the government is probably not seized, factually wrong and morally repugnant. that ukraine has been struggling with extremism. a number of far right militias have emerged in ukraine since the conflict in the began back in 2014, including the ultra nationalist as of a battalion, which is now integrated into ukraine's army. analysts have argued that integration range in the battalion and that routed abs, neo nazis in its ranks. but some us politicians say it should be a designated terrorist group. and in racing ease as being multiple reports of anti jewish activities in ukraine, which prompted the government to introduce new penalties. cynthia miller, adrian is the author of hayes in the homeland, the new global far rush. ukraine like other military, the german military,
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the u. s. military has had a problem with far right extreme it them white the premises among their ranks. it's a minority problem, a very small percentage, but it's a persistent problem. and in ukraine that problem has grown since 2014 as ultra nationalists factions and militia. as were clashing with pro russian separatists, you know, or with russia itself and, and have drawn foreign fighters from overseas. again, not all of whom were far right in nature, but some of them are. and that is what we're seeing now to is that there are some recruitment and mobilization happening among global white supremacist to go to ukraine and use this opportunity to, to gain tactical training and combat experience. they may not really have any political objectives in mind related to ukraine, but it's an opportunity to gain that training to recruit to,
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to fundraise. so that's the danger is that people are going there. the other danger, of course, is that people go there because they want to defend ukraine and then become radicalized while they're there because they get into a mix of people who have this idea, logical views, once they're there. so again, it's a minority problem, but that doesn't mean we, you know, we can dismiss the propaganda while still acknowledging that there is a small problem that has to be dealt with and that could exacerbate, have some ripple effects after this conflict is over. more than 3300000 refugees had now fled ukraine since the start of the invasion more than 3 weeks ago and he's a breakdown of where they going. poland has taken the most with more than 2000000 refugees. moldova hungry romania ends. the voc yet have open therefore is mostly women and children have been able to escape. and even russia has taken in tens of thousands of people while more than 2000. they have fled to bella. ruth, children for war in ukraine are at
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a height and risk of human trafficking and exploitation. that's the warning from the united nations children's fund unicef. well then 1500000 children have fledged ukraine. since the invasion began, jo english from unicef says children also need to be able to cope with the trauma of war. i spend the last couple of days in a hospital in here in the 8th, and you know, the, the stories of the kids. i've met one young boy, 15 years old andrei, 2 weeks ago, he was in a car with his mom and his cousin. when they hit alarm on and he saw his mother passed away before his eyes in planes. and you cannot begin to imagine the pain that children are going through. and as you say, you know, this is not chosen obviously. and this is not something which they're going to be able to deal with by themselves and say they need dedicated can support training. psychologists and psycho social workers provide this cat, you know,
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because 1.6 plus 1000000 refugees, 3300000 displaced. these are almost 5000000 children force in the home. that's 5000000 children who have their lives turned upside down the scatter. this is huge . that's huge amount to be done. you know, the infection support corporation solidarity is desperately needed along with those leaving you crying. there are huge numbers of people being internally displaced, oksana coming, co works for a group, helping internal refugees. she spoke to al jazeera about her group's work. my name is oksana. i live at 27 years old. and now i yeah, i live with my friends near live and we make some volunteer projects. i'm from all and that cannot it sir? cynthia, in as a parisha region. i here is they biggest to nuclear power station. and unfortunately for now, are this town is occupied by russians are green forest,
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it's our office war, they're learning english and her during the war in became a shelter shelter for all the refugees. so all or need to someplace to leave for, to relax to think about their future and so on. i am air coordinator of the settlement. it started to walk home. i think maybe it was so day after starting the war. this is natalia, she is like a grandma of a spray, so she just help everyone who needs some help or advice or something else. she is cooking cooking for all or hungry people that could be in this place. it's help her to be more calm because she had a bad situation with her family because part of her family is in much open now and
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a hair is no connection or with her. her own children with her granddaughters and oh, grandsons, doing nothing. my head will just blowing. so this walk helps me to orm not to see too much about the war, and to feel that i all can help people that i also take part in them, may be small part by to potter in the way of our winning this war. and i hope that so, and all the citizens, all people of ukraine will understand fully understand importance of their independence. and it will be like a chance to build it from their basement. and so build it in the right way world
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renown. ballet stars have ranged at least $180000.00 for ukrainians during a gala performance in london, lou leading stars from russia and ukraine as well as asia and the americas participated in the show at the london color scene. it is important to show that the whole world is supporting you, praying and dance for ukraine. here at london, coliseum have an incredible array of for artists, musicians who join from around the world. we have dancers from brazil, from england, from scotland, from france, russians, ukrainians. it is important to show that russian doesn't equal aggression. it doesn't equal to her if it seems that are happening in ukraine right now. to other world news now, and the sandy led coalition fighting in yemen says who the rebels have launched for attacks on the kingdom, damaging cars and holmes. saudi st. media is reporting
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a gas facility in commerce mil shades was targeted as well as a power station. and aramco facility and a desalination plant in the country were also targeted. the divide between the us and iran has been highlighted by racing efforts to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. but a persian art exhibition in new york is attempting to bridge that gap. kristen salome has more with ornate patterns and his la mic references. the current exhibit at new york's ages. society clearly shows its persian roots why she called me in his interest in alchemy. but the exquisite craftsmanship isn't all that curator fresh. a deaf tarry wants her american audience to see when you look at the works here, you will realize that they're not just mere decorative works. they have very profound messages to convey, even if at times the messages are concealed. rebel jester, mystic poet,
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contemporary persians, features 20 plus living artists from iran and its diaspora. about a 3rd of the artist on display still reside there in a country long seen as an american adversary. the work on display conveys many aspects of persian identity to a western audience. more accustomed to seeing modern iran through a political lens at times, the work plays with stereotypes to present a more nuanced view. las image of an open wound, or even a bullet total from war and peace. she's connecting this idea of war with the pursuit of oil to gender identity. it's sort of in the way of rebellion against would, is expected of, of iranians, of iranian women. the art reveals the people behind the politics. would they be able to show these works in iran?
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most of them have been shown in euro yes, most have been shown. but of course, you have to me also sensitive about certain rules. sometimes using humor to quietly subvert authority. the biggest misconception is that all women are depressed and they're only they, they're under the veil, and they are repressed or beauty to convey something dark. the idea of mirrors reflecting truth. these contemporary persians, like all great artists compelled if you were to look again for a completely different perspective. kristin salumi al jazeera new york. ah, hello, you're watching al jazeera, these are the stories were following this. our russian tanks have been same firing on a narrow street in ukraine, southern port city of mary home, despite the heavy bombardment and now the convoy of civilians has managed to leave
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the city. ukraine says nearly 7000 people have used humanitarian corridors to escape that cities on saturday. ukraine's president val.


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