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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2022 8:30pm-9:00pm AST

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16 crew members have been rescued from chicago ship, which sank off the coast of southern iran, the l. so me 6 went down in stormy seas and high winds, while sailing to own casa in southern iraq, the vessel was flying. the flag of the united arab emirates to france now where the president manual mccrory has unveiled his electoral program just 3 weeks before the 1st round of the presidential election. he's promising labor reforms including gradually increasing the retirement age to $65.00. and he says he, wayne france off fossil fuels until now. micron has been largely absent from the campaign trail. his opponents have accused him of judging the bank. south korea has broken its corona virus record by reporting more than 600000 new infections in just 24 hours. that's the hi, this is the panoramic began 2 years ago. but doctor think the latest,
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omicron driven search is nearing its peak. the government's due to decide on friday whether or not to maintain social distance and live lines. in ne china, a hospital is being built at a record pace wave doctors is struggling to contain new corona, virus infections. the 6000 bed make shift building in the city of g. lynn is expected to start accepting patients next week. 742 new cases were reported in the city on wednesday. a court in cambodia has convicted 21. our position, politicians, and activists for plotting to overthrow the government. members of cambodian national rescue party received prison sentences ranging between 5 and 10 years. human rights watch has accused the government of stifling dissent. tourney chang reports from p on pen. dressed for a date with destiny sang terry arrives outside nonsense,
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municipal court. the human rights activist and lawyer is wearing the dress she wore to the opera with the number 9 inked on her arm date when cambodia is opposition. leader was due to return from exile and they see then that i have committed in order that the opposition leader sam ramsey never returned. instead, a 130 government critics were arrested and now faced 12 years in prison, had shaved ready for jail. she tells us, she's not afraid she survived to come errors. prison camp is a child and she sees disturbing similarities to day. without exaggeration, can board. it currently is a prison without wall the same way that during the cairo's years, cambodia was
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a prison. all of it was a prison without walls turn prime minister and sen served as a commander in the cameras, military leadership in the 1970s. he defected to vietnam. before that country invaded cambodia in 1979 over throwing the compare rouge and installing a puppet government that hans and lead in 1985. he's been in power of a since in what many fear is now a one party state. and it's not just the political opposition to her being shut down. the government's been increasingly strict on workers who are trying to protest their conditions, arrest they are closing them down with the security services. the demonstrations have attracted international attention. but united nations observe as a, bustled out of the area by the police, behind the cover of a bus. the protest as a put on board and taken out of the area. they faced detention and fines for what
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the government says. a violations against coven 19 measures. a cries ignored. as journalists, a hustled out of the way. and the early major opposition leader who hasn't fled into exile is also under the threat of jail common law. and normally every one knows what the cambodian court is like, i do not need to comment, but it depends on the repressive atmosphere. if the political environment works well, i believe the court will make a good decision. and as he hits the court, also charged with treason that might be optimistic with his party band. his colleagues excelled, and hundreds of his supporters jailed defiance. looks like a lonely snake. toni chang, owl to 0 known pen as supreme court of honduras has approved the extradition of former president one orlando hernandez. he's wanted in the us for helping cocaine traffic is and, and is, has a 3 day is to appeal the judge's decision. gillian wolf has moved the former leader
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is accused of having helped the smuggling of 500 tons of cocaine, mainly from columbia and venezuela, through honduras to the united states. this is shonda premed ice that the extradition judge has decided to grant this extradition, which has been requested by the court of the supreme district of new york. you, as prosecutors alleged a politician, received millions of dollars from traffickers, including mexican drug cartel, boss hakim, l. chapel guzman, the 53 year old denies the accusations, saying they are a revenge plot by rival drug, get. the supporters rallied outside the supreme court in the capital to goosey gobby. and i think he was there any president here extradited, many drug traffickers in the united states is allowing itself to be led by all the lies of the drug traffickers. he extradited those of the allegations they have on the evidence they have from the drug traffickers. hernandez was arrested last month
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after being hold up in his home for hours by police. if convicted, he faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 40 years. his brother and former congressman was sentenced to life in prison, lost here for similar offenses. prior to his 8 year presidency, hernandez was pro american and supported washington so called war on drugs. his wife expressed her despair lament though he said, i mean, i sincerely regret that this is being done to some one has been an ally. i wonder from now on who else will want to work to combat drug trafficking in neighboring countries or in honduras. so dropping hernandez is expected to appeal the extradition ruling and has 3 days to announce his decision. jolie wolf, al jazeera, arising global fuel and food prices as a result of the war in ukraine is worsening lebanon's economic crisis. the un says 200000 and
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a 5 year olds is suffering from malnutrition center. hot up reports from bearish. it's one of the world's worst economic collapse in history. at least 2000000 lebanese are struggling to put food on the table. that's nearly half the population . the situation is no different among the hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees living here. lead ladner can we don't have enough food at home because my father doesn't earn much money, shall we get food from here. cases of malnutrition, nearly unprecedented in this once middle income country are on the rise. a recent survey by the united nations on children under the age of 5 is causing concern. 9 out of 10 children not getting the diversity of food that they need money, children are actually going to bed hungry. for example, i spoke to a child last week in the school and the child had just returned to school after
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a long, long absence. but the child had not eaten for 2 days. there are many similar stories . basle says, he is unable to provide the basics for his 3 children. because work is hard to come by. in this household, they eat once a day and milk is substituted with water and sugar was i'm not with them. sometimes i collect plastic and scans from the streets to serve them. sometimes i work as a keynote, but the bay isn't enough to make sure that the nearly bankrupt government has been promising assistance to the most vulnerable for month. with the help of the world bank, it will give cash assistance to 150000 families. the anal about our program will help reduce the burden, the lebanese phase from the difficult living conditions. her prices have increased by more than 143-5000 miguel 1019 at the store. and ukraine is making the
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situation worse as we prices rise and authorities warn, they may no longer be able to subsidize red charities, say they can no longer keep up with growing demands. they say those who used to assist now need help themselves. sorry, not that he been sydney now for now. we are feeding 850 people, but love to 1500 people have approached us for help and we can't do anything for not the poverty rate continues to rise in the absence of a government economic recovery plan. already 94 percent of children aged 6 months, the 2 years are not getting enough food. said could their l. shahita, beirut? nigeria is planning to spend tens of billions of dollars to modernize it's around y network. the over hole could boost the economy and remote parts of the country. as an interest reports from lagos, containers set on auto gateway trucks awaiting delivery to lagos,
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ports for export. a few years ago, they would have to make the journey by road, but a multi $1000000000.00 investment to revive the countries williams system is beginning to pay off thanks to billions of dollars in loans from china. thousands of kilometers of royal networks have been revamped and put to use opening up opportunities for businesses and boasting the economy grid that m j. c one, cooperate freight services. so income grow steadily along which huge growth potentials we have money was crushed. the system we have a lot of cut it in passing the services i would love to perry imports even exports. movements of raw materials within the country is so huge. when you put a load on a train, just glass leap. it would deliver volumes on time. civ,
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lives in a and employment benefits at this train station in lagos. these passengers who commute daily from he bought off for work and trading catch the last train whole just to year ago, there have to spend 5 hours on the road to get home. now they do that in 2 officious. now look and be on pos to services. they've launched an ambitious program to link up with nigeria neighbors and see ports to post trade we have developed or what we call 3000. i'm back with her and her brother. so that's with a harvey, the toner on how, where 2 people can go up. exactly enough. this, he says, we'll deliver freight in time and he's pressure or nigeria, roach. but the plan requires a lot of money and the government doesn't have enough. it's estimated that $80.00 to $100000000000.00 is required to fix nigeria, re network,
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which has been neglected for decades as a result. trucks are the main means of moving heavy loads across the country. and that has taken a heavy toll on the roads which need hundreds of millions of dollars of repairs. every year. the decline of nigerian rail system followed decades of neglect. much of the tracks were late before the countries independence in 1960. since then, there was no major investment in the sector, expert se, reviving the sector will spur growth in manufacturing and create jobs. but there are concerns about whether the government which currently owns and operate the railways is capable of sustaining it. army decreased al jazeera lagos, nigeria said, come, we'll have all the de sports news, including liverpool move within a quite from top to star in them from him. ah,
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so how do you define a successful 1st year in charge of the country? we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we're living. what do you think's been driving the volatility market? counting the cost on al jazeera dictatorships to democracies, activists to corporations, control of the message is crucial. oil companies have become very good at recognizing ways to phrase what they want you to hear. we care about the environment you do to you should buy our oil, 3 it for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. listening post examines the vested interest behind the content you consume on al jazeera in america is a region of wonder of joy tragedy. and yes, of violet. but it doesn't matter where you are,
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you have to be able to relate to the human condition with no country is a life and it's my job to shed light on how and why it is murder. when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home, any heat loss fresh with, you know, i don't know is significant to numbers that insignificant ideologically, the insignificant, even as a crime getting very significant by dictating the government, the fuck the policy. thou shalt not kill parts of the radicalized deed series on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities have cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it out here, we're bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you. counters, era?
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ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, welcome back her now let's have a look at the latest sports news across the globe and tennis style ref i on
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a doll is yet to lose this year is into the quarter finals at indian wells thanks to his 18th consecutive when of the season, the 21 at time grand slam champion had to work hard against american riley or poke her da da was pushed to a tie break in both sits in california. rafa hasn't lost a singles match since returning from injury. it won't nimble before will now face estrella mc curious in the last dance one he's blamed. well, and we're here sir. side of them. moderator is one of the toughest opponents. without a doubt nozzle tomorrow. want to be or a thought much what we are and what the final switch of indian wells 9 must have 1000 though we can, but specter another thing and i, i have to spec to very tough opponent, him for
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a line tomorrow want to be and they hold to be ready for for it. spanish tennis is in good hands with teenager carlos al car as a producing another breakthrough when the 18 year old baby game on fees in straight sets. alcaraz that e s b youngest quarter finalist at indian wells. since michael chang back in 1989, he'll take on defending champion at camera norie for a spot in the semi's. in the women's number 3 said ega, she's won tech wasted little time. on her way to the semi, the 2020 french open champion, bade american medicine keys in strike fit in less than an hour. she'll now face form a world at number one, the myrna. hello, paul, i'm the finish. ever since going behind they stepped out. chelsea kept the ball well. the real has also progress. the spanish side for the 3 lay goes in is late to
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knock out you've inches. the arrow advancing for one on aggregate. the draw for the quarter finals takes place on friday. and hughley. liverpool has moved within a point of manchester city at the top of the english premier lake on wednesday. they bade us no. soon neil liverpool opened the scoring through portuguese forward g. you're going to have to forgive my pronunciations. the and i minutes later they doubled their lead. thanks to rebecca, firm and arm liverpool. fit to play man sitting on a couch. a fat guy. you don't think about city. that's the truth. i know that the only chance we have is to win an incredible amount of football games because our opponents win incredible amount of football games. there's no chance to to, to,
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to drop. i said before the last few years and we pushed each other on insane levels . a russian court has extended the detention of american basketball star brittany griner until may 19th. the double olympic champion has been in custody since february 17th when moscow airport custom officials reportedly found cannabis oil in her luggage. the 7th time w. m. b. a. all star is accused of drug smuggling. if convicted, she could face a maximum of 10 years in prison. the 31 year old has pleaded not guilty to the charges. one of the fiercest arrival reason sport is said to resume with the start of the new formula, one season max for step and just edged out. louis hamilton in last year's title race and both dr. as a back for the 1st race of 2022 in bar rang as andy richardson reports.
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ah, the new season can't come soon enough for max for stoppin. last year he won his 1st form to want will title. and since december 19, darby is read will team building a new call in line with regulations and closing the gap between the front legs again and back of the field. red bull remain convinced the stuff and is the month. keep them ahead of the pack. he's been given a new contract worth more than $50000000.00 a year. yeah, i think her decision was her quite straightforward thing from both sides. you know, we wanted to continue and you know, from the start i felt really good in the team. and especially after last year, i yeah, i only saw one way forward and that was resisting ah, the 2021 title race went down to the last lap of the final race of the season for
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staff and overtaking his championship. rival lewis, hamilton of mercedes following a hugely controversial decision to restart the race early after a safety car. i think 2021 will go down in history of one of the all time, great years. i mean, i can't remember a year like that informal one where it was so close between the 2 drivers from the very 1st race to the very last are the challenges now to build on that. now we have that number one on the car is to keep it on the car and defend that title. you know, with max, which with a brand new set of regulations is going to be incredibly difficult. 7 time champion, hamilton admitted the way last year ended did make him consider his future in the sport. hamilton is though, back for a 16th season, the claims he's worried about how competitive his new mercedes will be. i'm really, really hoping when i get off this call this evening, there found some tricks. i found some ways to extract more from this car. and i
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there's, there's a lot of cars are looking quite fast, like the alpha ramiro's looking fast. valerie was looking quick. the obviously, the rebel looks ridiculous. he class at the moment and the ferrari's. but we are the best team. so ah, it seem, hamilton will be hoping can power him to a record breaking 8th will title. and he richardson algy 0 to craig a now and the west indies need a good start to date 2 of their test match against england on day one. in barbados, england, captain jo routes for a century. england will resume their 1st innings until $144.00 foot 3. and we finish with the women, cricket world camp south africa has maintained their perfect reco defeating host nation and new zealand by the wicked remaining on track for a sport in the semi finals that africa one this match with just 3 bull to spare
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music film and entertainment from south career is thrilling, millions of people worldwide, and their popularity has shined the world a different and peaceful way of exerting global influence. reynolds reports from southwest festival in austin, texas. ah, from the sublimely traditional to the aggressively avant garde, ah, korean culture is having a moment at the south by southwest festival. koreans are crazy about new stuff, and i think they're good at it's something new environment and new policies, new cancer. and i like that are of free and so does everyone else apparently the korean movie parasite. one oscars for best
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picture, best director and best screenplay in 2020. ah. k. pop has millions of avid fans worldwide. and the block buster boy band b t. s. is one of the most popular acts in the world. ah, the shocking hybrid horror and social commentary series squid game became must see, pandemic era t v. at the festival podcast or sarah lane. and melissa kim led a discussion on korean t. v's global appeal story lines are so interesting, anyone can relate to like class inequality, there's so much great content coming out of korean. the korean culture boom came about not by accident, but as part of a deliberate government strategy. beginning in the 19 ninety's explains global
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studies professor julian lee, the korean goran don't realize that it's important for them to focus on coaches. so more than $100000000.00 were supported for korean coach or industry to support to creative content. the effort has paid off not only in a multi $1000000000.00 entertainment industry, but also in more intangible ways. now like a korean kocher has become a symbol of the wet korean pride or would be. so this is the way to make connections with the world. well, other countries focus on military might and seek to dominate their neighbors through port. ria, chose soft power and it's success and a powerful message. make music and movies, not war. rob reynolds al jazeera austin, texas. and we're waiting to hear from the u. s. secretary of state antony lincoln,
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who is expected to speak at the state department, things alive, pitches of that press conference. the crime war, of course, will remain in the focus. let's go live now to our correspondent, rosalind jordan, who is in the washington day se roslyn, the secretary of state is had a meeting with nato foreign ministers. how significant is that chat going to be? well, it's significant because this war is now in its 4th week, and while the rescue crews are trying to find survivors from the latest bombing and mario poll, the u. s. and its european allies are desperate to find a way to the end of this war. but of course, as our viewers know, lots of talks have been taking place. lots of negotiations have been taking place, but there has been no ceasefire, much less a trading to end this. so invasion by russia of ukrainian territory. certainly the
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u. s. wants to see things wrap up. it does not want this war to spread across europe. ok, thank you very much, rosalind jones with that preview and no doubt we'll cross back to you once we hear from the at the secretary of state antony blinking. okay, thanks for watching this news hour. we'll have more news in just a moment to stay with us. ah. cold response nato's long plan to military. i'll take the 5, the largest since the cold war has taken on you significant as the war rages in ukraine day without as they arrived for the latest development. as 35000 troops from 28 nato countries demonstrate their abilities in a region already off edge. in just under a year's time, castles al bait stadium will house the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the
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official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many fans were already counting down to the big kickoff next, november c, u, a, as this tournament unfolds over the coming days, it will play a key role. organize is getting ready to host the middle east's biggest ever sporting event next year. and for the cats are national, same as i get used to playing in front of expected home crowds lobby, hoping to convince both the fans and themselves. so they really all ready to take on the world. tens of thousands of children were born into our lives under the i school regime in iraq and syria. now many are in camps either orphans all with a widowed mothers, rejected by their own communities chicken. you're lying, so people are going to welcome them after that. of course, mom and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories from the children throw stones at me. iraq's
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last generation on al jazeera, whether you're streaming your favorite show, or downloading the latest blog post. it's never been more important for your connection to be quick and reliable. you want to lie free of buffering to expect your favorite entertainments at your fingertips on whatever device you use. this is the kind of service our sales apps broadcast solution deliver. 247 f sales space to deliver your vision. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily anglin, in dough. hi, you're watching the news hour and al jazeera is continuing coverage of the war in
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ukraine. is search for more survivors in a bombed theda in mary paul, the port city that's become the most severe humanitarian crisis of the conflict. so far, russia denies being behind that attack and increasing violence targeting civilian areas.


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