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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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ah, in the 19th sixty's, afghans cinema was born. filmmakers were on the way of the dangers to come ah, russian forces target a ukrainian military base near the border with poland killing at least 35 people. ah, hello, this is al jazeera live from doha. i'm fully back to go with continuing coverage of the war in ukraine. warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe in mario pole. new efforts to get aid into the port city that's been met without power, food and water ukraine's president brought him years. lensky visits soldiers
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wounded during the war and promises never to surrender. and a heavy police response at anti will protest across russia. hundreds are detained in several cities. russian missile strikes have hit a military training base in western ukraine. around 30 misses struck the facility in yavari if that's in the navy of reach and just 20 kilometers from poland, a member of nato, and the european union. at least 35 people have been killed in the attack and more than a 130 injured ukraine. holes, most of its trails with nato at the base which housed us troops just a few weeks ago, al jazeera john hole has more from the outskirts of yavari, if on our way. and we saw loads of these ambulances screaming in and screaming out, taking injured to evaluate the hospital, just down the road over that possibly also all the way to leave as well. and pretty
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grim descriptions coming about the extent of injuries suffered the center of international peacekeeping. and security this faith is called it is a training facility in the latter part of last year. it hosted pretty substantial military exercises involving $6000.00 forces from 15 country is countries including us forces. it is also known to have housed foreign military personnel providing training to ukrainian troops. the americans announced back on february the 12th, not so long ago that they were putting out a 150 of their military train as it is not known at this moment whether any foreign personnel were on the base. but this is a say was a secure military installation barracks, barrack blocks, clearly seen from satellite pictures, no civilians on this base at that time. but a clear indication that russia is widening the extent of its attacks into the west of the country. a warning on saturday from deputy foreign minister. so gay re
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upcoming that supplies of military 8th, military weaponry that are known to be coming into this country frequently. now that have been so useful in bolstering ukraine's defense are considered legitimate targets. and that over there is one of several routes into the country for just those sorts of supplies. so a clear message here from russia that it is willing to attack incoming military aid that remember this, ruth is not just for military supplies. it is also being used by hundreds of thousands of civilians fleeing this country, becoming refugees into europe, leaving what was hitherto a peaceful corner of ukraine. now no longer. earlier i spoke to kirk vancho as a former us ambassador tomato, and a special representative for the ukraine negotiations. he says, president putin appears to be getting more reckless and desperate. striking this babe, very close to pole when he knows it was risky. it's
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a sharp gong just 20 kilometers, further accredited, poland. and this is also striking, an area where western forces had donated supplies to the gradient. and so they're actually drawing after some of the supplies. it's reflecting, i think of her dangerous, but of her desperate state of mind. we need to be issuing russia and very severe warnings that we are not involved in this conflict. we do support your grades ready to defend itself, but if you attack western or nato us forces, or if you resort, he should chemical or biological or other weapons, then all bets are off. we will not tolerate attacks on our cells. and there's been intense fighting outside ukraine's capital keys, and many people have been fleeing the russian advance to governmental towns. this is below horrid car, where cars and vans full of people have been arriving when we have survived constant bombings and they're running out of food and water. some say the roads was littered with mines.
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ah . sunday morning church bells were drawn down by the sound of air raid sirens in ukraine's capital. keith, which has been e really quiet lately with the threat of russian troops on the cities outskirts, but worshippers. till came to church, one of the champions, even breast rifles of those of chosen to defend the city. now ukraine's president has visited his that wounded soldiers in hospital. vladimir zalinski met them, and the hospital south, treating them in keith. ukraine says at least 2800 soldiers have been killed and about 3700 injured in the fighting. zalinski says his forces are defending their country and will never surrender. gina, all of those over 8 years of long war and on birth date. cynthia invasion have killed almost $13000.00 off to a cooper's. it's more than both of the church and warsaw. all mangled is more. you
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pulled convoys 2 hours away, either kilometers. or mary poll is such a critical concern for president lensky because it has been surrounded by russian forces for nearly 2 weeks now. russian misses have once again pummeled residential buildings in the city. essentially, like food and water have been running out, setting up a humanitarian chord or for people to escape has been difficult. aren't there? is iran con is in keith. and as more on what present lensky had to say about the effort to give safe passage to those fleet. the veteran corridors were already been established here. he said that a 125000 people of managed to get out of through various corridors into safer ukrainian territory. but mary poll is of a big concern to him. that's been undecided now for days by russian forces. intense fighting inside the city as well. but as you monitoring corridors actually go both ways. there's people coming out, but it's also supplies going in about 4 hours ago. we were told that there was
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a supply convoy going into the city that was about 80 kilometers away. we don't know if it's got any further, it's going to be a hot slope for that convoy to get inside with all the intense fighting going on. but those supplies are desperate leaders. so yes, this was today's message. he was very concerned about getting that humanitarian aid convoy into variable jason's tre usa is from the national committee of the red cross. he says, conditions in my up all are awful. well, communications are obviously very difficult, but we do have a line in a couple of times a day. we have a small team in mario pole and they can share with us what the situation is like in the situation is catastrophic, has been catastrophic for days. the adjectives describing how bad the situation there get worse and worse. we know there's tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who are running out of water may already be out of
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water running out of food. our own team tells us that they are now down to eating one meal a day. they had to make the choice to ration that to, to keep the food going, as long as they can. there's, there's children with our, with our teams there, there's families. so it's obviously a very difficult situation for them, but we know that situation ready outside radiates outward for thousands of residents and that city. so in terms of a, a pause or humanitarian corridor, we are working with both sides to the conflict, all sides of the conflicts. to urge that this take place, but we know that that agreement needs to come between them. what we're doing is describing the parameters in our conversations, conversations that are taking place that are very high level describing the parameters that need need to be put in place. a russian delegate in talks with ukraine says they've made significant progress. and one of your craters negotiated says the russian side has been come more constructive proof,
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maria green of representatives of the russians had a ration. the negotiations no longer put forward ultimatums, attentively listened to our propositions. ukraine will not give up its position as our demands are the end of the war and the withdrawal of the russian troops. i see that there's an understanding of this process and dialog. ukraine's emergency service says it's hard to deal with 3, unexploded bombs in a day in the northern city of check me his. this is one of them removed from a home. the bomb squad says it was diffuse as soon as it was discovered. jenny, his has been under heavy fire from russian troops in this thought of the war. meanwhile, at least a 135 people have been arrested, an anti war protests in 20 cities across russia. several were detained in moscow where the rally was quickly disrupted by police jail criminal critical ex, in a volley called for the anti war protests last week, at least 5000 people were arrested. at $69.00,
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protests nationwide demonstrated they're also out enforced in st. petersburg, despite a police crackdown vitamin porch and has announced penalties, including up to 15 years and presents a protest against the kremlin bennett smith. as more from moscow on the protest stretch really to call these even protest is very, very difficult for people to go out onto the streets and protest. any hint of somebody trying to go out or looking like a protest. i know very often violently dragged away by the police. the people in the hive is the best, the journalists by law, they have to wear those of, they are on one side and the police are dragging away people who might look like they are a protest of the protest. don't really get going and wanting them to be a woman just holding up a black blank piece of paper was taken away by the police, an indication of how they are key to crack down. anything that looks like
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a protest and one of the social media channels you often see, protest, pictures appearing is instagram. it will be blocked from midnight tonight in russia . not specifically because of spreading protest pictures, but because of a decision taken by incomes, parent company matter who relax their hate speech rules on what uses in ukraine can say about russia's war in ukraine, rough invasion of ukraine, because of the russian. all authorities have said that they won't prosecute, won't instagram, mester, the parent company, facebook declaring an extremist organisation. and as part of that instagram loc, 80000000 in 7 uses in russia like the rest of the world, it is ubiquitous. it has its fair share of influences who make a living on instagram. something like that being blocked will be really noticed here. there are other channels of course. and we'll have more on the war in
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ukrainian, just a humanist and also a head on al jazeera. why they are going concerns about europe's largest nuclear power plant, preserving his patch to battle, to protect one of the world's most important area of forestry. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the weather sponsored my cattle airways. now the spell of for the warm weather, particularly in this part of southeast asia, thailand and be in bar is still there, but being punctuated by some pretty big storms every now again, temperatures in western may more about 40 degrees above average. and the similar sort of story has been the case for the south in thailand, but those shows will put it in to that. and the concentrating down through potential malaysia and sumatra as well, with quite a good spattering of orange tops, big shows anywhere else in this part of southeast asia. not unusual,
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just showing the end of the regular wet season should be saying the end are too irregular winter in east asia, but you can see little curls of cloud here with snow on them are white on them, suggest hasn't quite gone away. we've had a few days, quite warm settled, well, particularly northern china, but it's got colder again than that cold as leaking eastward. so this looks like potential blizzard conditions in hoc hider. once again, the sun's over home shoes, 80 degrees, and to give it more snow shall seem likely. phenomenon to the rain. it was in southern china south. the yanks is disappearing by tuesday in temperatures here, bit on the above average, cyber not hugely. so india is a very quiet place at the moment. there's some rain and snow in afghanistan, but the heat is getting up, but 5 degrees above average. good, you're out. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always. oh, use use unique nicely. birds are at risk of extinction. even in vicious plans to read the motion of if some friend lose sight of 11 east investigate on al jazeera
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and talk to al jazeera, we are. do you believe that the threats of an invasion of ukraine is currently the biggest threat international peace and security? we listen, we are focusing so much on the humanitarian crisis that we forget the long term development we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah, ah, you're watching al jazeera life from doha. a reminder of our main story this our russian is right, said hit a ukrainian military base close to the border with poland. the governor of the live regent says that me 35 people have been killed. there's been intense fighting
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outside the ukrainian capital, keith, where raid sirens, have been hurt. many people have been treating the rush in advance to ukrainian house towns. and a new attempt is being made to send aids to the besieged city of merrier po, it's enjoyed intense russian and bought meant and has been cut off for 13 days. the mayor says 1500 people have been killed and the british government is encouraging companies to leave russia saying there is no argument for investing in the russian economy. i want to make it crystal clear that if funds or investors decide that they need to end their financial relationship with russia than the government fully support, see, i will, i'm at leading businesses last week. i welcome the consensus on the need to in certain maximum economic pain on putin and his regime as a prime minister has said diplomatically, politically, economically, and eventually, militarily, this hideous and barbaric venture of vladimir putin must end in savior. or the u.
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s. has announced it sending another $200000000.00 worth of weapons to ukraine. it bills on the significant shipments it sent in the lead up to the war. and on thursday, the u. s. congress approved an additional $13600000000.00 in emergency aid for ukraine. the united nations nuclear watched on says it's concerned about the safety and security of ukraine's nuclear facilities. the or is apple reach, her plant is under russian control. it's europe's largess, with 6 of ukraine's 15 reactors power lines. the facility have been damaged in gar, kiva, facility housing. a research reactor has been sheltered repeatedly the cabinets key and a ref me power plant in south ukraine are still in government control and operating normally. the chernobyl nuclear site hasn't had any active react us more than 20 years, but large amounts of spent fuel and radioactive waste remains on site. its power lines were caught last week. diesel generators are providing back up power. andrea
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and pro kip is the director of energy programs at the ukrainian institute for the future were not disclosing his location for safety reasons. he doesn't trust what the russians are saying about the plant in separation. the only source that i can trust is ukrainian government and ukraine in public company who are saying that russians are trying to establish control over their nuclear plan. the same as they did with try mobile, which is under the commission, which the region, but still what was in high threat for, for many countries, indicates if anything happens in general, say that there were more incident because rushes where shooting or where the biggest in europe nuclear power plant, they buy ship shooting nuclear facilities and reactive storage is key in how to give. so in general,
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citation is very best. the truth is that the ukraine do have enough mollified specialists to operate this power plants without any russian. this as this case assistance we, we can do this at a level and if russia ukraine in the beginning we waited and they are offering some technical assistance. that sounds crazy ukrainians who are escaping the vine in san moving as far away as central america. these were some of the 1st to arrive in guatemala on friday. the government says are being admitted on humanitarian grounds. and a small number of ukrainians are being allowed into the us raising campaigns from advocates about the price of refugees from elsewhere. rob reynolds reports, a ukrainian woman with 3 children fleeing the war, and her homeland was denied entry to the us twice when she asked for asylum at the
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tiquana border crossing with mexico. i don't have any other place to go. sophia, who did not give her last name, travelled 1st to romania, then to mexico seeking to enter the u. s. the extra me i have her family and friends in usa and they're ready to support me. and actually they asked me to leave ukraine in this situation. since 2020 the u. s. has barred almost all asylum seekers. using a regulation meant to prevent infectious diseases from spreading across the border . now, with many coven error restrictions eased or eliminated the rule known as title 42 is still being used to bar thousands of people from mexico, central america, africa, haiti, and elsewhere. many of those migrants are fleeing war and political upheaval. but on her 3rd try sophia, and her children with help from
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a lawyer were allowed to enter the us. some immigration attorney say there is a double standard favoring ukrainians. we are absolutely seeing a differentiation between howard treating ukrainian asylum seekers than we are. other asylum seekers, whether they be from south america, cameroon, haiti, or afghanistan, the ukrainians, are being able to jump to the front of the line. and the only difference is that they are white. and all of these other asylum seekers are not white for in a while. can mccraney refugees open arms have some track they come over here. the biden administration quickly granted temporary residency to tens of thousands of ukrainians who are already. busy in the us, we will be providing temporary protected status, t p. s to those ukranian nationals who are present in the united states as of march 1st of this year that policy also favors ukrainians over citizens of other nations
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who have been asking for temporary protected status. the afghans have been begging for this since august 2021. last month, 427 ukrainians, entered the u. s. as refugees, more than triple the number from january. there will be more families from ukraine seeking refuge in the us. as russia's invasion grinds on and raising more troubling questions about fairness, rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles, and much more on the war in ukraine on our website at al jazeera dot com, click on the ukraine tab, a special tab there with that. the latest updates on the conflict, as well as opinion pieces analysis al jazeera dot com time. now, for some avenues and people in columbia, choosing the next congress the vote could mark a significant political shift in historically conservative country is just 2 months
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before the presidential contest which precedes a left his leader elected for the 1st time live to alexander on p. t. who is in bogota for his tell us how the voting is going so far. alessandro yes, fully voting is under way, both here in the capital over, across the country. it has been a mostly at peaceful day voting, but we just heard about 2 explosions that happened and to remote areas in the south of the country that have seen an increase in violence to in the last couple of years. we understand that these 2 explosions killed 2 soldiers explosion was it gave a. 6 army unit station, the in the 2 pounds. and that's, this gives you an idea of that of the fact that unfortunately, violence, political violence in particular, is still present in the country from what we understand these 2 incidents have not
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affected any voting, but it's obviously shows how in many parts of the country, the complete that keeps raging, and this has been a warning for a year coming closer to this day of elections. we have also heard, heard and reported in the past months on how some candidates in particular, in remote areas have been strengthened by on group. so these are candidates running for special seats that have been created by the countries that piece deal back in 2016 between the columbia state. and then the rebels to give more representations to the populations that have been most affected by the internal conflict. so unfortunately, this is a situation that still exists, and actually we've seen an increase in violence in the country that says voting
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continuous across the country. most people, colombians are voting massively intellectually that as you said, your introduction, cook mach, i'd important that thing nic, significant political shift in what has been for decades that traditionally conservative country. thank you for that. alexandra p. p. as in colombia capital, bobo, town talks between chance transitional government, intent on grooves have ended for the day, but will resume in kata. on wednesday, they have to resolve a long running conflict between rebel groups and the trim government. but some groups have refused to participate. chapter 3 decades of conflicts since the military call in 1991, neighboring libya, foreign minister national alman gosh, says political stability is important for the whole beach. stability in chad is priority for us. is a huge desert and huge than what it's very difficult for us also to control our
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borders. so we need to engage together to work together. and it is actually also agreement has been signed in 2008 between 4 countries and g. libya to then and check which require a shared board control between all the these regions. and we are working so hard to activate this agreement because will affect and we have a very positive outcome in peace. and within that region, yvonne has claimed responsibility for a barrage of ballistic missiles that struck near the u. s. consulate in the northern iraqi city of bale. iranian sate, television reported the attacks were aimed at what it called secret is really bases . it said they were in retaliation for an air strike in syria that kill 2 of its revolutionary god. members, a u. s. official says there was no impact at the consulate which is unoccupied. a satellite channel near the u. s. consulate went on air shortly after the attack
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showing a shattered glass and debris on the studio floor. i fawcett has more from west jerusalem. there have long been these reports of an unacknowledged israeli presence in kurdistan. there was a report in iranian media last year about an attack, supposedly, by iranian forces, against such interests and against my side individual something which was largely disregarded here in israel, and certainly no comment about that so far. and the kurdistan authorities themselves a saying that there is no such base inside israel. however, it does go to the, the wider picture of the pretty constant israeli attacks against iranian interests inside syria. and the fact that there haven't been, it seems any casualties or any material damage that potentially gives away as some kind of de escalation. will that be and is really response if there haven't
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been any direct israeli interests struck or will the very public accusations and the very to the unprecedented nature of this ballistic missile attack for that specific reason given by the iranians. will that mean that some kind of military response potentially inside syria, again, will be forthcoming, relatively senior iranian military figures were killed in strikes attributed to israel just in the last few days. it also goes to, to further emphasize the need that israel places on its actions inside syria. one of the reasons that the prime minister natalie bennett has been publicly very low to criticize russia over its invasion of ukraine in recent weeks. because there is essentially tacit rational approval of those already a not challenging of those is radio strikes in syrian territory o an update now on the war in ukraine and that attack earlier on sunday, on
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a military training base in western a ukraine near the city of leave 20 kilometers from the polish border. well, as postman for russia's defense, ministry has said that russia targeted the training facility, yavari, even western ukraine. ah, and that he, the strike, had killed up to $184.00 and mercenaries and destroyed a large amount of weapons which were supplied by outside nations. now we can't independently verify this information, but again, earlier sunday, russian forces targeted this military training base, which is not far from the border with you, with poland. 20 kilometers from the border with poland, which is a natal member. there was no information earlier about whether a foreign of forces had been killed in at a time for the russian saying at this hour that a 184 and mercenaries had been killed. ah rushes defense ministry spokesman also
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says that russia will continue its attacks against what he called a foreign mercenaries. a 35 people were killed in that strike on that military training base in western ukraine earlier on sunday and a 134 injured in the attack. i will have more nesa later on today on al jazeera, of course, including the latest on the conflicts in ukraine. moving on, any colleges say vast areas are for a say north east india are under threat, but the government says the amount of forestry in states like money poor, have increased in the past 2 years. findings that are disputed avenue me town has more job on this. i don't always case is done when he leads home. he says he's been attacked 4 times for competing against illegal logging. despite
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dangers he's talked to investigate. when he sees logs, that would well have to go grab it because there's so much longer paula, for to survive. this area in which we are talking used to be a natural forest. but the trees have been chopped off. a good word doesn't daughter of a block, be sure. the northeast is home to nearly a quarter all forest in india and also some of its greatest biodiversity. but changing methods of farming, natural disasters, and growing populations have significantly reduced it. more anthem lawyer number has been preserving this patch of land in the state of money poor. he started doing plants and his 2 decades ago. now it's a lush forest that both of dozens of plant and animal species, every season, there were 3 for wildfire used to common, you know, destroy the whole place. so now initially the like i used to clear clearly all the land and i knew the blonde and slowly i phone or other trees.


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