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tv   Witness Miscarriage of Justice  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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oh justin, a gar, a market is a spooling hobbs, the animal trade, a plethora of exotic species. tiny metal cages, distressed and sweltering under the sun. ah, i'm kim that allen doha, with the top stories on al jazeera, the un refugee agency says more than a 1000000 people have fled ukraine. since russia's invasion began a week ago. it's the fastest exodus of people this century. most have headed west into poland and hungary. the un predicts at 4000000 people could eventually leave ukraine, but worn. see, even that projection could be revised up. the mayor of mary, you poll is reporting mass casualties after what he describes as a 15 hours of bombardment by russian forces who are surrounding the eastern port
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city. and 4 large explosions have shaken central key of overnight. a rocket strike landed near the capitals at southern railway station. thousands of civilians were inside trying to leave the city. andrew simmons is following developments from the vive, in ukraine's west. they were entering the 2nd week and there is no let up in the scale of the violence. in fact, it's increasing every hour. it would seem her song, marking the 1st city in ukraine to fall to the russians. and doing so, it's devastated some level of morale in one area that is in that city itself. ukraine forces are nowhere to be seen in the city. and the mass says that the mayor had russian troops crash into the local authority headquarters. a he wasn't held at gunpoint, he immediately went into negotiations with senior officers. apparently the ukrainian flag was allowed to stay flying on the roof of the building and tanks and
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rolled through the streets. these russian soldiers were seen moving along in a fairly common rational manner, patrolling the streets of the city. further down the coast, mario pole. well, that situation there is, is just extraordinary. no food, no water, no fue, and very little hope for people and some were getting out to the last minute. so convoys with tanks coming the other way. awful scenes. people in such a distress state and the level of pressure on hospital local hospitals is intense. just no sparing anything in the way this city has been shelled. ukrainian, president of a lot of is in ski, has told russian soldiers to go home and get the ball move. you will receive all grace the missiles and bombs hitting our cities shows. i couldn't achieve anything significant in our land. all that defensive lines
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a safe way. the enemy doesn't have success with any of its strategic directions. they're disappointed and loss. we give normal cause and they will deal. we will rebuild every house, every street and every city, and we say to russia, learn the words of reparation and contribution. you will pay back the full price for everything that you did. there is other brought the course no. graham's. ukraine has started welcoming foreign volunteers who are coming to our country. the 1st of $16000.00 coming to defend liberty and allies or russia. foreign minister saga level says he has no doubt the solution will be found. useful. graham nathan, your solution book that of course it's bad when people are dying, the soldiers and civilians, as it's been happening in the done best for 8 years, we will find a solution. i am totally convinced the minimum requirements are well known and they were expressed in the last round of talks with the ukrainians. the ukranian side
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had some reason to postpone those negotiations. clearly they are being ruled by washington. we cannot expect russia to allow any danger from the territory of ukraine elsewhere, emergency crews and northern ukraine, and trying to put out a massive fire and oil dep up that was reportedly hit by shouting. there were reports that doesn't have been kill tintin, have hundreds of civilians have gathered at ukraine's largest nuclear power plant to prevent russian forces from gaining access. the mayor of idaho dot says negotiations are taking place with russian troops. the russian billionaire roman brokovich has confirmed that he'll sell english football club. chelsea yup, and 19 years of ownership. you've also promised to donate money from the sale to help victims of ukraine war and as the headlines news will continue here on al jazeera. 1 right off the witness season but i know the. ready
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news. ready ah look a good anyway and even if i'm dealing with it with back in with
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a lot of people, she was a a, a, a, a i said a hotel miss yet to adenine and damage them,
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but as soon as that one hand i sent her, i started in louisiana and i went down to san both of them. i think the clinical e, me the steadily go. yeah. and i went to like, the lord have been a lad and doesn't believe how many open secrecy given a aid bear don't know you that we have a dog in the city germany here with
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some preliminary dilemma in common or maybe a i think it was to make it, but i put am i to cinema. got it. okay. get a yeah. i see my dad. ah . i lose it. and
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thought us what they made. oh, they had. okay. it, i bought it up when i come get on their vote at doyle mosquito, my banana. but i think that i went to somewhere, would it be made up? what is that to look at an event, but it into no negative lead, and then we'll get it in $90000000.00 lake and let, let us you, sam, bunch of them at any capacity. so they're missing the missing as we get our close up is handling bonaire. you add a new one to 1000000 equal to so by the movie levita, you're the head, jackie, and today the kiana's. hell, i key on the way i went that a few more money in animal mental, the low dens, your public,
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a good wing and middle and on the lot you know, the near will that will committed kinda happening seep. you mean by that? it or the other 2, they said they don't let it. but again, galahad mckesson lithium by this delane aldana, those cancer, many hello me. by the way to handle my bill, amicus eagerly cdn gave liliana gazelle of aladdin berry. nobody else had a cig damita. it's yonder cannot and then a little he but if any, me her to get out of it must be ample. again, i gotta say you gimme by that is he would be another movie beat me by this battle sample within the mic bullying. and i will put a facility near by federal high meal, but at the end of solar i left them anyway den glendale denise. diana
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jermaine. did it there with bid, endo, or the v a ma'am most when they moved to put a k. k of any of the ned does, he has not came back yet. instead of allowing me to look at my grandma, they did a believe in oil mad as that of the a case with dr. get by davis at the it because you got with a is how are you around with me?
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i don't want my little minimal head is. i've done the left hand pick and again at noon i question it the unit 7 up, whatever you gotta say. and i yeah, one local meat. if at that you're bannister, lemme doesn't say. but at that, them headed your am with your company and i, you know, i've got his hip barrios, heavier than that blunder. literacy. me led me to proceed because that was one fatal night. i see no demon winter gavia. my mom had a problem. guess he could h e m o m e s good, and we'll have me get bit of an idea of what a demo for the 1st one, the many i don't think daniel's not bringing up a supplement. the gay. i mean, but of a little bit of fun me, but the thing was that i can la fail unless it comes but
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on january jan member now, but i think buying map was i don't want to let them thing when i'm in american fan has a big when the sunday in, but i sat up where from brother, but i will, i will assume a song that i will know. i mean, when daddy, a young man made your more took on, i have no idea when into to get a fit care started by the order to establish the end of the demo. second marcus, the sand, dr. lamb, where it is damp bed finance, finished headed by the nurse steadily less young getting all of it. and that is over in the shop now, but i'm a did a care of i can see and okay, i be a master a and under my demo headache, what m a n c o was dead because, you know, saw that i think i said and not every beander, as he does youngest, i'm a when you see more national manifest among when i says shonda when they had
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a narceena and adams and as a mentor pick up by the shadow program in our best know how will go did i don't question sure. then no jam, i don't have to see them ahead of time. we know presume will get wetted. ok, the short dry is damaged the waste, the happy i can muster. i'm hung up in medic. professional, it ok left america said yet are they lacked addison, borderline maybe of casino hotel. if when i left a man, i got a know she had on a special for sound movie and have been through the kind of in a moment. okay. to him by the they get on their kinetic, i don't know when i was that i didn't get a body where electric. i didn't get amplifier. you see, dia alba, my dad that i was, he took to laura mc, sorry about the order. said, go him the us, you. they started helping him letter more mentor out as a mazda the associate, they study, asked the lender meaning less on sienna. going didn't i like gas or gamble here?
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if you go ah, the 3rd, a companion loaded by shell delinquent that gordon will not keep holding the cook to his killer. tame ment i stuck. awesome. awesome. so let's say and then last i would look at them in logan. i'm with a lot of like one of my cell. got he got been out by that. there's been a lisa lab. horrible that gets admins will be lacking mom wearing is that on the sign is well, i mean my policy, delta dental premier, oregon to list title one daughter. going to want to see the list campus in dunlab request garcia,
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blue book. they will not let you unless it bug empty as go lobby that they la murphy here, but our source, cassandra, as well, does that, does that a better song, us, your candle gas or said that that they may not as they are. then i'll bring that up a lot. this is laquanta, these a lot of equal or those the lack of people she and the republican on this and yeah, like a dollar balance on at the end of that a job either at the last but as young as the org on these as john this was your last bottle and this way that he's asked you on the lower dog list, you got dolly garcia, a bronze joint gone by the estimate either he loves over years. boy is doing your mother in laws to put douglas i get no are long. yes. does more the because you on their cell god, they got been done. if they saw more than welcome to dig this up. good morning. put in, those are the program that quint, those are one of the football because he bought them when i live, like alexander level, they're study in on the moon. somebody'll up all of us young. good. yeah. let me, let me see you on an allow the thing fussing. went on your lap officers, your locals get us. i don't normally see the one that allow the thing passing. when daniel's the california because he left only to see on a solo mana that woman boiler,
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calling from phil genova owning one of the students young. but i came up in, gosh, really a wonderful family, not allow louisiana. i'll come get the did because you did the study orlando, maybe the process says bab campbell, i'm and then i think on the bottom as annual basis, i meant to put it up in that i want to talk a little silly i'm of at a chill model that when my new law that i leave it, depending on my body, he is a relatively low, easier law. he called me my net, i read local may the local police think was when i see only the low, he contacts you, then they're gone from radio or not. can you nicholas is stealing and we'll see the among them to have a story. i don't wanna mitchell my article christian, but because let's say when i got on the aisle. but again, if you know, cannot you sell anymore? no, no, that's what they're, what was one thaniel. but look, i'm great is one of them please young in that by you spectrum in the in class with daniel lining or no more credit, cassandra. but to say either paul know a little to perform time, you can go no, i'm okay with
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for contact out what i understand the muscle now please. i meant to find out what america so that they asked everybody else on y'all's methodical bundles or lemon festus. gospel, put them up, but i think as song, essentially what i liked the space. yeah. a lot of way home if you know out i, you know, city that can place you on has enormous guess i could tell you that went up. but so another thing they'll see that the thing they are chalk, what in the same one and they can still see on the effects of am an in game show. viva, if i use, you know, they've either one, i'll fix upgrade enough done. you think on tunnel signal down, for example, we might assume she logan us either model or a fixer up, but not that, not for them already to put a resume at a ceiling. i will focus,
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we're not going to assume a fix up it in that is when it comes to them, what they're not done, they don't know. where's it goes up? yield? what goes on? what the ample messina curricular question is. you get only, i don't love bulky this time, but i said, then the n gamino man says that the one i cited but you have any upcoming mad at it . but i've been asked by the reporter for that. the me i'm, we have them in, isn't that on? nicholas didn't know me. telephone, know a lot of like building that they don't even near diana. missed on my will bundle lee and the internet that your numbers are here yet. 1000000000 there. norman? yes, i'm michael. bobby, celebrating the fatal back a glimpse main seal black directly. buddy is the app it upon the different back in the family that they me them and get back with them. had a good kid. i would get missing school. their 5th and up will you see are going to
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go. abilene is put them in the low. he glad that when they was for medical it thing on, but it didn't been best feeble. are you able to say a bless and the goals and you said high firstly study of to me by less that they can go to bombay going okay. yeah. money fiesta though. okay. yea lee. oh that it ok lane. okay. and you left, i left sand bell, it said when i'm a medical mbm but, but if you're looking glass and don't says if they've been more, ha, okay. and but if a matter then those data thought by one bad, now how would it be badly good, please. follow the list is pretty well known is he and if the customers will go from are going to set this, get about filica, the lowest b bush should have. what i'm looking that up perspective up beam rica,
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southernmost k legal level, the lobby. that is, yours is a super makoto job and he bought the new hook it up where the kid is yours or kay. said kid, a little too bluntly honest that they've been with us with us in that actually that is messed up or young wasn't on the institution is good. no. so please tell somebody let you know got on it. cuz almost c l m e. this will monitor so then it's also almost a month. so multiple hours, almost somebody with clarity or yogurt, with a lot of math. as you get less on our vehicles,
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have been id. if you put them together on a a a lot of that money was valuable, read other than what it enough is good. it's almost 11, lower the muffler and audio, the lady nitika a dealer, a book or less, excuse us, a quarter down the line in uniform. i decided i work with on a on a list of,
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of my daughter olivia. go out of the meeting with someone which on the prism m a r c. i think if you go to questions, you know where there's a mess. it is done with chanda going into the we're not the one doesn't dance. yeah . they are, they don't get sick. i will be selling a gus. yes. just almost like government. i don't my name. that's apple yandell. ab build old ad, but caseload, the and he won't be on. i see. see what i see that gives them. hi. yes, good. dennis at them, but i need a daniella af, well if you don't mind, i'll boy yeah, yeah. lead that does a good
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for me really looking for a $100.02 pay a bill. i'm not even which of the employment the going up for your the i want a lot of the i'm condos, but it gets on being at the moment a or pm which of the input the way of putting me in the foyer, then they possibly help me there was, i meant to put a, not a few when the time of the job with, [000:00:00;00]
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with the complete, with the material that i got that the, about the lessening your parents. i will die solomon. if one of the for studio is the last, you know sure of that, or before may that is a, a, a, a, a, you're not sure what or who i feel us now knowing that in any crops, go ahead and continue to speed up better lenient. it doesn't matter what, but i mean,
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not as good with it anyway. maybe in the country with a go on a promotion with a k at they are confident that because i'm, i don't think i found a place with other families. so when i say that is gonna be on a baby and because i went to a similar meal, but again, somebody took a name of a kind of
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a sudden i thought we went back, i need to know i'm had a k, a m, a k. i know what i want to come with that can make my family there. but again, saying a thing, hey, with
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with a bully, difficulty i guess a lengthy. then if i look at the the metal 170 that it does it does your nest a yeah. yes. a file, so late. sas it in the 3 men thought they had a lot of gay. yeah. there is any of this. but on the left, the space you electric aaliyah, they say economic but it, but there were no photo my uniforms on it. yet there with siri is dull his day was one man leading the country through pleasant alice out as last legitimacy. he needs to step out as he retains control through over a decade of war. we examine the global power games of president bashar assad. we
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believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many, a reason that could effect any human thought, master of chaos on al jazeera stories and life. and inspiration, a series of short documentary from around the world that celebrate the human spirit against the odds. al jazeera, select gang. the latest news as it breaks. authorities tell us that brutal violets like this one in be hon during capital, or just the tip of the iceberg in a far more complex security situation. we detailed coverage,
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this coastal vintage in why is one of the worst areas here in the province of ball from around the world. things seem very normally in the city. people are still going to work or to school the restaurant. blue heather m, tim vanelle, a. doha, with the top stories on al jazeera, the un refugee agency says more than a 1000000 people have fed ukraine since russia's invasion began a week ago. it is the fastest exodus of people this century. most have headed west into poland and hungary un predicts at 4000000 people could eventually leave ukraine. the mayor of very upholders reporting mass casualties after what he describes as 15 hours of bombardment by russia. bosses who ob,
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surrounding the eastern city for large, explosions, have shaken central keels over night. rockets trunk landed near capitals, southern railway station, ukrainian president of a lot of evidence. he has told the russian soldiers to go home and get the better receive o grace. the missiles and bombs hissing out said he shows, i couldn't achieve anything significant in our land. all that defensive lines, a safe but the enemy doesn't have success with any of his strategic directions. they're disappointed and lost the normal course and they will deal. we will rebuild every house, every street and every city, and we say to russia, learn the words of reparation and contribution. you will pay back the full price for everything that you did. there's other brought the course no. graham's ogrinas . ukraine has started welcoming foreign volunteers who are coming to our country, the 1st of 16000 a coming to defend liberty and our lives. while his foreign minister elaborate says
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he has no doubt that a solution will be found. useful. nathan, you're supposed to book that, of course, it's bad when people are dying, the soldiers and civilians, as it's been happening in the done best for 8 years, we will find a solution. i am totally convinced the minimum requirements are well known and they were expressed in the last round of talks with the ukrainians. the ukranian side had some reason to postpone those negotiations. clearly they are being ruled by washington. we cannot expect russia to allow any danger from the territory of ukraine elsewhere, emergency crews and northern ukraine and trying to put out a fire and an oil depot that was shit hit by shelling their reports that doesn't have been killed him to have hundreds of civilians have gathered ukraine's the largest nuclear power plant to prevent russian forces from gaining access. those red lines when you hear on algebra, right off the witness season by,
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by ah, [000:00:00;00] with
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a with them
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ah ah, ah, if you've got a sometimes they don't go up. well she really care because they got k,
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k l i want those people can approach it is a one that has done up the less i'll see you and that was done. know stacy with . 2 the warning
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dan, ah, what else would alady? well as a bailey he ladiva with denise, does. he formulated and will hit is is inc. went on what ended. but if you put a complete doesn't it is a little get 80 will at nevada. all we did on the delicate but only got his he did them. we're headed to equal been been a death according daniels, but i think on jessica,
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probably the home is even gonna bother with me. you've been in san bennett, even as you look at las usa, this is a distress signal from amnesty international. in el salvador, abortion is prohibited in cases. please hold. please listen with. i don't know what to do now than it is a country that has some of the world strictest abortion law just have delayed a ruling on whether to free a woman who was sentenced to 30 years in prison after she gave birth to a still born baby human rights organizations are calling for an end to el salvador total bound on a book funded. i will gather your agreement that i will have fanta. maybe he'll meet him, eddie matthew said,
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i find them in the understood where the yes, yes you these psycho stem, maybe all the content i selected was to let the empathy of a pain in the past. and if you notice here, the committee had ab switched our, you know, put it in a boiler, said feedback on that hectic can like when you're still up with better financially . you know what that i was with? is he committed bethaly a company did? ah, i had a few questions a yes. i do end up with jackie naca and am awesome. okay, wonderful. mm no one that i asked toyota or nathan's one in the honda additional motors,
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predatory air sat and they came to your setting that it went up. what the market they have it it but a ah laws or not. my name is abroad on my locker de la garza is our more in luke on ben bethany one more one on a b s. yes. yeah. good bargain. hasn't been there. good. they'll castle at the back . it's only sam laid on your bustle last for another man that day alone. i live on your medical, but as soon as he get like it ever was the let them been with them. but i mean, don't panic,
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a blow monitoring the legacy of with, ah, what does that mean? it didn't speaking, so that's considered a local with us you'll. you'll have to ask it handled with alabama
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and you'll see it them it. but if i'm anthony at boy, i'm going up your order. i wonder what if what you're saying with
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with oh i'm with you almost always you know you listen right. so you got it. give me
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a little. oh ah a name a name he had man which i'm let me so much a
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man i've eat a jack only been a than the air 1st. us mean not by their grey air look. care may the hero mamma. we see no boards call it. oh, seemly boy, lincoln lucila, howard your mom. i see a lady at the ned yard on other list, cindy, but eagle, g e l s i c, a lady at the name and a man holding boyd but care, but
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a lot of my and as you mamma is grades and you were to go around the meal, whether a cno in the nose is in mama's in indiana yourself. leave it in ms. cynthia. miss indiana. fill it up and allow me my members and b has gone more by the end of business from the, from the worker when i pad that emmy getty as a lady loaded up,
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but it didn't leave our meal. they had a lot more hair to her. yeah. it doesn't mean a bum hide. miss young. i am a minimal. alice isn't there mike allen? and echo 2nd a sound boy. now me he said k n ah savvy,
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i guess it's deal with it. but i mean a with in those days in may they had been here when those seen those, those solo and we took them up 1st and then we only need a,
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a level with a with i am i am with
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a with, [000:00:00;00] with with ah, looking for the semester still have yet to have a little bit. i don't really like that. it's not the finance guy sat on see that you're going not a boy a little bit at a side of i would say begin, let me put a sandy, me put a stand there so now chica don't,
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don't have yet to need us. we're gonna draw what i live and tell me a kid there and you gotta get a man. don't get it. put that they'll sell you. bad order gets a little process. so the see on the been about the rate you get the bill is a big question. here is that right and our goal bank, why don't, why this mustang dental, or they asked that, gotta be in a circumstance that i sent the complicated mm.
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ah that yes it is so me to estimate anesthetic on my skin with what it is saying. and so i can't seem to bother you last. don't wonder the chair goes to your door that account with a he's
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in a i guess the why your bill go viewed him only cobra me so i don't want you as i think that'd be like kind of can you be able to pass a gun on this day, they were happy with a guy grabbing some of the bag with any kind of any money to pay like you know they, they were made the, with the momentous,
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the lead on acquaint look at with product will be given in a b minus the one i mean, we ended up in a queue on the thing of it and then it do so, i mean to put a name of the name just in a set up with an assignment, but i wanted
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a funeral with. so if you do when ah, a . 6 m a
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c a a for ah, ah . busy i add mm
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ah, ah ah, amidst destruction and despair, a group of friends resist rescuing books from the rubble, they build a refuge for freedom and democracy. a secret library of hope from which they endeavour to rewrite their story and that of their country. witness. daria a library under bombs on al jazeera, ah, look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored by cattle airways. hello was seen some very heavy rain across so western parts of the amazon base and recent you see this long line of cloud. just rolling out of where western areas of brazil sliding right down towards the southeast corner and in paraguay over
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a 100 millimeters of frame full in the space of 24 hours. the intense line of rain . you can just make that out with the brighter colors showing up on our rainfall chart if they are set to continue through the remainder of thursday come friday. hopefully things getting little more strung out, turning a little lighter, but the showers are still there. nevertheless, it has to be said, you push the showers right up to southern parcel, columbia. it's rather wet weather, to, to french granite, into guyana, into sure anom as well as you can make her way up into the caribbean. not too much in the way of really wet weather here, but there is a distinct line of cloud just coming in across hispaniola, down towards panama, into costa rica, moscow as longest both frank coming in here then as we go on 3 friday, north of that generally try one or 2 showers or the side of that band of cloud and re, did we try lucky in the way, more in the way of sunshine, but we will still see want to show us there towards southern cuba for much of us.
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it's fine and dry, but we have got some wet and wintry weather making its way in to the north west. oh, with sponsored by casara ways. my name's a place where this is, susie can truly call it their home. happy friend, groups ring, you know, the ones who made you want to know. you all, angel, read money. my name is billiards and he's just full of surprises. my name is yes. who every know? my nigeria on al jazeera. ah bill. ah
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. ah. russia has launched on the top on ukraine. how will the world react to this latest move? what impact will this have on the people from crane and russia as events unfold with us for the latest news analysis from moscow on al jazeera? ah, this is al jazeera ah hi there, i'm good vanelle. this is the news our live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, 8 days and counting the death and destruction is laid bare and brushes. bombing of


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