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tv   Witness Dead Womans Pass  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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ah, the, when the news breaks where it all started, really out around 5 am very large explosions. people waking up to walk. they never expect too many of when people need to be heard. and the story told fine line or it's playing the role of bringing our differences together with exclusive interviews and in depth reports. this is mia. this is tyler. al jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied niece ah ah,
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on al jazeera, these are the top stories. the latest from ukraine were a russian military convoy stretching 60 kilometers is advancing towards the capital . keith, your satellite images show, almond vehicles, and artillery 20 kilometers away from the center. shelling is intensified as well. in the last few days, ukraine's army says 70 soldiers have been killed in a russian artillery strike. this was on a military base near half heath the countries, the 2nd biggest city and ukraine's governments is open. 350 civilians have been killed since the invasion began on thursday. the u. s. has more than 500000 people, fled the conflict and crossed into neighboring countries. let's go back to andrew simmons in levine to talk about and i just almost mentioned this in passing earlier . andrew d i c. c. the international criminal court are looking at a possible investigation into war crimes. i am i right in saying that neither russian or ukraine is actually a signatory?
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that's absolutely correct. kemal. however, another nation can actually put forward a request for an investigation. and that immediately kicks in a procedure whereby, whereby the international criminal court. so it chief investigator will institutes an investigation. and there are indications from the i c. c that that may be underway soon and also reports that sir lithuania has actually requested that investigation. that has been, hasn't been confirmed yet, but certainly there are reports that sir, their eye witness accounts are of this attack. and also suggestions that a cluster munitions were involved. some of the images we saw seemed to suggest that there are military observers who also claim that this is the case that munitions cluster munitions, which are banned in more than
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a 100 countries. and by international law, it is illegal to use them. not many countries do use and russia has used them in syria a but not since those attacks and syria have we seen them in use? can i just bring you some information but just getting in, in harrison which is to the southwest it, sir town. a city that as in, involved in the attacks the russians are making to try and get a lamb border that will link russia to crimea. there is shelling of a residential area again. we're seeing more and more of this search targeting residential areas. and mary, a poll nearby not far away is a, is coming under pressure. that is a real concern for that city because it's are on the port and part of that whole corridor that rushes trying to get with some serious fighting. but yes, the i see, see is a, is a major issue for the president. as, as a lensky, he is called for
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a no fly zone at imposed on the whole of ukraine is also calling for a global boycott of russian goods. and of course, all of this when those talks to try and move towards some sort of ceasefire are due to resume on the bell. a russian and ukrainian border talks about talks may be, but really it's actions raw actions rather than words that are profoundly showing right now a how dangerous things are here, anything to reports or andrew from levine where you are. i know, obviously that's not where the russian forces are, but it's the way out of the countries in it. it's the way to safety through to poland. there's a lot of tension here, not just because of the fighting, which is not that far away. but the main issue here is that this is the main hub for refugees as they are now. i'm trying to actually get across the border. a
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100000 people at spur are reported to have crossed the border into poland on. busy monday alone, and that's come from or thought of sources in poland. there is absolute chaos at times in the railway station here because people have no idea when the next train's coming. and there is a real tension with men of, of enlistment age are being pulled from crowds being taken back to keys and other cities to, to join the military men or anybody over 18 years of age. furthermore, real racial discrimination going on against her africans and middle easterns, or in getting the acceptance of moving them on the the rescue
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trains more or less, he could call them to, to some sort of safety. and they're really being victimized at sandra simmons reporting from the beef in the west of, of ukraine. thank you. and it's a good rationale where people are really starting to feel the financial pressure of this war. and particularly of the sanctions, the rubel, the currency fell nearly 30 percent against the dollar. and that was even before the u. s. announce additional restrictions on russian central bank. bernard smith as the details from moscow. nervous about whether debit and credit cards might stop working a sanctioned bite. some russians stocking upon cash. soon they'll begin to feel the financial pain of their president's decision to invade ukraine with interest rates more than doubled 20 percent. and the rubel plunging 30 percent against the dollar . knowing that we are planning to buy a flat. so for us, it is very important that we were hoping to have a certain interest rate. now it will be totally different. the way of us,
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of course, i am worried anyway, 1st of all, the situation with the doll is unclear. and what about foot prices? we are in a debt and situation. there is no way out for people. russians have been promised that central bank reserves of more than $630000000000.00 will help cushing the economy from sanctions. but much of this money is in foreign banks. sanctions will make it very difficult to get any of it back to moscow. one russian economist told al jazeera, it's a completely unprecedented situation for the central bank on friday. central bank head enormous reserves to be happily resorts at frozen and alcohol is likely to be unusable as well. so this is something where nobody really can imagine what's going on. the central bank says, external conditions for the russian economy have drastically changed. in a meeting about sanctions with government ministers vladimir putin described the western community as an empire of lies. russia's economy is also taking it from
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western firms, running for the exit, b p. the biggest foreign investor here is abandoning it stake in oil firm rosin, f. u p. s. and fedex. i've stopped shipping services, half the passenger jet used here are least, and those contracts are being canceled, rushes, political, economic, and physical isolation from the rest of the world is rapidly gathering pace furnace with al jazeera moscow. some of the wealthiest oligarchs in russia, known for having close ties to the kremlin, are in fact speaking out against the war in ukraine. laura burton manley has that story. this is romana brockovich, russian billionaire, an owner of premier league football club, chelsea. he is handed over control of the club and now has a new goal. he's accepted ukraine's requests to negotiate with russia to end the war. abram of it has remained tight lipped about his stone. unlike some billionaire
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businessman, once close to russian president vladimir putin, now openly criticizing its decision to wage war. although durham, pasco, he's known for throwing lavish parties, a deaf off, and making a fortune from energy and allah minion. he's been sanctioned by the us since 2018 for his close ties to putin. on telegram, he caught the piece and negotiations is causing deep uneasy among rockers, elites are those who depend on access to the global financial system. and these people are the stainless and enablers and supporters of the putin regime. so on this, as on every other political front of since the beginning of this unnecessary war, putin finds himself worse off, not better off. one of russia's richest men behind friedman caught for an end the bloodshed in a letter to his london based private equity firm and ukrainian bond businessman
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demitra fear. tasha is also opposing the war. he previously followed money into cranes campaigns. the pro russian politicians the bloomberg billionaires index shows within 24 hours at the start of war, 22 of russia's richest people, saw 39000000000 network wiped out. and it's not just only got speaking out russian, businessman or like tinkles is the founder of one of the world's largest online banks. but has no political ties to the kremlin. he says, innocent people are dying in ukraine and that he's against the war. but opinion is to fight it whether this will make an impact. businessmen who have already spoken quite openly about jar, obese, about the need to somehow somehow change and,
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and this conflict. but i don't think that it will have our direct impact on the rational policy. most of russia's political elite has stood firm with the president, but will those he broke rank put pressure on pu 10? and while others follow, nor about among the al jazeera, not taiwan has sent medical supplies to ukraine. 27 tons of medical equipment, in fact, delivered via a flight through germany to one's president called for an increased alerts nurse on china's movements in the aftermath of the ukraine crisis. china, of course, regards taiwan as its own territory. but ty, one opposes those claims, or israel, another country sending in aid to ukraine, a 100 tons of humanitarian assistance on its way to help civilians affected by the invasion and harry force. it's with us from wester islam. with more on that, what does that humanitarian assistance specifically main?
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well, in this case it means 3 plain loads of 800 tons and all, as you say, going from television spend gurian, airports to warsaw in poland and then on into ukraine. within that aid, it's a large part of it is medical supplies and medicine and as well as that would have put a purification systems and tense and blankets and coats. so it's a fairly comprehensive amount of humanitarian assistance. the is really foreign ministry, said that it was the contents were arranged by a decision of both the prime minister natalie bennett and the foreign minister and alternate prime minister. yeah, le paid politically though those 2 men have been making presumably very deliberate separate messages from latino, the foreign minister we had relatively early on after the invasion began. condemnation of russia's actions saying was
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a breach of international law from natalie bennett. we've been hearing a very different message, one, talking about concerns for the situation inside ukraine and to the citizens of ukraine, but offering no condemnation of russia, but even mentioning the country by name at all. and this is being seen largely as a result of israel's interests in terms of both trying to satisfy its major ally the united states and its very strong position against russia in all of this, while at the same time not upsetting the very strategic interest, it has in terms of operating its air force inside syrian territory, which is something which has been done with tacit rushing acceptance in terms of israel's, as strikes against iranian and has ball and targets inside russia. as well as all of this. israel's been taking quite a lot of hits on the basis, but it is both officially condemning what's been happening inside ukraine while
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itself is an occupying power in palestinian territories. and there has been as well a change in its position at the un. we're one point. it was saying that it would not take part in a un security council censuring of russia. there was some us pushback reportedly on that. and now it changed its mind regarding the general assembly, a resolution against russia's actions. so for now it's trying to take a pretty quiet line, a bit of a back seat, and all this as the situations predicted to get worse in ukraine in the coming days, just to see if israel can maintain that line. i'm sorry, faucets with an update from west or islam. thank you. hi. so let's returned to this russian military convoy, which we've seen the satellite pictures of 60 kilometers long. we see it in this image here. but what i want to do is give you a little bit of geographical context. let's pause it here. you see the round about, you see all the military hardware along the road there. what we sort of managed to
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do is match it with the same area on google earth. there's our roundabout again. so the context as we zoom out, we see it is very close to a small area called yvonne, key of about 10000 people live there. and it is part of the key of oh, glass that is the larger region of kia. so let's show you the distance from yvonne cave down to well let's pick a spot here. it's the presidential palace that's about 90 kilometers by road. that's how close things i getting. and if we zoom out at once more, now you get an idea of just how uncomfortably close those russian convoys are getting to the ukrainian capital. we spoke to a lie so far hearts a little bit earlier, who's a strategic and military researcher and explain to us what the russian convoy might mean from a military perspective. this convoy from the military point of view it transportation come boy, which is an on marsh thought give it did not take
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a come but confirm. busy come but formation, yet it should be distributed to action on that and circle again or effect on the front line, the city. but so far, what do we see in the something like that image is, is not a formation for calm, but it's transport station may be down to formation combined as soon as they arrived to a set of distance that they calculated their planning. if there was any but a peroration from the cranium regular out of me. i mean, this is their work, this is the job for a regular the jump for, i mean a regular or malicious. if they have a petition, they couldn't have done much for this. come boy,
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and they could obstructed the advance, but it doesn't seem that the regular army is and so but apparently have united nations humanitarian coordinators and briefing to you and sir the security council on the war. martin griffith told members that at least 102 civilians have died butts. that figure could be much higher. the lives of millions of civilians are simply at stake. we know from other recent conflicts are brutal, deadly and protracted. urban warfare can be we know how companies, economies can be devastated, infrastructure investment and development gains back in time generation. and we know enough to know that we do not know what it will be. the consequences of the events that we observe today. there are fears rushes,
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military tactics could become more aggressive with evidence that cluster bombs are being used. these are things which disperse, hundreds of smaller explosives over a large area. more than $100.00 countries have signed a treaty, which bands them. it is believed explosions in khaki on monday were caused by a cluster bombs but the weapon has already been linked to other recent attacks. ukraine, us, ambassador says russia has used a so called back human bomb as well. these are high pressure explosives. they absorb oxygen from the surrounding air and create a powerful blast. and rushes defense ministry says it's nuclear missile forces, and it's northern pacific fleets are on enhanced combat duty after an order by president vladimir putin. we are facing the treasury, the photo crane, but also measure regional crises. we potentially disastrous implications. what i was old yesterday, russian nuclear forces were put on high alert. these is
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a shilling developments. the near idea of a nuclear conflict is simply and conceivable. nothing can justify the use of nuclear weapons. i say with a phone out of here in a moment or wrap on some of the other news making headlines around the world. oh, stories of life and inspiration. as series of short documentaries from around the world that celebrate the human spirit against the odds. al jazeera, select, gang london is one of the most important cities in the world and decisions made
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here have an impact right around the globe. and so here at al jazeera, we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people and how it affects their everyday life. we are free to put them on air and to really engage those because we know that audience is interested not just in the mainstream news, but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported. i will totally say the results of this great historic presidential election if i, when a lot of people felt their world was being turned upside down. the way that has been manipulated by populace, like donald trump playing on racial anxieties. one person that citizens have political and of course in the united states,
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as in many other parts of the world that remains an ideal, but not a reality. runs a slave. well, baby, for debit of the people of brotherhood, i have a dream. my dream is that people may my daughter, the young people just have a full voice and don't feel targeted because of their race or ethnicity. ah ah. we are back on al jazeera with a look at some other world use outside of the russia ukraine war. fiscal military
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helicopters are lifting stranded people from rooftop soft flooded neighborhoods. in eastern australia, 10 people have died off to flood water submerged. several towns in the states of queensland and new south wales. the extreme weather has been described by one politician as a one in a 1000 year events. 11 people killed in theory after a fire ripped through a shopping ball and the capitol, damascus. another 2 people were rescued from the burning building at lum, rather more near the center of the city, hong kong they to carry lamps, calling for calm off the resident. emptied out supermarkets. people stocking up on food. ahead of a report of compulsory mass coven testing as well as room is that a city wide lockdown? many people fear families will be separated if a member test positive. local medias reporting officials are planning to test the city. 7.4000000 people. 3 times over 9 day, a man is shot and killed his 3 children and another person before taking his own
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life at a church in california. the shooting happened on monday evening near the state capital sacramento. investigators believe the shooting stemmed from a domestic dispute. un member sites are meeting in kenya, capital nairobi for the us. environmental assembly on the agenda is a plan to make a legally binding tree to restrict the use of plastic use and pollution in the lama islands off. can you coast a group of campaigners or opening a plastic recycling facility? american web. when you get the every time the tide comes in a line of plastic wasted left here on the beaches of the lama islands in kenya. mary mohammed and her friends collect it and bring it here to the flip floppy project. they paid between $1.00 and $2.00 for each sac. so i see i want to get one as well. this is not easy. you have to go round until you've collected a certain amount, then get paid for your sweat. the flip floppy project,
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build the world 1st, sailing dow made from recycle plastic 5 years ago is named after the old plastic sandals that cover it is part of their campaign against single use plastics. they want to recycle more. so they're setting up this plastic recycling facility in lama the 1st of his kind in kenya's coastal region. his thought was reading. then this machine will make plastic beams and planks out of which they planned to make another boat. this was big enough to sail the world and show people what's possible . can you create innovative ways to make out of the mess message that plastic pollution is compatible to fit floppy. campaigners say they'll share what they learn as they research and develop the technology materials like this can be used instead of wood, fence posts and construction as well. so fewer trees are cut down. they say they
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can gather about 20 tons of this kind of plastic waste in a month of organized collection by turning plastic also like this into plastic planks like this. we plan to not only clear the waste and reuse it, but also to keep traditional carpentry and boat building skills alive as well on pretend any scanner is the best known boat builder in the islands. his family been making sailing down from wood for generations. he made the 1st flip floppy boat. the new one will be as big as this. oh, wooden one that he's restoring. as governments meet this week at the u. n. environment assembly in kenya's capital nairobi. he wants them to address plastic use and pollution, or leaders. lawmakers, we need you, we need you to change this world to a better place. you know, this is the only one we've been able to come and leave. we have no other planet. we just beautiful done. yes. one rip. so working with plastic different to would caterina erica, an industrial designer, his researching. what needs to be changed,
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but says we using plastic is only to clear up the existing mass. the goal is not to recite before. the goal is to stop production. making one more plastic boat isn't going to clear the plastic waste on kenya's coast, but the flip, floppy campaigners hope it'll be the start of a solution to the plastic pollution crisis malcolm web l $20.00. nami kenya. just a few sports stories for you, very much related to russian ukraine. festival fever effectively ending rushes hopes of being part of the c as a football woke up and cut due to the invasion of ukraine. fever and europe governing body. you a, for band, russian national and club sites indefinitely. russia's men's team had been due to play in the cut of 2022 qualifying play off as much. the move follows the ios. these call to exclude rush and bell russian ethics from taking part in global a sport of ins altogether, as well as that you have to cancel their sponsorship deal with russian energy company gas problem. the international i talked federations also followed suit at
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band russian and bella ross and teams from it's competition until further notice, rushes actually were hosting rights for the 2023 world junior championship is also been revoked and the national hockey league suspended ties with the russian business partners condemning the invasion in ukraine. this is just a off the one of the most prolific go school score is alex of it's going from russia called for pizza. and ukraine's top women's tennis player, alina se, cipollina is that to withdraw from her upcoming tour event in protest of rushes, invasion of her country, a 27 year old at the top seat at the monterey opened in mexico. later on tuesday, she's scheduled to face russia's anastasio, put the pover in her 1st match suit that we know once tennis authorities to clarify their position on russia and bella, bruce, she has urge them to follow the international olympic committee guidance to class
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placement, both nations as neutral athletes, that is what they, i see recommends in these cases where outright bands are not possible. there'll be more sports in the news hour, which is coming up in just a few moments. kim vanelle will be with you to take you through all the latest developments from russia and ukraine. stick around ah, take take the ships to democracies, activists to corporations, control of the message is crucial. oil companies have become very good at recognizing ways to phrase what they want him to hear. we care about the environment you do to, you should buy our oil, be it for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. the listening post examined the vested interest behind the content you consume on al jazeera in a notorious waterside community. what kims and thugs will like one theater director
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ventures to stage a play their comics is the ada to empower the women that old man sitting right. i and redefine they status in society. missy, that nigeria as women walk on water, witness on al jazeera. ah, march on out of just either south koreans vote in a presidential election, but of scandals and controversies overshadowing policies. people in power of just eras investigate that document. the program looks at the use and abuse of power made to conduct the biggest military arctic exercise since the cold war with 35000 troops from 20 countries. i'm with antics explores lessons learned from the global h i v epidemic and how that would help quite overnight and to some nation seek to
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and corona virus restrictions. we bring you the latest updates and development from around the globe on as just either informed opinions, issue or national resource by is not large enough to get there adequately do. are people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera? ah, this is al jazeera. ah hi there. i'm kim vanelle. this is the news online from dell ha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. a military column, 64 kilometers long. russian forces as close to the outskirts of ukraine's capital. mm. ukraine's its 2nd biggest city shells. russian
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forces unleash a wave of artillery attacks on a residential.


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