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tv   Women Make Science Dolphin Sanctuary  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2022 6:30am-7:00am AST

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but the u. s. is expecting and preparing for a surgeon, cyber attacks and retaliation to the actions already approved as the fighting. and you cream continues. allen fisher, i'll just either at the white house and a quick reminder you can catch up with all the news on our website. there it is. on your screen, the address al jazeera dot com that's out to sara dot com. ah, dar brokercheck of the headlines. aaron al jazeera russia's drive towards ukraine's capital is now entering a 6th day. we have a boat that dozens of people have been killed and injured in the country. second biggest city hockey eve, russian forces are accused of using cluster bombs, which are banned in more than a 100 countries. where ukrainian president vladimir lensky is calling for no fly zone to stop moscow's bombardment. or he scarcely shall, would name joyce spoke of the lethargic russian forces severely shall car key in our houses were destroyed. a lot of infrastructure was destroyed. video has proven
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that the target people's buildings, advocates, a war crime that should be investigated. and no one will ever forgive you for targeting civilians, ballistic missiles, artillery. this war has to be stopped immediately. i suggest, and i believe that the sky needs to be close to russia. the international criminal court is to investigate russia's invasion of ukraine. it says there is reason to believe war crimes have been committed when negotiations between the 2 countries have taken place at the beller roost border on monday. but no agreement was reached . and it comes as a massive russian convoy estimated to be more than 60 kilometers long as said to be advancing on the capital cave. satellite images show armored vehicles tanks, artillery and support trucks positioned to the north of the capitol. several african countries including nigeria and south africa, say they're trying to get their citizens out of ukraine. the number of the nationals accused ukrainian gods of discrimination as they tried to cross the
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border. and turkeys activating a 90 year old international treaty to prevent warships and passing through to key waterways. the 1936 montrose convention gives it authority to close the data nails and boston straits and times of war. president, russia typo to on says the decision could prevent the crisis from escalated and dozens of volunteers from georgia signing up to fight russian forces in ukraine. beg, gathered outside the ukrainian embassy in the capital tbilisi on monday, follows an appeal for help by ukraine. president vladimir zalinski. more european countries are sending aid to ukraine. the italian red cross is preparing trucks of food medicines and blankets. and the italian governments allocated a $122000000.00 to help those fleeing the fighting. well, those are the headlines. the news continues here now does they are often women mix science stage and thanks so much bye. for now. we understand the differences and
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similarities have culture across the wound. semi matter where you call hand out here will bring you the news and current affairs that mattie is doing a is going to be choppy, buys, okay, so then my members can leave that to teams. and then whoever wants experience and then with interest as well. and when we observe, we observe kind of as well, but we really felt was because we were on the goals in area and the good. yeah.
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when we have a citing, we have to record down what we actually see them doing say whether that swimming or diving their somewhere in that general vicinity dolphins die. ah, the shores now come on dolphin. they belong to a large board that may morning are for the last 11 years. and now that he was able to undo the big picture of adorable things with them identify which individual they are. and when we last saw them,
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since i was very young, i always loved the science of biology in nature. i must be 7 near the volt and they thought about that. i believe that we saw a fire that away from that very special landing lights. they have a very complex socialist structure and they are very intelligent a. and you can see the themes and this thing that, that, that a sick so, and then define it yet. mm hm. we have a very diverse a that is a rare, guys might a giant the sperm way. fan ways these,
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but thank you miles that we share our station day or mm. and i don't think, i think i far from the science of the data they, i just think that will on him all those to observe. and when we see them, i think we all share the same responsibility. we need to do something duty, but that is amazing. on the months before she we are here is, or that was of all of the but of all of them. a lot of the of them, of the book should been well, let's see. i was with photoshop. oh, this is belinda florida. we're welcome to the buddy, log on good, except for the help of them. we're heading through if they
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island way we are creating the jan, my life sanctity which we be ever the nightly make for. he enjoyed the adult and season lose bowel so that will pause that goal is of that release from maybe mary stress because as a whole there and there is we need to lay and bring together to make the center reality a here were lifting it on the co, altogether or think about it,
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okay. we're now or maybe more rich have we thought for her and he wasn't going to leave one of the in this way. just bring those fragments weren't scuba divers are going to get your site. it's a big boy and so just make sure they have a good grade. go down with them. yeah. so this is one of their phases of being that was the audio board being the ceiling. the visual side there base is clancy then and i have the inside for many of their friend reason. within that bay their waters are very calm. but on the other side there are strong current running within the bay which ensures a vague chords renew on over there. at water of the bay in the outer
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section, it becomes very deep, which provides a wide variety of hobbit a when we bring animals, i freeze goes from the, the items that are injured. they have very high chances over recovery of survival and go have a good healthy life while they're hosted in the bay. hey, we got to see it all of his lives in the stomach. there were
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a ton of micro plastics and they're from like surround wrap. you can see there was a b b pallet and lots of fibers. it is clearly trash bag. yeah. was loggerheads loggerhead and yeah, it was only $32.00 team a 3rd. so these are huge pieces of plastic that were stuck in their stomach. 85 pieces total, we need to let them know how we can raise a maximum of places in awareness, raising from this animal and helping to save that as they're alive. and some things over the last decade we realize is a very important problem, much stronger than our carbon footprint is our plastics. and they know facility
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that can really provide efficient care. and we have been the patient for these incidents. and this is one of the main reasons that sparkled the need for the creation of the century. ah greg during the day when they have the ability to do any of the natural behaviors and they cannot have even a chance to communicate because every sound that produce echoes back to them and becomes really painful for their qualification system,
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the office cannot even enter leave they have to always be, they have to always remember to breathe, so they can not have the luxury of even dreaming of their own freedom. me in this, what will happen when i close? are they going to be transported to others, not on the world, or can we provide the best well for solutions for them in their sanctuary that is as close as possible to their natural environment. city aging, a sanctuary in any location where there is no noise,
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pollution him is no human presence has a lot of challenges in construction. what away from the great road these and many other obstacles that we need to overcome? said my fate. my thought, i know like i thought of me on the medicaid that am i make a report this father, i'm a good like i was trying to go to be a part of that. it's a lot of that this will be there from with asian area where we will have and, and room for the staff and then kitchen and recreation. so it'll be a therapy that they were waiting for it to come next week that will connect to the ground floor. they work. so i'm plan, but we're running out of money. so we need to raise funds to be able to complete
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this call, my middle name will give it to you and i want to go out of money for it, but also for the issues it could be for. he just thought i saw the men with me now look at it, but i look at the buy and i know manners minutes, so it will yield. you very valid those that the problem i know the black with the thought up on this to the for the kiss speed is give. but if you have the nice you've done it. when i say live in a while, but i've been in the middle, the, was it almost all my daughter, the movie is going to going to be able to give us
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a male people on. but was one of us about davy yet the on that then appoint who want to know little man. you're able to pick, you know, nation, remember, gave me the one that's supposed to go into my body. have them quite a ride coming over the the hill there and the view was amazing. yes. and the good thing is that there's no human presence and i sent a few for as if it's further away in the haze. and all the students are here, the students thing, there is a search, as everyone is here, to get workers. and as a lower to be done, we have to be able to complete this part of the wall before the end of next week, because rates that expire this that the target is 200000. that we need to gather as
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soon as possible. the lay awake at night and wonder about all this or yes we do last week and i day all of us because they say important. now that all these constructions are ongoing and all this work are going to not run out of funds and lose this momentum. of construction i want to dive the desired area. i want to look at the bottom in the depth and the current, the time. there's not much of that and it's so protected here. but you need to really see it, you know, from a dolphins point of view. right now we're going to get us to look at the environment here. we're also going to be looking at different parameters, water temperature step, as well as you know, how do we construct in this environment? the facilities, the, the security fence is the navigational boost. what's the bottom like?
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and so we'll get a good look at that. i mean, this area is already been well studied by the team here, and it's my 1st opportunity to get in the water and have a look at it again from an office point of view. the person who was valuating numerous trades and rehab centers. it's important to hear his opinion about the plan that we have on place. so the great challenge is my friend. the
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story has actually been quite an inspiration to me. i admire her and the doris and their ability to have this dream and have this passion and do everything. everything that they can to work for and just hearing their stories of working here on the votes and living in the not the best conditions just because they want to study these animals. even if we don't say anything, i love being out here. i love being out on the water going in between the island, but it's just refutable and amazing variance.
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good. this is a specially designed to hide your phone that we use when we do our marine mammal surveys. it picks up the bio acoustics of predominantly stations. so whales and dolphins now hold it gay, the hydro phones out when we can observe these animals in the wild, were able to establish a baseline. and then when we have dolphins in our sanctuary, we can monitor them and record their vocal characteristics or vocals with photos and behavior. we're able to figure out how they're adapting to their new environment because we have this baseline data of how they interact in the wild.
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i heard about 4 individuals. so we really need to be keeping her eye out. just scanning the surface of the water, see if we can see them when they surface you notice the blow y'all. so as big, why that's what you need to look for. i got a bad one. is quite far away by 8 meters away. we got really good visibility, great day by the plastic heat. i think
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we have another 15 or 10 minutes left of the day. like you never know. maybe you're going to see some flashing and sunset. so last one. let's see those. yeah. i hear anything. nothing really fun, something they think. yeah, i hear much. but keep running away. wonderful. 1 o'clock if you see something coming out of the water over that 1 o'clock, hey guys, we had a visual leave it. there was straight ahead. there are 3 individuals that are one
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out there that are at 1 o'clock. it's white. there's 3 here with. yeah, she's on a. i have chilled we have 3 read those dolphins is very rare to see them. so this is really exciting. ah, this is the best i've seen a white with. yeah, so the, the reserves, they're born black and they accumulate scars over their lifetime, a scar really easily either they're really old or they're like, really aggressive beginning to face
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a lot of time that we found races was exactly here really about 20 years ago. it, we had the same common us and we have to be very careful when to take a picture and we saw that was developed about 2 and a half months later. mm hm. several times and i thought i should just find a nice place and want to review the whole island then have thank kids than just this whole process. but we cannot have any time. it's an amazing feeling to see well and they, they're still free and happy. and they should be and it just makes me think so sad and angry when you find in the small faces for business and for pleasure.
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i am looking forward to listening to the opinion has a century me in other parts of europe are in process of closing down and it would be to not be able to provide a solution for them. me 1st of all, can i show you some footage that, that i shot here because i spent a considerable amount of time under water. we're looking at the environment, the design and build. we're looking at sustainability. then when we look at the videotape here, even though this is such a pristine environment,
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we find those remnants of man like the plastics. the bag there. that's the video there. the the and so i was a little bit taken back to see some evidence in the environment here that there are some evidence that may be some sailboats of anchored in this, this safety harbor and made
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a quick disposal of their waste. but all that seemed to clean up for me, the water quality is based on not only these fish, but the smallest fish, the glass minnows, the micro minnows, and you see them just flourishing in this environment. so it's a healthy ecosystem. the we score the waves, the title, search, the solidity, all those environmental factors as well as the budget that we're building. and i think on all of those, you're scoring very high at about an 88 and a half. you certainly have the location. you have done your homework,
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it has everything you need. so now we focus on the funding and we take the next steps. keep the momentum going. i'm confident we will find people who will share the load with us and will be able to succeed in a short amount of time. mm . there are very determined to make the city i live a very strong. mm. we don't have a lot of time to waste, so we don't have the option to solve right now. we have to continue and then put their thing, their life in our sees an
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app that the seas for the blind and a robotic arm for the disabled. a young australian engineer is inventing tools to help people gain independence both know, did i miss or side of that will put the ability to recognize objects on the firm so that people with limited vision would be able to recognize every day object. women make science provo, girls, episode full on al jazeera when the news breaks for it all started early hours around 5 am very large explosions. paper waking up to walk by never expected memory of when people need to be heard. and the story told by lie or playing the role of
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bringing our differences together with exclusive interviews and in depth cooper. this is norma. this is tyler. al jazeera, has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and light news. oh, once city dwellers now posted to remote villages in morocco, algebra one follows the personal journeys of 3 women teaches. their daily struggles with isolation and battles with physical hardship. sacrificing their family lives to the education of future generations. women in the went on al jazeera. ah, al jazeera, with all
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rushes accused of using controversial cluster bombs to pounds ukraine's 2nd city as its forces edge closer to the capitol. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from de, also coming up to reinforcing the defense is we meet volunteers working alongside soldiers to fight back for ukraine. only russians faced the prospect of higher prices a sanction. see the.


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