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tv   101 East Love And Faith In India  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2022 6:30am-7:01am AST

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now, sooner has been held in vietnam for the zen buddhist monk and poet is attributed with spreading mindfulness around the world service held in the city of who a where tick not one died a year, a sorry a week ago. it was 95 years old. he gained prominence as a peace activists for his opposition to the war in vietnam and the 19th sixty's. his promotion of mindfulness is the pillar of the 5 trillion dollar global wellness industry. ah. right, look at the headlines for you. now. you, as president joe biden says he will be moving a small number of troops to eastern europe. the pentagon has put around 8 and a half 1000 military personnel on stand by after russia deployed more than a 100000 troops on its border with ukraine. conflict is not inevitable. there is still time and space for diplomacy. given that type of forces are arrayed,
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the ground maneuver forces, the artillery, the ballistic missiles, the air forces, all of it packaged together. if that was unleashed on ukraine, it would be significant, very significant. and it would result in a significant amount of casualties. and you can imagine what that might look like in dense urban areas, along roads and so on and so forth. it would be horrified, it would be terrible. and it's not necessary. and we think a diplomatic outcome is the way to go here. the west african block eco was suspended between a fast as membership following the qu on monday. the group has stopped short of imposing new sanctions ahead of talks with the new military gentle on saturday. though the u. n says nearly 40 percent of people in ethiopia as tig or i region of suffering from an extreme lack of food. the u. n's, world food programs, his aid convoys haven't had access for weeks because of the conflict with
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government forces. 9000000 people and try and neighboring regions need food aid. argentine is reached to deal with the international monetary fund to restructure nearly $45000000.00 of debt. had been taught for more than a year on how to repay a loan taken by the previous government. argentina, been dealing with an economic crisis in 2018 south korea's reporting and other record breaking day of new corona virus cases. old and 17000 of them have been confirmed, a figured it's more than doubled in the past week. and british police one details to be withheld from an inquiry into alleged government parties during locked on the metropolitan police say full publication could compromise its own investigation. their report is expected to be released in a redacted for sometime in the coming days. with that you're up to date with the headlines and i'll to 01 when he does next. talk to me
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while we listen, design is are making serious effort in order to distract the trends we need to use make ah, in india a conspiracy theory is taking hold. let it go way up and up. i'm done with what is hasanti got owns a nationalist group, say mostly men are carrying out a sinister plot to create an islamic republic. and they say they'll do whatever it takes to stop the so called love jihad, sometimes with deadly consequences. i said it gets them to the letter i think upon don't go to the sit degree. they fit m gl medical daughter leg is for fighting a gamut of my jelly. my back yelling. there is no evidence the conspiracies real but strict legislation outlawing forced conversion by marriage is now in place in
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states across the country. they let to let you go outside and can they gotta make a mess up with my new on the leg up with one on one east investigates how love is being weaponized for political gain in india. oh and then for this young indian couple picnics in the countryside were the only way to escape the precious of home and society. ah, the young woman, ethical mud is hindered about now or vice mala was mostly in india today. such relationships can be different. ah,
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a few weeks after the picnic or rosman missing his cousin, some showing us to really attract, but he found his 24 year old relative dick gym door to door to door neighbor, minnesota. where to go put his victim up like 10 minutes. i thought i'd get out at berta was cag into beside him, and they got the body. get o at us. disembodied, he thought. as of what old egg anybody says? laura? poor little get a 10 when good. it is 30, the security. the sick which melody? my maggie is so said ne gave was the bondo. i had a good fit. am good medical daughter work here. so said ne gemara by it was the dilate margaret yelling before his death or boss received threats demanding she pre come with them as a precious little my domain is it, but others go call, sorry it. kam k, i was thinking was slim thought or better gather glad it gets through them. i'm
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getting a little too good exit now your gang will get i would later did the kci your door done a bad man. did he like in a sir? legally they get to the god amendment i, tessa bad against the shaddick effect. the league neil or his own anita day. i that i so glad lives. abby said, milk milk getting it though and got all all a dish and scobee in my bag run, said fit and gunners, tortuga. it could come with any kind of day thought i had till got. they got me to the election and get let's see, to will da did i give out a day? is clear sky yet they expose cadillac that they was him would demit a bicycle? him name won't have an idea that he lives in the guy. look up on his home and police investigators say the members of local hotline, hindu nationalist group were behind the modem. and that street, those parents had paid in $6700.00 to get our boss out of her life. so we are here at the big alcord complex and we have to see if we can interview the
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president of the sheet. i'm seeing, i understand. now that's the hindu, right, being organizational members, i've been accused and arrested by the police related to the school. so he's gonna try and see if we can ask him a few questions. i know a little bit a little bit with what i've got you. how about his com? thank you so much. we'll for you. see you got to is this in las vegas supplemental violence case manager? i will go by the bottom, the bottom medical we what i cabinet bought. sorry, a sienna, a notorious for targeting religious minority optic would be enthusiastic with whatever get me interface is he loves you happy case manager a yeah, he's my eyes have go to enable up. my nice i will i a flea mob from i did my father double home live with me. oh, he's out of here. it's on the but i thought that it glad you got the renewal at my boyfriend, and i will not be back. did i that he got on?
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i wonder why, who stole it off when i saw him look, he get some idea. but yeah, if we still up for in some ladies got up while he's new and i don't know when i said i'm in a dilemma. a oh my god, when i've given he's he got off the the daughter. yeah. i got up. i might have bought iowa on what i yeah. yeah. i'm on. i'm on a month later. you bob? always hope will you? but it will up. i bought my to buy the humble i and i will not me but as well. and it was you guys didn't actually get the full actually review without a legal advice. while i was that i was on my, what about my, my, my daughter. got all my money was met with what happens with the rama guns going to school, maybe the leader of a fringe in new group, but it's use our interface. relationships are locally shared by some of the most powerful men. like you'll hear this going to be g chief minister of india is most popular state with this white b tip as
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a future prime minister of the country. and i think you know, is repeatedly said that so call love you. hugs is a major threat to indian hindus. we contacted his office for comment, but he did not respond to our question about the box, but a heck, i love this pick up. and if i do say what happens, what i skipped the chip a bronze but i still get off. i'm not sure what's going on. is the packets go off when i was gets up john the stomach ama was kitchen. lucky po, box got dinner. i think dinner is a key example of how divisive islam of phobic, conspiracies like luxury hot have been use for political game. his rights as meet with the british, the epicenter of vigilante action in so called love to hug cases. we've come to the city of sancho to visit a special training camp been run by the bunch on i am the youth organization with links to india's ruling party to b,
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j. p. o. 7 in response to questions from 11 east, the national vice president of the pgp my badge and ponder, said the party was inclusive and had no problems with into faith burgess per se. but also said that many mostly men would deceptively marry him in the women. his claims were amplified by couple of mordor who, that a, who runs this by jungle camp by a lie not rob glare, mr. lion knuckle applicable. you brought a b. exactly. kevin, this is jack. yes. yes. cool. big. yes. go this egg august. i'm a desk in the love you had to go to my obvious one them out of you will be didn't, but it didn't say nothing. you love the other kid. nobody has heard him to help get the job for jasper. you're saying just on one muslim, last one, i had him to let it go way up an app for him dollars a soccer. what only just how they got and say he does, that's coming up on the chip. either got organism from them or not. everybody from me is clear. hum, buy
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a little bit cardiac of thought so much. we'll talk on what affiliate when he will not go as he got there. the autumn would upset on me, had loved the article and i own some people. java to go there. but it is emily, the him with eager to think was easy. but up because this is shelby snacking on a year. if you will, office may push it. isabella comes in a different level, melissa label, job anymore. you have been going out of the muslim, that it is hard to go to the other boards outside of all the scope of that could be with them, but someone on there can massena scrub an idea about that. i think women as baby making machines, objects of conquest to be monitored and control. good if loveday hot sounds extremely patriarchal. well, that's because it is lovely out of up up without a lucky guess. at the booster, someone died. another guy out omega, lower my bill of america, what somebody can call dad bob,
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i might even be up watching. got the air, grab my money mom and about the job. i've got at the, at club muddy. my a liar, jim, my dad theat clobber for 71 began the subdivision again. they got the air in 70 and little vulnerable. good one for vascular out there. he had loved you are the baker board, the buddy under yet go back. yeah. that i, scott, some, someone will cut that on a guy. i said we go part owner to you who they have is who can, but mostly my record, melissa. get them there, but all of us, he go 72. he's how you get get melissa. he's how you get 56 is order. he look, i get them. it is her or the yellow. you're not above odd. be just seen a buck road in the what ask look at them can make alley it here to board. what i said in this conduct kodachi of, according to the latest census hindus make up almost 80 percent of phineas
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population, and only 14 percent of indians are muslims. inter religious marriages are extremely rare. the name on 99 percent of indians wed within their faith are required to rekey a little. the ac again is other than dogs and cats. i'm with a booth id idea. he'll o'connor natalia here maria. they asked me to come over there, but it was nebraska, was the gardner of several sci fi electric. who was a massage athletics in my building, new santa monica. it's not going to call you about the mother to jennifer, just lucy, lambert, amanda. you got documented about meadow them about of the mothers, anyone. okay, so to negotiate with it guys go and do and you can i do decide to go over all your telephone is watch on what this is. barbara jones. it won't be here within a week when i log across this yonder cabinet bought up. you know, the weather was wrong with it, but it is our medicine with i'm just going to take
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a look and we are to your sorry them. okay. yeah, this make, i don't get some kind of look into a 30 minute or 2 a little that we are going to better understand the origins of so called love. she had, we had to care law to meet mohammed. so he, the founder of independent news outlet to lose seeing it as a threat to communal harmony. so hale and his organization have been tracking the evolution of the conspiracy for more than a decade. pushing for the american don't think in the family it anything to do with that a little it actually it over to the other on the political will not for them. we know operate on monday. do it on failure to go on the line it, but i'm randomly commercial i don't use has reported on how the 1st rumors of so called love, she had appeared on hindu nationalist websites and within popularized by mainstream media to them. but there walter reported that most alleged cases of love to heart are actually consensual interfaith relationships. okay. now, do even the animal a fact to confining. well, at an article, sir, ah, well, i have been induced them silent look of the number of assyrian and the good of the
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minimal factor can read your sample on the la moda. been hardly even the partisan and they flooded the rec someplace on the south. nobody knows you haven't played that, but i would gladly either idle with anybody. i mean it's so he says that hindu nationalist parties like the b to p, have consistently struggled to make a political impact in care law, which has made the state a laboratory for them to test out divisive political strategies. kettle at the dead, ashley able for conduct that they came sango video of mckyrie bit on her lap with a step by it down and load had issues for nailed carnival to them. actually hearing a little collab on the lake a couple going to do, but the laundry shing liquidity. i know near my own duck, why no more care left. i'm going to reach if it a bugger from doug, what he killed care local and them started. he can know that the diapers mom in that are in the late father nominee today moly, gov or gushing left william heineken that nemo might the the know the guy cl number come bgp rule states across india have inactive new anti conversion legislation or
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the last couple of years which the party claims it is doing to protect women against fraudulent conversions. the state which is most rigorously enforcing this new legislation is with the probation. a strict anti conversion law was passed here in 2020. although the state claims it is not meant to target any community in particular, the numbers speak for themselves of 86 people charged under the law. it's 1st month 79 when muslims, human rights lawyer must have commands as a law follows a pattern of legalized discrimination against muslims in at the probation accusation that the beach repeat denies. the other audio donna's height saudi was similarly gave is i think it does. it logos, it the old little jet that allowed new york when it had of abs you about that. he got a love seat a little again of a year that it has had the other the are, those are love, jazz with audio player with ada pulled up or cited them level
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a political did live in logan or something. so someone can go there almost was whatever course not that i guess i guess or observation i guess a gather 9 of years am is upset for much roof. it means fighting for his communities right. in court today. he's meeting a client from a pivotal case shot kevin, possibly the youngest person to be charged under the converse law. his family say he was 16, but he was arrested and sent to jail for 6 months without trial. local police say he was trying to up duct and convert a he lucas major, getting evicted to start giving the heads up. and i'm so who is, look you up nice with the fact that i see a new plan was to show up, but i was comfortable with them around. he goes to the shockey denies the
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allegations that no those that are look alike. i know you kind of them that if you kind of a, if you think them to the what you know with medical deputy with them and then the medicaid which i can let them know that you're buying into order with them. so i didn't need them. i didn't they with a i'm sick again agenda, but they then got to learn. he grew a platinum. good. can they gotta manage the men fed up which they need it to my
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know i'm the leg up when the swelling need name and login with galen. maybe without one moment, let me but it's done with that. had a good, a guy with a windows she's had mm. with no long distance. so she's manipulating, he's the one in minnesota and he's been she said, and the shock
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give was jailed by the girl. clearly stating to local media that she didn't know him and that he made no attempt to change a religion. there's a lot of people lucky if convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison. his mother shonda says the family is devastated by the accusation. medical diploma, giving somebody the hon. get off at the moment. so could you let me get the stamp collected the money? put the report. not because i read the shock investor travel 5 hours to attend monthly court sessions or his bail could
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get canceled as an apprentice. well, they're working in another state. he owns just $65.00 a month and the trial is crippling. some kind of from the to day after i was awaiting the other side, once again failed to show up. even if shockey is cleared, it could take him years to be acquitted by for many poor people navigating india's legal system. sometimes the process is the punishment. yes, all right, he met continued. jasmine is his magazine that he gets a little bit to deal with it the it. so the liberty was a little visual today the conclusively attend lilia. yup. nancy was a me, them on the rid of. you get a little bit of a liberal policy again, be strongly if i were to leave me here. melissa, them to me gets me cause this isn't us on the commercial isn't the only one back
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home and sale of the news. i'm meeting at era and show me an interface, a couple of from care law who have become activist against so called up to a couple of face harassment from internationalists told after the names were posted on a carolyn government website. their activism led to the government, scrapping its policy of publishing names of into faith, marriage applicants online. might be the best for me to do. it's not to be before most of the boy get didn't defeat matters, right, because that is a dog. so it's like this also, it's not just the but you know, most of the debate and then it says that i want to make sure mean chosen married to the special marriages act, which allows interface couples in india to read without changing their religion. but the act has controversial provisions. couples need approval from marriage officers, and they must wait at least 30 days to get it. during this time,
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the names are publicly displayed, making them potential targets. the wrench means names and addresses, but publish on social media. and they will put on so called love to hardly circulated on what they have basically said that all women are night nor when can you bring, they can be easily manipulated and they can be brainwashed. this is a very and that's really all right because you know, you close your life. i. so as a good, as a growing up girl. and as a woman you are constantly living in a very, extremely patriarchal society which is always having a medium. it's on the radio looking at you grow, right? like so. and you've constantly fought on this. you know, you're fighting and fighting and you've gotten some red hat again when you want to, you want to decide who your partner for life should be. again, they're basically saying that no, you have no agency because you can't, you don't,
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you're not intelligent enough to make the choice. let's, the operator decided just not only by the way, but also posted about what happened to you. why you was using our applications. they were able to intimidate and instill, feel a lot of interface, couple who might have wanted to go through the process, which was the only the few. yeah. that, that feel right. that, that is why we decided that, ok, this has to stop because they report the acknowledging privileges one. but what do we do with the privilege that we have? because right, we wrote about it and hon minister brought a change, but we don't want to stop there because it's not just the problem off, you know, having these applications on a digital space. it's about the ad in it sense of how it basically infringes into freedom of matrimony aliens, which is why you filed a petition in the supreme court to em into the special married act. then you don't have this 30 day clause and any other marriage act. why only the following the
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faith company, if successful us petition could have a radical impact on the fate of hundreds or even thousands of inter faith couples across india. currently, in order to get married, many of them have to run away from home and go into hiding. they must then wait months for the marriage applications to be approved. this young couple is one of them. they've just arrived in new delhi after running away from their homes, and carola, in this case, it's the boy who is hindu and the good muslim court. but given the widespread opposition to interface marriage amongst both communities, they still face a threat to their lights. we that love scene saw was 70 years and ah, you late to come to new is for ever. then we have to take such a risk and is your day situation? when the goes parents found out about the relationship,
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you tried to possibly marry her to another man. i am after they met com. they normally be on me when they come with the people to try to help him because he's in the region. so me game safer place you think it is 5 of them are and i do have currently hiding in the offices of panic, delhi base and geo that supports interface couples on the jose this'll managed, since they respect each other, each other's culture, celebrations, and every whole thing slake grand guitar has picked each other so he won't come out of it for, for the purpose of marriage. so we chose speech and mention
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i the couple will need to be in delhi for at least 2 months. it's too risky for them to stay in this office so they will soon be moved to secure government safehouse. i civic pals, founder is now campaigning for the establishment of safe houses for such couples across india. he wants the young lovers from care le, to help with the campaign. you have done a civil marriage, is it correct or incorrect? you feel correct if we can. why there is a hesitation that what we have done and we're talking about it is wrong. it should be removed if you're, if you're thing that it is not only limited to us, this message should also go to do not to the couple is to also to the society and those people who are stopping such kind of relationship it can be only possible
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if we talk about it, it's like we tell our story in odd words. and those people who are, again said, should this constitution of india, the constitutional rights given in india, rather than making the religious respect the decision taken by your female and female educated freeman. that is the message a message that is often drowned out by deceptive and dangerous conspiracy, theories like love jihad, this brave young couple though, aren't antidote to the hate and division as they fight for their right to choose their life. partner prove that india is different communities can be united by the
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a journey, a journey, a base, and one of necessity with 3 different missions that all facing the challenger driving on nicaragua was unpaid roads at the mercy of it's unpredictable tropical with risking you told me the curriculum on al jazeera for our climb. for 4 minutes, a practice ah, to a t bed dream of becoming afghanistan 1st ever went to an in p,
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and they will have to overcome many mountain cover your path of hope and inspiration, where the light shine. witness on al jazeera ah . ready as tensioned with ra said row the ukraine, the u. s. president says he will move troops to eastern europe. ah, and come all santa maria here and over with the world news from al jazeera west africa, regional block eco us is suspended, became fossa to put pressure on the new military rulers. talks also a lifeline for argentina, a landmark deal with the international monetary fun.


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