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tv   Risking It All Nicaragua  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2022 6:30am-7:01am AST

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elisa cage is to have that ball extracted, but instead to move to sanctuaries and live out the remainder of their days in a free and safe environment. the 1st of 2 centuries is set to autumn in 2024. so these bear still have many long days and nights and cages. before the 1st scenes of freedom. alixia brian al jazeera ah her again, i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera, the united states and nato have delivered written responses. moscow security demands about ukraine. they have rejected russia's call to permanently ban kia from joining the security alliance. the document we've delivered includes concerns of the united states and our allies and partners about russia's actions that undermine security. a principled and pragmatic evaluation of concerns that russia has raised and our own proposals for areas where we may be able to find common ground. we make
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clear that there are core principles that we are committed to uphold and defend, including ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity. and the right of states to choose their own security arrangements and alliances. we've addressed the possibility of reciprocal transparency measures regarding forced pos for an ukraine, as well as measures to increase confidence regarding military exercises and maneuvers in europe. the un secretary general says lives in of gone, his son has become a frozen hell antonio terrace. warn the humanitarian crisis has left the country's hanging country rather hanging by the threads with education and other social services. on the brink of collapse, soccer is military says north korea has fire to projectiles, believe to be ballistic missiles. if they are, it will be the 5th launch this year. the u. n. t. s p young young is in violation of security council resolutions. kurdish forces in northern syria save, regain control of a prison following
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a week long assault by iso fighters. around 200 inmates and 27 kurdish fighters were killed in. i sold attempt to free their comrades. the battle force. 45000 people from their homes in africa. u. s. media reports a supreme court justice steven briar will retire at the end of the course. current term briars, one of 3 remaining rib, liberal justices in the conservative majority court is retirement, will give present biden. his 1st chance to nominate a new judge to the countries highest judicial body and britons prince andrew is seeking a jury trial in the sexual assault complaint. his fighting in new york is facing a civil case brought by virginia go free, who says she was a sexually assaulted by prince andrew when she was 17 years old. he denies the allegations and those are the headlines on al jazeera. i'll be back with more news after risking it all to stay with us. ah
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ah. oh, gosh. a
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this was in the said to the american countries around 250 kilometers, ne kept or not well. the whole units, polity has a population of about 55000 people and is getting ready for no connection to the next day. i drive sicily old and has been requisitions by the government for
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a very important connection. the terms didn't staff and panic boxes do outlined villages. ah, i know has absolutely no choice in them. i think that i only got available on a single day. you got it all again. i mean, i don't know anybody in the, by the of them is available and what i got to go over there, they go to, even as the old truck breaks down, hines and his messengers will have to finish the journey on foot. i am
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with . 8 the animal a, they don't want them, you know, you know, i'm with them in the family. i love them. other than a, i thought they were
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a a hind. his assistant took them to level on a small fee for the job, which piece was feel and a guide to help him on the difficult chinese having with
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a name and i will play with well, i don't know the way that i think i i more a was on that the, the people that a blank as well, and i don't know how that when i think what i was gonna get with ah, and then i came
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minor still has 3 villages left to reach that skate for stroke holds all long down . and his passengers survive the exhaust in nicaragua has a history of political instability and underwent to revolution in 1979 when the left wing sandinista party took power from a long standing y twin dictatorship. president daniel ortega had close ties with hugo chavez was portrayed stance of the capital, managua, the form of venice, when a precedent supported ortega stream. nicaragua was never a rich country. and since the 79 revolution has struggled to overcome the effects
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of dictatorship, civil war, and a series of hurricanes and other natural disasters, it is still one of the poorest countries in the americas. the covered 19 global pandemic has also affected nicaragua, economy damaging tourism and investment if infrastructure is weak and only 60 percent of its roads are paid and most of those are in managua. so any kind of travel outside the cities can be a major challenge. ah, with in the town of receipt, worshippers rise as early as finance to attend this church. i know
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y'all are y'all are in there tomorrow. melina? ah, ah gras, yes. when you get the better sense? yes. hang out in the letter saturday i it's doing this a trace and alexandria. as you have realized, a tree, establish and they will eventually kill chance. oh, but the congregation is small docility itself and the finance from offerings a note to now for the 2 priests to survive on alexandria and soon decide to turn and flung with their sold ring by one need to repeat to other towns and villages. with only that that i had
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a massive man might be on the guy like list. yeah. man. yeah. love yeah. yeah. like them. yeah. they lose audio guy. yeah. by more month. all right. good luck with both of what didn't come up with a feeling. i mean the money. how good think i will be getting a low, lonely one, but in, in what im with . but the weather will not be in their favor. ah. meanwhile, the suburbs of the capitol managua,
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an important operation is getting underway under close surveillance. with yet the median, you know, i think they both made for me and i think or more no matter what you think. i mean when they, when they go by my job. mm. those have been a a, a, a
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for a while, but i said that you have a good lender. you have to handle the 7 and a half tons of dynamite and detonate is what extreme can thing what a let. you'll measure it b r a n for nancy k. it needs a properly dose. if not, there's a little cell. up up the yellow. it brought sheila put them on, we'll get it brought out sheila will be on with blood or jacket ball. okay. let i'm, i brought that in a give us a call to marquia 43. i'm going to come in at the volleyball, i. e,
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a letter there by motor through only whatever path hillary and esteem have to transport the dynamite to the mining triangle of bonanza. it's a 420 kilometer journey on the card was notoriously bad, rose a life bet on that. but i think that those how, what i do. yeah. you know, i think going from an empathy implementing the but danny ma, marianna the threat to with tap by criminal guns. that's an extra level of race, as does the need to navigate carefully between 420 kilometers of potholes. nicaragua gained independence from colonial spain in 1821,
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and became the richest and most prosperous country in central america. but occupation by the united states, a dictatorship under the some of the family revolution. i'm the controllers have put post colonial prosperity firmly in the past. today. poverty is rife, good to alex sanji and so hope to have live people spirits with the land of christian faith. okay, let me see on for you. i will say your sally when the seal so the what about the bolden of a deal and nominating? how is it that i little bit of man. hi pamela. this is olivia. if there was a lie, you'll hear a
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me but i think there might be a problem with the exhaust of their went to motorbike. lot of on the agenda are on free with to finish. the want to visit is 40 kilometers away with . oh, are you know, with what 15 kilometers into their journey they have 2 problems,
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although the us are my own. okay. well, when i go out and they say come in all and with their bike has a flat tire and they have taken a wrong turning it's too kilometer to the next minutes with a low when they got more myers represented as a ricardo. ah, ah, their only option is to turn around to find the garage where they can get the tie repaired and put them on at the barrack as a mom. i know i had ordered
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a browser. yeah. guessing that in from the continental. ah, i did try to hitch a ride to get to the new school. mm . oh, wow. dupree spring. so find the answered. the rain stops and they get a ride to the garage. in through the crowd, one, the average wage is a poultry. $160.00, you install this per month. but alexandria show,
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much less as the depend completely on donations in church. if the yankee was not for lafayette mechanical interview, the garage spoon is $20.00, which decrease can ill afford ah, despite the global pandemic, nicaragua did show an economic recovery in 2021 when poverty is still increasing because wages and income for family businesses continue to be affected, and the country's infrastructure is a mess at these roads. sure. ah, via their order, but i like got it. i don't know what that, you know, middle mode took them to load them in a one minute with feel like we're really like
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w no apple. you mean that upon those, but i love it, but i feel like i'm in a bundle that i'm not feeling so like the mother i embarrass it. and so mallet emilio, it isn't gonna feel lead under any world live with la la la. yes worry only i'll only look ah, it's crunch time for alexandra and sean
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is seized with a difficult decision. the desperately want to reach the destination to recruit more numbers for their congregation where they might simply be running out of time. with ya, cecily know jennifer more i will need help. the young america, sir. and those says in some more rigorous animal. if you mama look black, you know, i say no say when you're, when a guy were really satisfied or elect though animal coming i
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made a as a solo florida mother. oh yeah, that'd be ah, and their mother matt lauer, montana alexandria and shaun a deeply committed to expanding their mission. but tomorrow is another day. and the a try again then. ah ah hello are you? it's now driving in the dark, carrying his confinement of dynamite, and has been caught in a heavy rainstorm. ah.
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up ahead. there are outside bonanza. it's running dangerous. the high and threatened stool shoo ethan last bridge before the town. that's already happened several times recently. ah. at you on 11 pm, the talk and it's escal pico finally course the grades off
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to 15 hours on the road and over 400 kilometers. hello. are you finalize in the mining town of bonanza, which is 7 and a half tons of dynamite. a . net a ah back that was la la municipal elections,
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the last vote. subbing cost in 2018. the ortega golf mit crackdown on any kind of political protest. and it's human rights record is poor thing in the models in order to get it on a note. the name of that it was with as he closes at the end of local election day, heiner gets ready to take the final papers back to westmoreland town to be counted young. aah! in pioneers hoping that is all trusting the course. if it lets him down,
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the government would still penalize him for failing to deliver the pallet boxes. mm hm. i don't know how your delivery and to really sandinista monte prevailed in the local elections. but the presidential election in november 2021 ju international condemnation. the u . s. and the european union imposed sanctions on leading government figures. so the road ahead for the new card when people looks like they had difficult won, there was a time when the arkansas anger, the floods were enough to sustain life in the northern cali. desert. oh you wrong.
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put us changing. we followed 3 men in different paths on a feast, drowned wild animals and men may threaten their confidence to survive risk. and what's going on ah, ah ah, from the al jazeera london pro casenita to special guest in conversation. when you
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say a lie, a 1000000 times, it becomes a fact. you then can create whatever narrative you want on prompted uninterrupted. and i realized i was working for something i was evil, you know, being a part of actually creating at maria. right. the meet christopher wiley, the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio. b unscripted on al jazeera war in afghanistan is now proved. will non taliban figures make up a part of them with that american can only fall within the taliban? i believe that there will be a powerful itala baldessari inside story podcast. a frank assessment the days headlines subscribe now. however you listened to podcasts, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no
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matter what lucy, al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter. to you, al jazeera, ah, the us and nato deliver their written responses to moscow. security demands as fears, bro, of a russian invasion of ukraine. and we report from southern ukraine way crimean taught us live in uncertainty years after russia amex de reaching ah, no, i'm fully vacuum or you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also coming up with guns daily life has become a frozen.


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