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tv   The Listening Post  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2022 7:30am-8:01am AST

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italy's recovery could go off track many be bold can be president of the republic, while as a premier, a dry d is not easily replaceable. so ease much more useful as a grammar. the election held in parliament will likely go on for several rounds until a candidate gained enough votes. whoever wins will have to try and help italy avoid political crises as it tries to solidify a sustainable recovery from the pandemic. adarine al jazeera rome. ah ha, again, i am fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera authorities in book in a fossil have declared an overnight curfew after a day of violence. soldiers meet needed several army camps on sunday, but the government denies there was an attempted call. the u. s. has told his citizens in ukraine and families of its kia embassy staff to leave the country. the state department is wanting military action by russia could come at any time.
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washington is also urging americans not to go to russia. my cana has moved from washington. the state department personnel also made clear one very important point that there has been no change in the situation in recent days, which has led to this upgraded travel. notice are making very clear that the decision to do so now was not in response to any specific that threat. rather the broad threat posed by a russian incursion which has been in place for a period of time. now the state department officials also say that a u. s. nationals in ukraine should start making arrangements should they wish to leave? over the weekend, the us sent to plane loads of weapons and ammunition to ukraine. the $200000000.00 shipment of so called lethal aid is aimed at strengthening hears defense capabilities as russian troops mass on ukraine's order. moscow denies its planning and military offensive. taliban officials are in talks with western powers in
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norway. they're focusing on afghanistan's worsening humanitarian crisis. and reports of human rights abuse. senior taliban members are expected to meet officials from several nato countries, including us representatives, about $200.00 people, mostly afghans living in norway have protested in also as a talks began, chanting no to taliban of the demonstrators said any move towards official recognition should be resisted, claiming that the taliban hadn't changed since it was pushed from power in 2001 and scientists in israel say a for shot of phases, covered 19 vaccine triples, protection from severe illness. for people over the age of 60. they also say the age group becomes twice as resistant to infection, but the additional booster will not provide complete immunity. those are the headlines on al jazeera. i'll be back with more news after the listening post. stay with us. on counting the cost one year of the buy from the administration,
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how has the u. s. economy, unemployment done, but inclusions pop and americans aren't happy about it? it also totally is unconventional approach to inflation. could it actually boost economic growth? counseling recalls on al jazeera party gate in the u. k. boris johnson, the bbc and the art of destruction. to more reporters, children, mexico, there is no more dangerous place to internalize. and lifting the darkness one newscast at a time. the so for re and radio station beaming into north hello are much gisburne and you're at the listening post where we don't cover the news. we cover the way the news is covered. invoice, johnson's defense. he does say that nobody told him, he was breaking the rules, the ones that he'd set and told everyone else to follow. the british prime minister has been brutally exposed in these reports annihilated on social media. over the
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most rank hypocrisy wine fuels parties at 10 downing street mid pandemic. when the rest of the country was locked down, johnson knows his job is on the line his response. what is party cause operation? red meat, a diversionary escape plan, a collection of right wing policies designed to shore up the support of his bass. top of the list, taking aim at the b, b. c through a plan that would freeze its funding. the prime minister's backers are no fans of the case public broadcaster, because they say it leads to the left. but the b, b. c is far more balanced than they ever give credit for. simply put, it has to be because the regulations demand, our starting point this week is london. tom breaking regarding a party that actually took place in the downing street gum,
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a steady stream of stories from the darkest days of the pandemic. when everyone in the united kingdom was supposed to be following the lockdown rules, including the queen, mourning the loss of her husband alone. horace johnson facing huge brush compression, as admitted that he was at a party and dawning street during the 1st looked down in may 2020 it turns out that the prime minister and his staff were throwing party after party, bring your own booze 1st, breaking their own rules at the time of downing street drinks economy, one person outside of your household, i doors in a public place. i think the cohen allegations, the reason why there's really resonated with sony people, is because of their emotional impact. people who couldn't see relatives that missed significant events in their life. it personally resonated in
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a way that political stories don't resonate. i do know how infuriating it must be for people up and down the country. in view of the huge sacrifice is that people who have made i to think that that didn't happen in, in number 10, donnie st. hypocrisy is the greatest crime in politics. and in the idea that there was one rule for us, and one for them just rankled. the rule make is cannot be the rule break. his. nobody said to me, this is an event that is against the rules that he's in breach of what we're asking . everybody else to do, i should not go ahead and life is not getting tremendous. well in britain at the moment. people are really, really struggling now. and they were struggling during the entire pandemic. so finding out that basically these people in number 10 were pausing the nights away again and again has made people absolutely furious. boris johnson knows there is no defending this, so he's opted to distract by turning attention to another british institution,
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the b, b. c, and freezing its license fee, starting in 2024. the bib as the british call, it is a publicly funded broadcaster, which is not the same as state funding state funded out. let's get their money directly from governments in the u. k. all households using b, b, c, services, tv and online pay a license fee of $159.00 pounds, about $215.00 us dollars a year. the government's decision to freeze the license fee and put the bbc's future funding quote up for discussion, unquote. affects a news organization that conservatives like johnson constantly accuse of leaning editorially to the left financially would be ruinous to the b. b say really eat the, the, the freeze that has already been announced is going to be extremely damaging, is effectively at a real terms to 1000000000 panko. so services are already gonna have to go.
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coverage is already gonna have to go. i'm not against the debate around how the bbc is funded, but it is a bad face to buy on the, on the behalf of the tory pot in knitting. darcy, the culture secretary, stood in parliament and said, oh we, you know, we just, we just asking questions at which is, in obviously on trend. but it served to distract, diverting attention away from the hypocrisy at 10 downing street and onto the b b. c, a long time target of conservative newspapers that have johnson's back, although party gave, has seen a few of them stick the knife in 70 percent of the papers sold in the u. k. lean to the right. they're self regulated, but act like they're unregulated on like broadcasters, like the b, b, c i t, v, sky news, all of which must follow certain rules on fairness and balance and for the bbc to
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come under attack. now, when other news outlets broke the stories about the parties, the downing street is telling when the government says, oh, the b, b. c has been particularly attacking bars, johnson, it's a, it's a farcical claim. as it senior bbc report said to me, recently, we broke in none of the stories, the prime minister's principal, private secretary, i t v broke the stories, i the mirror broke stories, all the b, b, c has done is report the stories and in a fairly straight manner the bbc does some excellent work on then following up these revelations, with the gods to interviews and putting them in context and some excellent journalism been tons might be breaking the stories. the b, b. c has really been at the forefront of that. so i think could be long term characterized b, b, c is leading the charge. the was a time, and it's not so many years ago that the baby sees news output was
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a little bit stayed quite safe in its approach. less controversial. no, many people would argue a return to those days would be a bad thing. i think it would be doing itself a citizen if it stepped back a little from tracing every scandal and reverted to a previous form of papacy journalism, which was small, safe. but it protected the bbc and this is important. the b, b. c has plenty of things that need fixing. it's news division remains disproportionately white, upper class oxbridge educated and eaten tongued, particularly in senior positions. people who look and sound like the prime minister, the beads taken steps to diversify and still has miles to go. but there is no arguing with the quality of some of the contents of news coverage me, wildlife documentaries, dramas, comedies,
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music programming can be world class. all delivered for the price of a license, re, roughly $0.60 us per day. and it must pain boris johnson to know as he does, that the b, b. c. has had a much better pandemic than he has. one thing that was especially fascinating during the long downs was and the be receiving, showing itself to me, say, much more than a news channel. all my friends who have children, they had to haines, will they, children? during the look down, the bbc shoot, amina educational programming every day, and that snaps into action extremely quickly when the 1st sound down was announced . and yet these appearances could not have done their job. they could not have hinesville their children properly, hadn't now been for the b, b, c. news programs on the b, b. c had a huge optic in view, a ship unless the ship during the most difficult period of the pan down. there is another 861 people this denies. obviously the b b, c, a still a place that
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a bulk of the british population turned to at times of great crisis. and i think the bbc did quite well in, in, in promoting yourself saying, look at these things we've done by going after the bbc boris johnson is pitting his reputation. that of a serial liar, a locked down partier against that of a news organization entering. it's 100th year of existence. it should be no contest . and it's just one of johnson's diversionary tactics. he's also called in the military to stem the flow of migrants at sea, which is more of a trick. it's all tailor made for his right wing base, a critical part of which are the tabloids and newspapers that once employ johnson as a journalist and later helped to deliver him to 10 downing street. some of those papers are now edging away from him, which is a bad sign for buddhist johnson and a good one for the bbc. and so i do think that for us a little for we have to get
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a taste of is in medicine eventually. and when newspapers especially realize that in the future, no longer lives with him than that support will stuff. because he's a friend, this is in a senior, communist, et cetera. fundamentally wants to be in the room. what happens when to be placed to power. if the power is slipping away from them, he will lose that support quite as quickly. i think he gains him again. dave, if a face, so if johnson goes, if there is a new prime minister and with it a whole raft of new ministers, then who's to say what their attitude towards a continuation of the war with the bbc will be my guess is that in that 2nd a new administration under a new man or woman would have plenty of other fight to fight without taking what is an optional fight with the baby se
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mexico is on our radar. this week, reporting on drug cartels and political corruption, there is one of the most dangerous beats in journalism flow. phillips is here with the story of 2 more reporters, no longer with us. thanks, richard. margarita martinez as well. and jose luis gamba, those are the names of the 2 journalists who lost their lives in the space of just one week in mexico. martinez shot dead outside his home into wanna was a crime reporter and photographer for both national and international outlets covering the gang violence that scholars, that city gamboa, a journalist covering anti corruption and drug violence, was fatally stabbed in barrow cruz. another of mexico's most violent regions. combo was the director of an independent, online news outlet in for ratio, where he had recently published a series of articles, exposing alleged links between a local cartel, the c, j and g, an regional political players. the series highlighted how veracruz has become
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a hub for the trafficking of fentanyl to the united states and how the authorities there seem to look the other way. he was vocal well beyond his reporting with a steady stream of material on social media. he posted this tweet just days before he died. mexico needs a drugs are who has a strategy and a policy in place to prevent violence of the magnitude. we've witness for 35 years given there's a risk. institutions don't suffice when it comes to preventing crimes in this country. fellow journalists have come out in solidarity, demanding that the country prioritized the investigations of these killings. over the past 20 years. a 145 media workers have been murdered in mexico. 90 percent of those cases, 90 percent have produced no convictions because of what human rights groups call inept investigations. a lack of political will and collusion between drug cartels and the government. and december 2018 president andre manuel lopez abra door took
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power, promising to crack down or get her camera or like wardrobe's young. you'd gone lower in bonnie's, i am getting breathing ill re lazley me and thought miracle. it's been 3 years since then, and mexico remains the world's deadliest country for reporters. thanks law. north korea is a black hole for news, one of if not the most tightly controlled information spaces anywhere. but there are cracks here and there. content from the outside world, news and entertainment is finding its way to north korea and audiences either smuggled in on u. s. b sticks or beamed in by radio stations on the outside. one such broadcaster is u m g radio. it's based in south korea and says it's on a mission to inform north koreans about the realities of life inside and outside their country. the thing is,
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you m g doesn't really know how many people are listening. there's no way to tell, but north koreans who have managed to escape south say that the station is making a difference. and that's what you m g 's journalists say, keeps them going. despite their work, putting a target on their backs. the listening post, johanna who's now from sole on the radio station broadcasting into a country whose people are kept in the dark, ah, with you simply ticklish broadcasting to an audience. they have never really heard from let alone met, hour after hour, day after day. that's the job of the voices and you and g unification, media group, radio. the station based in south korea, transmits into north korea,
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one of the most sealed of countries in the world. because her in and i'm with north korea's society is completely blocks from the outside world. people cannot see or hear anything other than the information provided by the north korean authorities which serves to idolized the supreme leader and praise communism. we aim to challenge those narratives with news, entertainment, and educational on, sent about democracy and human rights are you was screen is kind of calendar got kinda audio is how i knew that you know, that didn't come down and i manage. hm. got com, goshen t. i t and then i was hancock as sniffer, information changes people's mindsets and for without knowledge of the outside world, north koreans would never dream of escaping. it gives hope and plays a vital role in encouraging those who are desperate to leave north greer. to start a new life all the time, most of your by didn't continue, they're gone, then we are most broadcasters thrive on ratings. you m g has no
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data on home or how many are tuned again. the little information the station has about its audiences in the north comes from those who have managed to escape. young chal, lee is one of the 33000 north koreans who fled and settled in the south. he is a defector, turned broadcaster one of several currently working in jesus. and he knows the story on both sides of the border time on phone gotten down with the majority of the present is in guests. so now broadcast so north korean defects is to now live in the south. and we share our experiences and talk freely about the pros and cons of escaping. there's no screens that lived out the dictatorship for 70 years. now. listeners of our shows from soon realize that they might be better off in the outside world. knowing that there are countries that are better than north korea motivated me to escape and i believe our broadcasts can help ivan,
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north koreans to pursue better lives. and they told me to and i was on to hobbies, organizations like m g a. their goal is to provide the truth about the world and north koreans live so that they can be empowered to try to be the authors of their own feature for the 1st time is country has really tried to institute a information vacuum flights. people. however, there have been cracks in the system if you will, over the past 2 to 3 decades, more and more foreign information. so in other words, unauthorized information has been making its way into north korea for north korean citizens to consume the. ready ready u n. g radio relies on shortwave transmitters to be news from their studio and soul into north korea across this border, one of the most heavily militarized in the world. but getting information out of north korea as far more challenging and broadcasting it back in the station relies
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on the network of undercover inform and north koreans who at great risk feed information to their colleagues in the south. me thought as an informant in 5 north korea and of course the information around has to be very confidential. but we do know from the reporting that they come from different parts of the country. they operate at different levels of society that all sources have been in the military or in the government as well as because you know, kind of isn't journalist can report on what people are struggling with in that community and so on. but no matter where you walk in north korean society, you are risking your life. i know we don't motor with the north korea and authorities find out that people have been sharing information. they can get punished. yet there are a growing number of north koreans who want to work with us really, i'm young, can go and watch those. our can go into the though i talked to catherine campbell
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or was coming up to imagine some of the information they provide is varied from simple things like the price of rice or food shortages to how they are managing cobra 19 or what the living conditions are. like north koreans, we also receive news about the private lives of high ranking officials. we always check this information with several sources. as a result, we can cross reference to make sure that the news is trustworthy enough to be transmitted back into north korea. i think 100, not only are north koreans blocked from what's going on outside the country, but most of them are blocked from what's happening inside a country outside of their immediate home towns or regions. so if it weren't for foreign entities or foreign news organizations or n g o or activists that pushed information about north korea into north korea citizens, they would not have any real news about what is happening in the country. it's not
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just radio broadcasts or news other for media are making their way into north korea as well. there's entertainment programming like k drama, or music in the form of cable that is being smuggled in on use, be sticks, and then disseminated on the black market. there's also leaflets that are blown across the border and hot air balloons dropped from the sky containing messages, urging north korean to define the regime the price to be paid by any one called either smuggling or consuming. this kind of forum media is extremely high. it can be fine sent to prison camp or sentenced to anything up to and including death. ah, it's very risky for north princesses to listen to farm radio. and it's also somewhat technically difficult because the radio told and legal and north grant have to be sent to just the government for customizations. however, a huge take up our radio and you play with it enough. it might lead that difficult
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to come up with that. and to change the frequency that you can listen to. the difficulty man is that you've been with it and the evidence of that, or if you've got caught, then you would be in a lot of trouble. i was talking to a north korean escaping and he told me that when he was in north korea, he somehow came across his foreign radio program based out of south korea. and he became addicted. and the way described it sounded like he was having an affair. but he couldn't even tell his wife or his kids because they can either turn him in or at the very least they can be implicated if he were to be found out. this is how sensitive consuming foreign information is. and yet people still continue to do it inside north korea. the kim gilman regime isn't just going after you m g 's listeners and informants in the north. it's journalist and so our targets as well. north korean intelligence services regularly tried to jam and signal or intimidate it's reporters. lee clung back. it gets at least 5 hacking emails per month. but
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despite the pressure, the station keeps going in the hope that information and knowledge can be a precursor to change. i believe that change in north gray is already taking place rapidly. there are cracks in the communist economic system. however, that in itself is insufficient. north korea is completely isolated, so sending in information is crucial. i'm not sure it's enough to liberate those korea, but it's an important tool to support change with the north korean regime is predicated on the citizens living in a reality that the north korean government has created for them. and so anything that undermines the north korean governments history, the narrative, it's the achilles heel of the regime for sending information into north korea is
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really key to try to change the society from within bowl. and finally, back to boris johnson and those b, while b parties, downing street, one of which invited around 100 people to raise a glass to the you case. first, coven locked down with the prime minister, hang on to his jaw by a thread, demands for his resignation. coming from all sides, including his own party, the knives are out on social media. will leave you now with the music video posted by british comedian when you're chihuahua at more than half a 1000000 views and counting, it captures the story. we'll see you next time here at the listening post. i was in the got a little b, b a
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c, a oh, close your eyes. ah, listen, ooh,
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i never thought i'd be singing in parliament with the boy. i never dreamt of it. where the words fail. music speaks to short films about how music knocked down rules and inspire hope for a better life. ha selects on al jazeera one day i might be covering politics or my fear of i crossing from serbia hungry to what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through. so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible paradoxes here. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. join the debate they erasure of black people from the american and global story was very powerful on an online, at your voice. the comment section is right here, join our conversation, we had all protected when everyone is protected. it is not by being matched on this table. does you just look at it in
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a very different way that perspective men and men meeting each other and they don't have any solution? let me put it clear for you. this dream. on al jazeera m each and every one of us had to go to responsibility to change our personal space for the better a in we could do this experiment by diversity could increase just a little bit and that wouldn't be worth doing. had any idea that it would become a magnet, music could be rare species. they are asking for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly year and getting these people to pick up the collect the signature to say the re saying this is a really important so vis a dip relate to the city. i mean, we need to take america to trying to bring people together,
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trying to deal with people who love beyond ah late nights gunfire. heard in volcano, fossils capital after a day that so soldiers stage mutinies at several barracks. ah, this is al jazeera live from doha. i'm for the back. people also coming up the u. s . embassy in ukraine town, diplomats families to leave and urges other americans to go to citing the threat of a russian invasion. taliban leaders arrive in no way to discuss afghanistan's humanitarian.


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