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tv   All Hail The Lockdown Connect It- The Wake- Up Call That Cant Be Ignored  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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called the problem disturbing to grounded the planes. it's accusing the airline of engineering the dispute for financial reasons, as the industry continues to deal with the economic fall out of the pandemic. it's an unusually public spot between aviation heavy weights. katara always has accused airbus of destroying their relationship. the question now is, where will the airline get? it's new jets. andrew chappelle al jazeera, doha ah, top stories are now to 0 around 90 tons of u. s. military aid has arrived in ukraine, including ammunition for frontline defenders. despite more talks in the last week, tensions over russia's troops build up on the border with ukraine showed no signs of de escalating. washington says it will continue to provide assistance to ukraine's armed forces on moscow has repeatedly denied any plans to attack or invade. its neighbour. rescue crews in yemen have continued to search for survivors
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and bodies after one of the deadliest airstrikes in the war. who the rebels say the saudi led coalition hit a detention center inside our province on friday, killing at least 82 people. many of the people being held were african migrants. ma'am adela thom has more from santa regarding, oh, we're inside this building, which is the a temporary detention center for those who are still waiting for their trials or sentences. and also for the refugees who are, who happened to be there or detained? because be there, there is a big we were for migration the through yemen to, towards saudi arabia who are looking for their livelihoods there. and also from there, maybe the travel to europe and to other countries around the world. internet access has been largely down across yemen for a 2nd day. the blackout began after a separate test drive targeted a communications tower in the port city of her data,
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whose the officials say 4 people were killed in that attack, including children. united nations has condemned the strikes and called for an investigation a top, if you can, military officials, as government troops and making plans to entity cries, regional capital mckelly, to quote, eliminate rebel forces. the deputy army chief says the country won't be at peace until the trigger on people's liberation front is eliminated. just this week to top us diplomats flew try to have a to push for c 5. the 1st time japan is recorded more than 50000 grown of ours cases. in one day. the government has ordered all bars and restaurants across the country to close. early. the number of new daily infections is more than doubled in a week. next, it's all hail the locked down, connect it, the wake up call. the can't be ignored. more issue after that, i for the freefall precision. these athletes are experts in the art of jumping
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out of planes. more than 40 military parachuting teams have descended here to the desert of guitar to compete for the world championship title. the competitors are all active military members and have been training for years to get here. most have tens of thousands of jumps to their names. each country will compete in 3 disciplines. freefall, skydive, accuracy, landing, and 4 way formation. men and women compete separately, but under the same flag. you know, i can't do a story about parachuting and not jump out of a plane as we climb up. the teams mentally prepare for their job. i try to do the same then minutes later, once the earth is just a blurb below it's time to free fall. where in the midst of a global emergency, it is made people sick and killed on
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a mass scale. it is d stabilized local economies and overwhelmed poor countries. it is disrupted societies entire nations, the world in fact. but there are still people who dismiss scientific expertise on its causes and severity. media outlets on sending push notifications to our phones, loading us to every new development. and a shocking number of governments remain resistant to the kind of radical action, the situation to management. that's because the crisis on referring to isn't the current of ours. it's the ecological breakdown of our planet. with ah! on the 11th of march 2020, the world health organization announced we have rang the alarm bell loud and clear
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. we were in the grip of the cliff at 19 pandemic. we cannot say these loudly enough order. clearly enough or often enough, all countries can still change the course of this button demick. the global reaction was at a scale wave rarely seen before. governments responded with a mix of county politics and politicized scales. within the some countries managing to put a method to the madness, regardless of how they got a significant number of countries winning to look down with some cities and regions being put into actual quarantine. it was stunning how such wide ranging policy measures were brought into effect in such a short space of time. especially when you consider that a decade has been a much bigger, more threatening, more long running crisis meeting urgent global action. the 1st thing i'd say
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is that the climate crisis is such that it makes the convent 19 and i'm it really bad. judgment. beer is a british journalist and activist whose focus is on the state of the climate and is so much bigger. it is so much more threatening to our survival, not least because it threatens alfred supplies. this is something we're discussing for to listen. but besides, it's pretty clear that between 3 and 4 degrees centigrade of global aging above pre industrial levels, we go into massive met food deficit, structural famine, where crucial bread baskets collapse turned into dust bones. this is genuinely threatening to the survival of humanity. and if we think people fighting over toilet paper in the supermarkets, looks ugly. i really, really hope we don't meant to witness people fighting over food. since the pandemic
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was announced and locked down began, george has been pointing out the connection between the climate crisis and the jew health and economic crises that we are facing right now. one of the main link points is a subject he came back to repeatedly during our interview capitalism. i think there are 3 fundamental problems with capitalism that are not compatible with the long term survival of p relative. one is that it relies for its apparent success on perpetual economic growth, which would be fine if the planet were growing at the same rate. but if we were to follow the prescriptions of the world, fine co v o u c d, where we to maintain a steady track of 3 percent. growth doesn't sound like very much. that means it doubles in just 24 years and then doubles again and 48 years already. we've gone beyond the limits of the planet can take. the 2nd problem is this extraordinary
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belief that the numbers in your bank account are quite to a right to of natural wealth. what possible connection is that between those numbers in a bank account and the right to an attractive land or a private jet that's going to pollute a certain amount of atmosphere or to buy blue friend, tuna, sushi your, to handle your 4th home and mahogany. because in all those cases, you are taking away that for wealth from someone else. and the 3rd one is that capitalism promised us is all private luxury. that's why we go along with it. because one day we'll get that to where all temporarily embarrass millionaires. and they can't possibly fulfill it is if it did, we would trash our entire life support systems. the other sustainable exploitation of nature has a direct connection to the health crisis when our facing just mounts into the lockdown officials from the u. n. w h o and wold one why fund all stated that the
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legal wildlife trade and deforestation when driving forces behind the increasing number of so called genetic diseases. illnesses like the corona, virus that have leaped from wild life to humans. seems at this stage from what we know to have spread as a result of the wildlife trade. that as a result of people mopping out rad wildlife from around the world, you brought humans into contact. close contact with species have never been in close contact before. i 1st became aware of the 1st years ago when i lived in the amazon and every so often they've been outbreak. rabies always in the forest to dinners. and the reason for that was that the vampire bats should been feeding on slopes monkeys in the tree, tops in the canopy came down to earth, and the trees were found sun feeding on people instead. and people were terrified at these outbreaks. rabies rampaging dress without pro healthcare,
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and so large numbers of people died. and that piqued my interest in how destruction of nature can lead to destruction of people. george isn't exaggerating here. according to recent reports from the world wildlife fund, approximately 60 to 70 percent of the new diseases that have emerged in humans over the past 30 years, have had a genetic origin h i, b and c cur. emerged from primates, a bowler and saws from bats. this was traced back to camels, and in the case of bird flew, will the answers in the name, the birds, primarily industrial font, poultry. all of these diseases spread to humans from animal populations under conditions of considerable environmental pressure. alien a broom is a brazilian generalist and filmmaker who lives in the heart of the amazon. in brazil, the finance they asked me, is this young man, i mean listen when they were stamped my odd looking stress a sad, i mean my school was no c. mackey. don't they seem to be
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suddenly infused. cooper analysis does meeting us doing the spooky largest williams us lacardo las cars, though it is all it is well, they can be basket husky most closely. so grass gases, daisy bell, but not a man to pin grange efi. i but the l. vito's no, no. al fields. the overall message is clear, the less room left to nature, the more environmental problems including you deadliest nurses. there will be. but elleon is focus is not just on the plant and animal life that has been destroyed. her point is, there are communities of people who can have a net positive effect on the world. and even those people are at risk from an economic cardiology of relentless growth. and the destruction associated with it is to apple. vaudeville. naples disc is a door to skip botched us afloat. asked wicked yada for blue tartar bills. o sister
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isaac 2 ice balls in jesus it and maintenance processes, g. any mice equals miscellaneous, it is no saw. let you mad of us of western. oh blunt thought. mr. forest madam elaine, them i spoke think a loss is will to which be samantha, he's this personal capital leaves mom elijah straw just really so in that august the human economy is a subsystem of the natural ecos here. and the only thing that enables it to grow is its continuous capacity to extract resources and energy from the rest of the sphere . ill means is a professor of human ecology. he has a compelling way of describing the human takeover of the planet. if we went back 10000 years to the done of the bio mass. sure. weight of human beings constituted
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far less than one percent of the total bio massive mammals on earth. today humans are now 32 percent or 34 percent. but if we had our mystic animals, cattle sheets, gigs, and so on, that's another 60 plus percent. so in total owners today, human beings and their domestic stock are somewhere between $95.98 and a half percent of the total mammalian. so wild nature has been displaced to the tiny fringes. one of the markers of the human impact on the planet is something with come to know as carbon footprint, the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions. however, there's also something known as the ecological footprint. a concept co developed by bill that compares the total natural resources consumed by an individual group against the planets ability to renew it. if you look at the ecological footprint of any advanced, highly populated rich country, they are in a state of ecological. so if everyone live with people do would require the
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capacity of say, 3 plan of or if everyone live the way we do on average a candidate, we would need the bio capacity for 5 senators and we don't have them. we can only live this way because we are effectively ex, over exploring the global commerce europe would have included century ago, had not been for the capacity to import resources and from the colonies. the ecological footprints of the rich, very rich, a thousands of times greater than the global average. we can have great public swimming pools and public tennis courts and public art galleries and museums and playgrounds and hawks. but if everybody tries to do it for themselves, then in my country london recover off of england, england would cover half of europe and europe would cover the whole world. they wouldn't be physical room for everybody to live, let alone the ecological space. being able to measure environmental impact has been
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crucial, not only to help identify which human activities, communities, and countries bear, the biggest responsibility for climate hom, but also to understand the populations that bed the biggest brunt of it all. a paper published in the science and medical journal, the lancet in september 2020. so to want to find national responsibility for climate breakdown. the findings indicated that high income countries, most of them, among the most industrialized nations in the global north, were responsible for 90 percent of exits, emissions. these 8 can, we can arrange a g 's. keep broccoli is the q, monica yet gone. i don't a sales debate. brockovich is in nancy o assa emigration. he cheated wiki los mills terms, miracle, the my, what ear he can baggage. what bill is you percent, a suzy heights that will visit the margin is laquisa
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will keep who feed us. so boston maint, she'll reduce it at packer coke at this. so view does not know her sister mass and also said that edge is equal be my non munich with here. her sister don't was my swab is use negative songs my the teaching this. yes. them based on me, of apartheid march book at the mail, but i to the covey back in march. as the enormity of the closing crisis was becoming clear, i saw this tweet from the climate change activist. it said if the media covered the climate crisis, the way they are covering corona virus constantly and thoroughly, than the public would be awake to the crisis and the whole world would be mobilizing to stop it. like folks have said, climate change needs to hire coven 19th publicist. i asked georgian elliana,
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what they thought of this is really interesting thought and credit, clever and cheeky, ready to put it has to be said 1st off that a lot of governments communication grant viruses been really, really bad. probably minister going to a picture of a model when asked to explain what his new laws actually were. it's it's, it's 6 in 6 in hospitality, but as long as not is not successful. corona virus kind of does its own communication issues, its own warnings and says, right, you got to wash your hands, you got to practice physical distancing. you've got to do all the things which this virus tomorrow. so that becomes an imperative ac estoppel beat? no, and she will make us still edge in march. and we took foss, usually they one do us this source, although head darker movie and well, do our core dice, chemical, 2nd back called look into me. well,
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the school there is the call us back, the her as this will give you as a great bit of your cell. this is the stem push to get here. those us be so it is not based on long grass. what he is not a solution may sound too long. yeah. i'll keep in mind that i can easily much governments have been forced to step up and have been forced to tell us what to do . and i think now they need to tell us to do with congress breakdown is over a while saying right, we're building you were airports, but please don't fly. and we were in charge of each a little bit. gross. please minimize your material foot original messages are just so confused. all you end up with it's cognitive dissonance. the drastic response demanded by coated inadvertently gave us a glimpse of what we thought serious and somewhat sustain change could look like.
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as the virus spread around the world, a travel ground to a halt, car trips was significantly cut back industrial manufacturing dipped. and yet daughter in june revealed only a 5 percent lower emissions rate than at the same point in 2019, even though normal activity has not yet fully restarted the target, we need to hit 2 of at the climate catastrophe predicted by the u. n. back in 2018 is an emissions reduction of 7.6 percent. so our unexpected experiment in reducing our ecological impacts has revealed the share extent of the changes that have to be made for the health of the planet. but as governments address the economic full at the pandemic, environmental laws and regulations across many countries have been weakened or torn down at an alarming speed. this was particularly evident in the united states when limits on pollution and carbon emissions were lifted. and in brazil, where there was a surgery executive acts by president jabal scenario. not just but you,
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both lot of them each you total shaft is just, she's crenza. so nash jane, to fill it out, who's got his us so may on being young is will name. i'm biased. a lace that i me done. image of the sprawl. his lot is to go vietnam, but i but he, amazon frat protege, s booked la sizing, genus, bakovich zim, much equal. make it simple. come in that fate was, it was going to let us get some lab drawings to florida asked those which is what the dog is. is no fuzzy home or if you think of what's been happening in brazil, the destruction of the amazon, the abandonment of environmental regulations, the bid increased before a station of the one of the most bio diverse habitats on the planet. it's a travesty against all human time. but it's not that much different from what goes on in every other capital on earth,
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where governments are beholden to this look. because if we're gonna build this economy back bigger, better, stronger, we're backing business to get through this to come out the other side and the grow in the future. and we want to make sure that we get the economy going strongly. or we want to get consumer spending again, what everyone talks and we're getting back to normal. we talk about getting back to the to percent annual growth fitness, minimally acceptable or national basis. the 3 percent growth as mentally acceptable for the world as a whole. but those have prescriptions for the continued scouring of the appointment . if you insist on doing that, you will destroyed the very basis of your own existence. in fact, this historical data to show that often after a significant dipping emissions comes a spike. the since the international climate and environment research in oslo, trucks emissions and as documented how's cincinnati sixty's? key events that have resulted in emissions falling between oil crises,
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the dissolution of the soviet union. the 19 ninety's asian financial crisis, and the 2008 financial crash. they came a period of growing emissions. iep goals at the is the cf, upon been me a for spit out again. i've got one us lies up the office handle. that don't getting billed a much less still bracey foot doodle. evil battle do no song can i must to blame the yosh k as each might go to school. but yacht bit of them was st gears up says i'm still busy massey gazer. yes. in the scene now sadly, fees use saw sample you be just thought does not look like is a noun from reusable shopping bags to energy efficient home systems. and even bender tooth brushes over the past decade. also, there's been a surgeon individual efforts around the world to live more so called eco friendly lives, while as unmistakable power in the collective action of many individuals. giant
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corporations can render these efforts irrelevant, simply because their actions are many orders of magnitude more impactful on the planet. just take a look at the breakdown of greenhouse gas emissions since 1988. $100.00 companies alone are responsible for an astonishing 71 percent. there is literally nothing individual action can achieve if big businesses do not make fundamental changes. so why is this mythology of individual green transformation pushed so aggressively as a viable solution to this global climate crisis? well, as vested interests, of course, fossil fuel companies, big manufacturers, the airline corporations, intensive, industrial agriculture. all these giant industries spend billions to lobby policymakers and to shape global messaging, so they can pursue their business. shifting the earnest on to individuals takes the heat of them. well, an essential element of neoliberalism is the individuation of play. you don't have
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any money. well let's because you're lazy and feckless. never mind the massive inequality of mal distribution. well, you want to protect the environment. well, stop buying plastic buffalo never mind the fact that the fossil fuel companies have, i've got their clothes into the home apparatus of gum. so it's all about passing on blank from structural factors on to individual people. so part of the, the kind of neil a robo wrote mythology is that technology will solve our problems. so your climate change is a big deal, but it's caused by and say, the burning fossil fuels. so all we need to do is shift to renew green energy and people feel at it. i don't have to worry about climate change anymore because technology has softball hub plans, capture c o. 2 would have either going to plans captured it to if these industrial plants had technology, the capture kind of in my trees,
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we could help lower emissions. i think about if you truly believe and we teach this in our business schools, all. busy over the. ready planet that through grows while we can create the wealth needed theresa technologies needed to replace nature if you really are. so f of the centric, so self centered on the success of our speech, then the sky for women. i don't happen to them as long as big can still make huge fortunes of the system. the resist, any effort to redesign the system before it includes on. so. so now it's beginning . so, and that's what we can moscow much isn't going. she thinks that dawning teaching math while token in mackie, it's good only from one of your some of the it day i spent jousting. each glek g o jekyll, left on me. she isa still baffled. now easy, based on mass system passing wiki gail sales. so when we produce biofuel from sugar
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cane in brazil, we use the best practice international standard to help protect workers and the environment. last looking, not clear most at bottom major systems that we samantha domains kill straw, sit there who collapsed the key was, is east of his name, al, be so me 207 south and west. do do that be so me. and he the amazed cooling, rosie you, that, that mila thought us iowa muffler requires a severe, almost inch of your water. who hasn't filmed? no me, but i isic. yep. lucille khodiyar on foot dog want as ange bosses, if they go on me as me switch being some man to whom is my mortgage a sac, he will straw seat at da collapse. we much i felt damped. the dust lending me use
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the events of the past few months have begun to stretch our collective imagination in directions we wouldn't have contemplated before. and as we take stock of everything with land from this pandemic, we need to apply it to the much vida, ongoing emergency of the environmental crisis. after all medicine biggest health problem, we will ever have to collectively face. it's time for the pendulum to swing back toward a greater sense of balance model in the relationships among nations of been the relationships between human kind and the rest of nikos. whereby as a species, as a global civilization of we can live more equitably within the mile productive means of the system since orders. now that seems perhaps a bit of a stretch from colbert, but it is merely symptomatic. the gradient balances that currently exist. holden will not by any means that the last epidemic that will be more if you stay on the rescue, your body is see a couple of a me,
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but it's still cynthia de moines to link. glad god was agreeable to kept the see if you've seen, but yet receive of seen respond meets in the bottle as a spot. i don't mean for me signing to move a c cup bodies. jim, as you know, i must not do as a supper massa, video when we want to, we can mobilize resources very, very quickly. we can totally change our behavior. we can totally change a structure of politics and the way that it operates. all these things we were told were complete, impulsive, suddenly become possible, because we are faced with an emergence. now we have to recognise flooded breakdown as an emergency. we need now to mobilize on a massive scale to ensure that our lives are not sacrificed on the altar of money.
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americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command it's you like tried to cover what your take on why they've gotten this so wrong. that to me is political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics and policies and the impact on the world on al jazeera from the al jazeera london broke out santa t special get in conversation. when you say a lie, a 1000000 times, it becomes a fact. you then can create whatever narrowed if you want on from dead uninterrupted. i realized i was working for something that was evil, you know, being a part of actually creating that. maria red meat, christopher wiley. the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio be unscripted on al jazeera, latin america is a region of wonder i'm joy tragedy, and yes, of violet. but it doesn't matter where you are. you have to be able to relate to
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the human condition with no code. 3 is a life and it's my job to shed light on how and why moon international condemnation, after more than 80 people, mostly my grants are killed in an air strike by the saudi led coalition in yemen. ah, you're watching all 0 life from headquarters in ohio. daddy novel gates are also coming up u. s. military supplies reach ukraine on moscow deploys fighter jets for exercises as tension continues over. russia is massive to build up near the border.


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