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tv   Al Jazeera World Living With The Volcano  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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and encourage creativity, the shea tomato wants a translation and international understanding was found to promote translation and honor translators, and acknowledged the road and strengthening with bonds of friendship and co operation between arab islamic and world coaches. ah, ah, i learned adrian under the top stories on al jazeera, around 90 tons of u. s. military age has arrived in ukraine, including ammunition for frontline defenders. despite more talks in the last week, tensions over russia's trip build up on the board with ukraine showed no signs of d escalating. washington says it will continue to prod, provide assistance to ukraine's armed forces. o, moscow has repeatedly denied any pans to attack or invade its neighbor, or
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a challenge reports. russia's defense ministry isn't saying where these planes are taking off from. but it is saying where they're going better. ruth? the official reason they're headed there. it's for exercises, but the deployments add to russia's heightens military posture on ukraine's borders at western fears of an invasion. russia is sending every signal that its intense honor a serious military offensive that would market 2nd invasion of ukraine in the past 8 years. but i don't, i don't think that's president putin's preferred outcome because i feel in a full scale invasion is costly, is risky because there will be a lot of russian casualties as well. ukrainian military is much better equipped than in 2014 western powers are stepping up military assistance to ukraine. the 1st claim load of $200000000.00 worth of u. s. defense aid arrived in kiev on saturday. 90 tons of material, including ammunition. the u. k. latvia,
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lithuania and estonia are all providing you cried with defensive weaponry. canada has reportedly sent special forces, denmark, turkey, the czech republic are also providing assistance. but despite the height intentions, the mood in ukraine is mostly com. the demonstration in kiev on the countries unification day. a couple of 100 people formed a human chain as a shower, solidarity by all the propaganda, despite the russian misleading information, despite old food and pressure. ukraine is united. the mahal sort of delayed in the past. they already tried to divide ukraine. we made our conclusion, we weren't split up. russia ones written guarantees that ukraine wont join nato and for the alliance to withdraw from eastern europe. the criminal denies is planning and incursion into ukraine. but in 2014, it did just that amex and crime in, in the process where we talents how to 0. as he crews in yemen,
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continued to search for survivors and bodies. after one of the deadliest ass strikes in 7 years of conflict. whose the rebels say the sound, the lead coalition hit a detention center inside our province on friday. the prison. how many african migrants court trying to cross into the gulf countries where it has been clearing. deborah, with a bare hands as they search for more victims. exact esl is still not clear doctors without borders at least 82 people were killed. internet access remains largely down across yemen for a 2nd day. the blackout began. ultra secretary strike targeted a communication as tower in the port city of her data. if the officials say 4 people were killed in that attack, including children, a top ethiopian military official says government troops are making plans to enter to grier's regional capital mckelly. to quote, eliminate rebel forces. the deputy army chief says the country won't be at peace until the t gray people's liberation front is eliminated. just this week to top us
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diplomats flew to addis ababa to push for a cease fire. the 1st time japan has recorded more than 50000 corona virus cases. in one day, the government has ordered all bars and restaurants across the country to close. early. the number of new daily infections is more than doubled in a week. code 19 patients are occupying on 30 percent of hospital beds in the capitol. people in hong kong have been warned. an outbreak of covered 19 is getting worse. the chief executive has urged the public to avoid large gatherings ahead of next week's lunar new year. carry lamazzo said hamsters are partly responsible for an increase in cases of the delta variant. our to infections were traced back to a pet shop around 2000 hamsters, a being killed over fears of possible animal to human transmission. the territory has a 0 covert strategy. she's being tested by the current situation. there's a top stories that next is out there,
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a world living with the volcano. more news for you after that. why for now? ah ah ah.
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who will be down there? we don't love it. we'll. we'll get more to do most the emission will young with you under the me in the risky i'm because you want it and we love your time. we cannot, the we're pretty goes over to to, you know, they don't give you these. i should check divers, give forced visual vision. what go to the agenda going to be required to ship me? i don't. if i have to, you know, you will be here, least you know the
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revision agenda to post a lot more with logical village or neither. any zonal to him to feel a little girl is one of the lead that soon you get control on a gun or probably on the same i saw the lead on some of these and you know, that kind of said was all the model. they need a carnival when you look don't terrible with the fuel and they say my god is what cause it will be the one. those are we see only modal the me that are going to be on the of what fluent some of your most post. some a to do with the sooner we start, no quote,
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to get them but little whole they're going to fight double that go or get a new one over the rest today because they've gone up to but he goes all the questions and i didn't see that be casually, will gone on for i know your mind as we still are the law james's, son, that i think you only the son. so your brother machine, the chamber of the novelty, the home is when the over over your mind, if you're going to be about what you want to know, we must be on and shoot a more mentally. not so much because you're gentlemen, lovers. so well as a poor symbol out, a defeat, larry allen, xyz law boy and i went on in m a. when did if your dog actually may, your, does this, this see as normal of yours, okay. and the other 2 billing major a. our bureau castle macklin. i'm we're a yes or have a score on the last they said a wants of elizabeth. good was of either in garzo the, the olive. i'm
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a very late. they bazzi ones of blue nuclear means also he only lads on at all this. busy gold kind of pillow, other windy and cussing, boy, he will carnal the she says, i wish roy steer the will of him. boiler. dora a warner grabbing me ways. he has to benefit me day the go. i lost all the or the 30 lawyer when i was truly alady will gets yona, equates to win me in a score with you all an example that can send though the read all your. busy g
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jordan, off randal, ideas you what sunni what to, to sujata on your, what 8 it will say cisco vetoes of thunder one. the lady sco based the way look here $30.00 your finger. lucy, army. all start up be main discovery to linear at each try. let me. she's castorena, we near cook. we a so been dra lamar basil and his mother better. i caught up a little. gotcha. so he was on going to cheney study photography again. he was very visual, your boss, will they be more to the level of via with the mia compete? what he she could he just, he won't answer, but daughter call you right now one p die should sally followed him or jordan did he shouted g and darted with on you father. he had been made up as in the last audience in west of and they were, she's called the dotted media larry spot. they bought off a precious garden here that alameda key opens on his active duty. me open a key,
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they approve. he saw that the space that he wouldn't have is keyah jarvis, one of the she in suffering that he will keep, that it appears on a young middle level, but, ah ah, with run all waving chance. so jaws who've been john and the last one, you're not supposed to support. and so it's a kind of, i mean, you know,
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nobody them going to do will fight or probably saturday, one thing to dig a solution that the bank was own 0. there was a book, went up in the course of the law. no book with the book law, see what happened because it was us, but is iran eco could do the bush, the man, somebody for the girl. and i was really this ruin had put up a lip. it either the my judy level or like i'm going down to 30 all genuine nissan boys, federal employee, bill jay mullin on the line with another one. gotten
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a quote because i met with an i ship inability to him. i mean, it was possibly one of the school through all of them and showing them on mondays and i promise you me to present bella go. so you said you were a lot of what it was if i go with mom and your mother judge, i see well already which is our job shadow for the promo use. but if you want to, but i'm on my lunch break just because i get too much. lemme while the polluted mortar said my manager with sun, nor was he said he shall, will it require knowledge probably to ask about abilene and let me that's going to
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be more and i'm one of the boys. but i mean, come on, like i said, you know, just then as you human, a lot of my been doing lots of like i said that what the tory companion said she'd be sure you've been that when a job not i don't know if you go on going to go to manage your loans in there. they know the little wheel. he's clean up right side l if i did it visually
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so not one issue. character the see got the will. can you go? it probably will do shit confetti to produce the me, i don't me. she's rolling enough turnover. probably a composite unit cumulus. the said the la swallow. can you go people on it? which was can be in italy, the initiative beyond the a laptop. yeah. find more product and on voice, sorry me out on the western moment. i effectively manage the question to the daughter important. i mean for me, you mentioned how that will help a lot in the saddlebrook where they have the money to equip as a valid exactly, ah . busy use an issue. busy and they found that it was a kenyan junior doris on an article issue deal. if all the windy pencil i mean of
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a finger janitor and it was showing that the torso, it throughout jane equates to the daughter with me. ah ah ah. busy she what i meant lashing by a colonel. do you know the 2 people, lucy de lord opa and give it over? when do we went down to? she can leave it. it was still a negro shebang. so move it out. i mean, as far as this we'll see on what kind of deal. but again, like i said, there's a powerful no, you're not checked out of in the linear job related, so not equally us or not had met me maternity leave us a little bit or didn't get along,
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but will it sooner in the sky league city inkworks. so every daughter, ah, she will be almost like gentlemen to the depot in tv, la demonte, remembering that it just finished my leg. the big equilla more never so was. so did he go to work to find out emp, over will make a chinese food on saturday. and michael said, and i'm what out the pendulum that i've told him, i've just started luck. you want to go see what, what i'm going to be? it's an a little go, oh, i use
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a of the fact that the dog is not an issue. this one does even want to make an offer. and so most people keep, it was after christmas on a jury duty this gateway, steve made it to get an opportunity to get under the district and i can log on beneath the mystery on even so the problem and gosh, i wonder now when i give you a video and i don't care when you jordan on don't and all i see the level of august and be sure mentors of a young man did. she just said any time when she'd up, what's your best one going to be done? and she said, well, she wants to,
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but i decided we're looking to get on my calendar for some pretty similar data. a showing the leg was a command post shiver, no problem. and bob, jeanette wilson, l o c. so they can check the sensors. yeah, me, sophie, you in the navy that i on your course i get to why the defeated the la are all in all i got all of the push on side is that a member? whatever about movement i use and we can update equals the day 3 and the status of the diamond down rather than full cable length. and i'm telling you need to both say that as soon as
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you change the money that i would add to teaching a d. c. me still remain the more you know, tv going on vacation in the bathroom. i mean, i thought it made me you recommend to go to school or not this unit in any see, gotta look at the main building and sean at c. b like and when adoption guy and get out of the fight in it. but it is uni people, probably people who level to and i think you shadow guns if this will be a name, a sample that dosier to in these blues you, they c, n to any. if was either going to represent them. i'm a bit equals home in that out and able to use those even get that. i mean, i'm
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a full so beautiful people, nozzle that the food well received in that as well, but it was gonna is deformable block to wasted out blank if you, if you don't have anything to stick with that ceiling. even put it down to that's got a bad. nobody gave it affect to get that to me then or the side in one the last saturday and then i was off, but even better bang ducting. did i do it anyway? d. c, ma'am. good to go away. boss, i get out of the 50 equal didn't too deep with bay that's want to go on different mental eudoxia it can meet on monday, at least. maybe lucy. huh. it has to go to the way, you know, get that all out of out of that. you only got was she really that get say saddleback to them for secret about to go in on i said it'd be on the check this a phenomenal much out of us would be that
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ability, wonderful, goes with the leukemia. didn't chew for william to say there $1000000.00 or in the what the, what it all, dylan widows him a solution to visual real child under that chunk. whatever his name is on our local dealership, couldn't without you to joy, but don't go into the computer. so they raise and donovan lazy this through to what the law get been. oh not that of her daughter is sadala your bid on the war mother. not because we list it in more than an austria garza he does with us. you will in the voter job, you're going after dinner is we on jerry's will put the analogy symbol ledia saudi diety. in fact, you know, she's young ladies, you don't need the suit. you were
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a bill was embry, the woman child could dish easier than me or anybody. oh oh oh
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i ah with shaw shy man event on the on the top of a c c. c. c. more to fracture with kayla a kidney. it bits so and channel is only 2 minute ocean below in prego prayer will begin to call to so general will order for
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the k levy. thank she receive. yeah, my own dish on my you to the to to the persona kim and wrong can or cause or the, the fuel a porton aqua eaten in grass, aton, a widow scar picket. i see a capital ta properly trained under toronto, dekessa, a charity persona madison or pro p o job. and he taught my cali p, the bernie oliver. and also to say it does show more so that we saw here a miss at all. now now you are a no, no, i'm for your machine r a c per kid to. so my foot to not cause
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a go out of the kid. she say. so christie, a set of buffalo procuring more safer. come on within grass nottingham in the k, i knew i was on the main my lovely that van going on there to the national 90000? no, no. so the sham or $78.00 and kit talia and the bank and corporate finley was to surrender . no penny abby's only donna colbert, a product sank into boring for the job to receive a month for him or as unified and became lost a level on a bizarre to. so bradley offered to deny it. as soon as he took longer with him, when young came away, i mean ball please. oh, the law when we love is we on i was still going on with it visual real althea, they won't do any. sure. sure. will. sure things are not a so there was
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a better get. she won the are on gone by. no. cause as i learned enough, i've been no ordinary jolena to fetch over their lord. okay. cool. a love all the especially valuable other medicare. i get my seal according to the 1st you already read, elizabeth, the resume your ash bit. what of what you did on of course of the the was him over . did i kill resolved? okay. door me an upper abiola hurry up. why? well, the only with the latest news as it breaks and humans live. it added a point of these giant gums rod, having more moving power. these being able to extract more goal more quickly with
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detail covering everywhere you look there is this section. so survive here. tell a lie will never be the same again from them from around the world. he fell to the ground and cried out. i'm going to prison! the question the jury has to decide now, he should she ah, close your eyes. ah, listen, a sauna, be singing in parliament with the play? i never dreamt of it. where the words fail. music speaks to short films about how music knocked down rules and inspire hope for a better life. ha, selects on al jazeera, a journey of personal discovery. my great grandfather, he was a slave of li property al jazeera, is james gannon,
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explores his family's legacy of slave ownership. you know, like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice translate people and america's debt to the black people today, some over so scar. we even scared us, miguel, this is a bradley out there, a correspondence, a moral debt. oh, and i'm not catering under the top stories. don't know which is era. around 90 tons of u. s. military aid has arrived in ukraine including ammunition frontline defenders . despite more talks in the last week, tensions over russia's troops build up on the border with ukraine showed no signs of de escalating. washington says it will continue to provide assistance to ukraine's forces. moscow has repeatedly denied any plans to attack or invade its
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neighbour. hundreds of people have rallied in ukraine's capital kiev, calling for de escalation demonstrations warmed human chain, holding a long ukrainian flag rally on saturday. also marked down of es, 3 of the unification of east and west, with people gathering on both sides of the nepa river. breski cruz and yemen have continued to search for survivors and bodies after one of the deadliest as strikes in the war. who's the rebels? say the saudi led coalition hit a detention center inside our province on friday. many of the people being held for african migrant. mamma de la thom has more from santa regarding who, who were inside this building, which is the temporary detention center for those who are still waiting for their trials or sentences. and also for refugees who, who happened to be there and detained. because be there, there is
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a big wave of migration the through yemen to towards the saudi arabia who are looking for their livelihoods there. and also from there, maybe they traveled to europe and to other countries around the world. internet access range largely down across yemen for a 2nd day. the blackout began after separate strike targeted communications tower in the port city of her data, whose the officials say 4 people were killed in that attack. including children. not nations as condemned to strikes and called for an investigation. and the top ethiopian military officials as government troops making plans to enter to rise regional capital mckelly. to quote eliminate rebel forces deputy army chiefs of the country will be at peace until a t gray. people's liberation front is eliminated just this week to us. diplomats flew to out of some of a to push receive fire. but now it's back to out there. well, living with
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a volcano, i'll be back with the news after that. the athletes, a la jazz in the world of sumo wrestling is shrouded in secrecy, one on one east get to redirect safe inside to sport where ancient tradition makes more in scandal on l g 0. the city of cobble has experience so much upheaval for decades, and they says another change to get used to and one that's boss from easy about a situation. and now it's not clear that all the people are just lost and confused . there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban and about to return to cruel punishments for certain crimes. everybody will be safe, nobody's kid will be kidnapped again for ransom. now together, they're feeling their way forward into their new reality.
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with who is me? norton b is here, mary. we met the an attorney city thought here for her foot sam. yeah. what say melissa danielle, italian show from medina to pump a lot. 30. an incident, a bad yearly little oh wow. oh, to merely federal then fish out a little in san how will the hazard a any can know any kind of at the heart of the fan and had the so
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that how will when a can show or is any any seen in or seen in but in in fees are lower and it to harry shimaya, but danny mccain shawna co for he had the old little hoffman hadn't mccann, or manageable wa cuz she was a min hyatt in nurse and defamation of her doctor for county n o, b u r. and a chance. ian ashmore mine. nathan has shibel ho. hey annie, huffman rod. them are obama. you kind fisher i sure fulfill visa of your order. i layla here for laudermill, ala, a loss of hannah, what had had the con feet at g? i a sent so well. i'll italy, oli, edgenuity,
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natal, hoffer, nestor, harper, lee madison, one at cooper and delica, who daily met them at fiona quarter, were head your quarterly to tucker for tubby out of country lane. saint lou lou lane have given me. i think he thought he go, you know, it was the but he's here with him and on 45, jonah was a bad let me down for the them for a 10 am open and then put the put someone goes up by the moment when both stuff that you really, i'm all. busy busy a pretty basic that may not, but then okay, so it can challenge with
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oh yes, you know dean, if you only have it over with each of order for so we store a lot because that was also the due date. i got it. no, do you know go mr. daniel, other call today you doing due to my account with more such a count on for the provided after so on a bus so that all she equiped kitchen. mom i've been in the ball will see quite the
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see. oh do you know go move on? no. the rosy, muddle. god is the one to them. but on the same d. c, a for me as the banner center me, she could leg excuse, leg. and in a bizarre you, there was that i won't bother you when we're done a can on. and the busy only the me i can model is only the aqua border c p whit. and in addition, my bass is the same way said online. it's all december on a, your total, but someone to put some of them, as i said, i could level of the deed, but clearly cause a i think that's him of the assembly see effect a part of it. but
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with the j scratch of it is wonderful. performance, but jonathan says, who is will by the way, to get away, but not this time, but a better was calling on what the interest is only we start with him. ball a cylinder made me wonder whether clinically styling with the shop was through. so was he to come back to really, really so, but it also didn't this brusque already 3 the own from but so them to the are mr. but he were there was only way. so others like this it was on august is at the amount of years chris, a deep in corrugated within the jacqueline j o. k. with somebody else
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that says something similar with, with emblem of kim i was to go about be kicked, so couldn't rose. so miss rosa can want to be met. there's almost korea, bella, for matthew and a dresser. but talk with the quote, isn't all shumate august. a lot of our freedoms with fusion is reliable other but learn. ah, a with
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trying to do for television probably fall the gave people sort of either a little bushel growth. he's gotten what he might have gotten and get a po boldly. not that old man approximately lost the what the book did because they wouldn't get his son. you know, he was him yard it. i mailed it to where to lead or is he there already? yeah. check on it. if anybody in the boy the little tomorrow off, michael, you brought probably a little fuel and i get the suit. talahi. yes. a good be scott. i brought a seal. leroy one over there. okay. are you on a on the thunder maggie that i was? i'm are you, i'm with attorney now let's not be able to under this the we are the same book with separate issue and he's on the vinny winnable star. they have been gone friday visual, real bill on the flood jailers. he block us again. now when it did it daughter she was turning on them, but on yeah. as angie not is from below, it was last handle. nancy been dollars, engine nato,
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but ovalo fin the isn't running. enjoy another bill he was and job i'll do is and is only you the one to really share, rob, bobby, i'm your gay, me. i will have been quite a platinum, illinois, and of a footer under what causes a plan that was a quiz of me to fill out. i talked, i asked the names and with the vulgar v, if up a dollar value, so they generally filling a coastal equivalent show for the water. which a stomach, we are not really a what am isaac on, but be bottled on board and from the resort over was it about everywhere she she's younger, solid young lady dinos got denied a little. sure. what the what their weekly, 82 myrtle legacy. yo, yo yos, grandchild de la bomba. again, i got acc, you will be watching the, literally, with amanda le brochures over thought were the level of, of yes, kill up by then our legacy warning on to the little chip perform alsa and visual equilla remain. they said that only the least he am restored is to jerry lindsey
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owen, delmonte, i believe, is, will you receive order or she's will, will not let us simonian say the won't bailey colorado of bailey bomb viani? yet klein, c k h. a cardinal? already made the scenes are long enough, little cardinal video, the fanciful known intel. let colonies say the manual toys katy. but kilogram. all political teaching english lawyer. so hardy people might omega acquainted with yesco petals relative that the kid actually sent him happy each individual bullied soon. as a competitor had let her to radically equitable intimate, we found our faith and not a fit which is not what it's 80. keep the stop we're morning caught t in all yet his opinion lame lemonade or he quit his on that you are also last year for look over the lender, the lois, he boy, a very bloodshed. marla, but labeled her. but all they saw it all by the noise because your factor that eat it done,
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they all say you gray login voice it. and she and i thought that he simply la lou, lou lou lou, i need blue
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blue, blue blue. i mean, we thought the fall off of the bottle hole and made a facility in conic in the memo of power on the wireless. co pays for you. me one kid, i got a bit of template it on a magnetic water in your mouth with my mom on
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a few movies on. oh well i oh you sent me about about on a month like a little you she your mother in panful trouble. 100 youngest, i know, muster and we lesser and we like to to let all marquise oil iglesias will say to get of is we have on your tomba, mom to rock what it'll do is we'll and you thought of us when we steer marla? there we still were when they saw us, we'll see the loss of others. we are unloading eddie was telling them. but allison allergies. me. jack, what god has in yard all the way to the lisco said they went off your foot and fucked us then. all that had all the rain and an indian did eve, one day to turn out among gnome under my will have all it i will young she.
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what can walter should clear your thumb then begin on sally and obeying leticia too many that'll do to want. okay. charlie g, that's our play store where you see are joe ah, what will you go for the fellow
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with you began regina wouldn't see you happy down. oh and so no bill goes. he probably a middle, this will be, will be the or do the ship to wake the lobby. that's your newest w. for with all the old tucson bowed up when i thought i was a not enough, i'll a book of business will feel publish over. and so for the wound up the gay, you shall somebody with a little stronger gustavo so so, so, so load are all the good returnable but up, i mean one if a builder via the ship travel dog, all the nash, either that heavy of a key part the resort neural the map clearly the normal, the gun of a signature bags a bullet
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on the libya. nobody thought it. she was aim refundable when you're a boy shall looked again with the appraiser to build just was a bit on the wonder why this is for the last one to be as if it was out of the thought alice before he was given him off the ticket you put down the louis because this is the model is her ability. she still deviated with that. can you believe those other one was it was out of the way that the one the negative this will been or the foot level which boulder will figure. but so the way the sagal law
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life and the fuel in terms of the just need to be the minimum i took the cheap develope do. do you know, how do they look like they're selling for fun instead of going to do another no need to end up always torso because what we will finance it will be able to to so but key is actually quite a lot because for the band that's not able to show the going with to assembly baby go. it took a me, she bought a n d. that all gonna log on to where will it take it with some probability, all is the last you will remain there. a not is aquanda but also turned it up to my lab work. it went on surround every single minor of corporate gas city che those
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ago. and the d gotcha. is a sort of a remark ah, with a beam of had to with the will athelny and praise, they will need an ego. no, he got you not to that. the civil side of that don't annoyed moodily. amanda newcastle. she forces southern little children. one of a lot of the steve ozium are dealing with a minute thing may be silly, so on that. so another jewel with about one that a federal jigger might be facet were killed emma in debbie russia. and then began to fade this to rather sort of the color. so no studying replacing.
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he always thought, he knew realty he blocked, took my theory be didn't not till one among appeared to see what they were. so we don't copy that sort of after july. they beautiful, we're going to so make a committee marchina been all the stuff she got the appeared the one with most of these or she probably will be under the dollar. some media will engine deal a call where you should have done little some duration of the soon up old. i got a gun that was thought it would be 5. it'll show me your general level one level sort of, i mean, you're at a low a need to still you'll be able to look and other as i was able to do from where
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he wanted the morning. but i'll be that it will have a lot. when does your more then depart? you can believe this is that we shall more marvel the boston. but i'll, she won't be the one in my life. why the rest? so the 70 something is for you, philip. pick it up this whole wheel. oh oh oh oh. oh oh.
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oh, oh i, i a
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coming of age story in the community fighting to preserve its heritage in an ever changing world thing on an ancient ritual to future generations in an award winning documentary. i'll just say we're well follows a group of young men on their right to pass the challenge in the remote forest of ivory coast the sacred woods on al jazeera news. news, news. news . news. hey there, if you're in southern japan, grab the umbrella,
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you're being doused with heavy rain. so this includes 4 tango, sheena, and as this disturbance meets up with cooler air, it's going to generate snow over the hills of northwestern honshu on sunday. at a place we've seen some pretty soaking rains in jakarta so far this month. 457 millimeters of rain. so almost half a meter of rain, but look at the average $300.00 millimeters. of course we know will add onto this tallie, for example, more rain in the forecast on sunday, across java and same goes for west pop. your next stop, i want to take it down under and there has been some soaking rains here. also very human conditions across south australia, you know, over the span of a few days, half a years worth of rain has fallen. so, flooding concern, meantime toward the southwest temperatures and pers are coming down a bit. but you set a new record 5 days in a row at 40 degrees and above, but we're going to snap out of the heat wave start next week tuesday $31.00 degrees, which is in line of where you should be for this time your what,
11:59 pm
whether knocking on the door of the north island of new zealand, it will arrive into the northland region by tuesday and we can expect some soaking rains here, auckland, a high of 26 degrees. ah, the long before the cove crisis broke, the world was grappling with another global crisis. the climate breakdown structure of nature can lead to destruction of april. all hail to lockdown examines links between these 2 crises and asks why it took upon demick to bring on changes that should have been made long ago. all these things we were told were completely impossible to suddenly become possible. connected. the wake up cold with can't be ignored on audio from the al dedira london protocol center to special guest in conversation. when you say a lie a 1000000 times, it becomes
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a fact. you then can create whatever narrative you want on prompted uninterrupted. and i realized i was working for something that evolve, you know, being a part of actually creating at maria right there. meet christopher wiley, the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio. be unscripted on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm nurse taylor. this is the alger news. our live from london coming up. 90 tons of american military a derives in ukraine. a day after the latest u. s. russia talks aimed at deescalate intentions on the border. saudi led kurdish
12:01 am
and blames the who fees for an air strike, which killed more than 82 people in the yemeni prison saying they hadn't marked it on a no strike.


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