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tv   Al Jazeera World Living With The Volcano  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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award winning documentaries and debt use. of course subscribe to you to dot com. forward slash al jazeera english. ah. ready ready hello, i'm emily anglin, in dough harvey's the top stories on al jazeera, the u. s. president says he believes a russia will make a military incursion into ukraine. because his counterpart, letting me persian, has to be seen to be doing something. joe biden has promised costly sanctions in the event of a full scale invasion and heavy human losses for moscow. he went on to say the russian president will come to regret any military action. do i think you jest, west just the united states and nato? as she really can't, yes, i think he will let the co pay
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a serious and dear price work that he doesn't think now of course to one is going to cost and i think you regret having done our white house correspondent kimberly healthcare has more. the u. s president made his most definitive statement yet with regard to whether he believes, if vladimir putin, the u. s. president, will invade ukraine. something that us intelligence has been indicating for some time. not only because the russian troops have been amassed along the border of ukraine, read by the 10s of thousands, but also that we seem to have tick since november, i on social media that seems to indicate that as well. but now the u. s. president saying that he believes that in fact, bladder putin and has perhaps made the decision to is somewhat imminently make that
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invasion and that it would be a regrettable decision. and the u. s. president also saying that if vladimir putin does do this, that there would be harsh financial sanctions. something that the international community has warned and cautioned against repeatedly, and that it would be punishing and have lasting effects in the short term, mid term, as well as long term. and the u. s. secretary of state easy in ukraine to reaffirm american support. antony blank and warned russia could invade at very short notice . he will mate russian foreign minister sick. i lever off in geneva on friday. the 1st international relief flights are heading for tongue up ash from saturdays. volcanic eruption has finally been cleared from airports runway eruption. anderson ami destroyed homes and contaminated water supplies for the people of toner and were hitting their way now with a whole lot of water. the ship can hold,
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currently holds over 250000 liters of water and we'll be able to provide that once we arrive. and then every day thereafter, we're going to be producing another 70000 liters of water that we can then put ashore. the us will start distributing 400000000 and 95 mosques for free across the country next week from its national strategic stock, palm health experts say they're the most protective face covering against the micron variance. the u. s. has been reporting an average of 800000 new cases every day. over the past week. a palestinian family living in occupied east jerusalem has lost their fight to stop his rally police demolishing their home. the family of 15 had threatened to blow up the property. if they were forced from the shade neighbourhood, hundreds of other palestinians, they are also face forced eviction. this my protest by activists and international criticism of israeli policy,
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i'd workers are warning winter storms in syria. jordan and living on our endangering the lives of millions of refugees. k international says particularly worried about syria, as no storm in the north, west is rising fees. some people could freeze to death. it says many refugees are putting themselves in danger by using hazardous materials to keep warm will be there. in the beginning, we were able to control the situation since we are used to live in tens. but now there is so much know that some of the 10th have caved in. it is a tragedy for the people living under them. and scientists have discovered a re, coral reef off the coast of ty, haiti, it's being referred to as the field of roses because of its distinct shapes. at 3 kilometers long. the reef is one of the largest of its kind in the world. those are the headlines and he's continues after l g 0 world, stay with us. ah
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we'll be down at the visual. we'll get more to one to most the emission young would you under to me in the whiskey i'm because you know, we know your time we were pretty, goes over to to you know, they don't give you these. i should have checked. i was forced to visual work on the agenda going to be required to ship me. i wish to if i have to you that you will be here at least 3
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of these gentle possible up by moon with logic village are neither any zonal to him to feel a little girl is one of the lead that soon you get control on a gun or probably on the same i saw the lead on some refusing yes. yes. even though the, that the said was all the model they needed kind of don't fall with the fuel and they say my god is sure there was cause it was pretty the one those are we still see only modal the me that are going to be on the of what some of your last post some a to do with the was the newest on the quote, to get them but little whole they're going to fight the record a new one over the rest today because they've gone up to but he goes all the
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questions and i didn't see that be that eva casually will gone on for i know your mind as we still are the law james's, son, that i think you only to be on your brother machine, the chamber of the novelty, the home is when the over over your mind, if you're going to be about what you want to know, we must be on and shoot a more mentally. not so much because you're gentlemen lovers. so now gossip was symbol out a defeat larry alexander law boy and i went on in a moment. it, if your dog actually may your, does this, this see as normal of you the jaws. okay. and the other, 2 billing major a. our bureau castle macklin. i'm, we're a yes or have a score on the last they said a wants of elizabeth. good was of either in guys or the, the ali still very late. they bazzi ones of blue
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nuclear in general. so he ariellas. so another way. busy the school kind of pill of other windy and cutting boy. he will. carnal the she said vanish, roy steer the will of him. boil our daughter, a warner grabbing me ways he has to be in a year for me. day the go. i lost all your there 30 lawyer when i was truly alady will gets yona equates to win me in a score with you. follow an example that can say though the read all your. busy g jordan, off randal, ideas you what sunni, what to, to who shoddy on your body? it will say cisco vetoes of thunder one, the lady sco based god the way look at that. he thought she wore finger lucy,
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ami hosta. i have been main discovery to linearity. she tried lobby, she's castorena. we near cook, we guess we're been dra lamb ya bethune, his mother better. i caught up a little. gotcha. so he was on going to cheney study photography again. he was a visorio possible that would be more to the level of via with the mia computer id . she could he just, he won't answer that but thought i'd call you right now. one p die should sally for living or jordan. he shouted g and darted with on you father. he had been made up as in the last orient in whistles and 0. she's called the data median that he's boston. now a precious garden here that alameda key opens up his active beauty. me open a key, the upper we saw that less space to lead wouldn't of is keyah jarvis what he she and so when did, he will keep that it appears on a young middle level, but ah
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ah, with run all waving chance. so jaws of our bunch on the left side when you're not supposed to support. and so it's kind of, i mean, you know, nobody them going to do will fight or probably saturday will take a little to dig
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a solution that the bank was own g t o, there was a book went up in the course of the book with the book well see what happened because if it was raising wrong, i could do to push the man somebody for the go. and i was through this or had put up a lip that either the my judy level or like i'm going down. i don't need to figure out what all a general, what boys federal employee bill j mullin on. but it was another one, tanya, to quote you cause a met with and i ship inability to him. i mean it was the pulse of the month. one of the school programming show on the monitor, promising me to present
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a bela go. so you said you were a lot of what it was . if i go with mom and your mother judge, i see lori, which is a joke, it'll get off the phone with you. but if you want to, but i'm on my lunch break just because i get too much. my la moda polluted water. se, albany, my manager with son logos, he said, i'm willing to require knowledge, probably to ask about. emily can't let me that's going on more and i'm one of the boys. but i mean, i come on like i said, you know, just then as event human, a lot of my been doing lots of like i said that the tories,
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you combine your southern dishy that you've all been that when a job not i don't know if you go on the bay in a good, you manage your loans in there, they know the little wheel. he's clean. my weapon, it's delafield individual, so not one issue. la. characterise, got to have in. can you go it probably will lead you to sheet of confetti. the april duty and the i don't me, she's rolling and i will probably allow composites unit cumulus. the said,
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the la swallow will, can you go people on it, which will come, you'll be in italy and you should be on the ala via fame or the product and on voice. sorry. me out. on a vested a moment. mm. ah. to the question to the daughter important let me in for medium and see how the minority cited appropriate when the, the money, the fans are valid. exactly. ah . busy using an issue. busy and they found that it was a kenyan junior doughty on an article issue deal if all the windy pencil mean of a finger janitor and it was someone that the torso it throughout, they don't genet. grateful to the daughter with
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me ah ah, ah. busy she what i meant, lashing on by a colonel. do you want to pinnacle lucy de load opa and give it up? when do we went down to? she can leave it. it was still a negro. she been somewhat of fun to see on what kind of deal. but again, like i said, there's a profile. no, you're not checked out of the limits. you're related so not equally us or not met me better maternity leave us a little bit or didn't get along with it. so no any sky league, city inkworks. so every daughter, ah,
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she'd be almost like gentlemen to the depot and keep in mind that it just finished my leg. the big i won't ever so was. so did he go to work to find out emp, over will make a chinese done side. they don't debate in my to say to them what out the pendulum that i've told them up, i just started luck. you want to just want to work with? no, no, no, no. it's be it's in a long jigger. oh, i use me. yeah. so we
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don't put it then it would already be nice for the 20. don't even know to make a new phone. so most people keep after christmas and do the bas kit rested made it took me to really made mention of another was the history of it. and i can kind of believe the mystery on even visual assume problem. and i wonder how much let me give you that. remember a video and i don't care when you jordan don't handle. i see that a lot on getting mentors of a young person above the manager. she just said any time when she does, what's your best k one going to be done with? she said, tell me what she wants to what other side it will look into to minute committed for somebody. and similarly, didn't data a deal with security equipment, a little bit of a shiver, no problem. and bob, jeanette wilson illustrious,
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so they can check the sensors. yeah. miss your feet when the dvd that i on your course i get to why the defeat and you look at all learning about all of the side. is that a memo about movement? i ah invisalign o at and t o n donald gap, whoever that equals, he dang getting sick. i think what he done went down were up. it'll be the key then paul gates millennium. and tell me if you need a cheap all say, said a woman soonest was about to change the money thought out of joe acquisition, $10.00 foot, i added it to the he said he get with gun and i'll
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be on the lot at them tc me still remain the most, you know, tv on vacation in the bathroom. i mean, i thought it would you recommend to go to school or not this unit in any see. got it like i the main building and sean it was seed building block and when he got she didn't, she didn't get out of the fight in italy, but it is uni people, probably people who live a little to and i think you shan't, i do guy he this will be a name, a sample that the c l 2 and his blues. you, they c, n to any if was even willing to represent them on the bill for us on, in that, out a soon as those even get that. i mean, i'm a full so if you don't want people now so that the food will get see it, but it was gonna is to full blast the way it out and give it to you. don't i think
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seattle to stick with the ceiling in both a bad the what he gave it affect to get that to be that where the side one, the last so drain. i was off but even better bang, get them. did i do that? 80 with the little box i get out of the 50 unity equal didn't to do with some of them. that's mazda gallagher, condie for a meant to get our k can meet him, and then the similar staff is to go to the way he'll get it. all out of out of pap, he only got a c, b, j sell back to them for scholastic book and known as the lady on the surface of gentlemen much out of us to be about the wonderful now he was a ton of the leukemia will june trivial innovation to say, the 1000000 i was on the what the, what that all the lin, widows of a solid,
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each individual we'll draw down direction, got everything you don't all of on the on. if you could elaborate you through to him, but don't go into a contract. so the reason why is it is through to what the law get been? oh, not that of her daughter is sadala your beyond the war mother because really started a more to the last regard. you literacy willing to go to draw the got their dinner is when you're ready to put the analogy symbol ledia saudi diety invite to lunch with young ladies. you don't need the suit you. i've been was, i'm pretty woman child to dish easier than me or anybody.
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oh i ah ah ah. with
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a sigh man event on the on the top post a portable i see a c, c c. c. more to a bit. so i'm a channel is only 2 mean. hello. i don't think i want that all but got a call to some general mil order for the kid levy thought she receive. yeah. on december, you wanted to tell you on a came along can all because of the, the fuel
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a port tunnel co, the attending garage settlement of berlington, even though he put in a widow scar of picket. i see a little better said venice on your computer to properly train us under toronto casa it, chet tippett. so now my son o p. o jewel. when he taught my collie p d. bernie, are they love warren or so? they said it does show more so that we saw your call. hey, miss that all. now now your took a chevy home by, you know, nan on by you the civil law that i'm or no, no, i'm for your machinery la la la la la laura said per kid too. so my foot on a go out of the she say cell, but the inquisitive sort of po, procuring will come on within grass, nothing in the k,
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i a lot of work on getting my love it either van gun or there to, to the national, 90000 no, no, so the sham or 78 and kit talia and the bank and oh, corporate finley was a friend and all penny abby's only don't a colbert, a chance. can you go in for the job a month? and if i hear more ways unified a pick in austin level on a buzzer or so, but i'd prefer to deny it as soon it's a little bit later when young family, i mean ball please. oh, the log when we love is we on i was so young with visual real a love here. they won't do any she she will, she tooth internally so it was, i better get she monday or on gone or can cause us on our end dinner.
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no ordinary jolena to fetch over there in order to. okay, cool. a love all the especially valuable other medicated latera yakima cilla corridor for these 1st few already with elizabeth is over a bit more to frontier with their own. of course the video was him over there and kill resolved. okay. door me an upper abiola hurry up. why? well, every of the always in friday's tornado destroyed everything. it touched in the field when people need to be heard and the story town. he has done his job to tell us what's going on with exclusive interviews and in depth reports. i get on my right the wind, b. j 0 has teens on the ground to when you award winning documentaries and
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lives on air and online. charged with crimes against humanity. 4000 counts of torture and 58 cases of murder, rape, and sexual violence. people in power attract the 1st ever war crimes trial over syrian high ranking officer. i am taking part of this trail because he did something bad to me and to others as therefore, i don't get a focus about the job as part of that. he's in the trial of on one slim or 2 on i just either on the al jazeera london pro car center t special get in conversation. when you say a lie a 1000000 times, it becomes you then can create whatever narrative you want on from the dead. uninterrupted, and i realized i was working for something of that evil, you know, been a part of actually creating maria right there. meet christopher wiley,
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the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio. be unscripted on al jazeera. oh hello, i'm emily, i'm going into the top stories on al jazeera. the us president says he believes russia will make a military incursion into ukraine, but believes his counterpart vladimir putin doesn't want to full blown conflict terabyte and has promised costly sanctions in the event of a major invasion and heavy human losses. the moscow he went on to say the russian president will come to regret any military action. do i think he'll just west just the united states and they don't as significant?
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yes, i think you will. and i think will pay a serious and deer price for it. and he doesn't think now costs when it's going to cost. and i think he regret having done. and the us secretary of state is in ukraine to reaffirm american support. antony blink and warned russia could invade a very short notice. he will make russian foreign minister survey leverage in geneva on friday. the 1st international relief slide say, heading for tongue ash from saturday. volcanic eruption has finally been cleared from the airport runway. the reception and synonymy destroyed homes and contaminated water supplies. the us will start distributing 400000000 and 95 mosques for free across the country next week from its national strategic stock pile. health experts say they're the most protective face covering against the omi con variant. the u. s. has been reporting an average of 800000 new cases every day . over the past week. britton's prime minister has again told parliament he won't
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be resigning over the so called party game scandal. far as johnson urged everyone to wait for the outcome of an inquiry into parties in he's downing straight home during corona virus locked down. a palestinian family living in occupied east jerusalem has lost their 5 to stop is rally police, demolishing their home hundreds of other palestinians there also face forcibly being evicted, despite protests by activists and international criticism of israeli policy. some major airlines are still canceling flights to the u. s, because of concerns that knew if 5 t mobile services could disrupt their navigation system. that despite the roll app and scaled back by us telecoms, those are the headlines. i'm emily angland. the news continues here after out is here a world. conf
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. perfect. blue is me norton. valencia, murray. we medina. tori. sickly. thought there for her for time. yeah. what say maluso darnell italian? sure. medina to corporate law. 30. an incident they bad yearly little. oh wow. oh, to merely federal and fishermen all isn't how will hazard any can know any kind of ready harm. feminine had the so that whole when a can the shore is ernie. this in,
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in or seen in button in fees are lower than it to harry, she manageable. danny mccain shown a co 4 year old little hoffman had been mccann all manageable. were because she was a min hyatt, and nurse, and the station of the book on an old vcr it on a chassis, an ash not mine, nathan? has she been ho i knew huffman rod or a bummer. you'll kind vision a sure fulfill the silvio. oh, dra hey, we are here for lather manila. here in loss of hannah what had had they can fit at g? i a said so well, i'll italy o as in every natal hoffer nest to offer the medicine one at cooper and delica. oh, daly?
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madame at fiona cocoa, delaware, head yokota. lita tucker for tubby out the country hinson. lou lou, do you only given me? i think he thought he'd go. yeah, it was that, but say if us with him and on 45, jonah, cause a bad, let me down for the 10 or a 10 gamma blender and put the put someone goes up by the moment we both start to medium. all. busy i gotta do a pretty basic that may not, but then. okay, so he can jargon.
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mm connie. oh yeah, center dean. if you only have it over with the age of warner for so i was told a lot cuz there was also the building built a residency no deena gomez saw that the latter called to the domain to my town for the more such a count on the provided a she equipped kitchen mom, a lot of she was
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gonna go move on normally rosie muddle. got is the one today, but on the same t. c. a sent to me. she could leg ex court leg a bizarre you. there was a busy day. me. i can mario is only the aqua for to see if you hit anthony this year. my boss sim, wasted on mine. it's judy sambro. ne, you talked with sam, but good level. not entity but clearly cause a i think a theme of the assembly see effect a part of it. but
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with doj scotch or video clinical pathology. but jonathan with us was we'll, we think it went but no one but it better was calling our what the interest is only we start with him. ball he cylinder, men. wonder whether clinically sally we set up with the rooster. would he? if you come back to really, really so, but it also didn't receive brusque written through the own home, but for them to be our oh, it was the one the one was on the way. so it looks like this was on august, the september. yes, it quit the deep and go with change. oh, it was somebody else that says settlement is in november with chemo. do we struggle
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with bruce? so we should also want to be met. there's all scored a level for might see what you're doing. but talk with the quality and all story the august a lot about offering done with fusion is a little odd. but learn with,
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ah, with
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trying to for television probably fall the gave people started. we have a little bushel growth is kind of what the mother garland and give her probably not to meet at all. been a part of a lot the what darlene book, the cause of the window, the sun. you know the was him yard it. i mailed it to where to lead or is he with an already change on it? if a main, devoid a little to my work, michael growth, probably a little fuel and i get this little arina a producer imagining it could be scholar. i brought a seal lead or a normal body operator. you are a well on the sun, maybe the level with about with no be able to under the still younger same body with the rush. assume he's on the renewable star, the audio visual, real it on the fly. jane lucy, block us again. now when i did it daughter, she was going on them, but on. yeah. as angie not a lazy been dollars on denado, but don't fall off in this isn't gonna get noise and not the only reason job i'll
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do is and is only you the one to really share road. bobby, i'm, you gave me, i would have been quite a platinum, illinois, and of a footer under what causes a quizzical to fill out for stars are doing things and with the vulgar v, if up a dollar value. so they generally like a closer look. we've a little show for on the what your stomach, we are not really and you know, what am i? is he going but the vital tango and from there so where was it right everywhere he should are solid. yeah, maybe dinah scott available. sure. well, the water with myrtle legacy? no, no, no. you was gunshot philip bomba. john, i got a couple people chamber literally with amanda le brochures over father. we're then if we refuse, get off by saying that our legacy manion, to the little chip and from also in visual l'aquila remain. they said from that all in the least he a restore the still jerry, linda. yeah. in the romani, i believe israel,
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you'll receive order or teacher will not let us simonian said he won't be in colorado of bailey bomb. viani he had claimed c h, a gardener already made the scene. val lawfully video, the fanciful known intel live colony said he mangle toys kitty with kilogram a sudden all political teaching him when his lawyer. so hardy people might omega acquainted with useful petals, relatives that would kit, actually grant him happy instead of elaine and bullied soon as a competitor and let her to rally the equitable, intimate reef and our faith and also faith, which is not what you say. the keep the stop we're morning call t and already opinion lame laminate. quit is on that. you are also lassie. no. go in linda. the lower he boy a very blanche. marla labeled her, but all they saw it all by the noise because you're fucked over the damn thing. all he knew gray low gave voice it and she and i thought that he still diva loser.
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blue blue i need blue
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blue, blue, blue for me with a. busy hole and maybe a filling on the look when i get them of cup on the wireless co pays for you. me one kid, i got a template it on a domestic washroom. they did it. so now with psycho maintenance is on my mom on a movie go,
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well, i live at all. oh, yosemite about about on a month like a little you. she, your mother in time for travel under did you notice die? no mustard on gree lesser and we like to can i let all marquise oil iglesias will say picket of is we have on your tomba monte look what an older miss will you thought if i saw the theatre? my dear, we still were when they saw us, we'll see the loss of others we are unloading eddie was telling them. but allison allergies and meal jack. what got his in yard all the way to the lexical, said they, when are you fucking fucked. was that all that had all the you laid on an indian did iraq one day to turn out among norm under my will have all it
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i will young. she won't get walter. she cleared them then began on sourly. and i've been up to she it it, it is a lute to want. okay. charlie gina chopper, a store where you see are charl. ah, what will you go for a fellow with
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helium, regina wouldn't see you. happy down. oh man, so no bill goes, he probably a middle, this will be a movie or do the ship to wake the lobby. that's, you know, it's w for with all the old tucson bowed up when i thought i was a not enough. i'll a book of business with you, purple sabra, and i'm so for the wound up the gay. you shall somebody with a little stronger gustavo so so, so, so load are all the good each hon. but up now middle, wonderful build a via the ship, travel dog, all the nash, either that heavy of a key part, the restore normal, the map. clearly the normal egan, awful signature bags a bullet
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on the libya. nobody thought it was your same breath, but nobody, when you're a boy shall linked together by easy bomb. just one of the door. number one tomorrow is also the law. if that one, the movie is a 5th and the other or the top, alice was possible to win a rock pick. it will just put out the will. do we go there for the middle, either a be able the she still did it. it was on the park that could be a v, as in boy, if there's other will rather stella roma quite as bizarre visit where the little one you know, megan little been or the for can we live always abolla. go where gilbert so the weight on the sagal luck no money goes on. the my lai is indeed up your insurance on it and it all, he felt a little hard to do it and we didn't as much as when did he not on all of arkansas
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met her mom driving dad. i flipped to develop a delay. no huh. i didn't put on waiting for something for from my perspective, i found in the scale of one village, another no needed and above almost also good. what the roughness the trouble you took to. so got all the money simple. but keep all, i shall call it a lot because of for the back. that's another way only show the congress to assemble lady gold. it took to ami. she bought a n d that are gonna log on. so we will need to get with some probability, all is the last you will remain there a not is aquanda but also turned it off the bottle of water get windows around and not a minor of corporate gas city trade altogether. and the d gotcha is a sort of a remark ah
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with a beam of had to with the will a thorny at basic only guy and he go no, he got you not to that. the civil side of that don't annoyed moodily. amanda newcastle. she forces southern middle children, one of the lower the steve ozium are dealing with a minute thought. maybe so you saw on that. so another, do you have a one that a federal jigger might be facet, were killed him out in dbi bashing. and then we don't affect the mr. other sort of the color. so no studying replacing. he always thought he knew realty. he
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blocked, took my did, he didn't, not till when a man appeared to see what they were. so they don't copy that his robot killer. they beautiful, we're going to so make a committee marchina been all the stuff she got the big one with most of these or she probably will be under the dialogue. the media will engine deal a call when you should have done some duration and it'll be soon up old. i got a gun that was thought it would be 5. it'll show me your general level one of the sort of, i mean, you're at a low a level so you'll be able to look and other other over the where he more in the morning. but i'll be that it will have a would out. when
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does your more they to depart? you can believe this is that we shall more marvel the boston but i'll she won't be do it mother why the rest of the 70 so he's for you philip. pick it up this whole wheel. 00000000
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. so i i a
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oh a ah.
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and with
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mm. cool. when use break side is tornado destroyed everything. it's touched in mayfield. when people need to be heard and the story home, he has done his job to tell us what's going on with exclusive interviews and in depth reports. i get on my right the wind. b 3, g 0 has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentary and light on air and online with the right off the snow's, the bitter cold, the probably beat noticed as this bit. he will come to the 2nd, but still in the northeast corner of the earth and especially eastern canada,
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pretty roar, feeling whether there were that roar wind which is blowing during says the kind of against the still existing not quite as rural when you tend to get there frontal system, which means possibly freezing rain on, on top of the snow is all pretty nasty stuff. it really isn't good to be out in my g. the suns out in ottawa minus 18 and minus 10 inter onto us. any compensation is reminder of the real deep arctic pushed down through the plane states, kansas city max of minus 8, that cold keep pushing down the gulf coast, houston's max, albany plus 8. this is cold winter. there's that line we're talking about. we were told that new york is stretched down sleep to the bottom as well to the gulf states that could be tornadic weather on the west coast pacific coast limit of rain and snow coming in through washington, oregon. and may be idaho south that it's generally speaking fine. the picture on friday is a much of the same thing. the temperature don't drop any more. the real code is cut off because there's no more snow marching slowly across so that the caribbean
4:59 am
breeze is not too strong. the showers are pretty well scattered. doesn't look bad at all. ah, extraordinary men and women who are breaking the mold from the taxi drivers investing everything they have been to their mini bus only to face extreme danger on the suit is rough. his tracks to the jokey turn. paramedics saving lives, transporting the sick and elderly for medical health policy to risking it all on al jazeera as the oma. com variance sweeps across the globe nations rates to stem the spread. but vaccine inequality between developed and developing countries remains no country, no community and no individual. these save until we are all said,
5:00 am
as long as transmission is allowed to continue the course of the phantom, it is going to be very, very unpredictable to stay with al jazeera, for all the latest updates. ah, my guess is she will be just to do something for you as president joe biden believes russia will send forces in to ukraine, but warns moscow will pay a high price. ah, hello, i'm emily, i gwen this is out there. a lie from doha, also coming up 5 days on the 1st flights carrying aid head to tongue. after volcanic ash is clean from the international airport and the name of.


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