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tv   Al Jazeera World Two Weddings Somali Style  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2022 9:00am-9:56am AST

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talking the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics. the listening boseman, your guide to the media on a jesse uta. ah, this is al jazeera. i'm darian abigail with a check on your world headlines. the you case, prime minister has warned its health service will be under considerable pressure and coming. reese is ami crankcase. a serge, while countries across europe are imposing new restrictions, boris johnson has ruled out additional measures or we challenge reports from london . pupils return to english schools on tuesday after the christmas break. and the head teacher at richard challenge school in southwest london is worrying about staff absences that had forced off email me saying they'll be in isolation at the beginning a turn. now we can manage that, but if that becomes 10 staff or 12 staff,
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we got huge problems and not for the 1st time in the pandemic. english schools are implementing last minute policy directors from the government, all high school students with now wear masks and classrooms. i like all the other teachers around the country found out about when masking classrooms for lessons. when we read the national newspapers on sunday morning, which is appalling in my view, how is it that the press know what is going to go on in the classroom for her? teachers have even been briefed on that. but this is the only real tweak to paris johnson's omicron campbell, while scotland, wales, and northern ireland all brought in restrictions before christmas. the prime minister chose not to you for england, who, sticking with his decision wakeful for the country as a whole, is to continue with the path that where all the gamble is that vaccine coverage and on the crowns, relative madness, will prevent the health service from being overwhelmed but even forest johnson recognizes its not looking good. the pressure on our, in a chest on our hospital is going to be considerable in the course the next couple
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of weeks and a may be more because as there's no question on the car, continues to, to search through the country elsewhere in europe with a new here come new set france who's going ahead with measures announce last week a 3 day work from home rule for those who can big public gatherings limited for 3 weeks. and parliament is debating a change to frances health policy. only the vaccinated would be allowed in restaurant cafe than more. the health minister condemned alleged death threats from anti vaccination activists. nathan of you let us not lose sight of the fact that the objective of this law is not to restrict individual and collective liberties of french people. of this law is to save lives, what it is to protect our hospital and relieve the workload of our health work. and then it, despite opposition from some politicians, the backing of several parties means the lower house will likely pass to build rory
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challenge out of era. humans, ruthie rebel, say they seize the united arab emirates, ship that was carrying weapons. the cargo vessel was taken near the many port city of data. the saudi led coalition says it was transporting medical supplies, the founder of collapse in blood testing start up the run us has been found guilty of fraud and conspiracy in the us. elizabeth holmes raised nearly a $1000000000.00 by falsely claiming her companies machines could test for diseases by using one drop of blood. large parts of malaysia have again been inundated by heavy rain floods, forcing thousands more people to flee their homes. the rainfall started on sunday causing rivers and several states to rise to dangerously high levels. at least 50 people have died in the flooding since mid december. hong kong leader has denied that press freedom is being eroded. kerry lamb's comments come after another independent news outlet shut down. citizen news is the 3rd output close in recent weeks. it's journalist said they were worried about their safety after police
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raided an online pro democracy media outlets last week. a legal agreement between the late sex offender jeffrey ups, the non prince andrew's accuser, virginia jeffrey has been made public. prince andrew lawyer say the 2009 settlement could release him from liability. he denies the claims doctors in brazil are considering whether to operate on the president to treat an intestinal obstruction . so your bill, so narrow is admitted to hospice on so powerful on monday morning with abdominal pain. staff say his condition is improving. both scenario says he's using a special feeding tube. apple has made wall street history after its market value, briefly hit the 3 trillion dollar mark. it's the 1st public company to reach dot milestone after its share price rose to nearly a $183.00. those are the headlines on al jazeera up next is al jazeera world. ah
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one that i the the one of the iowa ability. if they're going to let you all corner shima gather that at all, because i know how the militia, the glucagon has been going to the last period to be the have somebody call that one kilowatt with this? because a lot of cases the has well,
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a lot of care for us for some little anti on that will be all alone in the news caught us in the household. so i saw what hold on. i said i just, i could them to select. so i could even phone a look up and call our ultimately what we could do to keep their problem look as well as soon a lot of other hello. good. ok. the look can i don't all oh the one where i'm
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bellisario ballasa. they are all i, you know what i want to get on there. there is in the muslim a with i'm gonna develop a literal and actually i don't have to dig ireland or to use. so they could have done the school in office other day and oh and her doctor bears tele can be broken
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down on tennis, but only an unheard unless she could their childish and are you gonna do one or 2 or 2? it will still be going to be an off doing i said i was been asked to hold on a how can i do like a delegate overseas? so let you been on the scholar said no, she didn't make law high school at a late facebook. i am still, but on lake luca, lynn, i don't know california give you leave either to fi and ranks. we have usa, but that militia that i was thinking the face will get. i get the one on level. they. the bonus dictating me. i don't really when little with the city in the good at guessing we meet your feet. ah
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ah! to hold thing little thing. i couldn't pick one bath in spun, oscar. we're having a lot of 2 in the living room need to handle no shooting. there were a cool i he, i haven't thought from long oh he had the nissan kenneth and we can compare it to work on the vehicle. ah with
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well as well as office and the commission did not history on the spot on a pallet to hold up on a spot on tennis. chris got amanda, do it's going to be in tennis? the one who is, but i'm going to come by and have a lot of you who are going to see you. one moment he's got how cool we go to lead holland, the hammer, the hood all with a live. where is he going to go on? god alone, mamma lo data. oh that and the has been hammered. there was to know how to wish to and
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betty, you and one is not on to you or how they went to don't look at the difference on in black to identity usa st. that's your dimension we got to live on. does it become about little know how to get away of your veterans that look like to las vegas and it didn't talk about it yet, so i don't think that's a little bit more like time and could learn further while it's tommy hauser, the good news
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not too much longer here. do you do? i don't do. i don't know how to work. i did leave it there later. i got heard from day and i'm sorry i've done with all of them here. do they have they don't funny. anyway. goes to the news had said there were many i had on base was matter fact. i'm like oh yeah, 40 miles away. yeah. i totally know i will try to ask them for her or yeah. or they don't keep
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her daughter alive. can a i don't have any idea. how are you the man to me my got me all in what can i mean in which way? school know, well i really couldn't have a
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counselor. well, it's not letting me have them, so we keep them live when we met in new jersey, we scream at the gave me ah oh i am i am rented well qual i'm ashley
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hora. oh dear. i will run from us to our nursing. she went outside of the house on her for a local beer medical trap added on, allan garvey, girl world and all you. and she can like, i want them going to lay wirelessly or sign holly or not. oh yeah. for for the daughter, she moved favorably dog. isabella already went to boston area and that goes to bassetti. i did come out here, give me a call. i am and will you send me an article cafe? and i don't know. could you know? i want you to clear out what you do agree. yeah. i've worked with a couple of me asking lucy, so i got a soccer my outward when i are 910 and we're got china capital. hope that was good. i saw a buddhist at the local photographer,
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said good to which so dad, do tell that option to when. what else to what would i do that? how cool? sure. okay. actually. so the other one. awesome. okay, whoa. whoa whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. oh god speaking soon? oh good god. god i oh, yeah, a
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lot. i had he could daddy. i've been up. i'll see what i luckily i don't speak to me when i go to go to release. when he gets that is the who did he may study hardy he in allows to eileen. well keep a lumped them in a slow yeah. down. got it. made that the moment a was it's got shamburger. my little that with me, what i tie, i like to so i love to have been up a talk, wood door being kelley. well, kathy, i can wait for you there. know hi tempting you what you can,
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the you and your mapping t or, you know, he kept me for the challenging i'll present that they local to are the few local talk i b soon of a top hold, but they are when i go into high, badly hello la carton. host for the latter. oh, for the love you love. it. manager did love to work. with
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her on monday, she woke up and he middle when was forgot to ask about it. i moved there only a top. oh, i don't. it's hard to put all i along with slash go. i saga. godaddy ado city. i hate talk, keep call button. got them. but they have other sr mcdermott because he had the old fulton, he had them at the shop for the hey, i look it up and the senate, they called vocal for bulky bonsa thoughtfully. i'm quoting what out of top underneath the no one could the delivery. i trouble way, i've been a good, i won't go, i had them, but it was good to me. along with the whole or saturday, the medical path fresh with
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this all going on with
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the items hello. so they're pretty good. how are you in this new mot when bought the car? yeah. and cookie huddle, i had a fellow, admittedly, a snooty at the bottom of the street. this little scoop to give you the level of the scope since i didn't, if it was or not about hey elena michel, fidelity up. what is a, something they up a day which local talk a bit to multiple 100 the group and they come in a full but how do you put up with
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want to keep them empty. i slap kennedy, i up. i flat yet with a flat. aha. i can see 40 so really i really want to hear hear it. i hope you have a face me had yet was low like without with asking book. see the lady with
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ah a tool
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ah ah ah son ah father ah, the mutual love of the ox the stage is set to immortalize fading memories. ah, in a magical race against time. witness our time mission on a jesse, you know. i joined dodge 0 as part of the launch team in 2006 protest as have called for a 1000000 mom march. in that time i've covered wars revolutions,
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elections, and mandatory crews from the for venice of correct? yes. so the battle fields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge, a mineral central to the quest for clean energy. a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting it is dangerous, but profitable with global demand set to skyrocket. people empower investigates claims that industrial mines extracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy, or in fact, poisoning the environment. with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow, the cost of cobalt people in power on a jazeera with
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ah this is al jazeera, i'm darian abigail with a check on your world headlines. the you case, prime minister has warned its health service will be under considerable pressure and coming weeks as ami crankcase is serge boris johnson has ruled out additional covered 19 measures where we challenge has more from london england is in a kind of system of measures called plan b, which doesn't really amount to much more than wearing mosque on public transport and in shops and also working from home when you can. other parts of the u. k. have
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gone much further than that, but england with forest johnson in charge chose a different path and it's a gamble that you have to say was risky. one hong kong leader has deny that press freedom is being eroded. kerry lamb comments came after another independent news outlets shut down. citizen news is the 3rd outlets of clothes and recent weeks. it's journalist said they were worried about their safety after police raided an online pro democracy media outlets last week. well, it's part of malaysia. have again been inundated by heavy rain and floods, forcing thousands more people to flee their homes. the rainfall started on sunday, causing rivers in several states to rise to dangerously high levels. at least 50 people have died in the flooding since mid december. yemen who the rebels say they've seen a united arab emirates ship that was carrying weapons. the saudi led coalition says it was transporting medical supplies, the founder of collapse,
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the blood testing startup. the ramos has been found guilty of fraud and conspiracy in the u. s. elizabeth homes res, nearly a $1000000000.00 by falsely claiming her companies machines could test for diseases by using one drop of blood, illegal agreements between the late sex offender jeffrey epstein. prince andrew accuser, virginia jeff jeffery has been made public. prince andrew lawyer say that 2009 settlement could release him from liability. he's denied the claims. hey, teens. prime minister says he survived an assassination attempt on re says it happened during national day celebrations over the weekend. his officers banded on terrorists tried to shoot on re a church in the city of going to have on reach of office last july after president jovan movies was assassinated. those are the latest headlines on al jazeera. it's back to al jazeera world next, ah,
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more the little develop, toby how much of a good to me out, scott, an affordable offer. i've been, i've been doing the best i don't with the day i have been dishes and how computers aren't and into uncle. hi, you're doing your loud i
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ah, and a dog or more. but i've had other news and we hadn't been in the studio also. and we've been doing on the whole entire of us are going to have them. but i i my me the i
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soon as the misery again sort of initially have commission but hadn't who sort of innocently. hello. hello. hello. hello. hi. this is ms. ella fish, alexander i had on the one on the new as to what i 7 richard golden rule so good. and how about the nursing cabinet with the auto sky? ms. she hasn't looked at it in court in both to coordinate with
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her. oh, when. mm hm. with going to go walk up. they want to keep them when i why, hey, in ornell, he calley will not late or carly will not late eileen like the and as soon as the goodies care to go. all right, i sketch them while they all normal. melissa, goofy. well how glass on ac in a slam or not tire? yeah, like a brown
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require. can it's weird for collision. trickle 8, suffolk. oh yes. i see you have been billed? yes. the mom a caller who does the house is done early late. she is the law guy. i hear this whole day mitchum a sofa all a
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with one of the sort of is to what i submitted. we surrounded on a lushly and i did on ricardo laughed. she shalayna looked to me on last. shirley huddleston actually good software or terms how to do almost davosto do us a lot of them on the loft to i said all this with the office on it on because on the she what are some dollars to boot but ami was slowly underwriters askew sheets so i've looked into felix with
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no live. ha is maddie. i love us. oh, i add now. i a
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with them live. yeah. for candy light candlelight. for a new a light them la, added hello. this is alana martin had been taught well included. oh yeah, the intent we handle this one. okay. not a big deal. not
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a ton of employee that i added in hand with the milk and my lawyer. and he the only domain i deal with like the quote and then they go to the the helps in name from there with it. and okay, the name i look a little too blue mountain. when you fall the album kaufman like the us, have to love him. oh yeah. he was shipping that yellow color to lug only double her out little bit from on election. it is on bit why come on man? alex magole him won't listen to me just to listen on the potato online banking on the payoff it,
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it will not just complain. even with in the book, i talked the berlin, which a homily, time kicking with on cio, neil calling with a message and tech hello. i'm lucky out of school life. and i have led to sandoval's local on the go. so if other than that i, me and
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a product relevant that had to do with one another. and then i was cuz if i look at a with with a and so i'm not sure how well on august the 1st my data will settle on is obviously an implemented day out and out of school is on a dolly or whatever you want to learn one into
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a one on one. and let's go for saying all of us on when i taught in my car and i could do yeah. and well, but i don't want to know she said, or for alex. so to me today or, and i love those dancer mike, as to what we can fantasize. wow. okay. so when was that? hello. hello. renaissance. say no. she's had to. what?
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ok. bye. oh oh lanta you are i am hiding. what am i googled this the i yamaha i the yak. so the hockey order until after me as of now that school wants to buy food now. yes, ma ha ha ha. the while i am from you la kim. without felicity. huh. but yes ma'am. what are they the bottom of the afternoon? what, what, what, how did the berlin dash my them? oh my goodness, even a i had they had more thought be good to have they out of the to look for how they showed on the portal and pass. but as we've been out or not, they had us for like
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a beginning added into an actual have been opportunities. but he said, best of invalid living in the, at a fuck. a hooker division of lucas shut up is about my mothers when i have them at home edition, mom or dad. the album had visited rito at the kennedy. luckily, i hadn't been different. hold on for your momma, asked him i with a a
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a m o n. a at the airport and he can be a little bit cool that when you read the step one kilowatt rank, i honestly monica said had once hallmark ah, it's dark color. no, no. are all still la la la la la,
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la la, la, la, la losa. up to well i will. yeah. while the sky are yeah. what do i want? i yeah. the how casado is characters lonnie with the tackle or the last and those honda. and one of them are not looking like a loan that i got mikaya, j o. she is 2 chunk of mr. buchanan, marcia jenna 9th, birthday me and, and, and, and if you're familiar with jana, the oxford i met jo. ha ha ha, ha, ha ha my let her dad. oh, hello! he said she'd never go required a dick who i am the george results
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with follow the electron hescol, jani f. one aqua wilson mckayden is protected felina. and em battiata. oh, an old bill of the athlete and i do have glass as i said, oh, come on. i will some is there gonna actually buy some book with us in the shower on, on, on along with oh
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ah ah. 6 i don't scare you for jim rommel. okay, let them b. i and i'm all gentle grandma think i'm ranger could than me hearing us the hearing of that because can do i have still and carper, we're either loony. i think i good old tune to cynita, concluded lucy, i'd lost ocala. ward libby could be attending the movie along with a gully or began pull spin bell or we could to lower
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lobe who heathen. the adam adam let kitty in the hospital, buffalo, herndon hollister. nicholas was co pay regardless at the end of this to your office. how can we oh thank


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