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tv   101 East Chinas Activist Artist  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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scattered around the globe, the return of some of them is celebrated by this display, which marks 200 years since mexico joined independence from spain. john homan al jazeera met through city. now the annual winter classic in the n h l is supposed to be cold, but the temperature in minneapolis was so low. the ice needed to be heated. the minnesota wild and saint louis blues game has entered the record books as the coldest outdoor game in league history. it was minus 21 degrees celsius, won the contest car underway. and unfortunately for the minnesota funds that brave the cold, let him last 6 to 4. ah, hello again, i'm fully body bow with the headlines on al jazeera security forces. insur don have fire tear gas at protesters in the capitol cartoon. at least one person has been shot dead earlier,
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soldiers were deployed and the internet was can't in an attempt to prevent the demonstration. a fire has ripped through south africa parliament in cape town, causing extensive damage. the blaze broke out on sunday morning, part of the wolf have come to the need to go and look steeple and lot deeper into how this type of event can take place and what measures we will need to take going forward. but for now, i think we should be grateful. got the national assembly, parliament loved and raised ashes and to the full thousands of people have defied a ban on protests in amsterdam to riley against strict corona vice measures. the netherlands imposed a nationwide locked down 2 weeks ago, shutting all non essential stores, bars and restaurants. bangladesh has launch a campaign to vaccinate $40000000.00 people each month. less than
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a 3rd of the population is vaccinated, and health officials are hoping to inoculate 70 per cent by april. the only con variant of coven 19 is driving up infections in the us with cases reaching unprecedented levels. but the president's chief medical advisor says, the number of vaccinated people in the hospital remains low. people in cities across iraq have gathered to mock 2 years since the assassination of senior iranian general cas and silly money. he was killed in the u. s. t o and strike in baghdad, along with the rocky commander album mighty. i'm hondas and several others. the leader of molly's in train authority is calling for elections to be delayed by up to 5 years. a transitional government had a great to hold a post next month following a military, coal in 2020. and those are the headlines coming up next on al jazeera, it's $1.00 0, $1.00 east. ah
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. smoky skies polluted waters and migrant workers facing a v. a just a few of the issues facing chinese, the size of today. but drawing attention to the masses in china could be risky. the been through performance fobs, i or not said on the actual day ration woman. you don't wish it were the most of us for august 15. so a deeply personal basil did pin to nat geo that you made an uncle, johnny affiliate. when i get down to the deal,
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i a long time. fashion one. 0, one east fuller's one man. struggle as he confronts china's biggest problems and he's on ah, which advisor so up with? well, of course i know with well, it's 2015. it's awesome. turns to with a young man pushes an industrial vacuum clean up along the street,
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the beijing mace, not brother, one of the most active performance art in china today though with jose, jose mendoza, naga. and she knows and issue i don't know how to view it on me when i do my she today, he's trying to until one of the capitals, most iconic building beijing's olympic park to a a,
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me not brother attracts attention everywhere. he goes after 100 days of vacuuming up smoke, he makes a brick out of the dumb he's collected ah fuzzy, go on all you good. i'm in town like i go found a shelby on the issue with
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our project not brother shauna law. on one of the biggest issues facing the china today, a me and it is normal, global, and not a lot of the funds and he had a honda with him. a is a 3 is leisha, a village in china is shawn. she province catches not brothers attention. local, say its environment has been severely pollution by coal and gas marketing. b a g o 2. now go. sanchez and running. boating also. now will you send me?
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well then you should either in puzzle when you feel so good when you would i hire you. what would that should auto funny would i to what i would ask is shanita how you sound? i go the, from a she has say it one to say what i now with not either way too much you say came with all the all finishing large enough for me to use the villages tell brother de livestock to drums, polluted for more than a decade. move on really
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where photos was and she was over textual sharpie lending young here the i, you know, you the, to the actual oh, i read you are you close you? few here. one on the truck, $33.00. and what's your i the visual with me the
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told me i homeless. oh she and julia show me to the funeral home you could use it to try to try to get the genius read that
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they say they complained to the government have gone nowhere in the artist is determined to draw attention to what you want to go. i can jump on the u. s. knowledge and read or not jim. mean job. then you have to
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do that. so you just, you and you had mentioned that you are not going on to go much further. he's a good, another normal annual why i'm going to, yes, i do. so it's been 2 months ago, so we'll also on the surgeons on don't rush in and the billing issue. so i need to kind of do a new this analysis. i mean, obviously, art curator general bean is here to help not brother with these projects, but they've struck resistance around in symbol with jim what he can when it was yeah. forgotten. meanwhile, the village chief says the artist will be arrested if he continues his work. but it
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doesn't stop you quickly. and local villages help fill up the bottles of wine, of china's most populous greenwater brown with their own local water with a dazzling air. wish it turns out it was omar o m a m anyhow. but with local pressure. mounting not brother, knew he had to act fast. can you give me a holler holligan's in windsor, lo, lachelle, norma. that odds i want you all guns in rebellion pretty much a now
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with after updating the authority, the secret cargo finally arrives in beijing. not brother can now prepare his exhibition of 10000 bottles of pollution. border quickly attract visitors with those down mom says with but just over a week later, the exhibition is forced to clothes. people went off to complaints by the water brand and the landlord to florida. yeah, we the law not shall refuse it. more of a dog you are you getting better? they've got how they and on sunday to fall, thought all was of you all but dollars,
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hotel. i did, i, old saw nobody will answer on a job. same as hung up despite the exhibitions short run, it attracted nationwide media attention and prompted the authorities to start an investigation into the villages water quality. one year later, not brother returns to the village in shank, she province. although the government gave the farm as water purifies and dug them deeper wells, he believes the root cause of the pollution has not been addressed. near the gas wealth, not brother waves, a white flag in a symbolic act of surrender, to highlight the company's power. unless
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it was all michelle has the value of the slide so many guy and john dot edu and jenny. ruben jennifer? yup. hello, don't want me to run. you. should you sorry. do you junior? ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha. with all of our luck will the area was about how america paula children. i'm hired a lot, a lot about a
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said on the yet you that they wish. and grandma you'd and wish you had your little wasn't a syllabus at all. a a good mind work is not only followed, not brother, but also send intermediaries, who he says, author here i us, i would really the goal here. are you here to look very good though. if you got a lot easier for you while you get off, we read all the with all the missing a nato push a good idea since i was young about that or puleo with figures off, but i think a lot better. oh lord suzanne. though she weighs anemia. castle ta.
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see you go beyond the outside. good. talking sales on on each other with hatchet as a tile wanted sales as so as young anemia jeweler. earl rolison, she cheered, and she says, so is your name. it's john shelton. oh, it didn't take long for not braga to become involved in another issue that was causing a stir a with sins in was once a wide fishing village in southern china, bit in just a few decades. it's become china's booming silicon valley. with 13000000 residence
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. most of the migrant workers leading densely pat apartment building, but now the residence of shin didn't buy shoes or district face eviction. the government plans to demolish their homes to make way, believe we did new development. in the areas migrate. families giving not brother toys belonging to their children. when they are evicted, they sons and daughters will be forced to drop out of school. the artist wants the whole country to know what's going on. with foreign nunez law, what it does is it fails, ohio and ha,
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not values mclean. so any questions um ah, that's why he's us, i'm, yes, is allan doug, who you good? what do you saw judah again telling me this young on the west of the woods up? i was with football now, which is in area. so now go on sundays on the news. the hold us on the children's no, don't play with a can you know that was a go. they goes on to any out. they goes on chombo and she put in the sugar. yes. yes. yeah. they are. you know, that's a iowa . yeah.
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i me. okay. yeah, and i'm a how step down i you are not brother and he's take place, hundreds of the donated toys across an open spice and used and excavator took throw them one by one over the sticky border to the you guys, johnson. this is susan. the you want to tell them face in terms of how she,
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why y'all sentence, why it doesn't take long full warren force meant to arrive at the american house. yeah. $10.00 a 100. k a t. c. you anything other than the mens of law a meal meal, a job full, you don't die italian, which if i go to sleep with
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twotango, we'll just switch and deal with and go to church and k no, no, no in by shami to almost always. ok, so this was on, on a home a jo, are you there were a close, now we just always have to officers out there. yeah. without the necessary permission from the village committee. not brothers. project is shut down all about. here's another i had to hide. so high that he's aren't performance. sions, in dulls only lasted 4 hours. a week later, not brother with take it in for police questioning. he was released without charge 24 hours later. like
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al cry slowed down, la demolition plan full by shore. the government also promised to make arrangements for the area's children to continue their schooling. a year later, some of the students are still attending school. but most of already been forced to late to lay low for a wall, not brother, head back to his home town. a small village in the bay province. se china. good. so with what shall the thought and thing as the dear jewel. yo, yo, yo, yo yo hadn't without sung on your honey old thing. good thing asked so it's always hung say, cornelia fungi. now i shall obviously dodge woodson. i said no one's in. bah,
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today not brother is helping his father dry chilly. but it's a beach, a sweet family reunion. a good tin tenayo dodger. chillen is long since anemia to digest you the bomb up out. that'd be it. a hallway, old. somebody, i'm isabella's, you know, somebody to non tells how am isn't turned in this is angela was made an uncle john emma till yep. when i get down it says
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on cl, no long giant luncheon. his father, he's too shy to speak on camera, but not brother knows he's worried about chosen china. well, with that i'm, is that when will we be away by know? well, we will felicity and with that knowledge, knowledge in will may of funds will choose to reality. here the joe king got about to you. i just not brothers family like he's out one of them. young. i happy to see him home, but they struggled to understand his life as an artist.
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i think in the long. yeah, he's assuming you know, that's about yeah. all. yes, it will make given not here. and then you go happen the last day with yar may god with no ah, no brothers art has brought attention to some of the biggest issues facing china today. but perhaps his biggest challenge is bargaining away to balance his work with the responsibility he feels towards his family. who was, you know, i was on those will, it will if you go to the usual shows you got busy. ah,
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ah ah ha ha john sawyer. the jail and you jo. jo. jo, sean, other thomas yo, florida. oh the gm financial village with the meal. oh it's oh john. oh the new new, are you a challenge? it's listed as ah ah, even though he's been threatened and obstructive not brother hasn't stopped creating ought to shine a lives on controversial issues. he continues speaking out about the thigh. he's
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ill. the best way he knows how bald brush and define. mm. in pakistan's largest city, climate change in water shortages are driving some residence to desperate measures one 0, one east, meet the waters of corruption on l. g 0 ah lee al jazeera london fuel car center to special guests in compensation. this is the chance to start the revolution, unprompted,
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uninterrupted. we need to do away with the what? evil, because it stops conversation. where should we get allen to ports on, meets i, asia, i can be. this is the beginning of friendship, beginning of love, right? like getting somewhere we can really break through the barriers studio. be unscripted on al jazeera. ah. 3 protesters kill deena saddam as security forces confront demonstrators angry over the military's role in government. ah, play watching al jazeera live from bill. how with me for the back people also coming up a fire causes serious damage to south africa. parliament building in cape town, protestors against over 90.


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