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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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leslie park, linda, this is rose and progress in the media. now, frank assessments, this crisis is continued to weaken luca shanker, even though they're cap cb, any of them the beginning, they're able to thankful for informed opinions. lighting politicians will now be under incredible pressure from the young people. that is one of the most hopeful things that come out of this critical debate. do you think that age should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a gray. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child once the inside story on al jazeera lou. ah, ah,
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you're watching the news are on al jazeera with me fully back table. a reminder about top stories. ito pierced by minister abbey made, has left the capital, addis ababa and his heading to the front line to lead his shoes in battle against the grey and rebels advancing towards the capital. this comes jess hours after the united nations ordered the immediate evacuation of its international staff. europe is struggling with a new corona virus outbreak. germany is set to mark a $100000.00 deaths while france and the netherlands are among those reporting bracket. numbers of infections and human rights watch has accused. bela rose and poland de violating the bites of migraines and asylum seekers. the watchdog says it's documented abuses on both sides of the border. at least 13 people have died during the standoff. now turkeys lira has hit a record low again c u. s. dollar a day after president reship typo to won, defended his policy of shop interest rate cuts. many critics have called on odo on
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to reverse course as inflation source to nearly 20 percent. the currency has lost almost half of its value this year. well, let's take a look at how we got here what present to wants 1st decade in power from 2003 saw strong growth. thanks to major investments in infrastructure. i jump forward to july 2016. after a failed coo attempt and the currency tumbled to through 3 layers against the dollar. in august of 2018 us frozen, donald trump imposed terrace on stealing aluminum. and the lever crashed 20 percent . it had already fallen. 40 percent the previous 12 months, and the lira is currently trading at a $13.00 against the dollar. joining us now to discuss this from london is charlie robinson o is a renaissance capitals, global chief economist. thank you very much for joining us, charlie. the lira,
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as we've said, has lost 40 percent of its value this year. what has triggered this for many analysts, a blaming at the monetary policy settings that turkey is operating under? do you agree with that? on a totally i but it, it goes back to ottawa, i'm having this view that if interest rates a high companies have to pay debt, so not expensive for them. so they put up prices. if interest rates are low, companies can charge less for the products. they make so there for a fresh gusta, that's is very shortly. no one in the world agrees with hip. and that includes local turks. we've been selling their currency hugely for years now. yeah. but present oh on as you say, standing his ground. he says the lower rates will help spur economic growth and create jobs. is there any proof of that happen? ah, they, i think his record over the 1st 10 years, the success for turkey was about falling inflation and falling interest rates. and that help drive growth. and he's got it in his head that this is what we'll deliver,
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even great to prosperity for turkey. but it doesn't work in isolation from the rest of the world. and what we're actually seeing is turkey getting poorer every year. it's now not even in the top 20 world economies, thanks to the weakness of the currency. could this shop deeper depreciation of the lira? could it spread to other countries? you think? i know we've, we've had enough warnings from global markets about as some a 2018 we had that shock it. there was some contagion that on egypt and so billions of dollars leave. but that hasn't happened this time because every one he did leave in egypt then made a mistake. they all came back again. i took his become an insignificant. okay, so what then? i mean, if i guess with people who live in turkey, this is not insignificant, of course, what needs to happen, what needs to happen to get the lira to back way was well, they their, their scenario, the government, sorry, the central bank scenarios that we'll get to the current account surplus and that
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will provide enough dollars in the system to stabilize the currency, reduce inflation. i think what every one of the markets is waiting for is or to on to lose the 2023 election. and for the next 18 months, it's just going to be very difficult to predict what happens. thank you very miss chaney for talking to us about this charlie robinson joining us there from london not to nigeria and after more than a decade of violence, life is finally starting to return to normal in bono state. the government's been at war with a book or on the article that security has improved in recent months and major efforts to rebuild a now underway al jazeera. as i'm address, returned to the capital of bonham state. my took away to see the progress i didn't . muhammad was once a successful farmer and trade, but he's been living like this for more than a decade. this makeshift structure is where he's trying to raise the new family.
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after bo quorum violence uprooted his life. he says his chain of businesses, houses, and farms all perished in a single attack in 2010. no, you don't want to cut calion, learned if i had more houses, more farms, more shops and warehouses and care marlo than everyone else. look at me now. i can't even fence for myself. even the room i live in was given to me rent free by a former business partner, but with peace returning, i look forward to going back to rebuilt. wonder minute sweetie. tell you the book, what am conflict in northeastern nigeria has displeased more than poor and a half 1000000 people, forcing them into camps. now the government wants to shut down these camps. by the end of this year, as reconstruction gathers momentum, this wall pile of rubble is what is left of the former school and home of mohammed use of the founder of bull gorham. this is why the goose ideology was nurtured. nigerian security forces demolished the structures shortly after the rebellion was
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put down in 2009. but the movement go even bigger and continues to kill people on destroy property in northern nigeria. and it's to me to 300000 people have been killed. $6000000000.00 worth of property and facilities lie in ruins. in bodenal's state alone develop completely not saddening, sub livelihood. many of i to kitten are populated, so i destroyed about prompt ivan classroom. so i destroyed what 200 attempt to had fantasy. i'd have to write about it 100 municipal balloon flood, deep throat comprising of ah, traditional love hans politicians local government picketed at among other f as thousands returned to their old villages. this is what they find. new houses are coming up in communities. why a 900000 homes were destroyed in
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a direct challenge to boat or arm whose ideologies against western education and values. hundreds of schools raised down by the armed group. i being rebuilt, and most students, i in raleigh. about 60 percent of our budget of our capital, good budget goes to reconstruction, rehabilitation, and settlement. and in terms of ballou of money that have been spent, i, they wonder the amount, the source carrying between and an engine, and i mean, discipline jetty of hunt at the police. the bonus did come. oh, for the last 10 years rochard, not in flood and about 2000 vehicles, thousands of kilometers of roads that have been bombed during fighting between security forces and boca, or am i being fixed. he at my degrees, biggest market traders load up goods to neighboring. cameroon, chad enger as security improves farmers who couldn't access their land have
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returned to their farms after advocate of disruptions, even hospitals that were not sped by the am group, are back offering services to the sick and wounded. but with vocal, i'm still posing a significant security threat. the restoration effort could still go wrong. a reality that hundreds of thousands of victims hope will be avoided. i'm a degrees algebra, my degree ne nigeria venezuela's elections were held under better conditions then those of previous polls, according to the european union's observers, of the groups, had declined to say whether the vote was free or fair. sunday's election was the 1st in nearly 4 years to include opposition figures. erasable reports from crass it was the report every one had been waiting for for the 1st time in 15 years. the european union of serve the regional elections in venezuela and presented their
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preliminary findings last year with younger sandra. i'm in battle. the elections were in better conditions in comparison with previous elections. the electoral council that was renewed in may 2021. it's the most balanced council in 20 years. the political campaign was filled by the excessive use of state resources. even the law says how campaigns should be handled. there were no sanctions to the violations . on sunday, venezuelans voted to choose mayors and governors across the country. they e u mission was invited by the electoral council and by the opposition who agreed to participate for the 1st time in 4 years. the report by the european union of servers is for many a 1st step towards a dialogue and future elections in this country. but the report also indicate that even though the elections have end with efficiency, the whole process was affected by lack of independence in the judiciary. and also lack of respect for the rule of law,
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something that affected the equality and transparency of the process. the government says the elections were an example of democracy, their ruling socialist party, $120.00 of the $23.00 governorships. the opposition wanting the total national vote . even though 60 percent of the population did not participate. divisions within the opposition prevented them from winning more states. all our position leader embry gabriella, says the election was not a defeat low or long all deity. let us also position, obtain them once about. this is a best of a sudden the last 17 years re no updating these results before the opposition of not falling. who was falling as muddle the big defeat? this for the government, i can honestly say nicola, my luis, desperate to regain international credibility was a murder coley put together my work. nicholas madura was willing to given more governorships in exchange for validity of the electoral process. and himself,
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this is not a transparent election from the perspective of a liberal democracy. it begins with the electoral council that has 2 members out of 5 of the opposition. we celebrate those 2, but they are a minority. can you imagine any country accepting that? been his will as trying to recover from an economic crisis. but sanctions from the united states and the european union complicate the government plans. protests and sanctions have not been able to force muddled or out of office, which is why the your position is back in the polls. betty, so i will. i'll de cedar kodak us thousands of coal miners in bosnia as striking over a government plans to cut jobs as the sage switches to renewable energy. more than 7000 people work in coal mines owned by the government miners opposed, plans to reduce wages and also sac about 2000 often an explosion at a munitions factory and soviet has killed at least 2 people. and injured 16 velisa
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rockets were being stored in a warehouse that was destroyed. drones are being used to search for survivors. the man accused of driving his vehicle into a christmas parade in the u. s. city of walker has appeared in court as the best all rises to 6 and 8 year old child became the latest victim of the incident. more than 60 people are still in hospital. but he said, dow brooks deliberately drove his car into the annual parade, is being charged with homicide. a major shortage of chips is affecting global supplies of cars. mobile phones and other electronic devices is bumped at the south korean electronics giant samsung to build a multi $1000000000.00 in my conduct a factory in the us state of texas. now nasa has launched a mission that one day could save the earth. scientists want to know what it would take to stop a kill asteroid crashing into our planet. while the dot mission will 1st or bit the
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sun on a near year, long voyage to its targets. that target is an asteroid called dime office. nearly 10000000 kilometers away. the spacecraft will crash into the space rock at 24000 kilometers an hour. and if everything goes to plan, the impact will alter the asteroids or mates. norbert manley has more. 321. the dance mission could one day save the earth. nasa would deliberately cross a spacecraft into an unsuspecting rocker. could i move with the aim to find out what it would take to stop a launch asteroid from one day, crushing into the earth and devastating the planet of bill. we're gonna bump into a desk and off i call it. could've stadium sized in all like soccer stadium sized asteroids that, that what that is in orbit around
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a body that is about 5 times larger. so that's what, that's what we're gonna de went and measure. ah, really did change of orbit. i forgot secondary body. it's the 1st time scientists are attempting such an experiment. and this is how they're going to do it. like dimorphic circles and asteroid cold did a mis. nasa has waited for it to get close to earth, a mere 11000000 kilometers away. the spacecraft will reach speeds of more than 24000 kilometers per hour and head straight towards it. they're hoping the crash will take both objects out, of course, even if ever so slightly. and it will all be streamed by video back to earth. and that will tell us a lot about if you want to deviate completely as small as throats will be earth. what type of spacecraft or what speed, what weight? what impact will need to have to deflect an asteroid? sign to say the results of the experiment all fine. so if an asteroid measuring
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just a few 100 meters collides with our planet, it could have devastating consequences. they're really targeting our asteroids that could be like regional destroyers like something that could have a huge impact and say, a certain part of the, the planet. so it's really important that we have a means to protect against those scientists hope the small impact will be a huge step forward to protecting a potentially devastating impact on a lower though to manly al jazeera while joining us now is space commentator leo, and right his life from dublin leo. good. have you with us on al jazeera, you know, i thought this only happened in movies. tell us, 1st on why this experimental is so important. what's a significant other? well, the asteroid that this vision would visit to the main asteroid. it's only about a kilometer across. it's pretty small as the asteroids go,
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but it's large enough to destroy the city of london. so these are steroids do represent a threat? did he mosley? but main asteroids are going to visit the they'll crash into it's little tiny moon . i'm office but it's, it's not an immediate threat to us. it could sunday had just a future get the earth, but there are other asteroids out there. we know that because we've seen that happen before. so how, how will the technique actually work? and where is the this asteroid now? well, the 1st thing of course is to get there. the launch this morning was really quite spectacular because we had live television pictures from the rock that as it headed away from earth. and it was quite spectacular to see the earth shrinking in size as we walked. this thing was moving very, very fast, and b as it left the,
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our area and headed towards the asteroid. it will take almost 12 months to get there just before christmas. next year they anticipate, but they'll arrive at the asteroid system as the main asteroid on its tiny moon. they won't actually see the tiny little moon until about 4 hours before impact. so that's the real technology here is to be able to spot a tiny object out there in space with just for hours in which to maneuver i'm collide with. and, and so how long has i have been assigned to thought this could actually be a reality? i have we ever really been under threat? we have been under threat constant plate. of course, as we know, famously the dinosaurs a died. many people joke they died because they didn't have a space program to save themselves. there have been other impacts and there are
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stars all over our planet from impacts i'm. there's absolutely no question but some day, an asteroid. the size of the one that killed the dinosaurs will hit our earth again . we just do not know when lea a very good to hear you of your thoughts on this. thank you so much for explaining it all to us neil and rights showing as sand from tumbling. now a manuscript by albert, i'm shine laying out his theory of relativity has sold at auction in paris for $13000000.00. a 54 page document by the nobel prize winning physicist and collaborator, michelle basis, was written in 19131914 einstein's theory of relativity revolutionize the understanding of astrophysics. auction house chrissy didn't say who the successful bidder was and still ahead on the news. our in sport is france international has
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been given a one year suspended sentence for his role in a scandal that swamped french football. stay with his son. has the details. ah
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ah ah ah ah, back time not sports, his son. thank you very much. a folly well france, a real madrid forward getting beds. emma has been found guilty of conspiring in the attempt to blackmail of a former teammate in a case that has a rocked french football. e 33 year old was handed a one year suspended, a jail sentence, and find $84000.00. lindsey may have been accused of helping to blackmail form of
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french international much you by the printer of explicit the images that taken from philip when as a phone bends him, i was planning to appeal to verdict. are benjamin whose team real madrid will be an actual late on wednesday for the champions league. meanwhile, man to say night had made a winning thought to life without only guanasha. michael carreker took a charge for the game with villareal in their 1st match. his sacking, the norwegian manager luciana, although took advantage of some sloppy play by the spanish side to give united the lead, with just over 10 minutes to go. that maintained his record of scoring in every game united has played and the seasons competition jayden santo made it soon. allan stop his time with his 1st goal for the club. united, qualified for the knockout round with the game to spare. have responsibility to be here to, to managing the team and, and i take great pride in so yeah,
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it wasn't about me tonight though it was about, it was about getting through it. it was a master game. when you get to this stage in a group of a champions league and it's it, it can swing on so easy both way. so it was who's it was vital that we came in and got the right result. and we managed to do that. so i'm glad happiest g coach maurice. you put it in your has played down speculation that he's interested in becoming majesty. united new manager. the argentine has made it clear he's happy in paris and says he's only focused on wednesdays, champions, league match with manchester city. i am not a kid. i am not a child. oh, i spend all my whole life playing football. i know lusan dorothea being coach. we are in our business down the road over there. and i completely understand what is going on some time university ways. anthony lanier, a negative way and this type of thing can know the stroke from those drugs or
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rumors. rumors are there are no, we need to live with that. that is the food will that we are living. oh hold. as chelsea has joined, united in the last 16 ost beating the aventis who had already qualified to revo shallow. bob put chelsea ahead in the 1st hon. these games and fired in a 2nd for the premier league leaders at 3 minutes later is free. now thanks to column hudson o'loy, chelsea move above event is in to top spot in the group. this is what makes teams especially not only to superstars and not only the best players from abroad, which we also have in our, in our, in our squad. but it's the mix and to have talented and humble. and, and guys from the academy full of quality and who are like her, their, their biggest stream to performance them for bridge to perform in blue to be part of a strong chelsea. chelsea,
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team of i munich had already secured their place, and the knockout said it when they faced animal cave. in a snowy conditions of living, dusky grabbed at the opening goal with the spectacular strike. the polish forward becoming the 1st plan, champ is read. history to score and 9 consecutive games twice by munich, got the points with 21 victory. saudi arabia club al hillary had become the most successful club and asian football, winning the champions league for record. 4th time home side opened the scoring after just 16 seconds against pool hung sealers from south korea. nasa dough city with the fastest goals court in the final of this competition and hillary doubled their lead in the 2nd half. thanks to defend a massage, my vega. 2, now the final school, given the saudi club, this 2nd champ, is the title in the last 3 years. what was that often? and we are all very proud. and this is the least we could do for saudi arabia. and
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he loves supporters, our families and social loves us. this has been our favorite competitions since 2019. and what happened afterwards and the circumstances we had been going through . we didn't have success and luck wasn't on our side, especially during the pandemic. but we made our come back to the competition and as you can see were lifted, the trophy was empty. shape in. and the and b a, the new york knicks, a b 2 r b. it's an a la lakers sites that were missing there, suspended star player, lebron james, even following a star the on the night for the next the as they held off the lake as a 160 a 100 on tuesday, james was banned for one game for strike in detroit fitness center is i assert, in the face and drawing life. i will surprise i may. i have make you again, you're suspend it wrong. i'll carry no one any what i will be suspended to be on us
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. oh. when you mega and it was accidental, right. we hadn't been a face thing and north american house, this for goal of the year re al salt lake forward. there will be a reuben has won the 2021 at major league soccer golf. the year is bicycle kick helped his side, he the san jose earthquakes on may 7th. this is a 25 year old deb you season in the am ls and as always will, for me, will have a more for you later. i including preview for the champions league on wednesday, but for now that for 40. thank you. santa we look forward to hearing about the champions league. thank you very much. that's it for this news are on al jazeera for more. of course, you can go to our website at al jazeera dot com, so raman is with you next with more of the days news, including the latest on the situation in ethiopia, when the prime minister has headed to the frontline to fight against her to gray
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and rebels stay with us. more news on august elevation ah ah assassinations in broad daylight and increasing murder rates, towns and cities living in fear. al jazeera world examines the rise and criminal guns and the palestinian israeli community. how are these violent crime syndicates operating and avi is ready authorities doing enough to combat them? a palestinian israeli crime waived on al jazeera. the latest
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news, as it breaks it in the brazilian rainforest means these areas are now emitting more carbon dioxide than they're absorbed with detailed coverage country like chile because of its geographic conditions as an enormous advantage from around the world . what's happening here is local farming communities, using simple methods to solve a complex environmental problem. from the al jazeera london broke half and past 2 people in for conversation, we were 1st generation of black versus people and we had to really find our way with no hope and no limitation. the world is a much smaller place. we do better to get away with these regional boundaries, films. i reckon you're in to tell me things home, right? skin you think about racism making certainly have is making often visible here. be
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answered on out there. there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media spread of research on al jazeera government, shutoff access to social media. mm. mm. ready is yep, is prime minister abbey ahmed, heads to the front line of the to glad conflict. does rebels advance on the capital? ah, hello roman your job. is there a lot of my headquarters here in the coming up in the next 30 minutes? europe is again the api center of the pandemic because countries report record numbers of infections. poland and bella roost refused all seriously abusing refugees and migrants on the border. plus he left off.


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