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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2021 4:30am-5:00am AST

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because the fat and many properties are being reported and when they come taken refuge conditions here. last time id oh hello and have them c k in doha. the headlines on the reinstate is sudanese prime minister de la handbook is promising a technocratic government reversing the recent military takeover says he is guided by the ambitions of the sudanese people as he spoke exclusively to 0. after reaching a deal with the military chief. he also vowed elections will be held within 18 months. who will read him? in the co concept of the upcoming government is that it will be a technocratic government, made up of sudanese,
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qualified professionals. about one and a half years are left out of the transitional period. therefore, the upcoming government, according to me, should focus on very specific issues, chiefly the completion of transition into a democracy. and it's related obligations like the convenience of the constitutional conference. i'm holding the elections far right populist. jose antonio cast his leading and chillies presidential election, where more than 80 percent of the vote. county cast has just over 28 percent support and appears to be headed for a run off with his left, his rival gabriella burridge. a former student protests lead it has 25 percent for poser. now, closing in venezuela were millions of voted in regional and local elections. the main opposition taking part there for the 1st time in 4 years. $100.00 observers from the european union are monitoring the process to me, missionaries kidnapped in haiti last month. the been released that's according to
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christian aid ministries. they were among 17, from the us and canada, who were abducted close to the capital puerto prince 5 weeks ago. more than 20 people have been injured after a car drove into a crowd in the us city of walk ashore in wisconsin. it happened while people were marching in the cities christmas parade, and su v broke through barriers before driving through the parade route. at high speed cuts are, is marking one year until the 1st match kicks off. the 2022 fee for walk up. are you ready? now the countdown clock was unveiled at the celebration in the capital. it will be the 1st time the work up and played in a middle east nation. those all the headlines right now, it's back to the world. this is al jazeera, it's november the 15th day, one of a new era and television news. if you have known that,
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that was the scale of bloodshed would you have still gone to moments ago to miss out landed about a 100 meters away from us. we're on the front line, but it's on or a town where the all that is an army is very real, is coming our way here guard by the police on purpose. ah, you with al jazeera offices in garza, our house in that building has come day before in human history has the once prestige environment of the arctic in such peril. ah ah!
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it is the social media consultant, living and working in turkey's largest city is stumble. he's married with a young daughter, and as a family they decided to look at ways of adopting unless consumers life influenced by what's called the symbol living or minimalist movement. the family decided to d class or their lives and live with left, even before the global pandemic struck, ah, 24 to j. u. he has showed him the demo lower than what he guidelines. i show my xena lithia and hi lynette allan. let him as it did, they are number little way by said which, which kitchen,
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linda could la, the chocolate chip, only stick liddy isn't misty. i did was on the video, she did that only stay you stay in the and they get to mc wasn't misty item was older shimmed, it can be a language to make the everyday kid. and it wasn't that uncle for martha mom is application. ah, with does it has she has a real i thought is all met, visit the size of that push. it was either that would be a good to the guy is up a bit. you know, you got to the other the new table, but i love it. i'm trying to learn, i'm rushing. i'm a little she pamela,
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you love the unit. i think you think i'm to change the wrong along with the head of the big chimney. ah . possible to get hold of a book side. i have to say to run it by stepmother and give a shimmy. get it in a box, and the honey good. a bit of an mitchell cache. good old look. just hotter mahathy's shoe shields at tongue b. i have to boil the lined up on me. i won't hit on that or you know what i'm doing just busted to jeremy. like the condition i make some of those make you push, pull them appears orlando, please ship our chant shown the browser will nea took me out to john was
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a comic young old of t. as orland said, i totally shy loud on mac steel. thy bizarre. how she is scott mac, that i've taught it as i can oh, to atkinson the ta to stick it. dance i learned. carlos in the extent that called them the sharon donkey. sharon that a dice i turning on. don mentioned yours. i bother the clones activated his angle not did it in my, such a faint say. the simple living movement is now a global phenomenon. fuel by social media, documentaries, and blogs. the idea is that reducing household consumption should lead to less individual debt. by spending means less time earning. busy and so your quality of life should improve parkinson's yoke. ssl sons,
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miss wood even so they could sit in the sins, museum, russet teams with beans. debbie, good inside the like an amazon incense. how they like tanza club. my im charla in deacon bullet as she hits home assessor they been hired to can because getting that is he the touchy derek? will you be? lemme say young high up the with her. she helped mercer the other daughter target either hire thing gets fixing in the clear, didn't it? yes, sure. maria, as nicholas. dear, dear good spirit shirt or as the ojo family's journey progressed, play embraced both the practical and spiritual side of the new, minimalist. so there's an early snow on the learn. i'm the sadness, many kids in their market to talk to richardson and all that. yeah, i mean you just want to lock those things on one side, this is cheryl and upside in this make it knock on that on, on the beam. you and me, i will, and this is all to personal, busy all to person,
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minute me, me be i live a good to down movie nolan or less allows you all sent me it and that she did it. i just love to pulled of it, which i did a lot call id actually had decided i have to show that she think in the said me that dinner me. lydia. it's hard to hire tardy. she the civil side to be a look, a look which i did think you're the packet, much good of you out and engage and handled stuff. i really didn't know that it is the only job and because i just felt like she had the coldly john watch and also done. but then i also take it, which he still ta, see it, which which town languish, fittest ah said fy odessa describes himself as a me, the painter, a righten and a flute player. he lives in turkey's anatolia mountains. was i used to be an
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architect that is now a shepherd. i took sunroof the boiling, kept in kiss me, arrested his umbrella. this madame bushnell, decanted it is. shimmy insult coolage. i'm rushing the skirts of canada and skirt. we removed from judge m. as in judging together, the charleston was delicate the roach of a ship, which on his cell. but i come here, does that matter? so long as i, she lit a black me says that miserable jack, missouri must cognition, man, naughty, shared him is miss dumler, the shows gave me, can't let it eat such as were the amman chamberlain. nobody of chum belong that in alton that holl burlison's robe along chalmers yo yonder sovereigns of jackson's ah, but none of them out there. mama, ma'am beloved thomas mcnelson out them. i'll call you me. keep him out concerning your kindness. move the we sure to call id his few. she steamer me stead him down
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when he had your son ish, the yellow nation with tom bitter me since these were every year what i will get my relief. she date. murs, i'm up woocommerce slave dealer. yet mildred contributing years, the solemn as of the history of bushland. again, there be a new mc whom bennet so as shown in the purchasing attorney kitchen kit and jesse dan there or told me the amount from the i mentioned the manager and the regular just reaching out to her associate cables and jack me, they were presented at the social my forensic to all on. yes, i'm a bi partisan, admonished o,
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sit outside the night to the home of the architect turned shepherd. the next morning they discussed minimalism and the pros and cons of modern city life. and it is hate. yes, she, they, as her can mind, jeff, will they attack it? yes. your business yoke, the heck is thinking that issue, you must the pool on a clue. cubby, cule, and that the packaging do was i one of the many others jenny? as will oh, heavy no, then trunk you mentioned dental vision and bucking. yeah. usually. watch yourself or no, no, no this it. yes she and your son little wish debited. elaine did did deborah sandra junior make you get your mic dk, mune a indian summer? yeah, usually cured i to there cause i knew little cause ago. yeah. read i know learning so. yeah. using the us that word can had the high the q into them. cognitive junior
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dorgan drew inhibition chopped by, inject that booklet mar, sack lynch. banassi, yet not a soul must contain again, the 6 anti comes to be found to be madness, all legged electric i steadily between me. get you back. i was watching be the last. it just seems reddish. the cushion that's that she's making much mit. all of them all, they can actually because you could shoot the description. i mean, you could lunch means on give me just a bunch of back up. so some credits that she gave you. if you could let you know, nicholas mitchell could be kim, now you are not going to get the ticket. she the political that he had, somebody i need to hold on, which is going to get listed him him. just give me a 2nd sure. got listed. and prolonged present we can do and, and get your left hand in the top line to do a pick up. and then we got this. is sheila binam door room hockey cut so i will not
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be renewed. all that miserable. are you on the solution? make sure they miss almost all of that. all like you, she did it can did or let him is authentic. she's in it but i could, i would go to that stuff. right. you know, let me just now could you move to study the stuff i think is a sick hasn't been to school until the up them all much is. and if the data i hutsel flying to do this at us and let it be so tough to see that electric a. but give them that little light athletic union nish eh, bullock look he said to me at h a eulogy cabbage in be dr. ad gag mitchell. my student
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will, is sharla, wasn't that you saw that? especially as well. nick, i tried this or b, virginia to a boutique dental fight, a little too badly. savage indicated on how to do b. nidia, hodgen litigators, toby, navy, miss nick, and i literally had to miss his behavior. niggers, outdated embassy. okay. and she had out, had, i'm wooten all doing a good she or going to, you know, of any wooster. she and got us holiday old, old mother wooster. masochism was on the question for us. you didn't say it, it may be easier thursday because it doubled. i'm off to the beginning. thank you my chelsea because when you do that it's in harrison harrison. he's gone with laura ah
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. 2 ah, after de clustering his family, hook it up. oh, joel turned his focus to food. he was also concerned about the use of cleaning materials in the home to find out more. he made an appointment to meet thought. ok, good. in date, a practitioner of alternative meds ah . 2 2 hike his cush, i cancelled. do nasa a cushion me on the abuses? he made sure miss anissa in something between the pushed through my extended beyond little mas himself, you was among the heck is a nickel dash cautious children. if i can think newsome, st. oil and build them, get us none in mccovie nuisance, was amanda, and i shave it as alkaline issue thought good and de runs the institute of natural
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health. in his stumble, he believes that the simple life philosophy and natural food are inextricably linked. but as it is childish them, yes. and issued him assumed that a high up tarzan, this'll get us the high gastric jarling dementia. we shall so let the jamal mitchell wish them be. ash i'm as i'm on the side i ought to assure me, are they or chill chung target that in so little the solar energy. what valuation occasional mock use it, it chill, she will not be optimal. beer shooter fall with leaves to been in full little draw and they still could glee beach d g d your to shoot you should own d. crash said when it would fall behind it. mobil. alexa daniel shonda was in santa. equally sort of them. i have been a day to minute, almost 5 edition and or lash mitchell schubert. arsenault took of yogi,
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chicky. austin is attended tuesday. the chiefs, them at augusta feature, but good and day families shopped locally for naturally produced foods from their local market share attacking demanded the shoot. him a, you're the attack it. sam needed to get a she had hired negativism, did shoot him, drink about mid any young she lean bullard or dongle to buddha, able to care 1000. mm hm. it. yeah. boulder, kistin, dawn model. sure moment, but i'm sure you colson, stimulus, but the height. you also issued a boat all normally been on the highway, all of the additional air opening that get me in clinicals for finish a cash wrapping on e r. i chic yama sylvia. from the care management to get me in is pocket amish. amar referrals are to them, should be rude and columbia, who quoted, you my dear cut, come odyssey ish. lamb shooting that genetic dish,
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clear water tongue should in that hot, done not take the machine a packet, then and fit them. you dial it and do not belong to them. they had hung, he was chanted to cool, cool, the dish, petro kimmy, our son, timothy, to lyrical on europe. came yourself to the kissing. it took a long room. i shall ash all madam miss marvin columbia parkway unit of the out. what community shampoo on staples is such crimean will know the columbia missouri miss march and not getting it a miss far boot took his aqua new order to proud campbell new air division took i normal man, the coach to the chinese danny, but it kicked into high could be marginal due to them for it been hellish, wasn't although the child, you know, which was another thing with nauseous luggage, a missile out, which would you all know rush, what would you all that again as it is
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a server converged it how good it was. i should coach canyon's there can, apart from the inside of your stall, in their system is corckalone on yolanda they actually a 20 color goose vehicle, long new. we'll tell her need you ask them to drop us before me and put them in. but the renovation, and he get older or not because i'm so you can figure it was off from a coach to do with me on the line fall to who needs you know, oh this roger, the puppy zone, beginning of jelly, because you did. yeah. you me to do it all in my them. i didn't know if the a book killer. look womach to music. my la maninder either shaky debra jokes. or let me just tell you to show me a put a 3rd a middle welcome to his in washed, alt, i'm the media that topple noontime it z,
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z there. my stu, autumn, that every day. now does he have to have the dns hasha motrin good, any dim couldn't tell much of that asian elbow bullshit. patasha mac, you know that each and wellness is italian on the up button. yes. hubble. not a dish margin on me yet can music and my them eliminate it truly committed. i know we're going more than a little earlier that no longer that we juggle the seller on the color boilers, stay chopped. i recite all the front end talks and now up to she mcdonald. yeah, nick m following. jack took them and done the half was over the holes and should it made him be a make up like alex g 7 electro inactive ship. i initiated the will to music lads him and he up most regina that hamper asked for a cut when you show it is done through this. i don't know began with yup. we did a duct, bam. which took saved jupiter to get to know that it's mickey mouse, alcohol mcdonner, and i have several notices. j seemed to notice it is that i am and things it will
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not be accurate. numbers. lucretia, i said, because this both legacy, we can make it to machine bank in for satisfy the buying their kid. kia saw loudon flatly blasted out adequately. he on its side to hire, to modern mit all to mission in his on that you sure. so in a mc nash from certain mikaela, the evetts bitchy than truck ma thomas choker is lamba, eunice he, i know kish k all known to be a shave, is sick there, mr. loveday, on what he truly need the us unless in the john the check yuma stilson camden it keep him shady down here for olivia ghazi chic color, which mimic been imaging their kiss inc. dba ma, from your teeth shampoo or she had to la mural tunnel, knew him just here to sit noodle gentlemen to check me. yeah. to be in some good
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bar. yes. tool i am as a college master control, amos and good old mom. she had kit miss dooley sealer told him, you suck color beach mutes saw the las mailed under vacated bit us kaleya. catch me at that she is the color she has had the image. i did. i did it. i took that model stokes and it would have an hon. do with an experiment now, a lifestyle. how successfully have your child family adapted to simple living? ah, that's good to meet him. he's available to get me. this could be doctor, did that and was allowed to put in a sort of lawyer by silly athletic biddable, cannot they say oh, yes them is not other bands either in issue literature, lability deleon's uneasiness etiquette. columbus, if he likes men, couldn't like a local long, reddish eating the cut could quoted you
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a rough and then it was up to g. l. my them let alone. he spoke that to get moore's organic. all man he, she alma left. it was like that was i you did a moment to get a deuce. a timothy did as a category and there is, there is became yourself center to cooper lou this either she in order to get to us or nicole lewis her there. so to normal, this conduct that it was, they still diminishing air each jackson mistake mazata, so got it, and i took it. salish did him as i ought to, missouri di, lifting his dish, new movie. was it every day? did the arnold us, how did they still lic, false joni j to me? i never, they said which place is this nyja hodge esha even mid day bloom livable to lacy de la charlotte and coolness. it almost ended human inability, but i was a hema cousin. there can him hijacker, there, locked him? is it hijack can moon, can martha controller be the old cut out?
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i shall, musson at the city. you know, to the be didn't all do the high additional nachos i ought to, missouri dounia, on the shop. there was a dish in the ship late. thank you so much for that because and what color, what victor satterfield together? barely be sure your can. why. so the one on patient dish medic bullet is fitted up to the end of march to good lawfully up mush all manon get to the each rules of each cut me talk to him. had those in get a column shown the guy. ling is over that yes, i made, i am individually strength bank took which the almost all the tissue they decided shaking there should have been jane in unknown world. today's yeah. little to do those allocate the huddled shocked lava yet is to make the only guest i look at the 9 am to max, which i did chiefly did. he did, began museums, english al vitti and all a tunnel monday law. midday dalton. and when you pull the i niggers to make him no
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seal balloonist and that that the name orlando, alicia shipple, and orlando the santa couldn't be study up mitchell's shoes. and the autumn food has ended us. ah, still on the be suitable. i shall. there was additional ship to set up and landed us on facade, delish, man. yeah, i ne, i had to lose the keys on mitten. initiated in optimally she the him is there? yeah. little ton miss cooler than and shinji that it sold. will la maya on let us hard delays to may, the old must get a can hardly get to me again to sit on the line with . busy the ojo families enthusiasm for simple living has continued since this program was made. saddam has not gone back to his former consumer's lifestyle,
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but says that making the necessary life changes in a huge city light is sand. bell is hot for a whole family. it sounds as though the quest for a simpler life might just make things more complicated and every one in east amble has had to simplify their lives in many ways during dakota 19 pandemic. that's another story. ah, ah, ah, ah. busy ah, assassinations in broad daylight and increasing moderates,
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towns and cities. living in fair al jazeera world examines the rise and criminal gangs, and the palestinian israeli community. how are these violent crime syndicates operating and on the radio authorities doing enough to combat them at palestinian israeli crime, waived on al jazeera ah hello, we have got side to some west to where the pushing towards british columbia over the next a day or 2. we have got this little area cloud just running up towards sir pacific
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northwest easing up into that western side of canada. nothing like as wet as it has been recently, but it saturated ground. of course that will add to the flooding concerns here. be more of a central parts, cold air digging in piling out of 1st central canada and sliding further southward . now the band of cloud and rain pushing further east was, is that cooler weather? we have more to say the top temperature in winnipeg. we'll see that or warming up over the next hour. so monday we get up to minus 7 proper warm up. by the time we come to tuesday, we getting just above freezing. so that's something to look forward to. it will be largely dry, that wet weather, moving across the eastern seaboard through a monday, dry weather coming in behind a few wintry flowers around the legs. there's that wet weather add at times wintry weather for b. c. and the north west of us. so washington state seeing some of that when she mix as well, which will drive its way a little further eastward, moving across the cascades through the rockies, becoming a little lighter, as it does so. meanwhile into the caribbean, this light upon it rifle the east,
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not as set. fair haven present sunshine, sunshine is showers further west. ah ah. promising a technocratic government focused on democratic transition. sedans reinstated, prime minister abdullah handled speaks exclusively to agi 0 after deal with the military. ah, lot hasn't think of this is edges in our life and our house are coming up.


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