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tv   [untitled]    August 4, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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destruction one man created a peaceful microcosm for boys whose fathers faced each other in battle. episode 3 of football rebels entered the world of footballing legend press drag push each went from coaching boys, football to teaching young men life. frederick push each of the seizure sarajevo on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, you're watching the news out of life from a headquarters and i'll find ready and i'll be coming up in the next 60 minutes. a fight again. constant flare ups emergency crews struggle to complain. some of the worst wildfires in turkey history, the taliban says it's behind a car bombing near the john defense ministers home and threaten. there'll be more
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ah, a somber reminder of love on portland to change so many lives a year on we hear from people came around to the patients and have to walk them to this secured area which turn it back to you. and i'm far as small. i have all the latest olympic news as the records he tumbling on the track in tokyo. the women's 400 meter hurdle time is ah, welcome to the news. our wildfires are stretching, emergency crews, and turkey and southern europe. so in turkey, there, among the worst in its history, at least 14 fires, across 6 provinces, are posing a threat firefighters or broad another 160 other fires under control or since last
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week. well, we have correspondence on the fight against the fires. we have in bas robbie who will join us from the greek capital athens. that's where thousands have been forced to leave their homes on the outskirts of the city. as wildfires move closer and we have adam rainy in puleo, that's in southern italy where the situation is now only getting under control. first, let's go to turkey or suicide are joining us from my now. got. so were so how widespread is the devastation where you are? well, we are in cars will die in the town of mano got, which is one of the most do as stated district, caused by d. y is fires in turkey, msu forest fire broke out last night here and it continued through the night. hum, but as of heck, there's land. how being burned, firefighters continue to cool down the areas to prevent wife fires from spreading
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to other areas. hundreds of widows years had to create their houses and the security forces are blocking the route to prevent people from getting back to their houses. it is too risky. i have talked to the when it years here, and they all share a common wish. were him back to their houses to see if they can save and it to my not got that because it is not the only one though 30 is witnessing hundreds of similar wildfires since like the thieves last week like you like the one in the village of center in don't wish oh, he was watching his memories grew up in smoke. alexander is help us as the place he once called home is being reduced to ashes. jumped on your boat. i have 4 kids. what do i do now?
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the news of the fight with the village of center on monday throng greene had carried the flames from the forest near by any just one night. more than half of the 250 houses in the area either suffered severe damage or were completely destroy locals from the village of center was as the flames surrounded the village. unable to contain the blaze, they were forced to flee their homes. out of the we hope people to flee, took people out right after the fire broke out. because if the authorities that allowed us to put out the fire, we could have saved our houses. we were forced to evacuating the houses were burned down. as the fire spread, gaston and the inside, some of the houses began to expose. other people rushed back home to remove there's some thought and so you said cold down the ground,
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the fire would not raised over the hazard. we tirelessly tried to extinguish the fire to morning soon, firefighters how work tirelessly on the ground and in the air to put out the remaining blazes. but low humidity, strong winds. searing heat are hampering there. a force with 3 fire steel burning nearby. almost entire wind has had to evacuate the local se, the government, how it came late, and that things will be worse if they hadn't done what they call themselves to stop the fires. would call when the fire grab the houses, the fire trucks didn't take action in time. they just off people to sleep, but to where life is disappearing in front of our eyes. it's laid and went into the hills. there's not enough helicopters, fire trucks, all the efforts were in vain. we just had to watch our village as it was taken by flames. love this fires continued to rage in the south province, this of talia more, la donna iden, and
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a sparta. living many with no choice other than to move to safer ground where so sad that i was just going to wish so that's the situation over in turkey. meanwhile, thousands of people on the outskirts of athens have been forced to leave their homes as a wildfire moves closer. more than 500 firefighters are trying to contain the blaze in an industrial area in a suburb of the greek capital. temperatures of more than 40 degrees celsius and dry winds have found the flames of more than a 100 separate fires. let's get an update from off and then bas robbie is joining us from their vein. supper scene for us and tell us how people are coping well. we spent most of yesterday outside the neighborhood of very bobby, up against the police court in where firefighters kept going and trying to put the blaze out. today we drove in to the center of this neighborhood of very bobby,
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and it really gave us a sense of the scale of this wildfire, the scale of the destruction drive. again, we drove past several kilometers of completely charred and burned wooded areas. there was ash covering the ground everywhere we looked, we saw burned cars, and as, as many houses were destroyed as the fire spared, we know that officially 80 buildings, 80 homes here have been destroyed, its affected businesses as well, like the building here behind me completely devastated by the fire, we saw people picking through the rubble trying to salvage whatever they could from burned out homes. there is still ash on the ground, the fires, the ground is still smoldering. and overhead, we still hear helicopters and planes trying to continue to put out this fire. what civil protection officials have described as is the most dangerous fire in greece. so far this wild fire season. now officials had hoped that they'd be able to bring
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it under control late yesterday the plains had to stop when the sun went down at daybreak, they started up again poring as much water as they can. now they have managed to push the fire back further up the base of the part neetha mountain, but the fire is climbing further into more wooded areas. the government had announced that they were hoping that this morning they would have been able to stop the blaze that the conditions would be better that the ground is dry. but it's not as windy as it was yesterday. and there were hoping that the aerial assault would have been able to quell the flames, but it is, it is well past mid day and we still hear the helicopters going. we're still seeing fire crews continue to go further and further towards the fire line. ok, thank you so much that update from athens over to italy, whether they're driving huge fires in the country. so tourists and residents have been evacuated from the coastal cities of cataneo and prescott or firefighters. say they faced hundreds of blazes and populated areas in the past. few days,
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but they are starting to get some under control. rainy will bring us an update from puleo, that's in southern italy. so adam, what is the current situation like alright, apologies. we're having technical issues with adam will try and reconnect and we'll get an update on the news hour in just a little while. let's move away from the fire story and take each i've got to stand . that's where the taliban is warning of more attacks against top afghan government officials. earlier on wednesday couple was shaken by another explosion near a defense facility. while the taliban claimed responsibility for tuesday's car bama tag that followed a gun battle near the home of the defense minister, 8 people were killed. the blast happen close to the city is heavily fortified. green zone. that's where the government buildings and embassies are all located. un security council weighing in saying it's deeply concerned about human rights abuses and escalating violence and a statement condemn,
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deliberate attacks on gun civilians and on a un compounds in her rock province. last week, one member of the afghan security forces was killed in that attack. all this as fighting has intensified the last car guy in helman province. that's where the army has now asked civilians to leave the city. charlotte bellis is joining us from cobble to discuss. i've gotten this done. we begin though, in the capital capital. charlotte's an explosion over there, and now there's a claim of responsibility. what more can you tell us the telephone claiming responsibility for the attack outside the defense ministers home in cobble. they offer some details and they statement saying that it was conducted by the masses in the brigade which falls under the military and is essentially a brigade of dedicated suicide bombers. they said that a car bomb was decent natured and then they had there was also gunman who opened fire in the area shortly after. they say that this attack is the court beginning of
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retaliatory operations against key figures and leaders of the cobble administration . so significant escalation from the taliban saying that the targeting key people in cobble within the government also concerning for civilians. our own colleagues were almost caught up on this attack last night. there were just a few 100 meters away when it went off or if the telephone are going to be doing more bombings of this kind in carbo, highly dense urban area, people are very concerned about what kind of seville civilian casualties will come with that. and then on top of that, what does it mean for trying to reach some type of political fisherman? how can we ask, can government and the taliban leadership sit down and try to come to some type of agreement when the taliban are actively trying to assess nike representative and charlotte, the focus continues on the development and then around last cars, all that is the a p center, if you will, are fighting today between the afghan government and the taliban. the fight as well
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. and truly on the i've seen the video just a short time ago from the center of left. and you can just hear a constant machine, gun, fire, and explosions. in the distance, the taliban putting out videos this morning saying that they had the governors compound them intelligence compound on the siege and had taken over the police district offices. the m o. d denying that the ministry of defense saying that they were pushing the telephone back by sending in hundreds of special horses last night and then relying on strikes from b a, a force and also from the us military. no, it would seem likely that this is a large scale operation that was forecast yesterday by the african army commanders, the hellman, his name semi said that he said, you say in a voice, no, that was quickly spread around to the residence and that i need you to evacuate because we are planning a large scale operation, clear the telephone out of the city and i'm worried about civilian casualties. now he's asking tens of thousands of civilians to leave their homes and essentially
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move into an active battle ground. i just talked to a local journalist who said that he'd been stuck in their homes 5 days now. this is fighting has gone on. he was starting to run out of supplies. we cannot leave our house when we said, why did you not back to it? he said it is impossible. how can i leave my heart when there is fighting on my very street? there is also concern for the people who did manage to get out tens of thousands of people. will they go and what will be left of the city when the battle flesh car guy is over? thank you so much for the bellis, for that. please from trouble. well went to moore had on the august during his hour, including the records of sudden wires up more than $40000.00. for one of our cases we look at how those without any form of medical insurance have been fairing. and if you suspend operations of to international aid organizations in the conference, wanting to go i region coming up and forward, we hear from the young, the past,
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friends writing their way to success integer ah, but 1st, come on, the ration have now begun in lebanon to mark, one years since the bay root port explosion, it kill 200 people and left thousands injured. the blast were caused by a huge stockpile of ammonium nitrate and was one of the largest non nuclear explosions ever recorded. it destroyed thousands of homes and forced the government to resign the one year wrong. the victims are still waiting for answers. then joining us from bay. rosanna, how are the lebanese marking this tragedy one year on? it's a day of morning the families of the victims,
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the survivors are going to be gathering outside the port later today to hold a bit shell, to commemorate to pay respect to those who died in this massive explosion. a year on these family members are still searching for answers. we know that more than 200 people were killed. i can't even tell you how many exactly were killed. tom plates 218, some say 200. 17. the fact that the government cannot even give an official tally for many lebanese, the shows how indifferent the officials have been. this explosion really didn't just change people's lives. it destroyed the both lives. and it's not going to be just a vigil what the families of victims are planning later today is to protest outside the homes of a suspects. officials from the political and security establishment would be lead. judge investigating this case is now calling suspects who, but who refused to be question for the victims. families today is about demanding
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for justice, demanding for accountability and demanding for answers. the gutted silos at bay roots port still stand as a symbol of a tragedy. i see what the building behind us collapse and 4 people were killed. i was strong to the ground unconscious. we will never forget that explosion. it began with a fire at warehouse 12. it's believed to have blown up the ammonium nitrate that was unsafely, stored with flavor ball material. the neighborhoods were destroyed, more than 200 people were killed on august 4, 2020. we saw her thinkers there, her running shoes. we didn't expect or imagined that he will be at the point, we will will saw her that her sister, jessica worked at one of the roots hospitals. many were badly damaged in the
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explosion. all the hospital teens ran to the patient and had to move them to the secured area which turned into a battlefield. we had a few minutes and then because after a few minutes came the came, came the patience which were wounded and that no one has yet been held to account. families of the victims are up against the political and security establishment, accused of hiding behind immunity. that defeats the very purpose of the very sense of the road flow and that does not reflect on a dat dish or ability judiciary ability to conduct effective investigation and to ensure accountability for the abuses that committed. it's still not known what caused the initial fire. what is also not known as if the ammonium nitrate was intended for bay root? the ship that carried 2750 tons of the chemical made an unscheduled stop here in
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late 2013. the cargo was offloaded after a death dispute, but it's also not clear if most of the stockpile was in the warehouse, when the explosion happened throughout the years, top officials, military and security officers knew about the dangerous chemicals and did nothing about it. human rights watch says they also miss characterize the danger posed in communications with the judiciary. we found that the emissions and actions of lebanese government and security officials constituted a violation of the right to life under international law. and there appears to have been attempts to disguise the true identity of the owners of the ammonium nitrate. i'm the ship and why the ship came to lebanon in the 1st place. a year on a route is still a broken city. yet to recover from one of the largest non nuclear explosions in history. and then as you mentioned and your report,
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people still demand the answer is 365 days on what sort of pressure or the lebanese putting on politicians and officials to get the answers to the questions that they have. well, the families of the victims, the survivors, people who want justice, they're up against political and security establishments, which is really clinging on to power. they're doing their best to evade the justice . believe judge in the case a bit. tar. he's in fact the 2nd judge, the 1st charge was also by politicians. he can only do so much. he is requesting that immunity is, are listed now we've been hearing politicians, officials, including the president last night talk about yes, we are going to live immunity is, but for many lebanese, this is just talk if they really wanted to let them unity, they can hold the session of parliament and lift the immunity for these officials to be question so many don't really feel that they can do much. this is
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a country with a culture of impunity. it's not just the force explosion is one of the biggest crimes 11 on history, but this country has had a really a dark past political assassinations, bombings, there's never been an investigation. there has never been arrest them. there have never been trials. so for people here, the only way they will know the truth is if there is an international investigation, but so far, of course, the politicians are resisting this. in fact, that is investigative journalists who are uncovering so much information and providing information and answers to the public instead of the authorities. okay, then i think you will cross back to you throughout the day, i'm sure for the time being in the reporting from bay route. and by the way, it has filed a program on the disaster. it's called a root search for answers. you can watch it right here on al jazeera, on wednesday, a 2300 hours gmc actually 2330 gmc. and you can also watch the program on our
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website at algae dot com and on youtube as well. but let's continue the conversation on lebanon and speak to tatiana through tea from beirut. her father, the son has food. he was one of the casualties off the port bloss one year ago. his body was found 2 weeks later. we thank you for speaking to us on this tragic anniversary and we offer our condolences to you and your family to fiano as you reflect and mark this anniversary will go through your mind hers. thank you for having me and i really need the anniversary. she never did before and gotten the blast. and then before we demand justice and we demand that everybody is going to be held accountable for their actions. you say that your father, he had worked at ports where the bloss took place and your family has filed a complaint with lawyers. can you tell us about that and what's come out if it's
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good and now we have nothing because they are not listing and unity so we can not like proceed with the trial or anything. you have to wait until the god does the investigation. so we can proceed with a trial and choose who we want to do this i or before and as you know, and our correspond, zanna was just reporting officials are so far rejecting the judges request to lift immunity of several law makers as well as security cheeses. so that they can be questioned on the suspicion of criminal negligence when it comes to this blas. so, are you optimistic, but the truth will eventually be exposed? i do believe that our position and everybody wants to be feared that people. and if we do so much pressure and i said on them, we can acquire justice. we just have to ask for it is over and over again until
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they give us what we want. the scared that if they live the immunity they will be held accountable in what sort of pressure can you and other victims families apply right now when you're up against a strong security and political establishment and you know, actually already can do. it's only us, let them fear us more and i think it's working. they are scared of us. they are scared of what we might do. so we should protest always to get that what i some people call for an international investigation into the last is that a call that you would support actually an hour to do the city system cannot reach who is responsible and give us many unbiased,
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very legs. yes. we want an international investigation. if i would, you just sit a system of justice by its own. we crossed our did the city system. what is your message today? one year on to the international community and to your fellow lebanese we one justice, we demand justice. we don't want them to control us anymore. we don't want any politician was responsible for the last to be and the government anymore. we want to get rid of them and who won the international community support to do so because they over to colorado and did they fear. so we want your support in order to get rid of them. because just as for the victims or the people who are injured and for that banner to be honest with you. thank you so much for speaking to us from beirut . thank you. still ahead on the i'll just renew our
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why se asia continue to struggle to contain another devastating wave. a covered $900.00, despite height, with friction, syrian refugees run to helping hand in germany to clean up after the slides on monday, which is going to be carolyn takes websites going back for the 1st time. it's 2008 . i now believe it or not, i would think most people in europe not particularly happy with their current setup . weatherwise, an awful lot of cloud temps is below the average than most part of northern and central europe. now she, because you got a string of low pressures and frontal systems there, but as you well know, the biggest story is out of temperatures and around the edge of that, particularly in this southeast corner from turkey back to se near to italy.
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temperatures are not quite but almost reco breaking most places, and certainly it's too dry and too hot and the fires are the consequence. we've had new records around the coast of turkey. quite high ones, 44.8. antonia, for example, though attempt, his aunt could change much of the next day or so. and the breeze is still more or less than light normally for a couple of days. but there is a bit of change on the way because this is the current danger. these fires, which are certainly being controlled, but are spreading, coming down to the south coast to the resorts. antalya. we'll see a change of weather tied by the in the says is a wind turns to an onshore presented. gotta be good news temperatures drop because the files were blood in a different direction. the heat does exist elsewhere, but it's not quite as high temp july. so there's still a warning out for sicily. if you further north. so big storms in the apps, the joined
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the debate do not have back scenes reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice in allowed a diverse community and how in array of different stories. no topic is off the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination and systematic discrimination of the play. people are thursdays for new boys. the stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera, a year ago, one of the largest nuclear blast in history killed more than 200 people and injured 1000. the victims families still need answers. we want justice. how did dangerous chemicals end up in baby support? let's be professional. it was not intended for muslims. and was the whole stop file unloaded from the ship, the missing amal and it wasn't all in one way or another. membership in an illegal way before join me for their,
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for the full reports on i was with oh, a gun. the top stories on the algebra. our 14 fires are burning across 6 provinces in southern turkey, firefighters, abroad, and other 160 other blazes under control since last week. the wildfires are among the worst in turkey history. the taliban is warning of more attacks against talk after on government. so the group claimed responsibility for choosing car bama tasa followed a gun battle near the home of the defense minister. can i'm a ration have begun and loving on to mark one year since the bay roof or explosion
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. it kills $200.00 people and left thousands injured. the boss was caused by a huge stock of ammonium nitrate in in joe's health ministry says the current of iris pandemic. there is still raging on is far from over. on tuesday cases rose by more than 42000. that's a 40 percent increase on the previous day. but millions of people don't have health insurance and they're struggling to pay medical bills. have natal reports from new delhi? hi, find the law sort of share my recorded this message after spending a month on a ventilator. he needed a medical device to help him, but it was a major milestone in his school with 900 recovered 30 to let go. however, as his condition improved and he returned home, his family faced another dilemma, paying off the $50000.00 in medical billing. after spending all their savings,
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they borrowed from friends, family, and the bank. still short bit on to a popular fundraising site and raised $30000.00 since sort of a still unable to walk or interact with people. his family has rented a separate home for him with 24 hour care financially medical laws, financially. we lost money because of the medical visits and we lost our income and had the new expenses on top of it. we having dressed on loans, it was a very horrible expedient. i used to feel like i had almost lost my son lost my son almost every day i used to feel that i will get the bad news. i did. most indians don't have health insurance faced with a mountain of debt to, to call the $19000.00 sought help online and have collectively res, nearly $200000000.00. since the pandemic started during the record breaking 2nd wave online donations increased for ford.


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