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the silver medal gymnastics in the gymnastics mon biles made her return to the arena, taking bronze in the beam competition after putting out of other events to focus on her mental health. she's been praise for her willingness to speak openly about it. and thank you for you. any time on our website, the rest of us is our 0 dot com. and if it, you know, say watches live by clicking on the orange live icon out or 0 dot com ah top stories on how to 0. they've been too large explosions in the afghan capital. campbell 1st happened near the defense ministers house and a busy market square around the fortified green zone. witnesses also reported hearing gunfire. there's be no word on any casualties. but the defense minister tweeted, do not worry. everything is fine. and in the south of afghanistan,
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civilians have been ordered to leave laska go. as security forces fight back against the taliban. at least 200000 people live there. the u. n. this is at least 40 people were killed in 24 hours in some of the heaviest combat in the center of the city. the united nations humanitarian coordinator of ross got a son, is urging all parties to stop fighting to prevent mass severe civilian casualties. at this particular time, we call on everyone to seize the military. still it is in the urban settings, the seas far as the only option to prevent casualties among the civilians. the situation in lush cargo is very difficult. the population is trapped and probably does not have a means of escape from the city. an oil tanker thought to have been hijacked off the coast of the united arab emirates, was several other ships signaling they're in trouble. britain's maritime agency
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says a potential hijack is unfolding of food gera. it appears to involve a bit human tanka called the asphalt princess, for other ships in the area, reported that they were not under command, suggesting they lost power and could no longer stairs. villages have been evacuated as a large wildfire creeps closer to the outskirts of the greek capital. when the $300.00 firefighters are trying to contain the blaze, which is near an industrial area, in a suburb of athens, temperatures of more than 40 degrees celsius and dry winds have found the flames of more than 100 separate 5. the prime minister says it's the worst heat wave, the country has seen in more than 30 years. there's been talk stories you're out there to stay with us. the stream is next. looking at efforts to get the full story about the beirut explosion on ammonia for you after that thanks for watching. ah, ah,
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ah, ah ah, ah hi, i'm semi okay. it has been 12 months since an explosion of a root port tantalize of thousands of people in lebanon. 6 o 8 pm, august for 2020 there's been a large explosion in lebanon's capital bay roof. within seconds, so much is destroyed. biggest support is in the
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heart of the capital along a busy highway and close to densely populated neighborhoods. without warning. what is the largest non nuclear blast in history kill more than 200 people, injures thousands and leaves hundreds of thousands homeless. today on the stream by root search for answers, we are joined by say, you know, what are the correspondent that you heard just that plus to guess he will forever be connected to the bay report last moray antonio, welcome to the stream. thanks for joining us. ray. will you introduce yourself and tell everybody your connection to the bay route blast please? i'm my name is cody. i'm the mother of it. yes. 15 years old. young man was angelic smile. who lost
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his life because of explosion. i was all, i'm all sure. survivor of this explosion and my daughter was also badly injured and she's to go in some surgeries and also i lost my house, total destruction, right, thank you so much for being on the stream today. we really appreciate your sharing such painful memories and such intimate parts of your life. antonio, antonio, you introduce yourself to stream audience and i'm your connection to the bay root explosion. hi, friend me. yes, i'm a 10 year movie. i'm the founder and executive director of collection worldwide. and we're fighting and supporting more than a 1000 victims from the baby to explosion in that quest for justice. thanks for being on the shows around antonia morales saying that you made
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a film which is basically half an hour asking questions while i was making the film so important that there is an investigation happening in beirut. yes, but god, investigation has not provided any answers throughout the year. we have been speaking of journalists to survivors to the families of the victims and they want answers. they want some sense of closure, they can, their loved ones will never come back to them. but at least they deserve to know who was responsible for this. one of the biggest crimes in lebanon's history, if not in the world history and authorities and the judge, the judge has not even began formal questioning. in fact, that have been investigative journalists to have been, i'm covering, i don't want to use the word truth, but at least presenting a connection, maybe not conclusions, but connections, enough information enough evidence enough fact that warrant
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a proper investigation. but this is lebanon. this is a country where, which has a very dark and turbulent pass political assassinations, bombings. yet none of them have been investigated. none of the, none of them we saw arrest, none of them. there was no, not even a trial. and yet you have this blast, which affected everybody in the lebanese capital, and many people in lebanon, say, if there is no conclusion to this, if the, if justice is not served, and if there is no accountability, then you can say that lebanon will never, ever be a state i see not in the right. can you give us a sense of what the past 12 months has been like for you and your family? how much support if you've been given, have you been able to say ok this, this, what happened to my family? what happened to hundreds of other people and i was, is it possible we were in just this should be investigated? we need accountability. can you tell me concrete things that are happen that you
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can share with us right now? thank you. thank you. actually what xena has just mentioned. i was mentioning it was the last 12 months. i was always saying that if this last goes unpunished, then, then it would be no hope. then there would be no hope that you would ever have a state and demeaning in the, in the meaning of states. and it's been for the for the last year, i mean we had the 1st judge and then when he called for investigation, some high level officials they just changed him for, for no valid reason for no really logical reason. and then he was replaced by judge
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guitar. another judge, judge baton is doing his best. he's an honest person, but i knew his didn't know he wasn't able to have the proper interest. negation of the person who were involved or of the high official, high level officials were involved. i suspect they are covered by immunities and the deputies are not accepting to initiate immunities and they continuous to shy to, to find i don't know you ways to trick. i'm in the to take the notes so that they don't not. i mean, if you see a v m unit, just for these high level officials to come forth for investigation and we are
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certain of the investigation step, what will happen later? what will happen when really anyway, will we ever pass beyond this investigation step? and suppose we did, if you are optimistic and we did, when we reach, i mean, conviction will ever achieve accountability. will justice ever be served? and i want to ration of course, you're not alone and asking that question will justice ever be stuff? this is ellie ellie. is a survivor from the bay roof glass. this is what he told us earlier. i am the father of his life as a sign of grain at work of faith. my father died and the last year wasted
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over to the judge and what to do in being to justice. antonia if the legal assistant 11 and even able to handle an investigation of this importance. what is going wrong? yes, thank you about question. i mean, we can look back at decades of un reports that have stated that the justice system is corrupt. floored in her political interference. in fact,
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even pick i back. the civil war, 975-290-9991. amnesty law was issued, which means that was only one individual that was prosecuted that 15 year civil war moving forward. the system has little changed or improved. where do we stand now? one year on. we heard it from saying on the bed about this. if you will, was got 30 people individuals, low level individuals, many from the court who've been arrested and detained. 35 individual charged, but no persecutions moving forward. and do we think that will take place? it's extremely unlikely. it strengthens up on history when that allegations against the state will state individual. but there will be placement parents in the justice system and the justice will not be served. so at this stage we have various and interesting that we saw a statement from president iron last week talking about lifting the immunity.
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recently heard that marie talking about that because they want to interview for ministers on catch it, the former prime minister. but at this point, unity is not been left, and that must be so again, to see investigation. as dana was trying to investigate some of the key question that we want to know about the pe route blast, she piece together, what journalists were finding, what she was finding an in her report is a compliance lawyer have a listen. have a look. ayesha sophie dean is a lawyer who specializes in export compliance. he has analyzed scores of documents and explains why he believes the shipment was not legal from the start. the this closes or the nitrate ammonium. they need a lot of administrative process before thinking of importing them.
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there is a process by law that should be done before entering them. and what's included in this process is the responsibility of the army, the lebanese army. it's included in this process. so when they entered, they did not get the approval of the army, they just, you know, a just took a decision and unloaded the product inside love. and then this is really messed up, right, highly combustible material stashed away. warehouse number 12, i believe there were fireworks in the port. i read it just a disaster waiting to happen. what else did you find out that was pretty critical for us to know. well, 1st of all, they do not know. we know that there was a fire, there was a fire, the warehouse 12 videos that accident emerged to show you. this tells you part of the story, but what caused the fire?
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no answer. was it an accident because repair work was being done at warehouse 12 just a few hours before the explosion? was it intentional? were some people trying to hide the truth, trying to hide a possible test or trying to hide some evidence? because what is, what is really concerning is that the ammonium nitrate was there for how many or 67 years and suddenly so much attention on the ammonium nitrate the past few months before the blast with the state security is showing a report that judge ordering repair work with somebody worried that they're going to uncover something. so was there an intentional fire to try to hide evidence or was there a rocket attack like some officials alleged? but that theory has since been discounted because of soil samples and water samples taken by french forensic investigators. so we don't know what caused this, this fire that triggered the ammonium nitrate that caused this, this blast. but what we do know now is that top officials from the president, the caretaker prime minister,
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back of the army chief back him years ago. they all knew about the presence of ammonium nitrate, and they all knew about the dangers. and what we have since found out, it's not only that they know about the dangers they missed, communicate with a miss characterize the dangerous when they were communicating with the judiciary. so it seems that they were trying to hide something which poses the question. so was this shipment really intended for bay route and not modem? big as officials claimed back in 2013. so was it intended to be route? and then there's a lot of connections who have syria and nationals who have been sanctioned by the u . s. government were trying to procure ammonium nitrate back in 2013 when that ship arrived in, in lebanon. they have been since linked to the company that bought this ammonium nitrate. so you have all these connections, all these documents, and yet the investigators and the authorities are doing nothing. then you ask yourself, how did this happen? well, it's the way the port is managed and it allows for the security vacuum. the space
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is not in control, 11 on the safe is so weak that the different political parties they hold sway overstate institutions. so it allows for the vac security vacuums. and imagine there's not even a scanner available port. so could you just imagine, did i miss? no, no, no. really. i have so many questions for you guess. and i'm going to ask you to be quite brief in your response or your reaction to them. this is news reactive. i'm going to get this one to you, moray, for the sadness that many families fail by not having an officer who is responsible for the disaster. the president of lebanon should take that on his shoulders. otherwise there will never be justice mariah brief thought about that, comment as we as the challenges of victims. actually we are victims ourselves because we are living without life and what, what to how a mother can survive without without my showing how can i survived norman?
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actually what we really want is complete justice. we want to everybody who were enforced to be convicted. we want justice to be achieved and compute manner. so we want to know who the choice of who brought this nitrate accepted to. to store these nitrate centers, adventure larry on, in the main or near the highway, who knew about them, but did nothing intentionally or unintentionally when you about them and didn't even care to warn the people living in the area or order people. so what we're really looking for is a compute justice for justice to the actual cause to be complete, to thoughts here one's on each of them. one is a video comment. i'm going to give these to antonio, but very briefly, in rom, wants to know. thank you. in ron, why justice is not being served right now and more questions from our video
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commenter go ahead. only is that included in the explosion? this is why we see them collecting security unity and to prevent judge before questioning and prosecuting for positions and senior security officers. after one, you know this last and you have yet to know how the one you might have to support the way they would get. what purposes and what led to the ultimate explosion? teresa jones, this, this new for the, for the dependent judge with why he's supported by official probably will use public and the international community. these are reasonable things to be asking a whole year later. antonia, yes, i mean we, i'm an international human rights lawyer, and for the 20 years we've been advising representing individuals from some previous to complex across the world. and quite frankly,
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i've been shocked by the situation in lebanon. and i don't think we're going to receive justice that because that is what history has shown us and look at the situation that we have. we have one judge to investigate the next dream. the complex case was supported maybe by any 2 or 420 judges. that is not sufficient resources and then put into this. that's why we are calling for a united nation investigation and independent speak the truth and to have accountability, which is what we're re until the families are fighting for. and that is how we believe is the only way that it could take place. and i just want to say that you an investigation does not mean international criminal court. it doesn't mean establishment special tribunal is the deployment of independence in the un investigators, which is quite usually happens and i've been investigating myself. so those are new prime minister designate right now the g mccarty and, and he filled in quite
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a lot of heat from families and survivors. serious speaking area. and i thought we wanted the people to feel that after a year of having no government and no states that a government has been formed and that there is now a state today, we can't blame the families of the victims. and those who are affected by the explosion, because for the past year there has been no state. our role was for us to stand beside them on august 4th, so much going on in lebanon. we've seen a, you and i in the stream is spoken before about an economic, i says, a covey prices. groceries can afford the groceries. the army, i believe, is now eating via donations because we don't have enough food. the level
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of crises in lebanon is so deep. how an off is an investigation going to take place that will bring people to a power when justice to families? santa is is, is that i don't want to ask, is that possible? but is that what people in lebanon are really asking? well, this is what people are asking. of course, they want to know the truth, but i remember the morning after that last what i said that, you know, lebanon lost so much when already there were so little the economy had began to collapse, unemployment businesses were closing, and then you have the current, a virus pandemic, and everybody thought lebanon reached rock bottom after that blast. and then now it's just total freefall. the currency has crashed, the food insecurity. children are still traumatized to day unicef were released their findings and they said a lot of children are still traumatized from this blast. the,
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there's no state there has never been a state level on, there has been political parties, former warlords during the civil war, who are now running the country who are responsible for running the economy into the ground. the international community, this time around is not going to bail them out there, telling them you need to reform. you need to carry out structural reforms in order to for us to, to give you international assistance. but they don't want to do that because they're clinging onto power and you have the political class banding together, closing ranks in the face of judge guitar, who the family seemed to trust. but he's up against a political and security establishment. and it's highly unlikely he's going to win this battle, the battles for justice, because it seems the battle against accountability is winning for the time being. i'm going to bring in a voicemail. this is such, such is aware of the one the anniversary because he was involved in the bay block. he's a survivor. this is what he told us earlier. i really love to talk to you about your
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son one year later after we hear from such i was severely head. i had many operations in my arm in my foot. i had my and villian says, and i have a permanent damage in my i looked at them for the 1st anniversary of the blast. we need to stop romanticize and good. this is what it is. the coffins are still open, the one that are still healing, and people have not fixed their homes yet due to the crisis, jude, they think that they can't afford this many reasons. so we can not done and do many more years on open coffins. we need to bury our that 1st and then go and do memorial i and just thinking about you will need now on this or for anniversary that you're having to mock. what is it like
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since last all this on the 4th of last of last year, every day is 4th of august joyce, the family of the it's every day, the 4th of august life, i stop there and that day and at 6 or 7 pm. we do not want any memorials. we just want for now justice to be served store. we actually have justice. we don't want anything else. i lost my son. he was, he was full of dreams and full of life. he had big dreams. he wanted, he wanted to talk to do many things in life. he wanted to be an architect to
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be a router. and pretty big team. they just took him away. the why i mean for what and for, and why. just because someone in a story cheated and do their job intentionally or unintentionally because they decided to store bombs, besides residential area for 6 years, 6 years official script taking this boss. and no one did anything to take this bumps, which so i'm just looking through. i think found redford, thank. thank you. it's how offered to be on the international tv to talk about this pain. i really appreciate you doing that. i'm looking at a picture of your,
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your son here. he's such a handsome young man. and whenever you see that smile, you can't help it small, right back at him. it's like an electric smile here. something on youtube struck me . and so let's go to the youtube comments here because it feels really appropriate to share this thought with you. as a few, as a watching you share your stories, antonia, and then. and also moray to 10 says just this is no, everything justice doesn't heal, wounds, justice doesn't build back a house, pay of damages take responsibility. it doesn't pay injured people, medical bills, i will pass that broken have. but i'm going to add, but it will give you some sense of peace. let me show you something here. this is a good time to watch that he will say coming up and out 0 english as the next 2 or 3 days. the full report by root search for answers. you'll find that at our era dot
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com get audience on you chief, thanks so much for joining us. take everybody see you next time. ah ah, ah, ah ah, in the wake of the criminal or race, right. how much can someone take before they crap? the fight for recognition is crucial. we needed corner heads to prevail rather than heads of fable friends. it was said, the religion and the things that was a community wants to be disrespect to al jazeera, explores the history and struggles of the lebanese community in australia. once
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upon a time in punch bowl on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when you call home will be used in current affairs. that matter to you, the hype of english football lies and elicit market for the rich and powerful, what are the leading specialist? undercover just years investigative unit exposes the inner workings and key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he tells some people going, in addition, has been said that you can make an elephant disappeared. i have many of the exciting brazen example i've seen the men who sell football just, you know, when the news breaks down the bond has taken a handful of border crossings. and that's kind of sounds north with, with exclusive entities. and in depth report, mice and ball way is full of hope. out there i had on the ground,
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there's no infrastructure to deal with the human way and toxic chemicals to bring you more reward, winning documentaries. and live on air. and don't mind me . i don't know taylor in under the top stories on here as fighting intensifies enough canister on the been too large explosions in the capital capital the 1st half near the defense ministers house and the busy market square around the 45 green zone. witnesses of also reported here and gunfire was be no word on any casualties, but the defense minister tweeted, do not worry. everything is fine. charlotte bennett has more from couples. we under .


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