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that is all evidence that indigenous people are among the most marginalized in canada. in basra, v o dizzier museum in hong kong, dedicated to the 1989 gentlemen square massacre as close days before the anniversary on friday. that's after authorities opened an investigation into the venues licensed, organized to say they want to protect their staff, memorials of event abandon, hong kong i thought of asian growing crackdown when the territories pro democracy movement. ah, i taught krycek headlines here on the al jazeera israeli opposition leader. yeah, le pete has informed the president. he has the support to form a new government ending. benjamin netanyahu is 12 years in power. right. wing lead and f tale been it would be prime minister 1st followed by the peed 2 years later. well, there's really coalition brings together 8 parties and has won the support of the palestinian israeli party, the united arab list. the deal still needs
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a parliamentary vote. the for government is sworn in the mean as mona, from western islam. if you look at the makeup of this coalition, is 8 parties going from left to far, right? who have nothing in common or very little in common except one main goal, which is to out benjamin nathan. yeah. now, now looking ahead, there's still a whole process that has to happen at this because the parliament has to call for a vote of confidence by the method that should happen in the next 7 to 10 days. but in between a lot can happen. ask anyone here in israel, a week of politics in israel is a lifetime and things could change again and again. senior un and red cross officials are visited garza 2 weeks after a ceasefire and the conflict between israel and hamas. they describe the extent of
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the humanitarian crisis. a staggering 11 days of israeli bombardment caused extensive damage to home school hospitals and critical infrastructure. a huge fire has broken out and a refinery in southern terror on the blaze sent a thick tomb of smoke parts of iran capital. a large container ship that had caught fire off the coast of sher lanka, sinking thought of its become stuck on the sea bed. several 100 tons of oil have been released leading to the country's worst ever, maritime environmental disaster on one of nicaragua, the most popular opposition leaders who had rated by the police with a government accused of trying to eliminate competition for november. the election a judge has issued a warrant for christina, tomorrow's arrest. so those with a headline news continues here now to 0 after the full report, living in mexico to kill them. stay with central. talk to al jazeera, we can,
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the army were attacking ringer, and now they're attacking everyone in me on my do you regret? well, it's like we listen. absolutely. nigeria with a woman present, it would be great. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. on our sierra the we're heading down the road towards an empty center of mexico's violence. right now . this is the only route into the small town of the state. mitchell. it's trapped between 2 cartels and cut off from the rest of the state. we've been told that this hillside track is a back way that even that's under control. we've just seen in quick succession checkpoint that we had to pass through with guys by the side of the road
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truck. and then the initials can new generation called actually scrolled on the road itself. no real territory where we don't specialise, go cartel commander to permission to travel this way. otherwise we'd never risk to the on the way we pos soldiers for the car. so they say that the special forces, this isn't a desperate rebel. it's a private army and it's advancing. eventually we arrive at the local center of opperation and asked for an interview. they agreed to to what they say is a crime, this the master and 10 min way. you gave this interview because you wanted to make a point. what is that point
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in the number but the reality is that the fool letters is that cool. hit a brutal roofless. they kill police and disappeared civilians across the country. and now they're invading. mitchell, can we hear was what that means for an already traumatized population and who is going to stop them. we're heading into a woods and the the southwest state mitchell can is where makes her struggle began. thank. next president, philippe calderon sent the army to stop the cartels almost 15 years ago. but it didn't work. the conflict only group is rival criminal group to vigilant is
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fought for the state extorting and terrorizing the population. but now these former enemies have come together under the banner of united cartels to fight another will powerful force invading from the state. next to the holly scope, new generation cartel its leader. no monsieur, together, alias elementary is from the ugly municipality himself. he wants his home town and state badly on and off and on the conduct denay stripped, his men are on a publicity drive to justify their invasion because you can do this again, this is a lot more than a decade. mitchell can now different groups have said the same thing, left emilia,
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the nice tensor organization. no, we're not going to get involved with the population. we're just doing a thing with just traffic in drugs. and in the end, all of them have done extortion. the things that they said they wouldn't do. why should people believe that you and your cartel a different? we're going to get when the interview was over, i left feeling he hadn't revealed the cartels true motives. me. michel can got a lot to offer besides drugs. a lucrative mining business, the world's leading of a car. the industry must be drawing them here to the states, a real price. we were on the final stretch for ag aliya, the town at the center of this conflict. surrounded by natural riches coveted by the cartels. unless
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it might soon be won. locals told us that thousands of people have already left slipping past the siege and away in the buildings we saw the scars of the battle between united cartels still here and the advancing lisco new generation forces. see holmes in this building, this happens just a week or 2 ago. that's where people here come in to set up a service called the time of the visit, police going to take an order of the land around the town. meanwhile, united cartels placed a blockade up the only official road in medicine cooking gust basic food stuffs, world scares. even petro had to be smuggled in. this is how you fill out in
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businesses a di napoli, it's like, it is just about surviving. it's where we met teacher and who became famous locally when he confronted the state governor savano already all this he always was on his 1st visit tiger li in years by a helicopter. just as election season kicked off. you'll need to come in and set you up with the but then the governor did this, the yeah, the metal, i mean, you're going to meet medical another sign of governmental indifference towards this town and impacting the region. it embrace towns,
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people like gabriella tub house and her sister daniella already dealing with their own personal tragedy. the grandfather had a burst stomach also on the 1st day of the blockade. they couldn't get him through to the hospital. on the other side. he died when this happened that you guys still was running through your mind with more time for him, but then nobody moved it out of august. well, model it out of all those got it must be caught after what she's been like, living like this last shale fail, but a k own. we thank you long, we'll leave that no point and we'll get
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that up in full size. we will get moment that are not on the night. we found out what she meant. we can probably hear the sound of gunfire just outside of privilege church night is only just fooling and they started shooting in a town m region trap between cartels who would come to save them. perhaps the state security chief is royal patrone. the next to show up to the governor's face visit with the battery of police trucks. we had a couple of questions for him. that will go for the next, the next phase. and it also duper criminal court in the mid to not route for my son in money. but if someone could come in to
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find out who it was as possible, so it didn't go for that. and i was on the way stuff is so profound other than you don't know, most of them group with them and never seen the bustle of nothing put the number when it was bizarre, that he claim not to know about the blockades that he come to list but the people he say they used to the government turning a blind, di although, as an army barracks in uglier towns, people say they rarely patrolled. and before the security chiefs visit, we'd see no police in the town. still, he promised that the main road would now be cleared. it seemed to take it out. we set off relieved not to have to take the mountain track. but it was a re open, empty line with fields below road signs. an empty villages.
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here perhaps is a vision of glee as future. these ghost towns where all fled they become common across meet you. we can see if she should see the grounds. the car tells me that you can feel the initial at least go new generation the ah ah ah, pretty the completely deserted village.
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no one asked me to set a gun shop. so we're getting what we've seen in the village stayed with us. we knew there was thousands of people who fled the violence, not just here, but across the state. where had they gone? what were they doing now? we said oh, for a nearby community. so conus to meet one of mich. we can his place on
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a hot, languid afternoon. we waited for camden audio salon. your last one is there in the other, when it comes to mario fled his religious coaches a couple of months before. now he's staying with whoever will take him in 71 years old. and suddenly homeless young man give will say, will say stadium only every week he goes back to check on his land. this time we went to school to buy a self defense group from tiptoe. cut to pick a nearby town. it was the only safe way to travel there
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in the village, come to nadia showed us where he lived since he was full. and before the violence laid his dad to rest, giving him that i gave the thing in the old instead to make a bundle. now let me go. oh my, you wanted me to leave arisen if you can him all hello. yeah. its animals give me
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the animals to get them from the houses, the church, the village school coolant thing. come demario doesn't think you'll see them full again and then get us to tell me counsel you're looking at this phone phone with some terms. haven't died out. instead, like back in 2013 self defense forces began springing up across the state level, rank tech groups of pounds,
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people taking up arms against the car. so this was typical to pick one of the original groups back then and this is them. no, he is late. this is a professionalized course on the front lines against the police are new generation caught so this look out bunker has rooms a forum thick. it's a military installation that won't go to your home. well, you know, that's a, you know, that you are watching you from the person . not even the soldiers a full time now like command the leg. he's only 21 of many young towns people here . how do you feel about your job? personally, this must get lonely. maybe a little bit boring, being up, hit me if
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i can think of wherever and then one. well, many of the self defense groups have disappeared. white, helped by the gangs are absorbed into state forces. hippo cut the pix remains into a strong support from the townspeople of to suffering terror and extortion before. now they live in relative peace. but there are questions about this force, many of mich weekends, other remaining self defense groups. a lot of people have accused of getting into the same business as the criminal's drug trafficking. most flour, denying the commander. she had a surprisingly frank, i think it was you
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don't know what i meant, but he, i don't know. so what's the difference between them and the call tells me that all about the new anything and i don't know. i know that's a very fine line between legitimate protectors and a criminal group. even the guns really go. you're not letting me pick up from when i when i come in with them, i get a lot of men with a lot of guns varying towards the legality. the risks seem of
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the, during our visit, they pulled this young man with bus suspicious was going to let them know when they find further evidence they detain. you say, well, you gotta do solisco. know what's up, says roger. they told us he be sent to a rehab center before the end of the souvenir and testament to their authority. the to me it also looks uncomfortably like the photo is posted by the call tells me so this
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nothing is black and white here. and typical to pick is just one of the multitude of om groups operating in the states. hinterlands with varying degrees of legitimacy. it begs the question, where are the authorities in all of this? while they in control? when we saw police in the borderlands with police go state, they seem nervous as if trespassing an enemy territory. the national guard militarized force created to stop the violence hasn't made much of a den successive governments have failed to turn things around. but if there's a moment to change this, is it elections a here? not just any old elections, but the biggest mexican history emitter kind. everything's up for grabs from state
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government down. this is julio. put the you, he's running for mayor and with tumbled promising to stop the violence. let me see on a job because look like, you know, that's the only one think i was a little more just not in and you must be in throughout i so i will get a few minutes. and then again, the blue light study, a city of the for the, you know, one of the campaign people seem inside in the variable field. could this be with tunnels and part of mich weekends? new stuff. oh yeah. but in the state ways hidden under the current deals campaign was just lifting off.
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this suddenly emerged he was wanted by the us drug enforcement agency, the d. e. a for a ledger links to organized crime. i love the this is one of michel kinds, biggest problems. journalist analysts and even criminals told us that many politicians and so are in bed with the not when pl. 2, you stop for breakfast series, campaign headquarters. a put that to him. there is always a reason why you can't in the list of wanted the why are you about why he was on the book and noticed that people as you can me uni. oh got they want to come in because they, when they went to our interview, he admitted to nothing personally did say there's endemic corruption here. i just
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was just calling because it was either specific. i meant the image organ gas like yellow. and if you go to the mac, delta look was going to be a part of the boat. i'm silent, the, there's money up in there are obvious benefits for politicians going into business with the north coast money power. but it's not that cut and dried, the member valencia knows that better than most in 2013. he was accused of colluding with a cartel when he was married to perkins. so he says he michel can hinterland, politicians often have no choice. i don't know if it'll expire, but it will get it ready for you . but i'll tell you that that
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meant tell him. but now he's running from mitch weekends, capital morelia saying he'll clear up the criminals there. but after we met him, this happened he wasn't in his truck at the time. but in mitchell and the other parts of mexico were gangs dominate. politicians who don't get on the side can have a short life expectancy in the ruthless not columbia. wrote b juliana to helpless or corrupt politicians and daily tragedies, its oblique panorama. for many people, it made living here impossible. they formed the wave of mitchell migration heading
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all the way to the us border, looking for asylum in the final stop. in our journey, we went to the border to, to speak to them. but even 2000 kilometers from the gangs they fled, most were too scared to talk about kate only leticia and a 100 and her family agreed on the condition that we didn't reveal the city they'd run to the whole family, including her disabled that one year old granddaughter had been sleeping rough in this donated tent for 5 nights before a visit. they fled when a gang came from the tissues. 17 year old daughter. i don't i don't need an implement of all the way up with the family. resisted then came
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a last call from one of their neighbors. it was blunt. on my case, you know, the main thing to come in for me, please let me know. if you could put it, we don't know how many people have made this journey from which we come to the us border in the 15 years since the drug will began leaving everything behind with peace and security, not even on the horizon in their state. they certainly won't be the last
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thousands of our programs award winning documentaries and get the new support the subscribe to. you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. mm. israel's opposition parties reach a deal to form the next correlation government signaling the end of the man that's now his term as prime minister. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan, this is out there at lie from also coming up, shall i kept braces for an ecological disaster. a fire stricken cargo ship carrying chemicals thinks of its coast the.


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