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ah, is who's ah, west african needed some molly's interim president for crisis tours on the curve with an a cru. ah, kyle that says algebra live from dough. so coming up the
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10s of thousands take to the streets of brazil cooling for that president to resign . his response to career of ira evacuations in democratic republic of congo, they've been involved with attractive further volcanic eruptions and that their homes be looted and the drive to clean up one of the walls most polluted. 15 of electric vehicles ah, west african leader, the scrambling to respond to the political crisis. and molly, off the colonel behind a military coup last week was named the new interim president. see me going to take favor from boston door who was arrested and then released on thursday, only after he agreed to resign. going to has pledged to hold elections next year and will attend the meeting at the regional blocking. it is echo us on sunday. nicholas hawk reports from bama co. in the back streets of downtown by miko,
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a booming and eliza trade in gold. young men risk their health using poisonous chemicals to purify. $16000.00 worth of gold. the job earned them around $2.00 a day. the gold bar will be sold on the international market, explains this trader who wants to remain anonymous. he says his gold could be more valuable than money now that colonel, se me go to, has seized power from the civilian government, the west african regional body. eco moss. is discussing possible sanctions against small, including the freezing of financial transactions and stopping the joint as ability to withdraw cash from the regional central bank. this could also affect molly's legal gold exports, which accounts for more than 70 percent of the countries revenue. if you me go to a special advisor says this would destabilize an already fragile state possible. so they could, we are landlocked country sanctions. you would have a devastating impact we would start lacking in basic necessities. and if we would
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have problems in cash flow and, and be unable to pay our army, to appease widespread combination of the military gentle dismissal of the civilian president and prime minister, the new head of state curled gota has asked for the opposition and 5 civil society movement to choose and you prime minister shall go maga is their candidate lead calendar. we need to create a patriotic union to save molly a union to rebuild the country for the money and people. despite the term all and threats from arm groups, multinational gold mining companies have expanded operation. and molly, over the last decade, molly is africa's 4th largest exporter of gold. so there is so much on the potential because of the crisis from gold to oil, to manganese, all of it is in the north the lack of a stable state has allowed rampant corruption while it has left many politicians
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and businessmen rich, most melons have grown up in poverty, seeing the countries natural wealth and their se over it slipped away. nicholas hawk al jazeera by miko in tens of thousands of people have rallied across brazil to condemn the government's handling of the current of virus pandemic, and demanding the impeachment of the president who facing the senate investigation . while to defiance javelle snarl is already making preparations for next year's election. when you're going to kill reports from red, just narrow the king to the center of rio de janeiro by foot and even on piggyback to protest against president jane wilson natalie. and his response to the cool, good 19 pandemic protesters blamed the president for downplaying the virus with 1000 still dying every day in for taking too long to start the knock elisha
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campaign. there were posters comparing both for mattel to adult hitler and accusing him of genocide guiding them when yard says your position has been avoiding the street in a country with the world's 2nd largest cobra. 1900 death toll can do so no longer. i think just fabulous. we should all be at home keeping our self say that we've reached the point where we can no longer remain silent. we have to show the world that we are against both scenarios, denial wisdom. if we continue to keep quiet, he's holding rowdies all over brazil. seem like brazilian for complicit with his attitude. and we don't. the last we both are not a little motor bike rally in rio de janeiro, gathering proud and warnings a man. he's on the campaign trail and planning more of the same. his opponents say they felt compelled to respond that the organizers is saturdays nation wide
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protests insisted people where their math while making their demands. although it wasn't just about the pandemic, one man came out against both scenario and in favor of a free palestine or anything like that. okay, sure. better public health. she was seen there also asking mining too often, and this is what they want in trends that i've had to launch . there were protests also in the capital, brazilians, and in hundreds of other brazilian city impeachment. they're demanding them likely for now. but the opposition is trying for united front again, mattel, to be ready for next year's presidential election. monica, you know, give all just 0 re diginero schools and universities and 16 provinces enough. got
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us dawn of close for 2 weeks and attempt to cut the spread of coven 19 there. the health ministry reports nearly a 1000 new cases and 18 deaths on friday. it's the biggest and a single day since the outbreak began with testing severely limited. that's concerned, the true figure is much higher. new term is a causing panic in eastern democratic republic of congo. days after africa's most active volcano erupted killing dozens of people. at least 400000 people of abandoned their homes, fearing a 2nd robson. welcome web reports from goma. people who lost everything salvage what they can from the pile of smouldering hot rocks. a few days ago, this was a river of lava. it came, gushing out his mountain. you are gone, guys. africa's most active volcano into the city of goma, in the democratic republic of congo. no,
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this is the largest samuel kimberly's neighbourhood is gone. his house caught fire before it was engulfed. all that is left the charred remains of a tree. he once planted to mark his land level cargo. my see the volcanoes lighting up the panic almost everywhere. so i took my family, put them on my motorbike and sent them into town. i stayed behind to keep an eye on the situation. stacy, people, we spoke to who evacuated early, say their houses were looted. that's why some stayed to protect homes and livelihoods until the last minute. not everyone got away in time. no hendo bon yanni, nicholas has been missing since the eruption. he used to tre groceries on the street from a stall, just like this one is a young man in his early twenties, his family put up, the post is around the neighborhood, lifted home just down here and their fear is that he was engulfed by the river of
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lava when it came crashing through the city. and now it's turned into a pile of sharp heavy rocks. it seems the chances of finding him now, a slim says the initial abrupt and new earth tremors started. and they just haven't stopped added. banner hendo and his team of vulcan ologist have been monitoring them. he barely slept for the last week. tremors came before the pastor options. they're trying to work out why this time. they started after villa me when i call my son too late at night we started feeling the strong ones on the day of the ropes and there was no sign of trim as nobody filters. it was that night and the following day when people started feeling those earthquakes, nobody knows if that means another option is coming. so parts of the city have been declared a red zone. more than 400000 people have fled to other towns. many of them are sleeping rough, that's the last couple we left as the authorities told us to. when we arrived,
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the 1st problem was no food and no water. so we decided to come back. then we found that everything had been stolen from our house. so we agreed to stay in this reds and whatever will happen. we prefer to die here instead of going somewhere else. the province has been under the control of a military governor for the past 3 weeks because of ongoing conflict with armed groups in the countryside. the army has said, help is on its way to the displace people swathes of the countryside. and parts of the city have been devastated. nobody knows if it's over yet or not. malcolm web al jazeera goma in the democratic republic of congo of africans in the us senate have blocked an inquiry and the january 6 attack on capitol hill by a mob of donald trump. supportive democrats and some moderate republicans. wanted to have an independent commission to look into the right, 54 sentences voted in favor that was short of the 60 needed to advance the
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legislation. my cannon has more from washington d. c. the senate speaker chuck schumer, making very clear after that vote that he reserve the right to bring it back to the senate. now, one must remember that it was passed very handsomely in the house, but now not getting passage in the senate, although would achieve the majority vote. it did not get that 60 boat level that was needed for it to become part of legislation. but democrats like human are not going to give up. he, along with a few republicans, is still intent on getting some form of legislation pass some kind of investigation into the event on january the 6th. but underlying all of this is that those republicans who voted against it in the senate, making very clear, including the minority leader as that this is in support. a former president, trump republicans looking towards the 2020 to midterm elections. clearly want to
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keep the former president on their side. a vote for this commission would incur dual potent roth. if that cannot be bipartisan agreement on something like an investigation into attack on that very institution. then any hopes that the bite and administration has a passing future legislation could die in the senate. remembering that senate is balance very finely with only the vice president having a costing vote. and there is little chance of republican suppose of getting that 60 vote margin, which is established by a fairly buster. now a number of elements have come out of this, most notably intense discussion about whether or not to keep that filibuster thousands of military troops and patrolling the streets across columbia. following fridays violent protests that killed at least 13 protests against tax reform plans began a month ago. those reforms have now been dropped. bond demonstrations of expanded
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to include all the social problems, government officials and protest to resume talk later on sunday. still ahead here on al jazeera, china is overshadowing top level talk between a trailer and new zealand on poll recently, a study drug in full time where you have denied park rodeo on manchester city. a 1st jump usually trophy of the london high car. the title for the 2nd time. ah however, he continues to build a cross match of the middle east, lottie, clear skies, lots of hazy sunshine, a little bit of cloud, just around the black sea, northern paths of to he could see some showers or longer spells of frame,
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but elsewhere for the most part, as i said, it is settled, dry and sunny. we'll see temperatures getting up into the mid fourties for back that 48 celsius and q weight. we're not here in doha as well. the hive around $45.00 celsius as us had plenty of sunshine coming through that sunshine, stretching across northern parts of somalia, just around the horn of africa. not too many showers showing up across that eastern side of africa just around the riff valley. you might catch a shout or 2, but they're not just once, but they should be at this time of the year. have you shout, we'll continue just to rank a bon southern part of nigeria cameron. we'll see some wet weather and it's also somewhat whether to just around the southern cape south africa over the next day or so. i will slide is where a little further east was east and cape seeing some of that wet weather as we go one through were sunday. by monday it should be a little dry, hip further north, on shore showers, coming in across northern parts of mozambique. grosse, one or 2 showers started to pushing to the eastern side of town,
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sylvia. the black and brown immigrant women at the mercy of the private prison corporation for blinds investigate allegations of medical abuse of women held it a privately run, immigration detention facility in rural georgia. you still don't know what happened here saying that you don't have a chance to read everything. an ordeal exposed by a nurse turned whistled our below the whistle a 1000 times over. if i had no consent, surgery scandal, an immigrant detention on al jazeera. oh, the me
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again, what challenges era his reminder of our top story this our west african lead to the grounding, to respond to a political crisis in molly, off the kind of behind a motor qu, last week with names, the new interim president, i think going to says he will attend to emergency talks with west african leaders on sunday. tens of thousands of people have run across brazil to condemn the president's handling of the corona virus pandemic demonstrations called for the impeachment of javel sonora, who's been criticized for a peacefully down playing rick of cove at 19 a new tremor in eastern democratic republic of congo. appealing fans of a 2nd volcanic eruption. tens of thousands of people have left the city of goma. thousands were killed when africa's most active volcano. there were gone, go around to last week. that's right. and why? and it says got morrison is sent to touch down in new zealand. the coming hours has
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1st overseas trip. so the panoramic began. he's meeting his trans tasman counterpart just and then the last time they met was in february, last year. in a long time allies are expected to discuss significant points of difference. they include their approach to relations with china. as one of the strain is deportation . policy with proportionately affects new zealanders. dennis shanahan is nationalized to be a strain in newspaper. he suggest camera would ease the immigration policy. targeting the zealand is if just in the town was more supportive of australia. strayer has taken a strongest stand against china's aggression in the area and has also suffered much more of the pressure from china. we've had bands on, on bali and wine sea food and coal, of course. and we have been taken to the w t o on the issue of the folly exports. now,
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new zealand has being much less affected and much more likely to call on the side of publicly to take a soft line towards china. the view in australia is that we can't afford to do that, and i don't want a gap to appear between a strayer and zealand because of chinese pressure. the trend has been migration is one area where new zealand could actually get something out of this. in turn turned around and said that they would support stria the reason room for strive to provide for more transit between the strider and new zealand for workers and to provide more assistance for new zealanders in the social security system in australia. there's also the issue of the date, port, taishan of convicted criminals, the prison sentences, new zealand citizens, and we're sending them back to new zealand. these are all areas where there's room
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to give on the domestic front in return for some move on the international front. indonesia has released an iranian flag tanker it sees in january on suspicion of illegally transferring oil. m t whole send its crew and now being escorted out of indonesia waters. a panamanian tanka seized at the same time was also released on friday. the captains of both vessels was sentenced 3 year in prison for causing environmental damage, but were released on probation. if we move in a week since the seas fall between israel and math ended 11 days of conflict, people in garza are facing severe schusters of electricity and water remains cut off and parts of the besieged enclave. more than 820000 palestinians have been displaced by the israeli bombardment. and the policy in health ministry has started transferring the injured to the occupied west bank for medical treatment and drown
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. we came here to serve our people and we came here to say no to the aggression. we came here to stand with our people in the dock time who wanted to be here on the 2nd or 3rd day of the question, but we didn't have a permit. the special medical teams will pay the will. we have a variety of surgeons, neurologists and surgeons. i'm here to salute all our people in the gaza strip for the steadfast, and they're going resilience. a special respect to the medical team here who performed the duty like no other work day and night in order to serve the needs of our people. the u. s. has joined the you and imposing sanctions on battery, soft, immense, diverted a passenger plane and for to to land in order to arrest the generalist. the supporters of the detained journalist room and person savage have rallied and more sore to demand his release. he works for the opposition website next to faith in the polish capital. he's now been in custody and better reese for a week like exiled belarus and opposition leaders,
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non antique and sky us as she fares for the journalist life. and hope you sanctions will be more severe against present lucas shanker. she spoke to algebra steadfast in amsterdam. my 1st thought was that they are going to torture him to death because he is considered to be dr. attendance. and because of his work for next of his food journalism, are you surprised when you heard that he did such a thing? look shank taking hijacking, basically displaying. were you surprised? i was surprised and shocked because i couldn't imagine that this regime will make international scandal just the next one journalist we see how far he can go just just to looking for revenge. of course, it influences people with people and people are
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a little bit more sensitive. now, more care here to understand that they can be put in the boots of any cough. are you scared yourself right now? i can see this. yes. yes. but if you this to me, so what can you do? nothing. you can start a new way. you have to fight to sky. i met with dutch prime minister markovich and foreign minister if you've got to push restrict the sanctions for you. leaders describe the force landing of a ryan plane to arrest a journalist on board. as a hijacking, the incident led them to impose the flight ban on bella ruth and to consider economic sanctions. it's a pity to admit that this time dissertation concerns not only sense but citizen. so here i am conscious as well,
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but it's kind of cynical, right? that after so many months of suffering, and bella was that when a european played, it's been forced to, to land. the commonly europe wakes up. some people can think of this, it's not because of this edition. but only before you are a citizen. functions are going to be fast and wide and but how do you use it to admit these, the holes that feel off of the course of suffering? so what would be the most important sanction that's your catch to impose on bella was, what exactly are you asking for sure. it will be targeted very smart assumptions on state and owned innovations that focus on the local monies. we'll make him to
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release political prisoners to fast di. look mindy to you could influence the situation. but if she doesn't have money, he tends to go to russia to present, put into ask for money, isn't at the risk. we understand that it became a problem for kremlin as well, and they would like to solve this problem, but they don't know how at least 4 people have died in a boss explosion in afghanistan, 13 people so injured in the blast, the vehicle was carrying teachers from alberta university in the background district of paul $11.00 of the world's most polluted cities is on the drive to current vehicle emissions. and the capital new delhi has to campaign to promote electric cars and rec, shows. the environmentalists say without the necessary infrastructure. the project could hit a dead end with a prod, reports,
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there are millions of vehicles on delia roads every day, but in recent years, a quiet transformation has been taking place. there are now, for instance, far more electric victuals, offering carbon emission free journeys. a change from those that use compressed natural gas and drivers of finding they are cheaper to run and more pleasant to ride in each other by their me will eat excess, are good for the people, since they are good for the number to many, even if they were contributing to pollution, the goldman would shut them down and when people are sitting inside there is no nice either which is not then india. but environmentalists say it's not that simple . most evictions in india use lead acid batteries. and there's a problem with a recycling. it is one of the more stock may be known to mankind have fetus. in fact, the really recycle days. a lot of acid, which has a little bit of lead,
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you know, kind of floating around it that's kind of dumped in the air in the, you know, drains as well as on the soil. while, you know, kind of melting those lead. there is lot of repo which goes outages lead so that it is air water source, toxic waste expert. so the government must enforce a proper recycling system for batteries, especially as it encourages people to buy electric. deleon's government is offering subsidies of $400.00. the people who buy event shores and to 1000 to those to buy electric cars. but a national survey buy one of the largest websites for buying and selling vehicles showed 50 percent of people who wanted to buy an electric car, cited a lack of charging station for choosing not to be around 100 public charging points in delhi. and many more private stations. electric taxi company, blue smart has 200 of its own charging points to cater to the demand for e,
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taxis. and one of the most polluted cities in the world solution is of a really big thing. and, you know, in the average citizens mind in, you know, the legal gall nada, the, the national capital region. right. all. so i think people understand the importance the understand that they're making a change. and that's been a really, really powerful tailwind for electric mobility. and the government is planning to set up more charging stations to encourage people to make the switch. but there are more e rickshaws on india's roads than electric cars. and experts say that's where the government's focus must now be to ensure the environmental gains made by one sector would be undermined by another. elizabeth parent and al jazeera new daddy kelsey have been managed to city one mill and an all english champions. the final in portugal, 14000 funds works again inside the stadium,
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but many more travelled without much tickets. after current advice, restrictions were relaxed for race reports from quarter. after year of silence, friends were in full voice again as the hours ticked down to the champions league final. chelsea and manchester city supporters had been allowed to travel to portugal. armed with a negative coven test, and with promises of relax room. but this wasn't welcomed by everyone. i think it's ok that people want to calibrate, but it did too much disrespecting. oh, here i'm here because i see the 8th grade the and i i came here to see with my eyes some funds spade away from the crowds. these chelsea support is running 9 years old when the team last one, the trophy race had the best. one for chelsea went in his under dogs despite beating city
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twice in the f, a cup and premier league. the manchester fight seemingly destined for their 1st champions league title after a stella season. but their manager, pet gaudio le, surprisingly chose a line up without any defensive midfield as well. and chelsea cut through the city ranks to take the lead just before half time at the office line. 21 year old german car habits applying the cool finish, tennessee in front. cities appeals for a penalty with turn down. there will be, and chelsea held on that coach thomas to call taking them to the top of europe in football. only 4 months after he took the job, the way the champions league. no money. no, but to, to, to surely, julie going through the year. the brought up finally like manchester, the jump years later, i think. but the final whistle,
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it's the chelsea phone ringing out the door. so i go along to the title for the 2nd side story. nobody wants to rest. i don't want tourist. i want the next one, i want the next success and i want the next title. of course we are. we are sad to congratulate chelsea and we have to learn from these. we will learn from the future . but the session this, the season was exception. 50 funds might disagree, the jumps to be back inside the stadium, also the chance to experience the pain, as well as the pleasure of supporting their football team will re al jazeera porter . i it says out there are. these are our top stories west african needed a scrambling to respond to the political crisis. in molly, on the colonel behind a military coup last week was named the new interim president. i see me going to says he'll attend emergency talks with west african leaders on sunday. nicholas
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hark has more from molly's capsule, obamacare. he will absolutely attend this meeting.


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