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the who's ah i b u. s. secretary, a state needs israeli, and palestinian latest modified these byron gaza. ah say that this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up the army behind last year, q and malia has the rest of the country's president and prime minister france calls it a qu, within a qu iran guardian council. this qualifies high profile candidates for next
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month presidential election. you agrees on more sanctions against piano. ruth, the whole landing of a passenger jack ah, in the us is reopening its consulates in occupied east jerusalem for palestinians. the previous trump administration had closed in 2019, in an attempt to downgrade ties. us secretary of state antony blink and made the announcement off the meeting. palestinian authority president. my mood bus here also pledged $32000000.00 for the un agencies supporting palestinian refugees more than $5000000.00. as immediate a for garza, the united states will be moving forward with the process to reopen or conflict,
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interest them. that's an important way for, for our country to engage with and provide support to the palestinian people. we're also working in partnership with the united nations. the international community capacity authority and past and the people, the government of israel to assist in the relief and recovery efforts in gulf next go to america. i want you think the american administration for the support given to the state of palestine, the support has been given to us and we appreciate it very much. we heard that the future will be full of diplomatic activities in order to reach a comprehensive solution. and to put an end to recent events, while i'm here in the day, he met his roles, can't take a prime minister benjamin netanyahu and reaffirmed us support and why they didn't mention the 2 state solution for palestinians. he did say the 2 sides deserved to live safely and with dignity. blinking visit is seen as america,
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the latest diplomatic efforts to strengthen the fragile seas, 5 between its ally and thomas in gaza. after an 11 day conflict. and assistant and investment like these will help foster a more stable environment that benefits pal stains and also benefits israelis promise. i had a chance to discuss other steps that need to be taken by, by leaders on, on both sides to set a better course for their shared future present. biden said, we believe that palestinians and israelis equally deserved to live safely and securely, to enjoy equal measures of freedom, opportunity, and democracy to be treated with dignity. and in that press conference, nathan. yeah, her warned israel will have a powerful response. if hamas breaks the sees fire, we discussed also how to improve the lives in the conditions of the
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palestinians. the managerial conditions in gather including the question of the return of r m. a's and to civilians were there, as for peace itself with the palestinians, a formal peace. i think president biden was absolutely correct when he said, you're not going to get peace until israel is recognized as an independent jewess state. and that is the key. i couldn't agree more. the planning to james phase is following anthony blinkin strip. he joins us now from ramallah. so we've got this announcement of a u. s. consulate, reopening aide for garza. what is it all boiled down to jane's? what sort of us policy emerging under the biden administration towards this middle east problem? well, saw me in some ways, even though this was a short trip to ramallah and sexy, blinking is already left on his way back to jerusalem. in fact,
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he's going to be addressing the small group of reporters that travel with him. and we bring you those comments live soon. the palestinians, i think, will be pleased on one level. for example, the consulate general close by president trump and merged into the u. s. embassy, which also was moved from television to jerusalem. now a constant general is being set up again as specific us representation for palestinians, goods, but mainly symbolic. there's a package of measures, as you mentioned, a total of $260000000.00. that much of this is already been announced. money to go to the un and to the policy and authorities. that's good news for the palestinians, but in the scheme of things in global terms, that's not a huge amount of money. there's also a pledge in the future to provide funding and help with reconstruction in gaza, but no figure is being put on that. no mechanism of how the aid would get in. and because the u. s. say that anything they give must not benefit hamas. so those are all the positives and clearly a more cordial tone and the u. s. and the policy,
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the 30th speaking again. but on the downside for the palestinians. what did secretary blinking not say? well, he didn't say that they were going to be pushing towards a 2 state solution. he didn't say that they would be restarting peace negotiations . pretty clear to me what the u. s. strategy is for now. it's the key things come to put a lid on things. there's no plan at this stage for now to actively restart the thing that might trans sold the conflict. so jane, so please here. there's no indication of that effort which the un like a journal being calling for, to deal with the root of the conflict, the occupation to end the occupation. no, absolutely not. and what is interesting is the u. s. is it a very different place from some of its key allies? remember, that's the thing called the core tete. which the u. s. as part of the pillars of
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the core test, a russia as a all the e u in the u. n. and certainly the e u and the un, or in a different place from the united states. they say it's no good just putting sticking classes on the problem. you've got to get down to the details negotiation to try this out. sort out the fundamental problem trying to bring about they still say the best way is a 2 state solution, a palestinian state next door to an is that ready state? the practical problem? i think the by the ministration are grappling with this is where do you put a viable palestinian state? there is not territory left to build it on. and how would you persuade israel to dismantle all those settlements in a be to be able to build a palestinian state? so for now, the bottom administration with lots of other foreign policy items on their agenda. no, they have to deal with this situation. but that way of dealing with it is just to
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keep that sees father we've had for a few days. now, cement that sees fall, make it stronger, make the lives of palestinians better, but not at this stage. push for a palestinian state. other players, as you say, the un secretary general saying no, you've got to deal with this. and other key european players saying the same thing . that strong statement of the un security council by the hour, a sham bastard, or just a couple of hours ago. my colleagues in new york say what she said, you've got to stop settlements now that must stop, that needs to be sorted and you've got to get back to a 2 state solution for now. words like that and not being heated by secretary blinking. alright, thanks so much. james bass, our senior diplomatic editor, french president emmanuel. my call is calling for an urgent un security council meeting on molly. you comes a day off, tamale's prime minister and presidents were removed from office in the military coup. the inter and vice president, colonel, i see me going to says they're being held in the military facility near by amaco
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micron says the european union is prepared to take sanctions against those responsible nicholas hock is following developments from senegal. council dot com critics of what's happening say it looked like the men that organize a cool 9 months ago. we're talking here about vice president. i see me go to our colonel in the special forces of the 1000000 army has organized the 2nd crude months later. and dismissing the civilian government that he had himself put into it put in place when president weaver ca, kate, the former president was taken off of power. but in a statement made on national television, signed by himself and made by a members of the military. he said that essentially that the prime minister was incompetent. he said that prime minister one was incapable of being a reliable intermediary in discussions with trade unions. trade unions have been on
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strike for several weeks now because of unpaid wages. he goes further saying that there's been public consternation about the inability of this government of transition to move forward. i mean, there's been enormous demands from the 1000000 people for a return to civilian rules and also for election to happen as soon as possible. right now, the president election, the presidential elections are supposed to take place in february 2022 and that's too late for many malady. and he goes on saying that, you know, a new government was put in place without his consultation. and therefore that he was in breach of the charter of transition. and therefore he dismissed both the prime minister and the, and the president itself. he's now back in charge. iran has announced 7 candidates approved to run for president in next month selections. there must all be valued by a panel overseen by iran supreme leader to lie humming i. those making. the list
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include runs, judiciary, chief ibrahim, you see who ran unsuccessfully in the last election. several high profile figures were bogged from running, including former president, more damage in the jap and a full apartment speaker. asset base reports from to her on go. now, this list is controversial, not for who is on it, but who's not on it now. who is on it, is the current judiciary chief ibrahim, right? you see here the choice of the conservative camp, but who's not on it is 3 times the former parliament speaker and advisor to the supreme need to know how many, how many leaves are in johnny. now he was a choice of the modern come to moderate camp headed by current president, has some honey also who's not on it is a current vice president. it's huck john hearing not that again the bizarre decision because if anything was to happen to president passenger honey, it's hot junk here as the vice president would be caretaker present. but according to the guardian council, he's not qualified to stand also to term former president mahmoud and i've been
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a dad has not made the list. now he had said before, this decision that if he wasn't allowed to stand, he would boycott the election. he wouldn't vote for anybody and he wouldn't back any candidate. now we have heard reports that police, there is a police presence in his neighborhood here and there on and around the street surrounding his house. and it's understood that that was because some of the supporters we expected to come out onto the street. now this will be seen as an attempt by some attempt to bite sections of a typical establishment to ensure that the current judiciary chief abraham, right, you think is the next president. now the supreme leader, i told him, and he had said back in march that you want to the high vote to turn out for the dignity of the nation. now present honie and he's moderate camp would be looking to him to intervene, to try and get the prominent moderate letter in johnny on the list. so there is a higher voter turnout. the white house in kremlin have confirmed us president joe
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biden, and russia's president vladimir putin will meet in geneva. next month, summit comes amid growing tensions between the 2 nations biden has described russia as the biggest threat. the u. s. security still had on al jazeera, no sign of away out of the deepening economic crisis in lebanon. now, major international brands, having to shut down operation. children are among the day after our mass killing in an area through known for cocaine production. ah, hello, here's the weather across the middle east on wednesday we have a shim all setting up, so don't you are going to feel the impact of that,
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that she may see some sand and dust kicked up there. otherwise we do have the risk of some thunderstorms across areas of omar and can't really see it picked up there . but the risk is certainly there. oscar, 47 degrees, you know, you may see a record. we locked into 47 for the next 2 days. the record high in may is 48, so we'll see if we can get you there. after turkey, we've got a wind off the black sea that's kicked down temperatures in istanbul, and for the sea resort city of antalya. 33 on wednesday, but your temperatures will slide over the next few days. and that's because we get a south wind off the mediterranean. so we're down to 28 by friday, friday. pretty close to average temperatures. ok for central africa. right now, we do have our heaviest, tropic rains, through the democratic republic of congo rate, through into galvan and cameroon, into the gulf of guinea on wednesday. take you to the south and there's plenty of sand to be found for botswana. however, only a hi of $23.00, hoary $22.00 and cape town, we're going to introduce more cloud and even some rain,
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as we had to ford friday with the next systems will be in it. the warring drug caught on vigilance groups the population corps in the middle was your reason to thing and make sure why do you want this territory on reporting from an episode of mixed codes violence to investigate the can an upcoming election change . anything the people living here where we were getting to join me, john, home and for the full report on out. oh,
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the good deal. let's take to where the us secretary of state is now speaking in the west bank with how simeon president, earlier today, let's listening to the blinking from our since arriving this morning. i traveled here at the request of president biden, who asked me to come to pursue for basic objectives. first, to demonstrate the commitment of the united states to israel security. second, to start to work toward greater stability and reduce tensions in the west bank and jerusalem. 3rd, to support the virgin, humanitarian and reconstruction assistance for gaza to benefit the palestinian people and forth to continue to rebuild our relationship with the palestinian people and the palestinian authority. those objective shape,
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all of the meetings that i held today with elected peters on, on both sides, including prime minister netanyahu foreign minister canals. he defends minister guards here in jerusalem and president, abbas and prime minister in, in the west bank. they'll drive my discussions this evening with connected opposition, little repeat, and tomorrow morning with president rippling across the meetings that i've had so far. i've heard a shared recognition from all sides. that steps need to be taken. work needs to be done to address the underlying conditions that help fuel this latest conflict. the ceasefire. create space to begin to take those steps. attending to the urgent mandatory needs of pallets, things in gaza and helping rebuild is a key starting point. the united states was committed to riling international support to that effort and doing our part. that's why we announced additional
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assistance for the palestinian people today. but we all know that is not enough. as president biden said, we believe that palestinians and israelis equally deserved to live safely and securely to enjoy measure the freedom opportunity democracy to be treated with dignity. earlier today, i had a chance to meet with 2 of the state departments locally employed staff and israeli, whose family lives near the gossip ration wall, and a palestinian who lives in garza. both of them recounted how the violence in recent weeks repeatedly forced them and their families to take cover. both fear they would be killed for too many innocent israelis and palestinians lives lost in the conflict and loved ones suffering immeasurably as a result. but the stories of those staff members remind us that the survivors on
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both sides also walk away, scarred, none as much as children. that's another reason we have to break the cycle of violence. leaders on both sides will need to chart a better course. starting by making real improvements in the lives of people in israel, gaza, and the west bank. i'm convinced that if they do, they will find willing partners in both israeli and palestinian civil society. that's one of the messages i took away from meeting earlier today with the palestinian civil society leaders of tomorrow. got a chance to travel to egypt and also to jordan. as you know, egypt played a critical role in helping to broker the ceasefire. and jordan has long been a voice for peace and stability in the region. we're grateful for their continued engagement, and i look forward to the meetings there tomorrow, but with that, i'm happy to take some questions. start with laura jake's near times.
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good evening, secretary of lincoln. hello, what are your other you are? i think some of my colleagues will ask you some of the nitty gritty questions of the day. i wanted to kind of take a step back if i could. reasserting america's role in the world has been one of the themes of your foreign policy. can you describe how that took shape over the last 3 weeks in this part of the middle east, where the united states had a very active role in promoting israeli interests during the trump administration, but had shut down relations with palestinian officials. and so what struck you and what you heard today from both sides? well, he thinks the 1st i think that the violence that we've seen in recent weeks is a reminder of of the need to try to make genuine
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progress toward peacefully resolving the conflict that continues to divide israelis and palestinians in terms of us mean reengaged us leadership i think what you saw was present bite and leading very determined, very intensive, but also behind the scenes diplomacy to do the 1st thing that needed to be done, which was to, to end the violence, to get ceasefire and with, with a lot of hard work with the efforts of others, including including the egyptians, we were able to do that, but that was just the starting point for something that, that i just described. it's now i think it comes on us to work with, with our partners here and work with others. as i said to address the, the urgent needs and gods itself from the people in gaza to then try to build
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something more positive on that and also to address some of the underlying causes that could, if not addressed, spark another cycle of violence. so i think we found in, in working on this intensely quietly but resolutely that america's words matter, american actions matter, america's engagement matters. i'm, i'm glad that we were able to make help make a difference and get into the ceasefire. and i hope and expect that we can continue to make a difference in moving, moving beyond it, and trying to build something more positive. so that's what i take away from at least the last couple of couple of weeks will go to julie cohen for con
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mr. or secretary, thank you for death premise, or if any i was been pretty vocally needs objection to the j to be a way you those remarks encourage or deter us from returning to, to j to be away. and speaking of the deal, is it a matter of weeks before the us return to the agreement? thank you. let's start with this. the fact is, the united states and israel are absolutely united in the proposition that around must never be allowed to acquire a nuclear weapons. we share exactly the same goal. it's no secret that we sometimes have our differences with regard to the best way to achieve that goal. and that's what, that's what allies and partners do we, we work together, try to find the best way to achieve a common objective. what we have done very, very resolutely,
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as we've tried to see whether a return to mutual compliance with the j. c. p. o, a is possible, is that we have regularly before during and after all of our engagements, indirect engagements, with the iranians in vienna kept our partners here in israel informed as well as others who are, who are concerned. and that's not going to, that's not going to stop. let me, let me add this the, the j c p o a. i think a copy of something very important. and that is it cut off all of her on pathways to produce this material for nuclear weapons on short order. and it pushes the so called breakout time. the amount of time would take around to develop that material for nuclear weapon to be on the years. it was the most heavily monitored and
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verified agreement in the history of, of arms control. our experts said that iran was abiding by its commitments under the agreement, so to international experts. and as a result, the challenge that both the united states and israel were focused on the prospect of around getting to the point where it could have a facade material for nuclear weapon or produce it on very short order. we took that off of the of the field, and i think that was an important element. what have we seen since we pulled out of the agreement well, around has stopped abiding by some of the critical constraints in the room. and as a result, it is far closer to day to the ability to produce this material for nuclear weapons, short order than it was even before the deal was,
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was reached and certainly during the dependency of the deal itself. and so i think that only underscores the importance and indeed the urgency in seeing if we can get a ron back into compliance with the agreement to put around back in the nuclear box that the deal constructed. the alternative is around that is getting closer and closer if it continues to do what it's doing. in spinning more and more sophisticated centrifuges and building up stockpiles of enriched uranium, getting closer and closer to having a very, very short breakout time, which is not in our interests, not in israel's interest, not in, in anyone's interest. so that's why we're listening to the us secretary of state entity, blink, and he's currently talking about policy towards iran, the usefulness of getting back to iran nuclear deal. but he was talking moments ago since he's and wester is about by ministrations policy towards the palestinians and
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israelis. he spent today meeting with my bath earlier. he also met with the caretaker, prime minister of israel, spring in our diplomatic attitude, jane space. he's following anthony lincoln's trip and joins us now live from walla . so james, for at least the 2nd time today that i've heard we've got anthony blink and saying, this kind of sentence, it's incumbent to address the underlying causes which could spark another cycle of violence. have you heard anything though? that suggests the bi ministration is actually coming out with a plan to address the underlying cause, the occupation of palestinian? no, not the fundamental basic so there's no absolutely not that trying to deal with some issues to try to give the palestinians a better life. they talk about restoring hope and dignity to palestinians. and there are some measures that have come today. there is
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a new package for me in terms of money that's coming from the u. s. which isn't particularly huge in global terms, $260000000.00. but i'll tell you a lot of that money already be nouns, so it's not all new money that will go to the policy authority and the united nations. they talk of help with the reconstruction of gaza. but that's not clear how that is exactly going to work and what mechanism they're going to use for that because the u. s. is adamant, but it will do nothing to help us. and obviously if you're sending building materials or money to go to gaza, then gaza is absolutely controlled by huh. so that, that, that is unclear exactly how that will work. but i think through the un and through some intermediaries, is what they are suggesting. mainly symbolic move, but one of the think the policies will be pleased off, which is the palestinians are now going to get back their own diplomatic representation from the united states. the something called the consulate general, east jerusalem, which had been that the years. but the truck ministration decided that dramatic
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representation that dealt with the palestinians with merged with the u. s. embassy to deals with israel. of course, at the same time, they moved the embassy from sullivan to jerusalem. that constant general is coming back, but it seems that the embassy, the u. s. embassy that deals with israel is staying in jerusalem for now. so a lot of measures and a lot of cordial tone with the palestinians that clearly we haven't seen for a long time. in fact, this is the 1st time a secretary of state has met the policy and president for well over 3 years bots. and there's a big part. there is no talk about a 2 state solution at this stage. there's no store about a piece process. none of that has been dealt with at this stage, and i think that's for one reason. one reason alone, the biden administration don't actually think that such negotiations at this time will be fruitful. so that plan instead i think, is to put
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a lid on this situation to try and ease some of the problems for palestinians for now. but for now, they're also not going to actively try and solve this complex sammy alright, thanks so much. senior diplomatic edits of a james base. ah, well let's take you through some of the headlines here. now just here now, as we've been covering and telling us is reopening. it's considered in occupied east jerusalem for palestinians. the previous us trump administration had closed this in 2019. it was part of an attempt to downgrade ties with the palestinians. us secretary of state, anthony blink and made the announcement after meeting palestinian authority. president, mood bass.


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