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tv   Fault Lines Shelter In Place L As Fight For Housing  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2021 2:30am-3:01am +03

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amount of trust and faith and the institutions and some are in the judiciary and the democracy and of course, and the outcome that the election delivered. and alco would simply be for all of those things to be upheld. many of sama urging the rival parties to come together and find a way out of it. unprecedented constitutional crisis, and ex, or brian l. g 0. ah. what's there with me? so rom, the reminder of our top stories. the united nations mission in molly has called for an immediate release of politicians, detained by the military, after competent re shuffle. now the prime minister has reportedly resigned. after being taken to an army based north west of the capital, banneker along with the president and the defense minister, nicholas hack has been following us from senegal capital dot com. we're hearing that the prime minister has resigned from this position,
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even if that's the case in the government that was just announced hours ago. that was supposed to appease the situation in molly, while that government will, they'll be a new government that will be announced. but clearly very volatile situation in molly and this is all happening in the, in this call, in this tussle of power between the military june and the civilians that were part of this transitional government or the 1000000 people themselves. the ear has agreed to sanction galleries including banding, its national airline from entering the blocks asked space. it's in response to actions by valerie switch. so a passenger plane, diverted to minutes, current and opposition activist on board detained and friends and family of protests, of which have dismissed a social media video showing the details blogger, apparently confessing to charges against him. opposition lead us atlanta discuss. tish haskell kind of fire said the statement was given under duress. us president joe biden has thanked egypt for successful negotiation of his royal
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palestine seas. father sends us extreme states, and the blinking travels to the middle east for talks. tension is still high for days after the truth came into effect. the head of the un has told the meeting of global health ministers that the world is at war against david 1910 you get harish was addressing health ministers from all over the world as they take part in a virtual world health assembly. the 8 day event will discuss missteps in the response to the pandemic and how to ensure greater access to health care. it's me and molly dancing. sushi has appeared in court for the 1st time since february. lawyers were able to meet her for about 30 minutes and said that she appeared healthy, sushi faces charges of incitement to sedition, violating state secrets and other offences. those were that winds up the back of all nice and half, not here on out there, but next it's fault lines to stay with us. warring drug cartels vigilante
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groups of population corps in the middle was your reason for being mature? why do you want this territory? i'm reporting from an episode of mixed violence to investigate. can an upcoming election change anything the people living here? so we're getting join me john, home and for the full report on the this is well air, a wealthy neighborhood in los angeles that several 1000000000. eric call home this year one of the largest and most expensive houses in the united states went up for sale here for a report at $340000000.00. but you don't have to drive too far to understand why some call lay the city a broken dream on any given day one out of 5 people in the us who have nowhere to sleep. here in the city of los angeles house listeners and housing has never been
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brought together because the dominant narrative here is one of broken people and not broken. you have your hope 19 pandemic has made the start inequalities in l. a. even more apparent evidence of it is laid bare on nearly every sidewalk of this city would say order came a public realization about me could say at home was home. i live in the united states is the failure at all gales of government to protect communities and households that time for change. the day housing is like human rights and having a place to shelter is a matter forcing some families to take the situation into their own hands. i had
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someone open up the front door so i can walk in. and the 1st thing i did was i change the locks, we decided to say, hey, we're going to spend. this is our home and igniting a movement to take over the houses. i am doing something illegal according to the law, but the law is in humane and unsure. i feel that my duty is to keep my daughter safe and still sometimes that means breaking the law and i'm willing to do that. i. i, these houses in los angeles have been bacon for years, owned by the state. they've been off the market, so no one's been living in them. so when a deadly pandemic course through the city, the homeless families came up with the plant, was empty houses ridiculous. they would try to take over these years that are abandoned for 30 years to be born on the recall. didn't solve
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climbers and martha as it was one of them. there's several people that lived out of their cars. one wasn't tent. another one was living in hotels. some of us had been in the house already for a long time, some for months, some for years. but since the pandemic and since the lockdown in march, it just made it a lot more urgent for families to keep safe and shelter in place. these empty homes are in el reno, a predominantly mexican american neighborhood, and east l. a. and their own bi, caltrans, california department of transportation. the state agents be acquired hundreds of properties in this area in the 1960 to expand a major freeway. but it was never built and the project was officially shut down in 2018. these houses should be fixed and rented or owned, but that has been happen. nothing has happened. that's why the community had to
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take power into their own hands. martha's daughter's 11 year old victoria and 9 year old monthly were there when the families took over the home, excited. we scared you reclaim scared, excited and scared to them. what were their police here? yeah, we actually really clued nose in happened. i'm proud of her. yeah, she did something really brave ah, martha became homeless in 2019, when she couldn't find an affordable place to live on her salary at the social worker. my father is the immigrant from mexico. he has the elementary school education and he was able to afford a house when i was younger and i was born and raised in this country, have
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a bachelor's degree and i'm able to even rent a place martha and her daughters had to couch crash with family and friends for a year and a half, it was just really crowded. sometimes i slept and couches, sometimes we slept on the floors. we had a really high anxiety and depression. and on my daughter's had emotional outburst, especially the youngest one. and to be honest, i was becoming abusive mom because i didn't know how to handle the situation. sometimes these emotional outburst lasted an hour, and i was also having a lot of insomnia, which was affecting my physical health. i was just desperate to, to find solutions. they should give us if we deserve this. martha says she was inspired by a group of un housed women in oakland who took over an empty house in 2018 like the reclaimed was action. it was
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a response to the cities affordability crisis. so might call these oakland mothers radical others might say finding an empty house to move your family into is this is all rational reform. we're not leaving anyway, we were sleeping on the floor at the trim. i found out about moms for housing in oakland. i felt really empowered by these women, there were moms and there were black moms and i wanted to do something like that to keep my children faith with monica and the other, reclaim or state is technically illegal, but it work. the state agreed to leave 26 properties to the city of l. a. so we could how families like martha human right, right, right now is affordable for myself. it is 25 to 30 percent of our income. 123. hi. this is d j. money and to
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show and we hope you enjoy it for the youngest when we were on how she was not able to learn anything. and since we were able to retain, she's learning to read and she's been able to focus a lot more now. all my daughters and i are a lot better and it has a lot to do with having a place. well, we can do that. i really don't think any of this would happen if we hadn't, we claim the house. we want to call our governor new some because there's a bunch of houses that don't have any people in them and they're abandoned is covered right now and it's winter in the amount of people on the street. and that's not a feel like even children know that. okay, why are they making homes wonder of people in the streets?
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this is called the islands and it's where a lot of the population in delta dental is just the 10 minute walk, vacant homes that are a part of this community. so the islands here and the homes are just over there. this is one of the houses that is abandon kelton's. there's also this other who has been definitely making as long as people have broken in them. and they were never, even are you as a resident, feeling like people are coming from outside and claiming something that's not there? or you have said that this has been vacant. it's next door to your home. people come in and break it, but they're not moving. fill up your application, you what everybody else on the block in this neighborhood?
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have you talked to any of the reclaimed does that happen too often? she's one of your neighbors. oh, not often, but they do have a lot of misinformation. we looked into what martha's neighbors said, caltrans still owns more than 100 bacon properties in this area. but right now there's no way for people to buy these homes or apply to live in them. ah, because of the reclaiming action, the california highway patrol has been keeping a closer eye on area property. give me just property how trans didn't give us an interview in a statement to fault lines, they said that they've increased security patrol to prevent future break and some of these homes are unsafe and uninhabitable. martha says if the state putting the resources to fix them instead of guard them,
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they could house more families here in california. almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on. how's the fit of california is not working fast enough to house people in a safe way, especially during a pandemic. sometimes we have to break the law in order to be heard and to be kept faith the in the november, another group on how families tried to take over the vacant caltrans home. the forced out by police the some of them were arrested for passing. it's unclear why the state reacted differently this time. i just remember seeing them coming in and my contact people out. it was really intend to scary, you know, social atkins was there that night. i was just praying that like this would work.
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like let them stop, but it does have her home. please let them see that there's no need for the homes to be empty. sasha and her 9 year old son raymond had been homeless for the last 3 years. what did you have all these homeless people? not just the ones who, histories, but the one of the situations like me housing instability is just so much greater than just someone living in attend. sasha joined the reclaiming movement during the pandemic when it was no longer possible for her to stay with family or friends. why would you tell people who say what you're doing is illegal? i'm not trying to be a freeloader. all of us have already agreed that we want to pay for these homes that we don't want the funds for free. i think that it should be legal for the
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state to be hoarding. empty home with, in january 2021, los angeles became the epicenter of october 19 pandemic in the u. s. and the cities expensive housing market was partly to blame the bible spreading in small, overcrowded apartment, shared by multiple families who couldn't afford to live on their own. according to a 28 team report, more than half a 1000000 people in los angeles, 90 percent or more of their income on housing. los angeles is a destination city. you see the in the moon in the sky, you see housing the go. that housing isn't being built for every day. hard working. angelenos, why isn't there more affordable housing?
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because affordable housing is not a priority. housing has become a commodity saved by which, i mean that's what not the is not whether people are housed or not. what matters is to be made on housing that is traded in the market. this story also of no way to the rank wage gas has been growing rapidly in the united states and especially in los angeles. and you couple that with what we can understand to be a good investment in housing and you have to drive and i depend, demik is going to be a driver of math evictions and mass house listeners in the region. because if you lose the housing you're in in los angeles, you may never find housing again. right?
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like if you're barely hanging on to what you have now, the likelihood of you leaving that and funny housing elsewhere is slim to none. findings they will housing has been hard for sasha, lately she and raymond had been living in hotels. and part thanks to an online fundraiser, organized by housing advocate. and that wasn't always the case before we go from like a family member or a friend's house, you know, like just kinda jump around places. but because of covert, it wasn't very safe for us to kinda be going back and forth. she is often me too much money to qualify for housing program, but to little to afford an apartment. someone liberally told one time because i wasn't sleeping in my car that night or because i wasn't sleeping under a bridge. i did not qualify for help. and i thought,
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but were homeless now we need help. now care rent is crazy. they want you to me like double or triple towns the amount of money that the apartment is. that's a lot of money when you're not making that much social works as a hair, stylist and caterer to industries that were hit hard by the pandemic. so she started taking on other work i was delivering to propose me, which is another way that i just make money and try to make ends meet. and then i wrecked my car and i broke my hand. oh my gosh, the doctor, i told him that i'm a here fellows and that i really need my hand. and so right now it's just healing time. so it's moving day, my rooms because of hotel policies. and raymond often have to check out after 28 days because we are dealing with and wish me luck because i have to do this tonight
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. this is the 3rd hotel. they've been out in the last 3 months after it was 6 times $530.00. right? so i was just trying to find money, i was just trying to educate my child and then to add the strength of you know, where are you going to sleep? where is your son going to have a safe place to be? it has just been hard for moving the child. so because you never know what's gonna happen there is this hotel feel like whole you know, what is whole? what does that feel like? it feel somewhere where you feel safe. then there are a lot of things that you can do something i don't have
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and your dream ideal world. what would that look like? a big blue house with a whole bunch of neighbors with kids. and that i can go visit them any trying i would give anything to have some place to call home and every place i go, i see families. so you know, the need is greater than what we see just out on the street. talk going do this. i try to handle it, but i just love to tell them this is what homelessness means is the ability, it's not knowing, you know, where you're going to be able to go.
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since the pandemic, there's been multiple state and federal eviction moratorium to keep people in their home and overall they have help to reduce the number of addictions. we have to make sure, and we're seeing that we are here together to support of what because of loopholes in the more atoria there is still happening. we've learned that he will soften up the heart of those very power of the money. lending to come to the table my name is janet. 8 my mom isn't able to be here today. this family was evicted at the end of november. i asked me to say a few words. i'm a reader. they have been taking me out of my island in the most humiliating way when there's a, i have ordered. you for coming out of the and their community has
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come together to help keep them in their home tonight a week before christmas. they're reclaiming their house. the the the with the busy me to the committee at a know guys but i'll be b. e, middle of you, maybe a little that can associate since 2006 in taurus and her children have lived in this house in inglewood, are predominantly working class black and latino neighborhood in south central l. a
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. in a spent 8 years saving up to buy it and took out 2 mortgages, working multiple jobs to make ends meet your needs. and then tell you this boys ill tell on may 15 when you get back on that money. but that'll be in in us, the story is complicated. in 2012, when you needed to lower her monthly payments, she hired someone to help her modify her loans and thinking it worked, she continued making payments on the house for years. but he left as she was defrauded. everything was fine for live for years. so for us to see like the foreclosure notice it was like, oh, surprised my mom couldn't imagine like it was it in her head is that these people are just going to commit fraud and take her money away the day. and yes,
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in the meantime, a nursing home had been foreclosed on and the company that now owned it wanted her out. we called the 1st mortgage and they said no, the house is still under your, your name place, you just keep paying your mortgage. nobody can literally take you out of your home . when did you find out that was true. we found out it wasn't true the day of the eviction because it was happening. it established florida. a mutual for you when the your yeah, like i say yes. yes. that will be in the chap as the last one. that didn't sound, but i said not going, but i love to know my minutes here. i'm with them. this can be total or they can see that
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the new school so so be rather jolis the hic. and the answer got to my case that i left on the mere no less important, though. soon after enough, his family was evicted, her 16 year old son contracts cobit 19. he recovered a few weeks later, but caring for him was risky. frayne. as who in her sixties is boner bold to the byron. you know, near the governor is telling us you can get out. you have to stay in your home, you don't go out because there's a high risk getting covert, but at the same time these police man are taking those out on the street. and so that just tells me that pretty much telling you die with the help of her community has efforts paid off. she's in negotiations with the mortgage company to
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let her stay in her home. we tried contacting them repeatedly, but they never responded. your randall a and i the another implemented seattle, but i was, it is looking to get new chad. mit stuck in me. gotta forget which was florida. so we took that out. but then i was wanting to governor cabin newsome has extended the state moratorium on eviction. and the city council has been working to house more people and in the hotel room. but decades of this investment in affordable housing plus my unemployment from the pandemic means that hundreds of 1000 families in l. a could
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be at risk of losing their home warily. people waiting on the sidewalk outside, make it all around them. why? goal is to the fake and properties because property is more important. we reached out to both l. a. me or eric, our study and governor newsome asking about why the city and state wasn't housing more families publicly own property. but we never received a response. sweeping is always been in the fabric of how los angeles deals with the crisis. we've been away out of sight out of mind. the rate by which people are becoming health is exhilarated out some a min disruption and without some really shaking up around try already. the house in this crisis is only going to increase. ringback the skies on them,
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especially right now during the cold pandemic. what affects one person is going to affect everybody. so that's why reclaiming has become a really desperate action for safety which should be logical to politicians, but obviously it's not so late. we need to shout our humanity and really make it hurt. ah, did them let me go my for their get the name of the my key, the case of a most get a little bit over the middle of the i
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black and brown immigrant women at the mercy of the private prison corporation. 4 lines investigate allegations of medical abuse of women held it a privately run immigration detention facility in rural georgia. you still don't know what happened here saying that you don't have a chance to read everything. an ordeal exposed by a nurse turned whistle blow the whistle a 1000 times over. if i had no consent, surgery scandal, an immigrant detention on al jazeera. ah, ah ah ah, one wouldn't work as
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a big boy should buy the landlord to make them pay exorbitant prices to leave overcrowded 118, made the victim and exposes the business one al jazeera ah, a political crisis in malia to soldiers the rest of the president prime minister and the defense minister to you and is calling for the immediate release ah, hold on buddy. what they were like, my headquarters here in also coming up. european lead isn't out. sanctions against salaries after a passenger jet was full. so i'm the means to detain an opposition activists stepping up international efforts to end.


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