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tv   Prison Lives Inside And Out When The Boys Return  Al Jazeera  May 24, 2021 9:00am-10:01am +03

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the award winning online content on their audience portal with me founder gotten coming soon on out there in the. ready news and then the clock and the top stories here on al jazeera and the head of the you, an agency for palestinians is called the international support to find a long term solution to the israel palestinian conflict. fronds went further and called for a revival of the peace process, describing israel's occupation of the palestinian territories as apartheid. israeli jewish visitors are entering the lights are most compound and occupied these through some further raising tensions. at least for people working for the mosque board were arrested on sunday as his ready forces escorted visitors around my
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cotton has this update from damascus gate in occupied is through the work, the jordanians who actually runs the alex a most compound on so happy with these visits, it's always been a bit of a flash point. now i have to say most of these visits do pass without incident. yes, they have what was the 1st visit as a ceasefire had taken place. and indeed, since i still had broken out and they were. busy clashes more than 300000 people in india have now died from cove at 19, but many deaths are not being counted. its health ministry reported 4400 deaths on monday and the nor to say the punjab says that the vaccine make medina declined its request for jobs. elizabeth per item has more now from you delhi independent health experts say that the real number of deaths as much higher for so many reasons, including the fact that the official death told only takes into account people who are dying in hospitals. and most indians don't die in hospitals, they die at home,
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and only around 22 percent of death from the country. a medically certified the daily death toll has remained high despite the number of cases coming down considerably. and that is to be expected because it takes around a few weeks and deals recording its highest number of cases a few weeks ago. and it takes that period of time for that to follow cases. but yes, cases are coming down around the country. vaccination drive is not going well at all. there are very severe shortages of vaccine from the government has told states to make their own arrangements. vaccine manufacturers, both local and foreign. and we're now hearing from the state of pon, job, which has been one of the worst effected by the virus that they have been trying to buy these vaccines. as many states have from foreign manufacturers. and they've been told by montana that modern will only deal with the central government that this is a central government which is told states to make their own arrangements. independent
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health experts say this is something that the government should be doing as well as ramping up the local production. when india has the capacity, it makes the world's largest vaccine manufacturer. the government expanded the vaccination program to include everyone over the age of 18 from the start of may. but because there aren't enough doses, many states, including deli, including, pun, job, have had to stop that financing people, george lloyd's family, and those of other black victims. that police shootings have gathered in the city of minneapolis to commemorate his death. he was killed year ago and tuesday. the police officer found guilty of his murderer a month ago is a way to send my kind of it was, was the message to speak off the griffin, frustration and rage at the back up of the killing approach. roy federal legislation to improve the
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various reasons reform, but in terms of the national nothing has been done as being opposed to particular public in the but the message of the day is that's a struggle to be meeting with the police department to address what they could be a great barry says being accused of thank you, bum threat to force a passenger jet to land in order to seize and opposition. journalist the u. s. has condemned valerie useful. diverting the flight years with headlines. one is coming up right off to prison lives. ah
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the cameras out of the cam, mac and so will greg, have them get us? lisa says not what? sang goodness good looks we're going to the chemist. 10. what us is, what i mention it will finish can get a shift. so do you know what else? what else ah
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ah me ah, ah me vehicle delta columbia. you have a spot with your apartment. uh one of them is i spent a 100 even with you. it doesn't connecticut human us on the job innovation in
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san diego. and he can come to us house, but in the paste visible net, if given, were handing the physical fitness document had ministry. enamel committee in the title did the humbling. how does the claim law got it? kind of rules bersh canada. so processing sam up to 30 in this going to cost us some processing b. i'm going to miss mary, it'll model out about it. it's almost like a lot send him good about us and i'm going to lose it unless little most of
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them i didn't know. and if the suburban to hold us on a month or so. so, but i was in the north of the month and i had missed one how how many total it doesn't look like $900.00 and i don't know what the fuck lose. so lucia would get time initially. it was in a mulatto. did any of that? it's going to buy this isn't this, and that should
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this been hell. well good. and then what i wanna see will can feel this is in the the the
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the, the me the all about push. i don't get a chance. well, i should get that shuffle, shannon coming onto the show what the issue off to the could you call them a lot actually went to the terminal actually true. how to know how to turn the machine back to the wonderful looking to move it to connect with connect dish. we have too much more health issue because she should
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have that in the i exactly have to look at name libby, due to my soul and know what we call in him a jimmy. and they just need to know what the walker le le. let's talk a lot what the buckle i love to watch of and one of my love. so when, when you should have so much fun to attend over with the viola they
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came in a while and me but i met at adams and the me the last time stuck with me. so like i said, i'm not sure how i
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should tell it to him was the i me ah, in the in the oprah the vehicle and how much of it and
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it'll come in the really stuck little slip case. anybody to learn unless you have because a lot of this has to handle as well as a clinic . but i'm also emotional to see how can i help in a little bit of this 3rd thought in who has been, how have you been with the full 10, but in terms of what's going on
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for 1011 to turning as a sort of a correct me on the phone on the moon moon. hopefully now unless you pursue a look at your mom's shaneka, sort of the coolest the most highly that the in that in the one knew that out of the of say good was a little who visual and it's lynn book on the skin. the last one of the
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sewer of jackie and this thing in common commute in in june august. so he's been and the the ship we ship commander looks this ship kamisha muddy a melodious shan, english silk. few somebody can i and i did them are done. modest shakita and complex model in 100. this is the mac shirky lar northly to see and i have to clean land there should receive tech and highest thought. so because you want to shake please
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and then you can random into that was in heather. so what i lower battle ye, and the whole, you know, what about us, and we can sit in this model who is a again, g as in 100 jim, cuz in the middle of the illusion, long lose your with her. she has a, he was jack yolanda for her for his in his mom and the need for him to go see you then the issue they were had sent him or who had his lower hand to see unit loans. so the dish ready for
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the most amount of a layer will be 3 to make 100 because with his mother color, you know, the can not in korea well me didn't sugar minute ship decker and a lot of but i mean they, oh mother and i had my boss clearly. oh my young home jane mclean and look, i'm a nurse right? no james, who in this method only a combination of mine once isn't cable. i sit in the old lamb rest of the service back either way or he came in and he said it was squeezed. sasha michel kita were
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in may imaged decisions with joyce in joyce alone in health in the journey to your new home. you owe
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me i am the best of the way if the machine can fill out all the name is suburban man. if miss moore was for him as well, what was more, any homely command on the master? no man a confusion to cut them to come as $1.00 to $200.00 but missed one love to be rented outside the public eloquence with his whole mikaela from la quinta couldn't command mister adams model model and gave
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a new way to assess and differently get addition done them out of a bit of an issue so as to circle them from within the continue mode on the continuum. this is megan women, anatomy and have a shit. he you slide the basin of the little from the nisa. ah
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little numbers. the ones that have been on the boat lot lot of the yeah, hi miss alagood this i'm gonna fix an exam that by you haven't oh, just to just check one into that
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this on my little john john, my boss. well it was a very have you oh, are you like me in the 1st episode of science in a golden age. i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval slamming period in the field of professor jim alcholay brings the brilliance of a pass to light point incredible. so much doesn't the real,
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all we've done is lock out them like from a room and then allow it to come to the school. episode one of science in a golden age on 0 lack m brown immigrant women at the mercy of the private prison corporation for lines investigate allegations of medical abuse of women held it a privately run immigration detention facility in rural georgia. you still don't know what happened here saying that you don't have a chance to read everything an ordeal exposed by a nurse turned whistle. i will blow the whistle a 1000 times over. if i had no consent, surgery scandal, in immigrant detention on al jazeera, in the midst of war, a generation grew up in exiles more than 13000000 syrian. that's half the pre war population remain displaced inside and outside the country. and as the conflict enters its 2nd decade with no political supplement incite,
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there could be further displacement. home for many has been informal camps like this in neighboring countries and lebanon's because the valley life has been one of and uncertainty theory as economy as collapsing and international aid organizations are warning. it is pushing millions deeper into poverty. many our job listen hungry . the united nation says 60 percent or 12400000 serious, don't have regular access to enough food. despite the battlefield, being largely quiet for a year, agencies say the daily suffering of syrians is worse than it has been at nearly any point throughout the conflict. and the hardship has not stopped a serious border. bitcoin block chain and crypto currency, disruptive technology join with me and introducing a bill to outlaw crypto currency, all the way to a fair financial system. with big open for software, we can clean money without being
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a government award winning filmmaker. thorsten huffman looks at all sides of the complex crypto crypto bit going no change in the internet on out of sarah ah, ah no clock and down the top stories here. now 0 and the head of the agency who palestinians is called for international support to find a long term solution. the israel palestinian complex france went further and called for a revival of the peace process describing israel's occupation of palestinian territory . as a pass side is ready, jewish visitors are entering the acts are most compound unoccupied, through some further raising tensions, at least for people working for the mosque board were arrested on sunday as is ready for the score to the visitors around palestinian foreign ministry. so subtle
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visits, risk undermining the french l. c for between israel and palestinian groups. the marine cotton has its update now from damascus gate in occupied east jerusalem. the work, the jordanians who actually run the alex mos compound on so happy with these visits. it's always been a bit of a flash point. now i have to say most of these visits do pass without incident. yes, they have what was the 1st visit is the ceasefire. had taken place and indeed since i still had broken out and they were. busy clashes more than 300000 people in india have now dined from cove at 90. the journalist doctors in crematory, all say many tests and not being counted. its health ministry reported 4400 jets on monday. and the northern state of punjab says vaccine make a montana has declined its request for jobs. but this is been accused of faking a bond threats for the passenger jet to land in order to seize an opposition
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journalist, us as condemn beller, is for diverting the flight in its course. the immediate release of the journalist, the e u, has raised the possibility of sanctions. the u. s. as imposed economic insecurity as restrictions on if you, if you're ever it's wrong and abuses in the trigger region, fees restrictions have been placed on a c, p in eritrea. and government officials implicated in the killings of thousands of people since november. second, your state says the sanctions are aimed at 40. if you appear to resolve the crisis . i george floyd's family and those of other black victims of police shootings have gathered in the city of minneapolis to commemorate his death. he was killed a year ago and tuesday. the police officer found guilty of his murder a month ago is now awaiting sentencing. alright, youngster with headlines. we've got more news here, announces her off to return to prison lives ah,
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the he'll pick it up and walk, theory and blunder. gambling far had this horrible damage room cleared virtual flood, cool. naming in the hotel. how you and the fresh upon the amount of problems they move the hotel in a lilo has lynn. i'm going to savannah le, whom and dr. me, well, use of how long she thought i'd just yelled william can i
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fell in there from order the will be on. don't get from him harsh. forgot to look at the learn shouldn't. should i had they studied a lot of a job a little which will de stuffy william palate in your home with a lot of the yet of law of may i have looking with them shallow here from birth. the problem i help the for it has a man to him or me usa, i hope for her but will you on a sort of choice hello contest huh. lemme levels norm philosophy fixture, both of the in the, in the shape legit. should the cry in the shape should be so now with that of the humana that and he can tell the look up this all now who this medical terminology listed?
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so we got her son who was telling me yet i'm enough carlton to hasten a bed and it may be found to him from the teachers who are close to let us go below swore the beg your south wash. let me say unto them to me, the 3 should i say go by the full fee. her father was again while shrug along the k. u. fossils. hedge furnished jack. i was still a lot of stickler. shall have that. i have looked at that number on a job, look for your list and i'll get as it will. i know i had you have no clue of a good you have a good day today. so a sob ish. and you have no good them ah,
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the little one without it on the vehicle, do you want me
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to get in contact and pick up the modem and hoping to connect with them. and you look, look at that particular a little bit sooner than the end of the day. and i think it was too soon, mike and couldn't look and all of a little to upset the notice about that. intel aluminum couldn't couldn't do it if you cannot. and several others on the little
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yellow little me not a medical name but the data the the. 7 7 7
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with something with them. ok to get them and them and then you know how to get that job, but i wouldn't come home to be not food the bit. none of september, not month to month. yeah. the middle school is just one of those. like i miss them
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a little bit this week i left the the had given the past, the deadline over this. so i keep looking into the guns. i had to show shirley rumor, this locked you hurt instead of just a little lou bellis hubble for the feel. mark that asian would then level mission will c as in the shield burden hello. can this is not called the and i thought that it should be a little our dolly is doing a blue about us and all that. and that kind of condition. and the
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lyla must sum up next and hacking next to mccann. hello. the code in the, in the the the the
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the, the the the, the they keep in touch with the d . we'd good because of him to have a slide along with them i can
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transfer you should be a long summer miss. she left she or nurse should you me my loose little bit just for me. sure. 100. but no other issues here. look nearer to little fish was like a quote in it. the sub totally. and he that you know, for conan that yeah, and few months ago out of the year deductible. none. and then the 31st for cannon and had had an hour to find out the thing, a susan hands of
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a different city. and he had the listener and enough to move the live by the men different but so how the corn dog doesn't go don't let them feel collision. fish and alaska lay she fish and notice there's another child to come to the home. oh, i live in the case, give me the ticket number from
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his asner. i send the leg i use to argue to show you all the documents the local them to receive. but the only the only people to be in mind for the fee will do the rub in
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who to entities j is the number to me you the the the me i the
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the get if you have a hub i'm sure she had the the mean and if she couldn't like june, june. and i've been regular when the chance coalition her fina sugar level, anna sebo quinlan, michigan dish. and both had been had that she said she ah, begins area flew off to blue whizzer. they will live in a little bit for a while for so the level the
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me j get into some of michelle can can little bit different so i'm going to put a message that you had sent me off of the foot of the call, the some comments you want to have them and finish the financial for today. i can, i'm in bed those today today. if not, i'll just tell you. but then model to just one, not the custom of a different. how can we say i'm just the, i'll, i will not put solution all so the demo locker should be a bother and it didn't work with them. a mom of dish be up all of their low
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body crazy in ah ah, in ah, ah, ah, she something i don't she don't me or listen antennas. and then
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just then and then we'll have a little more little clinician, mr. as mr. dean. so there's been any discipline sam says will be low. i was out of the mac, this of what that is. i think the for look at the in the mean and there will in a sense of finance in santa beta whole for huh. whoa, whoa. i mean,
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and how do they want them in? and he says, and they'll assist him. well, lemme put arts hasn't been better than min her for her ill says out on the wind home. me 2nd, in most cases, the call in to mr. given me log
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in, fema can log in in the vehicle in which way i'm going to come out of a little light, a little good. i
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the best way of way on any one in this way is what i
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gave me. on the contrary. in russia's toughest prison, stripped off their liberty,
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an unexpected creative opportunity. a singing contest like no other offers the chance of redemption and hope for the talent and few prison live inside and out a tailor fingers and murdered on alger there. the hello. thank you for joining us for the middle east. we do have some weather alerts in play for dust being kicked up toward the northwest portion of oman. also seen some sand and dust through areas of saudi arabia into kuwait. quit has a high of $44.00 on monday, after turkey, temperatures have come up, it's valuable on kara and tally. i take your pick, but on talia is about almost a good 10 degrees above where you should be. for a central africa,
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we're not seen our usual rains, but the near a gone go volcano has erupt it for the 1st time and almost 20 years. look at the scenes that we are seen from the democratic republic of congo, and this is rate up with the border of uganda. and you know, we do have some rain in the forecast and that actually does not help for this situation right there. again, along the border with uganda, but this is not the usual rain that we see through the tropics of africa on monday . ok, let's go to the south right now, and plenty of sunshine can be found. we've just got a little run of some showers through central parts of most, most antique, i should say, but also coastal areas of madagascar. plenty of sun for south africa. jo. your next 3 to have looks like this. the southwest breeze and your temperatures rate, where they should be. the precise,
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tried and tested and that business is booming for israel's unmanned drug produces like a modified expertise gain that's are enemies expense. inflamed, global demand for western, which many see as morally indefensible. people empower, investigate israel drone dealer on a just the june on a judge who will take catherine. honey's place will bring you the latest runs presidential election on june 18th, the bottom line returns to discuss current developments in us politics and how they affect the world member state co gathering the u. k. on june 11th for talks on key issues at the g 7 summit, a new series portal brings us award winning digital content to our tv audience. and the sentencing of derek children will be handed down on june. the 25th join us
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for loans coverage. as the historic us court case reaches a conclusion. june on the jazz ah, ah mean, suppose leader on son suit, she attends a court hearing in her 1st public appearance and being arrested following the military coon. ah, hello and welcome on pizza w, watching out 20 live are also coming up. growing international outrage after bella roofs diverts a passenger plane to arrest and opposition activists. the european union goals for
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an urgent investigation, israeli jews continue to be allowed into the alex the most compound, despite warnings, the controversial tour.


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