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tv   Al Jazeera World South Africa The Imam Who Fought Apartheid  Al Jazeera  May 24, 2021 4:00am-4:56am +03

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people empower investigate the israel drone dealers on a just from the for villas of correct. so the battle fields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge ah, challenges there with me. so robin doha, reminder of our top needs stories. the head of the human aid agency for palestinians has called the international support to find a long term solution to the israel palestinian conflict. felipe lazarus and he says it's essential to address israeli occupation and displacement of people to and the cycle of violence or diplomatic added to james space has more from west jerusalem at a news conference at one of its buildings in garza, which was itself damaged during the bombardment,
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the un brief reporters. the intensity of the strikes were without pause. too many homes were lost and loved ones are gone. many people told me they feel helpless and even hopeless. they have no control over their lives. parents say they cannot reassure their children that this won't happen again. the head of the un agency that looks after palestinians said that while humanitarian aid and reconstruction funding, when now essential, they were in themselves, not enough. it is not the replacement for piece of the human rights of all the root causes of the conflict, remain the occupation default displacement of which we had a strong reminder in ships lately. the blockade and the cycle of violence or remain. these must be result, all eyes will be on the us secretary of state anthony blinking,
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who visit the region on wednesday is vitally important that the palestinians feel hope and have opportunity and can live in security just as it is for israelis. and there should be equal measures in a, in a democratic society. that is, i think, an obligation of the, of any government. so a somewhat different tone from washington. but what's most important is what secretary blinking didn't say he gave no indication that he's going to try to restart active diplomacy, leading to negotiations between the israelis and palestinians. james bayes, i'll just sarah west jerusalem. the palestinian foreign ministry has warned that israeli settlers all through the alex a most compound risk undermining a cease fire. fire palestinians were detained as israeli forces and go to jewish settlers around site the 1st time in 3 weeks. meanwhile, both the border crossings between israel and garza have been temporarily closed off
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with hulu. tons more. this has got normally what those are. they don't give a specific reason, except for security reasons. nobody understand what are the security reasons, because normally they don't get explanation. that's why most of the time gaza has been the crossing of god has been closed for several years. this open over the the discussion of the issue of god god, this is the biggest open present and controlled by 3 crossing to controlled by egypt by israel. one for personal, one for good. on the 3rd one, put blood, but you did most of the of the time it glowed for security reasons because of the safety of stability in the sinai. in other news, dollars has been accused of thinking a bomb threat to full a passenger jet to land in order to seasonal position journalists. now the us has condemned valerie for diverting the flight and has called for the immediate release
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of the journalist. the u. s. has imposed economic and security restrictions on the if you have a role in a b says in the to gray region, visa restrictions have been placed on if you open and retrain government officials implicated in the killings of thousands of people since november lava from a volcanic eruption has covered dozens of homes and eastern democratic republic of congo. multiple tremors felton game on sunday, bringing concerns of further lava flows. at least 15 people were killed, most of those and accidents as thousands sled their homes. it's almost a year since george floyd's death bought protests around the world about police brutality and racism, his family and those of other black victims of police shootings gathered in the city of minneapolis to commemorate his death. those with headlines about with more news and hoffman. here on al jazeera next it's out there a world to stay with us the
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. ready news. ready ah south africa today is often known as the rainbow nation, a multi racial society whose 1st black president in 1994, nelson mandela, encouraged tolerance, equality and harmony among a previously heavily divided people. mandela's policy was at sharp armed with the countries past. a nation in which state sponsored racism in the form of apartheid touched every corner of society, leaving
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a state of injustice that endured for decades. while the world is familiar with mandela's, remarkable story from prisoner to president. relatively little is known about some of the other campaigners of the period, including one muslim, a preacher and a family mat. on me, i grew up with many stories about my grandfather, among many stories of him as a hero. as a mater, often people will talk about the earthquake and how he inspire many people in, in the anti apartheid struggle, especially in the western cape. i grew up with the book, the killing of the mom and the cover of the book with the man falling down, the says, and they will talk about him as a mom. right?
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he would have this title. so for me, as a kid, i thought must have been an amazing, important man. the man was a man do la heroin, a community leader born in 1923 in the shadow of cape towns table mountain. ah, he was a determined struggle for justice and equality that would eventually cost him his life. ah, with me.
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the over 15 years after her runes death, mood blend, vince half africa gathered to celebrate the life of the anti apartheid campaign. he rose to prominence in 1955 when age only 32. he put his name forward to become the youngest. every man of cape towns al jemima he was a man who clearly broke the mold. his western appearance, sharp suit striped shirt with matching couplings were hardly traditional, a mom dress. some thought that his modern useful style made him unfit for the role. but how rude presented his personal vision and not for the last time, one over heart and mind. what happened was that there was an opportunity at
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a, at the local my street in clermont and many of these positions they have elections . and literally he won by a small margin because there are other candidates as well. and they say, even each father was one, will go to the game scene because they felt age is an important thing for a person to become a new mom. they did not consider knowledge and wisdom as important things they considered age is an important thing. but mom proved him wrong. he had, he had far more wisdom and far more insight than even the older ones that existed in get the young man hit the ground running, setting up adult education classes, charing debates and breathing new life into the masks. busy weekly activities. today, south africa has it besides all problems. but the 19 sixty's was very different
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times the white national party government introduced apartheid a system of institutionalized racial segregation. a divided south africans racially dictating their political, economic, and social right. the minority white population dominated the majority of black africans who had few rights under apartheid indians and mixed race. people so called colored had some additional privileges. if you want to understand what is a part, they look at ease of occupied palestine. it's a settler community that came from outside. they both infrastructure and very efficient infrastructure as well. and now they say, we own the land, we are going to you. but what they did was it, which was white on the one side and what they considered none white, it's not the term that i expect except because none white means you are
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a non person. but in, for the sake of reference, but they to the none white and further divided them into 3 basic lou groups africans, or as a referred to them as native candids and indians. and they gave each of these 3 groups different or lesser privileges. so the indians will probably the most privileged of the 3 groups, then you had the colors. and then we had the africans was an 8th many muslim leaders in south africa and known as the o. m. i opted not to campaign actively against apartheid, preferring not to rock political, but muslims in apartheid where for a long period they did not take a very political staff, they were rather loyal in loyalty to the ruling system. there is an interesting
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quotation that is written in the muslim news. this is a religious movie newspaper in 64 and they wrote has the government forbidden the worship of law and the spreading of islam. has the government close down or ordered the the demolish men of any mosque in a declared wide area? if the government has ordered us us as muslims to deserve the faith of our forefathers, then our will, emma would have been the 1st to urge us to resist even to this ends are welcome to what became drive time. i'm sure it wasn't us when they come university, the western cape received the grant from agenda equity or weekly africa report, and off to 5 tomorrow shall be one year on what's happening. in fact, the interesting thing about him, i'm hoping that when he started to become politically aware,
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when he started to talk about political awareness and remember, political awareness, this african in those days was about basic human rights. unfortunately, and this is a big blot on our community. a lot of the altima of the time, a lot of the community elders of the time, told him to keep quiet. they said he was going and doing things that was going to cause trouble. ah, but rather than avoiding trouble, the young man room seemed to attract it. the mom and the mass community devoted a lot of time and effort to helping local poor and under privileged families. harun gave special attention to the families whose breadwinners had been forced into exile or had died fighting the apartheid regime. his focus was on seeking justice
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and speaking out against the whole range of unfair treatment. i think when, when need to, 1st of all, look at the mom's political activism, it didn't just suddenly happen where he realized, you know, these are political struggle and i have to get involved. it was a process for the mom is one. and the process started when the mom, because of his social justice conscience, you was a man who had empathy for people who were suffering people that were afflicted in his own community and his own jim eyes and the mom. and he used to be a sales representative for a company that is to sell suites. and he used to go into the townships and he's to see the conditions in the townships. and he started interacting with the people he was
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a consultant even would say to this company called round trees. and i, this gave him the opportunity to be able to go into the different townships, use opportunity. yes. to seldom jacqueline, you know, they probably had shops, but you also use this opportunity to find out what is happening to the families of the, of the people that has been arrested and imprisoned without trial. or they just disappeared without a trace. and he use this opportunity ah, to deepen his political circle and also contacting and affiliating himself to what was kind of deafening. as the south african authorities became increasingly aware of how ruins political activism, the threat to his personal safety also drew him out. harun contacted and emerging
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political opposition movement, the pan african, his congress, the p a. c like the opposition african national congress was heavily opposed to south africa, notorious pass laws. these dictated that black people had to carry identity documents at all times which controlled their movements and access to work. they became one of the most hated aspects of apartheid lance. meanwhile, heroine began to look politically beyond his own muslim community. where mom was of those people who said that we are all human beings, that we must embrace each other. that when we suffer, we suffer together. so not only did him um, transcend the barrier of mother have that he actually brought people together from
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different backgrounds. he ignored and was not interested in whether you are from india or you will from malaysia or from africa that are starting to complain. as anti apartheid resistance image. it would not be long before a boy over into violence. the 21st of march, $960.00, was about to carve itself tragically into south african history. the pan african is congress called for a demonstration against the past laws. a crowd gathered to their resistance to the pass laws, and the township of charlotteville in the old trans, via province. the day started peacefully, but as many as 7000 protesters gathered in front of the police station, just after 1 pm. there was an altercation between the officer in charge and the demonstration leaders. there were $168.00 police, and they opened fire. chaos ensued. by the end of the day,
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$69.00 demonstrators lay dead and hundreds more where we injured. what we now know as a sharp fail massacre became a notorious event in south africa, has travelled, history, abilene high, roon was not at sharp fil. however, those close to him states that the massacre moved him to intensify his resistance to apartheid. firstly, had challenges with in his community. but clearly many people were aware that this man was not moving in comfortable circles. that not only was he speaking against the government, but that he was actually actively working to bring them down by the 960. that, that the government had already been, and 2 of the major political organizations, meaning it was illegal to be a member of them. so chavo mexican is one of those points in our history that separate that stands as
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a beacon of chair of the challenge to the up at the government. so when you mom out and joined up with. and here's the interesting thing. he worked closely with these people. he never joined the organizations. it was very close with him, but they are part of government when he saw that those people from that background, they immediately associated with him. from 6 months later, in october 1960, there was a referendum, restricted to white voters on whether south africa should break its ties with britain and become a republic. south africa had been a member of the british commonwealth since 926. as a self governing dominion of the british empire, it was a bitter divisive campaigns, the republic inside united under the slogan, to re unite and keep south africa white. me. the result was close. a
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narrow victory for the governing white national party of henry award. with the referendum, having now already passed the republic of south africa was constituted on the 31st of may 1961. the majority black population reacted with horror. a 3 day general strike was called. which man have ruined, supported by encouraging muslims to fast for 3 days of peaceful protest that a man's action was remarkable at a time when few muslims in south africa opposed the government. so overtly, he just wanted to make sure the well being are taken care of. but this also opened his eyes and his mind into what was happening and how cool the guy apart. the government was during the time of a party and was my father's involvement with the african people in language and a younger googling to he. he obviously met with brothers
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that saw how he communicated with him. and i remember my mother was just to say that ah, when you, we were living in the same area, not in this particular house, but in a different house. they used to come and visit my father many times at the house or mean it casual. come and my father will take them away. me. throughout the 1900 sixty's, a man harun continued to live a double life. outwardly, he was a religious and community leader, a family man. but at the same time, he was committed political activists opposing south africa, apartheid regime whenever possible. occasionally these 2 roles combined as they did in 1968 when he went on a pilgrimage to his lamb's holiest city mac. from there he travelled to cairo and onwards to london,
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where he met the leadership in exile of south africa as opposition groups. he also developed close ties with a christian organisation and channeled money from british sympathizes to support families of political detainees and victims of the charlotteville massacre. when he came in london, he met with a priest by the name of cannon john columns. and this man was the need of an organization that channeled money into south africa and gave money, particularly to the families of those people who were detained and party. and he found in manhattan a hon and honest men with whom he could convey the money and support people. and so mom became a diabetic challenge to the, the government. they saw that if we're, if the father of this house and mom comes in the brings food to that house, he pays the rent, he looks after the children and then they are defeated. and so they've been very
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angry about how you mom continued to help, especially those people who are imprisoned on robin island. and in various presence you see this newspaper which shows another part of his life, which he was a travel specialist. you build up this, this image of this man who's a, my father, political activist and he worked for wilson rodriguez. but then curiously, he's also like a travel specialist. what is he doing for me? he's hustling, right? he's just like the number of things in order to yet to get her out to meet people, to maybe it was a way for him to travel towards the end of his london trip. abdulla had ruined received news that the south african security services were aware of his clandestine activities,
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and that his life was endangered. returning to cape town, he learned that full campaign had been arrested and had later died in police custody. the official cause of death was given as suicide. he continued both his activism and charity work and received funds from his close friend and anti apartheid campaigner canon john collins, and his british supporters. on the morning of the 28th of may 1969. as a man, heroine was preparing for a major muslim religious commemoration. he was summoned to the notorious state security office in cape towns, cadon square. as he left the house, he assured his wife and family that he'd be back safely that evening. it was a promise that to no fault of his own, he was unable to keep he continued to do that,
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which people considered that was very dangerous. and people who remember him at different ways. but that part which was the most dangerous, he took all, i mean stuff. and he was always conscious that people, that security police were watching him. he was also very conscious that the security police had a monkeys jama. and in various places that you went amongst the muslims, he, they had people were paid to tell stories about him. but he was away that he was caused, standing, the house white men sitting watching what he was doing. so in that way, he was aware that they were interested in what he was doing, and he used to take a lot of questions. so if he needed to go and see people who are members of band
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organizations, he'll ask one student while take me from point a to point b, then ill ask separately to another one. come fetch me by point b and takes me to point c. c was video away of these types of precautions that needed to be taken days of detention turned in 2 weeks and then months still, the police interrogation of abdulla harville and continued. they wanted to know absolutely everything about his political activities, where he went, who he met, and what he said. the police intelligence was detailed. the asked about his secret meetings with south african opposition leaders in exile and a home day and on his friendship with canon john collins, whom the mom had 1st met on the steps of saint paul's cathedral in london. so while the police asked a lot of questions, it seemed they already knew the answers in her room and waited for the police to
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press charges. but yet none came a majority in all of them. in what i have of the day of there was still very much itched in my mind. and i didn't remember the police coming the morning to our home. i wasn't at school and they my, my father, i remember my father telling my mother that he didn't come in school lee, that they want to speak to me at the callaghan scree that he went to prison in the city of kept down the message, the police gave to the community, they could see that the mob had this power to go villas, this community which is very small, but quite strong economically and the strong in history in the country and very close community. and so i think it was this preemptive strike
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that they wanted to take him or to shake him up before he had the chance to gather a body of people in coming up. when friends become enemies and those you trust, become treacherous. unfortunately, that was a spy for the apartheid regime within that group. they've been very close friends like a family living together. for decades, criminals made millions trafficking drugs to thailand. 11 east explore where the country has now become the 1st in se, asia legalize medical marijuana on al jazeera growing up in march and unforgiving circumstances. children learn to play dangerous game. the thing is to have worn down by frustration and broken promises. young men living
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under the constant threat of imprisonment took me to the chief and blindfolded me the time for them to regain control of their lives is when the boys return prison 9 . inside and out on al jazeera, the us is always of interest to people. all right, well, people pay attention to this on here and i'll do this very good at bringing the news to the world. from here. the health of humanity is at the stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health. delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments and the vaccine. keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab. now, more than ever, the world needs
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w h. making a healthy a world for you everyone. oh i don't see on there with me sell rahman and reminder of our top stories, the head of the you and agents, evil palestinians as called for international support to find a long term solution to the israel palestinian conflict. felipe lazarus, any sense it's essential to address israeli occupation, a displacement of people to end the cycle of violence? while the panama city and foreign ministry has war that israeli settler tools through the ac? so most compound risk undermining a sci fi. 5 palestinians were detained as israeli forces, a quarter jewish settlers around the site for the 1st time in 3 weeks. meanwhile,
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both the border crossings between israel and garza have been temporarily closed without salut as mol. this is guys, normally what days are. they don't go give a specific reason except for security reasons. nobody understand what are you to get a good reason because normally they don't give explanation. that's why most of the time gaza has been think of god has been closed for several years. this open over the discussion of the issue of god god, this is the biggest open air president and the wall. it's controlled by 3 crossing to controlled by egypt by israel, one for personal, one for good. on the 3rd one. put the road, but you did most of the, of the 5 is close for security reasons because of the safety and stability in the sinai. valerie has been accused of facing a bomb threat to force a passenger jet to land in order to seize an opposition journalist. the u. s. has
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condemned valerie for diverting the flight and has called for an immediate release of the journalist. the us as imposed economic council with the restrictions on ethiopia over its role in abuses in the gray region. these restrictions have been placed on the open and retrain government officials implicated in the killings of thousands of people since november. the us secretary of state says the sanctions are aimed at forcing the pierre to resolve the crisis which began after regional forces attacked federal military bases into gray. it's almost a year since george floyd's death spark protests around the world about police brutality and races and his family and those of other black victims of police shootings have gathered in the us city of minneapolis to commemorate his death. because all of the stories on the website down to 7 dot come back with more news and just and a half. and now we return to algebra or world to stay with us. it
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was $969.00 and the south african anti apartheid activist. the dual ruin was being held without trial in cape town, notorious cadon square police station. despite being a high profile community leader and editor of the cities monthly newspaper, there was relatively little public outcry over his detention. my house was part of the board of muslim news. the newspaper and one should expect that when one member of the board, if i was in detention, that there is an article about it. but that was interesting. that led, they did not really react on this. and they, they wrote with him. news is not a political paper and does not publish political views on news. it only concerns itself with the religious and social needs of the muslim community. whatever
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political views him, her own expressive, is entirely his own views as not in the come passive t, as editor of them, which the muse it's, it's a big distance that they, they make and, and it's we are, we are clean and it's his problem and not our problem, and i think this tells you a lot about the, the most in position me from the 28th of may until the 19th of august. he was skipped in one place, which is now referred to as central police station. and he was skipped the without being any contact with anybody. and so they would say that like normal people go to work, they'll come in at 8 o'clock. and they would question the mom from 8 o'clock in the morning till 4 o'clock in the afternoon. and then they say,
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sometimes i used to do night shift. they interrogate the mom from 6 o'clock in the evening. those 6 o'clock in the morning. ok. so this was there a round the clock the way these to continue to interrogate? ah ah, what my father this to in many to go out later. christian. how did that was that the froth and the the the thermal flask inside and the out of part of the frost would separate and in my mum send him biscuit to prison. cream, correct? a biscuits. i don't know if you know by group but on the cardboard used to write
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the letters addressed to her and letters addressed to the lead barney to say it was a member of the b, a, c, the pan, african national congress movement. so that his house, the leases got out of prison. so the police, they picked up that but that he, he smuggled out quite a few little room, contacted one of the london activities bonnie decide your use attention later this i would become the mom's biographer. this particular paper is where one of the 1st notes 1st coming out. he writes, needs that on these papers and he gets it smuggled as by his young son mohammed who comes to bring him some food and drinks. and he manages to smuggle this information
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out to my father who was living in london. the effect of the letters of my father, for as his children was very traumatic, he felt somehow that he was responsible. because the mom i been to see him and then organize to do certain things together, arrange for money for support for the people inside the country. and he felt that the mom hadn't been there to see him, that the mom would still be alive, and this tortured him and made him very depressed for many years. he had to put he had to document the story and had a very devastating effect on the family
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for a total of a $123.00 days. abdul had ruined was held at caledonia square police station. only those who were there can truly know what happened over those 4 long months. but it is known that how ruined was subject to torture reports the merged beatings with police battens, 2 broken ribs, serious bruising, electrocution and needles, being stuck in her own spine. mr. bunny decided became the person within that i some book about his life later on. and in the he told about 2 types of questions that they were asking. the one that they were asking was largely about was he giving money to canon john collins, put money into your account, then you gave the money to who those types of questions. and so, of course,
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given the length of time that the mom was held, it was clear that the mom did not give them the answers they wanted. the 2nd issue is that they considered him, mom had an, as somebody as a recruiter of young people which you were sending outside of the country to get military training but which they would then fight the government. so in there this clear reference to the military wing of the pen, african it's congress in one of these letters. and then of course, a clear indication to cc you can and can and columns a fortunately never spy for the apartheid regime within that group. they've been very close friends like a family living together and the em inadvertently found out about this
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by when he heard the special branch over speaking and saying this, bonnie know that kenny sold him out. now that made perfect sense because of all the other people that were in the room, but this is something the mom overheard. so this is, this kind of information is contained in this part of the document that the other side of the, of the, of the cracker. so i think that this information, when they do open an inquest into the death of the mom, we will now be able to lay to rest who actually betrayed, betrayed awe. unable to visit the mom while he was in detention, his family grew increasingly concerned about him. support came from a british born top african politician katherine taylor,
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who raised the mom's detention in parliament. the police minister replied that it was not in the public interests to comment on her rules. detention on the 27th of september, 1969. the police revealed that mom, her room had fallen down a small stake case in the police station. and as a result of the fall, had died me . he managed buddy was found in the morning of 975969 in maitland police station. so the local policeman was, they opened up and you found him on the body slammed on the floor and they then the security police informed us wife that the mom had died over 50 years
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later, ruined family still refused to accept the claim of accidental guest given the overwhelming weight of evidence to the contrary. when i go to the police station where he was found dead, where he spent the last few months. and i with but to see where he lived his final moments. but also to see the stairs that they said he fell down like 2 or 3 steps. very big. mm mm. so yeah, it's a space that also over all the years, is people talking about it will rude. what he did had never been explored. so to go there myself, who's moving for me because i felt so suddenly seated,
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but also i felt good. i felt kind of connected, more connection with him and away as a grandson. ah, really informed as a family that our father, what we knew was he was killed by falling down a few tracks of steve. and as his children, we never believed that our father was killed. we knew that he was tortured because when the body came home on the 29th of september of 1969. my brother remembers very clearly that his body was be bruised. for he was badly tortured. i didn't see the black body, but all i can tell you, i saw his face. and then when i went to create my father, i remember somebody in the family pick me up and another room taking my hands and i kept his cheeks with the hands. and the list of the many
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a part of the face was sad, but a part of his face was happy, but there was a sense of peace. me what independent pathology reports also indicated was they were serious injuries. for example, a number of ribs were broke. he had him um, how to head a blood clot to he moved team and at the base of the scope of the spine, a big upon the base of the spine at the bottom of the back. so mom harpoons and what if one looks at the extent of these injuries was not just given a few blows over a period of a date. pathology reports indicate that he was actually beaten over a period of days and a sustained beating over probably 10 or 14 days before he actually tied
4:45 am
the, the funeral showed totally different responds because for the muslim community for the individuals, let's put it like this. also in the muslim community, you have the impression they, they just woke up from, from, from a deep sleep. and the funeral was much more than a funeral procession. it was rather a political demonstration. and just imagine it's 30000 people who just came from all all over all directions and, and attended. the funeral the
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the people have worked with mom, body with these been for over a film. and they had had him an over 60000 people. it was a report and had followed him and over 60000 people of all walks of life and they came to this graveyard. and one of the strangest things happened, and that is the 1st time the security police themselves wanted to decide where to be modern. and they chose to betty, right on top. where people with no families or people who are not knowing, especially when those will be buried. and they stood there. that is great for him. but the people of cape dun and the muslims in particular, decided that he will be buried in this prime position. right in front amongst the leaders, both religious leaders, endlessly political leaders. in fact, in the matter and by the time this good people realize he had been buried already
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because they were so many people, they couldn't see what was happening. that night, young people thought that the security police a dig up, is going to even take him back and talk. but unless he had no dilated his own plan, and for the 1st time ever recorded these 30 cape donated expedients a mess of earthquake in a distant place. but the tremors were felt at idea in this month. but it was such a powerful tremor that the security police anyway that evening's earthquake measured fixed point 3 on the richter scale, it remains the most destructive tremor in 5 african history. mm. so in terms of the, the way nature is funded to the denies of the burial model. and we always expected an example of god's presence god's anger and also
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the affirmation that this was a child of god. this the shade was a tale of god. so was it so nature of farm for us was a sign and it was the voice, the earthquake was the voice of god and of the the fact that the file is not close, the file is never been closed on steve baker, for example. the file has not been closed on i'm a tumult for example. so many people have died in detention. we still haven't got the answers. and even the truth and reconciliation commission couldn't get close to the truth. and some families like him, i'm her ruins, family decided not to testify at the truth and reconciliation commission because it didn't feel it was going to get to me anyway. while the search for truth continues so do efforts to preserve the memory of him. i do not have
4:49 am
a cause. we know we lived in the area of about 8 and the nationalist party at that time a white supreme government which suppressed the people of the rent. but here we capture those guiding a party detention specifically from the 963 until the 1990. 0, how ever you'll find that some of the people were captured yet some of the heroes of the liberation struggle to see people like the name 9063, so they might legit. and then the next 5 gotten jamie we look at later on tonight. the law, if i michael james wrinkle and 7100 team, all the new, let us people across the street. these were stalwarts in the struggle and you find that it captures all those 117 people of all we know that have been documented as ever been killed in a part a prisoner. so as we say recognizes heroes in remembering him of the law drawn on
4:50 am
him up the road, we remind the world do not forget those who died in detention harun. sweet o died in 2019 leave. 50 years to the day after her husband. sometimes he anything produces a bit, it's been fiction. so the passing of we call her and he telling me how to the passing of antique you must cartoon was probably no skill. i took it in for it, and that's good. if you knows, we can say, but things happen along those bits. but re, as ordinary human beings, we want to put meanings to thing. and i think it's important to give meaning to anything that happens in our life, and i am, i will, apologetically give meaning to the fact that mom haroun and his wife were buried on
4:51 am
the same day, more or less at the same time. it's probably a message message from a spiritual world when you put the battery that we have to estimate except and give significant we arranging the exhibition on the life of the mom of the law. and we up as you making sure that the story of the life of the modern follows the current logical pattern and the boards cover different aspects of his life such as come in that a things torture and murder in detention and for years afterwards, the member is still alive and the perpetuation of the struggle in the memory or struggle is always continues for wherever they either need for justice. they
4:52 am
there's, there's a need to respond to be able to manifest justice wherever this operation and corruption and injustice. and here we see at the foot of you and the lion's head, we find the auto deputy, the muslim of the law. don't, don't forget the must remain it. but the government in that time removed all the people from the area so that it became a white area, and most teams could not stay there. but up to today, people went for for july and it continued until now it's still in effect, we had the combination of gift limitation at emergent when we see this is the person in town where he was questioning, interrogated and show some of the buildings, governmental structures, to indicate how there was this overwhelming attack on the margin. but nonetheless, this has survived in the foreground and in fact, the artwork one the 2nd prize in the international competition. me
4:53 am
one of the original versions of the book that my father wrote called the killing of the mom. he wrote this book, i think to keep the memory alive, but also for him. it was a car critic experience to put this right. this book because he felt so guilty about the fact that the image was tortured and killed in detention because he'd been with my father and john collins and other people to promote the book and as many forms as they can. the people, the youngsters who weren't around 50 years ago, people from all faith, but even more so from those from following islam should know who the matter was. who sacrificed himself for the struggle. a man do, la roon was the 1st cleric of any faith to die in custody under south africa is
4:54 am
apartheid regime. after his death, his friend count and john collins held a memorial service as saint paul's cathedral. ah, it was the 1st time unless lynn had been on it at the cathedral in this way. his life and death stand for more than resistance to apartheid. abdougla had ruined, transcended barriers, preached a message of tolerance, and strove to achieve social justice. emma harun never live to see the end of apartheid in the early 19 ninety's. but his contribution to the struggle against it will always be his lasting legacy. ah, ah, i me
4:55 am
just goes to algiers and tune is here to meet some of the world's most passion, football fan. my soul, my love to go to the stadium. loyal supporters, all football, hooligan, waving streams, fandom can have life changing consequences. don't remember how it only felt the flame burning deadly game, algerian and she dizzy and on al jazeera ah, ah ah ah ah.


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