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[000:00:00;00] ah, the fragile peace between israel and palestine, the un warns the cycle of violence will repeat unless the roots of the conflicts are properly addressed and tensions flare, the blacks are compound after jewish israelis are allowed to enter. ah, hello barbara, sarah, this is al jazeera, alive from london, also coming out calls for sanctions against a roof after a passenger jet is diverted to minsk and then opposition. activist is the premier,
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is continuing the democratic republic of congo after the erection of one of the world's most active volcanoes. ah, without sorting the underlying issues, the fragile piece field between fragile peace between israel and palestine in groups that st just its 3rd day will not last. that's the stark assessment from the head of the un agency for palestinians, who said a cycle of violence will continue if the occupation and displacement of people is not addressed. a more immediate concerning garza and the occupied was frank. there was an increase in corona virus infections. the palestinian health minister says israel's actions were to blame. and even if the rockets have stopped the tensions are not far below the surface palestinians were cleared out of the black some most compounded occupied east jerusalem. and some employees are arrested,
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as is really police escorted more than 100 jewish visitors through england's 3rd holiest site or clashes just 2 weeks ago helped lead to the conflict. while our diplomatic attitude james base reports now from west jerusalem on the diplomatic efforts, the focus on a long term solution. at a news conference at one of its buildings in garza, which was itself damaged during the bombardment, the un briefed reporters, the intensity of the strikes were without pause. too many homes were lost and loved ones are gone. many people told me they feel helpless. and even hopeless, they have no control over their lives. parents say they cannot reassure their children that this won't happen again. the head of the un agency that looks off to palestinians said that wall humanitarian aid and reconstruction funding, when now essential. they were in themselves,
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not enough. it is not the replacement for piece of the human rights of all the root causes of the conflict, remain the occupation default displacement of which we had a strong reminder in ships lately. the blockade and the cycle of violence or remain. these must be result. next week, all eyes will be on the us secretary of state antony blinking, who visit the region on wednesday is vitally important that the palestinians feel hope and have opportunity and can live in security just as it is for israelis . and there should be equal measures in a, in a democratic society. that is, i think, an obligation of the, of any government. so a somewhat different tone from washington. but what's most important is what secretary blinking didn't say he gave no indication that he's going to try to restart active diplomacy,
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leading to negotiations between the israelis and palestinians. james bayes out just era west jerusalem during the violence, israel's prime minister said everything possible was done to avoid harming innocent civilians. the military warned to some garza residence of upcoming strikes by phone or by water cold roof knox dropping small charges warning people to evacuate. but in one maneuver, people didn't get any warning of what was to come, hurry for, it explains now from northern gaza. on the 4th night of the war, we watched his israeli artillery launched a huge attack on garza. israel later said it was a deception to make come us think an invasion was coming. the effect here in beta here was death and displacement. there were no telephone warnings here. nasa, ferris tells me about the 4 children he lost that evening. they died just a few short steps away where they gathered with the family on the 1st day of eat.
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now there are just reminders here of lives ended in the teens and twenties. i saw them, i was overwhelmed. i fell down. i woke up 15 minutes later. i asked what had happened . they said nothing. i went back in and saw the bodies again, not bodies, just pieces all over this area. incredibly, there were also 2 survivors, a 13 year old girl and an 8 months old cousin at the rough man's father was 1st told he was dead then that he being transferred to the main hospital in gaza city. and i found him, he was colored in blood, he was sitting in, i see you for 5 hours and there was one fragment in his that it was serious injury . and there was lots of shrapnel all over his body. but others were killed in separate glass. this is 2 doors down from the romans house. at 45 year old woman killed on her stairway. we've been seeing morning tends like this one being set up
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. pretty much everywhere we go around garza usually. they are outside a specific home, a specific family. this one is for an entire neighborhood. the fake invasion was designed to send hammers and other fighters into tunnels and defensive positions, only to be hit by artillery and air strikes of massive, concentrated power. a military spokesman told me dozens were believed to be killed . from a distance the landscape around butler he had does contain what could be new damage . we could only though, see from a distance, hamas does not allow the open filming of military installations still less damaged ones. invade le here nasa, ferris insist, there was no military target anywhere near his devastated street. across the street, i asked of the romans father, what he now hopes for for his son's life. peace and safety. he says, as for all children are full, said al jazeera northern garza. meanwhile, both of the border crossings between israel and gaza have been closed. checkpoints
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were briefly opened on friday, allowing foreign journalists to enter the strip. israel is also close access to garza from the sea. the un has urged the greater access to the strip and the cross things are key to the delivery of much needed medical supplies, food and fuel. so what i'll tell you is, and garza says, israel has given nuclear explanation for the closures. this is normally what those are. they don't give a specific reason except for security reasons. nobody understands what are the security reasons, because normally they don't give explanation. that's why most of the time. 1 gaza has been of god has been closed for several years. this open over the discussion of the issue of god. god is consider the biggest open air president and the wall. it's controlled by 3 crossing to control by egypt, by israel, one for personal, one for good. on the 3rd one, put blood, but you did most of the,
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of the blood for security reasons because of the safety and stability in the sinai. so guys has been under emergency basis, most of the let's say the food or the aid or even for the industrial comes through guys are under a specific very restricted measure control by that is still there is no indication for longer or tedious opening for the with the few guys i still love $3000.00 and fishermen are not allowed to go to the sea on a few on the fish and also still the rows of guys are so close that municipality is trying to fix as much of the code to solve the problem. of their profit on the roof is being accused the faking a bomb threat. the force the passenger jet to the ground in order to season
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opposition. journalist rover protests of which was on board a commercial flight when it was a score to 2 minutes after reports, the war explosives on board. leaders from across europe are now demanding immediate explanations and sanctions against the bella roost government. nadine barber reports. this is ramona protest, savage co founder of next or an opposition media channel in belarus. he's now in detention in his home country where he's on a list of individuals accused of terrorist activities. flight truck, his site showed his ryan air flight from athens to vilnius, where he was living changed course, just 2 minutes from the lithonian border. the official bella, russia news agency reported that president alexander lucas shanker, had personally ordered a fighter jet to escort the plane to minsk the cross later continued its journey without ram and protest savage. look, the shanker is sort of testing the, the tolerance of the you showing that he can get along with, even at the,
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at the background of the strange relations with the west and being under sanctions and condemnation. and his legitimacy is not true. ignited by you literature can still make this powerful moves prosecuted his opponents, even those who manage to escape route. lithuanian president has called it an abortion section up and called on nato. and the european union to respond were still in the preparation of the 4th sanction package. which is being proposed to the $27.00. i think it has to be adopted immediately. and obviously we, we need to consider either adding companies like the lobby or to a 4th baggage. if that would be not possible, then we should consider the package that would also take into account the events of today. bella rosie's exiled opposition leader sped lorna. taken off,
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squire is calling of the international civil aviation organization to start an investigation and for sanctions to be placed on the look of shank government wouldn't question for you each not was total. today. lucas shanker personally call it an international again to used military aircraft and civilians of bella, bruce and european countries, to reprise a single person where no one else is safe than anyone can be in vermont prentice savages play with this live on the lion, the european commission president has called betters his action utterly unacceptable. while poland, his prime minister, has called on the head of the european council to discuss sanctions on beller roofs . at a shadow meeting on monday. president lucas shank and claimed victory in an election last summer. which opponents say with clearly raked unprecedented protests by supporters of the opposition were violently disrupted. human rights groups say since last august,
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around 35000 people have been detained with dozens receiving jail terms. the dean bother al jazeera while our lee. i spoke the front like the corker, the senior advisor to the bill of roofing opposition, leaders of atlanta, and she's on the sky up. he says the incident on sunday is further proof. the president, look a shank must be sanctioned who shouldn't look for logic behind his actions. he is desperate. he's losing control in the, in the country. they're the only power he has right now is his violence. he uses army police cage, be a criminal police in order to persecute opponents and what we saw today, this is the signs of frustration and the weakness, if the regime and the position is strong, he doesn't behave like location could be, have to de, just stop in the airplane with fighter jets. so i think right now this is the moment to put pressure on lucas shameka to show that it's not acceptable to impose
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maximum sanctions on the human, his cronies. and finally, to support civil society because there are millions of billing sounds. could don't want to leave under this regime, who did not vote for him, but was against them. he loves the selections, and this people need support from the west badly from the democratic world. at least 14 people, including a child, have died after a cable car fell to the ground in north. initially, the incident happened near the final pilot on the route to the summit of the motor on a mountain where the cables are particularly high of the ground. a 2nd child is also being treated a hospitable children for serious injuries. the love of flow from a volcanic eruption into democrats, republic of congo has come close to, but narrowly spared that the city of goma, several houses were destroyed. as the molten rock surged to the cities outskirts, with 15 people killed in accidents as they fled their homes. while from web reports,
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lava started gushing out of mountain, you're gone, guys. on saturday night, the volcano is on the edge of goma city of about 2000000 people. the river of molten rock stopped on the outskirts of the city, nor before destroyed dozens of homes. some of them with people trapped inside me, but i had lost 140, including my sister in law burg here in the house. oh me. what happened here is almost normal as this is the 1st time i just see this in my life. the last option 20 years ago, even more damage. so this time, some people lost everything they own. to say i little to know what you to the whole neighborhood to go up in smoke. the fire came right down to here, you know, even now we can still see lava, because we climbed the volcano 4 years ago. wildlife ranges take tourists on trip to the summit in the crater as a top. you can see the lava lake glowing and seal its heat,
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its way simmering at every so often erupt. of an active volcano is not a very safe place for a city. the people living here don't have anywhere else to go. the government promise to help the people here don't expect much from the authorities. they failed to give any warning, in spite of vulcan ologist, detecting seismic movements earlier this month. you as a gun work if you could. how could it be that the volcanic erupt when the population is in the city? they should have given us advance notice to vacate by the by, can you believe the house of the burning when the population is still here? we've lost all our documents, all her education tickets and all because we did not do thousands of people left the city mostly on foot when the erupt began. many a still scared to go home. since the options are being repeated tremors, people worry that will disturb the volcano and the lava will start flowing again.
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malcolm web al jazeera cells become here on al jazeera. wow bulging criticism over is handling of the can. demick, brazil's president leads a defiant motorbike rally with supporters, and some people have dubbed the dam of death. but will these protesters change the georgia and government's energy plan? ah hello, we had a cold friend punch across western australia. it's kicked down the temperature in perth to 17 degrees and we're going to see that rain activity drape itself over south australia into victoria and has mania as well. and you know, i think we may even see some thunderstorms rumbles,
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some jolts and bolts for melbourne on tuesday. also seen quite wild weather across new zealand bowl. in particular the north island i should say with this disturbance . you know, folks that heads up this the wind gusts, 90 kilometers per hour. not only monday, but tuesday is wall. now come to stay. this rain looks like it will ease some across areas of the north island. take you to southeast china right now where we have seen some heavy rain that's starting to transfer out toward taiwan. and this is concerning because we know that taiwan is suffering its worse stroke in more than half a century. so the ground won't be able to absorb all of that rain to be a bank. all the indian meteorology call department has warned that this disturbance in the bay have been go, will become a psychotic storm by monday. i take you now out toward wednesday. that's when we think the eye of the storm is going to make landfall in between odessa and westbank . all, you know, we can't rule out 10200,
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even 300 millimeters of rain here. the in the 1st episode of science in a golden age, i'll be exploring the contributions made my scholars during the medieval slamming period in the field of politics. professor jim alcholay li brings the brilliance of a past and light. last point incredible, so much doesn't real. all we've done is block out the light from a room and then allow it to come to the school episode one of science in a golden age on 0. ah ah, back is a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera,
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the head of the un agency for palestinians has warned peace between israel and palestine will not last unless underlying issues are addressed. he said the cycle of violence will continue if occupation and displacement is not resolved. both of the border crossings between israel and gaza. meanwhile, has been closed with the un warning that it disrupt the delivery of much needed medical supplies, food and fuel. checkpoints were briefly opened on friday for foreign journals, and bella, bruce has been accused of breaking a bomb threat to force a passenger jet to the ground in order to seize on the opposition journalists, roman protests of which was flying from greece to the. so anyways, when the plane was ordered the 2 minutes despite the number of new cases dropping substantially, india still reported more than 3700 corona v. that's on saturday. now the
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government knows her that she is denying reports that hundreds of teachers died after helping with elections last month. unions say they were threatened with suspension or pay cuts if they didn't. elizabeth per annum reports from new delhi, tens of millions of people turned out to elect local council leaders in the state of the days or the full days in april. as india was recording the walls highest number of corona vars cases. now union, se 1600 teachers who were forced to go on pulling duty have died from colored 19. that includes me 2 things. husband, rajiv, who attended this training session and my brother bob on april 25th. gonna give us a quote on us and we can go so that he got infected with cobra day. he suddenly felt sick and was struggling to breathe. he told them he wasn't feeling well and wanted to go home. he came home and in the evening and even after saying multiple times,
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he was too sick to work. he was forced to work the next day. roger died from clothing 1912 days later. author page has been one of the states was affected by the corona virus candidate vague. but the baby died after campaigning, and the villages are more about district electron. what about john? look, i'm painting for her. and suddenly one day she complained about the headache and later developed a fever. next morning, the cartridge and those were the doctor asked us to take her to move about city. but she died on her way to miranda, about there was no oxygen to nazi, but she couldn't reach what other about the government and also for the says it enforced harvard lighting protocols such as social distance thing. and that only 3 teachers died from the virus that's denied by the president of the teachers association who told al jazeera the organization repeatedly asked the government to call off the voting as
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a number of becoming ill increased election when if someone has election duty and they don't go, they're absent, they can even be a criminal case, an action against them. they're under a lot of pressure. the nation must, as many teachers who refused to take part, had their salary cut and some remain suspended from work. the government has offered compensation to the families of those. it says died on duty, but teachers association say they must 1st acknowledge the actual number of lives lost. elizabeth prawn of al jazeera daddy. argentina is back under locked down the 9 day restrictions will see schools close than the nighttime curfew in a bit to stop the 3 and a half 1000000 case total from growing annual shrine. la reports from windows. itis we've been here before at the start of the pandemic. it was grim then, but it seems much was now. then there was hope the virus could be contained later,
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the vaccines will provide salvation. that so far hasn't been the case. so we can see, and i'm very aware and fully aware these restrictions create difficulties. faced with this reality, there is no choice but to choose the preservation of life. i'm not going to accept this amount of contagion or death as something natural. yes. only essential businesses remain open. school is a close while religious social and sporting events have been suspended or non essential. workers mistake home between 6 in the evening and 6 in the morning sierra to say i don't, i am going back to year when it was because people are worst of economically. yeah, feeling down. in other words, everything is going backwards. everything backward up, but i mean that, but i think it's good because this way we can control it because the virus won't be controlled. any other way should be more than 9 days. the may 15 days would be good
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. the 2nd wave is killing an average of nearly $500.00 people a day, one of the worst per capita rates in the world. another cold, miserable day when a fire is no way to go and nothing to do with the corona virus more virulent than before. and the vaccine slow to arrive, most he reluctantly accept the nother lockdown is the only way to fight the virus from 5 percent of people who knowledge and teen or receive both maxine be more more than 90 percent of care beds in some regions are occupied. health workers are exhausted, the locked down goes on and you're trying to 0. what osiris and brazil's president has led a most bike procession through revision, nato, and his latest act of defiance against his critics. thousands of j to both scenarios supports his line, the freed, ignoring advice on social distancing. he's been widely accused of mishandling the
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corona virus pandemic, and is now being investigated by a senate commission. monica in a key. it was that, that then the ration in rio de janeiro, president j wilson. out on the campaign trail. he flew over in brazil, the capital to rio de janeiro to join a motorcycle rally. since the early hours of the morning, 10000 motorcycles and their drivers like the people behind may have been waiting for the president to cross the city. the rally was organized by one of also not as best friends as a show of support to the president. especially after poll have indicated that he would lose next year's elections to former president lucy. now to lula silva no longer was ban from running the 2018 election, which was so not a one because it was charged with corruption and imprison. but this year, the supreme court on know that trial and said that the judge had treated law
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unfairly. so now it's back on the scene just as brazil faces the cove at 19 pandemic. the right now are meeting an investigation on the government handling of the pandemic. and this enquiry, this probe is one of the reasons why the president's popularity has dropped. so now the president is trying to show that he has the support of the trees. meanwhile, let's go shading with other opposition party to see if they can find a common candidate for next year's election school. i himself has not yet said he will be the candidate, but he has indicated that if the majority want him to run, he will run against the family of george floyd is coming together with activists and the families of other black victims of police shootings to mark a year since his death,
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the gathering in minneapolis is expected to be one of the largest commemorations with the anniversary septic remarks on tuesday. floyds best sparts protests around the world about police brutality and racism where the police officer found guilty of his murder, a month ago. of illustrators in georgia have taken their fight against the planned dam to the capital. the government says the scheme on the re only river will help fulfilled the country's hunger for more power. but local people say it's a recipe for environmental disaster. robin forest, the a walker was at that rally and to lisi make we spoke about it may not, that's what began in a rural valley is now in georgia. is capital city and environmental movements against a major new hydropower project. number kalani led by this 28 year old activist. although we can, we are not going to stop it because i'm a chronic. it's not a problem. i'm just one valley. you know,
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this is the face of the senate problem. now mcbernie will boost george's electricity generation by 15 percent, but it's dams will flood part of the re only valley destroying settlements, forests and threatening critically endangered species of fish will disappear because although the 2 she's not migrating to nom up sheets operating thanks until february and pocketing hydro logical, there are some like the clergy from george's helpful orthodox church, have a nationalist agenda. they oppose the turkey. she company operates the many unacceptable aspects among them. if requested land would be handed over to the tech contractor government as capitulated and disagreement over
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usually political parties organized rally in georgia. but this is a grassroots movement and it's attracting a very broad range of support. it's an environmental awakening and it's something new. george's government insistence number money is vital to make ga energy independent. at this moment we have we are dependent up to 75 percent on the political tricity fee. also counties gas, natural gas, which is important from other countries to generate electricity here in georgia. so nothing from the 15th by 2013, we will. we will be dependent more than 50 percent on the inputs. this is unbelievable. this is something we need to change these protest. i don't believe that big hydro power plants, the onset, and they've given the government an ultimatum. cancel dilemma,
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the project or faith of civil disobedience. i'll be running 1st year walker out to 0 building. see more on that and everything else that we've been covering here and al jazeera on our website, the al jazeera dot com. ah, now quick recap of the top stories, the you an agency for palestinians warns that the fragile 3 day c fire will not last unless the underlying issue there sorted. this comes as both of the border crossings between israel and gaza have been closed. checkpoints were briefly opened on friday, allowing foreign journalists to enter. the u. s. has urged the greater axis with crossings crucial to the delivery of much needed medical supplies,


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