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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 24, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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many for trying to find food and the story needs to be told. there's no safety in my country. how can i go back there and live with exclusive in to be real fighting against them and so forth. i'll just be around teens on the gwendolen. we're award winning documentary and light news. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello barbara sarah. this is the, i'll just say we're news that we're live from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes. the fragile peace between israel and palestine, the un warns the cycle of violence will repeat unless the roots of the conflict a properly addressed and tension flare up at the likes. a compound after jewish
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israelis are allowed to enter the court for sanctions against a roof after a passenger, jason versus men scandal, opposition activists is detained. plus, travelers continue in the democratic republic of congo after the eruption of one of the world's most active volcanoes. jeff nash was thought that phil mickelson still leads the p j championship to become the oldest when the goal, major disappointment, by a favorite sharlack lab. but celebration so much the stuff and after you went the monetary wrong, pre ah, without sorting the underlying issues, that fragile peace between israel and the palestinian groups that's in just it's 3rd day will not last. that's the stark assessment from the head of the un agency. for palestinians, who said a cycle of violence will continue if the occupation and displacement of people is
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not addressed. a more immediate concern in garza and the occupied westbank is an increasing corona virus infections. the probably seen in health ministers as israel's actions were to blame. and even if the rockets have stopped the tensions are not far below the surface palestinians were cleared out of the alexa most compound and occupied east jerusalem. and some employees are arrested as israeli police escorted more than a 100 jewish visitors through islamic 3rd holy. a site where clashes just 2 weeks ago helped lead to the conflict or diplomatic editor james base reports now from west jerusalem on the diplomatic efforts to focus on a long term solution. at a news conference at one of its buildings in garza, which was itself damaged during the bombardment, the un brief to reporters. the intensity of the strikes were without pause. too many homes were lost and loved ones are gone. many people told me they feel
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helpless. and even hopeless, they have no control over their lives. parents say they cannot reassure their children that this won't happen again. the head of the un agency that looks off to palestinians said that wall humanitarian aid and reconstruction funding, when now essential. they were in themselves, not enough. it is not the replacement for piece of the human rights of all the root causes of the conflict, remain the occupation default displacement of which we had a strong reminder in ships lately. the blockade and the cycle of violence or remain. these must be result. next week, all eyes will be on the us secretary of state antony blinking, who visit the region on wednesday is vitally important that the palestinians feel
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hope and have opportunity and can live in security just as it is for israelis. and there should be equal measures in a, in a democratic society. that is, i think, an obligation of the, of any government. so a somewhat different tone from washington. but what's most important is what secretary blinking didn't say he gave no indication that he's going to try to restart active diplomacy, leading to negotiations between the israelis and palestinians. james bayes out just sarah west jerusalem. while as we reported earlier, attention flared again on sunday. at the most compound, when more than 100 jewish visitors were allowed to enter in one con has more i'm here at damascus gate, and that's one of the entrances to the most a compound. now, on sunday morning, very early jewish visitors were allowed to go into the most compelling. that's not
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unusual. they're allowed to do that. they go twice a day in total throughout the day. and those 2 visits to do some 240 israelis went into the most compact, but in the morning classes did break out. now when they go in there accompanied by a very heavy israeli security presence, a police presence. now what happened is classes did break out, the police say they were trying to get palestinian flags from some of the people inside the accent. most compound as those israelis were visiting. however, we're hearing that at least 12 palestinians were arrested amongst the full members of the works. now the work for the people that actually run the compound now they were released and this little bit later on in the day. but apparently they have been told that they are not allowed to go back to work for at least 2 weeks. now, normally when things like this happened out of the compound and it is a flash point, now things seem to be very calm right now. it hasn't,
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we haven't seen the kind of violence that we have seen in the past. now, one of the reasons for that perhaps is the fact that the palestinian activists did ask for people to come and protest peacefully. they said, come peacefully, make your protest. be alex, a neighborhood called ceylon, where evictions, 1st explosions have taken place. and then shake, draw where also full explosions of palestinian families from the home has taken place. now there were some very small demonstrations by the but nothing in the kind of number that we've seen in the past. or during the violence, israel's prime minister said everything possible was done to avoid harming innocent civilians. the military warned to some guys the residents of upcoming strikes by phone or by water. our cold roof not dropping small charges warning people to evacuate. but in one maneuver, people didn't get any warning of was to come. harry force,
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it explains now from northern garza, on the 4th night of the war, we watched his israeli artillery launched a huge attack on gaza. israel latest said it was a deception to make come, i think an invasion was coming effect here in beta here was death and displacement . there were no telephone warnings here. nasa, ferris tells me about the 4 children he lost that evening. they died just a few short steps away where they gathered with the family on the 1st day of eat. now there are just reminders here of lives ended in the teens and twenties. i saw them, i was overwhelmed. i fell down. i woke up 15 minutes later, i ask what had happened. they said nothing. i went back in and saw the bodies again, not bodies, just pieces all over this area. it's about i do like it incredibly. there were also 2 survivors. a 13 year old girl and 8 months old cousin. at the rough months, father was 1st told he was dead then that he being transferred to the main hospital
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in garza city, which i told him he was colored in blood. he was sitting in. i see you for 5 hours and there was one fragment in his that it was serious injury. and there was lots of shrapnel over his buddy. but others were killed and separate glass. this is 2 doors down from the romans house. at 45 year old woman killed on her stairway. we've been seeing morning tends like this one being set up pretty much everywhere we go around garza usually. they are outside a specific home, a specific family. this one is for an entire neighborhood. the fake invasion was designed to send hammers, and other fighters into tunnels and defensive positions, only to be hit by artillery and as strikes of massive, concentrated power. and military spokesman told me, dozens were believed to be killed. from a distance the landscape around butler, he does contain what could be new damage. we could only though, see from a distance,
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hamas does not allow the open filming of military installations still less damaged ones. invade le here nasa, ferris insist, there was no military target anywhere near his devastated street. across the street . i asked of the rough months father, what he now hopes for, for his son's life, peace and safety. he says, as for all children, are he for that algeria northern guzman? well, meanwhile, both of the border crossings between israel and gas have been closed. checkpoints were briefly opened on friday, allowing foreign journalists to enter the strip. israel is also closed access to garza from the c, the u. n. as urgent the greater access to the strip and the crossings are key to the delivery of much needed medical supplies. food and she was so fertile, collude is in garza and says, israel has given no clear explanation for the closures. this is guys normally what those are. they don't give a specific reason except for security reasons. nobody understand what are the security reasons because normally they don't give explanation. that's why most of
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the time. 1 governor has been the crossings of god has been closed for several years. this open over the, the discussion of the issue of gods. i got to sit up the biggest open prison and the wall controlled by 3 crossing to control by egypt by one for personal, one for good. on the 3rd one put blood, but you just most of the, of the type of blood for security reasons because of the safety and stability in the sinai. so guys has been under emergency basis. most of the let's say the food or the aid or even for the industrial, comes through guys are under a specific very restricted measure control by that is still there is no indication for longer or tedious opening for the with the few guys. i still flawed 3. 1000 and fishermen are not allowed to go to the sea on a few on the fishing. also,
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still the route of guys are still closed. the municipality is trying to fix as much as the code to, to solve the problem of the traffic. jump still to come on the news, our i dodging criticism over is handling of the pen that make brazil president leads that defiant motorbike rally with supporters. barrison tragedy in china is 21 of these run those that never made it to the finish line. and thousands of inter milan fans great their championship winning side before the final game. ah. has been accused the faking a bomb threat to force a passenger jet to the ground in order to season opposition journalists, romans protests, of which was on board
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a commercial flight when it was escorted to minsk, have to report the war exclusives on board leaders from across europe and now demanding immediate explanations and sanctions against the bell of roost. government that embark reports. this is rahman protest, savage co founder of next or an opposition media channel in belarus. he's now in detention in his home country where he's on a list of individuals accused of terrorist activities, flight truck, his site showed his ryan air flight from athens to vilnius, where he was living changed course, just 2 minutes from the lithonian border. the official bell russian news agency reported that president alexander lucas shanker, had personally ordered a fighter jet to escort the plane to minsk, the croft lay to continued its journey without ram and practice savage. look, the shanker is sort of testing the, the tolerance of the new showing that he can get along with, even at the, at the background of a strange relations with the west and being under sanctions and condemnation. and
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his legitimacy is not recognized by you literature. he can still make this powerful moves. prosecutors opponents even those who managed to escape route. lithuanian president has called it an abhorrent action up and called on nato. and the european union to respond were still in the preparation of the 4th sanction package, which is being proposed to the $27.00. i think it has to be adopted immediately. and obviously we, we need to consider either adding companies like the lobby or to a 4th package. if that would be not possible, then we should consider the package that would also take into account the events of today. melrose, his exiled opposition, lead spedlari as he cannot sky, or is cooling on the international civil aviation organization to start an
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investigation and for sanctions to be placed on the lucas shank governments wouldn't question because each was total today. lucas shanker, personally called an international again to use military aircraft and civilians of bela bruce, any european country to reprise in a single person where no one else is say, any one can be in roman practice. that which is play with this live on the lion, the european commission president has called better his action, utterly unacceptable. while poland is prime minister has called on the head of the european council to discuss sanctions on better roofs. at a scheduled meeting on monday, president lucas shank and claimed to victory in an election last summer, which opponents say was clearly raked. unprecedented protests by supporters of the opposition were pointedly disrupted human rights groups since last august. around 35000 people have been detained with dozens receiving jail terms. the dean baba al jazeera,
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we can now speak the front of the court senior advisor to belive ocean opposition leaders of atlanta to kind of scale that we saw in that report. he joins us now on skype from the news in this way. so thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera love the cover. but 1st of all, you know roman protests of ich, personally, i and you also live in this when you're where he was heading. why do you think it's so important for president lucas shank to detain him in bella luce? because we're all on the, for the savage was very vocal about their impressions against civil society. and the median. better was he was cover in the protest, marches the torture, the human rights abuses on daily basis. and he was very explicitly open a straightforward about what resume is doing. and he became the personal enemy to lucre shanker, when they was talking to raymond this morning, just one hour before he and he departed from athens, he actually shared the concern that someone was following him. and he was in there
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for a beggar then. and he said that, you know, frank, you know, i feel like something is not good. and 2 hours later we just knew that he did not lent and illness, but ill ended and minced. and he and his girlfriend got the paint, which is obviously very worried development for you as well. because i know that you have also been on flights and you know, as, as the savannah taking the sky, you said in the report, this could happen to anybody. now, why do you think there has been the stepping up of tactics by lucas shanker and what do you think the reaction to it should be? who shouldn't look for logic behind his actions? he is desperate. he's losing control in the, in the country. they're the only power he has right now is his violence. he uses army police key, g, b, a criminal police in order to persecute opponents. and what we saw today, this is the signs of frustration and the weakness, if the regime and the politician is strong,
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he doesn't behave like location could be, have to de, just stop in the airplane with fighter jets. so i think right now this is the moment to put pressure on lucas shameka to show that it's not acceptable to impose maximum sanctions on him and his cronies. and finally to support civil society. because there are millions of billing sounds could don't want to leave under this regime, who did not vote for him, but was against them. he loves the selections. and this people need support from the west, badly, from the democratic world for media, for civil society, for human rights defenders, all these groups, they are waiting for a strong decision from the democracy democratic world. we have heard some strong words, at least, if not quite decisions yet we're still eval underlie and i had of the you commission effectively call about calling it a hijack. what else would you want them to do the european? so it is certainly the europeans, but the international community. you mentioned sanctions closing aerospace,
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what else do you think would be most effective against lucas shanker regime? of course, the prohibition of using billers, aerospace, the sanction some de la via lucas shank of airline company. the sanctions lucas crows, cronies, businesses or the refineries portal companies, all those for support. the regime also boilers issue might be must be discussed the foreign affairs council of the you but also g 7 which gather next month in london. and the bill was, can be, must be the topic there as well, because it's little about domestic policy anymore. it's about their regional about european security right now. and finally, and finally, the decision, the responsibility must be taken by someone in the world dealers and they need not for it, but they need strong actions from what you know of the relationship between the
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look shanker regime and russia. do you think that russia would have known of this before it was going to happen and perhaps given it be ok. i don't exclude to the day carbonated, the special operation. it was well prepared. we saw on the map on the fly rather service that the fighter jets they were taken to the air before the pilots received the signals from dispatchers from minsk, if the man that that was prepared and i am sure i was in their defense, i was serving in dire mean brothers and their defense, and they know that all the decisions are carbonated between the russia and brothers and put in and kremlin is bacon. lucas shanker right now and will be, will be justifying his actions. but they, but they feel that there is no justification to the section. this is the violation of all norms or rules, and then location cannot be punished in light of what happened today. are you more worried about your own personal security and also that, of course,
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the opposition leader that your senior advisor to the vet line at the sound of sky had on telescope constantly receiving the threats from different people from lucas, k, j b from luke, russian, special services, so you can't be secure anywhere anymore. it will feel like there is a comp on supplement channels. sca newtonian governor provide security the shuttle and it's from those can also venture travel abroad when she visits. i'm going to america in germany or visit the other other countries or service time course in austria. she's provided with additional security, of course, but again, it's not about security for herself. it's about security for many, many biller oceans and journalists, primarily core fleet, the country, and they, they, they must be protected in order to stop to stop the violence and to stop this lawlessness . europe must take action from the court, has senior advisor to the belittle. see an opposition leader, sir? thank you for sharing your views with us. thank you. thank you. the
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lava flow from a volcanic eruption into democrat republic of congo has come close to, but narrowly spared the city of goma. several houses were destroyed. as the molten rock surged to the city's outskirts, with 15 people killed, an accident says they fled their homes. malcolm web reports. lava started gushing out of mountain near congo. on saturday night. the volcanoes on the edge of goma city of about 2000000 people. the river of molten rock stopped on the outskirts of the city, nor before destroyed dozens of homes. some of them with people trapped inside me, but i have lost 4 people, including my sister in law burnt here in the house. oh me. what happened here is almost normal as this is the 1st time to see this in my life. the last option 20 years ago, even more damage. so this time, some people lost everything they own. to say i little to know what the whole
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neighborhood to go up in smoke. the fire came right down to here. even now we can still see lava. we climb de volcano 4 years ago, wildlife ranges take tourists on trip to the summit in the crater as a top, you can see the lava lake glowing and seal its heat, its way simmering at every so often. it erupt of an active volcano. it's not of a safe place for a city. the people living here don't have anywhere else to go. the government promise to help the people here don't expect much from the authorities. they fail to give any warning, in spite of the vulcan knowledge, if detecting seismic movements earlier this month, number you as a gun, it work if you how can it be the volcanic erupt when the population is in the city . they should have given us advance notice to vacate by the, by you can you believe the house of the burning when the population is still here?
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we have lost all our documents, all our education certificates and all because we did not prepare you. thousands of people left the city mostly on foot when the rupture began. many is still scared to go home. since the option of being repeated tremors. and people worry that will disturb the volcano and the lava will start flowing again. malcolm web al jazeera barrier to disco is a professor of vulcan ology at the university of companion luigi vent vitale. he was in goma shortly after the younger volcano erupted back in 2002. first of all, let's clear that the volcano was a radio routing because if you have a lake in fact, coming to the lobby, that surface, it's already interruption is already dead. what is change the direction from the inside of the k? no, went outside the can in this change completely. the story is exactly the same in 2002. what do we weakness?
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a because i was death was a week of huge say to me city, so very strong. there was felt by all the population. we couldn't sleep for 3 days . and we talked at the beginning that they were related to a new possible event that was going to often but in reality it was the reef was really, really break him in. so after the 1st direction, it's obvious that if you compare the story to tell him to read the study over to 2021 yesterday is exactly, it should be exactly the same. so we suppose that is not a new event that will happen. but if they're both cain or end of receipt itself, which the what can depends on the rate that is really breaking to readjusting. at least 13 people have been killed after a cable car fell to the ground. the in northern italy, the alpine rescue services 2 children were seriously injured and taken by
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helicopter to a hospital in queue when it happened near to the final pilot on the route to the summit of the motor on a mountain where the cables are particularly high off the ground 21 people have died running in an old tro medicine in china after the race was hit by extreme weather. officials said $151.00 runners were now confirmed safe, and that 8 of them were injured. alexia bryan reports. they cecil's early on saturday for 100 kilometer ultramarathon and 172 runners. crossing the stoplight and just t shirts and shorts for a track that winds its way through the mountainous yellow river stone forest and china's northern gone soup province. but hours later, the temperature dropped and the race was hit by hail freezing, rain and high winds goes and in this incident is a public safety incident caused by sudden changes in weather in the local area. the
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provincial authorities have established an incident investigation team to further investigate its cause. the race was stopped after athletes went missing in the extreme weather and a search was launched. hundreds of rescuers tackled complex terrain, including narrow, high altitude paths, helped by thermal imaging, drones and radar to take this local media say some of the runners had fallen off the track into deep mountain crevices. temperatures promises further over night, making the search more difficult. so if i should go by phone, as the organizer of the event, we feel deeply guilty and blame ourselves and express our deep condolences to the victims and their families. and the injured the. by only sunday, the rescuers had found all the missing runners, some injured, but also $21.00. did. it sparked public outrage was some c, as a lack of prompt planning, alexi o'brien al jazeera. this is the news,
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our life from london still to come. some people have done bit the dam of death, but will these protesters change the georgia government's energy plan plus the you case, current virus response in the spotlight as a former top aide to the prime minister. as the government wanted to pursue a policy of herd in unity and liverpool, secure champions league football for next season, but find out who missed out that's coming up in sport. ah ah hello, that storm system that slammed into the british shells. it's now starting to flick some rain into france, the low countries and a heavy pocket of rain towards southern areas of norway. we did have
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a heavy pocket of rain towards se section of spain, but that's now transferred into italy and we do have some severe weather outbreaks that we could see here through the alps. we do have some snow and this will spill into sylvania and croatia as well. ok. next step, i want to take you to greece where it has been incredibly dry for the month of may . let's look at some of the rainfall totals. just about a trace that we have seen so far this month when you consider we should have about 14 millimeters, and that would certainly help with the firefight. there isn't much relief coming. temperatures will remain high above average on monday. and if we look at the next 3 days, the only one good thing that is going to help with the firefight, there is a light, wind and high humidity. you think the higher the humidity, the less dry, the air is ok off to north africa right now. and you know, some of that, whether that was in spain, we could see it's lumped into northern areas of algeria, where we have had some pretty major flooding in the past. otherwise, we've got a high of 35 degrees in cairo on monday.
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audience portal with me sound or gotten coming soon on out there. ah, i opened back as a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, the head of the un agency for palestinians has warned the peace between israel and palestine will not last unless underlying issues are addressed. he said the cycle of violence will continue if your patient and displacement is not resolved. meanwhile, both of the border crossings between israel and gas, i have been closed with the us warning it disrupt the delivery of much needed
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medical supplies, food and fuel. checkpoints that were briefly opened on friday for foreign gender. and bell roofs has been accused of faking a bond for the 4th, the passenger jet to the ground in order to seize and opposition journalists, roman protests of which was flying from greece swain. yet when the plane was a scorched despite the number of new cases dropping substantially, india still reported more than 3700 corona virus that on saturday. now the government in author pradesh is denying reports that hundreds of teachers died after helping with elections last month. unions say they were threatened with suspension or even pay cuts if they didn't. elizabeth per on them reports from new delhi. tens of millions of people turned out to elect local council leaders in the state of author page or the 4 days in april. as india was recording the wolves. highest number of corona vars cases now union say 1600 teachers who were forced to
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go on pulling duty have died from coal mine team. that includes me 2 things husband, rajiv, who attended this training session. and moreover, bob, on april 25th, about a quote that he got infected with cobra day. he suddenly felt sick and was struggling to breathe. he told them he wasn't feeling well and wanted to go home. he came home and in the evening and even after saying multiple times, he was too sick to work. he was forced to work the next day. roger died from clover 1912 days later. author page has been one of the states was affected by the corona virus. candidate wade, but the baby died off the campaigning, and the villages are moved off of our district. i left about john. look, i'm printing for her. and suddenly one day she complained about the headache and later developed a fever. next morning,
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the cartridge and those were the doctor asked us to take her to move about city. but she died on know, read them or other about. there was no oxygen in the sea, but she couldn't reach what other about the government and also for the says it and forced harvard my team protocol such as social distancing. and that only 3 teachers died from the virus that's denied by the president of the teachers. as nation who told al jazeera, the organisation repeatedly asked the government to call off the voting as the number of teachers becoming ill increased election. maybe if someone has election duty and they don't go, they're absent, they can even be a criminal case and action against them. they're under a lot of pressure. the ne sharma says many teachers who refused to take part, had their salary cut and some remain suspended from work. the government has offered compensation to the families of those. it says died on duty, but teachers association said they must 1st acknowledge the actual number of lives
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lost. elizabeth per on al jazeera, new jelly. vaccines are still working against the indian variant of cove at 19 once people have received both doses. england's public health watchdog says the pfizer job is 88 percent effective against getting symptomatic disease with the astra zenick a vaccine at 60 percent. but both are just 33 percent effective after only one dose . there are warnings, the variance is becoming the dominant strain in the u. k, but the government says these findings. 8 mean restrictions there can still be lifted amino brazil's president has led a motorbike profession through rio de janeiro and his latest act of defiance against his critics. thousands of j to both, for that supportive line. the free for ignoring advice on social distancing. he's been widely accused of mishandling the corona virus and that make and is now being investigated by a senate commission despite the show of support. polls show his popularity
12:35 am
a full and to its lowest level since he took office, monica u. n. a kid was ad that demonstration amy, leah, there's been a person j both out on the campaign trail. people over in brazil. yeah. the capital to rio de janeiro to join a motorcycle rally. since the early hours of the morning, 10000 motorcycles and their drivers like the people behind may have been waiting for the president to cross the city. the rally was organized by one of also not as best friends as a show of support to the president. especially after poll have indicated that he would lose next year's elections to former president lucy. now sula silva no longer was banned from running the 2018 election, which was so not a one because it was charged with corruption and imprison. but this year, the supreme court on know that trial and said that the judge had treated law
12:36 am
unfairly. so now it's back on the scene just as brazil faces the covert 19 pandemic . this is right now, meeting an investigation on the government handling of the pandemic. and this enquiry, this probe is one of the reasons why the president's popularity has dropped. so now the president is trying to show that he has the support of the treat. meanwhile, rules that go shading with other opposition parties to see if they can find a common can for next year's election school. i am self has not yet said he will be the candidate. but he has indicated that if the majority want him to rod, he will run against the family of george floyd as coming together with activists and the families of other black victims of police shootings to mark a year since his death. the gathering in minneapolis is expected to be the largest
12:37 am
commemoration would be on the verse 3 said to be marked on tuesday. his death sparts protests around the world about police brutality and racism with a police officer found guilty of his murder a month ago. when mike hannah is lived before us in minneapolis might tell us, what are you seeing where you are? well, a year ago, come tuesday, george floyd left his home to go and buy a packet of cigarettes and never return his killing spot to a nationwide protest. and altered the notion of debate about race in this country and about the method adopted by the police. now, there are those here who are relative of people who have been killed or injured since the death of george floyd. and many here, arguing with evidence that not enough has changed in the year since george lloyd
12:38 am
was killed. one such is somebody attending here. jane shows game shows. do you think that's enough? has been done. is the time since george roy was murdered. no, i mean, how's that possible? every time you turn the news on, there's been a black man. either beat down by the police are murdered in their own arm. you know, we're not getting the justice we deserve. we built this country. my ancestors died . building these buildings. i look at, it's ridiculous. black lives matter and believe it, no life will matter. it tell black lives matter. much talk about police reform, about reducing the level of racism within the police. do you think this is happening? what do you think needs to be done? no, it's not happening. what needs to be done? they're going to wake up in a black neighborhood. you know, a black cop with them to they, they should be in 2 people and it's like
12:39 am
a white in a black. so accountability can really be held. and another thing, why do they have to have 20 crops on one person for a late out on the car, and they come up to our cars with their guns out. and then they ran our place through and asked for our license. and they asked, whose car is it? are you moron? do you have my drivers license? yeah. did you run my plate through? yeah. do they match? yeah. so why are you asking? what do you think should be done? it's been something that can be done to reduce feet level of a parent, racism in policing in this country. yeah. dismantle the poll lease. not the loan enforcement, but police police were designed to keep slaves in line and to catch the runaway slave. and here we are, 2021, and we still use that word, the term holy theme,
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but they're coming out and they're killing us. it's taken us to jail like they do, white people who kill people or who get pulled over for a late hour. would they go home? we go to degrade james, so thank you very much indeed. many here arguing as well, that there's been a lack of federal involvement in this. congress has been debating a piece, a police act named optic george floyd. it's part of the house, but doesn't appear to be going to the senate. this despite president, spite an insistence that the law comes to him for signing by the anniversary come tuesday. george floyd's family have been invited to the white house on tuesday that they will be no signing of any legislation. i can with the latest on that from minneapolis. mike, thank you for years since armed rebels linking themselves to i saw laid siege to the philippines city of morale. we some
12:41 am
of it still looks like a battle ground, the fight to retake the city. took months and thousands of civilians died. the government promised to rebuild it better than before but many of the displaced residents are still waiting. jemina lean bergen reports on me 2327. seen a group of around $200.00 on the pledge allegiance to be on group. i saw lead siege to the city of morale in the southern philippines and raised the group black flag over several government facilities. thousands of civilians were held hostage and the philippine military launched and all not offensive to free them. 5 months later, the battle was over. but we was by now the most devastated city in the philippines since world war 2 more than a 1000 people were killed. and millions more displeased, the president to legal the 3rd to promise the city would be rebuilt. but 4 years
12:42 am
later, many men and now feel they have been forgotten. there is still a search for missing loved ones, and hundreds of bodies buried in haste. during the conflict, we mean identified reconstruction efforts in the city are slow and thousands of people are still unable to go home insights golf, a non governmental organization focused on mapping, we're always recovery, says it is hard to fully assess the real cost of the 5 months of war, all you had wanted to, or urban city destroyed is this like p c meeting being bound to be it's not acceptable. and that the priority has to be helping people go home. security remains a problem to, according to international alert which monitors conflict. glenn wars are making a come back. enlisted drug use is rising to, while i'm groups continue to recruit young men,
12:43 am
even in areas where conflicts have ended. well, we, dest interview about to the sensor. and these live up and said that, you know, if the, about the course by the extra mis groups, they're using the, the delay, the reconstruction of but we as a rallying point to try and stop frustrations of the task force formed by that. it's hard to administration admits there have been challenges, including the coven, 1900 pandemic, and the economic recession, which of course delays to the reconstruction of them. and it says it remains committed to getting my we back to a thriving and vibrant to see what could succeed so much time has been squandered by a government that was once given. sweeping powers to implement reforms across the line or province. while survivors say there is nothing to commemorate because another year equates to another layer of hardship,
12:44 am
for most of them were left to fend for themselves. jim l as in dog and i'll do 0 manila. the us, the secretary of state says he see no sign that iran is willing to comply with the nuclear deal and have sanction lifted. iran's president last week said the u. s. was ready to lift sanction, but anthony, blinking insist the rad hasn't yet done what it knows that has to do in direct talks to resurrect the 2015 nuclear deal has been continuing in vienna. but the latest round showed little progress. a 3 month monitoring deal between iran and the un expired on saturday, meaning inspectors have now lost access and cut out of foreign minister has vowed to support all efforts to maintain stability in libya. mohammed been up doing my last tiny met his libyan counterpart, ny la alma kush in the capital tripoli. he's also holding talks with prime minister abdul hamid the bay bay cutter. back to libby, as you will recognize unity government against the rival,
12:45 am
eastern administration before the united and with a price tag gain to the hundreds of millions of dollars. a major dam project is inexpensive way to cover georgia's energy needs, but protest is think the costs will be far bigger. the 2 dams on the re only reverse should boost the countries annual electricity production by 15 percent. and it could lead it towards being an energy exporter, but demonstrate her say, the environmental cost of permanently flooding. the valley is too great. and their biggest fear is that an earthquake could cause the dam to crumble, leading as rather sending a wall of water to engulf the country's 2nd city. in less than 20 minutes. robin for sir walker reports from tbilisi. if he's got, i may not. that's what began in a rural valley is now in george's capital, city, and environmental movements against
12:46 am
a major new hydropower project number kalani led by this 28 year old activist. although we can, we are not going to stop it because i'm a chronic. it's not a problem, i'm just one belly. you know that it is the face of the problem. now, mcbernie will boost georgia's electricity generation by 15 percent. but it's dams will flood part of the re only valley destroying settlements, forests and threatening critically endangered species of fish. the surgeon will disappear because although the tissues not migrating now, my family are operating thanks until february and boxing hydro logical 0. there are some like these are clergy from george's powerful orthodox church, have a nationalist agenda. they oppose the turkey. she company operates the
12:47 am
many unacceptable aspects among them. if requested, land will be handed over to the tech contractor government as capitulated and disagreement over georgia government insistence number money is vital to make georgia energy independent. at this moment, we are dependent up to 75 percent on a particular tricity fee. also, counties, gas, natural gas, which is important from other countries to generate electricity here in georgia. so if you do nothing from that means by 2013, we will, we will be dependent more than 50 percent on the inputs deceased on believe about. this is something we need to change these protest. i don't believe that big hydro power, the onset, and they've given the government an ultimatum. cancel dilemma, money project or faith of civil disobedience. i'll be robbing 1st year walker out
12:48 am
to 0. i believe. that's right. the british government is braced for a week of tough scrutiny on how it initially handled the countries devastating corona virus outbreak at the center of it are claims by one of the prime minister boys. johnson's key advisor that he did originally aim for what's called her immunity. dominic cummings says, policy says a policy of letting the virus spread was only dropped after warnings of catastrophic numbers of deaths. but as john, how will ports from london, his evidence to parliament in a few days could reveal far more government loyalists might portray it as a campaign of revenge by an angry former chief adviser to prime minister boris johnson sacked late last year, but dominant cummings, tweets alleging government incompetence in the handling of the kobe 19th and demick will resonate. nevertheless, his central claim is that in the early months of 2020,
12:49 am
the government plan to allow the virus to rip through the population. in the hope of achieving heard immunity, only when ministers were warned the policy would result in catastrophe suggests. did they revert to plan b, virus suppression and lockdown? it's a claim the government has furiously denied in the past and has done so again. can you know as mrs government, that her immunity was the policy until march? not at all. no, absolutely not our policy. so from the outset country, the policy and the stress of white dominate. cummings telling us true. well, i can't speak for mr. cummins and one individual in his tweets cummings describes those repeat government denials as lies calling them very foolish and demonstrating appalling ethics. and he said he may have documentary evidence to back up his allegations to be produced. potentially when dominic cummings faces a parliamentary committee on wednesday,
12:50 am
investigating the government's handling of the cove at 19 pandemic. in his salvo of almost 50 tweets, cummings goes further. if we'd had the right preparations and competent people in charge, we would probably have avoided locked down one. definitely no need for locked downs . 2 and 3. delays in implementing scientific and medical lockdown advice, a veil of secrecy around government policy trains. the dominant cummings believes contributed to one of the highest per capita deaf tolls in the world. and claims this most senior a former downing street inside is we'll have the chance to corroborate this week before a committee of m. p. 's, joe, to al jazeera london still to come on al jazeera, hundreds of football fans in belgrade, arrested after title celebrations. turn nasty, that story coming up in sport. ah,
12:51 am
the world of high frequency share trading, exposed. i had this engine that was basically trading at could last $30000000.00 was a terrifying experience. how artificial intelligence as raised stakes and risks on the money markets. there's markets go faster, faster, we're opening up the possibility for an instability, for no, no useful. money bought on our 0 incarcerated in russia's toughest prison, stripped off their liberty, an unexpected creative opportunity. a singing contest like no other offer the chance of redemption. and hope for the talent and few prison lies inside and out a tailor fingers and murders on alger there. o
12:52 am
. a. okay, and now jim is here with the sport. thank you barbara. golf legend, phil mickelson is just sick called away from creating history. the 50 year old currently holds a 5 shot lead at the p. j. championship. and with victory, he'll become the oldest player who when a major, affectionately known as lassie nicholson one this event, 16 years ago. but aside from on the senior tour, he hasn't won a tournament for more than 2 years, but he's now heading for his 6 major psycho ferrari boss. and i have been also says the issue at which prevented shot class from starting of the monitor grand prix.
12:53 am
and poll position could be completely unrelated to his crash and qualifying for you, decided not to replace all damaged gear box off the qualifying accent, to avoid losing 5 places on the grid. but on his way to the start line, the client reported a fault with his car and was forced out of the race. and then i just arrived before there's dental, i think. and then something broken on the left, which is not the gap box. i initially had supposed to get books from the 1st investigations. i don't think is a gamble, somebody's coming from something else, not does that look on the front right by himself, and he took full advantage. the radical drive a lead thought to finish. the claim is made in monta, paid from re when with tenants. talk to anybody in the waiting check at 5. the dutchman now leased the championship for the 1st time in his formula career college, 5 seconds ahead of mclaren landa norris. on this eighty's had a day, they'd rather forget about to read both. retired during a pit stop because the team couldn't remain one of the tires. 7 time while champion,
12:54 am
louis hamilton finished 7 liverpool and chelsea have secured a champions league football for next season. but last i have missed out. sorry i am on a school twice for liverpool. it's a crystal palace. you know that i'm failed to finish that in the premier league. chelsea were beaten by ask them but ended up sneaking into the thoughtful because less that look them up again. his confirmation of the table, then liverpool and the season a bed on 69 points, the head of chelsea left the just the point father behind in 5th and having to settle fearfully football next season. west time we'll join them and that competition after the highest premier league finished in 22 years and will enter the integral europa conference lake with awful missing out on european football for the 1st time in 25 years. yeah, it's big. it's big. come on. somebody would have told me weeks ago, 56810 weeks ago we can finish this. jesus was absolutely out of reach. that was,
12:55 am
that felt impossible, but certainly obviously bitterly disappointed. and it hurts at the moment. but we will do for a few days. fighting through this and finishing here is the best lesson on 3rd is the best less than you can. you can learn for life. i wouldn't be more happy that i'm, that was around that, that happen again from nowhere. reflect on what the players have given despite you know, the obstacles we've had through the season injuries. nothing else and, and yeah, i'll be of great pride and what the chief sees. he, the libya helpful champions. manchester 5th, a thrust addison 5 now with joe guerra scoring twice on his final premier league of parents for the club cities. all time top score is moving on after 10 years at the f ed and managed pap guardiola was reduced to tears when paying tribute to him off to the match. is it a special?
12:56 am
yeah. me a lot of good. we can replace them. we cannot they all have one francis top division for the 1st time in a decade. they be great to want to finish just a points ahead of defending champions of power salma in the table. p s g who won the title 7 times in the last 8 seasons beat breast tuning in their game. but it wasn't enough, monica finished, that in italy, you venice have made it into the champions league, but only just they have to be belonging in the final theory i much which they did for one christiano went out. i didn't even feature. but it, when, what does this mean enough for you? they will say you get napoli to drop point, and things went in their favor, as napoli could only draw with how to rhina. meaning you finished pointing them in full champions into milan were given a hero's welcome as thousands of fans gathered outside the sound right before that
12:57 am
final game of the season. and take a side, wrap up the cereal title 3 weeks a day for 11 years. and the support is clearly still in the meet to $40000.00 invited guests are allowed in the stadium to watch the much of the navy, and that they would have things something that's pretty easy. and that's the goal from that top flora. this is exactly the vintage from the coffee that they will count into capital, season and style with a 51 win fans the front door bell grade, also celebrated bedside winning the sub the lake. but things go out of hand. several people were injured and more than a 100 supporters were arrested. off the violent clashes found settle fireworks from the bridges and banks. the soft river for going on a rampage is through about grade district. that is all ill support from the barbara shocking pictures there lately. thank you very much. and that is it for this news? i would say with a phone going to be back in just a few minutes with more of the thanks for watching bye.
12:58 am
ah me one day i might be covering politics. you might like to talk to me from serbia is hungry for what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going for. so that i could convey the headlines in the most human way possible . here it is either we believe everyone has a story worth hearing, lack m brown immigrant. women at the mercy of the private prison corporation for
12:59 am
lines investigate allegations of medical abuse of women held it a privately run immigration detention facility in rural georgia. you still don't know what happened here saying that you don't have a chance to read everything. an ordeal exposed by a nurse turned whistle. i will blow the whistle a 1000 times over. if i had no consent, surgery scandal, an immigrant detention on al jazeera, one with the filipino workers, a big boy should buy landlord to make them pay job and prices to leave over crowded . 11 a made of them and exposes the business. one al jazeera the
1:00 am
me ah, the fragile peace between israel and palestine, the un warns the cycle of violence will repeat unless the roots of the conflicts are properly addressed. and tensions flare, the lax or compound after jewish israelis are allowed to enter. ah, hello barbara, sarah, this is val just, they were alive from london also coming up calls for sanctions against fellow.


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