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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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dome. interceptor missiles being launched very close to our location here. they're trying to head off another. darawshe i think we should probably. guys i think we should probably need to the shelter i mean i have a. very well let's relax go to we're going yeah we'll let you go to the shelter many thanks to you that's. in southern israel earlier when hamas. launched a barrel of rockets towards southern israel the defense system had been overwhelmed and some of those projects off from gaza had managed to get through and land 2 israeli women killed in an explosion in the city of ashkelon let's go back then to what to gaza city sof what. is there for us software what what's happening now that it appears to have died down momentarily at the rocket
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launching. well while we were talking just more waves of rockets. being fired longer range rockets have been fired towards is that i'll expect this is part of the. globe that they announced they will do after the destruction of a lot of the building by the israelis so yes we could see dozens of rockets fired from gaza. and we could see also the. system that system so i influenced a huge number of look it's not been fired from gaza still this is not the the final response. other groups but this is still the beginning which means that there will be we are expecting more rockets to be fired or longer range rockets being fired from gaza towards the what it is that i listen to the central areas of isabel including. maybe i could also 'd get another the. other
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direction could be negative like happened as let me just said that is within the range of that will be within the range of the. broad support for the many thanks indeed if you've just joined us this is al jazeera adrian finnegan here in doha with a news hour with coverage of the most intense exchange of fire between israel and palestinian groups in years and it's ready airstrike has hit a residential tower in gaza city the army says that it informed residents of $180.00 tower to evacuate before it was targeted gaza's health ministry says that at least 28 palestinians have been killed across the strip in the past day after the israeli airstrike on that building the military wing of hamas said that it would respond with a barrel of rockets which would target which would target tel aviv that appears to
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be under way right now al jazeera is harry forces is live for us in. southern israel. you're safe to talk to us now. yes that immediate barrows of iron dome interceptors that we just saw and had to interrupt our live a few minutes ago is now over but just to bring you up to date from what we've seen here it was an exceptionally large barrage of rocket fire coming north out of northern gaza heading north at the same time as we were getting alerts on our phones of sirens going off in tel aviv and indeed reports of explosions in a television area a hamas military wing had warned the israelis that there would be a response they said that television would see something even more powerful than what happened to the city the nearby city here of ashkelon earlier in the day during that period hamas says that 137 rockets were fired within 5 minutes
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certainly there was a lot of rocket fire that got through 2 women were killed homes were hit buildings were hit now there seems to be this additional very large barrage heading towards tell of even it of course it follows the destruction of that large residential tower inside gaza there had been warnings throughout the day that if israel decided to attack residential buildings. it had said that it had already. attacked palestinian islamic jihad fighters in one apartment building this building is said to have housed a hamas office of some kind. said that if israel carried out such attacks there would be a big escalatory response so both sides are stepping up what is now an extremely dangerous situation there is no indication of any efforts towards deescalation at this moment harry stay with us just for
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a 2nd let me just bring our viewers up to date with. what news was saying right now the reuters news agency reporting that at least one person has been wounded in a rocket attack on television they're quoting the israeli ambulance service. how mass says that it has fired $130.00 rockets towards sell of even its suburbs and israel as houlton all flights tell of the of spend gouri in the airport amid that rocket fire from gaza. that earlier. 137 rockets as you say managed to evade israel's. system at least some of the rockets fired from gaza had got through with another $130.00 hamas saying that it's fired within the last few minutes i suppose it's again it would be inevitable that some of them would would reach that targets towards tel of the. yes i mean i suppose we should put one cavet on
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that that we are relying on his own figures in saying that but yes the sheer volume of ordinance flying overhead a few minutes ago even if it doesn't get up to that level it was a very significant coordinated very large barrage all at once and so there has been some analysis on the israeli side military analysts wondering if the sheer swamping of the iron dome system by so many targets all at once could have caused the ability for hamas to get through those defenses to a greater extent than than usual there have also been claims by how much that they've used a new form of missile one that. is fired at a more horizontal level trajectory and therefore is harder to track and to hit also some reports of malfunctioning iron dome system around ashkelon earlier in the day however of course when we're talking about the sheer volume of weaponry that is
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being used at the moment i think israelis never really believe that the iron dome is 100 percent fail safe and indeed it has been shown not to be in the past however people have got used to a lower level escalations being largely although not completely dealt with by this extremely successful system but if there was a reminder needed that it is 100 percent fail safe or foolproof this is being given tonight in pretty dramatic fashion and what happens to the ordinary people there in israel when something like this happens then the air raid sirens go off people are pretty used to living with with this sort of threat but where are they where do they go what do they do. well a lot of homes in israel have storerooms or bedrooms which are also double up as bomb shelters with heavy steel doors and and various other safety mechanisms and
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architecture installed and so a lot of people do head for those rooms those safe rooms in their own houses there are also bomb shelters at liberal intervals in most israeli neighborhoods as well we're very close to to one here next to a bus stop at this junction and yes some more more rockets now being fired from northern gaza at least one rocket i've just seen in any case. 3 i'm being told from behind the camera that that there are 3 more rockets just being fired and so in the instance of the 2 women who were killed in ashkelon one of them at least was said to be living in a house which didn't have its own shelter it required a minute's run or so she was an elderly woman and when the rocket hit her house she was killed in that attack all right harry. before we go to gaza yes i'm sorry how you are about to say right now.
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i'm just being told that in central israel in need town of holon reports of a direct hit to a bus do we know anything about casualties at this stage we don't know how many people were not bus if anybody was but that is the latest that we're just getting through on this this very significant it's an empty bus we're just hearing well ok some reports you're seeing is an empty bus i apologize when i just wanted to bring you the very latest on that but this is a constantly moving situation and a very major escalation in the danger around what is already been a very dangerous day all right harry many thanks indeed al jazeera sorry for sit there live in southern israel and we want to go back to work to gaza but we're having trouble connecting with our correspondent at the moment will. try and get communications with him again in a soon as possible in the meantime the arab league has been holding an emergency
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meeting to discuss the escalating violence jordan's foreign minister has told the virtual session that israel's aggression and its violation of international law will only fuel the conflict and push it to explosion consols foreign minister who chaired the session says the israeli bombing of gaza is a condemned an unacceptable criminal attack and the arab league's secretary general ahmed aboul gates has asked the u.n. security council to act over what he called the blatant violation by israel of international resolutions the united nations appealed for all sides to. full restraint on all sides let's go live now to the united nations on syria's kristen salumi is there for us what's the u.n. saying kristen. well adrian in the last hour or 2 we've had statements from the secretary general and from the
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president of the general assembly but we're still not getting any word from the security council which did hold an emergency meeting on monday but no those formal statements coming from them as of yet the president of the general assembly volkan boss here perhaps issuing the strongest statements from the united nations condemning the attacks against civilians and religious places including recent airstrikes in gaza he called on israel to abide by its obligations under international law and he called on the u.n. to act immediately to get israel to uphold those obligations and protect palestinians whom he said are bearing the brunt of the ongoing violence in in the occupied territories and in israel and he said that he's willing to call a meeting if other member states are willing to ask for what this was
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a statement that he released on twitter the secretary general for his part issued a statement expressing his grave concern about the escalating violence as well and sadness about the death of civilians but he stopped short of condemning the. attacks on gaza while he was very quick to condemn rocket attacks into israel he called on israeli forces to issue maximum or to use rather maximum restraint have a listen to what he said. the secretary general is gravely concerned by the serious escalations in the occupied palestinian territory and israel including the latest escalations in gaza which add to the heightened tensions and violence in the uk in occupied east jerusalem he is deeply saddened to learn of the increasingly large numbers of casualties including children from
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israeli air strikes in gaza and of israeli fatalities from rockets launched from gaza chris and realistically is there anything that the un can do to to to stop the violence. all power to act comes from the security council and at this stage we cannot even get the security council to agree on a statement to the press about the situation there this is traditionally a very thorny issue for the council we know that russia. norway and tunisia yesterday suggested a statement calling for calm and an end to the violence there this is still being discussed the united states has said that it does not want to do anything to exacerbate the situation and suggesting that a statement might in fact do that exacerbate the situation so we are essentially at
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an impasse in the security council unless they can come to some agreement later on today but for now strong words from the president of the general assembly condemnation of. the attacks on israel from the secretary general and wait and see what happens with the security council. kristen salumi there reporting live from the united nations in new york for the moment kristen thank you you're looking at the latest pictures out of tel aviv this is all happened within the last few minutes. the military wing of hamas has said that it's fired over $130.00 rockets towards televisa in response to an israeli airstrike that flattened the tower block in the strip. the al qassam brigades said that we are carrying out a promise by launching a massive rocket strike against all of even its suburbs with $130.00 rockets in
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response to the enemy's targeting of residential towers it said as a result at least one person is reported to have been wounded in a rocket attack on the televisa area. the national army and service reporting that one person critically wounded a sorry force that was telling us it appears that a bus has been has been hit at least in these strikes a barrel of rockets we saw here on al-jazeera leaving the gaza strip some of which were intercepted by israel's iron dome defense system but obviously looking at these pictures now from israeli television some of those projectiles of gone through 100 of reached that target let's bring in al-jazeera sorry force it once again who's in southern israel and harry you were able to watch those missiles
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going basically over the head of you there and that attempted interception by and. that's right yes those missiles fired shortly before what local time was coming up to 9 o'clock and that was exactly when the warning had been that there was likely to be a surprise in tel aviv that was what hamas' military wing was talking about and it was less than an hour after the israeli attack on that 13 story residential building inside gaza $180.00 building they had issued warnings to the people who live in that building the 10s of families who live in that building ahead of time to evacuate it and it was then brought down with at least 2 strikes. had said that attacks on residential areas would be met with an intensification and a longer range in terms of its rocket response when it said that it would attack television and it has made good on that escalatory pledge just as israel said that
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it was going to increase the pace and the intensity of its own attacks so both sides are seemingly set on an escalator path right now and this attack on television it represents the most serious such breach of israeli defenses in the main big city of israel on the mediterranean coast home to. a very large population and this does represent an extremely dangerous last hour in what was already the biggest escalation we've seen since the last war in 2014 the u.s. state department kerry says that the u.s. is deeply concerned about the escalation between israel and those launching rockets from gaza it says that it seems some encouraging steps from both the israeli and palestinian side what would it take to to end this violence now to take the heat out of this at this point. it's very difficult to see
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the heat being taken out any time soon i think a lot will depend on the casualty numbers on the israeli and gaza side we've just heard that in holland where that a bus was struck that there were 3 injuries there was going to ask my colleagues was that in that bus attack or we don't know we think perhaps not but yes so so injuries are already being counted if there are greater numbers of fatalities of course that leads further to the escalatory tendency of this whole situation the reports we were getting out of gaza were that egyptian attempts to mediate had so far not been met with success there were reports that they had been trying to persuade hamas in the 1st instance to dial down the level of its rocket fire and then try and convince israel to to respond however neither side apparently in the
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mood to do those things the build up of tension has been going on for a month now since the beginning of ramadan we have one more day of ramadan on wednesday before the ied festival and this is the kind of situation that it will be marked in the midst of it is been an extraordinary couple of weeks of rising simmering tensions with the threat in the background always that it could spread to gaza in this way and it has done so despite what perhaps what the us was talking about the decisions by israel to not allow jews on to the temple mount as it's known to use the al aqsa mosque compound on monday to disband or change the route of the planned nationalist march through the old city which ended up not happening if they were seen those concessions in some way a lot of empty trucks coming back having to. livid military hardware to the gaza
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border if those moves will have been seen in is an attempt to try to tamp down the situation that followed very shortly after those terrible scenes we saw on the locks the mosque compound on monday morning and so already it seemed that the the papa be set and hamas issued that warning that it was going to attack jerusalem if there were not a withdrawal of israeli forces from the al aqsa mosque compound and from the neighborhood. i think those are conditions they probably knew were not going to be likely to be met and as soon as those long range missiles headed in the direction of jerusalem on on monday evening we've been set on this path and the decisions being made so far only seem set to take us further along it harry for the moment many thanks sounds serious harry force there reporting live from southern israel if you've just joined us. the. military wing of hamas has said
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that it's fired over $130.00 rockets towards tel of the on tuesday evening in response to an israeli airstrike that destroyed a talib lock in the strip earlier. another. well that looked like a pretty big mess out it was different to work to the ones that we saw leaving the gaza strip in that bharat of. rocket fire a little earlier live pictures there from gaza let's bring in our serious stuff what our car loot who is in gaza. you probably couldn't see it from where you were stuff like what we saw what looked like a pretty big missile being launched out of out of the gaza strip there. yes we saw earlier even the us car of god the flaming rockets have been fired from gaza longer range rockets have been fired from gaza towards. on television that has
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some brigades that claim it claimed responsibility for the for the in response to the destruction of an idea building nawa there are more rockets have been fired just. looks like there were longer range rockets because they're flying higher than the short range we just learned that aliens are have warned also that they will destroy another the tower which is just the one next behind us that had one behind us that people have evacuated to evacuate the building in this building we know about lots of media grooves working there and newspapers t.v.'s and other media groups so far the case is that is even islamic jihad joined some brigades and also said that they have fired rockets towards tel of eve this is still the beginning as they said we are expecting more more of
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a wider range of violence of scale ation we are expecting more buildings that could be bring down like the one. as we learned that even the one behind us also will be will be destroyed. still there is no confirmation but this is the news but we have received now. we are still in the night to stand in the beginning and we are expecting that later on there will be more rockets by the palestinian fighting moves on israelis which extended which have extended their bank of targets where expecting them to hit mortars adventure areas and they even some some voices say that they will move to the next step which is targeting senior commanders of the fighting groups could be also some of the political figures. all the political groups and stuff what we were talking to harry forces earlier about what happens to israelis when the sirens go off and there's incoming fire from gaza what
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about the people of gaza. do they have any way to go any shelters anywhere to take shelter when israel is attacking targets in the street. when he said going into shelters but when the tickets were. the only thing that people can do is just staying their homes that's why when they hit any target most of the t.v. and because they. know where to go. no place is prepared for such such and such solution so the only thing people can do is just stay home and wait for the next word on how and who suffered for the moment many thanks software to. live for us in gaza city no doubt will be back with
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you in the next few minutes software i want to bring in. senior political analyst mo one bashara has been standing by since this all began and has been listening and watching. watching our coverage him on. we knew this was going to this was coming wasn't it some kind of retaliation here israel struck that residential building in gaza. yes absolutely and i was i was taken a bit by what i heard from all of correspondents and i think you know the fact that we have and we are unique and as i just here are having 'd. 2 correspondents on both sides of sort for border both in gaza and israel that's important but i think that you know the important observation we just heard is that these are 2 very different situations. israel is
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a modern prosperous strong nuclear powered state with the most advanced air force in the region and perhaps in the world one of the most and gaza is a big concentration camp of refugees that's been that's been such for the past 50 plus years an impoverished camp of refuges and whether by they have in so-called myside the knowledge e it is basically homemade or corrosion faith type of a chaotic you know arms and the more important observation is the one about childcare you know people in gaza 2 plus 1000000 of people that have emotional there's no such thing exists so basically the submit through coal nature of this conflict if you want to call it that way between israel and gaza tonight.
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is the most important aspect of it in the sense that there is no 2 sites say that 2 sides this isn't is a fake news if you will when describing what's going on in israel and gaza just look at the figures not just this this this conflict look at what had been 201420082006 before that there's always this disproportionately high cash. fees and death and destruction in gaza in comparison to the very low injury or perhaps death in israel of course you know as far as we and hopefully everyone else is concerned any death is a very sad and tragic development but clearly the price that gaza pay that at the stinney and in gaza pay is always much higher and so i hope this think stops because netanyahu was cynical i would even say said this thick
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use of israel's advanced weapons against. the mostly on sheltered people of gaza that would indeed would need to a lot of mayhem and destruction but just like every other conflict that you and i and everyone else covered over the last few years and decades we will go back to point 0 in the sense that there is no minute a solution to this kind of tension to this kind of. conflict if you well it's certainly not the occupation of certainly not what is happening in jerusalem speaking of prime minister netanyahu israel in political turmoil at the moment i know from from discussions we had. in the previous owners here on out as they are that you have your theories as to why this escalation is happening right now.
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i think there's a good number of reasons and i think a good a good part of them for all in mr netanyahu was left you know we've not him to be as widely known to be you know almost a serial liar and a skillful many pilate that this is just you know the white perception end is right south and elsewhere and so know that he is in desperate situation not that he is on trial in israel 'd and on a number of important to corruption charges that. it's all it's almost definite that he would end up with in jail like his predecessor it would all mark unless he stays in power so he has been doing everything possible in order to stay in power including go into 3 in 3 different elections within 2 years that's almost unheard of why in order to stay in power he is the only obstacle why there is no question government in israel today after 2 years and 3 elections so what is it what he has
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he been doing he's been very busy isn't a very busy man unite thing and allying with the most to radical fanatic israelis and these are the jewish zionist party that actually ended up with 6 seats in the present israeli parliament they are mr netanyahu as are lies they are the ones mr netanyahu has been covering for as they have escalated the tensions in east jerusalem they are the ones behind much of the tension and has been going on in east jerusalem for the last several weeks and in fact months and years those ready radical fanatics think that that without them taking over fully and evacuating that by the signals from the city there will be no peace and no jewish state so what we have here is now not the now is encouraging these people to do this sort of escalation is jerusalem leading to that is sponsored you're seeing on
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the part of hamas and others saying look if you're going to keep continuous strangling jerusalem if you're going to continue besieging. mosque we have asked me as the palestinian leader there's we going to retaliate and hence not the no in fact jumped on the occasion because the last he wants is the focus in jerusalem in loves the fact that the focus can be no shift away from jerusalem from the popular peaceful resistance in jerusalem to that kind. retaliation account of relations against gaza that also allows him to build or kind of support within israel for perhaps a national emergency government he did that before grabbed by the way which and he and i would also give him a chance to deny the the the complete the competition within israel like you know the. tea party and they have the beams there's very little system to
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form an alternative question government so i think to a large degree prime minister netanyahu is using this unfolding tragedy in order to remain in power whether he succeeds or not of course is another story but for the time being this is the story the story is about why now why the escalation why the tragedy well because that is this one man that one store maintain power in the country and that is big german at that now moment for the moment many thanks stay with us we'll be back with you a little later on our senior political analyst no one bashar there live in doha it's just after half past the hour this is al-jazeera with continuing coverage of the latest developments from gaza and israel hamas says that it's $5130.00 more rockets from gaza towards tel aviv that israel israeli ambulance service says that
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one person has been critically wounded in a rocket attack there and that latest carriage of rockets is forced to leave a voice ben gurion airport to. suspend all flights. these are the latest pictures from israel you're looking out right now from the television area let's bring in the william schabas who's a professor of international law at middlesex university in london on a full chairperson of the commission of inquiry on the 2014 gaza conflict he joins us now live via skype from london professor thank you for being with us i know you've been waiting for some time before we got to you thought on this conflict which now appears to be spiraling into something much bigger. well the the military side of it if this we have a sense of deja vu we know that there are going to be huge amounts of palestinian
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casualties great damage to the infrastructure in and out of say as your or your commentator said few minutes ago this is a very lopsided military engagement but it all has to go back to the spark the gammas this latest phase in the conflict which is the dispute about easter absalom and the attempts one has there of the feeling that the that the seizure of from palestine the creation of refugees how is the new refugees which goes back to the late 1948 is unfinished business still for the people in power in israel and so now so this is all about trying to take homes away from palestinians and moving them out and the result of course has been a great deal of violence in jerusalem shiri of the palestinians who were terribly frustrated and angered by all of this and this terrible military escalation we'll
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have to see when the smoke clears how much of the laws of war been observed by both sides but what we do know is that there's going to be separating among innocent palestinians children noncombatants as there has been in all of the previous conflicts in gaza if you talk about responsibility for a lot of what's happening lying with israel's political leaders put to to what extent does it does it also lie with the american administration the trumpet ministration and what does the biden administration have to do now to be to be able to take the heat out of this to be able to help to solve the situation. well just about a year ago the trumpet ministration took a very dramatic step by in the south in in effect breaking with the position it would have either been part of a fairly atmos view around the world with the exception of israel not the the west bank and jerusalem by territory and that ultimately had to be restored the
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palestinian control that this is a temporary situation and it was governed by the port geneva convention which means no settlements no transfer of settlers into the are right there are already and the trumpet ministration broke with that about a year ago it was not followed by other countries around the world so that it was just this was pumps theory about how to how to rearrange the transport really and the bike ministration should go back and all of that they should separate clock back to where the u.s. position was over a year ago what trump what the golden that the yahoo and he he i'm old the whole idea that more territory could be taken from the palestinians and more palestinians could be kicked out of their homes deprived of their livelihood and the heart that at some point or another will be deemed softer and they're already of israel will
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be expanded you probably heard no one saying a few months ago that it is no military solution to this conflict this conflict where does the un stand in a with this i mean its position has always been the to see a solution is is that given all that we the discount to going on the politics of israel at the moment is that still a viable solution i think it has to be there i mean look there sign there if there is one state. if there is one state then the palestinians have to be treated equally as they are in all modern democracy they have to be free of discrimination they have to have freedom of movement within the territory of a single state israel certainly doesn't want that but that's what they would have to do the alternative is recognition of ousting the insult terminations on the right out it's all secure borders this is either one can bring peace
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actually either solution but the un has been faithful to the vision that goes back to the 1940 s. of the 2 state solution and i think that still widely shared within israel and palestine but if there is a move it's real seem to be pushing for what we call $1.00 and $2.00 monic state that will absorb parts of the occupied territories they cannot do that without full recognition of all of the rights of palestinians within the entire area and they don't have that what they have human rights watch that a few weeks ago is an apartheid state like south africa and we saw where that way it's just not my appeal in the long run regardless of military solutions and we know that the south africans tried military solutions with the black population in south africa to none of that work ultimately they had to recognize a system of democracy and equal rights and nondiscrimination for everybody that has
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been the way forward professor has been running has talked to many thanks to william schabas fair professor of international law at middlesex university in london life pictures from gaza again on the powers of missiles projectiles rockets leaving the gaza strip towards israel some of which you can see it being intercepted by. israel's iron dome defense system let's go live to southern israel now to serious harry force that is there harry what's the latest. we're just getting reports of fatalities in the area near tel aviv in central israel this this very large barrage of rocket fire targeting central israel and the towns of rashawn that scene on and hold on just south of tel aviv apparently one. person in either each of those
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towns so far reported there are direct hits being reported on the ground in the area south of tel aviv so this is the biggest attack getting through to tell of that i think anyone here can can remember this is a other major step in the dangerous situation that we are seeing of course that follows that attack by israeli jets on a huge one of the biggest apartment buildings inside gaza are 13 story building that residents have been told to get out of tens of them tens of families i mean told to evacuate that building and now it lies in ruins there were threats from hamas that if israel did attack residential areas it would pay a very big price and that price is being assessed right now and it is seemingly a big $1.00 and the sheer number of projectiles coming out of gaza seemingly overwhelming israel's iron dome defense system which is why. as you say there's not
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a fatality even reported in tel aviv in earlier though there were 2 people killed in ashkelon. well indeed that's what many military analysts on this on the israeli side are talking about the fact that not just the number but the concentration in such a short period of time that seems to be what happened both in the earlier against ashkelon in which 2 women were killed and again just in the last hour or so with this attack on on israel and central on central israel and tell of eve in both instances a lot of fires a lot of rocket fire happening in a very short space of time a much has also been talking about the use of a new type of weapon as well a lower trajectory weapon in its in some of its attacks so far during the course of the day but i think that the sheer size of this conflagration now means that what
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some people may have got used to that the iron dome has been able to pick off small salvos pretty successfully over many years now when it comes to what is looking like a a much more serious escalation that becomes much more difficult prime minister netanyahu had had warned that there would be further airstrikes on gaza in response things you think israel responded with there will be an escalation ari . i think it's inevitable yes i mean the the idea that. the scale of this attack on television. would go unanswered by a right wing prime minister as martin was explaining earlier under a great deal of political pressure from the israeli right i think any israeli politician and prime minister to be for it to be fair would expect to will be
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expected by his voters among among anything else to order. a continued and very forceful response he had already said that israel would intensify the pace and the power of its attacks that was in the afternoon before that building was destroyed inside gaza before israel started saying that it was going to attack and destroy northern rocket launching areas inside gaza. did the sort of rocket launching sites inside gaza and render them neutralized well nothing it appears to be have been neutralized in that in terms of the ability of hamas to launch this very coordinated and palestinians i mean you have the fighting factions to launch is very coordinated very powerful and we're hearing deadly attack on television all right harry for the moment many thanks to harry force at
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there live in southern israel. earlier we showed pictures just a few moments ago of it actually earlier israel struck a building after warning residents who live that tens of families in the gaza strip to leave. it's reported that hamas had an office in that building let's go live now to to gaza software. is there for us and stuff what the israeli military has warned residents of other buildings to to leave because they are. targets buildings that include. media people who who work in the media who used those buildings as their base. before we said war one more building to evacuate now we hear we learned that israelis have warned another 4 buildings residential buildings to evacuate to destroy them later
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which means that more more families will will be found or will found themselves in the streets in the in the war 2014 thousands of families lost their homes and they have to wait years and years until they manage to build or until their receive some help to rebuild that is the only house as we know gaza is 360 kilometers square with more than $2000000.00 people living in it which is considered one of the most over populated areas in the world the infrastructure the humanitarian infrastructure in gaza is completely destroyed after 15 years of israeli siege there were lots of internet appeals by international humanitarian organizations for the international community to interfere on to help the gazans to survive and to to solve part of their problems to 50 percent of the population are unemployed 2 thirds are under the poverty line so this this current or the current escalation
9:46 pm
means that it will add more humanitarian crisis to the gazans or the to the population of gaza so 4 more 4 buildings are expected to be destroyed as we understood from our sources which means more families will be found themselves in the city's homeless of course they have to manage because gaza government or. in gaza are not topical to find solutions for those who lost a lot of the will who will lose their homes so in addition to. 'd the strikes that are started there is a day strikes are still growing the palestinian fighting groups are still firing their shoulder trained rockets into southern israel earlier we had said that they fired. towards. we are expecting another more escalation since the israeli bank of targets. promoted. reach
9:47 pm
a higher level of escalation which could but each according to what we heard from israeli sources which could reach. any. military groups or even figures or officials. 'd of other political factions we are still in the beginning and we are expecting more. serious escalation since the mediation that egypt and others that started hours ago says these medications have failed so far so still expecting that. more people hopefully not but still most people could be within the range of of the fire. that the minister said earlier that. the ministry of health. is not able to deal with the huge numbers of casualties that could be resulted from the israeli.
9:48 pm
airstrikes or i suffer for the moment many thanks to serious stuff what. live in gaza the united states is saying that it's deeply concerned by the escalation between israel of those launching rockets from gaza it's called on all sides to exercise restraint. we call for restraint and for calm the statement says israel has the right to defend itself and to respond to rocket attacks the palestinian people also have the right to safety and security just as israelis to state department spokesman that price said at his daily briefing he said that the u.s. secretary of state and to the brink and has spoken to israel's foreign minister gabi ashkenazi let's bring in. now and bashara once again our senior political analyst what do you make of that statement. i'm just listening. by you've been statements that's b.s.
9:49 pm
right by then. but of course i needn't comes out of washington is incredibly important when it comes to israel palestine regardless whether you'll be a sort of anything else. because in the end of the day we all know no one is able to pressure israel to use the kind of leverage that the united states has on israel or with israel in order to change nothing else. course in this escalating conflict and that's why you would hope that as as it departs from its predecessors reckless policy in israel palestine meaning the trump administration's policy it is about a sign that the biden and ministration would be a bit more bullish a bit more principled a bit more objective if you will even in terms of 'd
9:50 pm
caring for israel's long term security interests and survival in the region because once the dust settles on this man that israel is closing in gaza and at how much is causing and as are we i promise you we'll be back into the same point 10 right where before this whole thing started so i think that the sadism and the cynicism that is being used by the israeli government to escalate the situation and america's silence. and this whole idea of that there are more sides and all sides. is as we all know. rather fake because there is one. potent. advanced nuclear major military power that's called israel and then on
9:51 pm
the other side we have a 15 year of all a concentration camp of refugees called the gaza strip as we've heard from our correspondent it is indeed one of the most if not. most of the impoverished strip of land in the world over 2000000 people living in the most dire of circumstances after having been made more or less a b. c. for many years now so we've seen disc this sort of conflict happen adrian were seated before. a number of times and we've seen that the only distinguished results is that the gaza strip and its rulers meaning hamas have become more and more radicalized instead of becoming more moderate and the situation has become more grave than before and hence the root
9:52 pm
cause is poorer for the tensions moving forward of course increase what is the alternative without end of what would have been very basic simple which is for that the now government or for any israeli government for that matter to calm the this and its in general so them to recognize that the palestinians citizens of that city have equal rights like its jewish citizens and that by the stimulus in general how the rights in their own homelands as the indigenous population and that where they have been living gonzaga and. the galilee or jerusalem that palestinians deserve the kind of justice and the kind of equality that jewish citizens deserve unless but not least that's what it is for remember and to remind our viewers around the world this thing did not start in gaza something in jerusalem and jewson and despite all the complex things that i've heard in our network and other networks
9:53 pm
over the past several days it really boils down to a very simple forded with that is i noticed a certain israeli greed and a certain palestinian creed the israeli greed. it is because they want the entire city for themselves and the palestinian creed is that they are more than willing to share the city with israel and here we are israeli leaders want to all the palestinian leaders are happy to share the sick where do you think the united states where do you think the international community should support those who want to have it all for themselves or norse who are more than happy or not that happy but still would want to share the city with the other party you talk about that the reckless policies of the trumpet ministration and israel's right wing political leaders at the moment to what extent is the trumpet ministration responsible even
9:54 pm
though it's the bite that ministration that's not power in washington to what extent is the by the trumpet ministration responsible for what's happening right now. there's there's no doubt that the top administration is responsible for empowered in. the kind of position that we see israel. exercising in jerusalem. as the israelis call it. on the part of the israeli government too. to be. in the way they want to render east jerusalem jewish and to basically nudge it spread a sunni population out of the city slowly but surely and this has been happening for years now by the certainly increased under the administration. and sadly. adrian and the biden administered did not to reverse that policy in fact what we've
9:55 pm
heard from secretary of state. is that the united states will continue to hold and to continue to have its embassy in jerusalem defacto recognizing the so-called eternal united. jerusalem as capital of israel which is as we all know is a total farce because. despite the insistence that this is united and this is it during a couple of days or what everyone knows in palestine even in israel in the middle east and throughout the international community that is that jerusalem is not united that is jerusalem is an occupied city and the international law and international humanitarian law and the only way i united jerusalem could become a capital is all of a bi national israel palestinian state. the fact that israel continues to insist that only israel will have
9:56 pm
a united jerusalem as trump recognized that of course will always be a cause for more conflict not when you're with the palestinians but with the by the . muslim world and here we're talking about several 100000000 arabs and more than 1500000000 muslims i'm not sure israel really want to instigate that kind of a conflict over jerusalem with that many people out is there a senior political analyst mo when bashar lives in doha for the moment marwan many thanks indeed let's go live now to washington our white house correspondent kelly how good is that the white house white house press secretary has been speaking with in the last few hours what she had to say about all of this. that's right the white house press briefing delayed a couple of times and now we know why we know that they were monitoring the situation in and around jerusalem and in israel what the white house press
9:57 pm
secretary said this is just moments before she came out to. brief reporters that the president was receiving an update on the situation from his national security advisor engagement in terms of monitoring the situation that has been going on for many days the press secretary saying that it is the position of joe biden that israel has a right to defend itself and the united states condemning the ongoing rocket attacks by hamas and other groups but at the same time is the belief of this administration she says that jerusalem should be a place of coexistence and she said that the united states is urging israel to work towards restoring calm but the primary focus of the united states is diplomacy dialogue and ask aleisha having said that something that we did hear that was a little different from what we've been hearing in recent days from the press secretary is that the administration has been speaking candidly she said to
9:58 pm
israel regarding the evictions of palestinian families that these a vixens by israel is working against the interests of achieving a solution to the conflict so this a little bit more forceful in language and actions in terms of how the united states is nudging israel then we've seen in the last couple of days what the press secretary is also saying is that all parties must adhere to a 2 state solution that this is what this administration believes is the only way to achieve a lasting peace and an equal measure of prosperity so this briefing still going on we assume there may be more questions as these developments continue but for now this is what the press secretary had to stay in her initial statements as that press briefing began. all right kimberly many thanks indeed i was a serious committee how could their our white house correspondent i think kimberly
9:59 pm
was expecting a clip there of jen psaki will bring that to you in the next few minutes if we can here on al-jazeera let me just remind you. what's been going on this last here the most extensive intense exchange of fire between israel and palestinian all groups in years has taken place 1st an israeli airstrike hit a residential tower in gaza city that was offered by rockets have been fired towards southern israel and 2 women were killed in the city of ashkelon the army said that it had informed residents of her not to evacuate before it was targeted. gaza's health ministry says at least 28 protestants have been killed across the strip in the past day then hamas said that it had fired 130 rockets towards 10 of these in response to that strike that have flattened the tall building israel's
10:00 pm
missile system simply unable to cope with the sheer number of projectiles heading towards sort of eve and have been injuries on the ground in tel aviv to be much more all this with my colleague mary of the most the next on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera and our breaking news this hour a 2nd day of israeli as strikes in palestinian rocket attacks these are the images that we've been seeing that have been international calls for deescalation though israel and palestinian armed groups have been ramping up their attacks in the most intense exchange of fire since 2014 has gathered pace and this of course as night has fallen and gaza.


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