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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2020 10:00pm-10:31pm +03

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on tome and fascinating stories one o one east on al-jazeera. rising tensions over delayed election results leave 5 dead in ghana where president nana a call for idol has just been declared the winner. hello i'm barbara starr and you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up rich countries are accused of hoarding covert 1000 vaccines leaving poor countries able to vaccinate only one in 10 people next year boris johnson in brussels for dinner with the e.u. leaders he says there is still a break sit trade deal to be done but the
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e use the lands are acceptable and the day after they walked off the pitch over alleged racism by a match official sorry son just man in istanbul to be shed cheer resumed their champions league match. thank you for joining us we begin the program in ghana with the election commission has just declared president hu far though the winner of monday's election with 51 percent of the vote this after at least 5 people were shot dead as tension grew over a delay in the release of the results or police say more than 60 incidents of violence have been reported since the presidential and parliamentary vote for either steve had already released unofficial results suggesting that he was leading the race but his main opposition challenger former president and john the hama has accused him of trying to rig the election. let's go straight how many drinks in the capital
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across a saw and so of course accusations we were hearing at this election that being rigged but what reaction has there been so far to the official announcement that president. is the winner i know it happened of short time ago but their fear is of more violence. well that are designed to concerns about possible of brink of violence because of the tensions before during and after these elections we expect the opposition candidate john muhammad former president will address his supporters and of course the international media later this evening we understand as we speak the president. is planning to address his supporters a lot of members of his party gathered at his residence and at the party headquarters celebrating his victory we understand that he's going to make
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a speech any time from now accepting his victory and probably making some pronouncements later today but how far will he go in. addressing the concerns and the issues raised by 6000000 other gagnon's who rejected him during this election. we we plan to see how far you will go in addressing those concerns already a lot of businesses have remained shut since the election that they could be cautious after the declaration of results we will monitor the situation to see how things go on to morrow but for now the members of the opposition who are gathered. only earlier today to protest what they call plan to rig the election have disappeared from the headquarters of the election commission shortly after the announcement was made that one. won the presidency in 2020 yes because also his
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team had already released unofficial results suggesting that he was leaving the race of course before the official results were released what impact that that have . won both sides have done so in particular the opposition released results or other released statements showing that it has won more than $140.00 seats in parliament which of course gives it absolute majority and the president president's party also on its part in knows that it has won the election it has won the presidency by a wide margin and of course rejecting the opposition claims that it has won the majority in parliament so both sides are guilty of that however what the election commission and announced today indicated that mr not the one to raise by more than half a 1000000 votes which is a very very wide margin whether or not the opposition will accept this will will
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will will see in the next few days whether they'll go to court to challenge this but shortly after the announcement i spoke to opposition party supporters gathered here who said they will not accept the verdict of the election commission they still believe that the vote is wrecked and there are concerns like we said that this could degenerate into a situation that many gun years hope could be avoided even before the start of this election absalom as you mentioned you will be monitoring events for us for the moment the media dress with the latest from across. canada has become the latest country to approve the fines or by on take over 1000 vaccine this as it tops a chart of rich nations accused of hoarding enough vaccines to inoculate their populations almost 3 times over the people's vaccine alliance says that means 9 out
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of 10 people in 67 poor countries will not to get the coronavirus vaccine next year but how that has enough confirmed doses to inoculate 5 times its population and the option to expand that to 6 times it's followed by the u.s. and the u.k. which are both looking to have enough for populations 4 times bigger than they actually have on the other end of the scale there are countries like lebanon where the government is nearly bankrupt it's only got enough to vaccinate around 15 percent of the population and that last is a bangladeshi with just enough to cover 9 percent well mohammed yunus is a nobel peace prize winner and chairman of the eunice center one of the groups spearheading the people's vaccine alliance he says companies producing covert vaccines are actually breaking with precedent. the precedent is like value of x. it quits on a stock the inventor of the many who 'd picks it he declared this is it people's
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taxes this is this is like a sunshine nobody can proceed under sunshine so this should be belong to all people so this is that there is a tradition that it's $88.00 dixon they became free goods to the bacon free goods to so this is a tradition of their violating the tradition and then the rich countries buying up several times more than they need it 5 times more they don't support as many population you have in the meantime the poor countries don't have any access to anything and in what i'm afraid of this will create a boston market for fake vixens now that the back since i'm not i'm not available to large number of people 90 percent of the people still not connected with the banks. or we mentioned lebanon which only has enough to vaccinate around 15 percent of the population was in a holder is in the lebanese capital beirut she says it could take years to control the outbreak there. according to doctors there is
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a community infection the positivity rate is high the number of critically ill patients is high as well and this is one of the main public hospitals in beirut that has been treating coronavirus patients and the public sector really has been the gluck that for decades ill equipped and underfunded really pumped the public sector so they've been struggling and only recently the private hospitals which really have been the backbone of the health sector in this country have started to treat coronavirus patients so it's a difficult task and now we're hearing from the health ministry that they managed to secure 2000000 doses of pfizer vaccine which is enough for 1000000 people and they're hoping that will be 11 on arrive in lebanon in february according to officials who work at the ministry who i've been talking to they're saying that they're ready they have enough centers across the country this is a relatively small country and they feel that they're the little they will be able
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to deal with the logistical challenges and they say that health workers of course the elderly the vulnerable people they will be given priority just like what is happening in other countries across the world but they're saying it will take at least a year or a year and a half before they're able to vaccinate at least 35 percent of the population and it's still not clear who's going to pay for the for the vaccine and in this country where more than 55 percent of the population are now poor because of a very deep economic crisis this is going to be another challenge. britain's that boris johnson says the e.u. is pushing trade the terms that no prime minister could accept he's currently in brussels for a last ditch effort to secure a post breaks it deal with the european commission president or so have on their line but time is running out they have just $22.00 days left to resolve the significance over fishing rights and business competition rules and the
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e use chief rex in the go c.h.r. has warned the probability of a no deal is increasing. a prince in the e.u. are currently insisting that if they pass a new low in the future. with which we in this country don't compile don't follow suit then they won't be automatic right mr speaker to punish us and to retaliate and secondly they're saying that the u.k. should be the only country in the world not to have control over its fishing and i don't believe it's because those are terms that any prime minister of this country should. or poland and joins us live now from brussels for we heard boris johnson there just highlighting some of the trade terms he says no prime minister could accept such just remind us what are the stumbling blocks and how likely is it that any of this gets resolved in the next few hours.
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3 stumbling blocks mainly our control of the fisheries around the british isles the level playing field which is things like state aid and environmental controls and how the 2 trading partners would legislate amongst themselves to to make sure that not one doesn't get a competitive advantage over the other and the final sticking block is how those things would be policed and how disputes would be resolved boris johnson arrived here just about 15 minutes ago with his motorcade sweeping into the european commission building behind me to try to have a political discussion essentially with the european commission president bush live on the land because the 2 negotiating teams constrained by their mandates the mandates that have been given to them by the political leaders have essentially come to a stalemate that they cannot progress any further within the constraints of those mandates and so what it takes now is. willingness and compromise at a political level to put new impetus into those talks and perhaps find
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a new way of pushing them forward what we won't see from tonight even if there is agreement between the 2 leaders is a definitive deal agreements and i it's would mean that the 2 negotiating teams would have the leeway to get back together in the coming days and try to continue those negotiations but what we could get there is a large degree of pessimism here in brussels that there will be an agreement and i said what we could get is the idea that the 2 political leaders agree that there is no agreement to be had but they are simply too far apart that would mean that as we just 3 weeks before december 31st we wouldn't kind of. as the britain the british like to call it australian terms which is essentially a no deal. paul brennan that with the latest from brussels and monitoring all developments there for us paul thank you. well still to come this half hour. it's a feeling i want to say this if we have too much contact over christmas and
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afterwards it turns out that that was the last christmas with the grandparents a bleak warning from angola merkel as germany suffers its deadliest the day of the coronavirus pandemic than donald trump val's to intervene in the texas law a day after the supreme court rejected another republican effort to overturn the presidential election result. will cold and wet saw dry pretty much sums up the weather across europe at the moment nothing great speak about it that's why weather is further east we got high pressure blocking things off the west for the west central parts of the mediterranean seeing more wet weather another system pushing in from the atlantic that will introduce further clouds and rain that will stream across those western
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passes because through the next couple days of the temperatures sixes and sevens the glasgow for london paris at 7 celsius. just bragging about phrasing that in this year at minus 5 in moscow the heaviest where we strive we have got somewhat of weather across the eastern side of the mediterranean 3 greece through turkey pushing up to bulgaria romania ukraine and edging up towards western side of russia just around belarus we've got some further showers across the western side of the mediterranean what's the weather continues just slide its way further race was and then things start to turn a little more mobile from the west as we go through the next day i get up to dizzy heights of 9 celsius in london that way should be 11 degrees there for pass a lot of cloud and right and snow over the high ground it's cold enough is enough to cross the far north of africa more parts of algeria northern areas of morocco seeing some west of weather out also northern past libya.
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canada a country of promise and opportunity for my grim work but with little protection from the state or far too many are forced to pay extortionate relocation face and a saddled with having debts. to come to canada and lot of money in one brave group of indonesians workers speak out and seek justice for their exploitation migrant dreams a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the . reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera 5 people have been killed in violence
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following monday's election in ghana which has seen president another before the cleared the winner of with 51 percent of the vote police say more than 60 incidents of violence have been reported in the british prime minister is in brussels for talks with the e.u. chief morsel of underlining what both sides say is one of the last chances for a break sit deal talks have stalled over 3 key issues and rich nations have been accused of courting her and a virus vaccines as immunization programs get underway the peoples vaccine alliance says 9 out of 10 people in 67 poor countries will not get the coronavirus vaccine next year. scientists in the u.k. say people with a history of significant allergic reactions should not have the fines or vaccine which is already being rolled out its after 2 people who received the job on tuesday suffered adverse effects the spike vaccinations beginning there are
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concerns across europe that restrictions maybe around for a while infection rates keep rising with sweden now warning that intensive care ward is in stockholm or fall and germany recording its highest daily death toll yet charley angela. britain's rollout of the pfizer biotech vaccine continues but advice on who can take it is changing after 2 people with a history of severe allergy suffered reactions both recovered quickly but the agency who approved the vaccine is making revisions last evening we were looking at 2 case reports of allergic reactions we know from the very extensive clinical trials that this wasn't a feature but if we need to strengthen our advice now that we've had this experience in the vulnerable populations the groups who've been selected as a priority we get that advice to the field immediately. britain's mass vaccination
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program already poses one of the bigots logistical challenges since world war 2 but scientists warn that vaccines alone will not change the course of the pandemic immediately and face masks which help prevent the transmission of code it should be worn for another year i want to be very clear for the next 3 months we will not have sufficient protection we're going through the most difficult time of year for research infections and the most difficult time of year for the n.h.s. so the idea we can suddenly stop now because the vaccines here it would be really premature. to use 2 in germany where infection rates continue to rise despite restrictions and as intensive care ward speech capacity many according to fit even tougher knock down measures wednesday's german death toll of 590 was the highest since the pandemic began sparking an impassioned plea from chancellor angela merkel is very one sided then they have to come i know it's a feeling i want to say this if we have too much contact over christmas and
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afterwards it turns out that that was the last christmas with the grandparents then we will have really messed up and we should not mess up. in phones to the numbers a not encouraging new infection standard around $100000.00 per day down dramatically on a month ago but still $8000.00 more than the target president emanuel not set in order to release the country from lockdown restrictions despite the vaccine the arrival all 3 countries fear a 3rd wave of corona virus could hit when hospitals are at their most vulnerable charlie and is there an average of more than 200000 americans are being infected with the coronavirus every day the 1st time that that barrier has been passed that's of also soared to an average of more than 2200 a day matching the 1st peak reached back in april health experts say the crisis is all but certain to get worse over the christmas period but
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a vaccine still appears days away from getting the go ahead in the u.s. president elect joe biden has vowed to provide 100000000 vaccines in his 1st 100 days meanwhile donald trump has vowed to intervene in a lawsuit by the state of texas which seeks to throw out results in 4 states that he lost to president elect joe biden the lawsuit targets the state 2 states of georgia michigan pennsylvania and wisconsin trump has falsely claimed that he won reelection allegedly alleging widespread voting fraud officials from the 4 states at issue have called the lawsuit a reckless attack on democracy on tuesday the supreme court rejected an attempt by republicans to reverse joe biden's electoral victory in pennsylvania while our white house correspondent kimberly how could joins us live now from outside the white house he announced he would intervene in the texas lawsuit on twitter so what else is even saying. yeah the president has been really kicking up
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a tweet storm today talking about how he believes this election was rigged that he has massive evidence in terms of tapes affidavits and also points out that historically in the united states no candide it has ever lost the states of florida and ohio and there are no candidate has won those states as he did and then got on to lose the election further raising eyebrows about what might have happened or what the president is getting at in terms of the ill allegations of widespread voter fraud the president saying if somebody cheated in the election which the democrats did why wouldn't the election be immediately overturned how could the country be run but like this now the president has repeatedly been challenge to prove these facts in courts something that has proven to be a bit of a challenge for the president and his campaign team still now there is one more case that the administration is pinning its hopes on in the hope of
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a 2nd term and that is the case in texas is used mentioned and the president saying that he wants to try and if successful block the biden aleck tourist from voting in the electoral college for instead to vote for donald trump here is what the president's lawyer had to say. this is what they have to respond to that's the depth of the paper the legal arguments that have been asserted for these various motions and the states have to file a response by tomorrow at 3 o'clock i expect to have significant action on this case i mean it's already significant action but i mean didn't possibly determine the action. these are early as friday. here's the problem with the president's cases and why it's expected this texas case will also be unsuccessful there has been no evidence of widespread fraud there have been isolated incidents and that's what the president's referring to but not enough to
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overturn the outcome of the election which has joe biden with a lead of millions of votes still many conservatives in this country support the president tens of millions in fact and they argue that they have been disenfranchised and this case deserves to be heard by the supreme court we should point out though that if it follows the track record of previous cases not only have they all failed but the one at the supreme court that was most recently ruled on included rulings by 3 of donald trump's own appointees absolutely can really help that with the latest from washington d.c. thank you for staying in the u.s. president elect joe biden has officially introduced his choice for defense secretary retired army general lloyd austin the nominee to lead the pentagon joined by then added in person event in wilmington if confirmed lloyd austin would make history as the 1st black secretary of defense but the nomination has already been opposed by some democrats i understand the important role of the department of
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defense and the role that it plays in maintaining stability in deterring aggression and defending and supporting critical eye inches around the world including in the asia pacific in europe. around the world and i firmly believe that as you said before sure that america is strongest when it works with us our large how does your pastor joins us live now from biden's home in wilmington that is so heidi i guess it wouldn't be particularly surprising maybe if some republicans oppose this nomination but explain to us why some democrats are opposing it as well. that's right barbara and the 2 democrats that came out saying that they would vote to oppose giving this congressional waiver all their both in the senate and of waiver does require action from both chambers of congress now austin of course he's been commended as
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a very able general on the battlefield also his diplomatic skills have been praised however he is only 4 years out of uniform and he referenced that himself later in his remarks he said that as of those 4 years he no longer considers himself general austin but just lloyd austin a civilian and he recognizes the importance of shifting to that civilian perspective in becoming the leader of the pentagon if he is confirmed but not only must he make that shift but of course he needs congress to go along with it and not only does he need to get this waiver across which as you mentioned 2 democrats in the senate have already said they would not vote for he would also of course need confirmation it's notable that just 4 years ago there was a waiver that was approved that was for general of the 1st general mathis the 1st secretary of defense for the president and at that time some of the congressional
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members who voted for that waiver said they would not be doing that again citing the importance of the u.s. military forces being led by a civilian barbara. willing to delaware sink you. harrison just man is the. air have restarted the champions league game that they stopped 24 hours ago after a match official was accused of racism both teams walked off the pitch in protest on tuesday after the turkish side alleged the assistant referee used of racist term against their assistant coach pia webb will you a 1st says it has launched the abyss of disciplinary investigation go live to natasha butler how the side that packed the prince stadium in paris where the match is taking place is considering the controversy of the last time the game was attempted what's the atmosphere there like now.
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well the matches certainly got off to a very powerful symbolic start if you like because the players from both sides the french and turkish sides took in the before the beginning of the game of course taking in the symbol of the black lives matter movement an anti racism image if you like and some of the star players including p.s.g. player killian held their fists are pios well sir very powerful emotional beginning to this game of course coming just 24 hours after those 2 teams decided to walk off the pitch in protest of what they led was racism by one of the referees during the match there was a different refereeing team on the pitch this evening led by a dutch referee replacing the remaining team that had a referee on tuesday evening including of course the referee who is alleged to have
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used racist language when addressing the former international cameroonian international football player pierre webb oh who's now an assistant coach for the turkish side he was forced became very upset and alleged that the referee had used racist language against him weapons though was on the bench during this match because you wafer who have launched a full investigation into tuesday night's incident have suspended the red card that was given to him on tuesday and allowed him to take part in the game. unfortunately there have been cases of racism in football this is not a one off in in various countries in europe but just tell me a little bit about the kind of reaction that there's been in france specifically to this case in the past 24 hours. what's been a flurry of reaction from all sides really here in france because the game simply took place in paris we heard as i mentioned from you
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a for europe's governing football body who launched this full investigation and condemned racism also we heard from french government ministers including france's sports minister who said that she stood in solidarity with the 2 teams who had decided to end the game on tuesday night in protest we heard as well from the government spokesperson saying pretty much the same thing as the sports minister answered and for many football players around the world including some of those star players like neymar who took to social media to say no to racism also we heard from the turkish president and one tuesday night he actually condemned racism very quickly after that match ended also on wednesday and he made comments that perhaps a link to this incident on tuesday evening to the fact that the match was taking place in front of course you might want to see that in the political context the
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one has had very turkey i should say is a very strained relations with france over the past few years and one and the french president tomorrow micro engaged often in a war of words that hash out there with the latest from paris natasha thank you. and now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the election commission in ghana has declared president for i do the winner of monday's election with more than half of the vote but 5 people have been killed in post-election violence police say more than 60 incidents of been reported since the poll the vote pitted president. against the former leader john by hama for the 3rd time that the future challenger is already accuse the incumbent of rigging the vote and we did receive as the latest from accra.


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