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there is no channel that covers world news like we do we revisit places. and just there are really invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. 100 shots in the 1st 100 days president elect joe biden lays out his covert 19 battle plan the u.s. infection challenge has passed 15000000 wealthy governments are accused of courting vaccines leaving poor countries to miss out it's. watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha i'm there you know bill gates also coming up in cities and doctors warn of new coronavirus clusters often after up to 100000000 people vote in regional elections and allegations of racism at
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a champions league football match problem both teams to walk off the pitch. hello the u.s. president elect joe biden has laid out how he plans to bring america spiraling corona virus outbreak under control as infections passed 15000000 he's promising a 100000000 vaccinations within his 1st 100 days in office donald trump meanwhile is telling progress made with the vaccine development under his watch i can i reports from washington. president trying concrete what was billed as a proxy summit just days before the f.d.a. is due to decide on whether to grant an emergency use authorization for the 1st of 2 vaccines and it appears the president is intent on claiming credit for the unprecedented rate so the fact seems development we're just days away from
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authorization from the f.d.a. and we're pushing on the heart that which point we will immediately begin mass distribution before operation warp speed the typical time frame for development that approval has you know. could be infinity and we were very very happy that we were able to get things done at a level that nobody has ever seen before representatives from pfizer and the donor companies are waiting if the approval would not be present at the meeting we submit strip ports that the transport ministration declined to take up an option with pfizer for an extra $100000000.00 doses earlier this year confirmed by a former f.d.a. commissioner who's now on pfizer's board i think they're betting that more than one vaccine is going to get off the rising they'll be more vaccines on the market and that perhaps could be why they didn't take up that additional $100000000.00 option agreement which really one of required necessarily even to front money it was just
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an agreement that they would purchase those vaccines president trump signed an executive order aimed at preventing the export of vaccines from the u.s. before all americans have been treated an order that would appear to be an impossible given the international contracts both pfizer and mcdonough have signed . another figure absent from the white house meeting with the country's foremost infections diseases expert dr anthony fauci help us had another engagement. with the president to lead. us to advise i look forward to advising you on these most urgent priorities and to work with this team of world class experts whom i have known for many years and deeply respect i have been through many public health crises before but this is the toughest one we have ever faced as a nation dr fox she was on the high powered advisory team introduced by joe biden
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this team will help get at the latest at the last 100000000 covert 19 vaccine at least 100000000 covert vaccine shots into the arms of the american people in the 1st 100 days 100000000 shots in the 1st 100 days all eyes now on the food and drug administration which is likely to complete its review of the application for merchants to use authorization by the end of the week mike hanna al-jazeera washington and campaigners are warning that 9 out of 10 people in nearly 70 poor countries will not get the vaccine next year the peoples vaccine alliance says rich nations are hoarding vaccines buying up enough doses to inoculate their population several times over the alliance's a coalition that includes oxfam and amnesty international talk to us and jaya sen and i act as an associate professor for infectious diseases at the australian national university he says governments are within their rights to look out for
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their own people but vaccine hoarding won't help anyone. i don't think we should be surprised and i think there's a bit of this going both ways in terms of the fact that yeah look at government's 1st responsibility is to its nation and in fact if you do look at some of the richest nations in the world they're the ones who are having enormous problems because over the bar of the u.s. is having over 200000 cases a days it's 7 day rolling average regularly having 2000 deaths per day the u.k. is. similarly dark situation which is why they're rolling out their vaccine program so quickly so a lot of these rich countries actually do need to do something and the population expects sit all of that however as part of the global community which is on 41 reason why code that spread so we clean globally through tourism and
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training etc we have a responsibility to look after our fellow nations in the world and as i said because of traded tourism business center the rich countries to make sure that covert does get stamped out and controlled in the world. health measures have been enforced at polling stations across indonesia as tens of millions of people voted in regional elections and denise has the worst cover in 1000 outbreak in southeast asia with more than 580000 recorded cases and 18000 deaths doctors are worried a large voter turnout will make matters worse the elections had already been delayed once just how washington is in south tank iran you're in jakarta. the local elections would normally be a logistical challenge involving millions of boat has let alone during the pandemic when there are of course safety considerations as well now at this polling booth in
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south tongue we can see that authorities are trying to take precautions they got sanitize a mosque compulsory and are also temperature at. as well but despite these precautions they re still concern from doctors that a huge voter turnout could lead to a spike in infection indonesia has been hit hard by the covered 900 pandemic with at least 800000 deaths but despite that authority said the elections had to go ahead apart from the health consideration political analysts are also keenly observing these regional elections because there are some key candidates including the president's son. the us supreme court has rejected a last ditch attempt by republicans to reverse joe biden's electoral victory in the battleground state of pennsylvania so the state's results has not been certified in favor of biden and in a one line statement these supreme court refused to call the certification process and to question it derails an attempt by donald trump's republican party to have as
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many as 2 and a half 1000000 votes dismissed for hours before the ruling donald trump spoke of how he's hopeful he can stay on as president again falsely claiming he won november's election. we were rewarded with a victory down let's see whether or not somebody has the courage whether it's a legislature or legislate sure's or whether it's a justice of the supreme court or a number of justices of the supreme court let's see if they have the courage to do what everybody in this country knows is right well joining us from birmingham is scott lucas he's the co-founder of america unfiltered that's a news analysis site on u.s. politics and foreign policy thanks for your time with us on al-jazeera so trump and his team defeated in that supreme court decision on pennsylvania is it over or can donald trump try and fight this does he have another viable path forward. even if donald trump doesn't realize that it's over i thought this would go on all the way
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to january 20th and indeed before the election donald trump said i will take this to the supreme court and i will have them throw out these mail in ballots but that one line rejection from the court which didn't even bother to discuss the merits or lack of merits of the truck camp's lawsuit but simply said look we're not intervening on your behalf that shuts the door on it there's still one more look for a lawsuit which was filed bizarrely by the texas attorney general yesterday to try to delay the electoral college vote next monday that's the formal certification of joe biden's victory texas is saying oh oral action was legitimate but go look at georgia wisconsin pennsylvania arizona expect the u.s. supreme court to give that short shrift as well and yes joe biden will be the 46 crossing of the united states even adulterant continues to shell out with no evidence stolen election yeah i'm glad you brought up texas because that's what i wanted to ask you about in fact i mean you know that this was a big setback as you're saying but did you expect that even one of his supreme
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court nominee is would support this. i think it would have been different if there are 2 things that happened one is if the election had actually been closer and in fact to defeat was the 3rd largest defeat for an incumbent president in u.s. history dusted 230 years secondly i think if there had been any basis for any of the truck lawsuits and they now have lost 49 of 50 lawsuits if there had been any basis that even one state had a suspect election process that would have given the u.s. supreme court something to try to decide but there was no evidence of fraud anywhere in what the homeland security department called the most secure election in u.s. history and so without any basis to make a ruling even trumps appointees such as any county barrett has got no basis to go in and overturn the election what about the party members themselves i mean how long can republicans continue to sort of support these legal battles because we see
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most of them are either silent on what's going on or when they continue to support trump so will they put an end to this before biden this sworn in. how long term codependent relationship last of them i think privately republicans a republican legislators like the last of us realize that joe biden was elected president but there are 2 things in play here the 1st is is that donald trump commands a lot of support among republican voters and he will run in 2024 for the presidency 54 percent of those republican said they will support him in the most recent poll and so a lot of legislators will tie themselves to the trumpets secondly the most important republican the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has pledged to make life difficult for the biden ministration he may see it useful to continue to link himself to try to create havoc and block biden rather than trying to you know try to find some bipartisan way of dealing with issues like the coronavirus point i'm
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alright scott lucas thank you for your time thanks for joining us from birmingham thank you. now south korea's national assembly is set to vote on whether to ban people from sending anti north korean material across the border so defectors and other activists have been flying leaflets inside balloons this angered north korea's leaders who earlier this year threatened to send soldiers into the demilitarized zone south korea's main opposition party says it will do everything it can to slow the legislation saying that it silences free speech coming up but we'll have a check of the weather and then this why the philippines finds itself at the bottom of the list for a coronavirus vaccine and why a mining giant is being told to pay compensation to indigenous people in australia .
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how i will i'm pleased to say we have scientists and slaw each royal weather coming into southern thailand over the next day or so but still plenty of rain coming into central and southern parts of vietnam into china as you can see well she dry for the most part away from that eastern side of the region was there into the philippines some lovely showers too across much of malaysia plenty of showers all the way down into a good part of indonesia and the show is joining up with some rather weather that we have moving across the northwest of australia the 1st tropical low of the season has now made its way across the kimberley cuz you can see this massive cloud here that produced around 200 millimeters of rain impasse that's going to sink its way further south which of course a good part of w.a. rush into the interior as we go on through thursday some more flooding certainly a possibility here south of that is hot in perth temperatures at around 37 celsius well quite down towards the southeast but even here things will change we'll see
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temperatures in adelaide at around 25 celsius on thursday afternoon picking up to around 30 degrees as we go on through friday as that was the weather pushing into central parts quite a few showers there into queensland with some showers to the north of sydney for friday afternoon. from mother to daughter an ancient craft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique into an easy as rich tapestry. thread on a. i
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got the headlines on al jazeera this hour u.s. president elect joe biden has laid out how he plans to bring america spiraling corona virus outbreak under control infections past 15000000 he's promising 100000000 vaccine shots within his 1st 100 days in office strict health risers have been enforced at polling stations across indonesia as around a 100000000 people voted in local and regional elections with the worst coronavirus outbreak in southeast asia some health experts worried the large voter turnout could make things worse. campaigners are warning that 9 out of 10 people in nearly 70 poor countries will knock at the globe in 1000 vaccine next year the people's
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vaccine alliance says rich countries have bought out doses to inoculate their population several times over leaving others to miss out. while the philippine government says it will have to rely on $1000000000.00 loans and private donations to get enough vaccines jamila dog and reports from manila. general silver door is a covert 19th survivor he spent 2 weeks in hospital in a critical condition and he says he spent his life savings a few 100 dollars on medicines he's now without a job and despite reports a vaccine against coronavirus will be available early next year he's not confident his family will get access to them. you know i didn't even get any cash this entire time so i don't even think about seeing this something will get either a yes or no about the children that's all i care about this so the doors live in
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one of the poorest communities in manila the center of the pandemic in the philippines there are some people here however who don't share cheer will specimens him and are hopeful the vaccines will signal a return to normality. our residents belong to the society we the global mentor girls are looking forward to the suboxone hoping will be made a priority the government aims to vaccinate at least 60 percent of the country's population in order to achieve herd immunity but in an archipelago of more than $7100.00 islands and a national budget that's barely a knock even official theory admit it won't be easy for weeks now countries around the world have been trying to secure deals to buy vaccines when they become available wealthier countries are bidding for a huge share of supplies hoping to vaccinate their entire populations but the
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united nations says 2 thirds of the global populations will not get enough and many countries including the philippines do not have the logistical support to establish an adequate vaccination program they also don't have the capacity to produce their own vaccines officials here say they hope that by taking part in face she trials and joining initiatives with other less developed. and she's they may be able to procure enough doses the. problem there's the 50 percent that will be dedicated or the government will be given to the. sectors and particularly our health workers and our. community if their present to be given to the private sector will also be given to their problem there's low income laborers to give access in its ability to contain the virus in southeast asia over the past few months the philippines is seen as the worst performing country and many here fear it will also
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find itself on the bottom of the list for the vaccine development duggan al-jazeera . if european security forces have shot and detained un security officials trying to reach the tigre a region the u.n. says the 4 personnel were assessing roads for a delivery of aid to refugee camps the government says the team drove through 2 checkpoints and ignored demands to stop more than 150000 people have been displaced by conflict in northern ethiopia since early november yes some of the un staffs where actually did in some some way show that when that happened. this country is not no man's land it has a government it only has difficulty in the north so they went on and in some of you know as you may know supposed to move but then then it is i'm sentenced to. in kind of an interesting expedition our diplomatic editor james bays is at the
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united nations and he says aid workers are struggling to reach people integrate region. it's now a week since the u.n. signed a deal for humanitarian access into 2 great province with the government however the u.s. and its agencies and international n.g.o.s is struggling to get supplies in they have aid workers food medicine and other humanitarian supplies that can't get across the border the u.n. secretary general antonio good terraces had a number of phone conversations with the prime minister. mr terraces spokesman says somewhat delicately they're still trying to operationalize the deal if the question is are we getting unfettered clear humanitarian access. at this point no right and that's why we're still in discussions with the government to try to get to where we want to be the u.n.
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is particularly concerned about an incident on sunday when 4 members of its advance security team were farto poland and then detained for a time by the authorities for now it doesn't look like the situation is going to be further discussed here at the un security council african members of the council say regional mediation should take priority currently this month the security council is chaired by south africa. a champions league football match has been suspended after players from both teams walked off the pitch over allegations of racism so that incident erupted when pierre way bo who's the assistant coach with the turkish club a shock share was involved in a fierce sideline argument the former cameroon international who was shown a red card accused a match official if using a racist term players from his team and their paris send your mouth opponents then
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left the field live to sit in kosovo glow in istanbul for more on this story and the fallouts set up. well there in yes that was an unprecedented accident yesterday evening and as far as what the t.v.'s have picked up during this argument between a verbal and the referee the wee boy is asking him at least 6 times why are you calling me. that racist words and the other another video went viral as well the substitute player. asking the referee why you see it why are you describing him as a black man you're not calling a white man as a white man but not about why are you calling him a black man this when these 2 clips went while of course there was a huge reaction in turkey not only from your supporters all the football team
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supporters reacted against it including paris and german who also showed solidarity not only by leaving the pitch but also on social media sharing. social social tweets is saying not to racism so the t is the match is expected to resume to night and as for do. decision those 4 officers will not be on the pitch tonight but of course this sparked their reaction also from the political side turkey's president our don who is known to have close links with. that. racism is not acceptable. many ministers also react to that against that turkish football federation reacted against that also a promise to launch a thorough investigation into the illiterate racism from the youth actually has been fighting against racism for the last couple of years but apparently still the
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world has a way to go there in to overcome this major global racism issue you are right and thank you for bringing us up to speed with our story from istanbul thank you. well mining giant rio tinto is being told it should pay compensation for the destruction of sacred indigenous sites in australia the company blew up caves despite warnings of their cultural significance now an australian parliamentary inquiry has been investigating the company's actions in the pilbara region as well as the fines the government is also considering stopping mining in that area nicola gage has more from canberra the report had 7 broad recommendations the main was one was if the government does approve these recommendations that rio tinto mediates the area where these sacred caves were destroyed and puts together negotiates a restitution package with the traditional one as it was pretty it didn't mince its
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words when it came to rio tinto though it said that its actions here were inexcusable and raise significant issues with the culture and practices within the mining company and said that internal changes were needed as well it said that the p.k. k. paypal the traditional owners wanted to only let down by but they were let down by multiple governments state and federal native title law and even their own lawyers so this really was a situation of a perfect storm where these sacred sites were able to be destroyed. the united arab emirates and egypt have welcomed kuwaiti and american mediation efforts to end the 3 year blockade of qatar egypt's foreign ministry spokesman said cairo hopes the talks will lead to a comprehensive solution on the minister of state for foreign affairs tweeted saying his country supports saudi efforts on behalf of the 4 countries they added
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that they appreciate mediation efforts by kuwait on the us so to arabia the u.a.e. behind in egypt have opposed the land air and sea embargo on qatar since 27 to. i think there is definitely progress or at least there's seeds of progress there's a lot of commitments on a lot of artie's members of governments decisions to kind of tone things now to stand down if that holds i think it's promising i think there's a chance that you can at least begin a process of the conflict whether that holds whether it doesn't hold whether everyone's on board i think it's still too early to tell but i think there's definitely progress towards some kind of. a prominent u.s. cyber security firm fire i says foreign government hackers with world class capabilities have breached its systems the firm says the attackers stole software
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that tests the computer defenses of its clients who include government agencies and global corporations while saying it was definitely a state sponsored hack the company didn't name a specific country. a murder at a military base in the u.s. state of texas could end up having broad ranging impacts for the army 14 officers and soldiers have been fired or suspended with policy changes ordered to address leadership failures patty culhane reports. when vanessa guinn disappeared in april her family and friends protested outside of the army base where she was stationed at fort hood demanding the army do more to find her her remains were found a few months later police say another soldier bludgeoned her to death then dismembered and burned her body he killed himself as police were moved into arrest him her family said she was being sexually harassed but was too afraid to report it and it turns out she wasn't alone but we found was that there was a fear of retaliation all forms of retaliation stigmatism ostracism career
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the railing a career. assignments work assignments and that sort of thing chris swecker led the investigation into the basin found rampant problems with sexual harassment and assaults in the last 4 years there have been more than 150 non-combat related death at fort hood including 7 murders and 71 suicides i'm gravely disappointed that leaders failed effectively create a climate that treated all soldiers with dignity and respect because of this store of trust and confidence and accountability. i directed the relief and or suspension oka manders and other leaders from the corps to the squad love in all 14 people have been fired or suspended and the army is promising widespread changes for the entire service began family has been demanding it taking their case to the white house and the f.b.i. . and the people at fort hood where took place are very much and.
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we don't want to have this swept under the rug which could happen and to congress where they say the laws that govern service members need to be changed they say this report is just the 1st but important step everyone who hears about when this name or hears about sexual violence in the military or in any way to endorse the bill the act i mean because this will keep my sister's legacy alive and believe me that i it will save lives the army plans to make one permanent change renaming the gate for gay and at the spot where friends and family brought attention to her story that we now know was shared by thousands of other soldiers. al-jazeera. the italian city italian lagoon city of venice that is has flooded again after surprise heavy rain and strong winds choose these downpours arrive before officials could activate huge new flood barriers the system of $78.00 gates
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protect the city from tides of up to 3 meters but they require 48 hours notice to be effective and weather bulletins hadn't forecast such high tides much more on that story on our web site al-jazeera dot com. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president elect joe biden has laid out how he plans to bring america's spiraling corona virus outbreak under control as infections pos 15000000 he's promising 100000000 vaccine shots within his 1st 100 days in office he made the pledge as he introduced his team of health experts to combat the pandemic this team this team will help get at the latest at the last 100000000 cars.


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